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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  December 20, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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around that mall in san jose. they were told to shelter in place. kron four's, ella sogomonian live for us in the newsroom with all the latest information. found became grant. many people, of course, distraught out there tonight whether they were inside the oakridge mall at the time of this reported shooting or. >> they were worried for their loved ones who were so nearly 3 hours later, the search continues because as you just mentioned, san jose. police have not yet found a suspect or a victim. but they're still investigating that unconfirmed report of one person possibly shot. so san jose police want people who are still inside that mall to wait. there and where they are until officers get to them and then clear them to leave as people exit. they're being told they can go to the home depot over on blossom hill road nearby which is serving as a reunification center employees said that he heard one gunshot that sent people running into their store for shelter. well, another witness tells me that he was just trying to go see the new spiderman movie with his girlfriend when a police
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car drove up in the parking lot. an officer got out with what looked to be a long gun. >> officer comes out, pulls out his long gun here as in there that, you know, 5 minutes after hill being inside the mall. we hear one gunshot and everybody is running out. >> people are crying so he was and >> so home or gunshot, like it was so so i hear people screaming and running inside our store. >> so just in the last 10 minutes or so. san jose police officers. we're still roaming through the oakridge mall clearing people out one by one so that they could leave the latest being in the north from rock store. so we're still looking to find out whether or if they will find a shooter or that alleged victim. meantime, no word on when diners shoppers and employees can
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come back and pick up their cars were left in that parking lot live in the newsroom. ella sogomwnian kron 4 news. >> scary situation. thank you. ellen will keep you posted there. certainly now. we want to turn our attention to the coronavirus federal health officials are now saying that omicron has become the dominant variant the coronavirus here in the u.s. accounting for 73% of the new infections just last this omicron explosion comes as the country enters the busiest travel season. it has seen since the pandemic started scientists in africa. you may recall first set of the alarm about omicron right around thanksgiving. at that point, the world health organization designated omicron a variant of concern. it has since been found in more than 90 countries numbers from the cdc showed nearly a six-fold increase in omicron infections over the past week. top the u.s. officials also say that they are bracing for a hard winter as the omicron variant
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of covid spreads rapidly across the country and now the world health organization is recommending that people canceled their christmas gatherings and even comes to these better. >> a life guns we are now on an upsurge of delta. we have not yet seen the full impact of the very ominous omicron. >> cities across the country have already taken extra precautions here in california, there's a statewide mask mandate in effect until january 15th white house press secretary jen psaki says that the president will address the nation tomorrow. he is expected to outline new steps. the administration is implementing to fight this virus. several large school districts across the state, including west contra. costa have delayed their vaccine mandate deadline for students. they say that they made the call after it was clear they were unprepared to add thousands of students to their independent and virtual study programs west contra, costa county school board members
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voted to push the deadline from january 3rd until february 18th the state's vaccine mandate will follow the fda's full approval of the covid vaccine for each age group and it is expected to go into effect in july of 2022. >> in the east bay tomorrow. oakland city council members are set to consider requiring certain businesses to check for covid vaccine records councilmember dan cobb introduced the emergency ordinance last week if passed businesses like bars, restaurants, gyms, movie theaters libraries would have to ask for proof of full vaccination and this would start february. 1st with the spread of omicron cop says he consulted with the alameda county health office sent determine that now is the time for a change today. executives and moderna said a 3rd dose of its vaccine. a booster significantly increases protection against omicron despite this news moderna says
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it will continue working to develop a vaccine that is specific to the omicron variant. they say that vaccine should be ready for clinical trials sometime next year. cruise lines are tightening covid protocols due to omicron both the norwegian cruise line and royal caribbean are now instituting new mask rules on ships. all passengers are now required to wear a mask unless actively eating or drinking while indoors. this comes as the royal caribbean ship symphony of the seas return to miami over the weekend with 48 guests and crew members testing positive for covid. those people were put into quarantine. many had no symptoms or mild symptoms, right now. kron 4 dot com. you can read about the latest coronavirus headlines just scan the qr code on your screen there. >> and you'll be directed to right to our website. >> whoa, whoa. >> well. what was right dash
