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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  December 21, 2021 4:00am-4:31am PST

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 4. >> good morning and thanks for joining us for the kron 00:00am morning news here on tuesday. but it's a really special date. so today's 1221, 2021, see if you can see that say that 5 times fast. i'm reyna harvey. thanks for waking up with us this morning. and we are also focused on the weather conditions are really call one for me last night, john and i understand we're looking forward to some rain today. good morning. what else special about today. reyna is said tuesday. it's the first day of winter. is that why you have your special tonight on a
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wall. it's also christmas time. so i were a christmas lights time yesterday. i love it. i'm like going all but yet winter officially starts at 08:00am this morning. so we are looking at conditions out there that are making it feel like winter. that's for sure. >> yesterday was the last of are consistently dry days. today. we work our way back into that wetter pattern that is going to bring us more rainfall and more mountain snowfall, but not so much this morning we have a very dry morning commute, very nice way to kick off the day. golden gate bridge is looking nice and clear. we are in the midst of 30's and 40's feels like the first day of winter san jose at 38 degrees right now doubling at 36 fairfield. you're sitting at 37 degrees for your current temperature. so it is definitely a cold start to this one showers are sitting immediately to the west of the bay area. and as you can see, they will take their sweet time getting here by the time we reach 1045, still no rainfall for the bay. it won't be right after the noon hour that we start to see some north bay showers
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drifting a little bit further into the bay into the early afternoon after that rainfall starts. the window is open and we will be looking at rainfall for honestly much of the rest of the forecast. so get ready for the arrival of the showers in the meantime, it's a foggy start for livermore antioch. parts of the tri valley in the altamonte past as well as highway for so much like yesterday be mindful of those lower visibility areas later today. showers increase daytime highs in the 50's to low 60's mostly all be chatting with you about exactly how long this rainfall will last. what our holiday is looking like all still to come, reyna. john, thank you for that. i let you look at your traffic on this tuesday morning. as you're heading from the east bay into the city. >> a little under 10 minutes for your drive time there. the san mateo bridge as you're heading across towards the peninsula a little under 14 minutes. let's check out our richmond center fell cam as you're heading richard across towards sandra fell a little under 9 minutes and the golden gate bridge will be about 20
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minutes traveling from the north bay into the city will have more weather and traffic coming up. but for now, let's talk about the south bay, the shoppers and diners and moviegoers were all since scattering for cover in the oakridge mall last night after they heard what sounded like gunshot but questions still remain after initial reports from san jose city leaders said someone was shot at the mall. reports of the shooting came in just before 6 police cleared that scene at around 9.41. but continue to gather evidence even after that. so it's still not clear if there ever was a victim or how many rounds may have been fire, but a lot of people she had their unsettling experiences on social media say they have to hunker down the movie theater restaurants and stores with employees to help them safely shelter in place. >> you know, it's obviously, you know. time of the year me we being would go negative.
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well, the happened, you know, and party is you know well, nothing. i mean, whatever age they have a mean take that >> san jose. police say they will give an update sometime this morning and will bring that to you soon as that comes in. now, this is the same all with more than a dozen robbers attempted to break into macy's. there. >> at this time. there's still no indication that the 2 incidents are related. but police say the robbers assaulted one of the store employee saturday night as they were trying to steal merchandise. now a woman is accused of interfering with arrest allowing one of those suspects who escaped. we're showing you video of an officer taking her into custody. she's identified as amber hand and is being held at the santa clara county jail on multiple charges. well, police also say they have since recovered more than a $1000 in stolen items. the san
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francisco district attorney chesa boudin says 2 and a half year investigations. it's a retail past. let them to recover more than 2 million dollars in stolen merchandise. prosecutors say began following a series of thefts at the macy's in union square one of the suspects is accused of stealing thousands of dollars and merchandise on 3 separate occasions and then reselling those stolen items to a company called camera heaven. investigators say the owners of that business resold the stolen goods at their store front on larkin and all for all streets. and at a flea market. now the same investigation also led to the discovery of a separate organized retail theft operation happened at the store fashion exchange. just a few blocks away on polk street. the da's office says they have indicted the owner of that store. and the case is still pending. they say there are arrest warrants out right now for other suspects as well. we'll chase him again is
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one of several city leaders who say they are not on board with mayor london breed's plan to flood the tenderloin district with more police officers. kron four's jonathan mccall has those details for us. >> standing shoulder to shoulder several top san francisco leaders provided a united front monday, a post to mayor london breed's proposed state of emergency in the tenderloin. >> jailing people. struggles. folks who are on the streets in cages not solve these problems and they're certainly not only tools available. last week san francisco mayor london breed call for an aggressive plan to clean up the area that when people walk down the streets of san >> they should feel safe among the ideas. more officers on the streets to stop drug dealers and to stop outdoor drug use. >> she also called for centers were drug users can get help or risk going to jail monday.
