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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  December 21, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at known. >> tonight. at 9 a wet start to the winter season is rain. showers are expected to continue impacting the bay area. now for the next week. plus force tracking these december storms and we're looking for little breaks from the rain. tell you what people might be able to get outside and enjoy this holiday week. happy solstice everyone. thank you for joining us tonight kron 4 news at 9. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis. the first day of winter living up to its name. it is bringing rain and more rain our way. the weather. >> did cause some delays at sfo some wet made for some challenging commute. so late this afternoon we turn now to kron first chief meteorologist lawrence karnow for a look at the forecast and more on when this rain ease up. yeah. we've got series of storms coming our way. storm after storm after storm about 5, maybe 6 storms.
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>> lineup out there. really the door is wide open to allow the storms, the swing in. so here we go. tonight, you've got that rain around the bay area looking out toward the golden gate bridge, very slick out there on the roadways. see couple need looking raindrops on the lens there. yeah, it's been raining all around the bay area tonight. nothing really, really heavy, although you'll see pockets of some moderate, some heavier downpours rolling on through. you see some of that right now around the bay area. as you move a little bit closer into san francisco stretching across and oakland down richmond. you see some of these bands that band begin to make its way into marine. you're seeing some of the storm clouds. so storm. clouds rolling in now and that will continue to pick up to bring some moderate amounts of rainfall in those areas. we're going to see that kind of play out as we head through the evening here. you can see these waves continue to roll through of moisture. so you get these periods where you see the moderate amounts of rain and maybe an occasional heavier downpour and then things will break up more light showers. so all told so far not huge rain amounts around the bay area. the most i can see right now some of the mountains in the north bay up the napa area some places
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they're more than a half an inch of rain. but you're going to see more of that. we've got a long way to go with the storm system. you see. the rain has made its way into the south bay. now more that will continue overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. some heavy rain now making its way and the stockton area. tracy and in the north bay, more scattered showers about the bexar except for murray and see things picking up that way right now. but there are plenty more to come. time of the storm system out for you tonight. you can see that rain moving through as we head toward the early tomorrow morning. you're going to still see more that rain continuing on and off of becoming more widely scattered by the time the commute rolls around and that's some good news. not going to be a washout for tomorrow. morning. and then throughout the day tomorrow, you may get a couple of sunny breaks and occasional shower and then we'll start to prepare for the next storm you see that one making its way in toward the bay area by tomorrow night and then getting started late tomorrow night. early on to thursday morning. you see just line across much of the north bay. that's going to be the one that's going to be a pretty substantial stoker, a soaker you're going to see a 10 hours
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or rain or so. that will bring a pretty significant amount of rainfall and break things up. but there's plenty more after that. here's a long-range computer model this week. it's tricky. there are so many systems that are going to be coming in. i think the models having trouble handling it. here's your first one right here. there's another wave of moisture behind it. there's another storm just developing in the gulf of alaska. all those going impact the bay area within the next 2 days. you've got this for system coming through tonight. then you get the trough right behind it then. now you see that cold front that's going to drop down with some much colder air as we get into thursday. so we're talking about a lot of rain here to talk about a lot of snow in the sierra nevada and more of that going to continue throughout the weekend and into next week and that right now i'm tracking them. maybe 5, maybe 6 storms. there may be more but that's going to keep going right through christmas. maybe new years day and beyond. right now. i don't see an end to it. you're like the weather air traffic control. here we go. come on in, fact. right up there lawrence. we'll check back buckle up. thank you. look sen
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stay with kron 4 for the latest on all the storms you can scan the qr code there. that will take you right to our website. kron 4 dot com, where you'll find the latest. >> on this storm. and then the next one. we have live radar, right where you live. so you can watch it come in. also the latest on local road closures and potential flooding information and we turn now to our coronavirus coverage under a new mandate healthcare workers here in california are going to be required to get their booster shots. >> according to an announcement made by governor newsome on twitter this evening. governor newsom says the decision comes as data shows omicron cases are increasing across the state. kron four's taylor reports. >> well, just about 3 weeks ago, the u.s. recorded its first omicron case right here in san francisco and now cases are rising across the state prompting this vaccine booster mandate for health care workers. >> another shot will be added to the list of requirements for health care workers across the state as a consequence, we're stepping up our efforts to. >> get people vaccinated but also give people boosted and
