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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  December 17, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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ld afford, with preventive care at no extra cost. enroll by december 31st. >> welcome back to kron. 4 news at 6.30. here's a live picture of lake tahoe and trying to seeds here and ok, so this is the south shore heading up towards a heavenly valley. we had 2 big storms roll through the bay area earlier this week, of course, that brought a lot of to the sierra and we're looking at this live picture to show you what it looks like right now. and it's a lot busier than it about a week ago storms and at least they managed to cut the streets cleared because remember, a couple of these last hours of looked at over the last few days have been lying just covered. and so let's check in with immigration now to see whats happening. yeah. if you are heading to this for your christmas week. holiday destination if you're spending it at truckee or south lake
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tahoe. >> take advantage of this dry weekend and a lot of skiers and snow board and as. >> really going to enjoy the feet of snow that you've got things to this week's atmospheric river and also the most recent storm that brought us an additional foot of fresh powder by the middle of this week. but we are tracking, though, dry conditions and also perfect travel conditions as well. for those of you heading out early in time for your christmas destination. never too early to celebrate. christmas right in your sierra snow pack benefiting from that winter wonderland we're seeing now. it's 98% of average in the snow totals in central sierra and southern sierra more than 100% of average really benefiting the snow packs. let's keep it coming radar for though, tracking dry conditions not just for the bay area but also for the sierra as well. but we are going to notice additional storms. most of this upcoming week starting monday night and
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lasting all of your christmas week holiday. we're going to see storm after storm bringing more feet of fresh powder to the sierra snow levels going to dip below 3,000 feet as early as monday night, believe it or not, we could see 2 to 3 feet of mountain snow throughout the highest peaks of the sierra and also one to 3 inches of valley rain. in addition to gusty winds as well. so that's why i'm really urging you to take advantage of the dry weather this weekend and monday afternoon as well. that's going to be the latest because it's going to be pretty hazardous. dangerous driving conditions after monday night from now. until then, though, south lake tahoe and truckee we're tracking moment that mostly sunny skies, but we could see some thin high clouds overhead temperatures are trucking in south lake tahoe in the low 40's and we're going to remain in the low 40's by sunday. even with that extra sunshine. then monday going to see that increase in that storm cloud cover. but temperatures holding steady in the low 40's
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and then more snow showers arriving for this monday nights ahead out and enjoy the fresh patter. back to you. ken and pam mabry said thank you. of course, nobody could be happier about all that snowfall that the skiers and snowboarders are flocking to the mountain this weekend. and here to talk about the conditions that the people can expect up there. we bring in our good friend. >> always the amiable. kevin coop cooper and kevin coop. i guess the big word that you would be using right now is stoked. oh, absolutely. i mean, this has been a for us. we had a really dry november. we had to advertise are back in october. that such a dry november behind me at lake level. we have over 3 feet at lake level with this next system coming in. it's going to set the whole for some great skiing and riding. and i got to tell you, is really cold out here this morning to 6 degrees. so the snow is still mid when or shape. so for this weekend. it's game on. >> so much snow in the forecast in the lead-up to
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christmas. what is your advice to travelers because it looks like it may be snowing every day in the lead up. >> just question. panic just prepare. make sure you have that road kit. what do you have your flares. you have your cell phone charged food in the car. you have a sleeping bag. you have extra water. you're ready to go. you have your chains into if you're just prepared to come up. just slow it down a little bit. we're already notice saying, you know, caltrans and chp people are so eager to get up here just this weekend. we're seeing a lot of action on i 80 highway 50 state route 88. so just slow down. it's the gang of the cities that we want to p%ay it safe and play all season. yeah. talk about the expectations because we have that october early storms. lot of snowfall, lot of rain down here and people thought this is going to be a fantastic thanksgiving holiday. they're going to open up early. >> none of that happened because there was no more rain or snow for weeks. but now we're back into it. so how are the resource responding.