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the mayor tweeted out that the state of emergency will allow the city to move quickly to address the public health crisis on san francisco streets and zoning restrictions are revised center to help folks in need could open in 2 to 3 weeks instead of 6 to 9 months. san francisco board of supervisors. president shamann walton on monday said that supervisors gave the mayor permission to tackle drug overdoses not to lock people up. >> that was not intended to increase law enforcement here. it and a risk people. we used we currently don't have adequate resources to trust there he is. >> during the event. san francisco district attorney chesa boudin said that his main focus will be on serious and violent crimes. he said that the mental health and drug crisis facing the tenderloin won't be solved with just handcuffs if help also available. >> in the last 2 years.
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district attorney's office has filed cations in over 70% of the cases the police. over 70%. that's higher than in 2019. what we have to show for it. it to problems. you know, we know i would >> that was jonathan mccall reporting. now the board of supervisors is set to vote on mayor's state of emergency. on thursday. we'll bring you all the reports from that when that happens in the east bay oakland police are adding a new patrol district in east oakland to increase safety there. police chief leronne armstrong says 60% of the city's 911, calls come from that part of the city. i've also been great. >> reviewing our call data in the things that i've seen over several months is that there. it's clearly a huge disparity in where the calls in the city
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of oakland come from. >> police oakland has to police districts and 240 officers patrolling the area right now. that move is going to add a 3rd district. increasing that number of officers to nearly 300 chief. armstrong says those officers are not going to be new hires, whether they're going to be shifted from other locations. whe change is expected to begin on january 22nd. oakland. police revealed an update in the investigation of kevin issued his death. she is the security guard shot and killed last month while protecting a kron 4 reporter on assignment in downtown oakland. no arrests have been made steel. but chief armstrong did say they've recovered a car that matches the description of the vehicle used in the shooting. this is surveillance video of that car. the photo there. it's a white four-door acura tl with no front license plate. investigators are now working to find out whether that car they seized is in fact the same vehicle, a reward of more
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than $30,000 is still being offered for any information that leads to an arrest in this case. also a reminder, a fund has been set up for the initiative. family. a cash or check donation can be made to the kevin nishita trust at any metropolitan bank location in person or by mail that address on your screen. that information is also on our website over kron 4 dot com. coverage now, contra costa county says they detected the county's first cases of the omicron variant. they say contra costa health services confirmed 3 cases. 2 of the people infected were actually fully vaccinated but the county says all 3 people have received booster shots. luckily, they haven't been hospitalized since testing positive so far on the kron has been detected in san francisco, santa clara and napa counties. now also new research says about 40% of all covid cases show no signs of sickness. scientists in china. look at the data in almost 30 million cases will widen
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the claim 4 in 10 infected. people are asymptomatic, meaning they had no symptoms. researchers say this happened. most often in patients under the age of 39. they recommended expanding testing, especially among healthcare workers and people who are traveling to help curb the spread. also happening today, oakland city council double on whether or not to require certain businesses to check for covid vaccine records city council member dan clap introduced the emergency ordinance last week. but if passed businesses like bars, restaurants, gyms, movie theaters and even libraries. but at to ask for proof of vaccination starting on february. 1st. today's also the deadline for first responders in alameda county to be fully vaccinated. this includes police officers, firefighters, paramedics and other emergency personnel. anyone who is not vaccinated must wear masks and get tested for the virus. every week. coming up on the kron 4
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morning news, california is suing wall more. >> why the state says the company has been breaking environmental laws for years. plus, president joe biden is but explain his plan to combat covid-19 the precautions and the services that he's expected to announce today. and an earthquake shook northern california. we're going to show you reaction from people living in the area. we'll be right back after the break.
