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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  December 15, 2021 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news far. >> morning ans thanks for joining us on it was kind of a half. what morning for me to touch. as we woke up this morning. looks like we have some leftover showers iran through a little bit of it on my way to work. my shield was out working no. not today. just talking about how it may not be working for many of us over the next 7 days ahead, john. i think it will kick into gear for maybe a couple days. friday and saturday that it breaks right again into early next week. this rainfall is keeping with us. mother nature keeping us in an unsettled pattern. now this morning is in the easier go than yesterday and monday. but as daria noted don't expected
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to be completely dry out there. we do have some light showers across the bay area this morning. just a couple of sprinkles here and there. your view at the golden gate bridge is looking pretty good right now. we are looking at conditions out there that. >> may not be completely dry, but or at least clear enough as you're making your crossing, there's your sprinkles right there across portions of the bay, including from south san francisco on over to oakland alameda and up 24 most of the showers are staying pretty light. so just make sure you know that roadways are still wet and some pockets out there. now, if we zoom out across the bay area. you can see the rainfall that we have stashed up to our north. that is really going make its return later on today into tonight and into tomorrow, too. our next round of rainfall. not measuring up quite as much as what we saw on monday, especially but still going to be packing a punch. and that's going make your evening commute tonight. a little on the rough side. those current temperatures are in the 30's and 40's. so that is something that you should also be prepared definitely bundle up for those colder
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conditions. i know you've got the sweater dress. i do. it was a good choice. you have to bust in these out now because it's really chilly outside, you still want to be cute with can do all of that. >> we're tracking your morning commute as you're traveling from the east bay into the city. a little under 9 minutes, although conditions are still pretty slick out there this morning. i had a difficult commute as i was driving airy slopes. you don't want to drive too fast and have an accident heading across towards the peninsula a little under 14 minutes. remember, you definitely have slick conditions across most of your bridges this morning as you're traveling from the north bay into the city. a little under 20 minutes. and in the south bay about a 30 minute drive as you're heading from 85 to menlo park. we have more. your traffic coming up. a dorian james, back to you. hugh, you our thanks to law right now. 5. '02, and our top story, california's new indoor mask mandate. >> is in effect as of yeah. but at least one bay area city says the state is allowing it to keep its own health orders. >> for masking in place. for now. we've got proper. sara stinson live in san francisco.
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it trying to explain all of this. sarah, good morning. >> yeah. you know, san francisco first telling us all this confirmed on the state website that if a county like san francisco, like most bay area counties already has a mask mandate in place that can stay those mask mandates usually require you to wear a mask indoors. if you're not vaccinated. so. >> in other words, in san francisco, you can still go to the gym and not wear a mask already been vaccinated. this mask mandate really is going to affect all of the counties in california that wanted nothing to do with wearing masks or any mask mandate. now the original mask mandate. that low was announced on monday. required every county in california to mask-up indoors regardless of vaccination status. an update came down yesterday. now listed on the state website that says the new mask mandate only applies to local health jurisdictions that did not already have an existing indoor masking requirement
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that applies to vaccination status. the only bay area county that did not have one. it's a county, but even 2 cities with in that county created one anyways. thus the sf health department says the refinement acknowledges the hard work of the city throughout the pandemic being one of the strictest cities in the country during the pandemic always going off of the current case rates and hospitalizations. this means 100% of fully vaccinated. people in places like the workplace or gyms will continue to be allowed to remove their mask. san francisco will be updating its main order today to coincide with the state, especially involving the new requirements surrounding kids under 12 years old, getting tested when they attend mega more clarifications to come from counties like san francisco. i'm sure we'll be hearing from more health departments and other counties today as well as for san francisco, they said they're going to continue to do what they've been doing. that's looking at current
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conditions and then going accordingly with their policies. now, this mask mandate for those counties that had no mask mandate in place before they will have to put that mask back on starting today through january 15th. so only one month. hopefully they can hang in there for now reporting live in san francisco. sarah stinson back to you. all right. thank you, sarah. >> it's 5. '05, major budget cuts are coming to the san francisco unified school district. we've talked about this. well, the school board voted last night on this budget where it needs to be cut by 90 million dollars because you're facing a 125 million dollar budget shortfall next school year if they don't fix this problem, the state is going to take over and fix it for them. the cuts include 50 million dollars in funding for individual schools. 10 million dollars in cuts from students service programs and administration and operations services are going to be cut by 20 million. and this includes nearly 400 jobs being
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slashed. the superintendent has released a statement about these cuts and here's how it reads in part. we're committed to continuing to work with the board of education families and students and staff to develop a sustainable budget that prioritizes the most effective ways to increase and improve services for our students. >> in the east bay tesla now facing more accusations of harassment lawsuits filed in alameda county now legend unwanted culture at the company's fremont plant along with other facilities, current and former female employees describe the factory floor of the fremont plant as accrued frat house attorney david lowe is representing 6 women who filed a harassment suits in to tesla worker accused her supervisor of telling her that she had a, quote, big and that she should dance along with other brazen comments a separate suit alleges a colleague would call her a cow who was milking after she had given birth.