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that's why today we're moving forward to require all health care workers to be boosted to get that 3rd shot least the second shot if they got the j j and we'll be talking more about that tomorrow at a press conference and other things we're doing to address the increase of the omicron variant. governor gavin newsome made the announcement on twitter tuesday evening. >> saying our hospitals need to be prepared as omicron cases continue rising infectious disease specialist at ucsf. doctor peter chin-hong shares the same concerns, especially as less people move to get their booster shots compared to the initial vaccine rollout. a how to book. is it going to be sick just like everybody else. not very sick because all of them have been vaccinated. >> but sick enough or identified on testing that they'll have to stay home. >> for 10 days based on recent data. doctor chin-hong says the omicron variant is spreading fast and likely infect more people even though we think not as high a proportion of the population
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will get hospitalized as and delta. a lot more people are going to get infected, particularly those unvaccinated. and and you said doctor chin-hong cautions now is not the time to let your guard down. thing moves so fast that even in a few days, they're probably a lot more and there's a delay between when someone gets a test and when to get sequence. we know that it's definitely probably more than 90% on the east coast and moving rapidly west. >> now governor gavin newsome says he'll release more details at a press conference on wednesday. in the meantime, doctor peter chin-hong says that in addition to getting vaccinated and boosted the best way that we can protect ourselves is by using these surgical masks instead of cloth ones. i'm taylor reporting kron 4 news lawmakers are scrambling to support these new measures to fight covid, including the omicron virus a variant rather, some are coming up with their own plans and proposals. >> on first catherine heenan
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has more now on how bay area officials are responding. >> san jose's proposed booster mandate would make it the first city in california with such a requirement with very few exceptions city employees would have to get a booster and visitors to places like the sa peace center. they have to get one too. >> i will certainly be pushing. to ensure here at the city of san jose that our mandate for full vaccination among all employees will include booster and secondly. that access. public facilities. major gathering spaces like the s and p arena convention center. many of our public theater's. i will also require. received a booster shot some democratic lawmakers are asking federal officials to toughen up requirements for air travel, particularly because so many more people are flying california senator
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dianne feinstein and east bay. congressman eric swalwell. >> want to ban unvaccinated travelers on domestic flights saying in part requiring proof of vaccination or a negative test for domestic flights would improve public health and address concerns that passengers have about flying. as debate continues over whether more coronavirus restrictions should be imposed. many leaders say get used to it. the stakes are just too high. >> we're tired. we're tired of the covid. we're tired of all of the issues that go with it and mostly anxiety. the fear we know and i think most americans, i understand it's a very dangerous situation. also, the economic problems and nearly 1, 800,000 americans have already died be more in the days >> catherine heenan reporting for us tonight and full of bars and restaurants are choosing to just close their doors because of the omicron
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variant. now, most of these businesses had already planned some kind of holiday break this week. but covid cause them to shut down earlier than they had plants. the friends and family bar in oakland will be close until december 27th the manager posted on social media saying, quote, out and the fun abundance of caution. we have made the difficult decision to close due to an increased number of potential staff exposures. we're doing our best to navigate this all and believe this is the right move to keep our staff and guests safe in san francisco. bar part-time in the mission will be closed for at least the next week because of covid exposures owners of the wine bar making that announcement on instagram saying, quote. >> in light of the recent spike in covid cases as well as exposures. among our team members. we decided to close the bar part time until next tuesday, december 28th, please stay safe. get tested and we'll see you next week. for spoke with billy joy gun who owns. >> he lies mile high club in oakland. he says he made the
