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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  December 17, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 9 people walk down the streets of san >> they should feel they shouldn't have to look over their shoulders, san francisco mayor london breed has declared a state of emergency now is. >> part of the tenderloins emergency intervention plan as the number of deaths on city streets in san francisco continues to increase. good evening, everybody. thanks for being with us tonight on kron 4 news at 9 o'clock. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis city officials say that the state of emergency, we'll make it easier to set up a service center for those suffering from substance abuse in
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addition to that, a city officials say that. >> those caught breaking the law will in some cases be given the option of this service center or jail with the average of 2 people dying each day due to an overdose city leaders say now is the time to take this more forceful approach. community organizations are reacting to the mayor's state of emergency declaration in the tenderloin. some say they're concerned. >> this new enforcement plan will exploit a vulnerable community while others say enforcement is necessary. if you can make the streets safer. kron four's dan thorn live with us tonight in san francisco with more on that part of the story. good evening, dan. >> good evening. grant one of the organizations that was behind the push to clean up the tenderloin was the tenderloin community benefit district. and they say that the open air drug markets that have plagued the area have residents concerned. they have families concerned and that enforcement is needed in that area. but the city's coalitioi
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on homelessness says that there needs to be alternative solutions to the area's problems. an emergency response is coming to san francisco's most troubled neighborhood. the tenderloin district has been in the grips of a drug crisis and action is now being taken to clean up the streets. the residents have been asking for some real action for a long time. and so. >> my understanding is most residents are really excited too. >> serious. ponce christie. sure. rilla is the director of community organizing and resident voice with the tenderloin community benefit district. the group urged the mayor to help clear out and restore the neighborhood. she really believes tackling the community's problems begins with taking down drug dealers and then untangling the web from there. the only really to address. >> the open air drug dealing is with enforcement. but the law and order approach to the drug crisis in its many layers is concerning for advocates of those who live in the tenderloin who are struggling with addiction and
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homelessness. one organization is bashing the state of emergency calling it unjustified the executive director of the city's coalition on homelessness as mayor breed's proclamations vilify and the great people living in poverty stigmatizing them as criminals. police have limited tools to address socio economic issues, mainly weapons enforcement and arrests and they already have a heavy presence in the neighborhood tenderloin residents have been told volmar rubble. people will be offered resources while the criminal element is being eradicated. the residents are finally feeling heard. and yeah, i do feel like there's a long time coming. >> the emergency declaration will have to be ratified by the city's board of supervisors within the next week and the mayor's office says. >> that it will last no longer. then 90 days reporting live in san francisco. dan thorn kron 4 news, thank you, governor newsome was in dublin this morning where he announced new efforts to combat the recent increase in
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organized retail thefts all across the state. >> the new programs include more than a quarter of a billion dollars in grants to local law enforcement to advance their efforts to investigate and arrest suspects. the attorney general's office also establishing an investigation and prosecutorial team that will focus on retail theft. governor newsome will also give 20 million dollars in grants for district attorneys to provide resources to help advance efforts to investigate and prosecute suspects and there will be help for small businesses impacted by the staffs. we also are providing 20 million dollars of grants for small businesses that are impacted. >> by damage done. victims of these crimes as a small business myself that has boarded up business in san francisco after the 3rd time you're done paying the deductible. >> the governor also announced a 20 million dollar grant to combat drugs coming across the