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>> one of the hardest things for our clients. is that in some cases it was leeds or supervisors who are participating in the harassment and they are clients as a result felt that they had nowhere to turn to to shop. >> lo and his clients believe the toxic culture at tesla has been inspired by the tone from the top ceo, elon musk has been accused of sharing sexist views on twitter. the lawsuits are seeking 3 outcomes accountability, compensation and putting a stop to this behavior at tesla. well, there's also new information now about the homicide investigation at that tesla factory in fremont. police now say that a man was shot and killed by his co-worker. video from the scene once again as it played out monday. police say the victim had just finished his shift when he was shot and killed in the parking lot. investigators identified the suspect as 29 year-old anthony so lima. there's his picture. they say the 2 men worked together at that factory. police at this point say the men were arguing earlier in the day when
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suddenly walked off the job officers arrested him in milpitas. the victim has not yet been identified. >> it's 5. '07. another big story this morning is in the east bay. oakland mayor libby shaft is now asking governor newsome for help to fight crime. yeah. so that's the situation specifically she's asking for help with crimes that take place on highways. >> we'll trend live at a chp office this morning to explain. good morning. well. >> good morning, james and area. yes, the chp they patrol the freeways, but they need extra help in the form of ccording to mayor libby shaft in the form of cameras for the on ramps, the off-ramps, the corridors that lead through oakland. this after the city council last week approved it get more academies to get more officers on the streets, but they can't be all places at all times. let me show you a picture of jasper wu this happened last month. he was one year old coming through oakland coming back from san francisco when a stray bullet
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went through his mom's car and killed him. this got the public very outrage. oakland mayor libby schaaf even commented on this. now she is saying that there's been 131 homicides in the city of oakland and many of them have been committed by people who come through oakland. the other could live in oakland. but they use their cars in and out of the freeways, the corridors and that's why she wrote that letter to governor gavin newsom asking him for help. she did not specify how much money she's looking for how many cameras this is just to get the ball rolling to governor gavin newsom to say, look, this is an ongoing problem. they have faced more homicides this year than in the past 10 years. they need help officers cannot be all places at all times. there is a little push back, james and darya for this reason. many privacy advocates. they're saying yes, the cameras are good for red-light cameras for other uses and there are already being used in many
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places across the bay area but to put them at certain places to go after crime itself like murders and dui and whatnot that could lead to another problem about privacy and people being stereotyped and being pulled over for the wrong reasons. so it still needs to be worked out. but this is the next step according to oakland mayor libby shaft. she's looking for help. and of course, this letter means looking for money. governor gavin newsome so far has not responded to her letter. back to you. all right. thank you very much. well. san francisco is going to be making more arrests in order to tackle illegal drug use in public places. >> that's what mayor london breed says she just announced several new public safety. one of the biggest changes is the city's level of tolerance for illegal drug use. >> and less tolerant. that is destroyed our city. they're not going just walk by and let
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someone use in broad daylight on the streets and not give them a choice between going to the location. we have identified them. we're going to jail. >> sounds like mayor breed has had it and their plan is already underway. by the way, after that huge announcement. the new initiatives require more officers and more over time from police. mayor breed says she is getting emergency police funding to ensure the city has the resources to combat major safety problems over the next several months. >> 5.11 is the time. all right. let's turn our attention to happier news warriors superstar steph curry is the new 3 point can and then signed, then record breaking 200 our 2,974 3 pointers. the 1st quarter against the new york knicks at madison square garden where it all went down in the first 5 minutes. it was not tide in second goal. 4 minutes later.
