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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  December 20, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 obviously, you know. >> time of the year. i mean, we be would go anything. >> tonight on kron 4 news at
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10 o'clock. there is fear and frustration after an apparent shooting at a south bay mall tonight. and we just learned that san jose police cleared out the oak ridge shopping center just a few minutes ago. good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm ken wayne. and i'm pam moore. shoppers diners moviegoers were sense grattan ring for cover at the oakridge mall after they heard what sounded like gunshots earlier this evening. >> san jose police just reported that they did let everybody out of the mall. but still no word on a victim or a shooter. the moni in tracking the latest information from police. she's in the newsroom tonight with that update. l a pam and ken, many questions remain after initial reports from san jose city leaders like mayor sam liccardo who tweeted out that. >> somebody was shot at that mall reaction on the ground from people inside really did make it sound like they heard something that they thought was gunfire. but it's still not clear if there was ever a victim. police said that they're collecting evidence of some kind at this time. reports of that shooting came in just before 6 o'clock
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tonight, officers asked for patience as they meticulously for hours went through the oakridge mall making direct contact with people before they were being able to be released from the shopping center. but again, not clear if there was ever a victim and no word on whether a gunman was found. they did say that a few more hours will be spent by officers to gather that evidence and it's unclear how many rounds might have been fired. some people heard only one while others claim several and nearly 4 hours later. again. no word yet on any casings or particular evidence of these a lot of people share their unsettling experience on social media saying that they had to hunker down in the movie theater in the restaurants inside stores with employees who help them safely shelter in place and in plea, we spoke was very frustrated, to say the least. >> you know it and we obviously, you know. time of
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the year me we be would go and you know, and party is you know well, grown-up son i mean, whatever age they have a mean take that >> san jose police have been updating the public on twitter and they said most recently that mall management will be sending instructions to employees who need to come back and properly secure in closer stores. no word yet on when everybody else can get back into the parking lot for their cars if they were left behind him. love. thank you for by the way, this is the same. all were just 2 days ago, police say more than a dozen robbers attempted to break into the macy's. there. >> at this time. there's no indication that the 2 incidents are related. police say the criminals assaulted one of the store employees on saturday night as they were trying to steal merchandise.
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and now a woman is accused of interfering with an arrest allowing one of the suspects to escape. this is video of officers taking her into custody. she's identified as 43 year-old. amber hameed and is being held at the santa clara county jail on a number of charges. police say they have since recovered more than a $1000 stolen items from that incident. san francisco district attorney jason bodene says a 2 and a half year long investigation into retail theft has led to the recovery of more than 2 million dollars in stolen merchandise. >> and arrest warrants issued for several suspects. prosecutors say it all began following a series of tests at the macy's in union square. one of the suspects is accused of stealing thousands of dollars in merchandise on 3 separate occasions and then reselling the stolen items to a company called camera haven. investigators say the owners of that business, then resold the stolen goods at their store front on larkin and will farrell streets and in flea markets, the same
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investigation also led to the discovery of a separate organized retail theft operation happening at the store fashion exchange just a few blocks away on polk street. the da's office says it has indicted the owners of that store and the case is still pending. tonight. san francisco dha sabal dean is one of several city leaders who say they are not on board with mayor london. breed's plan to flood the tenderloin district with more police officers to try to cut down on crime kron four's. jonathan mccall live for us in the studio with the details. jonathan today can a number of leaders said that there are more options on the table for the city to fix this problem rather than locking people up. >> those opposed to the mayor's plan say that if there is money for more officers on the streets. there's also more money for programs to help those in need. >> standing shoulder to shoulder several top san francisco leaders provided a united front monday opposed to mayor london breed's proposed state of emergency in the tenderloin. >> jailing people. struggles.
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folks who are on the streets in cages these problems and they're certainly not only tools available. last week san francisco mayor london breed call for an aggressive plan to clean up the area that when people walk down the streets of san >> they should feel safe among the ideas. more officers on the streets to stop drug dealers and to stop outdoor drug use. >> she also called for centers were drug users can get help or risk going to jail monday. the mayor tweeted out that the state of emergency will allow the city to move quickly to address the public health crisis on san francisco streets and gives owning restrictions are revised center to help folks in need could open in 2 to 3 weeks instead of 6 to 9 months. san francisco board of supervisors. president shamann walton on monday said that supervisors gave the mayor permission to tackle drug
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overdoses not to lock people up. >> that was not intended to increase. law enforcement says. and a risk people. we used we currently don't have adequate resources to address there he is. >> during the event. san francisco district attorney chesa boudin said that his main focus will be on serious and violent crimes. he said that the mental health and drug crisis facing the tenderloin won't be solved with just handcuffs if help also available. >> in the last 2 years. district attorney's office has filed occasions in over 70% of the cases the police. over 70%. that's higher than in 2019. what we have to show for it. it improved to problems. you know, we know i would get.
