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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  December 15, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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that rain making its way across the bay area. and you've got some pockets of some some orange begin to show up. those are moderate downpours. so if in along the peninsula in the san francisco. you're seeing some heavier downpours move in those directions. you see some of those cells now moving into san francisco as we take you down to some street level now and you could see those downpours coming right through. so right there along 2.80, and the daily city, of course, that could be an issue. got to watch that very carefully. a lot of ponding out there on the roadways. also, as you get a little bit closer toward coma. you're seeing that heavy a storm come through. they're stretching over the and the southern parts of pacific. you've got another cell that's just about to come onshore. so you get toward a shelter kolbe of valley there are plenty more rain storms come your direction and then just over the hill in san bruno. more light showers that continues across the bay. now as we're seeing some of those showers begin to be picked up in places like san leandro, a san lorenzo. you're seeing some rain in your neighborhoods and now is get more prevalent around the bay area. this
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front begins to sag a little further south. you're going to see more of that and just off the coastline. there are plenty more storms out there as well. so it is going to be an active night. tonight. the storm system really just kind of get going around. most of the bay area. it will be coming down from time to time in your stretching in the south bay as we head into the next couple of hours. and we're not done there. we've got a lot more to come after that. we've more rain on the way. it looks like we'll catch another break as we head in toward the weekend. but after that it looks like these could pretty dangerous as we get into next week. i think friday should be nice day in the next 7 here. you're going to see a lot of sunshine and some warmer weather saturday. does look bad sunday starts to get a little iffy. and then by monday next week we could be talking about another atmospheric river event will have details on that coming up in a few minutes. thank you, laura. its holiday shopping looks a bit different this year for a lot of people across the country of recent wave of thefts. >> as retailers now playing defense yeah. increased patrols for instance, surveillance. technology, physical security measures in
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place, its stores. a coast to coast. our nancy loo is live from the posh rodeo drive in beverly hills where it looks pretty festive. >> it does look festive vicki and grant, but like many parts of the bay area. there is heightened security all over rodeo drive, though the rash of retail robberies has hit high and low and stories large and small owners are scrambling to protect lives and their livelihood. >> on rodeo drive these days. there's an unmistakable security presence in san francisco's union square. the mood is clearly different and many shoppers know to be on high alert about armed robberies. you know, i have a nice watch and i didn't wear it out today because i was. >> still shaken up from that. i saw a woman just get robbed at gunpoint like this on a very nice street in west hollywood like not too far from here. while robberies and retail crime our problem
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nationwide. the top 2 trouble spots are here in california. the san francisco bay area and l a. >> but at the grove recently this slinky like barrier prevented robbers from getting beyond the north's from store in an overnight hit. >> officially it is part country. tina the name of the product is a tangle tape. we're getting phone calls constantly for this. it is a very hot and of course, right now. josh nielson son police products doesn't have any tangle tape in stock. >> like so much else from china. it's held up in supply chain delays. the stuff that we have coming in is i think 80% already sold for just a few $100. a coil tangle tape can deter or stop robbers on the run it is a it it's not impenetrable. >> but it is a so somebody see something obviously you don't want to go through. but if someone's running trying to get trying to get us through quickly. they are going to
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have to navigate it. and, you know, tangled up. >> the smash and grab frenzy has retailers demanding more law enforcement while also investing in extra security measures such as cameras and gates, though that might not be enough or even armed security. just days ago on chicago's gold coast criminals burst into bentley smashed into a case and grabbed a number of luxury watches. sadly, some business owners just don't want to risk it anymore. we're not these big moments were not believe that time were off and you were not for very for us when the steps to happen. it is impactful because of all the smash and grabs designer and celebrity stylist elmo off just closed her luxury boutique in the beverly center. >> i can't, you know, leave my business so vulnerable and it can't be a sitting duck. >> should curb all the grab and runs lately. the home depot is testing. a new tactic with expensive power tools