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>> to beat it. and it was just sailing after that. the only had 5 threes on the night games, which for him is not fun. but how exciting and it's cemented him. yeah. as the league's greatest shooter. in fact, let's take a look at that. we showing the photos now take a look at the video of the moment that it happened. >> just got i watched the game. i just got the whole game came to a stop. people came out onto the court all the celebrate compiles than having the ball is running across the court to give ray >> eyes, right course. he just surpassed what a day. here's a little more reaction. >> there's a call it ending to this last weekend. 2. now the
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special newgarden we deliver in terms is how i kind places but really can't say enough. i appreciate so much the way the fans embrace would mean let me just kind of get lost in it and. a special moment for sure that i member for. the rest of my life. >> put new foot footnote, that was last thing on my mind. but yeah, they won final score that 1 one '05, to 96. now they'll head on to boston will face the celtics friday night. 5.13, is the time right now and we've got lots ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news. we're learning more information about how effective the covid vaccine is against the new omicron variant. >> and after the break, the recent storms brought a lot of rain. but how much is it helping california's drought. well, we have some new numbers well, we have some new numbers to share with you. the x-rays from your urgent care visit look good. just stay off that leg, okay? what about my rec team? i'm all they got.
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limited availability in select areas. at 5.16 big story we're following this morning the recent storm is in fact helping with california's water supply. >> according to marine water. the reservoirs are now 64% of capacity before the storm that number was down around 58. so it is making a dent in this board says the californians drop their water use by 13% in the month of november, which is pretty close to the governor's 50% request despite the progress yet, despite the progress, though, the board is still. reminding everybody
5:17 am
that we are, of course, still in the depths of this drought. we need to keep conserving water, but we are slowly getting there. you know what i'm slowly getting there too. >> well, this is one of the prep pluses of you watching the show this early. a high of 15. we get to watch you get ready. we have because i didn't have time to from my unit hearings on so throughout the show. this is like we're get. my wife is we're trying to get but what high late. no, no. and plus, i love that i put the watch on none of my watch tell time, as you know, this, they're all why did i put that haha. there we go. on already slowly. well john's already been our is put what can you tell just gets more glam right throughout the show by the end of the show you the evening of. but great to see so much water having just the past week we saw such a healthy october. we've got so excited in that app dried out. >> mount tam earlier this
5:18 am
week, 12 inches of rainfall. that is so nice to be seeing our second hit of an atmospheric river for the season. we get another dose of rainfall tonight wouldn't call this one an atmospheric river. but into early next week we've got another round of heavy rainfall sunday night monday into tuesday. a lot like what we saw earlier this week. so mother nature is kicking things into gear. looks like it's going to be staying that way with us this time around. now you look outside at the east bay is showing some relatively clear conditions we have seen sprinkles this morning. not amounting to too much across the bay just yet real rainfall still stash up to the north and look at that. there's some solid snowfall up in the north coast mountains as well as returning already to the sierra nevada bay area may be quiet this morning, but i don't want you to leave the house without the umbrella and rain jackets in hand because you will need them for this next storm system dropping in later today. we're only in a brief break from the rain and even at that, we do have a few sprinkles this morning. rainfall kicks up for the north bay late this morning
5:19 am
into early afternoon, the heaviest of totals will be in the north bay. as you can see that widespread yellow and orange indicating heavier rainfall drops further and further southward into the rest of the bay come the evening tonight and we will see pockets of heavy rain right on the peninsula. the east bay and into the south bay come those evening hours and early morning hours of tomorrow. this will make for a wet commute tomorrow. especially for early risers waking up to what will be some wet roadways and some spotty heavy showers on into your thursday thursday afternoon, we drive back out. we stay dry for a couple of days on into friday and saturday. so that is going to be super nice to have at least a couple of days to thaw out. get back outside, maybe finish up some christmas shopping because we will be seeing rainfall returning early next week. half an inch to an inch and a half of rainfall over the next 24 hours. not a huge storm but definitely enough to make its mark. now winter storm warnings take back effect up in the sierra nevada on it. 04:00pm today. so we're right
5:20 am