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>> san francisco board of supervisors will have a special meeting on thursday. the 23rd to discuss the mayor's possible state of emergency and whether or not it will move forward. we'll let you know what the board decides jonathan mccall kron 4 thank you for >> in the east bay oakland police are adding a new patrol district in east oakland to increase the safety there. police chief leronne armstrong says 60% of the city's 911, calls come from east oakland. also been great reviewing our call data in the things that i've seen over several months is that there. it's clearly a huge disparity in where the calls in the city of oakland come from. >> east oakland currently has 2 police district sent 200, 40 officers are patrolling the area. the move will add a 3rd district increase in the number of officers to nearly 300. she's armstrong says
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those officers will not be new hires whether they will be shifted from other locations. the change is expected to begin january 22nd. and today oakland police also revealed an update in the investigation of kevin, the death. kevin nishita is the security guard who was shot and killed last month while protecting a kron 4 reporter on assignment in downtown oakland. no arrests have been made but chief armstrong did say that they've recovered a car that matches the description of the vehicle use in the shooting. police have released surveillance pictures of that car to white four-door acura tl with no front license plate. >> the skaters are now working to try to find out whether the car they seize is in fact the same vehicle, a reward of more than $38,000 is still being offered for any information that leads to an arrest in this case and a reminder that a fund has been set up for them to shoot a family of cash or check donation can be made to the kevin the shoe to trust that's at any metropolitan bank location in person or by
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mail at the address you see on your screen. information is also on our website, kron 4 dot com. >> and now to our coronavirus coverage tonight, cases of the omicron variant are surging for the first time. it has been detected in contra, costa county. the virus forcing families cities and companies to rethink their plans. new data from the cdc is shedding light on just how transmissible this new variant is who is now the dominant strain in the united states and comes just as millions of people are getting ready to gather for the holidays. >> our grant lodes joins us here in the studio with a closer look at the data and more grant well camp and never a good time to have a new variant. >> explode onto the scene. but certainly the week of christmas. you know, it's really picking in its pace of how quickly people seem to be contracting it. so not good timing. but here we are, the cdc announcing today that omicron is now the dominant strain of covid in the u.s.
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and that happened quickly accounts. for now. 73 1% of all new infections that was last week before that it was about 3%. so you're talking about 6 times as many cases compared to the week prior. and until now the dominant strain for many months. it certainly been the delta variant since the summer. tomorrow. president biden is expected to address the country delivering a speech outlining new measures. his administration is going to do to try to. get things under control. the white house says the president will be delivering a warning to americans who still choose to remain unvaccinated arguing that they will continue to drive up hospitalizations and deaths. well vaccinated individuals get covid due to the highly transmissible need certain nature of omicron. >> their cases will likely be mild or asymptomatic. we continue to see in our health experts assess your 14 times more likely to die of covid. if you have not been vaccinated versus vaccinated. >> this is all a little less than a month scientists in
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south africa for sounding the alarm about omicron right around thanksgiving on november 26th the world health organization designated it a variant of concern. omicron has since shown up in about 90 countries. send while it is clearly a highly transmissible variant spreads easily. it's still not clear whether the same causes more or less severe illness early studies do suggest getting a booster shot offers the best protection against omicron and new tonight, the covid situation has caused the nhl to pause its season. 2 days before their scheduled christmas break. so they are taking a break a couple days earlier. the sharks it already had 2 games this week postponed because the league could ban travel outside the u.s. and the sharks were supposed to play in vancouver tomorrow and in edmonton on thursday. rescheduled dates have not been announced at this time for those postponements. the league is contending with outbreaks on multiple teams. so far 49 games have been postponed