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border and a 25 million dollar grant to support local gun buy-back programs. >> a family is mourning the loss of a tesla employee who was shot and killed at work on monday. police say his co-worker shot him after an argument kron four's gayle ong spoke with the victim's family and joins us live in the newsroom tonight. gayle they must be so upset. >> grant. the family says he was working at tesla for 3 weeks as a temp employee and that he was trying to turn his life around before it was cut short. >> he was a caring person in. he just. you know, it was a hard worker. he was great brother. he was a great friend to everybody. the brother of 42 year-old to leave. raise your heart broken and mourning the death of his brother. >> who was shot and killed just outside his workplace at the tesla factory in fremont it's just sad the way that this happened. he didn't. he did not deserve to die. fremont. police say brazier
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had just finished his shift monday afternoon at the tesla factory on fremont boulevard before he was shot in the parking lot as he left several hours later detectives tracked down his co-worker 29 year-old anthony solima in milpitas. police arrested and charged lima with murder lying in wait and possession of this assault rifle believed to be used in the crime. according to detectives, the victim and selena have been arguing earlier in the day before selena walked off the job. the raise your family relieved silly. my is behind bars for one of the luckier families. i got closure that the fremont pd captured this person. >> i have nothing but respect for the police the did this, but the family still reeling from the loss. his sister-in-law elizabeth fraser says we was a devoted father. >> he leaves behind a 7 year-old daughter he would bring his daughter and that is the u.s. every weekend. >> and. >> it's just sad because you know. he's not going to be here. this weekend. he's just
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going to be the huge hole in everybody's hearts were just all so devastated. that's such a senseless tragedy have to occur over some. you know, disagreement at work. >> the defendant is currently held at center rita county jail and a plan without bail in the newsroom. gayle ong kron 4 news. all right. gail oakland, police asking for the public's help in locating a missing teen. her family says that she suffers from mental health challenges. >> and maybe in crisis. 15 year-old tyler peterson was last seen thursday in the 400 block of coolidge avenue. she is described as having black hair and brown eyes. last seen wearing a blue coat and baggy jeans. anyone with information is being asked to contact oakland. police. a lawsuit has been filed against the 3 officers involved in the death of mario gonzalez to the federal civil rights lawsuit was filed on behalf of gonzales is 5 year-old son. the suit alleges the officers violated gonzales is
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constitutional rights. >> when they held him down face down for 5 minutes until he was unresponsive during an arrest last april attorneys representing mario junior saying gonzales is death was unnecessary and tragic. francisco's former public works. director has agreed to plead guilty to accepting bribes and kickbacks. >> to settle a federal corruption case federal prosecutors say mohamed admitted to a staggering amount of public corruption as part of a plea deal signed today. they include instances where he accepted money international trips, jewelry restaurant meals and other goods and services from city contractors and developers in exchange for preferential treatment and confidential information about city business nor is that attorney says that his client is ready to accept responsibility and has quote, learned a lot from his past mistakes. >> i will switch gears now and get a check on the 4 zone forecast here chilly friday
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night. >> recent rodriguez joining us here in the studio to let us know what we have to look forward to. yeah, a lot of chilly nights ahead. grant and vicki until we start to notice those storm clouds act like a blanket of cloud cover. but really that's not going to arrive until monday night and all next week. so chile is going to be the main weather word for the next couple of days. let's take a live look outside and we're noticing crystal clear skies out there. and it's because of that lack a blanket of cloud cover that we are tracking cooler temperatures out there. very dry clear conditions and temperatures out there right now already cooling down far north bay valleys. widespread mid to upper 30's there petaluma 37 degrees. but downtown san francisco. more than 10 degrees warmer 48 degrees. and this is considered warm compared to everyone else currently in the upper 30's for inland valleys like livermore mid to upper 40's for everyone else.