back to it. up in the sierra with more of that snowfall for another winter storm warning 50's or your daytime highs across the board today. that's actually a little milder than what yesterday was and you're look ahead at our next 7 days does show conditions out there that actually remain pretty cool not going anywhere from those 50's evening lows remain in the 30's. a break from the rain thursday afternoon into sunday morning and then the rain returns after that thanks to that. all right. well, we do have a couple issues out there right now. like an accident. this is. >> 80 eastbound west of 5.80, but it's so early. we're not seeing much of a delay because of that accident there as you're heading from the east bay into the city right now. a little under 9 minutes for your drive. time to remember, although we haven't seen that intense rain. it's still slick across all of our bridges. so as you're heading across towards the peninsula. you definitely want to take your time as you're traveling there 37 to the tolls across the golden gate bridge about 20 minutes for your drive time. if you're leaving out of richmond heading across to war. sandra fell a little
5:21 am
under 10 in the south bay. 2 3785 82 not seen any major issues. dorian james, back to you. thank you, ray. it's 5.20 the house and senate both voted to raise the nation's debt limit in the hopes of preventing us from. >> defaulting on loans. yeah. that debt limit was raised by 2.5 trillion dollars. we've got reshad hudson long. joining us live from dc right now with the very latest. >> on all of shot. i wish we could do this to say the results like i'm gonna run out of money. i just raise the limit deadline that i keep spending. it's brilliant. >> good morning, james and darya this vote comes after the house and senate a few hours last night voting on this and debating it and the treasury department gave them until today as a deadline to prevent that economic collapse. >> the joint resolution is passed. >> the house and senate both voted to raise the nation's debt limit by 2.5 trillion dollars. house speaker nancy pelosi says this was needed to cover the spending under the
5:22 am
previous administration. >> over 95% of it incurred during the trump administration. pelosi says this has a direct impact on the pockets of the american people. >> for families. a default could mean millions of american jobs. >> eliminated increasing the nation's debt limit allows the country to continue to send out social security checks and pay service members. >> but alabama congressman gary palmer in texas. congressman kevin brady are worried this opens the door for democrats to spend more money. >> now my colleagues want to raise the debt limit by another 2 and a half trillion dollars. so they can continue down the path of reckless spending. make no mistake, the debt ceiling is not merely about passing pass spending. it's about making room for new wasteful spending. >> earlier tuesday, the senate approved the measure 50 to 49 along party lines. >> responsible governing has won on this exceedingly important issue.
5:23 am
>> and the bill now heads to the president's desk for his signature and this gives congress until 2023 to figure out a longer term solution when it comes to the nation's debt limit reporting in washington rashad hudson, back to you. thanks for shot. just it worked. worked. it's like when i called visa mastercard and i said i just i need a little more. sure because i need to buy some more. and problem. >> then i spent more of their money just like they're doing in washington. okay. we'll take a break. it is 5.23. coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news. a new effort to bring an end to sideshows across california will tell you what they're going to try now.
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>> 5.25 and california is seeing a significant increase in sideshows and street ways raising this is happening in the bay area all around the state. the commissioner of the california highway patrol now another state leaders are urging drivers to stop it. they were joined at the capitol by family members who had loved ones who've been injured or killed in illegal sideshows, california highway patrol commissioner says the last 5 years street racing and sideshows have resulted in 264 crashes across the state and 30 people have died. officials say the pandemic gave people the perfect opportunity. 2 up this type of activity. >> but the pandemic occurred in the roadways. we're kind of
5:27 am
empty that created a environment that allowed this to skyrocket. my son was hit. >> and taken under the car. these things, the sideshows are becoming. every weekend plans for young people. and we all must do better to kate, the injuries and the deaths, particularly. >> when we know that these are preventable. >> a bill has been introduced which gives judges the power to suspend the licenses of those who participate in street racing. that law goes into effect in 2025 to give the department of motor vehicles. time to update its system. so that's a long way off. james and we just talked about the challenges that law enforcement faces. they saw the problem now well, but they're overwhelmed. look at all these people. right. and they said we don't have we have to win with full force and we don't have the numbers. very, very tough and very sad
5:28 am
that people keep getting hurt in the sense 5.27 is the time. >> coming up next on the kron 4 morning news retail thefts continue all across california now we're learning more about how these large celebrate the holidays with big savings. find great deals on the amazon echo show 8... get up to 40% off outerwear. and cuddl duds pillows & throws starting at 40% off.. plus, take an extra 15% off! and earn kohl's cash! kohl's. what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent, i can du more....beginners' yoga. namaste... ...surprise parties. aww, you guys. dupixent helps prevent asthma attacks... ...for 3!... i can du more of the things i love. dupixent is not for sudden breathing problems. it's an add-on-treatment for specific types of moderate-to-severe asthma that can improve lung function for better breathing in as little as two weeks. and can reduce, or even eliminate, oral steroids.