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because of covid recently. the nhl is implemented stricter covid protocols to try to curb infections. the regular season is set to resume now on december 27th. you're talking about a five-day pause. they hope that helps the nfl recently postponed 3 games due to covid outbreaks among several teams. the raiders had clay today instead of over the weekend and the nba is also deciding to tighten its covid protocols with the warriors andrew wiggins and jordan poole missing tonight's game because there on the covid list. that's the latest. ken, pam, back to you. >> a lot to do with grant right now there's new research with says 40% of all covid cases show no sign of sickness. scientists in china. look at the data in almost 30 million cases around the world. they claim 4 in 10 infected. people were asymptomatic, meaning they had no symptoms. researchers say this happened most often in patients under the age of 39
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they recommend expanded testing, especially among healthcare workers and people who are traveling to help curb the spread. >> tomorrow. the oakland city council will vote on whether or not to require certain businesses to check for covid vaccine records. councilman dan kalb introduce emergency ordinance last week. if pass businesses, including bars restaurants, gyms, movie theaters, even libraries would have to ask for proof of full vaccinations from patrons starting february. 1st tomorrow is also the deadline for first responders in alameda county to be fully vaccinated. that includes police officers, firefighters, paramedics and other emergency personnel. anyone who is not vaccinated must wear masks can get tested for the virus. every week, right now, kron 4 dot com. you can read a lot about the latest coronavirus headlines just scan that qr code on your screen. it will take you straight to our website. >> a 6.2 magnitude earthquake
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shook the northern california coast earlier today. this is the usgs map and you'll be able to see the red and orange does those those dots indicate exactly where the quake was felt. it struck just after noontime today off cape mendocino near humboldt county. that's about 280 miles north of san francisco right now. there's no word of any major injuries nor catastrophic damage. but people living near the area where certainly shaken up. >> whoa, whoa, whoa. >> one driver's dashcam caught the moments the earthquake hit. oou can see in the video it shook street lights and power lines causing cars to pull over for safety. other video show some damage that was done to businesses and homes officials with kale office of emergency services says that there is no damage of a suit, no danger of a tsunami. but we talked with seismologist doctor lucy jones who says an event like this is
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certainly a good reminder to be prepared for serious emergencies. it's a good time to think about your earthquake. preparedness. >> remember, there are sites like earthquake country dot or they can tell you ways to get prepared if you want to do one thing right now gets more water. that's the one thing that most people don't have enough to get ready for the next earthquake. >> california's early earthquake warning system was deployed and it works for those who are signed up for alerts to their mobile devices. a viewer told us that it was felt at ucsf and even in san jose. >> other news tonight. the recent storms have had a major effect on our state's snowpack. in a good way. california water officials say levels have surged to 95% of normal. that's up from just 19% back on december 10th overall snowpack accounts for about a 3rd of our state's water supply california does technically remain in a drought with many reservoir. still, it. critically low levels. >> of course, we still have
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several days until christmas, but we are just hours away from the next big winter storm expected to hit northern california. and that means if you want to avoid potential driving headaches and issues. when you're heading up into the mountains. better leave soon. eric parker has more was being done to keep drivers safe out there. appears that this weekend. lisa, fair, good and family stopped at this king ville gas station monday night. >> we're playing get up and over the mountain before the storm all the other holiday travelers we didn't want to get we just wanted to have a nice easy not have that stop and go and be safe and it's time. >> 28 even inside. clerk. troy richmond says when the snow comes, they will sell around a 1000 sets of tire chains in just a few days period, adding that people don't understand that the size of your vehicles, tires makes all the difference for what you need does it amaze you the lack of planning some people have when they come up.