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point of sale activation. if you do not pay for that item. at register and there is a signal to blunt that goes to that particular product, the products simply won't turn on. so we know that the value any product is in its ability to work correctly. >> so if we take that away, we hopefully have taken away the incentive to steal at the california retailers association calls smash-and-grabs domestic terrorism which is driving up operating costs for businesses, large and small. >> we need to stop blaming. we need to really work collectively to see what we can do to find solutions because. >> the only people who are winning right now are these organized crime rings elmo met office somewhat optimistic about solutions and a safer climate next year when she hopes to reopen a new store near rodeo drive apart from insurance and merchandising and. >> trying to keep a lot of them are expensive items in the back or just completely in the safe in the back. it's
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just hard. it's really hard. >> now. while physical security measures are a wise investment for many retailers. some say the extra person now the higher operating costs. it is just unsustainable in the long run. they can grant. nancy, i know you've been talking to a lot of retailers and law enforcement. they say this is you know, the smash and grab ers are really part of organized crime. have they made any headway in. >> in in finding the people at the top. >> well, they are definitely creating new units to focus on organized crime. retail theft. >> and there have been more arrests. we recently had 14 arrests here in l a. >> but as you all know, misdemeanor charges, people get slip there out on this back out on the streets within
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hours and because of covid, a lot of them are not even expected back in court for 3 or 4 months. so it's just horrible cycle. here in the bay area. they have these stores that are now closing earlier adjusting their to try to keep their employees in themselves. >> safe. are you seeing that in la as well. yeah, we certainly see that in la. we also see that tangle tape coming out at the gro after hours. >> we're seeing war concrete barriers put in place so vehicles can come in close to stores. but we're coming up on the end of the year. a lot of leases are coming up and the fear is we're going to have a lot of smaller stores close for good because of the smash and grabs found that that would be sad. >> nancy a really comprehensive report for us. thank you so much. have a good holiday you're welcome. coming
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up on kark. 4 news. does it feel like your memory is waning as you get older. well, researchers have a simple answer to keep your brain in shape. >> money, money, money a milestone for student athletes details on the first ncaa athlete to join the nike family. and we're taking a live look here at stormtracker 4 radar is the system is moving through the bay. north bay with the pretty significant cell. making its way through as we speak. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow tracking the system will have mo
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>> and welcome back to kron. 4 news at 5, taking a live look at our stormtracker 4 radar. boy, we see a lot of rain cells out there keeping a weather eye out for you. our kron four's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. we'll be here to break it all down. and sadly, he says this is a i don't know if but sadly we do need the rain, but it's going to continue through the night. >> we need the rate. nike has signed its first name image and likeness sponsorship deal with a college athlete. >> you see delays rylan turner is now an official nike athlete. the 19 year-old soccer star work with the company on campaigns with community partnerships to engage young girls to stay active turner reacted to the big news by saying she's
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looking forward to being a role model and giving back to our community back in july. the nc double a's new name image and likeness guidelines went into effect allowing nike and other companies too pay college athletes the terms of this specific deal have not been disclosed tonight. speaking of staying active getting your heart rate up and sweat flowing is already beneficial for so many aspects of our health that we know. but. >> new research shows just how impactful exercises for the memory. a study published in the journal nature shows physical exercise actually reduces inflammation in the hippocampus. that's a part of the brain that place great role in memory. mice were tested. first were plasma from mice that exercised it was transferred into sedentary mice and it was actually seen to improve their memory. about humans with cognitive impairment. they were then tested after 6 months of regular exercise their brain inflammation that decreased as well.
