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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  December 14, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay
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area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at known. >> now at 9 and developing as we speak of grand jury indicting longtime santa clara county sheriff laurie smith over her alleged actions in office and reaction to this bombshell announcement is starting to pour in tonight. thanks for joining us on kron 4 news at night. everyone. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis. today a civil grand jury indicted sheriff smith on 7 counts of. >> corruption and misconduct in office. and tonight, a number of leaders are calling for her to resign right now. first jonathan mccall here with reaction and what comes next in the legal process. jonathan grant vicki, the details laid out in page indictment released this afternoon. >> for months, there have been very loud calls for sheriff laurie smith to step down from office after a number of incidents. this indictment could make that happen sooner rather than later. details of the grand jury's bombshell indictment released this afternoon at 3 of the charges
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center on claims that the sheriff was involved in granting licenses for concealed carry weapons based on whether people were donors to her campaign. a member of the sheriff's advisory board or prominent individuals in the community or those with personal connections to the sheriff's. those folks called it the eye peas. according to the indictment, the timeframe for those counts happening from december 2015 all the way up until november of this year through the charges. also focus on the san jose sharks game attended by sheriff smith in february of 2019 where she allegedly received free suite tickets, food and drinks exceeding the $500 gift limit then failed to disclose those gifts. the 7th count accuses her of failing to cooperate with an ongoing investigation into allegations of negligence involving an inmate that was injured in 2018. here's a complete list of the 7 charges that the sheriff has now been indicted on all of those charges right there is what she will now have to face. meanwhile, in the last hour we
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were able to get the statement from san jose mayor sam liccardo who said, quote, the civil grand jury has spoken sheriff smith need not wait for the decision of a criminal grand jury to resign share of near la one of those biggest supporters calling for sheriff smith to be removed. santa clara district attorney jeff rosen. also issuing this statement to kron 4 tonight saying, quote, it is a sad day for santa clara county and the women and men who proudly wear the badge in, quote, so here's what comes next in this process. the sheriff does have the january 12 court date on the 7 counts at that point. she can contest the charges against her, which would then set up a civil trial. if the jury does agree with the charges she would then be removed from office because of the conflict of interest in santa clara county. the san francisco district attorney's office is handling the prosecution of this case earlier tonight kron 4 reaching out to da chesa boudin's office for comment on the indictment. but so far we
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have yet to hear back. we've also reached out to the sheriff's office and the santa clara county board of supervisors for comment on the indictment. so far we have yet to hear back. should also be noted that sheriff smith is up for reelection next year. but so far has not announced plans on whether or not she will run. jonathan mccall kron 4 high drama in santa clara county, thank you, jonathan. in san francisco now. >> mayor london breed says the city will be among other things. making more arrests to address the legal drug use right out in the public. she was visibly angry today saying enough is enough. the mayor announcing several new initiatives to address public safety concerns kron four's, rob nesbitt has more on exactly what is changing. >> and less tolerant. >> that is destroyed our city. mayor breed not holding back and cracking down saying public drug use like this will not be tolerated in san francisco. we're not going to just walk by and let someone
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use. >> in broad daylight on the streets and not give them a choice between going to the location. we have identified them. we're going to jail. >> she says the tenderloin emergency plan is already underway joined by police chief bill scott tuesday to promise more arrests. people will not be allowed to smoke meth. the smoke fentanyl to inject heroin in their arms in public spaces. chief scott says his officers be more resources to be able to do their job safely and effectively describing scenarios were 24 hour surveillance of certain neighborhoods works. they make an arrest there out at 2.30 minutes later i go back and it's like we've never been. mayor breed's office also plans on making smash-and-grabs less common by disrupting the illegal street sales of stolen goods. but says an amendment to the city surveillance ordinance needs to be made using a smash-and-grab at louis baton last month as an example. >> where there were multiple
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robbery cruz hitting multiple stores. they couldn't even access those cameras. >> which is ridiculous when it comes to drugs, emergency management in san francisco will still be providing community outreach to help with addiction and mental health services. but mayor breed says this is not the time to do nothing. people have to be held accountable for the crimes they commit in our city in san francisco, rob nesbitt kron 4 news. also in san francisco ups driver believes that she was racially profiled by sfpd officers and. >> she got the whole exchange on video. it happened back on december 7th fun. hey streets near masonic. and that's where ups driver and a key shift ferguson says she was double park while delivering several packages at a mail depot. ferguson says this is the first time the police have ever cited her on the job. she believes that the officers targeted her simply because she is a black woman. >> that never knew they pulled over people the ups drivers