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>> they're doing a great job. now they are a little challenge right now. that's what with the higher side of it. also a lot of snow fell in a very short time. here's your example i went to bed at 9 o'clock tonight before we 3 feet of snow at lake level between 09:04am. so there was a lot of snow for them to start working with compacted. now, the did a great job most resource now operating anywhere between 3545% with this next round coming in right before christmas will probably see up to a 100% opening thank kirk would not resort. as an example. they've opened up chair 6 and this weekend chair 10 will open up which gives it a majority of their 2300 acres. it will take a little bit of time for the resorts to get all the way open we're looking for to us this week. it lee scare compassion is the name. then the mount operations teams can getaout and pack it down with their their mountain ops teams and the groomers also subsidize it with snowmaking. so it's going to be a good time. your expectations to be. you're going to midwinter
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shapes know right out of the box. maybe not all that rain, but a majority of it. so just let them out resort teams. get everything up and operating. you're going to have a great good time. and this this next system if its students like i just heard it is going to be game on a pair. >> so i don't want to put be a debbie downer on this. but at what point is that are there concerns about avalanche potentials. >> and that's a great question. that's not a debbie downer that just definitely that's good sense. that great question because right now it's considerable and it would be moderate tomorrow. we have a lot of snow in a short period of time. back to the question earlier about that snow back in october. we had a right where we had about 45 interest to 54 inches of snow in but a big dry november that puts a bad sheer layer in place and then you have a law of snow falling on top of that light dry 10 to 15 to one depending on the elevation. so there's the sheer layer out
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that we've got to pay attention to. but the good newe as the next system coming in will be light and dry and hopefully it all packed down. but you can always go to the sierra avalanche center to get the update remember know before you go, big impact. road shovel. let somebody know you're in addressing plan before you go into the back country. if you don't know about the back country. take a class reporting about the basement and a few others in sanford just to have great clinics for you to understand it. but let's pay attention. my friends. too many passed over the last several years because they want to go enjoy it. but they didn't know before they went, you know, very practical really solid advice cook, thanks a lot for that enjoy the snow. have a good time and very christmas. >> thanks a happy holidays all same to you. >> that's kevin coop cooper. all right. still ahead, tonight, a developing story out of pittsburgh. police investigating the death of a woman possibly from carbon monoxide exposure for following up with a and as
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sports covid sweeps through the nfl. one of the teams affected the las vegas raiders kylen mills has the details on their orde mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you
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mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers find the best bargains ever! when you have the world's longest list you go to ross so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. >> well, it's probably safe to say most folks agree this is one of the most wonderful time of the year. but for some folks, this is actually allergy season. and this year some people are experiencing allergies. unlike any holiday season in the past. and guess what, your christmas tree might be the culprit. the
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decorations on the tree marysol castro explains with some hour just a calling christmas tree syndrome. >> o christmas tree o christmas tree. are you triggering my allergies experts say often it's not the tree itself. but what's on it that can send you into a sneezing frenzy so even mold spores that are on there. >> dust mites that are on there or even other pollens that are kind of trapped on the trees. >> and then bringing that into your home, you know, causes the trouble. maya works an allergy and asthma clinic and treats patients for christmas tree related allergies every year. >> she says the problem is not exclusive to real trees. your artificial tree can cause just as many problems. >> if a country that you store in the attic all year long is sitting in an area that is probably a little moldy, probably a little dusty. and so that brings in all of that, right to the center of your where you're breathing that can have serious consequences.