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decision to close the club until december 30th in feels frustrated that more people are not taking covid and the spread of omicron more seriously. >> people that are like aggressively anti mask inside access to make that have no idea how much people like me actually hit the stuff or are noi bai. this things we have to like deal with it day by day. it's situation that i have to think about all the time. that. i didn't have to. you know, consider i opened a business like this are got to this industry. >> the times have changed and executive director of the golden gate restaurant association laurie thomas tells us that customers can help prevent more closures if they want. she says if you're feeling under the weather do not dine out and said get tested and stay home until you get a negative results and you're going to need to get your vaccination cards. ready. oakland's city council has voted to require certain businesses to check people's vaccination status, including
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restaurants, bars, gyms libraries among others, not everyone is on board with this leaders at oakland's library system have expressed concern that the mandate would disproportionately hurt people of color as well as homeless. people who often use these libraries to charge their phones. but there are plenty of business owners who are applauding the policy change. kron four's. jonathan mccall is live in our newsroom with more on what they are saying tonight. jonathan. >> well grande after seeing similar ordinances passed in san francisco and berkeley. one business owner tells me that a number of restaurants and other businesses have been waiting for a very long time for this to happen in oakland starting on february 1st. here is a list of businesses where folks will have to show proof of vaccination in order to enter businesses in oakland. we're talking about restaurants, bars, coffee shops, gyms, fitness, villain, venues, movie theaters, concert venues arenas, museums, and even senior adult care facilities. that's just some of the foot places where folks will have to show that
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proof of vaccination. the oakland city council unanimously passing that emergency ordinance today. and as we mentioned, is similar to one already on the books in san francisco. berkeley. and in los angeles, a number of businesses applauding this move by the city council. chris testino, the owner of chop house and calavera in oakland said the move will not only protect his customers but also his staff. listen to this. he says even though restaurants right now currently have the option of asking customers for proof of vaccines. many businesses have avoided doing so because they wanted to protect their own staff members from potential confrontations from people unvaccinated who are pushing back with the mandate in place and on the way he says it will make things a whole lot smoother. >> i think that the city mandating it is a really important having this small businesses kind of. seizing them. some says small business
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decided that they would have they would they would ask people for their vaccination status and that creates a little bit of a difficult situation for our staff where, you know, there could confronted by people saying that, you know that like this idea but with the city, give us that mandate saying that we have we have to do this. it gives us the ability that actually, you know, for speed by have vaccine so after a business so i bought it. i think it's long overdue. i would love to see this 6 months ago. but i think this is a is a great step. >> starting january 15th businesses will have to start begin posting signs, letting customers know about the upcoming changes to see that says that he will actually spend the next few weeks getting his staff trained on the best ways to check vaccination cards spot. real ones from the fake and cross referencing the information to ids as well. so these changes will apply to folks 12 years and up. obviously those who do not have ids will not have to show those, but they will have to show that proof that new
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mandate in oakland set to take effect on february 1st in the newsroom tonight jonathan mccall kron 4 thank you, jonathan. today is also the deadline for first responders in alameda county to be fully vaccinated. >> this includes police officers, firefighters, paramedics and other emergency personnel. anyone who is not vaccinated has to wear masks and get tested for the virus every week as omicron takes over as the dominant variant here in the u.s. the president announced additional steps of the federal government is taking to mitigate the impact. our washington correspondent basil john reports on the actions the president is taking. >> good evening. president joe biden says americans do not need to panic but need to do their part to prevent the omicron variant from doing real damage. well want us to still tuesday. president joe biden announced new steps. the federal government is taking as omicron cases rise throughout the country prepared. we know more just to
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stay focused. the president's winter plan includes expanding hospital capacity deploying additional medical personnel and supplies like ventilators and increased access to free testing and be deploying hundreds more vaccinators and more sites to help get the booster shots in people's the increased testing includes 500 billion at home tests that will be distributed for free and we'll have websites where you can get them delivered to your home. >> president biden says only those not fully vaccinated should be concerned about the omicron variant. you're at high risk of getting sick. and you can secure likely to spread it to others, including friends and family vaccination is extremely important, but please don't forget about getting a booster shot. white house chief medical advisor doctor anthony fauci says americans can enjoy their holidays as planned but should be responsible and avoid things that are really high risk like very large congregations.