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fedex drivers. amazon drivers. everybody that double park and took her to deliver. i feel like if i wasn't. >> this young black girl, i would have got to take it up. hollywood got a warning. i would even a siren move. your vehicle. >> ferguson says she eventually sign that ticket but not because she was trying to avoid jail. she says she signed the citation because she i knew that people were counting on the packages in her truck that were being delivered from 4 is reached out to sfpd get some information about the incident. they have not responded yet. >> everybody has a phone these days, right. well, detectives are continuing to investigate the role that social media plays in large retail thefts law enforcement leaders saying many times social media is used to organize bring these groups together like what we saw and san francisco's union square and in walnut creek at the nordstrom last month. yeah. tool of the trade now kron four's taylor. the second
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spoke with a retired fbi agent about how this is changing the scope of organized crime curious to hear what they had to say. >> plus grant mention, you know, we all have a phone. it's playing a much larger role than you may think. >> this leveraging of technology of social media makes it that much harder to track down these criminals because most times these people are anonymous online. plus on some of these platforms like snapchat messages immediately disappear. >> seems like these flash mobs of people storming retail stores stealing everything from designer handbags to jewelry are becoming more violent and more organized law enforcement says most of these groups are planning their attacks through social media. this is unlike anything law enforcement has ever seen. >> and what's interesting is this is an evolving crime trend. >> i mean, what you have some groups that are highly organized. you also have others that are opportunistic. whether you've got leaders that are putting things out in private groups on social media
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and it's a bit like you said, it's much like a flash mob show up at at this time. and this is what we're going to do for tired. fbi agent michael anderson says. >> social media's anonymity makes it incredibly difficult to identify all who were involved. plus, he says some technology companies make it harder to access information some companies either. don't keep the information. >> so they like the anonymity will they use in corruption. that makes it difficult for to provide it to law enforcement. it's what happened here at the louis store in san francisco and the nordstrom in walnut creek last month. >> according to a wall street journal report that thieves use snapchat to organize beforehand. however, snap chat responded to our questions about this alleged activity happening on their platform writing, quote, this type of activity is a clear violation of our guidelines in terms of service in this case we have looked into these reports and haven't yet found evidence of it happening on snapchat. attorney general rob bonta address the use of social media in these rampant retail
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crimes in la on tuesday saying it's important to go after the higher level thieves calling the shots most of whom aren't new to organized crime these are not necessarily new. organized criminal groups that are popping up and committing organized retail theft for the first time existing organization and a lot of cases. >> and to prevent these crimes from happening in the first place. anderson says law enforcement and prosecutors have to target the people that are fencing it, people who are buying and selling the stolen goods. vicki grant. >> thank you. taylor in the east bay. the oakland police commission has hired the city's first inspector general in a move to increase the police department's accountability. michelle phillips has been appointed to the new role. she previously served as the deputy inspector general for the city of baltimore. they're the commission says she streamlined and improved all aspects of the investigation units. the hiring is a turning point for oakland and demonstrates the community's call for stronger police
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accountability reporting to the oakland police commission phillips role will be to ensure the oakland police department is performing to the highest standards and also reviewing and investigating how the city of oakland is handling police misconduct. other news now electric car maker. tesla is facing more accusations of harassment. >> lawsuits filed in alameda county alleged unwanted culture at the company's fremont plant along with the other facilities. crawford's and thor and talking with an attorney representing 6 women who are making those claims. he joins us now live in the newsroom with more. dan. >> vicki and grant these accusations come just a day after tesla ceo elon musk was named time's person of the year the lawsuit alleges the women were subjected to constant harassment at the workplace. and while complaints were made about this behavior. nothing was done. >> rampant harassment, including cat calls and unwanted touching are at the
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center of new lawsuits against tesla current and former female employees described the factory floor of the company's fremont plant as a crude front. house are rampant harassment is really very reminiscent of like what 1970's construction zone might be like for the kind of our cake. >> environments that used to exist in in some workplaces attorney david lowe is representing 6 women who filed the harassment suits. >> 5 of them worked in fremont. well, one worked in the service center in southern california in one suit. a tsa worker named make a looker and accused her supervisor of telling her she had a, quote, big and that she should dance along with other brazen comments a separate suit filed on behalf of allah's a brown who worked the night shift at the fremont factory alleges a colleague would call her a quote, cow who was melting after she had given birth one of the hardest things for our clients. is that in some cases it was leeds or supervisors who are participating.