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>> researchers at suny found 70% of mold found on trees can lead to complications from sinus congestion to severe asthma attacks. but your allergies don't have to be the grinch that steals all your christmas, joy. there are a few things you can do to help. >> if you're buying a real tree having at the christmas tree farm actually kind of shake it off a little bit. if possible washing it off, you can do the same with their artificial trees, wreaths and ornaments. that would be really helpful for someo%e that's really they know that they're really dust mite allergic. all of this helping you enjoy the trees without a sneeze at. >> that was marysol castro reporting. scented candles diffusers and wax. well, they can also trigger your allergies. but, you know, usually allergy seasons us in the spring of this. i've never heard of this before. this is a newbie. i'm been running across people have allergies right now, which is weird. whatever coming up what struck
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usaa is made for the safe pilots. for mac. who can come to a stop with barely a bobble. lucia. who announces her intentions even if no one's there. and sgt moore. who leaves room for her room. with usaa safepilot, when you drive safe... can save up to 30% on your auto insurance. get a quote and start saving. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. >> take a look at this. a tesla windshield was hit by a tire earlier this morning. this is in southern california happened on northbound 1, one woodland hills in the san fernando valley just after midnight. police say the female driver was taken to the hospital right now. no word on her condition. we're told that some lanes were blocked. but firefighters and law enforcement cleared the scene.
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nobody else was hurt. and so far police say they have no idea where that tire came from in the east bay carbon monoxide poisoning is suspected cause of death of a woman discovered in it is also believe that a man and 3 children were exposed to that gas. they were taken to the hospital. forcefully to call reports. >> when pittsburgh police knocked on the door of a home on vincent street thursday night. a man answered dazed and confused not long after officers discovered 3 children and a dead woman inside the house. the contra, costa county flre protection district responded, as did pg any which measured a very high level of carbon monoxide. it's a tragic story. the contra costa county coroner's division has not released the official cause of death. but the police department says pg e is investigating the possibility carbon monoxide was released through a running heater inside the home poisoning. all 5 people fire district spokesperson steve
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hill says without properly working carbon monoxide detectors. the odorless gas generated by anything that burns fuel can go easily undetected and fact can go on for days. >> and oftentimes recognize symptoms may recognize symptoms that they don't associated with monoxide flu like symptoms told that sort of thing. a little bit of disorientation police checked on the home after a concerned family member reported not hearing from the peoplesinside the house for days. >> that move. it appears saved 4 lives. the man and 3 children were hospitalized. but are expected to survive. still a woman lost her life in a statement apg any spokesperson says, quote, our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by this tragic incident every single home should have a working and regularly tested. >> carbon monoxide detector on every single floor of the home in fact, carbon monoxide detectors are required by law in single family homes. it's
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unclear if detectors were inside this one. the centers for disease control and prevention says at least 430 people in the u.s. die from accidental exposure to carbon monoxide every year. phillipe djegal all kron 4 news all right. the weekend is here. this check the 4 zone forecast a live look outside looking out over san francisco very clear night tonight gorgeous night and emma breece rodriguez standing by its the last weekend before embry says a lot of people might be out and about. i know when the last weekend of fall, winter arrives on tuesday. already have that cool crisp feel out there. >> very little winter like even with the lack of rain this weekend. we are tracking those clear skies and it's because of that lack a blanket of cloud cover that temperatures once again going to be on the chilly side. temperatures already dipping into the low mid and upper 40's. >> 2 outliers though antioch 42 degrees already starting to flirt with 30's out there with
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hayward and downtown san francisco a little bit milder in the low 50's. but just barely when tracker for tracking calm winds a little bit breezy in the teens in downtown san francisco, 12 miles per hour winds. but we are going to see winds out of the northeast tomorrow 15 miles per hour or less and low temperatures tonight. we're tracking widespread low to mid and upper 30's. but those of you in santa rosa subfreezing temperatures 29 degrees for your overnight lows. so make sure to bundle up there. no frost advisories in effect just yet from the national weather service downtown san francisco. you're expected to cool down to 43 degrees. but i wouldn't be surprised if you actually cool down into the upper 30's because we do have a little bit of a cold snap out there. temperatures tomorrow going to be even cooler than today. today. we're about 3 to 5 degrees below average but by your saturday afternoon, dry weather. but we're going to be 48 degrees below normal. so make sure to bundle up and dress in layers. downtown san