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cam video here showing the moment a 6.2 earthquake shook up the northern coast of our state. the quake shortly after noon off cape mendocino near humboldt county's summit 200, 80 miles north of san francisco right now. there's no word of any injuries or catastrophic damage. but certainly there is a bit of damage. cal. oh, yes. officials say it's unlikely the quake. will trigger a tsunami and we probably would have note about that by now. yeah. if that was a threat. so no threat there, but certainly a nice reminder of what can come indeed. all right. switching gears now talking about the weather with our 4 zone forecast meteorologists dave spahr. >> picking grants. good evening. good evening, everybody. and a pretty nice shot of the east bay shoreline as we the clouds kind of break out a little bit. you'll see that early tomorrow morning as well. so we'll probably get some sunshine and a good chunk of the bay before the clouds redevelop and comes that
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first, wait? yes, the first wave of rain with many more to come taking us right in the holiday weekend. temperatures are already checking in the middle 40's with those clear skies at this mentioned expect some last-minute dropping happening in the east bay might get those numbers down of the 30's. it looks like the state probably north the freezing mark. but again, kind of breaking up the clouds a little bit. maybe give you some last-minute stargazing there. check out or i and if you like a few breaks and the sun is what we'll see. this is actually looking more optimistic as we continue look at it later. later, then by noon we'll start to get some north bay showers way up north potentially north of sonoma county temperatures checking in the mid 50's. then everybody's pretty much engaged by 3 o'clock. it looks like a tent at the futurecast for years. the clearing patch i mentioned that's pretty good as your morning commute were talking earlier, the that might be an issue. but now it looks like it's a commute home with more rain. first wave moves through. it's pretty much status quo, snow levels way up about 7,000 whatever that its drop in a little bit in for us. successive waves might have a little instability on wednesday
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thursday that might potentially drive some hailed hell's not a winter factor. all that we get it in the winter that tells us if we're getting instability in the atmosphere there, but it will be aided by some colder air aloft a bit winds. we have breezy conditions early on. but again, with that instability later on wednesday thursday. some lookout for might some wind issues a bit, make it a little bit later for tonight, a cool and mostly cloudy got the 40's working again parting a little bit by dawn. looks like tomorrow. early variable clouds cool in the 50's afternoon shower. rain program. then for the week, the only real break we see happening here is maybe on friday there and then back to more on the weekend and frankly, as we go into next week as well as a quick shot of some of the rain we expect that's the first wave that takes us to about friday and then afterwards the numbers pop. as you can see after the weekend and early into the following it was about 3 inches on there by the way. so it looks like will be quite active, not just as we finish this week. but on the next week to try keep it coming.
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thanks, to the east bay. we go where the oakland police department will be adding a 6th district to east oakland where a majority of violent crime happens in that city. according. >> to oakland's police chief leronne armstrong 60% of the city's 911. calls come from east oakland. it is why he is shifting resources to add more officers to protect those streets. the oakland city council approved a plan last month to allow opd to add 60 officers by adjusting the city budget to accommodate 2 additional police academies and unfreezing 20 police positions in the current city budget. the chief says the 48 officers going to east oakland are not new to the department, but we'll be shifting their duties after hearing from concerned citizens. >> we know that the vast majority of the violent crimes happened in east oakland. so we're doing everything we can to try to bring resources to help bring down crime and make east oakland safer for everyone. >> during that same news
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conference. chief armstrong gave an update on the death of kevin nishita. the security guard was shot and killed last month while protecting a kron 4 reporter on assignment in downtown oakland. >> we have recovered a vehicle similar to the description of the vehicle that we were looking for the vehicle that we have pushed photos out and we are analyzing everything within that vehicle. >> no arrests have been made in connection to death. $38,500 reward is being offered for any information that leads to an arrest. and if you would like to help kevin issued his family. a fund has been set up a cash or check donation can be made to the kevin nishita trust at any metropolitan bank location in person or by mail at the address. that's on your screen there. the information is also on our website at kron 4 dot com. the san leandro unified school district is mourning the loss of board president cristian rodriguez. he died from his injuries after being hit by a car on friday. rodriguez was walking with his