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>> you know, everybody's on vacation nobody knows really knows what they need in and tow. they need it. >> chains are not accidents in snowstorms are basically inevitable chp asking those even in his fender benders to not stay in the road after a collision. >> which causes a bigger issue because now traffic can't get by you. >> caltrans, though, will do its best to keep the roads safe as possible. >> before the first flakes even hit interstate 80 caltrans is going to treat the road with a mixture of what you see behind me right here that the sand portion of it, the other portion is the salt brine that's in these big takes caltrans says it was more than 600 employees that work in district 3, which includes the sierra about a 3rd of them are here for just when mother nature decides to dump snow 200, 15 of those are seasonal employees. so we've got a lot of staffing that we're able to call upon when we have big storms like this. >> at the moment. it looks
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like the first snowflakes will arrive tomorrow night some time just after dinnertime. so if you are coming up to the sierra from the bay area. obviously give yourselves plenty of time to get up here. >> we're live in the sierra tonight. i'm eric rucker. kron 4 news. well, let's go now to our meteorologist dave sphar reason for us now with a look at the forecast and we're still talking about more snow you not just this week but as we go into next week as well, by the way, for travels up there. >> the only issue might be is if you say, hey, i got a scape the way i'm already on my way. you might have some problems getting back by sunday or monday because of all the snow that's been collected as new storms coming early into next week. but get you through this one 1st looks like a lot of sunshine tomorrow and wednesday temperatures drop. the snow comes in as a result of what we're talking about. this is covers this week. now, 07:00pm tomorrow through 04:00pm on sunday, winter storm warning going on up there. it will start about 7,000 kind of deviate a little bit up and down a bit as the
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systems come. we expect the locals to fall. that will also impact the bay area too. here's a look at the camera shot that we have for you. it's actually pretty clear. also aloft. it's clearing out a little bit. we might start off tomorrow kind of with the mostly sunny skies a little bit temporarily. but it's coming. we'll show you on the maps here. what it looks like on futurecast for are frozen this at 5.45 fairly clear. here's the storm system will have variable clouds on balance. the heavy wave will be right at the early part of the evening commute and then afterwards we'll be left with the kind of scattered showers with embedded pulses of heavier rain showers. now the success of systems as we get into wednesday, thursday, that's going to be some colder air filtering in a little bit that plus the fact of volatility in the atmosphere that may drive potentially a couple little claps of thunder, maybe up in the north bay, maybe a little hail thrown in for good measure surface winds tomorrow and even into wednesday, don't appear to be popping too much breezy conditions. nothing statement wide, at least not yet. but they may pick up a
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little bit more hefty. we get those success of systems later on in the period when the longer range forecast models for you a bit as well as of 4 zone and a 10 day forecast. ken and pam. all right, dave, thanks for that. to now to a live look at capitol hill tonight. this is where senate democrats are trying to out how to move forward with president biden's build back better plan as you've probably heard west virginia senator joe mansion. >> delta critical and very public blow yesterday when he said you wouldn't support the bill. >> our washington dc correspondent basil john reports the democrats are calling out the senator for goi3g against his word to work on a deal. >> we will continue to fight to pass the legislation. house speaker nancy pelosi promised democrats will continue to fight for build back better even after west virginia senator joe mansion drop support of the president's plan on fox news sunday i can not vote to continue with this piece of legislation. i just can't. i've tried everything humanly possible. i can't get there. president biden worked
10:22 pm
for months to get mansion on board reducing the price tag to one 0.7 5 trillion dollars, even though that wasn't enough to win mansion over the white house says it isn't giving up. we do not act to get this legislation done and the components in it not only will costs and prices go up for the american people. but also we will see a trajectory, an economic growth that is not where we wanted to be. and we've seen projections from goldman sachs. >> and others today on that front. the build back better plan contains progressive priorities like climate think prevention health care benefits family 8 and more. >> congresswoman pramila jayapal says democrats can't allow mansion to stand in the way we cannot make the same mistakes twice. >> we cannot hang the futures of millions of americans on the word of one man represents the state that has a tiny percentage of the country's entire population. >> jayapal says she is calling on president biden to use executive action as broadly as possible to me progressive
10:23 pm
goals reporting in washington. i'm basil john. >> house speaker nancy pelosi was in her hometown in san francisco today. she was promoting the bipartisan infrastructure bill and how it will benefit the bay area's roadways. she was joined by mayor london breed and other lawmakers, many from the east bay and well, there were a few specific details released today. speaker pelosi says and over all goal is just to make the streets safer. >> with new funding to modernize our data collection will get a clear picture of where and how are crashes occur. and with 7.2 billion dollars for transportation alternatives nationally will improve safety of sidewalks. bike lanes. just a detour terms of what it means for bike lanes and trails. >> bart is also expected to get money from the bill. some will be used to increase the frequency of the trains and also to improve accessibility for people who have
10:24 pm
disabilities. >> after a 3 month trial. the fate of theranos founder elizabeth holmes is now in the hands of the jury. they deliberated all day today but didn't reach a verdict on says accused of defrauding her investors out of hundreds of millions of dollars are company. tderanos failed back in 2018 after its technology didn't work as advertised. if convicted, she faces up to 20 years in prison for each count of wire fraud. and conspiracy as well as substantial fines. >> still ahead tonight, police say he was gunned down in a bay area neighborhood year and a half ago how governor newsom is now helping offices time. his alleged killers plus protesting a prison sentence. a truck driver gets a 110 years behind bars for a deadly crash. the petition, the boycott and the call to action tonight and a dramatic rescue of the las vegas strip. how a group of bystanders helped the family trapped inside a crashed car kron 4 is teaming up with the souper bowl of caring to help support local food charities. you'd like to donate. use your phone to scan
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the qr code on your screen. we're text n y e donate to 2, 6, 9, 8, 9, and also visit tackle hunger dot org and pick a local charity to help. we'll be right back.