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>> in the harassment and they are clients as a result felt that they had nowhere to turn lowe and his clients believe the toxic culture a tesla has been inspired by the tone from the top outspoken ceo elon musk who has taken a liking to twitter to make major announcements. >> has also been accused of sharing us views on the platform in october, musk suggested starting a new university called the texas institute of technology and science. the name breaks down into a acronym. the lawsuits are seeking 3 outcomes accountability compensation and putting a stop to this behavior at tesla. it's really incumbent upon tesla to to step up and. >> rectify that situation and put a stop to the grass put him create a safe working environment that supports. >> the new lawsuits come after a jury decided in october. that tesla should pay a black x employee more than 130 million dollars for ignoring racism at its fremont plant. tesla has 30 days to respond to these lawsuits and
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we've reached out to the company for comment. but as of this report, they have not responded reporting live in the newsroom. dan thorn kron 4 news all right. dan and new information tonight in the homicide investigation at the tesla. >> factory in fremont. police now say that a man was shot and killed by his co-worker. this is video of the scene happened yesterday at the factory on fremont boulevard. police say that the victim had just finished his shift when he was shot and killed in the parking lot. investigators identified the suspect as 29 year-old anthony selena and say that the 2 men worked together at the factory. police say that the men were arguing earlier in the day when selena suddenly just walked off the job. officers located him last night in milpitas. they arrested him. the victim has not yet been identified. >> the father and son charged with starting the caldor fire near south lake tahoe or out of jail tonight after a judge reduced their bail from 1 million dollars to $50,000
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for the sun and $25,000 for the father. the judge said there was no evidence travis and david smith were flight risks or that they acted with malice when they started the fire, the count or fire forced 10's of thousands of people to flee lake tahoe communities earlier this year. as we switch gears now and get a check on the 4 zone forecast. it today was a dry out day for chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here. yeah. we need one to hit has been extremely wet around the bay area's a really the tributaries and streams couldn't take much more tremendous amounts of rain in that atmospheric river some places. yes, mountaintops like middle peak in marin. >> had over 11 inches of rain. ben lowman over 9 headed toward 10 inches of rain samara fell over 7 inches of rain pacifica almost 6 inches of rain in napa yet over 4 and a half inches of rain downtown san francisco over 3 inches of rain and almost 4 inches of
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rain in oakland. so this already some impressive start to the season so far. look at that now. we're at over 12 inches of rain in san francisco that is more rain than we have not only last year but even the year before we had only 11 inches of rain last year we had under 9 inches of rain. so what a great start to the season. so for lighter amounts in the san jose at 88%. oakland sitting at 239% at almost 11 inches of rain and santa rosa over 17 inches of rain that is 214% of normal. we've got a long way to go. series of storms still rolling in now we're getting a little bit of a break. a much needed one clearing skies out there. now the temperatures getting cold. it is down to 38 degrees in morgan hill. 42 along the pacifica 38 in dublin, 40 in live. more look at the north bay is getting cold 34 sailing, the 35 in cloverdale 37 in san anselmo, in 36 degrees in petaluma. so you get we're going going to be one of those very chilly
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nights outside likely see some frost 20's and 30's in parts of the north bay. the one thing that might hold that up a little bit. there's some cloud cover likely to move in from the next storm system kind of like a blanket. so and watch as temperatures cool off a little bit more on that probably warm up just a little bit before sunrise. then you're looking about 43 in downtown san francisco, 40 in san jose. so cold weather out there right now. more storms to come. the storm system that we had over the last few days and a winding down now, still some lingering snow showers over the southern sierra nevada. but now you already see the next storm system off the coastline. that is going to be pushing on shore as we head throughout the day tomorrow starting out the north bay first. i think it can take to the afternoon before works its way in the san francisco san jose. but we've got a series of storms headed our way. we'll have more on that coming up. and a few minutes. you look at the excitement and interesting week. it will face well, the storm that drenched the bay area brought a decent amount of snow. >> to mount hamilton overnight. that as kron 4 s charles clifford who shot this