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wife when he was hit. he leaves behind his wife and his 2 young children. he was appointed as president of the san leandro unified school board just last wednesday they released a statement today saying in part christian has been an indispensable member of our as tell us the family for many years now and was also a deer cherished friend to so many of us has an inspirational impassioned advocate of our students and families. his joyous inclusive leadership. we'll never be replaced. his passing leaves a painful void in our district and in all our hearts and investigation is underway after a fatal hit and run in antioch. it happened just after midnight today on the 1200 block of sunset drive a 40 year-old man was found unresponsive in the street. he was pronounced dead when police arrived. police do not have a description of the car that hit that tonight. a number of top san francisco leaders say they're not on board with the plan by mayor london breed to flood the
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tenderloin neighborhood with more police officers. among those opposed to the plan. san francisco district attorney chase a building kron four's. jonathan mccall live with us in the studio with details. jason dean is a polarizing figure in this plays right into that narrative very much is so that is the case. a number of these leaders say they do support mayor breed with. >> her plans to want to clean up the tenderloin. what they're not on board with this. her using the police to go after those who need the most help. they say that most options are on the table to help fix the problem. they want those problems to be used instead of police going to lock people up those opposed to the mayor's plan say that if there's money for more officers on the streets. there's also more money for programs to help those most in need. >> standing shoulder to shoulder several top san francisco leaders provided a united front monday opposed to mayor london breed's proposed state of emergency in the tenderloin. >> people. struggles. folks
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who are on the streets in cages not these problems and they're certainly not only tools available. last week san francisco mayor london breed call for an aggressive plan to clean up the area that when people walk down the streets of san >> they should feel safe among the ideas. more officers on the streets to stop drug dealers and to stop outdoor drug use. >> she also called for centers were drug users can get help or risk going to jail monday. the mayor tweeted out that the state of emergency will allow the city to move quickly to address the public health crisis on san francisco streets and gives owning restrictions are revised center to help folks in need could open in 2 to 3 weeks instead of 6 to 9 months. san francisco board of supervisors. president shamann walton on monday said that supervisors gave the mayor permission to tackle drug
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overdoses not to lock people up. >> that was not intended to increase. law enforcement says. an arrest. people we used we currently don't have adequate resources to trust their >> during the event. san francisco district attorney chesa boudin said that his main focus will be on serious and violent crimes. he said that the mental health and drug crisis facing the tenderloin won't be solved with just handcuffs if help also available. >> in the last 2 years. district attorney's office has filed occasions in over 70% of the cases the police. over 70%. that's higher than in 2019. what we have to show for it. it improved things to problems. you know, we know i
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would get. >> the san francisco board of supervisors will host a special meeting. thursday to vote on whether or not they will move forward with mayor breed's, state of emergency plan. let you know what they decide. jonathan mccall kron 4 news. >> thank you, jonathan. national news and jury deliberations are underway in the fraud trial of their nose founder elizabeth hopes after a 3 month trial. the jury of 8 men and 4 women must decide if holmes is guilty of multiple counts of wire fraud. silicon valley obviously looking at this trial closely closing arguments wrapped up on friday. prosecutors arguing that the founder of the blood testing company theranos is guilty of defrauding her investors out of hundreds of millions of dollars. her defense team responded by saying holmes is building a business, not a criminal enterprise and she went down with the ship rather than trying to run away theranos failed in 2018 after its technology did not work as
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advertised if convicted holmes faces up to 20 years in prison for each count of wire fraud and conspiracy as well as substantial fines jurors in the gully maxwell's sex-trafficking case have also begun deliberations. the last 4 weeks. 2 dozen witnesses. >> have testified including 4 women who say they were abused by epstein with the help of maxwell when they were teenagers. maxwell has denied allegations she groomed for teenage girls and help jeffrey epstein sexually abused them her lawyer says that she has been targeted by prosecutors looking to hold someone accountable after epstein killed himself in prison. the fate of former minneapolis police officer kim part or a potter is now in the hands of the jury after both sides in her manslaughter case have breasted she claims the shooting of dante wright was a mistake. but prosecutors say potter took unnecessary risks. kelly, the son has more.
