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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  December 17, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> a crime is increasing rapidly and we expected to become the dominant strain in the united states as it has in other countries in the coming weeks now at 10 bracing for a viral blizzard of covid the growing concerns as cases of the omicron variant rise in the bay area and across the
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nation. thanks for joining us here on kron. 4 news at 10. i'm ken wayne and i pale more the fears of a winter covid surge grow larger by the day as more and more cases are detected. >> local doctors are seeing an increase in people with symptoms who want to get tested this on one of the busiest days of the holiday season to fly. let's show you a live picture of sfo are an estimated 55,000 travelers pass through security today, the highest number, the airport is projecting for the rest of the year. according to aaa, more than a 109 million americans will travel this holiday. that's approaching the prepandemic record of a 119 million travelers back in 2019, the omicron variant meantime, has now been detected in 40 states and a majority of the bay area. let's go now to our grant lotus. he's here in the studio with us with the latest on the omicron variant and much more tonight grant more omicron around us and more covid is round. that's not just here but.
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>> really all over the world. when you think about what's going on. and health officials aren't saying anybody should panic. this is not like march of 2020 but yeah, it's not good. now. you never want to see covid exploding like this and. some people think this could be the riskiest time since march of 2020. that is the word from doctor bob wachter who is the chair of the ucsf department of medicine. he tweeted this today he pointed to some troubling news on the omicron variant specifically a rapid growth in cases and a new report this suggests the variant may be more severe than we initially thought. and this comes as health officials in napa, sonoma and marin counties have all confirmed their first cases of the omicron variant in sonoma and marin counties. officials say that each patient who has omicron had recently traveled out of state napa county officials did not share any specifics about the person who tested positive for omicron. there. the variant has now been detected in 6 of the 9
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bay area counties. you see where it has been detected. the only counties where it hasn't been detected contra costa san mateo and solano counties. but one local health official says that we should assume that omicron is everywhere. >> really do assume that the virus is here and is with us is on confirmation of that in our wastewater sampling. so we do so it's them play. and we've also seen evidence of omicron earlier in the week in several of our our sampling error is across the county. >> today. public health officers representing each bay area county put out a joint statement urging everyone eligible to get vaccinated and if enough time has passed urging everyone to get the booster as well in new york city. take a look at those long line of people here waiting to get tested. all down the sidewalk. coronavirus cases in new york have skyrocketed today. new york
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leaders reported just over 21,000 new infections throughout the state. that is the highest single day during the pandemic. and while the surge has been largely fueled by the delta variant officials say omicron is coming up as well. 13% of all new cases in new york. omicron hospitalizations. more importantly have climbed 25% in just the past 2 weeks and numerous new york broadway shows have been hit by a stray of cancellations because of covid. most recently the rockettes cancel the rest of their season because of covid cases among its stars. it was scheduled to end january 2nd amid the spread of omicron, the biden administration has unveiled a new strategy using increased testing to try to keep children in classrooms instead of mandatory quarantines for unvaccinated students identified as close contacts of a covid positive peer those students could remain in school if they test negative for the virus, at least twice during the week
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after exposure. >> test to stay as an encouraging public health practice to keep our children in school and cdc is updating our materials to help schools and parents know how to best implement this promising and now proven practiced. >> some school districts across the u.s. are once again going virtual to try to avoid the worst of the omicron variant yesterday, stanford university announced it is moving classes online for the first 2 weeks of the winter quarter starting january. 3rd and pro sports teams around the country are postponing games in reaction to an outbreak of covid among players this past week. more than 100 nfl players tested positive for covid. and today the nfl did something that was desperately trying to avoid announcing that 3 games this weekend would be rescheduled. those postponed include tomorrow's raiders game against the cleveland browns. that's been moved out to monday at 2 o'clock in the afternoon. our time weird kron