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alameda 48 degrees oakland 45 as his valais hope. so we are going to see cool temperatures and it is already starting to have that winter like feel in the forecast, even though winter doesn't officially start until tuesday. but when tracker for overall tracking very calm conditions with winds right now. well into the single digits and overnight lows tonight we're going to see widespread low to mid and upper 30's. but even cooler for those of you in santa rosa subfreezing temperatures at 29 degrees in downtown san francisco cooling down to 43 degrees. but i wouldn't be surprised if we cool down into the low 40's because of that radiational cooling effect that we're seeing right now temperatures, though, for tomorrow, even cooler then today we're going to be 48 degrees below average. we're barely going to make it into the low 50's for concord in livermore, napa as well. the not that far behind 51 degrees with mid 40's for oakland and hayward. so a little bit milder there downtown san
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francisco at 52 degrees with mountain view in the low 50's. but the one thing that we are going to notice is dry weather through monday and then that storm door wide open and it's going to continue through our christmas eve and christmas day. but grant okay. if it rains on new year's eve night. i don't want to rain on your parade with your show. but if it happens, we're still friends right. i were always still friends, right. that's never happened. but this rain outlook. it kind of has me looking ahead. lot of people will be inside watching these kids do the show. they're out works out. that's what worries have an umbrella raincoat or an umbrella we're talking about contingency plans as we speak. but the show will go on. what we do. and just warning about the rest of the the rain like i already recorded my new year's resolution. we need the rain, right. we do. you know i made
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a wish come >> all right. now to the latest on the coronavirus pandemic. a more summer, sonoma and marin counties have each confirmed the first new case of the new omicron covid variant sonoma county health officials say that the case was found in a fully vaccinated person who had recently traveled out of state that they said that the person had also gotten a booster shot, but hadn't reached the full 2 week mark too hit full immunity in marin county. the case was found in a resident who had recently traveled to the northeast but well, this is the country's first detected or the county's first detected case marin county's public health director says it's not the only case. >> now with holiday travel really do assume that the virus is here and is with us is on confirmation of that in our wastewater sampling. so we do so it's late. we've also seen evidence of omicron earlier in the week in several of our our sampling error is
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across the county. >> the doctor says that the detection doesn't change anything. really. he encourages everyone to keep wearing their masks indoors and getting their covid-19 booster shot if they still haven't got it. >> and in oakland, a major vaccine clinic has reopened after it was forced to close earlier this month. city officials say the closure was due to not enough vaccine. send not enough staff to keep it open. the clinic offers 3 of the vaccines and covid testing. the downtown site will be open monday through friday from 9 to 5. the fruitvale clinic will be open saturday through wednesday. also 95. there are some limited hours on christmas and new year's day. we've posted all the specifics on our website. kron 4 dot com. certain businesses to check -- for covid vaccine records. a council member just introduced an emergency ordinance that would require proof of vaccination at places like bars, restaurants, gyms, sin,
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oakland. the issue will go to the city council for a full vote on tuesday. kron four's. rob nesbitt has more on the rules and when they could go into effect. >> oakland could follow suit with san francisco berkeley in contra, costa county if council member dan called has his way oakland largest city in the state should be part of the solution his emergency ordinance would require not just bars and restaurants to check for proof of vaccine at the door but also theaters. gyms, concert venues libraries and even dental offices get more people vaccinated reduce the spread. that's why we're doing this proof of vaccination ordinance for oakland with the spread of omicron called says he consulted with the alameda county health officer and determined that now was the time for change. we know that the people who are most likely to contract the virus are people who are unvaccinated and that means that if you have the virus, you're more likely to spread it to other people. i think it would be incredibly helpful murray. all the ready had tried asking for proof of vaccine that lucas tap room and lounge in oakland
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this summer. but was met with a lot of pushaback from customers our staff felt bullied and harassed and therefore they found it might just be easier not to ask. it's why she supports the new ordinance saying it would give some oversight for restaurants and nightclubs like hers as the covid pandemic draws on we've been able to say look at city mandated requirement and honestly. >> you know, if you're dining out, you should be vaccinated. you have to take off the mask. around other people in oakland, rob nesbitt kron 4 news. >> health officials across the bay area. counties are urging people to get a booster shot. yesterday to protect against the rapidly spreading omicron variant. >> yeah. officials over remind everybody over the age of 16 to get that booster shot if it's been 6 months since you're pfizer or moderna shot or 2 months since here johnson and johnson shot in addition to vaccinations and boosters officials remind everybody that, you know, wearing a mask getting tested. having proper