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>> a jury now weighing the actions of former minnesota police officer kim potter on april 11th the day she pulled over 20 year old dante wright and attempted to place him under arrest for an outstanding warrant when he resisted potter fatally shot him. >> saying she meant to use her taser but accidentally grabbed gun instead. potter's attorneys have argued that she made a mistake, but also would have been within her rights to use deadly force if she had intended to because another officer was a risk of being dragged by wright's car. everybody makes mistakes nobody's perfect. ladies and gentleman mistake is crime. >> it just isn't just just doesn't are. country. prosecutors claim potter was an experienced officer who had extensive training in taser use and the use of deadly force. >> and that actions were unreasonable accidents can still be crimes. as a result,
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recklessness are culpable negligence. the charges require prosecutors to prove the potter acted recklessly cause an unreasonable risk and consciously took a chance of causing death or great bodily harm during the trial. dawn jay wright's mother testified that traffic stop. yes, to know. >> he was in trouble. is that, you and anything wrong. he does something really nervous. but i reassured him that it be are also took the stand in her own defense maintaining she meant to draw her taser instead of her gun. >> to stop 20 year old dante wright from escaping. >> meanwhile in colorado truck drivers are protesting a judge's ruling after a young
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driver got a 110 year prison sentence for his first accident. roger. regulars, brakes failed and he lost control of his truck on a highway near denver 2 years ago, the ensuing pileup killed 4 people. he passed drug and alcohol tests and he testified he would never hurt anyone intentionally. but the judge said he had to abide by the state's mandatory sentencing laws. many truckers say they well travel through colorado until the sentences reduced former president donald trump is suing new york attorney general. the teacher james in an effort to end a civil investigation into his business dealings. the lawsuit was filed earlier today about 2 weeks after james requested trump sit for a deposition. the former president alleges the attorney general is violating his constitutional rights. he's seeking a permanent injunction barring her from investigating him. >> coming up on this. our prom for news house speaker nancy
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pelosi talking about the infrastructure bill. how she says that money. really some of it is going to help one bay area city and a little bit more relief at the pump would bay area. gas prices are looking like as we head into what is likely going to be the busiest travel week of the year. and don't forget to join us on crime for as we ring in the new year. our very own grant lotus and justine waltman will countdown to 2020 to watch the bay area's only live fireworks show. is it sparkles over the bay bridge. the party starts 1130 on new year's eve only
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>> for your money. tonight. an update on gas prices over the past couple of weeks. the nationwide average is actually dropped by about $0.6. experts say that prices have been falling for just about a month now because of lower crude oil costs are right now aaa reporting california's average price for gas is p.67. but the bay area still the most expensive in the country. as of today, a gallon of regular is going to cost you about 4.90 in san francisco. napa county for 88 marin sonoma and san mateo county said it for 83 a gallon and the price drops to 4.77 in santa clara county for 75 in alameda county and then the to about 4.74 in contra, costa cougty aaa says the cheapest gas per gallon in the bay area right now is in solano county at
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4.66 a gallon. >> if you're one of the millions of people driving this holiday season. aaa has released its list of worst times to drive here in the bay area. they're predicting the busiest freeway will be interstate 80 near 5.80, in san pablo dam boulevard. they're predicting traffic on that stretch of road will be a 166% of normal and they say the worst day will be december 23rd thursday between 5, 3730, in the evening. >> area rap legend missed. if ab is giving away more than the gift us on this holiday season this week. he is also hosting another free charity event. the toys for joy christmas drive is taking place this thursday for 5. '03, market street in oakland between noon and 6 at night. people can stop by and take home some various toys, a hot meal and close to keep themselves warm the season. they also in a raffle for gifts like a playstation. the
9:25 pm
stuff ab says that he uses his platform with the help of many people in the community and hopes younger generations are inspired to not just take but to give back to. >> you know, when you're in poverty, when you're living in apartments in the project parents on somebody appearance on drugs. are you looking at is the people that look like they got out of that. and so we just have to reinvent the role models. we have to reinvent the role models. whether starts by the music that we make or the lifestyles that we continue meet advocates of. >> fab doing some good there again, the toys for joy christmas drive is happening this thursday from noon to 6 in oakland. next california attorney general rob bonta is cracking down on businesses. violating state environmental laws. >> the retail giant. he's now suing for allegedly dumping hazardous waste plus that new omicron variant is starting to hurt the country in more ways than one way. experts believe
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it will lead to worsening issues within the supply chain and see how long they expect those issues to last. finally fighting climate change with new policy. details on the new emissions standards for cars and trucks that the white house is now talking about ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment, there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor and switched to fewer medicines with dovato. dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen.
