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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  December 18, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>> from >> the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron 4 news at 6. >> triple vaccinated. we had our booster were pretty good about masking. so i think feeling we're feeling pretty. okay. >> but as everyone being careful today's expected to be the busiest travel day of the year. and with the omicron variant quickly becoming the dominant and more contagious strain of coronavirus. another winter surge could be here by the new year. thank you so much for joining us here during kron, 4 news at 6 o'clock tonight. i'm justine waltman. i'm jonathan mccall. san francisco international airport is seeing traffic at almost 70%. >> where we saw before the
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pandemic while preliminary numbers indicate that boosters do work against the omicron variant infectious disease. experts caution to take extra safety precautions this holiday travel season. kron four's gayle ong spent the day talking to travelers at sfo. she joins now live tonight with more on their conversations. good evening, gayle. >> good evening, justine and jonathan travelers getting a head start on their holiday destinations jetting off today. and most people i spoke with say they feel safe because they have received their booster shot. chris johnson and his family are heading to maui very excited. first day they arrive to san francisco international airport early for a trip they could not miss it was a 2019 1st president. >> my wife and i. >> paid for a trip for everybody. and then the pandemic hit. and so we couldn't go in 2020 because shut down. and then 2000. 21
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here we are towards the afternoon. the security lines at sfo had an 8 minute wait. >> workers say the mornings and evenings tend to be the busiest airport. officials say the number of people traveling is approaching pre-pandemic levels saturday alone had about 51,000 passengers departing overall, a 67% jump from 2019 a new wife and i are as travelers deal with the uncertainty of the pandemic for the second consecutive year jamie cook is not worried for both triple vaccinated. we had our booster were pretty good about masking. so i think feeling we're feeling pretty okay. while preliminary data indicates boosters work against the omicron variant infectious disease. experts caution to take extra safety measures this holiday travel season. frankly, we're the best mask i can find going to your point, it's going to be in 95 trying take it off. if you don't have a. >> can 9595, you know, don't get it. don't quibble. just put surgical mask but keep it on. >> an airport officials say
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these next few days are supposed to be the busiest this week christmas holiday travel season. so it is advised get there early 2 hours before your domestic flight 3 hours before international flights reporting from san francisco. gayle ong kron 4 news, thank you so much. gail and the cdc is now going a step further to try and prevent any international travelers from bringing more cases into the country. a pilot program just started for international travelers where they get free covid-19 rapid test. >> new rule started december 6th requiring international travelers to get a covid test within 24 hours of arrival. and coming up a little bit later here on kron from his 00:00pm tonight we will hear from health officials about why the cdc is recommending that people got the pfizer or moderna vaccines rather than that johnson and johnson covid vaccine, which is one week to go to chmas. hundreds of families in the south bay today getting some. >> gifts and food for a holiday meal. the salvation
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army's second annual toy enjoy christmas gift distribution event was held in san jose and kron 4 all spoke with volunteers. >> and organizers who feel very fortunate that they're able to make a difference. >> a drive up to the s ap sports and entertainment center in san jose and a warm greeting from volunteers at the salvation army silicon valley winds down the end of another difficult year for some 445 families in the south bay, a tough 12 months kept with kindness and deep appreciation for the care. this is the choice between paying for electricity. >> are buying gifts for the kids and this just giving fans a little bit of hope due to pandemic restrictions for the second year in a row, the salvation army distributing holiday toys and food to families in their cars to be surprised how many kids face lit up more than 50 volunteers donating their time for those struggling. the most. prolonged public health
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emergency. it was a joyful experience. every single person was was wishing us. many thanks overall, 990 kids received gifts at the distribution of this is what makes me want to continue to do this is seen the lives are changed. the hope that's a given knowing these small contributions is is changing people's lives every day. last year alone, the salvation army silicon valley served more than 192,000 people and deliver 4.4 million pounds of food in san jose filipe job all kron 4 news. >> let's change it up now and take a live look outside here. it city hall in san francisco. green good assume for christmas. but there's a list, a look it up online was a san francisco city hall sort of green to mark the world premiere of the 4th matrix movie tonight that's premiering at the castro theater. that's why i agree. the metro. i thought it was blue pill of the red pill. no
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green. the the code is green. you probably should read that. you know, more than me. i will. it o'clock. >> kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez. let's get it. does look pretty cool. you're gonna reach here. i wish he was. i don't think he is, though lawrence fishburne turned on races here though. she's got forecast of he with that. but ok. >> let's take a look at temperatures today. it was another chilly one low to mid 50's. upper 40's, though, for those of you in livermore 10 degrees below average. but we're tracking clear skies out there right now and tonight is going to be the last full moon of the year the cold moon lighting up the bay area skyline. and we're also seeing cool temperatures on account of that lack of blanket of cloud cover widespread low to mid and upper 40's 41 degrees
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for livermore. but check out downtown san francisco barely in the low 50's 50 degrees as you step outside. so bundle up yet again. fortunately tracking calm wind speeds out there but radar for going to see changes in the extended forecast. several storm set to arrive going to remain dry, though, for this weekend could see some showers trying to clip the bay area coastline sunday night overall looking like a dry day as his monday. but then storm after storm arriving tuesday morning and we're going to see the heaviest rain thursday. but those storms are going to continue for christmas eve and christmas day. we're going to get inches of rain. 3 to 5 inches for north bay valleys and around the bay area shoreline and your from 2 to 3 inches of wet weather. your full weekend forecast. coming up after the break. just seen in. jonathan, back to you. risa. thank you so much. new tonight at 6 o'clock. a developing story tonight of oakland. police say they need your help. >> trying to find the person you see right there on your screen. investigators say they want to fund this person in
