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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  December 16, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> now 9 bay area parents responding tonight as school districts and police departments sent out alerts of an apparent tiktok challenge encouraging students to make general threats against schools on friday. thanks for joining us on kron. 4 news at 9. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm dan thorn. a school in gilroy is now closing its campus out of an abundance of caution. >> the districts have all noted that the tiktok challenge appears to be a national trend. and i've said none of the threats appear to be credible kron four's taylor joining us live now in the newsroom with more on this story telling. >> well, after further investigation gilroy police determine this threat was not credible and originated from someone hundreds of miles away in the los angeles area. however, gilroy high school will remain closed tomorrow and now many parents and school districts are responding bay area school districts sounding the alarm after school threat circulated online through an apparent tiktok challenge gone viral in response. >> a high school is now
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closing its campus on friday in an abundance of caution all the violence that's going on at their >> i think that in in an abundance of caution, it was the right thing to do. and so i was actually very relieved to to hear that they were doing the right thing. merely maggio saw this screen shot of the original threats circulating on social media. >> after it was shared with their son who is a student of the high school maggio says she immediately alerted gilroy police wednesday night saw my son's phone, you know. so you're immediately just like. >> at the thought that that that this could be real. like. that's your first reaction like that this this could actually happen. and even immediately. think of other scenarios that this has happened with especially like the michigan one, right. obviously. that that's a recent incident where there are lots of warnings as investigations continued through thursday. >> gilroy police say they determine that the social media post thought to involve gilroy high school had actually originated in los
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angeles. the statement they wrote, quote, the original post which aim to high school with the initials g h s was investigated by the los angeles school police department determined to be a los angeles area. high school. a male juvenile was identified as the person responsible for the post. it was determined not to be a credible threat. gilroy unified school district superintendent sent out this statement mentioning the trauma that re services for the community after the gilroy garlic festival shooting in 2019. she went on to thank parents and students for bringing this information to their attention. other school districts including berkeley unified also notifying parents in the community that the district is aware of these national reports and monitoring all information. meanwhile, the california department of education has been in touch with the governor's office and state officials writing, quote, c d e continues to monitor the situation and we have been in touch with cal. oh, yes to provide additional safety measures and rtsources to our school districts as needed. >> well, police have determined that these threats
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are incredible again, gilroy high school will remain closed tomorrow. the school district says all other schools are operating as scheduled as no other threats have been received regarding those campuses back to thank you, taylor as this. >> tiktok threat does have a national impact. the american psychological association suggests that parents talk with their kids about the issue and the association is offering some tips on how to handle the conversation first, parents should ask kids what they've heard about the threat at school and then listen to what they have to say. second, make sure that students know that teachers, police and family members are working to keep them safe. 3rd, if your child has any information on a threat. be sure to share that information with the police. and finally to keep an eye out for irregular behaviors and explain that making false threats of terrorism is a crime that can carry long prison sentences. >> of all times in the world to be talking about getting rid of mask to an airplane just when seeing an explosion
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of cases of delta. and in the offing. on the crime. >> the ceos of 2 major airlines are getting attention after saying they don't think wearing masks on airplanes does much for additional protection against the spread of covid-19 mask mandates for planes and other public transportation was one of the first executive orders. >> implemented by president biden for said gayle ong joins us now live in san francisco with reaction from local health expert skip. >> they can and those comments coming yesterday from 2 airline executives and that health. experts are weighing in and they highly disagree. >> no, we're not ready to go on airplanes. i think it's a horrible idea. uc berkeley, infectious disease specialist doctor john swartzberg weighing in on remarks made by executives for american airlines and southwest airlines before the senate wednesday. i think the is very
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strong that mask don't add much. if in the air cabin. i concur the air aircraft safe place. you can gary kelly. the ceo of southwest airlines telling a senate panel that the air and passenger jets is cabins are clean. statistics are recalls. 99.9 7% of airborne pathogens are captured by the up a filtering system in his turn over every 2 or 3 minutes. but health experts caution yes, airplanes have very good ventilation. and yes, most people are wearing a mask and being respectful of that. not all. >> but when the airplanes the tarmac, there is not for good ventilation. i would encourage people to. >> if they find the airlines with ceos think they don't need to wear a mask to please wear masks when they're on the it's a they're crowded environments. it's far and away the better part of valor and we have omicron coming. >> also at the hearing sara nelson association of flight attendants. president adds it's not all aircraft have to
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have the filtration and the studies that were done that have been referenced were also done with americans who were sitting straightforward with masks on not removing them, not eating at any point in time, southwest airlines issued a statement saying the airline supports the federal mask mandate and says in part that the sophisticated air distribution system introduces fresh outdoor air and happy filtered air into the cabin creating a protective environment prior to the added layer of wearing a mask and american airlines spokesperson clarified the ceos statements were not intended to cast doubt on the necessity of face masks on planes and says the airline also supports the federal mask mandate. >> and the federal mask mandate has been extended through march 18th, but experts they believe that that may be extended again. in the meantime, local health, a local infectious disease experts. rather, they are recommending the n 95 or surgical mask. if you're boarding a plane reporting live in san francisco. gayle ong kron 4 news.