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most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, trouble sleeping, tiredness, and anxiety. so much goes into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato-i did. ♪ >> california. the state of california is suing the retail giant wal-mart this state attorney general announced he's filing a lawsuit over the
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retail giant's dumping of hazardous waste. our ashley zavala explains why and how walmart is responding. >> walmart slogan might be save money. but based on the company's, one might reasonably wonder whether walmart has re branded to save money. >> luke environment. california attorney general rob bonta blasting walmart the state department of justice monday filed a lawsuit claiming the big box store has violated state environmental laws but you legally dumping hazardous waste from its 300 california stores that waste includes lithium batteries electronics pesticides, toxic cleaning supplies, aerosol cans and confidential customer information. bonta says over the last 6 years, walmart has dumped about 159,000 pounds of these materials into landfills in california that are not authorized or equipped for that kind of waste these products may seep into our communities drinking water as toxic pollutants worked into the air we all breathe as dangerous guests. but walmart
9:30 pm
officials said the company is prepared to defend itself in court in response to the lawsuit. a walmart spokesperson said, quote, we have met with the state numerous times and walk them through our industry-leading hazardous waste compliance programs in an effort to avoid litigation. >> instead they filed this unjustified lawsuit. this lawsuit comes more than 10 years after walmart in the state settled over a similar issue over the disposal of lip balm shampoo bottles and batteries. one motor officials note as the court was set to relieve the company from its settlement obligations in 2018, the state attorney general's office launched another investigation which is spokesperson said had new rules in hopes that walmart would enter another settlement. requiring another substantial financial payment but local district attorneys say walmart is a repeat offender. and so we need to work collaboratively to find positive solutions to bring about corrective measures not only the large conglomerates but the mom and pop businesses as well. >> in addition to the state, 12 california counties have joined a lawsuit against walmart in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news.
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>> happening tomorrow. the pleasanton city council is set to make smoking inside some residential buildings illegal. the council is expected to adopt this ordinance. it would ban smoking in buildings, including town homes, condos or any buildings with 3 or more detached unit. people would also be banned from smoking in common areas like lobbies, playgrounds or parking lot and it would include private outdoor spaces like decks and patty sunday, west virginia senator joe mansion dealt a critical blow to president biden and democrats when he said he would. >> vote no on the president's build back better plan kron four's, washington correspondent basil john reports as democrats are calling out the senator for going against his word to work on a deal. there's high drama in washington. >> some democrats were shocked and others weren't when senator joe manchin made his no on the bill clear democrats are now trying to focus on how to make this bill still happen. we will continue to
9:32 pm
fight to pass the legislation. house speaker nancy pelosi promised democrats will continue to fight for build back better even after west virginia senator joe mansion drop support of the president's plan on fox news sunday i can not vote to continue with this piece of legislation. i just can't. i've tried everything humanly possible. i can't get there. president biden worked for months to get mansion on board reducing the price tag to one 0.7 5 trillion dollars, even though that wasn't enough to win mansion over the white house says it isn't giving up. we do not act to get this legislation done and the components in it not only will costs and prices go up for the american people. but also we will see a trajectory, an economic growth that is not where we wanted to be. and we've seen projections from goldman sachs. >> and others today on that front. the build back better plan contains progressive priorities like climate think prevention health care benefits family 8 and more. >> congresswoman pramila
9:33 pm
jayapal says democrats can't allow mansion to stand in the way we cannot make the same mistakes twice. >> we cannot hang the futures of millions of americans on the word of one man represents the state that has a tiny percentage of the country's entire population jayapal says she's calling on president biden to use executive action as broadly as possible. >> to me progressive goals reporting in washington. i'm basil john. >> improvements are coming to our roads here in the bay area. and lourdes. we need it. house speaker nancy pelosi was in san francisco today to talk about the projects that will be funded by the bipartisan infrastructure bill, which was passed earlier this year. speaker pelosi joined by mayor london breed in us representatives from the east bay. and while we do not have an outline of specific projects. yet speaker pelosi says one of the goals is to make bay area streets safer. >> percent of roads. account for 75% of severe and fatal