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>> social events. but the 100 people or 80 people were everybody's crowded together. that's just not very prudent to do that right now. both pouch and the president want americans to understand that the country is not back to where it was in march of 2020. >> because they know more about the virus and they have the supplies to deal with it reporting in washington. i'm basil john. >> tomorrow. the food and drug administration could authorize covid treatment pills from both pfizer and merck. both are seen as promising medicines for patients early in their coronavirus diagnosis. drug makers say the pills can prevent hospitalization and death. this is especially helpful for people who are not vaccinated. the u.s. plans to buy up to 15 million of the medications. >> coronavirus testing has come a long way since the start of the pandemic for many, it's gotten easier with at-home test doctors warn what those tests are convenient. they're not always accurate. >> if you're positive on those you'd like more likely to be
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infectious. if you're negative by one of those, you may still. the positive by pcr. but you're probably less infections. so it's a it's a good screening tool. >> so as you head out for your holiday celebrations. you are being encouraged to get a full pcr test before going to your destination. a crime closures and cancellations are just happening here in the u.s. queen elizabeth, the second is opting out of christmas celebrations this year. the queen will not gather the royal family for the holiday at the a state as the omicron variant continues to spread the 95 year-old will remain at windsor castle for christmas where she's been for most of the pandemic, members of the extended royal family has spent the holidays at a stand ring come for many years. attending the local church is a group on christmas day right now, kron 4 dot com. you can read about the latest covid headlines just scan the qr code there on your screen. you'll be directed. >> to our website. kron 4 dot com. well, the recent rash of
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retail thefts has forced the south bay shoe store to shut down, but it is not keeping them from spreading the holiday spirit store's annual toy giveaway will go on as planned this week. >> our first dan thorn has that story now from san jose. >> here. it kicks in the owner of the high and sneaker store thought that it was not worth it to keep the brick and mortar open during the holidays and running the risk of becoming robbery victims, but their connection to this community is not going to be broken. and this year they're giving back anyway. dozens of brand new bicycles and bags and boxes of toys have replaced sneakers and high-end streetwear. >> at san jose's kicks ache. the store has emptied shelves in cases because of a growing concern with retail theft going on in the smash and grabs us we thought was the smartest thing to do for store owner danny ryan. it's strange not being surrounded by shoes. he made the decision to close the brick and mortar on stevens creek boulevard after 7 years in business, retail
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that sit nearby santana row and the westfield valley fair mall prompted ryan to take action. the store has since moved primarily to online sales. super disappointing. but ryan is not letting the closure take away the christmas spirit. all of these bicycles scooters and toys will be going to kids in the community at their annual giveaway in the years past. it's been a great success. the parking lot fills up as the line usually runs down the street for ryan. it's all about giving back. that means a lot. you know, connell. >> overshadows all the other things that are going on and brings the holidays to like pushing aside, the negative. ryan is expecting another big crowd for this year's event. >> and as even tease. that does it from santa claus. this is the best giving back and seeing all the smiles on the kids face. it just takes away from negative stuff going on in the world. >> the 7th annual toy giveaway will be happening this thursday from 05:00pm to 08:00pm here at the store at 30 to 42 stevens creek
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boulevard. >> reporting in san jose. dan thorn kron 4 news. >> coming up on 4 news at 9 a southern california man takes grand theft auto to a whole new level when he steals of fire truck who witnesses say is responsible for convincing them and turn himself in. >> one bay area. food bank is attempting to tackle hunger this new year's eve in into 2022. the rain has started now the storms are lining up just about as far as i can see how much rain can we expect. we're going to talk about that next. >> kron four's once again celebrating the remarkable women of the bay area and we need your help to share their stories. >> if you know a remarkable woman making a difference in her community. nominate her for a chance to be awarded woman of the year. you can enter your nomination and read more about the contest on kron. 4 dot com.