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four's kylen mills we'll have more on that later in sports. the league also updated its covid protocols to include a universal mask mandate. so the nfl is trying to basically can up and keep the wheels on the season. and, you know, and their rescheduling, these games instead of causing, you know, making the teams that have the covid outbreaks for fitting them, which is something that they had threatened that, you know, they wanted everybody to get vaccinated. right. so as a threat that if you're the team that has the problem. then you'll have to forfeit. you'll have to take a loss. but you know, there's this whole brouhaha with the players union. if you have to forfeit a game. the players wouldn't get their game checks. yes. so they get the 17 checks the years. these are big checks. every game. you get a check and even the teams that we're responsible for the outbreak would have had to give up their money too. and this it's big money the nfl in the tv they're going to postpone the games instead of canceling
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them. but yeah, they're all these what you're going to do now. and it's a little bit depressing. but to see us. backtracking. it is like this, but get vaccinated. yeah. not you. but you know, we are people i know that people. if people just got vaccinated, we we wouldn't be messing with right. like it's it's still going to be out there. it's endemic. there's going to be covid. everyone's going to get it eventually. but it's getting your body prepared to the candle. yeah. yes. so you don't have severe cases in hospitals. >> in some places where they are getting crowded again. ia emergency rooms and then you can't deal with the car accident. victims of the heart attack and that's the tragedy of it. so. >> yeah, if you're extremely old vulnerable immunocompromised. you need to watch out more than you know, the rest of us. but if you're vaccinated and boosted, there's no need to all right. >> and speaking of vaccinations, thanking grants, the city of oakland could soon
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mandates certain businesses have to have people vaccinated. the city council member again, count has introduced an emergency ordinance to require proof of vaccination at places such as bars, restaurants, gyms, theaters, concert venues even dental offices. >> vaccinated reduce the spread. that's why we're doing this proof of vaccination ordinance for oakland. we be able to say look at city mandated requirement and honestly, you know, if you're dining out, you should be vaccinated. you have to take off the mask. you're around other people. >> city council is expected to vote on the issue on tuesday. if this passes, it would not take effect until the middle of january. >> a federal appeals court panel has ruled that president biden's vaccine mandate for large private employers can resume the decision. reverses an earlier ruling from a federal judge which caused the nationwide mandate. the court ruled that the mandate is
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necessary to limit transmission of the covid virus under the mandate companies with 100 or more employees would require their workers to be vaccinated or submit to weekly testing initially that mandate should have taken effect on january. the 4th affecting some 84 million workers. our coronavirus coverage continues online. we are tracking where the omicron variant has been detected in the bay area as well as the latest on vaccine mandates, booster availability and much more. it is all at kron. 4 dot com. >> i am with our various leaders in san francisco to officially declare a state of emergency in the tenderloin community. >> san francisco mayor london breed announced aggressive new action to try to tackle some of the biggest issues facing san francisco's infamous tenderloin district. the mayor says today's declaration will make it easier to set up a service center for those who
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are suffering from substance abuse. yes. city leaders say people found breaking the law in the tenderloin will in some cases be given the option of a service center or jail. >> with an average of 2 people dying every day because of an overdose city leaders say now is the time to take more forceful approach is to this problem. > we need an emergency crisis level response to confront this deadly epidemic at the scale of the problem that we're facing and you have my full support and partnership to get that done. >> some members of the community stay. they are concerned that this new enforcement plan will exploit an already vulnerable community. but others say enforcement is necessary to make the area safer. four's. dan thorn is live in san francisco tonight. he joins us with that part of the story. dan. >> well, pam, one of those organizations that was concerned about the open air
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drug markets that have sort of taken over the tenderloin is the tenderloin community benefit district. they say that families and residents have just become concern over this drug crisis. so enforcement is necessary while the city's coalition on homelessness says there needs to be alternative solutions to handling these problems. >> an emergency response is coming to san francisco's most troubled neighborhood. the tenderloin district has been in the grips of a drug crisis and action is now being taken to clean up the streets. the residents have been asking for some real action for a long time. and so. >> my understanding is most residents are really excited too. >> serious. ponce christie. sure. rilla is the director of community organizing and resident voice with the tenderloin community benefit district. the group urged the mayor to help clear out and restore the neighborhood. she really believes tackling the community's problems begins with taking down drug dealers and then untangling the web from there. the only really to