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beautiful video today says he was up around 4200 feet overnight. forecasters say about 3 to 4 inches fell up there at the summit. texas driving from san jose to mount hamilton took them about an hour. got to take it slow highway patrol closed one 30 for a good portion of the day for safety reasons. while caltrans did what they could to clear the roadway impressive mother nature also leaving its impact on communities in the lower elevations reporter eat on wallace was in colfax today where some. >> a semi truck drivers expressed storm frustrations well, others say they were happy to see the snow. >> before the sun rose the snow fell pre-dawn. this is what it looked like in colfax elevation, 2400 snowfall, keeping the snow plows busy throughout the morning and throughout the region in areas where the white stuff is rather uncommon areas like auburn where snow fell on. i
9:19 pm
80 for colfax local dwayne watson, the storm and what it brought with it was welcome news we i like to see maher. i hope to get an up by next summer. >> act also to fill the lakes up. got water for next summer. >> but for others, mother nature got in the way crews closed down. i 80 between colfax and the nevada state line for several hours during the morning to clear downed power lines just after sunrise passenger cars with chains and all-wheel-drive vehicles were allowed through. while those drivers were given the go ahead to get back on the highway. >> big rigs were told they had to stay put. 10. >> working my i don't know what time open. finish my for team what i'm okay. >> i got his answer around 10 this morning. big rigs were given the all clear to get back on the highway. and as for watson, he's just happy. it's noted all. >> makes little bit. nice to see it. we're grateful to see
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snow and hopeful more is on its way and colfax a tone was. and turning out or coronavirus coverage. new data today suggest the pfizer vaccine offers less defense against infection. >> from omicron and reduced but still good protection from hospitalization while vaccines appear less effective against omicron. an experimental pill might help prevent severe disease in people who catch a kron four's. dan kerman reports. new data out of south africa suggests the omicron variant is more transmissible. >> may cause less severe disease, but makes vaccines less effective. >> and the studies. it seems the vaccines do have some recognition. on the kron. but there depending on the study looked several fold. that's recognition. but they are infectious disease. specialists say the study also finds the 2 shots still offer good protection against hospitalization. >> and other studies have
9:21 pm
indicated good protection gets even better. with a booster. improves your ability to fight the virus back up to almost as good as it is against delta, which means. >> give you a high degree of assurance, you're not in the wind up in a hospital or die. the bottom line to what we're learning so far is that. you need a booster. in the meantime, pfizer says its experimental pill paxlovid. >> which is designed for unvaccinated people diagnosed with covid-19 to take it home is effective against omicron the data that's been released by the company. >> they're saying that if you take it within 3 days of becoming ill. it reduces symptomatic disease hospitalization and death. all right. almost 89%. make no mistake. doctors say this is not a replacement for the vaccine but could be a real game changer. for many who get covid-19, not >> people who are unvaccinated don't want to get the vaccine not just to people in
9:22 pm
developing countries who don't access to vaccine. but even people who vaccinated might have a breakthrough infection at this point. pfizer's pill is not authorized for use, but the fda is expected to discuss that issue soon. >> dan kerman kron 4 news military command is cracking down on those refusing vaccine orders. reports say that the. >> u.s. air force is discharged. 27 members for refusing to get the vaccine against covid-19 officials say all those discharged were in their first enlistment term and were younger lower-ranking personnel, air force policy, which kind of discharge they w- received this happening as reports say that the number of vaccine holdouts among military personnel is as high as 40,000 people. well, the deadline for the air force, navy and marine corps has passed army personnel to have until tomorrow to follow the orders. >> and the nba couldn't have scripted this any better earlier tonight. the warriors steph curry broke the all-time
9:23 pm
three-point record. it's good he did it with that shot at madison square garden. look at the raul a motion he needed just to do it. it was his mom, his dad. that's the guy who held the record. ray allen ray had the record for most career 3 pointers. but. steph now has that record sports director jason dumas says going to have much more on kerry's achievement and reaction. that's coming up later in sports. >> coming up in this hour of kron 4 news, a new bill could tackle the issue of illegal sideshows and street racing. why lawmakers and families believe the legislation is more than necessary. >> and later, former new york governor andrew cuomo has to pay applies being forced to return all the money he earned from his recent pandemic book. >> plus, in-person ceremonies returned to san jose state with the university is planning this week for the thousands of graduating thousands of graduating students.