9:34 pm
accidents with new funding to modernize our data collection will get a clear picture of where and how are crashes and with 7.2 billion dollars for transportation alternatives nationally will improve safety of sidewalks. bike lanes. just a detour terms of what it means for bike lanes and trails. >> in addition to funding the street projects. bart is also expecting an influx of money from this infrastructure bill, things that would help increase the frequency of trains and improve accessibility for people with disabilities and they say a host of other improvements as well for your money tonight. industry experts warn the global supply chain crisis could last up to 2 years. they say that the onset of the omicron variant. >> will likely lead to new shutdowns this past week, an outbreak at a manufacturing hub in china sent 10's of thousands of workers into quarantine. the world's worst
9:35 pm
delays are still on the united states west coast yeah, that's us. many ships have been waiting for a month down. one low due to the lack of workers on the supply chain backlogs. those are being blamed for shortages of some iconic holiday favorites peppermint again and not producers say that they're having a little trouble getting their hands on crucial ingredients he did to make their products a week peppermint harvest and logistical issues caused by the pandemic have resulted in the less candy canes being made this year. dairy brand organic valley says a supply chain issue with key eggnog ingredients like butter fat. that's keeping that company from bringing its popular eggnog to store shelves this season. >> we have plenty fruit cake of that that onshore to jenny way. we're looking at a very unsettled weather patterns going live for us. not just more rain but mountain snows to this week and after the christmas holiday, i got them coming up. >> all right. and in sports. coming up. the worry is back
9:36 pm
in town. look at the young love. the sacramento kings were here. steph curry back in the lineup sports jason dumas us. entering the arena right now. kaymer actually at the arena. we'll have highlights we come back. >> and run for once again celebrating the remarkable women of the bay area. we need your help to share their stories. if you happen to know a remarkable woman making a difference in her community. nominate or for a chance to be awarded woman of the year. you can enter your nomination and read more about the contest on kron. 4 dot com.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> the warriors are back in the friendly confines of the bay area. they didn't get back from toronto until yesterday. 9 total days on the road. >> tonight. they hosted the sacramento king and check out the crown at chase center with a warm welcome back. for steph curry. of course. >> he broke that record last week is the first time they've seen him now let's get to game 1st quarter. bp to get the steal. he finishes on the other end. but guess what? 10 seconds later, another steal another run out for bp to this time finishes with authority warriors up 10 after one 3rd quarter. now warriors lead cut to 2 tyrese haliburton. >> i love his game he's
9:40 pm
smooth. had 24 points king's high as the race to 15 point deficit. moments later, though otto porter. he had 12 points to it's huge. tonight. 47 point. let's go to the 4th 15 point. game get out and they running great my green. he had a huge day 31st career triple-double. 1610, 11 and his son dj was all over the place tonight and then. steph curry that the icing on the cake. he had 30 warriors win. >> one and we had some reinforcements tonight at chase center, kate rooney she joins us live now. kate. >> like i said in the highlight this was the first time stepped got to play in front of a home crowd since he broke that record. what was the energy liked? it was wild pretty hard to believe right. feels like they were on the road for ever. and of course he would have loved to be a little break it at home. but that's just not the way it
9:41 pm
played out. however, the fans made him feel just a special. >> as if he did before the game even started. they announced of curry on the screen and he got a standing ovation. you could see the emotion in his face. he gives fingers up to the crowd and it is hard a couple times, really a special moment for stuff you can see i'm not the words. appreciate it. to the fans and a little bit later on once again actually started. they did a video portable board presentation from again, he got another standing ovation from the fans and just had another special moment with these donation. that's what you call nation they were happy to see their three-point the mix had 4 of them here tonight, not his best shooting night from beyond the arc but he really turned it on in the 4th quarter and made these fans happy. jason. all right, kate, now the bench was special tonight for the warriors and. >> i think they got a secret weapon dj green dream monson was manning the bench tonight they score 47 points. is he the trick to that rate. >> yeah. saw the stat there
9:42 pm
one in games in which dj green is the towel boy so might want to keep this little guy around. he's clearly got some of that magic green touch in his blood. they love talking about there on the bench is absolutely fantastic as they have been on a lot of different occasions this season. so hopefully that some middle keep this warriors team strong as they get into the hardest part of their schedule. coming up here down the stretch. >> all right, kate, thank you. we will hear from you later in the night. bu