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don't stop dovato without talking to your doctor, as your hepatitis b may worsen or become life-threatening. serious or life-threatening side effects can occur, including allergic reactions, lactic acid buildup, and liver problems. if you have a rash and other symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop dovato and get medical help right away. tell your doctor if you have kidney or liver problems, or if you are, may be, or plan to be pregnant. dovato may harm your unborn baby. use effective birth control while on dovato. do not breastfeed while taking dovato. most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, trouble sleeping, tiredness, and anxiety. so much goes into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato-i did. ♪ >> a dramatic scene on the las vegas strip and suv flipped over the middle in the middle
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of traffic right in front of the bellagio hotel it happened on tuesday but this video was just released. a family of 5 was trapped inside the vehicle. dozens of came to their aid, trying to kick out the windshield and get them to safety. the family was finally able to get out like crawling through the sunroof. no one suffered major injuries truck drivers are protesting a judge's ruling in colorado. a driver got a 110 year prison sentence for his very first accident. rogel aguilera has brakes fail. he lost control of his truck on a highway near denver. that was 2 years ago. the ensuing pile up left 4 people dead. a was 23 years old at the time of the crash. he passed the drug and alcohol tests and he testified that he would never hurt anyone intentionally. but the judge said that he had to abide by colorado's mandatory sentencing laws. now many truckers say they will not travel through colorado until
10:29 pm
that sentence is reduced. >> the first day of jury deliberations has concluded in the manslaughter trial of former police officer kim potter. she broke down on the stand during her testimony last week apologizing for killing 20 year-old dante wright during a traffic stop in april. she says she mistakenly used her gun instead of her taser while arresting him on an outstanding warrant. >> everybody makes mistakes nobody's perfect. ladies and gentleman mistake is not a crime. it just isn't just just doesn't are. >> country. accidents can still be crimes if they occur as the result recklessness are culpable negligence. >> potter faces 11 years in prison on first and second degree manslaughter charges. neither charge requires prosecutors to prove potter intended to kill right jurors in new york have begun deliberations in the sex-trafficking trial. maxwell. the british socialite is accused of grooming
10:30 pm
underage girls to have with financier. jeffrey epstein during the trial. several women have testified against the 59 year-old maxwell. she denies all the charges epstein as you recall died by suicide in 2019 in his jail cell while awaiting trial on federal sex-trafficking charges. >> next. at 10 covid testing sites are seeing big increase in the middle of this busy holiday travel season. the challenges they are facing is travelers are trying to reach their holiday destination safely. plus, california sues a big box retailer. what the state claims walmart did for over half a decade. and breathing easy which bay area city could be the next to ban smoking in residential areas. those stories and much more coming up next.