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>> this in major budget cuts are coming to the san francisco unified school district. the school board has just voted 6 to one in favor of these changes. the district is facing a massive 125 million dollar budget shortfall for the next school year. so many kids are leaving the district if they do not resolve the shortfall. the state will then step in to take over for the district
9:27 pm
here now a look at some of the proposals approved tonight talking about cutting 50 million dollars in funding for individual schools. 10 million dollars will be cut from student services programs, administration and operations services would be cut by 20 million dollars and nearly 400 jobs would be slashed san jose state university is holding in-person commencement ceremonies for the first time since 2019. >> 13 commencement events will be taking place this week. they include for ceremonies honoring the class of 2020 4 for the spring and summer classes of 2021 and 5 ceremonies for the class of fall. 2021 sjsu says it's going to follow the california department of public health policies on mega indoor events by requiring all attendees to wear masks when they're indoors. the grace period for student loan payments is coming to an end. the white house announced yesterday that it has no plans to extend the
9:28 pm
pause that's been in effect since the start of the pandemic. that means payments will resume on february first. the biden administration says resources are being made available to ensure a quote, smooth transition. >> next. helping the homeless by getting a bite to eat yourself. how you can make a meal, a win-win plus christmas and new year's are different this year because of vaccines. but covid still there. so health experts say we can gather with friends and family safely. and also contempt for mark meadows, the former president's chief of staf
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limited availability in select areas. call 1.877.only.att. >> north bay county is taking a novel approach to fighting the spread of covid-19 during this holiday season. it is sending home rapid test with all students and staff during the holiday break. if you have the resources to pull this off. it seems like a no-brainer kron four's. terisa stasio has more on this approach to try to keep it. >> everybody at school safe as well as how health officials are stressing other measures as christmas. and new year's are just around the corner. >> public health has provided us >> 48,000 test kits that will be distributing to every family with a child county school and all staff. >> doctor matt willis marin, county's public health officer about blunting the spread of covid-19 as the holiday break is jcst around the corner. he explains this proactive approach falls on the heels of
9:32 pm
an outbreak of thanksgiving holidays do bring risk. there will be families that are traveling their families to engage in gatherings. transmission can occur. we saw a surge in cases after thanksgiving. and this is really the best way to ensure that. >> nobody who is carrying the infection is actually coming into that school setting so it's the best way to prevent outbreaks that could begin right off the bat if we if we didn't have a strategy like this. >> my wife and i decided that we're not going to have people that are home were not fully vaccinated. you know, that doesn't work for everybody. what you can do to give you give yourself some degree of comfort comfort for other people are going to be in your home. it was to do some rapid testing. doctor john swartzberg says that tests can be very helpful for families as they try and steer clear of spreading the disease. obviously. so you want to be with your family in the low one. so you have to find that sweet spot. >> and. >> tell everybody before they come. you know, i know you
9:33 pm
wouldn't come if you have any symptoms and i promise you, if i wake up in the morning. i'm going to tell you not to come over 5 got the symptoms that morning's masking up socially distancing all of the steps we've gotten to know the past few years. >> also key to recess stasio kron 4 news. >> right kron 4 dot com. you can read all about the latest covid headlines just scan the qr code here on your screen and you'll be directed to our website. some of the top headlines right now data on the omicron variant pfizer's new pill to fight covid and the new statewide indoor mask mandate and all the little details about that. it's all on kron. 4 dot com. >> restaurant owners in the east bay banded together to help feed the homeless at the start of the pandemic. they formed a group. it's called community kitchens but heading into the new year. they have found a new way to pay for the meals with the help of their customers. scott forstall said the money in here now. >> with a look at how it will work. ella intriguing very
9:34 pm
much so. grant and vicki, it might not sound like a lot. but as the saying goes, it all adds up. >> one penny for every dollar spent participating oakland restaurants will go toward feeding those in need since the shelter-in-place back in 2020 organizers with community kitchens say that today 100,000 meals have been served encampments a grant from the county helped pay for the ingredients at that time. but now they've come up with a permanent plan to keep the effort going. it's called dining for justice. so starting in january customers at more than 20 different restaurants in oakland. we'll see a one per cent surcharge on their bill and that money. that's going to be raised will be used to make meals with dignity, meaning that they will be similar to the food that's actually served to the customers from the restaurant menu, husband and wife duo maria alder tay and rick mitchell who lucas in oakland actually spearheaded this plan. >> what we want to do is build a sustainable where we're able to provide reliable neil in.