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address. >> the open air drug dealing is with enforcement. but the law and order approach to the drug crisis in its many layers is concerning for advocates of those who live in the tenderloin who are struggling with addiction and homelessness. one organization is bashing the state of emergency calling it unjustified the executive director of the city's coalition on homelessness as mayor breed's proclamations vilify and the great people living in poverty. stigmatizing them as criminals. police have limited tools to address socio economic issues, mainly weapons enforcement and arrests and they already have a heavy presence in the neighborhood tenderloin residents have been told volmar rubble. people will be offered resources while the criminal element is being eradicated. the residents are finally feeling heard. and yeah, i do feel like there's a long time coming. >> well, this emergency declaration will have to be ratified by the city's board of supervisors within the next week and the mayor's office
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says it will last. >> no longer than 90 days reporting live in san francisco. dan thorn kron 4 news. stan, thank you. >> governor newsome was in dublin today to announce new efforts to combat the recent increase in organized retail thefts all across california. the new programs include more than a quarter of a billion dollars in grant money to local law enforcement to advance their efforts to investigate and to arrest the suspects. the attorney general's office is establishing an investigation and prosecutorial team that will focus on retail theft alone. governor newsome will also give 20 million dollars in grant money for district attorneys to provide resources to help advance efforts to investigate and prosecute suspects and there will be help for small businesses affected by the u.s.. >> also are providing 20 million dollars of grants for small businesses that are impacted by damage done. victims of these crimes as a
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small business myself that has boarded up business in san francisco after the 3rd time you're done paying the deductible. >> the governor also announced a 20 million dollar grant to combat drugs coming across the border and a 25 million dollar grant to support local gun buy-back programs. >> a federal civil rights lawsuit has been filed against 3 alameda police officers involved in the death of mario gonzales. it was filed on behalf of gonzales is 5 year-old son and alleges the officers violated gonzales is right. a constitutional rights when they held him face down until he was unresponsive during an arrest last april attorneys representing mario junior called the death unnecessary and tragic saying, quote, it's important to hold police accountable when they keep violating really clear training that results in death. alameda county district attorney nancy o'malley and her staff are still investigating whether or not to file charges against those officers. a family is mourning
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the loss of the tesla employee who was shot and killed at work on monday. his co worker has been charged with murder. kron gayle ong talked with the victims. families joins us live from the newsroom with more. gayle. >> can. the family says he was working at tesla for 3 weeks as a temp employee and he was trying to turn his life around before it was cut short. >> he was a caring person in. he just. you know, it was a hard worker. here. he was great brother. he was a great friend to everybody. the brother of 42 year-old to leave. raise your heart broken and mourning the death of his brother. >> who was shot and killed just outside his workplace at the tesla factory in fremont it's just sad the way that this happened. he didn't. he did not deserve to die. fremont. police say brazier had just finished his shift monday afternoon at the tesla factory on fremont boulevard before he was shot in the parking lot as he left several hours later detectives tracked down his co-worker 29 year-old anthony solima in milpitas
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police arrested and charged lima with murder lying in wait and possession of this assault rifle believed to be used in the crime. according to detectives, the victim and selena have been arguing earlier in the day before selena walked off the job. the raise your family relieved silly is behind bars for one of the luckier families that got closure, that the fremont pd captured this person. >> i have nothing but respect for the police the did this, but the family still reeling from the loss. his sister-in-law elizabeth fraser says we was a devoted father. >> he leaves behind a 7 year-old daughter. it would bring the power of urgency us every weekend. >> and. >> it's just sad because you know. he's not going to be here this weekend. he's just going to be the huge hole and everybody's hearts were just all so devastated. that's such a senseless tragedy have to occur over some. you know, disagreement at work.