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ranking official in the california department of education has resigned after a report showed he had been collecting more than a $160,000 on the taxpayers dime while living on the east coast. kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. >> california's first ever
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deputy superintendent of equity doctor daniel lee has resigned. a spokesperson for the department of education confirmed wednesday the resignation comes after politico first reportedly is a philadelphia resident who had been friends with state superintendent tony thurmond for more than 2 decades. yet the trains, the climate and the space of schools. lee is a psychologist published author and board member of the new jersey psychological association he's seen here in video from an october hearing in front of the california assembly's education and health committees on improving mental health services in schools. we're dealing with grief. >> we're dealing with the wildfires in. that's a whole different level of environmental trauma and grief that we have to think about supporting as a rule or not. these projects. the department of education's nonprofit affiliate hired leigh for the position when it was created in july of 2020. the deputy superintendent of equity focused on equity in counseling, social emotional learning and other student programs. according to the department of education, the job pays up to nearly $180,000
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in a taxpayer funded salary. politico reported thurmond played a key role in these hiring. the job was never posted and department of education. officials could not say if anyone else interviewed for the position. >> lee's resume did not show any previous experience in california or relationships with any school districts in the state. in a statement wednesday. a spokesperson for the department of education said, quote, following updated guidance from cal hr doctor lee offered and we have accepted his resignation. we thank him for his work and advancing cds educational equity and student mental health agendas. but it's good that he resigned because apparently this was against the law that he was hired in the first place. this emblem and kevin kiley is the vice chairman of the assembly education committee. we also need an investigation into exactly how he got on the taxpayer dime in the first place. the department of education says in the coming weeks it will begin the candidates search to fill these position in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> alright stormtracker 4 radar. we are in the rainy season. and by golly, it's actually raining. which we've
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been complaining about this. yeah. for how long. and it's here now are complaining again, mainly complain too much i mean, might not stop that. maybe the problem now as we get the next week. i think. >> as we could see a significant amount of rain. other atmospheric then possibly headed our way. this one not well and atmospheric river event still that rain popping up around the bay area and we are seeing some places getting some pretty good downpours right now. you see those in some yellows and some orange showing up along the peninsula right now. more of that further south now into a half moon bay. also toward pescadero and across bay. you're seeing that in oakland and the hayward in the san ramon and then the pleasant in the north bay mill valley and somerville. you're seeing some downpours in your neighborhoods. but we're watching out for more of this rain. then looks like it might just kind of stick around. here's your front. now, this is a long-range computer model. and you can see this front coming through this more the typical front. not that subtropical tap to the moisture. so it's going to come nice around the rain tonight and then it goes and moves out of town. we're
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clearing things out for tomorrow afternoon. friday looks like a beautiful day. even saturday. looks like a very nice day. but you start to see something developing in the gulf of alaska again and look at that train of moisture and you see that headed further to the south that is going to have a little subtropical tap again. and here it comes as we get in towards sunday evening. a chance of rain developing in the north bay and look at that moisture. all that rain and moisture down toward the hawaiian islands. that's that atmospheric river and then it just kind of spins off the coastline. the low kind of anchors itself off the coast and show you get pounded by rain. the storm after storm continuing right through monday and tuesday and possibly into wednesday and that's going to be a warm system rolling on through the bay area. so we're talking about tremendous amount of rain. then a cold storm comes through on the backside of that on thursday to bring a lot of low snow levels and then they possibly more rain on christmas eve that following friday into saturday, christmas day. so things looking very wet around the next 7 to 10 days across the bay area and across much of the state rainfall totals over this first system. yeah.
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pretty typical normal system. maybe you get a quarter, maybe a half an inch. if you're lucky, get an inch of rain in some spots. but then as we roll through time. well, everything changes we get to next week. you see all those colors begin to fill in today backed off a little bit of slow. the timing on the storm system coming in a little bit around parts of the north. they were still talking. maybe 3, maybe 5 plus inches of rain. that's down the urban areas. this all comes true. we could be talking about 7, maybe 10 inches of rain across the higher terrain, then we're having to worry about flooding around the bay area, guys. that's very latest. back to you. too much of a good thing. maybe, ok. thank you, lawrence. still to come on the news at 5 google's latest phone is said to be smarter and more helpful. but. >> which got a winner. rich demuro has his review of the pixel 6. that's coming up in tonight's tech smart. >> and kron four's once again celebrating the remarkable women of the bay area and we need your help to share their stories. if you know a remarkable woman making a difference in her community. nominate her for a chance to be awarded woman of the year.