9:35 pm
that's where the community based funding model dining for justice comes in. >> participating locations are on your screen. they range from keteyian brokerage to a pep has in fruitvale district. and so may see a and franklin street. so we're posting that complete list up on kron 4 dot com along with contact information for other business owners who may want to join in on the mission live in the newsroom. ella sogomonian kron 4 news. good thank you all over the state. california seeing a significant increase in illegal sideshows and street racing. but today. >> the commissioner of the chp and other state leaders are urging drivers, you know, to stop the illegal activity or else our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains new consequences and warnings for those who take part. >> it was really hard time for my family. standing in front of a crumpled car outside of the state capitol. heather, do
9:36 pm
konecki describing the moment she almost lost her son at a side show. my son was hit. >> and taken under the car. these things, the sideshows are becoming. every weekend plans for young people person won as many injured, any legal side shows recently california highway patrol commissioner amanda races in the last 5 years. street racing inside shows have resulted in 264 crashes statewide, 30 of them fatal. >> 124 of them resulting in serious injuries. and we all must do better. >> to kate, the injuries and the deaths, particularly when we know that these are preventable. >> according to the california highway patrol. the number of side show in street racing incidents have quadrupled since 2015, but the pandemic occurred in the roadways. >> we're kind of empty that created a environment that allowed this to skyrocket assemblyman vince fong road ab 3. it gives judges the power to suspend the licenses of those who take part in exhibition of speed.
9:37 pm
>> including tire burnout stunts, engine revving and other moves that lead to street racing to get law enforcement authorities. >> the tools to save lives simple as that. the law goes into effect in 2025 to give the department of motor vehicles. time to update its systems. but the commissioner says with new grants awarded to the highway patrol. her agency is not waiting to curb the illegal activity these grants and our focus is. >> it's not going to remain a change is going to be on identifying, you know, cases where these things are happening and making sure that we use resources that we have available to go out there and to make a difference. other grieving parents like laurie out to meadow whose niece was killed by a street racer with a message to drivers they're safe and legal environments where you can race. >> take it to the track where you don't have to worry about killing innocent people. >> in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> so ahead at 9, the house has voted to hold mark meadows in contempt of congress just happened. what's next for trump's former white house
9:38 pm
chief of staff. clear and cold out there now storm clouds already racing toward the bay area of lives forecast. coming up next. >> and here in the bay with no to for a while now. the world knows it. no one is better at shooting the basketball that steph curry, a milestone career historic night and madison square less their dads, their jason do. lots is here next with a look back at a night will never forget.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> he's done it in just 789 regular season game. steph curry has. >> 2000. i'm sorry, 977 threes. actually, i believe. and it's an nba record. let's see how it all went down before the game. what a beautiful moment ray reggie miller is curry shooting now. here's the shot to tie it up right there from the logo kissing. now let's rewind real quick. little bit about to go back 10/30/2000, 9. >> steph curry. first career 3 pointer. a day before thanksgiving. fast forward to present step. it's popping out on the wing. give me off 3 and oh, that no you love to see it stepped flexing. there's mama
9:42 pm
dukes. here's pops right here. getting the ball. the record ball. >> nice embrace. here's the vantage point of dell curry right there. baseline never going to forget that moment. and then here is icing on the cake. the embrace. giving the record to staff or i should i say step took at record. now back to your regularly scheduled program warriors down by 5 steph 100 arrests no matter give me that. golden state within 2. then in the 3rd tied at 54 curry gets the steal. no, look, the jordan fall finishes on the other and 19 for all right. andre, iguodala, nick did. and i'm here. so that highlight off the backs were hurt. well, hey, get the rebound. steph. another 3. that's his first one for 2nd quarter mom, loving it, dad. loving it. he
9:43 pm