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>> today, the biden administration announced new emission standards for cars and trucks, too. help fight climate change. our kron four's, washington correspondent reshad hudson explains how it could impact you. >> the environmental protection agency says it wants americans breathing cleaner air. we have a responsibility to communities who are most heavily impacted by climate change. monday epa administrator michael regan announced a plan to raise average fuel emission standards for cars and light trucks to 40 miles per gallon by the year 2026 the standards are achievable affordable and will deliver significant pollution reduction. regan says the new fleet wide standards will help save money at the pump and protect the planet. and he says major automakers are jumping on board the past several months. nearly all major automakers have announced plans to transition their vehicle fleet to 0 emissions. the epa administrator says the
9:46 pm
transportation is the largest single source of greenhouse gases generated by the united states representing roughly 30%. >> of the nation's total emissions in seo boot. witherspoon says cleaner air is a personal concern, especially for her 11 year-old son with asthma. >> i've been the mother taking her first ride in an ambulance with him when his oxygen levels were so poor that the pediatrician would not allow me to drive himself. she believes the new standards will help in childhood respiratory diseases. today is a win for all asthmatic. the epa says even higher fuel standards are also expected in 2027 and beyond reporting in washington. reshad hudson. all right. take a look at this. >> 62 people from 18 countries competed in the most extreme marathon on the planet. they ran more than 26 miles through slick snow. fierce winds and bone-chilling temps and an the runners channel. their inner
9:47 pm
sled dogs to make their way through the stunning frozen landscape there. 28 of these runners are from the u.s. this race earned 11 runners, a coveted spot in the 7 continents. marathon club. that's an organization for athletes who have has the name might imply successfully marathon on all of the continent. while that is pretty impressive. this is impressive to write all this rain we've been getting waterfalls are flowing again. the the kids are off from school this week, right. vick so if you shot that, if they are playing in the mud figure out something do with them. we with waterfall. >> gold falls in here. >> in nevada today. yeah. and the what in the what you have cold. it they didn't care to make boots. them out. a lot of fun. so. maybe another day or so to get out there and enjoy. >> with nature without without rain, right. it's a good thing
9:48 pm
for the kids. get him out of the house. take that for you. something who was check of the full 4 zone forecast. now. >> hey, good morning, guys. up tomorrow morning winter arrives. so is the winter solstice those tape. the video that we showed you from antarctica. don't forget, they start their first day of summer them technically. anyway, we're watching things upstream happen for us and rain is part of the program because snows in the mountains will be all week long. we have the southern part of the jet down to southern california actually get a nice plume of moisture coming their way about mid-week. meanwhile, we're waiting for is the opening up of kind of the flow from the gulf of alaska that's going to bring us the cooler. as waves down this way. and that's going where those snow levels as well as it stands to start about 7,000 feet in elevation is where the snow will start. but we expected to sink a little bit as the success of storms take place. little clearing before we get to tomorrow morning. then the clouds rebuild here comes the rain. so it's not a problem in the morning commute. it's the af afternoon, the evening commute this goes out to about 8 o'clock. as you can see,
9:49 pm
still quite active there. but then as we get into tomorrow night, they'll probably be kind of a scattered shower program. while we wait for success of ways. there's no statements about this and there's no statements about the wind gusts far. this is breezy conditions. we're looking at. but the numbers in the teens. now the second way that we expect may drive more winds. so that might be some statements on that. but also there might be some instability thrown that for good measure as well. so that may tend to be drive a little bit of hail, maybe up in the north bay. okay. that's the first major wave. that's the collection box. and then as we go out to past christmas into the middle of next week. we're talking about 2 to 3 inches potentially collecting from all of this. so look ahead of the program here at school and mostly cloudy with 40's tonight. tomorrow, early variable clouds cool in the 50's afternoon showers of rain we talked about and then we get into this week. we get a break on friday. longer-range programming seen the graphics nice plume of moisture in southern california. you can see there. then the northwest opens up for these cooler systems coming down our way. that just adds to the mountain
9:50 pm