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>> and a defendant is currently being held at santa rita county jail in dublin and it was he is without bail in the newsroom. gayle ong kron 4 news. gayle, thank you for that. developing news tonight. san francisco's former public works directors agreed to plead guilty. >> to accepting bribes and kickbacks to settle a federal corruption case. federal prosecutors say muhammad nuru admitted to a staggering amount of public corruption as part of the plea deal that was signed today. they include instances where he accepted money international trips, jewelry restaurant, meals and other goods and services from city contractors and developers in exchange for preferential treatment and confident confidential information about city business attorney said his client is ready to accept responsibility and has quote, learned a lot from his past mistakes. the federal fraud case of elizabeth holmes is now in the hands of the jury. the defense wrapped up its closing arguments earlier today in a san jose courtroom. >> the jury will begin deliberations on monday holmes
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is the former founder and ceo of theranos. she is accused of defrauding investors and misleading patients about what her startups medical technology was capable of doing throughout the trial. defense attorneys and prosecutors sparred over what holmes true intentions were. she has been charged with 11 criminal counts of fraud and conspiracy. each count carries a maximum sentence of 20 years. now to the 4 zone forecast. let's give you a live look over downtown san francisco in friday night on a friday night a lot of people want to know the forecast for the weekend yeah. especially you and ken counting down already 40 minutes to go right. >> friday night. i like how you emphasize the friday. let's take a look at temperatures today we warmed up into the mid-fifties about. >> 5 degrees below average of new should be in the upper 50's this time of year. so it was a noticeably cooler day and we're tracking another chilly night in the bay area thanks to those crystal clear
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skies. we're noticing though. very dry calm conditions, even wind speeds in the single digits. so we are expecting to see winds out of the northeast tomorrow 15 miles per hour less a little bit breezy, but nothing major there. but temperatures out there right now that's going to be the big weather story this evening because we're already starting to cool down into the mid 30's for petaluma and san anselmo. 10 degrees warmer at least for downtown san francisco 48 degrees. widespread low to mid for the rest of the bay area shoreline, but dublin and livermore also in mid 30's with those of you in san jose in the mid 40's as you step outside this evening. so bundle up because we're noticing cool weather out there this evening and low temperatures tonight going to be even cooler in fact, subfreezing temperatures for those of you in santa rosa 29 degrees widespread low to mid and upper 30's everywhere else downtown san francisco, though the other outlier 43 degrees a
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little bit milder there, but still chilly nonetheless, even for downtown san francisco standards this time of year. temperatures tomorrow tracking a lot more low 50's downtown san francisco in mountain view in the low 50's conquered in livermore barely warming up into the low 50's and we're going to see, though a lot of storm icons coming up even for christmas eve and christmas day forecast of tracking all this wet weather coming up in my next forecast in just a few minutes. so stay tuned. thank a very 40 minutes to go. and we're loving every sure. buddy days could be one step closer to having a new home. the environmental impact report for the proposed new howard termgnal complex was released this morning. >> it's tree 1500 pages long. it dives into whether or not the 12 billion dollar proposal meets all state and federal rules and regulations. >> also covers issues such as parking pollution and waste removal oakland a's president dave campbell a part of the report saying it's been 3 long years in the making, adding
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that there's a big sense of urgency to get this deal done. >> they really are running out of time at our current venue. it's 10 years past its useful life. we really need to get this new project approved for us to have a place to play. as for what's next, the oakland planning commission will conduct a public hearing on the final environmental impact in january and the oakland city council expected to make a decision in february coming up in a couple months a major population decline registered in the bay area during the pandemic. that's aocording to a new report. the state department of finance looked at data from july of 2022 july of 2021. >> it found all 9 bay area counties lost about 64,000 people combined los angeles county also lost just over 67,000 people. it is the first time in history. both regions have seen a population decline in the same year. the report did not detail the reasons for
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the decline. >> still ahead tonight on kron, 4 news at 10. roger stone appears before a committee investigating the january 6 insurrection why lawmakers didn't hear what they're hoping for. >> plus taking it one step further which bay area school district is helping students the families test for covid in their own homes. >> and tearful testimony from former minnesota police officer kim potter woman accused in the shooting death of dante wright took the stand today. how she defended her actions next. dramatic video