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>> well, as 6.2 magnitude earthquake shook the northern california coast monday afternoon. we're going to show you a map from the united states geological survey. the orange dots indicate where the quake was felt and actually struck just after noon off of cape mendocino near humble csunty. that's about 280 miles north of san francisco right now. there's no word of any injuries or catastrophic damage. people living near the area were certainly shaken up a bit. one driver's dash cam caught the moment earthquake struck. we're going to show you the video shook street lights and power lines. maybe we're not causing cars to pull over for safety and also there are some damage done to businesses in the area. this is that video right here look at that. so they're driving. their gas camera shaking just a little bit. we also doctor doctor lucy jones use as an event like this is a good reminder to be prepared for serious emergencies. it's a
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good time to think about your earthquake. preparedness. remember, there are sites like earthquake country dot or they can tell you ways to get prepared. >> if you want to do one thing right now gets more water. that's the one thing that most people don't have enough to get ready for the next earthquake. well, california's early earthquake warning system was deployed and work for those who are signed up for alerts. >> to their mobile devices. a viewer told us it was felt at ucsf and even in san jose and i didn't feel it over in the east bay. but this is just a great reminder to be ready to have things packed up, ready to go john. a little just bought it are you ready? i feel like im pretty ready. yes. so it's good to have that preparedness kit for something that all of us need to get on to. and as you mentioned, the water is honestly the most important rise jags. >> waiting around for now, as far as this morning is concerned, what you need to be ready for is the cold and the
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rain we've got 2 of those factors in play. we're starting off this morning with some really chilly conditions, some temperatures in the 30's later on today. we will be looking at showers arriving. it's afternoon. so we do have a while before we get there, your morning commute to okay. easy peasy. it's your afternoon dry from work. that's going to start to get a little bit slick. the golden gate bridge is nice and clear this morning. and you can see that skies. although being partly to mostly cloudy are now offering up any rainfall just yet. that's still sitting well to our west, this frontal boundary is still just stalled our right there to the media west of us now. but now it is very much still on our doorstep. that means rainfall only a few hours away. so we do stay dry through your morning commute. we stayed right. your lunch hour for most of the bay won't be until afternoon that rainfall really pushes in around 1245 for the north bay. after that for the rest of the bay showers are going to stay on the lighter side of things. but you can expect some pockets of heavier rainfall as you can see around
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11:15pm tonight on the peninsula that little spot of orange and yellow rainfall pushes northeasterly through the bay on into tomorrow morning, too, making for a slick drive to work for your wednesday morning commute and just overall slick conditions throughout the course of the day on wednesday, wednesday into thursday is going to keep this rainfall momentum going and that is also going to be the case on friday. but here's the good news for your christmas eve on friday is we will have showers, but you will also get breaks. this is around one. 30 pm taking a little breather from the rain and snow before a resurgence of it on into friday night. christmas eve evening into saturday morning for christmas morning itself christmas and the day after it on sunday are going to be particularly rainy days with some of our lowest elevation snowfall in the sierra. so we've got rainfall potential each of the next 8 days across the bay area. by the time we reach the end of this forecast rainfall amounts will add up from anywhere to an inch to nearly 4 inches of rainfall for some spots. good
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news is all this rain is spread out. so nothing that's coming down too hard all at once. you're flooding. risk is looking fairly minimal. but this is going to be a good amount of rain spread out over a number of days. see, just want to be ready for it. and we've got a lot runs, a lot of travel to do be prepared for those showers. today's daytime highs range anywhere from the 50's and 60's to some really cool temperatures inland. obviously are bayshore cities are actually going to be pretty nice with some low 60's san jose at 62 compare that to some of our further inland spots livermore. you'll be at 54 degrees today and we only at 49 degrees fairfield pittsburgh in vacaville. only at 48 degrees each that inversion set up in the central valley is keeping cold air into lee fog trapped at the surface. that's what's resulting those colder temperatures for those inland spots. now tomorrow and thursday, much like today will remain in the 50's for most of the bay anyways rainfall stays with us on into friday. you do get a few breaks with sunshine, but showers will be