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ventilation in distancing remain effective defenses against covid-19 and parents who want to get the really young children vaccinated against covid-19. >> we'll have to wait a bit longer. clinical trials conducted by pfizer indicate the 2 even smaller doses of the pediatric vaccine failed to trigger an adequate immune response in 2, 3, 4, year-olds. the vaccine. did they say produce acceptable results in babies. 6 months to 2 years old. pfizer will conduct new tests administering a 3rd dose now given at least 2 months after the initial 2 doses. if those trials prove successful, the company will then submit the data to regulators in the 1st half of next year. >> for the first time this season, the nfl is postponing 3 games because of covid. one of them, it's the las vegas raiders game against cleveland browns. this game was originally set for tomorrow. it will now be played on monday in cleveland sunday's
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game between the seattle lows hawks and the la rams as well as the one between washington and philadelphia teams. those have both been rescheduled for tuesday. nfl also its covid-19 protocols effective immediately all players coaches and staff must wear masks regardless of their vaccination status. the league is also stopping in-person meals prohibiting outside visitors during team travel and limiting the amount of people in team weight rooms. days after telling senate lawmakers that masks offered little protection against covid on airplanes. >> southwest ceo gary kelly has tested positive for covid during his testimony, kelly said his airplanes ventilation provide enough protection. kelly testified, as you can see without a mask. a federal appeals court panel has ruled the president biden's vaccine mandate for large private
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employers can now the decision reverses an earlier ruling from a federal judge pausing that nationwide mandate. the court. >> will the mandate necessary to limit transmission of the virus under the mandate companies with 100 or more employees would require workers to be vaccinated or submit to weekly testing initially that mandate should have taken effect january 4th affecting. some 84 million workers. >> and right now on kron 4 dot com. you can read about the latest covid headlines. there are plenty of them just scan the qr code on your screen. you'll be taken to our website. some of the top headlines include data on the omicron variant. the new statewide indoor mask mandate and a lot more cdc recommending pfizer and moderna. now over j and j, if you can help. but again, it's all on kron 4 dot com. >> the environmental impact report for the proposed new baseball complex for the oakland a's. it was released this morning in it 3,500 pages
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long. it is dense and contains many details about the mpo's 12 billion dollar waterfront ballpark. it also dives into whether the mammoth proposal meets all state and federal rules and regs some issues that surface to need to be worked out. and those include the of managing parking pollution, waste removal and increased traffic originally it was not included. i hear about who would pay for the affordable housing. that is part of this project oakland a's president dave kabul applauded the report saying that it is been 3 long years in the making. >> well, we think we had a transformative projects. they can planned in so many aspects, whether it's generating more tax dollars economic vitality jobs, affordable housing keeping days here for many generations to come. so they just so many positive so we're hopeful that that will carry the day and get through some of the politics and get this approved as quickly as possible because
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we really are running out of time at our current venue. it's 10 years past its useful life. we really need to get this new project approved for us to have a place to play. >> yeah. dave campbell joining on our news at 5 going into a lot of details. so as for what is next, the oakland planning commission will conduct a public hearing on the final environmental impact in january and the oakland city council expected to make a decision in february of 2022. protecting your packages. thieves are out in the middle of the day, just like this what you can do to stop them from targeting your doorstep. >> plus what we know about the tragedy that saw her son died. several children have to go to the hospital after a possible carbon monoxide incident. an emotional day in court for former officer kim potter breaking down on the stand several times as she recounted. >> shooting and killing don't pay right during a traffic stop. what impact could have stop. what impact could have on the jury.
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>> in pittsburgh, a woman died and her family was hospitalized after they were exposed to dangerous amounts of carbon monoxide gas workers with pgd say they measured extremely high levels of carbon monoxide. the police department says it appears that the odorless gas leak was caused by a running heater. a spokesperson for the contra costa fire protection district
9:25 pm
says this happens all too often, especially this time of year. >> it's one of those seasonal risks that during the holiday season throughout the winter months every single home should have a working and regularly tested carbon monoxide detector. >> the centers for disease control and prevention say at least 430 people in the u.s. died from accidental exposure to carbon monoxide every year. it's unclear if working detectors were inside the pittsburgh home. california lawmakers are preparing to protect abortion access all across the state, starting with the elimination of co pace, california legislators are pushing forward a new senate bill that would put it into out of pocket costs. those can range anywhere between $300 for a medical abortion and 900 for a procedural abortion. the law was shelved earlier this year after it passed the senate. but supporters say the bill is expected to be quickly moved through the legislature.