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>> just the kind >> there is a tie right now and all flights beautiful. yeah. you know what, quite high with stand out in space. sure. any kind of like the moon it close to it. bright
5:31 am
enough. it feels like, yeah. it's like our own on the north star. we're lucky to be able to see it this morning. i don't that's going to be the case as we move into maybe this time tomorrow because i guess we weather on the way. i kind of got rained on this morning just for a second. warnings could be all that dry because we do have a couple of sprinkles out there this morning. >> and rainfall does return this afternoon stays with us tonight. on into tomorrow morning, too. so mother nature giving us a solid dose of rainfall. >> we absolutely do need it. so this is a good thing. just be prepared with the rain jacket even if it isn't raining on you this morning. your view outside right now is showing you the golden gate bridge looking clear enough. we do have those isolated sprinkles across the bay. it's not amounting to too terribly much. but just enough to keep roadways wet in a few spots and i know a few of us saw those showers as we drove into work. now current temperatures are anywhere from the 30's to 40's san anselmo nevado each at 39 degrees santa rosa at a cool 36 while san mateo oakland as well as conquered
5:32 am
in toledo, each at 44 degrees. we'll be breaking down exactly what we can expect this afternoon as far as our next round of rain goes still to come. but reyna prepped for the rain. i know you saw a couple sprinkles on the roads this morning. yeah, i did traveling from the east bay into the city. it's still slick out there. so. >> you don't want to drive too fast. you don't want to feel too comfortable out there on the roadways. still take your time traveling from the east way into the city right now. a little under 10 minutes at this hour. 5, 1880 also pretty slick and wet as you're traveling to emeryville berkeley in that area heading across towards the peninsula a little under 60 minutes. not as what is it was yesterday. still seeing wet spots, though traveling along one o one a fundamental part 27 minutes, 2 3785 82 out. see any major delays 2 days ago we had a major hot spot along 6.80 southbound, 6.80, traveling from dublin down the fremont a little under 15 minutes and highway 4 still pretty light at this hour. one 62 to 42 a little under 15 minutes. darya james, back to you. >> thanks, ray. it's 5.32 and
5:33 am
a big story. detectives are investigating the role social media plays in these big retail mob, rob and recent weeks. we've seen a number of scenes like this that you see on your screen playing out of shopping centers all across the bay area. >> large groups of people storming retail stores overwhelming the staff overwhelming security and making off with arm loads of stolen merchandise. investigators say most of these groups are planning their crimes on social media and retired fbi agent michael anderson says that most people are anonymous online, which makes it really hard to track down any possible suspects is difficult to access information from some social media apps. >> some companies either. don't keep the information so they like the anonymity that using corruption. that makes it difficult for to provide it to law enforcement crime trend. i mean, what you have so routes that are highly organized. you also have others that are opportunistic. this is unlike anything law enforcement has ever seen.