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on and off friday. rain picks back up on saturday, sunday last into monday, mountain snowfall. very likely during all of this time as well. so great to be seeing all this moisture. but it is during a busy time of year. so you just got to plan this forecast out right reyna john, thank you for that. let's get a look at the traffic this morning. still prettytlight traveling from the east bay and the city a little under 11 minutes. >> to make it to that fremont street exit the san mateo bridge across towards the peninsula a little under 14 for us as you're traveling there at a richmond across towards center feel no hazards or delays about 9 minutes for that drive and the golden gate bridge as you're traveling from the north bay into the city. a little under 20 minutes. now turning to national news now. now president joe biden is expected to address the nation later today to outline the steps his administration is taking to fight covid-19 states and cities throughout the u.s. are dealing with spite in cases just days before christmas. alexandra
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limon joins us live from dc with the latest. good morning alexandra. reena. good morning. senior administration officials tell us president biden will announce resources for states to deal with this latest wave of the pandemic. >> and that will include additional personnel and critical supplies for the most hard-hit hospitals and areas. as cities and states around the country. once again start to implement measures to deal with the pandemic. president biden will address the nation tuesday. this is not a speech about locking the country down senior administration officials say the president will announce support for hard-hit states. cities and hospitals like the deployment of 1000 additional troops to help the most overwhelmed hospitals. >> and hundreds of additional ambulances to help transport patients to less impacted areas fema will also increase support to help expand that capacity and set up new search facilities in louisiana and
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maryland and expand intensive care and emergency units in central california. we are now on an upsurge of delta. we have not yet. >> seen the full impact of the very ominous omicron. the president will also announce critical supplies from the national strategic stockpile will be sent to key locations ready to be distributed as needed, including hundreds of millions of n 95 masks, gloves and gowns and more than 100,000 ventilators the administration will also provide more free testing through new federal sites. the first of which will open in new york city by christmas. >> and half a billion rapid tests will be distributed for free through a new website in january. and we also expect president biden to announce new federal vaccination sites will open up in key states and the plans to take steps to make it easier for pharmacies
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to vaccinate people more quickly and easily reyna. back to you. thank you for that update. alexander. >> coming up next on the kron 4 morning news san francisco police made an arrest. >> and a cold case 43 years later, what led police to their new suspect. we'll be right back after the break.
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well, governor gavin newsom's
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office is offering a $50,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest and conviction. >> in the death of sean tillis on june 1220, 20. the 27 year-old was shot and killed in his car outside an apartment complex on rumrill boulevard in san pablo. this case is one of 4 unsolved homicides at newsome issue awards for in an effort to sustain momentum in the investigation. san pablo police say they have exhausted all of their leads and are asking anyone who might have information to please come forward. the san leandro unified school district is mourning the loss of board president christian rodriguez. he died from his injuries after being hit by a car on friday. rodriguez was walking with his wife when he was hit. he leaves behind 2 young children. he was appointed as president of the san leandro unified school board last wednesday. the school board released this statement. they say rodriguez leadership will never be able to be replaced and his passing leaves a void in their hearts. still ahead
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on the kron 00:00am morning news, 4. people are getting ready to celebrate the holidays with their families. maybe that's what you're planning on doing. >> local doctors say know before you get together with your family. and want to join us on kron 4 as we ring in the new year are grant lotus and justine waltman there. that count is down to 2020 to look at their sparkly outfit. you want to watch the bay. area's only live fireworks show as it sparkles all over the bay bridge. that will be nice. a partisan started 11:30pm on new year's eve only on kron. 4 on monday up watching and celebrating with them will be right back after the break.
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>> the time for you now. 04:30am, here on this tuesday. again, a really cool date. 12 2120 21 say that 10 times fast. all right, harvey, thank you for joining us this morning. and today we have a few not surprise in the forecast. definitely. there's a time period that you're going to want to get out and get things done. like i'm already planning our meteorologists john's frable talking about that rain. that is inevitably on the way. good morning, john. yeah, the rain is finally working its way back into the picture. it delayed its arrival by a couple of days by stalling out just offshore but working its way back in towards the middle of the day today. so starting today. >> wso


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