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>> gayle, thank you. public health officials in contra, costa reporting early signs of a winter covid-19 surge. doctors say thanksgiving gatherings are likely to blame sharpest rise in covid-19 cases has been in the eastern part of the county and that's where vaccination rates are lower than the rest of the population richmond conquered and antioch of all reported the highest number of cases the past 2 weeks and overall, local doctors say the virus appears to be spreading. most among school age children and young adults. >> i just spoke with our contact tracers today and they said that some of the numbers that have come through just in the last few days are approaching some of the summer numbers we saw back in august. so that is concerning. >> health officials say more than 77% of contra. costa county's population is fully vaccinated but only about 30% have received a booster at this point. there are no reported cases of the omicron variant. >> the health officer in santa clara announced 10 confirmed cases of omicron. all were
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symptomatic, but none the people had to be hospitalized. in addition to those confirmed cases today. doctor sara cody says that the variant has also been detected in all for santa clara county sewage shut doctor cody says the best ways to stop the spread of vaccinate boost mask test and ventilate this is about layers of prevention. no single strategy works. we have to combine them. health officials say 80% of the entire santa clara population is vaccinated for those age 50 and older who are fully vaccinated. the numbers are more alarming. only half of that age group has been boosted. but with a rise in covid cases and hospitalizations, california state regulators are extending pandemic workplace restrictions. >> into the new year cal osha sets policy to protect workers in the workplace. they've already set standards. relating to covid-19 in today. they made some changes to
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those rules. kron four's dan kerman has details. hello, shes standards. board has extended its covid workplace rules for another 90 days. beginning january 14th, however, there are a few significant changes up to now exposed employees who are vaccinated could continue working at their workplaces long as they did not show symptoms. now exposed workers who are vaccinated and show no symptoms must either stay home for 14 days, even if they test negative or if they return to work, they must mask and stay 6 feet away from others for those 2 weeks. workers are in the cross hairs of this pandemic and these rules are not perfect. >> but they are helping to keep california workers safe. >> the california labor federation and groups that advocate for workers, safety support. the change. >> we know how important it is for the standards for to support california workers who can't comfortably and work from home. but her showing up
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every in our restaurants. can you know, grocery stores and transit drivers. keeping our economy moving if the rules are going to start to of all to treat vaccinated and unvaccinated workers equally there becomes less and less incentive to get a vaccine. but the bay area council and the california chamber of commerce believe. >> the change made by the cal osha board goes too far because many businesses are not set up to operate with 6 feet of distance and that could create a labor shortage restaurant workers, logistics workers small retail business workers. you know, folks in construction and other you occupations just don't have the sort of ability to. segment themselves off like that at all period of time. and so, you know, we just believe that that that's just a step too far. now under this policy, if you're exposed at work and you have to stay home for 14 days. your employer
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must continue to pay you. dan kerman kron 4 news. there are multiple reports that apple is delaying the return to the office. according to the new york times, apple ceo tim cook sent a message to employees saying. >> they'll continue working remotely until further notice. employees were originally scheduled to return to the office in february as omicron looms. stanford university announced today that they are moving classes online for the first 2 weeks of the winter quarter and requiring all eligible students to get a booster shot by the end of january. stanford. officials say that online classes will start january 3rd and in-person instructions will resume on january 18th parties and gatherings are banned during the first 2 weeks of the winter quarter. the school is encouraging everyone to get a booster shot before coming back to campus. and right now on kron, 4 dot com. you can read about the latest coronavirus headlines you can scan the qr code on your screen and you'll be directed to our website. some of the top headlines include data on the omicron variant pfizer's