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look tonight at sfo, the christmas holiday rush is in full swing as travelers head to sfo as well as oakland international in san jose, all the get out of town. but there are also many who are rethinking their holiday plans. long lines, new covid restrictions and worries over the spread of the omicron virus. >> as travelers concerned an estimated 109 million americans are expected to drive or fly this week for the holidays. that's according to
10:34 pm
aaa reporter kelli meyer has a closer look at what travelers need to get ready for. >> for travelers at washington's reagan national covid isn't stopping christmas. we also took every precaution. i mean, we're all boosted my youngest just was able to get her second shot as well. and we've got pcr test and get tested. we get down there. we don't feel at all comfortable, but we're doing it. yeah. well, they're a bit. yeah. very. >> traveler sharing that motto from dc to los angeles to austin, texas airports packed with passengers despite concern over the latest omicron yesterday on the sunday before christmas. more than 2 million people screened at tsa checkpoints nationwide during pre pandemic levels. we're tsa. it's business as usual. they say they're taking precautions to keep staff and passengers say tsa officers changing gloves after each
10:35 pm
pack down along with disinfecting and everyone must wear masks that requirement echoed today by doctor anthony fauci. when you do travel. >> make sure that when you are in congregate settings like a crowded airport. that you keep your mask on at all times out. she suggesting family gatherings are ok as long as everyone is vaccinated boosted and tested ahead of time. i will be declaring a state of emergency today. today washington dc's mayor reinstating indoor mask mandate. >> as cases skyrocket in washington and around the country. again, that was kelly meyer reporting for us. cruise companies are tightening their covid protocols omar khan. >> omicron variant both norwegian cruise line and royal caribbean are instituting new mask rules aboard their ships. all passengers are now required to the mast unless they're actively eating or drinking while indoors. this comes as the royal caribbean ship symphony of the seas return to miami over the weekend with 48
10:36 pm
guests and crew members testing positive for covid-19. those people are put into quarantine. many reported having no or only mild symptoms. >> the 2022 palm springs international film festival is one of the latest casualties of the new omicron covid surge. the festival is now canceled. organizers blame the spike in cases and say that they're taking the action out of an abundance of caution, the film festival. typically kicks off awards season drawing hundreds of stars and thousands of guests. the screening portion will still take place in january. but will require proof of vaccination and masking. right now at kron 4 dot com. you can read about the latest coronavirus headlines. all you have to do is scan the qr code on your screen and you will be directed to our website with more information that's going to birds eye view of downtown san francisco as we get our for a another check of our first. if you're 3rd check of
10:37 pm
the weather. the and a spar standing by. he tells us what we can expect the rest of this week goes on forever. you guys are getting here, we're waiting for really a series of systems that looks like there's no. and as we take a look at 10 days beyond which is good news for those mountains. >> really stock up in terms of the snow really building up there. we're going to see the snow levels kind of boss laid up and down a little bit. however, golden gate bridge, as you saw from the camera, looks like a little bit of fog working here as conditions clear a bit. a few breaks of sun. well, may even see mostly sunny to start things off and by the noon hour, we've got some north bay showers working up there and then by 3 o'clock, everybody is pretty involved or engaged in this. so here it is. and the south. that's the southerly flow that's going to stay to the south of us. meanwhile, will have the mid latitudes working with the north latitudes bringing down the relatively cooler air here for our rain shower event, projecting it forward with future cast for this is what happens overnight and then tomorrow waking up
10:38 pm
clears up. then boom. here comes the first wave then upstream there's more successive ones to look at. but wednesday. we'll get some colder air in here that may force those snow levels down just a touch. but they may drive some instability. something worth noting in terms of hearing couple claps of thunder for good measure, maybe even some isolated hail in there to the collection box about an inch or so then after christmas or through christmas and beyond. we pick up a total of 2 to maybe 3 inches of rain in the whole program. so for tonight we've got cool and variable clouds looking pretty good. there was a stretch to try to clear out tomorrow. early sun cool in the 50's afternoon showers. rain then for this week it's tuesday through thursday, rain and showers the on into friday. there's a break. it's back for the weekend. let's look at it in graphic form here. here's the break. this is on thursday afternoon thursday evening overnight till friday. then the systems coming from the northwest notice the snows continue to pile up in the sierra. this goes all the way up to thursday and it's still engage. this is thursday right
10:39 pm