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>> welcome back. another live look at stormtracker 4 radar. a lot of the bay area is getting wet as we speak. some more powerful cells are in the north bay and actually down the peninsula and to the south bay getting some some heavier doses chief meteorologist lawrence karnow tracking the storm will tell us when we want like it a little bit of a break here in the next week. but we're expecting a series of storms to roll into the bay area. all right. other news
9:24 pm
now and this new year's eve kron 4 is partnering with the souper bowl of caring. once again, the national nonprofit puts a spotlight on local food banks across america. our kron four's ella sogomonian tells us how your donation would help here in the bay area. >> local researchers recently found that nearly 1 million people living in the bay area are making poverty wages. they're now struggling to pay for groceries after inflation as supply chain issue california's drop along with the pandemic caused prices for groceries of all kinds to soar all the more so kron 4 is committed to continuing our mission to help this new year's eve. we're encouraging you to donate to the san francisco-marin food bank one dollar means to meals and hour of your time. you can make a lot of good happened. >> before covid-19 crosby says the food bank was a lifeline for 100, 40,000 people every week since then she says about 60,000 more have come to them for their next meal. >> the pandemic shine a light
9:25 pm
on food insecurity before the pandemic one in 5 of our neighbors, experiencing food insecurity. food is everything. it's nice in it's community. it's fuel for learning. and so that's why it's so important that you get involved. the effort is part of a national campaign called super bowl for caring, which unites all communities across the country to tackle hunger using the energy of big events like sports and new year's eve. >> so no one goes without a bowl of soup. a map on their website. directs you to the run food bank where donations can be made reporting in san francisco. i'm ella sogomonian kron 4 news kron 4 is teaming up with the souper bowl of caring to help support local food charities. if you'd like to donate, you can use your phone to scan the qr code. >> on your screen or text and y e donate to 2, 6, 9, 8, 9, you can also visit tackle hunger dot org and pick a local charity to help out. next. oakland's police department could be getting hundreds of additional officers thanks to new
9:26 pm
legislation. >> where those officers would be deployed. plus state officials have approved changes to california's district map. what this will mean for the 2022 midterm elections right here in the bay area and air bnb just announced it is correcting down on parties ahead of the new year. well, you should know if you're thinking about booking a spot, a rental next
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>> rain rain. >> rain this evening as part of the bay area continue to get so tonight clearing started in the north bay late morning and then it intensified and really made its way throughout the entire bay area. and this is not the only. a bit of rain that we're looking at this holiday week know to break it all down. crawford's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. yeah, you know, it's nice as these storms. we're going to see a series of the pacing themselves. i think we'll see some very beneficial rain without having to worry too much in the way of any significant flooding. so that is great news. but we started now the rain is here. looks like it is going to be sticking around. we've got a series of storms rolling through wet out there on the tarmac tonight at sfo right now. no delays being reported sfo oakland or san jose. but things are very active out there. the first in a series of storms begin to impact a much of northern california. you see the rain moving on shore right now. and you get some waves of more modern and more heavy amounts of rainfall coming on shore in the last few hours. you're seeing some
9:30 pm
of that now stretching into parts of the north bay little for the further north near petaluma near the napa area, seeing some of that rainfall on moderate amounts leah right now. and then other parts of the bay area also continue to see some into parts of the south bay. now the raindrops are falling in san jose in the sunnyvale. also in san mateo and the east bay, you're picking up some rain just east of a little more right now. it's more scattered light showers in concord in any offer most activity right now the north and that's where we certainly have the heavier amounts so far. you're cold front going to come through overnight tonight, kind of fall apart behind that. we've got a little weak trough that's going to slide through to keep the showers going tomorrow and then we see that next front to the north. that is going to be dropping in by late tomorrow night. and that will be a more substantial rain that comes through you see here. a long range forecast model that front begins to drop out of the gulf of alaska here comes the groom to see more substantial rain and more of a long rain event without one starting early in the morning on thursday morning and that continuing probably to the evening hours there behind that. we've got a very cold system coming in on