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new pill to fight covid and the new statewide indoor mask mandate. all of that can be found on kron. 4 dot com. >> on the peninsula. san mateo police say they have arrested 3 women who are now facing several charges for burglarizing an old navy store police say a caller told them that the suspect stole items from the store on hillsdale boulevard yesterday evening before 05:00pm and then they fled in a dark colored dodge charger officers quickly located the car near bayshore expressway. they made the arrest. all to 3 women are now booked into the san mateo county jail. police are encouraging residents to install security cameras. they say this is very helpful in identifying suspicious activity in neighborhoods. now in the south bay where a judge has set bail at $350,000 for a man who is charged with making criminal threats. >> involving a gun at a vta meeting last thursday. 69 year-old ronald lebron was recorded on video making the threats in a virtual meeting while speaking to vta
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employees santa clara county deputies made the arrest on tuesday. lebron is not a vta employee. and if you bails out of jail, he is subject to house arrest. the judge also ordered him to stay more than 300 yards away from vta facilities. he cannot attend any the meetings and he cannot possess guns or any ammunition. lebron is scheduled to be back in court for a hearing on december. the 28th. it was just about 7 months ago that a disgruntled employee killed 9 workers at a vta railyard in san jose. the shooting force the agency to shut down all light rail service which took months to get back up and running. >> and now to the state's drought, emergency all of our recent rain really having an impact on our drought situation. these conditions here on the left. that's what it looked like 3 months ago. not good way more dark red on this map, which means exceptional drought and then on the right here, those are the current conditions way less red. the dark red but still plenty of red, which means extreme drought. that is
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also the stage that most of the bay area is in right now. all right. now to see if we're going to get any rain. meteorologists lawrence karnow joining us now with a look. >> at what to expect. a yeah, a lot more rain in the forecast getting a little bit of a break now, which is a good thing. give our. streams are tributaries. all those rivers around the bay area chance to really subside just a bit out there tonight. your still a few lingering clouds. otherwise clear it's getting cold around the bay area tonight. want to show you where we sit now as fars rainfall total. so far it's been an impressive start to the season. almost 200% of normal now in san francisco, over 12 inches of rain. san jose 156% normal, almost 5 inches of rain oakland 217% of normal over 200% normal and santa rosa, you get the idea. it's been a great start to the season. of course, things can change in hurry. it could all shut right now. we're looking good with plenty more storms to come. all right. here's
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your storm system. the went through last night. dropping all the way down in the southern california clearing out our skies that cool arctic air kind of settling in to make for a cold night tonight. i think tomorrow probably the nicest day of the next 7 days as we get the weekend will begin to notice some changes even on saturday. you start to see a few high clouds come in. but then look at the strain of moisture and look how far this green goes all the way back down into the tropics. that could be that atmospheric river event setting itself up again as we get into this next week. right now back off on the timing a little bit holding off for most of sunday. but you see creeping a little bit closer. then as we get to monday, here we go. that rain begin to move on shore least in the north bay and then everybody kind of getting overnight monday night into tuesday and on wednesday, more rain coming through and yet a cold storm dropping in on the backside by thursday. and guess what, good old saint nick, go enjoy another storm system rolling in as we head into the holiday weekend that all adds up to whole lot of rain across the state. in fact, some parts of northern
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california going to see maybe 7, maybe 10 inches of rain the peaks. we might even see that locally down the urban areas. it's backed off specially in the south bay. again, that storm system starting a little bit later. and then it looks like the focus is going to be a little further to the north. but we're still talking almost 5 inches of rain in santa rosa. and of course the mountaintops going to see a whole lot more than athletes forecast maybe 7 to 10 across the coastal range is in the north. if that happens, flooding. certainly an issue as we get into next week. yeah. and yet it's hard to wrap your brain around that. we're talking about, you know, exceptional drought and then 3 months later. now we're just extreme, you know, with all this rain, you think we yeah. a little bit more than that. but we could be in a much longer drop here. we could be in something like a 200 route and not know it, but even in that 200 year drought period. you can have years of above normal. rainfall and then the following year, of course, less than normal knew we'd have an twice. the chief me. thank thanks for its. all right. we're following developing off the huntington beach coastline right now where.