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connection to a homeless man that was shot on international boulevard just around 9 o'clock this morning. first responders were able to get there to that scene to save the man took him to a nearby hospital. right now there's no word on his condition tonight. pd investigators are hoping that someone knows the person that you see right there on your screen. if you do make sure you give opd a call in the street side, san leandro school board president christian rodriguez is in critical condition tonight after he was hit by a car. in a statement the district said that rodriguez was walking with his wife when the crash happened in that he was, quote, gravely injured. so far no other details have been have been released on the investigation. but the superintendent said that the district will send more updates as soon as they become available. >> coming up here at 6 o'clock. why infectious disease experts are advising people to get the moderna or pfizer. covid vaccine. instead of that jj window shots. plus
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one of the biggest real companies here in the bay area now offering for relief to its tenants with back rent. we'll show you how you can apply and entresto is the number one heart failure brand prescribed by cardiologists and has helped over one million people. it was proven superior at helping people stay alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb.
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the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto.
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or high blood potassium. theranos ceo elizabeth holmes is now in the hands of a jury in san jose after a 3 month long trial, the jury of 8 men and 4 women must now decide if holmes is guilty of multiple counts of wire fraud.
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>> after closing arguments friday the jury instructed the judge, i should say instructed the jury to begin deliberations immediately prosecutors claim that the founder of the blood testing company theranos is guilty of defrauding her investors out of hundreds of millions of dollars. her defense team responded by saying that holmes was building a business, not a criminal enterprise and she'd went down with the ship rather than running away. >> theranos failed in 2018 after its technology did not work as advertised. and if convicted holmes faces up to 20 years in prison for each w% count of wire fraud and conspiracy as well as substantial fines and financial restitution. >> and tracking showers that will impact your traveling week and traveling weekend
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>> continuing covid-19 coverage this saturday night as the growing call for americans to get the vaccine and their booster shots as soon as possible. but according to the centers for disease control and prevention, not all vaccines are equal and now it is recommending either the pfizer or moderna vaccine over that johnson and johnson's shot. >> citing rare, but concerning blood clot cases from force camila barco learns why officials are now keeping it around in the chances of the side effects. >> local health experts say the johnson and johnson vaccine has improved to be as effective as the other vaccines blood clotting
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problems were linked to the vaccine since last spring. officials considered a rare risk. but now new information shows it's an ongoing problem. first of all, if you've got to don't worry about the clotting issue. uc berkeley, infectious disease specialist doctor john swartzberg. >> is offering some reassurance to johnson and johnson recipients. new data shows blood clots are still occurring to people who have received the j and j shot. we heard that there are complications from the. >> j j vaccine, particularly in women. typically in the 20's 30's 40's 54 people developed a rare blood clot linked to the j and j shot. >> since last spring. 9 of those people died this week. the cdc said pfizer and moderna are safer preferred and recommended over the johnson johnson vaccine when the cdc looked at well, others. >> serious complications that are very rare but can occur with and we've got early
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vaccines that are more effective in. don't have that complication. a logical decision was with the cdc said the doctor swartzberg says. >> if you have received j and j. there's no need to worry because the chances of blood clots are still small. it's a small number of a million. >> so the worry about if you got vaccinated months ago or 2 months or 6 months ago. the panel is still making the j and j shot available to people who want it. >> or have a severe allergy to the other options. experts say the johnson and johnson vaccine is better than nothing at all. for example. >> populations are hard to reach here in the united states like homeless people. you want to get humane only get one. she has to vaccinate them and that would be huge that settings. the cdc director is on board with the panel's recommendation. >> she says it emphasizes the agency's commitment to provide
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real-time scientific information to the public. the cdc director says if you have received the j and j shot get boosted 2 months after with pfizer or moderna. and if you have received the j and j shot more than 4 weeks ago. you are not at an increased risk for side effects in san francisco, camila barco kron 4 news. >> several large school districts across the state, including west contra costa have now delayed the vaccine mandate deadline. the district made this call after it was clear they were unprepared at thousands of students to their independent and virtual study programs this week west contra, costa county school board members followed the lead that was set by los angeles and voted to push the deadline from january 3rd until february 18th the state's vaccine mandate will follow the fda's full approval of the covid vaccine for each age group that is expected to happen in july of 2022. >> san francisco's largest landlord their toss
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investments says it will now forgive uncovered portions of back rent owned by owed by tenants who have been unable to pay it themselves because of the covid-19 pandemic. very toss which owns some 250 residential buildings in the city announced a new relief relief program to cover tenants back rent as long as they apply for state relief funds by january 31st. if applicants are denied by the state, then very toss and its affiliate company. green tree property management would cover up to 18 months of back rent in place of what the state would offer. right now on kron 4 dot com. you can read the very latest about the covid-19 headlines just scan the qr code on your screen and you'll be directed to our website to get the latest headlines, including data on the omicron variant. the new statewide indoor mask mandate and more on the cdc's recommendation of the pfizer and moderna vaccines over the johnson johnson vaccine. talk about our 4 zone forecast the saturday night. a live look at the golden gate bridge as we get ready to.