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out of new york city showing the moment 2 teenagers climb down a pole to escape an apartment fire. >> video from yesterday shows an 18 year-old girl and a 13 year-old boy escaping the fire by climbing out of a fifth-floor window. this is in manhattan's east village, new york city police say both teams were rescued and are okay after the fire was put out firefighters found a man dead inside the apartment. a 46 year-old woman was rescued. she is in critical condition. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. police in virginia say they've caught a suspected serial killer linked to the deaths of at least 4 women that he met on dating sites. the suspect, 35 year-old anthony robinson. it's being called the shopping cart killer because police say that's how he moves the bodies of his victims. investigators
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are now trying to determine if there could be other victims linked to robinson. >> an emotional day in a minnesota courtroom today as former police officer kim potter took the stand. she is accused of shooting 20 year-old dante wright back in april. potter claims that she meant to draw her taser instead of her gun reporter keely be sun has more on today's testimony. >> we're trying to keep him from driving away. it's just one. >> he had a former minnesota police officer kim potter taking the stand in her own defense during an emotional testimony maintaining she meant to draw her taser instead of her gun to stop 20 year old dante wright from fleeing while officers were trying to arrest him during a traffic stop on an outstanding warrant. video of the shooting
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recorded by officers body cameras showed potter shouting taser before she fired >> remember yelling taser taser. >> the prosecutor getting potter to agree on cross examination said her use of force training was a key component to being in office use of force training. was that pretty key component being an officer, yes. >> you're trying about when you could use force. how much force to and what would be appropriate for us. there. >> potter's attorneys have argued that she made a mistake, but also would have been within her rights to use
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deadly force. if she had meant to because another officer was at risk being dragged by wright's car >> that was keely be sun reporting tonight. the defense rested its case today closing arguments in this case will begin on monday. a florida man has been sentenced to 5 years behind bars for his role in the january 6 attack on the u.s. capitol. robert scott palmer is charged with attacking capitol police officers with a fire extinguisher, a wooden plank and the poll in court palmer said that he was ashamed of what he did. his sentence is the longest among those who have been so far charged as a result of the riot staunch trump ally roger stone showed up to testify before the house select committee investigating the january 6 riot today. but. >> there was no testimony for 90 minutes. stone pleaded his 5th amendment right against
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self-incrimination in answer to every single question in the meantime, investigators say they believe former energy secretary rick perry texted former trump chief of staff mark meadows a day after the presidential election calling for an aggressive strategy to undermine the election. >> next. a 10 alarming new numbers in the opioid crisis. authorities have uncovered a record amount of fentanyl this year. why they are blaming social media and social media again in the news. the threats may not have been real bay area. schools are still on edge. so after the latest tiktok challenge threatened violence. now the company is responding tonight. >> unfortunately, it's one of those seasonal risks that we during the holiday season throughout the winter months. >> and the tragedy in pittsburgh. woman found dead inside her home after the break. what authorities say may have been the calm.
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>> a tragic discovery in the east bay. authorities say a family of 5 was exposed to carbon monoxide inside a pittsburgh home when officers arrived on the scene, they say they found a man and 3 children inside a lie, but a woman was pronounced dead at the scene kron forcefully to call has more. >> a concerned family member who reached out to the pittsburgh police department requesting a welfare check at a home on vincent street thursday night appears to have saved 4 lives pg and e
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responded to the house as well. and police say the utility company measured very high levels of carbon monoxide, a disoriented man and 3 children were hospitalized. but all are expected to survive. a woman, however, was pronounced dead. the police department says it appears the 5 people we're exposed to the odorless gas caused by a running heater. unfortunately, it's one of those seasonal risks that >> during the holiday season throughout the winteo months. the contra costa county fire protection district had crews respond to the scene as well. and spokesperson, steve hill reminds the public of the importance of having properly running carbon monoxide detectors installed required by law for all single-family home sale to be tested every month simply by pushing that test but makes making sure. >> yeah, your unit react properly. the centers for disease control and prevention says at least 430 people in
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the u.s. die from accidental exposure to carbon monoxide every year. >> it's unclear if working detectors were inside the pittsburgh home. in a statement apg any spokesperson says, quote, our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by this tragic incident phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> in the north bay sassoon city police say they made an arrest in connection to a death at an rv park. police say they responded to the scene on all of avenue last night where they say they found a man unresponsive on the ground. he was pronounced dead at the scene. an investigation led authorities to 21 year-old jose figaro a miranda. he was arrested this afternoon and booked into the solano county jail on murder charges. >> tiktok. well, it is working to remove calls for violence from his platform. that's what the company says. videos have appeared on tiktok encouraging students to commit acts of violence in schools all across the country. this was the