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>> a potential oil sheen citing his sparked an official investigation. yeah, this comes 2 months after a massive pipeline leaked in the same general area chip yost was in huntington beach with the latest on the investigation. >> in a now familiar scene. boats with containment, booms attached where once again off the shore of huntington beach. responding to a sheen on the water. this time the location was about a half a mile off of bolsa chica state beach not terribly far from the site of an approximate 25,000 gallon oil spill in october that shut down multiple beaches along the coast. this latest incident does not appear to be merely is serious is no beach closures have resulted as of yet. as far as we know what we've been informed. it isn't anything that the public needs to be too concerned about. >> any leak of any kind is concerning. of course. but we don't have any evidence that
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it's on the beaches are that it's heading towards the shore. anything this new potential oil spill was first noticed wednesday along with reports of an odor in the area. >> huntington beach police put up a helicopter to try and locate the sheen. but initially could not find it. however, at some point a crew from the city's marine safety division did come across it and took this picture. us coast guard crews also responded in today put out this statement on twitter saying last night air assets deployed to area and detected anomalies offshore on water responders observed a petroleum odor and collected samples that exhibited characteristics of a petroleum product which will be fingerprinted to help identify the source in the coming days and what we were informed of the briefing today is that there was a. >> pinhole leak in a pipe that was being repaired not necessarily connected to the prior leak. and so we're just waiting to hear more about it.
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>> that was chip yost reporting for us tonight. christmas is coming early for metallica fans for the band's 40th anniversary. the iconic bay area band is going to be hitting the stage this weekend in san francisco at chase center today the mayor london breed join them on stage to announce, not to play a she announced a series of citywide events. part of. >> this metallica experience. this metallica take over san francisco includes supporting small businesses in our city. it includes doing a cleanup at the beach and really calling attention to a number of environmental challenges that we have as a city and as a country we have been so proud to shout from every rooftop all over the world and every. >> press conference in every mike that's been shelved in our faces for the better part of 4040, years. how much that the san francisco gave us an
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identity and gave us. like i said, a sense of belonging and we fly the flag proud san francisco in the bay area all over the world. a r t shirts. that made in san francisco, born in san francisco, metallica, san francisco, whatever a version of it says. but we're so proud of our a connection to everything that san francisco represents. >> and mayor breed. also declared today metallica day. she presented the ban with a proclamation metallica will be performing this weekend. december 17th and 19th for information on their free streaming and events all around the city head to our website. kron 4 dot com. coming up, the cdc revisiting the johnson and johnson covid-19 vaccine. why health experts say that you should probably get the pfizer or moderna. instead. >> and the model with for a night out ended up being dumped unconscious at a hospital. the victim's family is asking for answers. to her death.
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to learn more about cost, southern california. the la pd has made 3 arrests in connection with the mysterious deaths of a local model and her friend. >> family members say christie giles and marcella ali sar zola went out for a night out on november 12th the next morning. instruments dumped hospitals, giles did not survive and raleigh's arzola
9:24 pm
was taken off of life support several days later, giles family believes that they were drugged by whoever they met at the club. one of those suspects has been charged with suspicion of manslaughter and the other 2 as accessories. >> this. here is a dramatic life or death struggle that was caught on body cam in ohio last friday officer mike bonfield caught up with the bank robbery suspect in a parking lot the to begin fighting as you see here as they wrestled the suspect tries to get bond fields gun. the officer says he was lucky because the weapon got caught up in his holsters retention strapped moments later, the suspect grabbed a woman and used her as a human shield officers with the help of a good samaritan. we're able to free this woman and subdue the suspect. that man and his accomplice were both arrested and are now awaiting trial. >> coming up, a new study shows which state is the safest during the pandemic
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will tell you california ranks. and a new development on the january 6 insurrection investigation. how ohio representative jim jordan is now believed to be involved. plus. san francisco police investigating after a ups driver says that she was threatened with the rest for double parking. we have reaction
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the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. tension builds... the plot twist the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. >> the naacp says that the san
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francisco police department owes an apology to a black ups driver who was told that she would be arrested if she didn't find a ticket for being double parked. well, this story first aired here on tuesday. the driver spoke exclusively to who now has the latest developments. >> the single mother of 2 kids like i want to go to jail. not at work. >> the lack of available parking for delivery drivers in san francisco often leaves no other option then to double park while making deliveries of the city. we is not like our intention is to double plourde and impeding traffic. i don't know what's in those boxes that are given to those people. i don't know this medication like i did want to make sure that we can get the packages to the people who needs them. >> however, ups driver and acacia ferguson faced being arrested by sfpd. if she did not sign a citation for being double parked on haight street while making a delivery. >> at first i thought he was joking never been ticketed.