5:34 am
>> so to help prevent these crimes. anderson says the law enforcement and prosecutors have to target the people who are buying and selling the stolen goods. meanwhile, the chp announced that it has arrested 2 people. they believe were involved in a large theft ring. they say the suspects in that ring have stolen more than $200,000 worth of merchandise in recent weeks. the discovery was made after executing a search warrant in vallejo late last week and that is when investigators found a large amount of goods which they say were taken from bay area stores, including cvs pharmacies, victoria's secret. the gap target nordstrom's walgreens and a whole lot more. and you can just see some of that here in these photos of all these bins out in a storage locker. no word yet if any others are being sought in connection with this particular retail theft ring. but we'll let you know. >> in san francisco, a ups driver believes she was racially profiled by san francisco police officers and she has the whole exchange on
5:35 am
video happened back on december 27th are starting december 7th. it was a hate street near masonic. we've zoomed in on the area of the map here and that's where the ups driver. her name is nick. he should. ferguson was double part while she was delivering multiple packages and a male depot ferguson says this is the first time police have ever cited her while she's doing her job. you can see right here. she believes the officers targeted her because she is a black woman. >> never knew they pulled over. people asked the ups drivers fedex drivers. amazon drivers. everybody that double park and took her to deliver. i feel like if i wasn't. >> this young black girl, i would have got to take it up. hollywood got a warning. i would even a siren move. your vehicle. >> ferguson says that she eventually signed the ticket that they were giving her. she says she did that because she knew people were counting on
5:36 am
the packages on her being delivered says she wanted to do her job. kron 4 has reached out to the san francisco police department regarding this incident. but we have not her >> in the south bay civil grand jury has indicted santa clara county sheriff laurie smith on 7 counts of corruption and misconduct in office. 3 those charges center on claims that the sheriff was involved in illegally granting licenses for concealed carry weapons. other another 3 charges accused the sheriff of illegally accepting free suite tickets to a sharks game and other gifts. the 7th count accuses the sheriff of failing to cooperate with an investigation into the treatment of inmates. one particular who was injured in 2018, the sheriff will be in court on january 12th where she can contest those charges against her which would set up a civil trial if the jury agrees with the charges she would be removed from office. >> 5.36 for your health. a new study out of south africa
5:37 am
confirms 2 doses of the pfizer vaccine is less effective against omicron variant, but they are infectious disease. specialists say the study also found the 2 shot still offer good protection against hospitalization because of covid and other studies have shown protection can get even better with a booster. in the meantime, pfizer says its experimental pill paxlovid is effective against omicron. >> the data that's been released by the company. they're saying that if you take it within 3 days of becoming ill. it reduces. symptomatic disease, hospitalization and death. all right. almost 90% 89%. >> doctors emphasize that the pill is not a replacement for the vaccine push came to get a. the but the bill could be a game changer if you get covid, by the way. but again, you can't get it yet. and remember that south african study. they found that 2 doses of vaccine wasn't not as effective against omicron. however, they
5:38 am
also found that the booster seems to make a big difference with omicron. so yeah. yeah. that are better go with what we have. and here's a quick follow-up to a story we were telling about yesterday up in the north bay. we actually have a look now at those covid test kits that are going to be sent home. >> with students and staff during the holiday break in marin yeah, the at home a home test everybody. yeah. it's all part of the county's plan to try to fight the spread of covid. so the county's public health officer doctor matt willis says that they have 48,000 of these test kits to send home students and staff would take their tests before coming back to school on january. 3rd to ensure that they aren't infected. take a listen. >> that the holidays do bring risk. there will be families that are traveling their families to engage in gatherings. transmission can occur. we saw a surge in cases after thanksgiving. and this is really the best way to ensure that nobody who is carrying the infection is actually coming into that school setting so it's the best way to prevent outbreaks that could begin right off the bat if we we didn't have strategy now.
5:39 am
>> i mean, it's it's a great because you really can't stop people from visiting family for the holiday know that's a losing cause ryan do is test them when they come back from coming to the classroom where we positive make it easy easy. so they're giving each kid has to test its free to everybody to every student and every a teacher at public private parochial schools paid for by the state. you know, so if this is like you were talking about yesterday. maybe this catches on and other districts will start to rise. and it's all part of the state funding kind of plan to attack covid now. so we'll see if it in the meantime, we'll take a quick break. here at 5.39. but still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, a group of restaurants in oakland. they're coming up with a new way. >> to feed the homeless will tell you how customers will end up helping out the cause. >> plus another not blind sighting here in the bay area. we're going take a closer look ahead for uk we'll tell you where this was spotted.
5:40 am
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try the cooling, soothing relief or preparation h. because your derriere deserves expert care. preparation h. get comfortable with it. now, we should hear 5.42 watch to the left. ok. >> there >> it this was in san mateo right along oak valley road. >> big cats and tail. yeah.