10:35 pm
scene at amador valley high school in pleasanton earlier today. police officers checking inside the school buildings as the students were taking final exams before heading into the winter break. gilroy high school canceled all classes today because of a threat that was originated in los angeles. parents say more needs to be done to protect their children is to talk. >> allowing these these posts is that important to our kids. i don't think that's important our kids at all as a group and a student is our responsibility to >> to spread positivity across our campus to create a better tomorrow that we left our school. i think this is doing exact >> police are urging the public and students in general to be on alert and report any suspicious activity and they say remember you can remain anonymous fake prescription pills filled with deadly opioids are now a click away and claiming 10's of thousands of lives. that is the warning
10:36 pm
from the drug enforcement agency today after authorities say they seized more than 20 million pills just this year. and that includes 15,000 pounds of fentanyl. >> dea administrator anne milgram says that drug traffickers are selling the pills on social media platforms. that's where they hide their identities and lie about their products. social media companies have not done nearly enough to address these problems. overdose deaths have been rising for more than 2 decades now jumping nearly 30% just last year. a trade association, though, which represents the online platforms claims their companies already invested billions of dollars every year to combat issues like these. >> senate democrats have confirmed on record that president biden's build back better. bill will not be passed this year. all 50 republican senators are against it and majority leader chuck schumer says west virginia senator joe mansion is still on the fence. our
10:37 pm
washington, dc correspondent basil john has more. >> democrats are determined to pass the president's social spending plan. but senate democratic leader chuck schumer says they won't meet their christmas goal. the president requested more time to continue his negotiations. those negotiations with west virginia senator joe mansion who remains concerned about new spending leading to more inflation. but schumer says president biden is still confident a deal is within reach and so we will keep working working with him hand in hand. >> to bring this bill over the finish line and deliver on these much needed provisions republicans say democrats are wasting time and needlessly forcing senators to stay on capitol hill right >> i should be in tennessee wishing well, for this christmas >> with build back. better set aside for now. the president called on democrats to pass voting rights legislation as soon as possible. we're going to keep up the fight we get it
10:38 pm
done. if you are confirmed there will be a shift in focus to voting rights before the end of the year to give the president more time to solidify deal around his social spending bill reporting in washington. i'm basil john. here at home. california senator's alex padilla and dianne feinstein have unveiled more than 4.7 million dollars in federal funding. >> for 8 california organizations providing access to housing for veterans experiencing homelessness of that money. more than $740,000 will go to the san mateo county housing authority and roughly $240,000 will go to santa cruz county. >> let's check on our weather forecast. and we're looking out over the bay area from our camera atop mount tam o pie us a clear night. yeah. beautiful view out there. the weekend is upon us from the recent entry is standing by with the details. can how many minutes and seconds do we have we 12 minutes. >> really of the show. know, more than that, we like 2022 i
10:39 pm
misread haha. all right. sorry, haha net. he likely, though his weekend right around the corner. it's my wednesday. but i'm finally over let's take a look. >> downtown san francisco from our transamerica pyramid cam and we're tracking overall clear skies out there, crystal clear night. but we are going to see finally rain returning for most of this upcoming holiday week. so if you did have any outdoor plans because of any covid concerns. >> you need to bring them inside because we're tracking rain starting tuesday morning and lasting for the next 7 days. futurecast for. >> going to see some light showers trying to make its way into our bay area coastline. >> during the overnight hours. very early monday morning around 4 o'clock. but overall we're going to notice those showers remaining over the pacific. but we will see bands of rain finally arriving by tuesday morning. first in the north bay becoming more widespread as it shifts to the south and east for the rest of
10:40 pm
the bay area. widespread light to moderate showers and the return of snow showers for this so it is going to make pretty dangerous commute if you're heading to your holiday destination. plan ahead. take advantage of this weekend, especially monday to make sure you get there on time by wednesday afternoon. we're going to see showers continuing with another storm arriving thursday night that one is going to bring us some pockets of pretty heavy downpours as well, not just for santa rosa but also downtown san francisco during the overnight hours with another round of snow showers for this and it's going to continue for your christmas eve and christmas day saturday but we are going to see a little bit of a break by sunday morning, not going to last long, though, because then another storm right behind that one. so we are expecting to get inches of rain with with these next storms next week. 2 to 5 inches. for those of you in the north bay. san francisco peninsula. one to 3 inches