9:29 pm
i'm just the day previous in the same area right up the street. another police officer went around me. >> but it was no laughing matter with the san francisco police officer told ferguson to put her hands behind her back after she refused to sign the ticket, not wanting to go to jail. she reluctantly signed the ticket. but that is when she says she felt racially profiled for something she says delivery drivers do every day and francisco. >> honestly, yes, and it because of my skin i i don't see no other reason they were taking me. everybody double parked everyone. dhl amazon ups. >> the naacp is now conducting an investigation into the incident it will go through how to teach police station. and we will 10 years. conversations with chief. until we get this matter
9:30 pm
rectified. >> hate district san francisco supervisor dean preston is office said, quote, for a statement that reads, quote, we're extremely concerned about the incident in which sfpd ticket at a black ups driver and the hate for double parking while making a delivery. we have reached out to sfpd and are eager to get to the bottom of this unquote. the san francisco police department's it does a statement that reads, quote, this incident is now under investigation by the sf department of public accountability because this is an open investigation. we cannot comment further unquote has due kron 4 news. >> to the south bay now where closing arguments were presented today in the trial of theranos founder elizabeth holmes, the prosecutors used homes own words against her by playing recordings of a presentation to investors in the recordings homes can be heard exaggerating the ability, the abilities of theranos blood tests. meanwhile, holmes attorneys said she was building a business, not a criminal enterprise holmes and her
9:31 pm
former boyfriend are accused of defrauding investors out of millions of dollars and misleading patients. >> developing news tonight the cdc is updating its recommendation on the j and j vaccine committee is now advising americans to choose the moderna or pfizer vaccine over the j and j shot. this comes on the heels of several deaths associated with the j and j vaccine due to blood clot. but local health experts say the is still considered a good choice to protect against covid-19. it's just not as highly supported as the others due to the possible complications. >> clearly give gives protection to protecting people against the princess trust rena protected them against the strain that caused the terrible disease we had last year protected against al. so than protect as well against delta but still offer protection. so it's a good vaccine. but it's just not as good as the mrna vaccines. and it has this added complication
9:32 pm
again, this complication this clotting problem that we see with the low number of platelets and type of cell we use for clotting. it's very rare. >> doctor john swartzberg also adds if you did get the j and j. it is vital to get a booster as we're learning that one dose is definitely not as strong as the 2 shot protocol and even that needs a booster with the new variant. a new study from hong kong. but explain why the omicron variant is more contagious than delta. well causing milder illness. researchers say omicron multiplies 70 times faster in the airwaves. but slows in the lungs where most of the worst infections can form, but they warn that this doesn't mean that omicron is less of a threat since the severity depends on your immune. system's response cold like symptoms appear to be the hallmarks of omicron, not the classic covid signs and this is according to a major study of 78,000 omicron cases in the uk. the most common signs of the new variant include a
9:33 pm
runny nose headache fatigue sneezing and a sore throat and a new survey revealed a list of the safest places to live during the pandemic and drum roll washington, dc took the number one spot. the study was conducted by wallet hub and they used 5 key metrics to rank locales that were covid-19 safe. they calculated total covid transmission rates positive tests covid hospitalizations and deaths and each state's vaccination percentage rounding out the top 5 safest places are right here in california. hawaii, maryland and florida, right now over on kron. 4 dot com. you can read about the latest coronavirus headlines. you can scan the qr code on your screen there. you'll be directed to our website and some of the top headlines. of course, include data on the omicron variant pfizer's new pill to fight covid and the new statewide indoor mask mandate. all of that can be found on kron. 4 dot com