before new year's, by the way, 4 zone forecast covering you for your tuesday will do the 50's along the coast mid 50's at that. not a lot of movement here. upper 50's along the bay side. meanwhile to the south. 64 redwood city in the south bay lower 60's as well. a lot of that because you have a little bit better clearing down in the south bay will be later for the rain to start tri valley into the 50's. looks like 53 for walnut creek 58 for berkeley. billy hold a chilly 4949 also napa is the rain will start their 49 for petaluma. and in the 10 day forecast. look at the other side of everything after christmas with the success of ways a little cooler and the upper 40's is what we're talking about. ken. all right, thank you very much, dave new at 00:00pm tonight, governor gavin newsom's office is offering a $50,000 reward for. >> any information leading to an arrest and conviction in the death of sean tillis on june 1220, 20. the 27 year-old was shot and killed in his car outside an apartment complex on rumrill boulevard in san
10:40 pm
pablo. this case is one of 4 unsolved homicides said newsom issued rewards to today in an effort to try to sustain momentum in the investigations. san pablo police say they've exhausted all of their leads. they're asking anyone who might information on this case to come forward. >> the state of california is suing retail giant wal-mart. the company is accused of breaking the state's environmental laws over the last 6 years. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains what led up to the lawsuit. >> walmart slogan might be save money. live better. but based on the company's behavior. one might reasonably wonder whether walmart has re branded to save money. >> losing california attorney general rob bonta blasting walmart the state department of justice monday filed a lawsuit claiming the big box store has violated state environmental laws but you legally dumping hazardous waste from its 300 california stores that waste includes
10:41 pm
lithium batteries electronics pesticides toxic cleaning supplies, aerosol cans and confidential customer information. bonta says over the last 6 years, walmart has dumped about 159,000 pounds of these materials into landfills in california that are not authorized or equipped for that kind of waste. these products may seep into our communities, taking water as toxic pollutants worked into the air we all breathe dangerous guests. but walmart officials said the company is prepared to defend itself in court in response to the lawsuit. a walmart spokesperson said, quote, we have met with the state numerous times and walk them through our industry-leading hazardous waste compliance programs in an effort to avoid litigation. >> instead they filed this unjustified lawsuit. this lawsuit comes more than 10 years after walmart in the state settled over a similar issue over the disposal of lip balm shampoo bottles and batteries. one motor officials note as the court was set to relieve the company from its settlement obligations in 2018, the state attorney general's office launched
10:42 pm
another investigation which is spokesperson said had new rules in hopes that walmart would enter another settlement. requiring another substantial financial payment but local district attorneys say walmart is a repeat offender. and so we need to work collaboratively to find positive solutions to bring about corrective measures not only the large conglomerates but the mom and pop businesses as well. >> in addition to the state, 12 california counties have joined the lawsuit against walmart in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> happening tomorrow. the pleasanton city council is expected to adopt an ordinance that would ban smoking inside some residential buildings. it would apply to town homes, condominiums or any buildings with 3 or more attached units as well as private outdoor spaces such as decks and patios. >> the ordinance would also ban smoking in common areas such as lobbies playgrounds or parking lots. also in the east bay. the san leandro unified school district is mourning the loss of board president christian rodriguez. >> he died from his injuries after being hit by a car on
10:43 pm
friday. was walking with his wife when he was hit. he leaves behind her and 2 young children. he was appointed as president. the san leandro unified school board just last wednesday the school board released a statement today saying in part, quote, as an inspirational impassioned advocate for our students and families. his joyous and inclusive leadership. we'll never be replaced. his passing leaves a painful void in our district and in all of our hearts. >> still ahead tonight is become a bay area tradition and he says is now necessary more than ever. oakland's missed. the is giving back to his community plus in sports warriors back in town hosting the sacramento kings sports director jason dumas shows us how they did a live report from the chase center coming up. and don't forget to join us on kron 4 as we ring in the new year. our grant lotus and justine waltman will count is down the 2022 the bay area's only live fireworks show as it sparkles over the bay bridge.
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>> the warriors are finally back in the friendly confines of the bay area. they didn't get back from toronto until sunday. 9 total days on the road and on monday they hosted the sacramento kings. at chase center. welcome back step curry with a standing ovation. this is the first time they've seen him as he became the all-time three-point record holder last week. 1st quarter does of 6 gp 2 with the steal and the finish on the other side so good for them. and guess what, 10 seconds later they're running again. this time gp 2 finishes hanging on that ramp. a little slack for the back board warriors up 10 after one. let's go to the 3rd quarter now warriors lead cut to 2 carries how a burn he has such a smooth game at iowa state second-year guy. he had 24 points to training and games. now moments later, though otto porter with the 3.