10:41 pm
with the east bay and south bay anywhere from one to 2 inches. and here's a pretty good localized amount of just what we're expecting starting tuesday all the way through sunday of next weekend. and as you can see, much needed ain so that must rivers. definitely helping us out all this rain really benefiting us as well. much needed much welcome storms returning and even tracking the extended outlook going to keep an eye new year's eve. we're going to continue to see showers because this pattern, the storm door is just wide open. so get ready i'm so excited for that. the reservoir julce active still finally, my beautiful sight. thanks eyes. >> new tonight breakthrough covid cases could provide, quote super immunity against the disease as according to researchers at the oregon health and science university. they say being fully vaccinated against covid and having a breakthrough case forces the body to create more antibodies in the vaccine
10:42 pm
alone. researchers are calling it good news saying people who do experience breakthrough cases can better fight off new variants as they emerge. pfizer has announced plans to expand clinical trials of the covid vaccine to include a 3rd dose for children as young as 6 months. a spokesperson for the company says the first 2 doses did not create a robust immune response in children 2 to 4 years old now it's pfizer testing this 3rd dose on young people federal approval for that age group could get postponed until the middle of next year. so far the fda has only authorized the pfizer vaccine for emergency use in children, 5 and older 96,000 covid tests have been distributed to all county school staff and students in preparation for the holiday break. >> is part of the county's plan to fight the spread of the virus everybody received a box containing to rapid antigen tests. one is to be used the day before returning to school on january. 3rd
10:43 pm
officials say nearly 2 out of 3 children in marin county, ages 5 to 11 have received at least one vaccine dose 44% are fully vaccinated. that is the highest pediatric vaccination rate in all of the counties in the state of california coming up next in sports, steph curry returns to the court for the first time since breaking the 3 point scoring record kylen mills has a warrior celtics highlights and reaction coming up. >> and kron four's teaming up with the super bowl of carried to help support local food charities. if you would like to donate, you can use your phone to scan the qr code on your screen or text and y e donate to the number 2, 6, 9, 8, 9, you can also visit tackle hunger dot org. >> and pick us up a local charity that you'd like to help. we'll be right back.
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>> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> the warriors looking to go 3 in one on the road trip while rumors swirl about klay thompson's return date. espn reported that golden state is now targeting a january 9th or 18th come back for the all-star guard. however, the dogs finding plenty of success without him. they were playing in boston. how's my accent. the floor. general. all right. i need to stop current looking a lot more 3 after breaking the 3 point record on tuesday.
10:47 pm
he wasted no time drops in the tray. there that 3 pointer while being fouled to that is a four-point play dumps up 11 3 early end of the first chef curry with the stepback 3.16 points for curry in the first wears up 8 heading into the second second quarter's veteran forward. andre iguodala had a great game off the bench gets the goes the other way and the slam worse up by their coach, steve kerr call him old. he's done it several times this season andrew wiggins scoring 24 points in the 1st half, including that 3 pointer dumps up 14 at the in the 3rd. the celtics made a furious comeback. jason tatum on the drive. the layup cut the lead to one tatum with 27 points in the 4th quarter. tubs card damion lee. check this what a save in the corner gets it to it with who let's it fly as the shot clock expires. the
10:48 pm
bucket is good. he finished with 12 points and 6 assists in 24 minutes. 5 minutes remaining check out the sequence curry for an like his usual self misses that 3 pointer but manages to get a hold of the offensive board. what's another reload 3 fly from deep warriors back up by 10 crew with 30 points in this one. however, curry fouled out with 10 seconds left and the dubs with a five-point lead celtics. we're not going down without a fight. marcus smart gets the board. that goes for that right here. buries it one o 9 one. '07, worse for draymond green goes down after taking an elbow to the head. luckily he was okay and stayed in the game with 2.8 seconds left it makes the free throw to put the nail in the coffin he had to make the first and second and we did so where is when one 11 one. '07. steve kerr gets his 4 100th career win. the wars are sure to winning road trip. they finish
10:49 pm
the trip in toronto. the athletic's anthony slater is reporting a whole bunch of players will not travel for that game. curry draymond green. it would andrew wiggins otto porter junior all resting in jordan. poole is still out for covid reasons. rookie moses moody first nba star to spot against the celtics he could do so again in toronto coach steve kerr played 13 players and he says every one of they just be clear, guys come off the bench and. >> and play really you i could go down the list. but tom, everyone came in and really did their jobs and and held for. so it was a. the help when we played you know, a lot of lot of people and everyone played an important role. bish played gust up >> the defense is we is amazing. the he's been aggressive all game, especially the 1st half and everybody did their part.