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happening tomorrow. a major milestone keeping the a's in oakland. the final environmental impact report for the howard terminal project. >> will be released in the morning as a big step in the city's effort to build a new ballpark mayor schaff released a statement today saying the 3500 page report ensures the project is environmentally safe and sustainable. she says the release of this report keeps the city on track to bring the project for a final vote by city council early next year. the ball park district will create 18 acres of public parks, affordable housing and hundreds of jobs in oakland in the meantime, the a's continue to explore las vegas has a backup option for a new ballpark now to capitol hill and the mounting evidence of the trump white house's efforts to subvert. >> the 2020 election. staunch trump ally congressman jim jordan confirming he sent trump chief of staff mark meadows, a text that outlined how to get then vice president mike pence to overturn the election certification
9:35 pm
process. that comes as trump allies demand. house minority leader kevin mccarthy oust january 6 committee republicans, liz cheney and adam kinzinger from the gop conference in the meantime, a date for oral arguments regarding 3 civil lawsuits that seek to hold former president trump responsible for the u.s. capitol. riot has been set. a judge will hear the arguments over whether the suit should be dismissed on january 10th today. all 12 missionaries who were kidnapped in haiti have been freed. >> a group of 12 adult and 5 children were taken hostage. exactly 2 months ago. 2 of the hostages were released in november in 3 more earlier this month. the leader of the gang threatened to kill the rest of the hostages unless they were paid a million dollars per person for ransom. it is unclear whether the gang was paid or what efforts led to the hostages freedom. >> what like a piece of pie to polish off a big holiday
9:36 pm
feast. we've got an eye-popping modern twist to the traditional pie. that's next on dine and dish and in sports warrior fans. well, just going to have to wait a little bit longer. that's after christmas. >> for the much anticipated return to the court for klay thompson, sports director jason dumas says the details. plus an update from the ice. the san jose sharks, of course. coming up. and a great start to the wet season around the bay area. how about the sierra? what about the snow? will talk about that coming up next.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> all right. to sharks hosting to vancouver canucks right now. that game is in the 3rd period and the sharks. >> you're down 3 to 2, trying to get one more goal to tie this one up in maybe force overtime. that's at the chart and we'll have full highlights won that game goes final. all right. back here in the city. the wait for clay thompson's highly anticipated return. we'll have to wait a little bit longer. many people had hoped it could come next week. but reports have surfaced that it will not be in till at least the 28th of december that would be against the denver nuggets. the 2 following home game after that day are january. 3rd and january 9 for other possible day they can play now let's check out the college kids stanford hosting brendan, very
9:40 pm
right here. yes, brendan, very he is actually related rick perry play for dartmouth and he was hoping to 20 points and they were winning for a lot of that game. but here's harrison ingram you depict muscles his way inside weight room. he gives them the lead right there. now stanford down to final shot. ingram. so good in that low post he scores with the left. we're going to ot more he was just too big for dart missed. nice little hook shot over his shoulder with the right. ingram had 13 7. now just under a minute left. that was the cherry on top brandon angel in the post for and won the dagger. he had a career-high 18 points that they ended the game on a 22 to 4 run stanford wins 89 to 78. we'll have to play a bit better, though, on sunday in vegas, they take on the 7th ranked texas longhorns. all
9:41 pm
right. to the nfl, patrick mahomes and the chiefs taking on the chargers. for first place in the afc west to 24 left, justin herbert to keenan allen. 2821 charges. too much time for patrick mahomes, though he does this his us capability. that is world. he finds travis kelsey for the 7 yard touchdown. all right. first possession of ot just. get the heck out of here. i want to eat. i want enjoy the la nightlife be a socialite. strive is healthy. he did all the work, though. he added a a 191 yard. that's a career-high 10 catches kansas city wins 34 to 28. it's 8th straight win. there are now 2 games up in that division raiders just falling falling falling in falling falling falling in that afc west.