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>> well, the holiday season is in full swing. it's also a season of opportunity for porch pirates would make your home a targeted what you should no to make sure the gifts actually make it under the tree this year. also san jose police have just released a new sketch of a man who's accused of luring young girls. what we know about the suspect tonight and we'll hear from the family of an afghan refugee who was shot and killed while driving for uber in the bay area last month. what they're saying tonight after an arrest has been made. after an arrest has been made. keep it here. kr hi honey! hi mommy! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby...don't say a word... but if slow upload speeds turns your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas.
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call 1.877.only.att.
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>> san francisco police confirming tonight that an arrest has been made in last month's shooting death of an afghan refugee who was just working as an uber driver in san francisco. the suspect has been identified as 38 year-old clifford stokes of oakland. our first has it made. you got reaction to this brace break in the case from a longtime activist in the bay area's afghan community. >> a suspect has been arrested in the investigation of the november 28 shooting death of 31 year-old that much yusufi yusufi was an afghanistan refugee working as an uber driver when he was shot during an attempted robbery while seated in his vehicle on patrol avenue in san francisco. it is. >> difficult to express our concern for the family. with the male. sometimes, you know,
9:30 pm
afghan women feel secure enough in family still secure. it is a patriarchy. so with that or with the husband gone, the father gone. i cannot imagine what this woman is. experiencing is gun darby is the executive director of mills college program live by learning and activists in the bay, area's afghan community for the past 20 years. >> she says it is common for afghan refugees to find work for rideshare companies here in the u.s. even though they may be overqualified. so i'm confident. >> that this is what he was feeling when he came into this job that he was providing for his family and it's unfortunate that he had to go in this manner. >> i use of his education helped him gain key role as an interpreter assisting us allies in the war in afghanistan. a escape. the. >> war in afghanistan only to be brutalized by a street war here in the united states. and i feel like this is a first step towards bringing closure to the family. >> has but you kron 4
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>> police in san jose say they're looking for a man who they believe is exposing himself to under age girls officers say a girl contacted them saying a man exposed himself to her in the area near lee avenue and to see the way investigators believe the man may be associated with at least 2 other similar incidents in that area. you saw the sketch. they have used to described as bald or balding likely between the ages of 3040 possibly driving a newer gray colored toyota camry or nissan altima with tinted windows. anybody with information is asked to contact the san jose police department's assault investigations unit. new tonight at 9 reports of stolen packages taken right off doorsteps. it happens all across the country as we know, home security cameras are catching many of these thieves in the act. but the technology isn't necessarily stopping the crimes from happening porter markie martin shows us how police are trying to get a handle on this.
9:32 pm
>> it's a crime that exploded packages snatched from porches in broad daylight just as fast as they were delivered. porch big and small striking just as more and more of us do our pandemic shopping online. but this time of year is a hot time for porch pirates. they're patrolling. just like we officer jesse mitten is with the arlington police department earlier this year. his team arrested this man who investigators say went on a monthslong pardons free across north texas taking what he wanted and dumping what he didn't. the suspect apparently was dumping most of the packages in a ditch or an alley or something like that. some was still in the package if he didn't want it or it might just be the empty box, you know, trying to get rid of that part of the evidence, i guess. >> and this guy isn't alone. according to our brand-new newsnation poll conducted by decision desk hq almost 17% of
9:33 pm
people told us they had a package stolen another 30% said they knew someone who had risking it all for mystery boxes that often times don't amount to much a pair of boxer briefs and a pair of socks with the popular love. we hopped an officer mittens patrol car. he took us for a ride along. looking for vulnerable house is right there on the front porch. looks like 2 packages, one stacked on top of each other. and that's just right for the taking. i mean, like you're saying short front >> it's not going to take much for somebody that just grab and go write a different study by >> showed that in the last year, 200, 10 million packages disappeared and that more than 50% of them were from amazon followed by fedex and usps and with supply chain issues cutting costs. many retailers are now shipping label boxes