10:50 pm
>> covid-19 the center of the sports world right now as cases surge across the nfl nhl and nba 3 football game scheduled for this weekend have been postponed, including the las vegas raiders first cleveland browns game. the league announced that the game has been moved from saturday to monday. cleveland has more than 20 players on the covid-19 list, including starting quarterback baker mayfield and backup qb case keenum sunday's meetings between the washington football team and the philadelphia eagles and the seattle seahawks and the los angeles rams have been pushed to tuesday. another comeback kid will rather man pluses kid tiger woods return to golf for the first time since he was in a devastating car accident. tiger and son charlie played in the pnc pro am in orlando. great. the patented approach shot here. >> he admitted he was a little nervous, taking shots with fans there for fear of hitting them nothing to worry about, though. and speaking of charlie, he buried a nice hot. >> watch that one. i think a
10:51 pm
beauty especially from a youngster dad. tiger cracks, a smile also the father son fist bump. this may have been the best shot by either charlie with the approach. it looks like it's rolling. it could go in. but just a couple inches away from the hole. he almost had himself an eagle after the round tiger said, quote, it was just awesome to be back out there playing to be out here with my son. we had an absolute blast and quote, that's all we've got for that's all we've got for sports kron hi honey! hi mommy! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby...don't say a word... but if slow upload speeds turns your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 1.877.only.att.
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>> scientists are taking the first steps in developing what they hope will be artificial vision for people who are blind researchers at the illinois institute of technology have developed the that bypasses the optic nerve. people without site will wear some special glasses and that will deliver signals directly into the brain via a small implant. the hope is that the brain will then interpret those signals into images. scientists say at first the images will likely be crude someday, though they could be a whole lot better. >> and we don't know how far this can go. we wanted to be more than the e on the eye chart. we eventually wanted to be seen. a loved one's face and this project is to explore the ve1y beginnings of that to see how we might do something that would improve the quality
10:55 pm
of life. >> boy, this is so amazing. the first human clinical trial of the device is set to begin in early 2022. >> some beautiful new time lapse video from lake tahoe shows just how quickly the winter conditions settled in the video was recorded by web cams set up by the lake tahoe visitors authority along the lake's shores. you can see how quickly the ice, their forms on the shoreline of the lake and snow covering the trees that first shot look like it was pointing towards incline village. this want hard to tell but you can see just how stunningly gorgeous it is up there. this would be a good weekend to be up in braces got more on what's happening up there. yeah. take advantage of the dry weather this weekend in the bay area and also this year, if you are heading out hoping for a white christmas in the sierra. >> take advantage of monday morning and afternoon at the very latest because we're going to see several storms
10:56 pm
arriving this year as early as monday night. here's a live look outside. i 80 at donner summit and we are noticing not as dangerous air road conditions out there right now. so travel the best right now even through saturday and sunday sears snowpack, though, 98% of normal. and that's because we're seeing right now central sierra averaging a 102% of average and southern sierra a 105% of normal. thanks to that atmosphere river and another storm in the middle of this week that dumped about a foot of rain, but we're tracking dry clear conditions out there right now. but the next storm set to arrive as early as monday night. that one's going to bring 2 to 3 feet of additional mountain snow for the highest peaks. one to 3 inches of valley rain gusty winds as well with snow levels dropping below 3,000 feet already monday night. so plan ahead for those of you heading out to your holiday destination. going to be beautiful out there this especially truckee in south
10:57 pm
lake tahoe for most of this upcoming holiday week. christmas eve and also christmas day tomorrow, temperatures in the low 40's for truckee and self a cop tahoe. we are going to notice plenty of sunshine even through monday afternoon. with snow showers monday night. so enjoy loud lot to look up to look forward to, i guess next week. yeah. just so happy. the snowpack is finally replenishing right about were supposed to be about double the rainfall average. there you go. >> ha. have a fantastic we have a great weekend, everybody. good
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
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covered california. this way to health insurance. ♪ ♪ >> announcer: covid home test crisis. good luck finding any. >> it is beginning to look a lot like 2020. >> empty sports arenas. an outbreak at the rockettes. then... >> high alert at schools everywhere. >> the tiktok challenge sending dinners across the usa. >> america's education system is under attack right now. >> announcer: and taking the stand. >> the ex-cop on trial for mixig up her taser with her firearm. plus, another accuser comes forward


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