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there's nothing like pie to celebrate the holidays not unlike. >> but good pie. so time for the big feast. we decided to check in with our favorite pie lady from height history to see what's cooking this season. that's tonight's died in dish. >> festive and fabulous history pies handmade by pie maker same gene, that the pie
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lady jail opened her first 5 pop up. you know, i haven't gotten over 5. i a man could say no, it was slice of like this. >> chocolate pie we roll out by hand and you can tell the you slice into the brilliant. beautiful red flash raspberry color. and everybody loves it. >> now in time for the holiday season. she's open another pop up at town and country village in palo alto aptly named holiday pie shop packed with the curious in search of comfort food with modern twist with colors that pop bright and cheery every possible type of pie. artfully displayed woven open cocoa crumble. there's something else should say. things like this, like our herringbone that's why would 2 pounds or raspberries
9:46 pm
and each one of those pieces of chocolate crest and better earl leave out one at a time. hand by hand. >> the pop up wall read to future memory of pie. you could say this is a a little sentimental slice of pie haven't. >> in palo alto vicki liviakis kron 4 news. >> we're always looking for great places to dine in or get takeout in your neighborhood, you can scan this qr code. it will take you directly to the dine and dish web page where you can submit your favorite restaurant for us to feature. >> state lawmakers are taking a closer look at the human impacts of california's current drought. the senate select committee on human security held a hearing on how california's drought is impacting drinking water labor and health along with prices and supply at the grocery state water officials told lawmakers today a majority of the state's reservoirs are still well below average despite the recent rain storms. >> but we should be mindful of that. the start time by no means drought buster.
9:47 pm
>> agriculture is feeling the effects of california's second straight year of drought. california provides 2 thirds of the nation's fruit and nuts. and a 3rd of its vegetables and officials say that they are bracing for prices to go up and that could contribute to food and security which could lead to health issues. experts said short term solutions could include food and cash aid programs, longer solutions include big infrastructure now time for 4 zone forecast as we a little respite from the rain. >> this beautiful shot of the golden gate bridge kron four's, chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joining us now with a look at what's ahead. a guys. yeah. great to get all the rain around the bay area. but what we really need. >> is a significant amount of snow over the sierra nevada. that's where e get all the runoff from storm systems and all that snow melting up there and that really fills up all the rest of we need that. and we're getting some great news up there. now, just a week ago it looked rather bleak. we had
9:48 pm
a lot of the mountains up there. the rocks are still visible. now you're looking at donner summit, the of people are scooting up there tonight, getting ready to enjoy some skiing on some fresh powder on there is a ton of it. some of the slopes of seen 7 to 8 feet of snow. and there's plenty more to come. we went from being in the teens above the average for the central sierra nevada sitting now at a 101%. 99% of normal in the southern sierra nevada. 91% of normal in the northern sierra nevada and that water content showing and across the central sierra nevada actually running at about a 144% of normal. and that is significant for a watershed as we head in toward the summer months. other tonight. we've got your skies party just a bit. couple clouds up above otherwise you see mostly clear skies overnight tonight. temperatures. they're getting cold in spots. 43 degrees right now and live more 44 in dublin. 45 degrees in pacifica. you're just about dip in the 40's and san francisco down to 41 in petaluma. and check out santa
9:49 pm
rosa 38 degrees. you know, we're headed tonight going to be cold out there overnight lows going to be dropping down in the 20's and the 30's outside below freezing probably in santa rosa getting close to that in the napa valley. you probably just below freezing in many spots in and around that area 29 degrees in livermore lot of 30's even inside the yes, kaiser stay mostly clear tonight, something to watch out for if you do plan to head up to the slopes we're seeing some of that ground fog that to leave fog begin to develop in the central valley. so if you're headed up there, all the best time believes after 9 o'clock in the morning. that should give time for the fog to lift making a better right up to the mountains. otherwise high pressure taking over for tomorrow. good dry pattern setting in looks like tomorrow is going to be the nicest day of the week. then things begin to change. i think a few high clouds begin to move into our skies as early as saturday and by sunday, then things start to get a little if the models are trying to paint some rain moving in possibly in the north bay on sunday and then as we get to monday, looks like more of that rain on the
9:50 pm
way and then by tuesday things really kind of just open up and looks like that rain on and off. i think the better part of next week. and then as we head in toward next weekend. some of computer models starting pain. another 60 plus of snow in the sierra nevada, maybe 7 to 10 inches of rain locally. so, i mean, there's a lot going on. i mean, it's just amazing how every year so different this year. boy went feast or famine. and now here we are little more a feast coming our way. so just a question first year, yes, out. they're not the tahoe concrete. it's going to stay fluffy if we get your fresh powder yet. well, this the last storm system was very cold and really that has a lot to do with. that's right. right. brings thao nice fluffy powder. i think we're going to see that with this next storm. but the one after that maybe a little bit warmer. maybe some of that's years get it in. well, i yeah. this weekend should safe. you guys don't see me you know exactly where, kate, thanks lords. all right. >> crazy. >> wound that right. there is
9:51 pm
one dedicated amazon delivery drivers. maybe not a smart move either. this neighbor catching the driver leaving an amazon van to deliver a package well tornado warning sirens were wailing there in the background, you might have heard that this happened yesterday in omaha, nebraska when a tornado was spotted in the suburbs near benson. there's been no comment yet from amazon. least 6 people were killed when a tornado ripped through an amazon warehouse in illinois last week. >> next up on kron 4 news at 9 president biden presenting the military's most prestigious military decoration will tell you the men behind the acts of valoon 4 is teaming up with the super bowl of caring to help support local food charities. >> if you'd like to donate, you can use your phone to scan this qr code on your screen or you can text and y e donate to 2, 6, 9, 8, 9, you can also visit tackle hunger dot org and pick a local charity to help out.