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you can enter your nomination. and we more about the contest and we more about the contest fox 4 now com. when a truck hit my son, and we more about the contest fox i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪
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when a truck hit my car, the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. >> google's latest phone is trying to be smarter and they say more helpful than the competition rich demuro has his review of the pixel 6 in tonight's tech smart. >> let's just get this out of the way. the pixel 6 pro is the best smartphone. google
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has ever made. and one. i fully recommend how do i reach this conclusion. i've been using the pixel 6 pro for weeks now. it's one of the few phones besides the iphone that i can put down in fact, i've only identified 2 major downsides, its enormous size and a slow fingerprint reader. other than that, it's a remarkable device with a camera that takes amazing shots nearly every time. and it just feel smarter than your average smartphone speedy and powerful with google's own ship inside. so it's the first time we've ever built a chip that we put the mobile devices not just allows everything to work. generally a lot better. it allows us to infuse all to google smarts within the within the pixel 6 in the pixel 6 pro as well. helpful features on the pixel include magic eraser which instantly races people and objects from photos face on blur which automatically make sure moving faces are clear. >> and motion mode which gives this cool long exposure
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effect, even video quality on the pixel is better this time around. maybe not up to par with the latest iphone. but it's still excellent voice to text on his phone is simply amazing. not only is it fast and accurate, but you can easily make changes. >> plus it as punctuation. oh, jeez smile emoji. live translate is built in. if someone sends you a text in a different language. the phone can translate it instantly pixel 6 at $600 is a fantastic value step up to the pixel 6 pro with a zoom lens for 900. either way you get a capable helpful assistant at your i mean, take out the trash today in a couple hours. >> remind you at one, 10:00pm that also happens take amazing pictures. >> selfie rich there tomorrow reporting for us tonight. we know what he wants for christmas he is now or yeah. he's got a he's got a selfie game going and that wraps up kron 4 news at 5. but we have
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a lot more ahead on kron 4 news at 06:00pm moore and ken wayne are here. >> so he's going to be taking the next couple of weeks to the holiday. so you want and i'm a nice full right. want to have a nice thank you, guys. you making a grant thanks to you both. coming up, the 6 o'clock. another round of wet weather hitting the bay area. you are looking at stormtracker 4 radar. we will see as much rain as we saw on monday. but this storm system is just getting started. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is tracking the forecast. plus, 6 men under arrest in the south bay after police say they're responsible for terrorizing asian women for more than a year and committed more than a 175 robberies in the bay area. we have details on how police caught them. i'm ken wayne. i'm pam moore. the news at 6 is next.
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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 6. >> and 6 the day started out dry. but look at this rainfall moving back into the bay area.
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stormtracker 4 radar is lit up with green tonight and that indicates rain over most of the bay area. more rain and wind on the way. good evening, everybody. thank you for joining us for kron 4 news at 6. i'm pale more and i'm ken wayne. here we go again. more rain and snow looking very likely for the bay area and the sierra tonight. let's get right to it. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow has the latest on this new storm. guys. not much of a break in here we go again. more rain now falling outside all around the bay area. now, we've seen some pockets. >> of some moderate downpours out there as well. got to be careful out there on the roadways. you see all that rain popping up now. and we are seeing some rain showing up yellow orange, though some heavier downpours moving through right now. but you can see along the coastline and a half moon bay. you've got some soldiers to moving on shore right now to bring some rain there. some headed toward you as you make your way in the pacifica and daly city and also in the san francisco, some heavier bands of rain now pushing to parts of the bay area moving in along the peninsula in toward palo alto. you're going to see some more rain coming your way and now


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