5:43 am
that's like neighborhood sit like it doesn't even look like there's a park nearby. this is looks like a normal community was yesterday morning. the owner says the cat ran onto their driveway and then disappeared into the there are woods nearby can't see in the shot. but yeah, again, this another reminder you see coming from across the street so when it looks again, watch the top the house across the street and you'll see it. they're oh, my gosh. i do. oh, my gosh. so was across the street >> facebook again, just another reminder. if you do happen to be outside when a cat comes walking down the street. i suggest they go don't turn and run towards your house test. i'm scared of the big slowly back in. what second time. here's a live look, a fun look up in the sierra actually take a look at % moment.
5:44 am
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and to top it off, right now, they're just a buck. a buck? now there's no reason to go somewhere else. choose wisely. choose wendy's. at 5.46 and as promised, we're going to take. well, a little get it will get he will have a show. that's no time for this year, the donner that you can see that. yeah. out quite a bit of snow already on the shoulders. and still a lot on the roadways are trying their best to keep it clear. but look at fedex. yeah. you got to go. you've got to go back to just got to and it looks like we're going to get more snow. you think tonight, john, with this next round yeah, we're already starting to see it picking up and it's only
5:47 am
going to get more and more tonight, guys. so. >> we've been it's enough for another winter storm warning actually up there to that goes into effect at 04:00pm. so mother nature is not holding back any more winter decided it is time to be here now. your view outside at castle peak, another section of 80 as you're heading up into the sierra nevada. there's traffic moving up there. i've seen a plow on the roadway. so. caltrans is doing their best to get those roadways cleared out for us today into tonight is going to be another rough go heading up into the sierra nevada not quite as many feats piling up as what we saw during early week, but still some more snowfall. it's already falling up there. as i noted pretty light right now. snow up in the north coast mountains to in rainfalls about to work its way back into the picture for the bay. we have a couple of sprinkles this morning that you're noting south of half moon bay as well as out over the ultimate past. you've been seeing those on and off across the bay overnight. so you may notice a couple of wet spots on roadways this morning. this
5:48 am
is a completely separate system. another low pressure area and another rush of cold air behind it. that's going to bring us the push of rainfall that will have initially for the north bay late this morning into early afternoon and then spreading further and further southward through the course of the day. the heaviest of rainfall will be for the north bay, but there will be heavy pockets. as you can see, yellow orange and even read drifting into the rest of the bay area come the evening tonight will be pockets of heavy rain through t e evening on into early tomorrow morning. can't forget that snowfall continuing to fall up in the sierra nevada rainfall pushes further south in the bay on into your early morning hours tomorrow and you're going to wake up tomorrow morning with another wet dose of a rainfall on those roads. that's going make for some slick conditions for your thursday commute. thursday does dry out really quickly, though, and on into friday saturday and even early on sunday, you get a solid break from the rain before another heavy dose of it. starting sunday night into monday into tuesday of next
5:49 am
week that could measure up pretty similarly to what we saw earlier this week. now your rainfall over the next 24 hours, not going to be quite a significant as what sunday, monday brought us some half an inch to an inch and a half of rainfall possible. that's a nice moderate shower right there in a short period of time. it is enough snowfall in the sierra. as i mentioned at the start of your forecast for another winter storm warning starting at 04:00pm today through 10:00pm tomorrow for the sierra as well as upper elevations of the north coast. upper elevations of lake and mendocino counties, even north of ukiah right there on one. oh, one another. winter weather advisory. much as we saw yesterday morning with some snow is seen around will its 50's for your highs across the bay area today. today is a touch more mild than yesterday's. but with that next, cold front pushing through later on today. temperatures will fall right back down into tomorrow and friday, san jose at 53 today. same for you in fremont union city while oakland at 57 degrees at 55 and for center
5:50 am
fell ont of her more mild spots at 58 degrees tomorrow. i mentioned a little bit cooler and you'll see that continued into friday. friday and saturday will be arsonist and driest of days sunday night rainfall returns and heavy rain again looks likely into next monday. thanks for that. we do have a couple accidents to tell you about out there right now here in oakland, 80 westbound. >> to north. so we are starting to see a slight delay as you get ready to hop on to the bay bridge out in fremont, northbound 80 south of mission boulevard of another accident. so we are seeing delays there. a little under 30 minutes. once you do finally reached the maze to the fremont street x. and that's because the trying to get that accident clear off of the bridge member conditions are still really slick this morning. take your time as you're traveling heading across towards the peninsula little under 15 minutes in the south bay along to 3785 82 not seen any major delays about a 29 minute drive from 85 traveling towards menlo park darya james, back to you. thanks it's five-fifty