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francisco 52 degrees with 54 degrees for oakland and san jose nevada a little bit milder at 55 degrees with concord and livermore barely in the low 50's. so taking a look ahead at the next 7 day forecast dry weather through monday. but then we're tracking changes for your christmas week forecast starting early tuesday morning and even for the remainder of the next 7 days. we're tracking rain for your christmas eve and christmas day. so enjoy those showers out there. back to you. and we have sports right now with kylen mills. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> thanks to the recent covid-19 is the center of the sports world tonight as cases surge across the nfl nhl and nba 3 football game scheduled for this weekend have been postponed, including the las vegas raiders first cleveland browns game. the league announced today the game has been moved from saturday to monday. cleveland has more than 20 players on the
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covid-19 list, including starting quarterback baker mayfield and backup qb case keenum sunday's meetings between the washington football team, the philadelphia eagles and the seattle seahawks and los angeles rams have been pushed to tuesday. meanwhile, the forty-niners will host the atlanta falcons as scheduled on sunday afternoon. the good san francisco doesn't have anyone on the covid list. the bad starting running back. elijah mitchell will not play again on sunday because of right knee inflammation the ugly head coach, kyle shanahan doesn't expect mitchell to be ready for next thursday's game in tennessee either. 9 are star wide receiver deebo samuel should be able to help reinforce the run game, though chan also talk to practice today about the potential distraction. this latest covid surge could be. >> i understand the distractions, but you can get consumed thinking and talking about this. like everyone is out on christmas and stuff with that common and things like that. and you just aren't as i talked to our team a lot today on how focus. i know atlanta will be i'm getting
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out of their hometown getting on a plane coming a little bit early, which i think they are. but i know they'll be focused and we've got to make sure there's no excuse for us not to be. >> the warriors looking to go 3 in one in the midst of a five-game road trip tonight, the dubs playing in boston house. my accent rookie moses moody got the start of the 2 spot after jordan poole was placed in covid protocols today. the score right now 9795 the warriors with the lead in beantown. we have an update on this game coming up in sports at 8. aristotle once said patients is better, but its fruit is sweet for worse fans the wait for klay thompson to return to the floor has been better. we learned today. the wait is going to be just a little bit longer. however, that moment. he comes back surely going to be more than sweet today. espn's adrian wershe now ski reported that golden state is targeting a january return for the all-star guard potential dates include january 9th
6:53 pm
against cleveland and january 18th against the detroit pistons. there has been some chatter that thompson could return in december, 23rd or 28th. >> worst brass has said when he does suit up for the first time in more than 2 years. it will definitely be a home game. that will be exciting for fans. another comeback kid. well, rather, man, i should say today tiger woods return to golf for the first time since he was in that devastating car accident. >> tiger and son charlie played in the pnc pro am in orlando. tiger looks great. the patented approach shot here. >> he admitted he was a little. this taking shots with fans there for fear of hitting them nothing to worry about here, though. and speaking of charlie, he buried a nice putt. it and his dad. so proud. you can see a shot of him you they're giving the fist bump to after there it is. >> this may have been the best shot by either charlie with the approach check this out. so close to going in. just inches from the hole. almost
6:54 pm
an eagle for him. >> after the round. tiger said, quote, it was just awesome to be back out here playing to be out here with my son. we had an absolute blast and quote, so good to see him back out there in the father son duo. that's a lot of fun. yeah, feel block to can you believe some of those shots by charlie yeah, i guess he charlie yeah, i guess he hi honey! hi mommy! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby...don't say a word... but if slow upload speeds turns your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 1.877.only.att.
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so you can get back ♪ ♪ >> announcer: covid home test crisis. good luck finding any. >> it is beginning to look a lot like 2020. >> empty sports arenas. an outbreak at the rockettes. then... >> high alert at schools everywhere. >> the tiktok challenge sending dinners across the usa. >> america's education system is under attack right now. >> announcer: and taking the stand. >> the ex-cop on trial for mixig up her taser with her firearm. plus, another accuser comes forward


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