9:34 pm
without an additional exterior box giving pirates a treasure map to exactly what's inside. i don't think people who do porch pirates ii that's the only thing they do. i think somebody might have a drug habit. they're trying to support or find other ways to make money for whatever it is i want to buy and use it as a ways to means, i guess. but it's really like i just want to be a grinch in and watch you not have to yeah, it's a fueling something i think that would be yeah. the message police are trying to get out is simple. the less time your delivery sits outside the less opportunity there is for someone to take advantage sign up for delivery notifications. so, you know exactly when a shipment has arrived. think about having order sent to your workplace or a neighbor whose home more often. invest in a surveillance system or door cameras. you can catch criminals in action and download neighborhood apps like nextdoor. so you can communicate with neighbors who can alert or help you when pirates strike. it's a crime
9:35 pm
of opportunity. >> and they're hoping to hit the lotto. they're looking for that reward. and that's a problem, too, is because if they get something like that, it just encourages them to do it more so anything we can do to prevent them from being successful. >> it's better for us and for your package. >> markie. martin reporting for us there tonight. the man who threw a fire extinguisher at police during the capitol hill riot on january 6 has now been sentenced to 5 years behind bars. that's the harshest sentence yet against any of the capitol hill. rioters 54 year-old robert palmer is from florida. he told the judge that he was ashamed of his actions that day. prosecutors say palmer threw a fire extinguisher along with along plank made out to be a spear. the 5 year sentence is the toughest one handed down for any of the rioters 65 have been sent so far. more than 700 have been charged. the defense has rested its case in the trial of former minneapolis police
9:36 pm
officer kim potter potter is facing manslaughter charges in connection to the traffic stop turned shooting degth of dante right back in april. the incident set off several nights of angry protests in brooklyn center, minnesota on the stand today. potter said she meant to draw her taser instead of gun when she shot wright. >> remember yelling teaser taser taser. >> potter says she never shot her gun are deployed her taser during her 26 year long law enforcement career. if convicted, she faces up to 15 years in prison. but prosecutors say that they will ask for stricter sentence. >> and tracking storms next week. that is going to impact your holiday week forecast, even through christmas eve and
9:37 pm
christmas day tracking all the wet weather hour by hour and updated rain totals. in just a few minutes. stay tuned. >> and stay tuned for sports. steph curry returning to the court for the first time breaking the 3 point record gutsy when today in boston. but little be here is not going to be playing for the warriors tomorrow night. not going to run on coming back to the bay instead kylen mills the bay instead kylen mills has sports next. the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. tension builds... the plot twist the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> the warriors looking to go 3 in one on the road trip while rumors swirl about klay thompson's return date. espn reported that golden state is now targeting a january 9th or 18th come back for the all-star guard. however, the dubs finding plenty of success without him. that's not a bad thing. playing in boston. the floor, general steph curry looking a lot more free after breaking that 3 point record on tuesday in new york. he wasted no time hits the trey while being fouled. that is a four-point play dubs up 11 3 early end of the first to chef curry who was cooking early. >> that one will drop in 16 points for curry in the first 4 years of 8 heading into the second 2nd quarter. now veteran forward, andre had himself a great game off the bench. yes, to steal goes the other way. then warriors up by
9:41 pm
care steve croes call him old that turning to a more than once for andrew wiggins red hot in this game. scoring 24 in the 1st half. he's concluding that 3 pointer jumps up 14 at the half the contest, 3rd, the celtics made a furious comeback. one. jason tatum on the drive here. the layup is in tatum was 27 point spring some within one. the 4th quarter tubs guard damion lee to check this out to create safe in the corner gets it to it and he lets it on a like an into the sea. i don't know why that just give me space to moment for no apparent reason he finished with 12 points and 6 assists in 24 minutes, 5 minutes left. check out the sequence curry, unlike his usual self misses the 3 but manages to get the offensive support somehow reloads. another 3 that ones will fall. kerr doesn't miss twice. come on a worse, backed up by 10 3 with 30 points. however, curry fouled out with 10 seconds left in the dumps