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>> head off what do we get ready for saturday night. yeah. it's going to be a big going to be big thing and it's going to be a wet week ahead in our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now with the rainy week looks like sunday is okay. but what about monday, tuesday wednesday into christmas. yes, sunday and monday looking greats of you. devin need last-minute travel plans. >> going to be great in the bay area. so take advantage of this dry weekend forecast even for monday as well because as you can see, we're going to stay dry. we could see some showers out in the pacific trying to inch closer to the bay area coastline. but overall, looking like a dry day. the one thing we are going to notice is that increase in storm cloud cover, partly cloudy skies sunday turning into mostly cloudy skies on monday and then by early tuesday morning, this is going to be round one of showers set to arrive all throughout tuesday as well. and we are going to see, though, for wednesday,
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widespread light to moderate rain continuing heaviest downpour, though, will be about thursday night that some are going to notice this most active storm bringing gusty winds. so far no chance of pop-up thunderstorms. but we are going to see, though, that risk of mudslides and debris flows. not going to be as extreme because we are tracking overall widespread light showers and it is going to come in waves, which is really great news but future cast for going to track, though a very wet christmas eve and christmas day. but then we're going to dry out monday about 8 days from now. but rain totals looking really impressive anywhere from 2 to 5 inches of wet weather for most of the bay area. thanks to all of the storms. but a very dry cool chilly night once again. so dress in layers, bundle up already tracking widespread 40's temperatures out there right now in the 40's. but cooling down into the mid to upper 30's for our valleys low to mid 40's throughout the bay
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area shoreline with widespread mid 50's once again upper 40's for napa and allay and temperatures, though we are going to see little change, but it's a wet weather that has this really excited for a holiday week. so enjoy back to jonathan just ing risa. thank you. sports. up next, the card to women hit the floor against the tennessee volunteers in knoxville. >> they have a very good day. plus we'll also check in on the dubs as they head north of the border to take on the toronto >> and before we go to break, we just want to take a moment to remind everyone that kron 4 bowl of caring to help support local charities if you'd like to donate, you can use your phone to scan this qr code on your screen or text n y e donate 2, 2, 6, 9, 8, 9, you can also visit tackle hunger dot org and pick a local charity to help out. and we'll
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don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. all right. so i'm doing sports night the dubs playing in toronto right now without 6 of their regulars know steph node raimondo andrew wiggins jordan poole andre iguodala. >> otto porter all taking the game off for various reasons. and so far the score reflects exactly how you think 77 1. p'04, right now they're losing by nearly a 30 piece warriors losing big time in the 4th quarter. we'll have full highlights and reaction coming up in prime time at 8 o'clock. the third-ranked stanford women with a tough matchup at number 7, tennessee in knoxville. no problem for the
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cardinal women. early haley jones with the spin move and tough finish that put stanford up 4326 at the half. but the vols with start the 2nd half on a 14. nothing run highlighted by this reverse layup and one by alexis died. that would cut the lead to 4 the cardinal getting a huge lift to the end of the 3rd as hannah jumps jumping nails the 3rd 3 pointer at the buzzer to end the quarter and gets the lead up to 6 4th quarter. it was all ashton pretty dull who knocked down 3 straight treys and scored 11 points in 3 and a half minutes to push the lead back to double digits stand for women with a big win on the road. 7463 over a top 10 team on the road. next up for the cardinal the number one team in all of women's basketball usc on tuesday. there was a curry who wears number 30 playing for a bay area team today jay, to curry of cal. she had going on the
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still an acrobatic layup, but she was also found bears up by 17 at halftime. just looking green also had a big game for cal with 20 points or 3 here puts pushes the lead to 19 in 3rd quarter. 4th quarter. more curry. this time, 3 ports yet for them on our way to 27 points. the freshman leading the team in scoring bears win 89 7. the 3 they host saint mary, it's on tuesday. >> think you don't worry, cullen jason and is safe. see you back here it is. just do it over.
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>> now on inside california politics covid-19 hospitalizations jumped as a new mask mandate goes into effect. >> want to ensure that from some families can spend the holidays together safely. >> the latest order drawing the ire of republican lawmakers. >> and the governor is using this as a bully pulpit and the dictatorship. plus, governor newsome pushes for stricter gun laws using the texas abortion law as a model. >> there will for pass muster in the legal system. >> broadcasting across the golden state, this is the sign california politics.
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