wasn't done 4th quarter. stay on your feet. the rose. another 3. if if of the night he now has 2,977 career 3 pointers warriors win. one o 6.95. take a look at this. they gave staff the jersey and after the game. get this great moment. steph. >> give andre iguodala and draymond green to custom made rolexes. you've got to think it's because they've been through it all with steph curry. draymond has been with step for 10 years. andre iguodala has won 3 championships with staff. you've got to assume i don't want to put anything on bill, you've got to assume he has one per klay thompson to when they get back to the bay coast. clay has been with them for a while. too. but look at that, you know, they've been playing together for so long massachusetts. you love to see it. and another look at that jersey that steph got from ray and reggie shooting royalty
9:44 pm
right there. 3 of the best in nba history. i think a lot of bay area fans, let's say photoshop klay thompson right there he's one of the best ever to but a historic night for bay area sports. hey, the bay now has the home run king and steph curry and so i'm telling. i'm getting told to go to break and talking too much anyway. after look at sports. we'll be right back after you guys being together.
9:45 pm
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wealth management is planning your path together. and, it's guiding you along the way. to learn more about cost, start a relationship with citi and earn a cash bonus when you open a new eligible account and complete required activities. >> the house has voted to hold former white house chief of staff mark meadows in contempt of congress for failing to cooperate with the january 6th committee. the move coming just one day after the house select panel investigating the january 6th attack on the u.s. capitol voted to recommend the criminal charges given the former white house officials refusal to testify in the committee's probe the committee also accuse meadows of withholding key information. >> even after mister meadows
9:48 pm
turned over text. democrats have now gone so far as to see subpoenaed horizon for mister .% meadows phone records. such neck. it scheming should stay in house of cards and other tv shows not in this chamber. >> the house vote sends the matter to the u.s. attorney's office where prosecutors will decide whether to present the case to a grand jury, a contempt of congress charge carries a penalty of up to a year in jail. but that doesn't mean that congress gets the information it wants. >> today. the senate voted to raise the debt limit by 2 and a half trillion dollars just hours before the country was set to default on its debts would have been the first time this will keep the country now from defaulting in till 2023. so we'll get through the epmidterm elections. the last-minute vote was made possible thanks to a bill that let the debt ceiling be raised with a simple majority, meaning the democrats could do it on their own. republicans say the increase would allow democrats to borrow more money for the build back better, bill. but the treasury
9:49 pm
department says the default would have happened despite any new legislation this year. and the parents of that michigan high school. a shooting suspects were in court today for a probable cause hearing. they are each charged with 4 counts of involuntary manslaughter in that shooting. prosecutors say the crumbly parents gifted their son. the gun used to kill 4 classmates. police say the couple was found december 4th hiding in a commercial building in detroit after warrants have been issued for their arrest. the hearing was adjourned today. so prosecutors and defense attorneys could go through more evidence. former governor. >> andrew cuomo must hand over the funds that he earned for his pandemic book. it's not chump change the state ethics commission gave cuomo permission in the summer of 2020 to write and publish the book while he was in office. a detailed his administration's response to covid-19 previously the commission had voted to revoke approval to write the book after learning that he used state resources to write it has 30 days to
9:50 pm
hand over the 5.0. 1 million dollars to the new york attorney general's office. the office will then decide where and the money will ultimately go. his lawyer ballots to fight the decision. >> been a tough couple months in the south lake tahoe area with count or fire, but they're smiling tonight because snow is big business this time of year. snow across 4 chiefmeteorologist lawrence karnow tells us how much yes, ski resorts love just in time for the holidays. >> boy, they got a ton of snow measuring it in feet up there. some places, 6, even 7 feet of snow across some of the higher peaks and they're going to get a whole lot more up toward donner summit right now. certainly a busy night up there. a lot of folks trying to get up there across the high country still you're chained up in many spots. lot of snow out there on the roads going to be extra careful. look what happened from that last atmospheric river event. we went from having the teens as far as a normal percentage wise snowfall to 71% normal.