10:48 pm
to put the warriors back up. 3 had 12 points off the bench. independence used. tonight. 47 point was the 4th quarter warriors up 15. steph gets it ahead to dream on. draymond had a huge day 31st career triple-double 1610, 11. now let's go home any steph curry with the icing on the cake. the warriors win one 13 to 98. they treat their fans to a win. and guess what, kate rooney to that big game and she joins us live from the chase center. kate. home cooking up better felt good for the warriors to get back on this coast sleep in their beds and the fans. they seem like they appreciated the effort. >> well, think about it. jason, this is the first time the fans have really been able to cheer their 3 point. king in person. steph got a standing ovation to start the
10:49 pm
game. he scored a team-high 30 points tonight. he and drummond are both excellent as we've come to expect know. i know andrew wiggins tonight know jordan poole. but i'll tell you what, as you mentioned during those highlights, a lot of these younger players and older players. if you're talking about andre iguodala really stepped up off the bench. 47 bench points tonight that is exactly the type of play that makes this warriors team so good. it's because they don't just have to rely on steph and draymond to get it done. auto porter junior had 12 points. gary payton, the second had 12 points all. i had those 10 points. and so this was a real team effort showing that even when the kings are hanging around like they did for most of the game. you can come on some of that worry or second unit to get it done. here's what steve kerr had to say. >> every guy came off the bench played well for gary was defensively. on the boards you know, 3 steals doing what gary does. and i thought andre was just brilliant tonight. john dre. and you know, knocking down a couple but. as defense
10:50 pm
is still just world class, it was great. and keep going down the list. so been a huge contribution. the bench and we needed it. obviously you know, guys being out. >> hard not to talk about those 47 points. but you really can't discount the defensive contributions from this unit either porter junior, for instance, had a season-high 3 blocks tonight. so they're really getting it done on both ends of the court. and it's just great to see this team being able to gel with their superstars and with the players are coming off the bench as well. so good win for the warriors here tonight. and they're now to know against the kings on the season. here at chase center. jason, back to you. >> all right, kate, before i let you go, on a lighter note, we saw special helper on the bench today dj green dream on green's son. now in all seriousness. i know you are in the post-game presser with steve. how much do you think
10:51 pm
these players really appreciate the family atmosphere that steve kerr brings to the organization. >> oh, they absolutely love it. i mean, you can see the guys out there high-fiving little dj green on the floor tonight. every time he came over and brought them a towel or another piece of equipment. damian leave talked about his young son. he's got a 3 week-old baby. he talked about him in the press conference tonight. so that is clearly a priority for this team. and i think it makes the guys happy and want to play for steve kerr. so, hey, maybe that's a bit a big piece of the puzzle here in the recipe for their success. >> awesome kate will get home safe. thank you for your reporting tonight that is your look at sports. we'll be right back after the brea
10:52 pm
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call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today. >> well, after a cross country drive from california. the 2022 numerals have arrived in new york's times square. the same numbers will be moved to the top of the one times square building where they'll be lit up on december 31st as the city begins the countdown to the new year. but given the spread of omicron is still not exactly clear how the celebration will unfold. >> we're working very closely with mayor de blasio with uefa citywide events and with the other city agencies to find a way to safely and responsibly. have new year's eve in times
10:55 pm
square we recognize that the data and the science changes. so we're going to be ready to pivot. >> new york's mayor has promised to announce a decision on that by christmas. >> bay area rap legend missed. the fab is giving away more than a gift of song this holiday season this week he's hosting another free charitable event. the toys for joy christmas drivers taking place on thursday at 45, 0, 3 market street in oakland between noon and 06:00pm. people can stop by and take home bicycles and toys a hot meal and close to stay warm this season. they can also enter a raffle for gifts like a playstation. thus the faf says it he uses his platform with the help of many other people in the community and he hopes that younger generations are inspired not to just take but also to give back. >> you know, when you're poverty, when you're living in apartments in the project parents on somebody appearance on drugs. are you looking at is the people that look like they got out of that. and so
10:56 pm
we just have to reinvent the role models. we have the rim and the role models. whether starts by the music that we make or the lifestyles that we continue meet advocates of. >> again, the toys for joy christmas drive is thursday from noon to 6 in oakland. again, that address 45. '03, market street and good for him. absolutely. it's that time of year to spread some that fab stand for anything f. >> the because he spent likes sw these sisters with voices i just was wondering. i don't know >> they've >> got some rain coming our way. how about that okay? there you go. okay. we've got rain also up in the mountains to that's a good part of the program. there. and for tonight it looks like those skies are department clearing up a little bit for us last night. the last minute clearing that may actually produce a little bit of fog going on because of the moisture trapped in the atmosphere. here's what it looks like. short term boom. it gets here by the afternoon into the evening with the heavier rain showers expected
10:57 pm
by the time we get to your evening commute post that will be left with kind of the stray showers working in here. then by wednesday, thursday, another system drop south and that will provide some cooler air with that system as well. boy, this is really busy. just look at everything he's going stop that cycle will break there. and then it continues on again. that's actually some southern moisture there. but we're going continue to get the colder stuff from up north. so it's looking really good. check out the 10 day forecast hint wet as we got going on is money is something to always have forever after grant. >> this night. good that everybody.
10:58 pm
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