5:51 am
an east bay river restaurant owners and oakland has come up with a way to feed the homeless. more than 20 oakland restaurants are part of the. >> community kitchens group. and they are adding a one per cent surcharge on customer bills. and it's going to start in january and then the money raised from that one per cent surcharge is going to be used to make hot meals to serve at homeless encampments. the owners of lucas tap room in oakland are the ones that spearheaded this plan. >> what we want to do is build a sustainable where we're able to provide reliable neil that's where the community based funding model dining for justice comes in. >> but you eat out and then you hate to help. the homeless eat. and there's a whole list of participating restaurants. if you want to select one based on, you know who's in the club goto com for dot com. and if you own a restaurant,
5:52 am
you might want to join this effort. you can get that information at kron. 4 dot com too. >> 5.51. is the time in the north bay. sonoma county has increased its minimum wage to $16 and $0.75 per hour. the board of supervisors voted just last night to make that effective come january 1st that increase, they were told will apply to all government employees. and it also includes private and nonprofit companies that have contracts with the county counties. last wage increase was back in 2015. so this is going to be welcome news to a lot of us are nyclu said north bay my daughter makes 15 to 25 i was like, oh, wow. no, not and speaking daughters in kids who have working their way to pay for week. some news for you grace period for student loans. it's coming to an all-in-one. yeah, the payments are going to resume the white house made that announcement that it has no plans to extend. >> the pause in those payments that's been in effect since the start of the pandemic. so that means payments will resume on february 1st be
5:53 am
prepared. so there was that freeze that wonderful student loan freeze for what been like 2 years or something about yeah. as of february public 2 years and those kids kids there. settle, it gave people are 50. there's still pain along don't get me started. 5.52 right now. and as we go to the break, we want to hear about a remarkable woman that, you know, go to kron 4 dot com and make that woman part of our contest just basically getting recognition and maybe even a prize. go to kron. 4 dot com to enter 5.53. is the time and we'll be back with more.
5:54 am
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so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. >> it's 5.55 and oh, my gosh. the happening tomorrow. we're going to late soon. the commercial crab season for dungeness crabs opens in santa cruz and monterey. that's tomorrow. >> that means, of course, of fresh crabs soon. going to be on the menu this holiday season for a lot of bay area restaurants have been waiting for this to happen just last week as we reported recreational crab fishing. >> opened up in those areas that we don't wreck racially. no, no, wait for the commercial drivers to get out there. i need them to do that. i can't do crab fishing off the san francisco bay. however, that coastline is still delayed. so it's just down there moderate today. officials are going green wildlife safety around the bay area before they get the green light. i told you local crab fishing shalee think it's down their eye to eye does down there. i told you to go to
5:57 am
phil's seafood. it's yeah. of hat it's on the way down there too, is when i go to santa because i'm telling you, you want make a big mob. that is our there's already a mob there it's amazing with the red and white. you know, checked. >> you tablecloth and you just go in a big line. you get all the seafood and it's fantastic. daria says is fantastic. all right. coming up, hills seafood. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news californians new indoor mask. mandate is now in effect, but fully vaccinated. people may go maskless in one bay area city. a little confusing. we'll have the latest in a live report. >> mayor, libby shaft is asking for help fighting crime. where she is turning her efforts now and she wants to help. >> and congress raising the u.s. debt limit will tell you how the money is going to keep the country from defaulting on its loans for and.
5:58 am
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and lower your a1c. now you know. try it for free. visit wealth management is planning your path together. and, it's guiding you along the way. now you know. start a relationship with citi and earn a cash bonus when you open a new eligible account and complete required activities. >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news at 6. and thanks for making us a part of your morning. >> i can't see you, but i'm glad you're here. james fletcher here with john shrable reyna harvey standing by. get your hours started right here at 06:00am. yeah. hopefully you'll get to where you're going on a dry note before the wet weather returns. i kind of wonder what's going to happen next. i heard a downpour that it was quiet and i left my house. there was no rain that i got rainit


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