snows with this. so we might be talking about avalanche warnings later on when this all piles up there, a look at temperatures for tomorrow not a lot of movement going to have to get your pounds in the numbers early in the day. mid 50's along the coast. as you can see here. meanwhile, long bayside upper 50's, dawn of the southern end of the peninsula about 61 palo alto in the south bay santa clara about 62. we'll do some lower 60's on the east bay shoreline here. 53 for walnut creek delay. what about 4849 for now because the rain's going to start in the north bay seven-day game plan. all right. we see rain through a lot of the program here this week for christmas. we take a little breather. we get to friday night buyers back up again for the holiday weekend and then early into the following week. there's more action to be had guys. this again, as we talked about mountain snows with this and that will be good. also lowering the snow levels. that means our local mountains about the album out, hamilton picking up some 2 o. all right. a winter wonderland. thank you, dave. thank state. >> nintendo says its switch
9:51 pm
consuls are the best-selling gaming systems right now with over a million sold in november alone. the most popular model of the gaming device. the nintendo let, which is one of the hottest holiday items. rich demuro has preview in tonight's tech smart. >> switch has been around for a few years now. but this holiday season, there's a new and improved model called the switch a lead. here's what you need to know about it. >> says its switch console czar. the best-selling gaming system with more than a million sold in november alone. people love it. people really love the switch again catalog to just being able to take it on the go. kevin webb is a gaming and streaming reporter at insider inc. he reviewed the latest nintendo lead which was released in october they did more of an upgrade on what was already a really successful product in this which there are now 3 switch lite, which is $199 and
9:52 pm
portable only. >> the original switch, which is $300 and the new lead, which is $350 like the original the let's which has this docs. you can play on your tv. it also has the detachable controllers. but the biggest difference is really this screen bigger and brighter than the original and the new screen is both of them more energy efficient. and just much bright. it's a stark contrast. there is now double the on-board storage from 32 gigabytes in the original to 64 in lead. that means more room for game downloads. the adjustable stand is greatly improved it's got a full flap here to help it stand up. where's the other one just had a very maybe an inch wide stand to help it. >> a widely not really want to trust when you know the face out there. overall switch is best for casual gamers. there's no 4 k graphics, but it's fun for the whole family and worth the extra $50 to
9:53 pm
lead over the original that is expecting a big, you know, fork, a machine gun can do with the playstation x box. but honestly came really impressed after hands on. >> right now with tight supply and high demand. we're not seeing any discounts on the lead. so be prepared to pay full price on that if you do see a bundle discount that is typically being offered for the original switch. if you want to learn more about the let go to my website. it is rich on tech dot tv. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. >> they have. still to come tonight christmas is close. not yet here, though. but already officials in new york say they're worried about what the omicron variant. well, due to new year's eve plans in times square. from 4 is teaming up with the souper bowl of caring to help support local food charities. if you'd like to donate, you can use your phone to scan the qr code on your screen or text. >> and y e donate to 2, 6, 9,
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limited availability in select areas. call 1.877.only.att. the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. tension builds... the plot twist the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier.
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>> new york city's iconic plans for new year's eve in times square may be in jeopardy bill de blasio is expected to announce this week. if that big parties going to take place after all this comes as the omicron variant surges prior to the mutation attendees for this year's celebration needed to be fully vaccinated or provide
9:57 pm
a medical exemption and a negative covid-19 test. >> last year. people were kept socially distant, but again, things are changing quickly with omicron and at least it's outside. yeah. that's helpful. the bit of good news. least they say. who knows these days. so does omicron. that wraps up kron 4 news in or primetime news continues at the top of the hour with pam moore and ken wayne, we're learning new words every day every. thank you both. thank you very much that. >> here's what we're working on for tonight at 10, we're continuing to follow the latest on that reported shooting at san jose's oak ridge mall. it sent people inside running for cover. >> where the search for victim and shooter stance tonight, what people inside tell us. they heard and saw and with the holidays fast approaching the omicron variant rapidly spreading throughout the nation now accounting for nearly 3 quarters of all us covid cases. the desperate plea from doctors to keep the pandemic. but once again spiraling out of control.
9:58 pm
♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 obviously, you know. >> time of the year. i mean, we be would go anything. >> tonight on kron 4ws


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