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i was injured in a car crash. i had no idea how much my case was worth. i called the barnes firm. when a truck hit my son, i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. your case is often worth more than insurance offers. call the barnes firm to find out what your case could be worth. we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ the barnes firm, injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ awarded 3 medals of honor today at the white house to medals were awarded posthumously. >> the families of sergeant first class allen cash and the sergeant first class christopher sully's accepted the medal of honor on their behalf. sergeant cash is the first black soldier to receive the country's highest military honor since the vietnam war. he suffered fatal injuries in iraq while rescuing his fellow
9:55 pm
soldiers in 2000, 5 president biden also awarded sergeant first class christopher sully's who shielded a fellow soldier with his own body, his widow accepted his medal on his behalf. >> today we honor 3 outstanding soldiers actions higher ideals of something service. we also remember the high price. military members and their families are willing to pay. we have our nation. remember strength. the second military families caregivers >> metal also went to master sergeant earl plumlee. he fought off several suicide vest wearing insurgents dressed as afghan soldiers before carrying a wounded soldier to safety following a large explosion. a family's 8 year-old boston terrier is being called a hero. tonight. the dog notifying its owners. >> when their baby was in need of help. kelly dowling of
9:56 pm
connecticut says the family dog henry, as you can see here, started acting strangely barging into the nursery and waking the baby. the parents didn't know that their baby girl was struggling to breathe henry actually woke the baby up in the mom says she knew something was really wrong by her daughter's cry. she believes henry knew something was not right and alerted them to it. >> the fact that he was so persistent. he didn't go high or stop. when i told him to stop, i think means he he had to have known maybe smell something or heard something. >> wow. well, the dowling say that their baby was blue and wasn't able to clear her airways. they rushed her to the hospital and the baby girl. it's up right now recovering. great story. yeah. andrea henry gets an extra bone. oh, all right. that wraps up kron 4 news at but our primetime news continues at the top of the hour when i will be joined by pam moore. and she's joining us now in studio with what's coming up
9:57 pm
all right. dan vicki, coming up tonight on kron, 4 news at 10 o'clock. >> with the holiday travel season on the horizon to airline ceos and now suggesting that they don't think we need to wear masks on airplanes because the air is constantly filtered. why some bay area. doctors are pushing back hard against those claims and classes at gilroy high school are canceled tomorrow because of a tiktok threat. and tonight we're hearing from the mother who alerted gilroy police. those stories and
9:58 pm
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news, tom. i saw phone. >> you know. so you're immediately just like that. this could be real. like that's your first reaction. >> now at 10 parents school districts and law enforcement agencies throughout the bay area are on high alert. what we're learning about the new threats of violence targeting local schools. thank you for joining us for kron 4 news at 10. i'm pam moore and i'm dan thorn. authorities are warning of an apparent new challenge on tiktok encouraging students to threaten violence against their schools tomorrow. that's right. one school in gilroy is now closing its campus in an abundance of caution. the districts have all noted that the challenge appears to be a national trend. then they've said that none of the threats are believed to be credible. well, for sale of the second has been following this stor.


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