9:42 pm
with a 5 point lead. the celtics were not going down without a flight to yes, the ferry says the tray one o 9 one. '07, warriors forward. draymond green goes down after taking elbow to the head. luckily he was okay and stayed in the game with 2.8 seconds left needs to make the free throws to put the nail in the coffin. you just saw. he didn't. their wares win one 11, one. '07. steve kerr gets his 4 100th career win. warriors are sure to winning road trip. they've won 3 of 4 way from chase center. they finish the trip in toronto. also of note. >> rookie moses, moody earned his first nba start of the 2 spot in place of jordan poole who entered covid protocols head coach steve kerr played 13 players in this game and he says every one of them did their part. also the athletic's anthony slater is reporting a whole bunch of players will not see in tomorrow in toronto. steph draymond andre iguodala, andrew wiggins otto porter and jordan poole still out. he's
9:43 pm
out rather for covid reasons. the rest of the players are just resting. >> we had guys come off the bench and. and play really you i could go down the list. but tom, everyone came in and really did their jobs and held for. so it the help when we played you know, a lot of lot of people and everyone played an important role. bish played gust up to. >> the defense is we is amazing. the just being aggressive. all game, especially the 1st half and everybody did their part. >> covid-19 the center of the sports world as cases surge across the nfl nhl and nba 3 football game scheduled for this weekend have been postponed, including the las vegas raiders versus cleveland browns game league announced that the game has been moved from saturday to monday. cleveland has more than 20 players on the covid-19 list, including starting quarterback
9:44 pm
baker mayfield and backup qb case keenum sunday's meetings between the washington football team, the philadelphia eagles and the seattle seahawks in the los angeles rams have been pushed to tuesday. another comeback kid will and then kid. but. >> both of them were out on the golf course. tiger woods return to golf for the first time since he was in a devastating car accident. >> playing with his son in the pnc pro am in orlando. tiger looks great. the patented approach shot here humidity a little bit taking shots with fans there for fear of hitting them nothing to worry about here, though. speaking of his son charlie. he buried a nice putts. look at that. dad even cracks a smile there. and the fist bump to go to this may have been the pass shot by either charlie with the approach. >> it's rolling rolling. not quite in but just inches within the hole he almost had himself an eagle after the
9:45 pm
round tiger said, quote, it was just awesome to be back out here playing to be out here with my son. we had an absolute blast i didn't have to shout out for help. because you didn't have another dvt. not today. one blood clot puts you at risk of having another,
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9:48 pm
when we can expect it. yeah, we're just getting started. grant. and vicki in fact, enjoy the dry weather because it's going to stick around all weekend long. >> even monday for that matter until the storm door reopens on tuesday and it's going to last the entire holiday week. so we are tracking very dry, clear conditions out there at half moon bay very chilly forecast out there we're 30's and 40's already being reported. so bundle up radar for we're seeing very dry clear conditions. but out in the pacific storms are churning in. they're going to make its way into the bay area by early this upcoming week could clip the bay area coastline as early as monday morning during the overnight hours. but we are expecting overall, a dry day on monday with the rain showers arriving early tuesday morning for the north bay spreading throughout most of the bay area even by midmorning and then by tuesday
9:49 pm
not really going to get a break from the wet weather because storm after storm is going to churn as one exits. another one out of the pacific northwest will arrive and that's going to be the case on thursday by thursday afternoon. we are going to track a stronger storm bringing us pockets of heavy downpours during the overnight hours. very early friday morning. gusty winds as well as associated with this into your christmas eve and christmas day saturday by sunday. we are going to see a little bit of a break in the wet weather. but scattered showers still in the forecast sunday afternoon through sunday night so we could see up to 5 inches of rain for the north bay. one to 3 inches for the san francisco peninsula and the east and south day one to 2 inches of wet weather and future rain totals taking a look. just inches of much needed rain making its way. finally. so enjoy the break because the next 3 days going to stay dry just in time for the weekend so head outdoors.