9:51 pm
now in the northern sierra nevada 77% normal in the central and 76% normal in the southern sierra nevada. and there's a lot more to come. winter storm warnings are up there for tomorrow. continuing into thursday. expect another 2, maybe 3 feet of snow across some of the higher peaks there and that snow level coming way down back to northern california seeing some more snow in the chest area. winter weather advisories all the way in the mendocino and lake county expecting the snow level dropping down to about 2000 feet. lori forecast this work. it's insisting interesting for tomorrow. you see this front coming through, bringing some rain back into the bay area. that's going to be cold storm. more of a typical storm. we'll see. maybe a quarter of an inch, maybe an inch of rain across the bay area. then we get the backside of that. we get some more cold air high pressure takes over then you get this guy beginning to develop. you can see that rain moisture all the way down the south, maybe come another atmospheric river event and there sits as we get into sunday got low pressure developing in the back side of a dig in the south. and there
9:52 pm
you go. tremendous amounts of rain, possibly between sunday, monday and tuesday of the following week and look at some of these rainfall totals that we're talking about between now and that period tomorrow that weak system coming through you get a light amount of rain, then we rolled out for all the way in throughout the weekend. we start to talk about tremendous amounts of rain, not necessarily a certain that this will come to pass. but if that does, we're talking about 5, maybe 8 inches of rain in some parts of the bay area that on top of what we just had and so call it a p. i don't think we could not be the probably be dealing with some flooding concerns. but this type of pattern is a really difficult forecast. let you know as we get a little bit closer. they saw its focus. take a look at this. some mountain lion spotted in san mateo this morning along oak valley road. the homeowner says the big cat. >> into the driveway before quickly disappearing into the nearby woods. if you encounter a mountain lion, they say do not run away. make lots of noise try to look big scare it away. and i think goes without
9:53 pm
saying, but it's never just go approach. it was a good ice. >> next at 9. if you ever thought about cooking your christmas tree. well, it's a new trend. how to do it, how
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ >> police in verona, new jersey say fear not the grinch will be stealing holiday cheer this year because. >> he's a goner. includes custody onlookers. got a good
9:56 pm
laugh when they saw that cops putting the grinch in the back of the patrol car. that's what you get grinch. officers say the holiday feeling was spotted disturbing santa and his elves. and that's when. they sprang into action arresting the grinch for disturbing. the peace he's not going to steal christmas ending. but this christmas. you can try a new tradition for dinner cooking and eating your christmas tree. there is a cookbook. it's called how to eat or christmas tree with recipes on how to upcycle your tree instead of tossing it. so the tree must be chemical. free is not our official. you can only use pine spruce or fir the cookbook author says a spruce, for instance, has an orange e and vanilla taste that works well in ice cream for is apparently really zesty, really grassy which lends itself to dishes that need a sharper taste like pickles or fish and pine has more. floral notes which she says makes for great t. i
9:57 pm
guess you get your daily allowance of fiber. yeah. i mean, i could see maybe a little wet spring are too, but it's going to be tough to work your way through a whole talk to beavers about rest of kron 4 news at 9 their teeth are impressive as the they can just get there anything that wraps up the show is the key said the news in 10 is next. can or we leave you with that. we're going to have big meals after christmas. certainly. i mean, the trees are pretty good size said rough and a lot all right. thank grant coming up tonight at 10 o'clock. police pointing to social media as a big factor in the recent retail thefts. why one former fbi agent says certain apps make it so difficult to identify suspects. plus, santa clara county's longtime sheriff laurie smith indicted on 7 charges of corruption. >> and misconduct. she's accused of abusing her power. thos
9:58 pm
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 alleged in the lawsuit to foods. lots of crude comments about women's bodies. but acts press men putting hands on on our clients. bodies. >> now at 10 and allegations of


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