9:50 pm
hope you have some fun plans this weekend with the kids or grandkids ahead of the holiday weekend. looking great. all right. thank you. rep skies for your help tonight. a new study finds marijuana may interfere with other medications. >> scientists at washington state university say it's because the body uses the same set of enzymes to process both pot and prescription drugs. they say that there is a risk that marijuana may cause other medications to flush through your system so quickly that they actually do you. no good. the study found that some drugs that could be affected by marijuana use include blood thinners of cancer, drugs and pain killers. they also found the thc and cbd stay in your body for about 30 minutes before the enzyme to break them down. but the chemicals can linger in the body for up to 2 weeks. another former nfl player has been diagnosed with stage 2 cte. this week. earlier this year, former chargers and buccanee3s star
9:51 pm
wide receiver vincent jackson. >> was found dead in a florida hotel room. his family subsequently donated his brain to cte. researchers who diagnose the disease cte is a condition of the brain degeneration caused from repetitive blows to the head. it affects mood thinking behavior in symptoms may not appear for years. jackson played 7 seasons for the chargers and 5 for the buccaneers reached the pro bowl 3 types. he was 38 years old. again found in a hotel room. he was a missing for a couple days. his family had reported him missing the medical examiner did not announce a cause of death. a louisiana judge has been suspended by the state supreme court after a video of her using the racial went viral earlier this week. people across the country. >> have called for michelle nets a resignation. on a video taken at her home. you can hear a female voice alleged to be tonight. but in a i
9:52 pm
believe, yes, using racial slurs to describe the man who attempted to a burglary which was caught on security camera. attorneys attorneys says that she's embarrassed by her words. >> understands that that those words that she said are among the most offensive and hurtful in modern language in and she's under 2 million embarrassed. >> so according to the louisiana supreme court judge vanessa harris will serve as the temporary district judge. is under investigation. >> next, the new spiderman movie makes a huge splash in theaters with a record opening. we
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪
9:55 pm
♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ >> a civil rights pioneers name is finally been cleared decades after being accused of violating the law in the segregated south 82 year-old claude. it. covid was 15 when she was arrested for refusing to give up her seat to a white person on the bus in birmingham, alabama. she was convicted of assaulting an officer and put on probation yesterday a judge granted colvin's request to have her record expunged. she was the first person arrested for defying birmingham's segregation policies. it happened months before rosa parks was arrested for doing the same thing. >> your 100 miss america is.
9:56 pm
>> miss america contest celebrated its one 100th year last night as a crowned a new winner and royals from alaska. she took home the title as well as a $100,000. college scholarship during interview portion of the competition. broyles revealed that she has adhd as well as a form of ocd royals also spoke out about overcoming the mental health challenges posed by covid which left her feeling isolated. your college dorm. it's america began as a beauty pageant back in 1921. but it has evolved to include a focus on leadership talent and communication skills. what are the most highly anticipated movies from marvel boy, it did not disappoint on preview night spiderman. no way. home. >> the film shattered pandemic box office records and made 50 million bucks in just one
9:57 pm
night yesterday, sunny projects, the film will reach a 130 million this weekend. but considering it made 50 million in just one night. yom know, other people are projecting it surpass that number and it ceoser to 200 million. so there you go. they have folks from produce, especially if it's raining. that does it for us here on kron. 4 news at 9. appreciate you being with us this hour. but keep it here. more news is ahead. pam and ken are. >> here to wrap up the week in prime time. all right. grant, thank you. thank you very much. have a terrific weekend you too, will see on monday. here's what's coming up on kron 4 news at 10 cracking down on crime in california. governor gavin newsom's multimillion dollar plan to try to combat. >> troubling surge in organized retail theft. plus the holiday travel season officially underway. health officials say they are bracing for a viral blizzard of covid cases. how the virus is affecting schools pro sports and even broadway shows the news at 10 is next.
9:58 pm
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> a crime is increasing rapidly and we expected to become the dominant strain in the united states as it has in other countries in the coming weeks now at 10 bracing for a viral blizzard of covid the growing concerns as cases of the omicron variant rise in the bay area and across


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