9:31 pm
friday to bring some snow levels. very low, maybe down a couple 1000 feet across the state. another one behind that as well. continuing a sunday into monday morning that another were hot on its heels on tuesday behind that. guess what, yet another one that may be a substantial one, then maybe a little bit of a brief break, but not for long. they're going to get back to some more rain. so we're talking about a significant amount of rain not only here but around much of california. and look at all that snow in the sierra nevada. we're talking rain drops. 3, 5 inches plus you get over the sierra nevada. some of the computer models are starting to say maybe as much as 14 and a half feet of snow between now about the 5th of january guys. that's remarkable. thank you, lawrence. to the east bay now where new legislation is designed to boost public safety in oakland, a plan that could eventually mean adding 800 additional police officers kron four's haaziq has details. i'm introducing legislation to the council. a few items of which. >> are already in progress. east oakland city
9:32 pm
councilmember lauren taylor is contributing to the ongoing conversation about the action open city government should take to address violent crime by proposing his own public safety plan. part of which includes bringing more police resources to the location of the majority of calls for service. his district east oakland, something the police chief addressed at a recent press conference also been great. >> reviewing our call data in the things that i've seen over several months is that there. it's clearly a huge disparity in where the calls and the city of oakland come from. >> that is something that has long been the case as taylor is now being addressed. but as someone who has been a long advocate for more officers in his district. he talked about the frustration that it's taken so long to get here. obviously there is. >> a data information that has been existing regarding this disparity. this is something that we could have and should have moved on. earlier. in addition to increasing police resources in east oakland
9:33 pm
councilmember taylor's public safety plan calls for that sting in surveillance cameras throughout the city. >> in partnership with our privacy commission so that we can have cameras out on the streets to help us solve crime and hopefully deter it as well. his legislation also instructs the chief of police and the city administrator to come up with a plan to reach 800 officers over the next 2 years. that. >> it's something that is longer term view. but it's something we need to do given our population growth given the depleting number of officers has mug. kron 4 news the north bay sonoma county sheriffs have made a big bust. take a look. deputies say they found 33 pounds of meth. 3,000 fentanyl tablets into firearms during a search warrant in santa rosa that warrant was executed on december 7th on jasper lane in santa rosa. 2 people were detained and booked into sonoma county jail. the suspects were then issued a citation. they were released due to 0 bill. both
9:34 pm
failed to appear for their court appearance and currently have a federal warrant out for their arrest. the man accused of pointing a gun at people outside a ups facility in san jose is now finally in custody after a 7 plus hour standoff. >> san jose. police say the man pointed a rifle at several people outside the ups customer center on 7th street that is the large ups warehouse southeast of happy hollow park workers inside the warehouse had to shelter in place. police negotiated with the suspect at this point we're waiting to hear details about the suspect and his potential motive. now an update on the breaking news we brought you last night a shooting at the oakridge mall in san jose. that was packed with shoppers this christmas week at the time, police responded to reports of a shooting near the forever. 21 store just before 6 o'clock last night after some confusion over if there was actually a shooting. police say they did find evidence
9:35 pm
that there had been a shooting, but they have not been able to locate a victim or a shooter. people just took off shoppers and mall. employees were told to shelter in place while police swept them all. but after nobody was found, they gave the all clear anyone with info regarding this incident is asked to call san jose's detective bureau. a fire truck was stolen outside a southern california hospital early this morning happened as paramedics were dropping off a patient. >> at a medical center in the city of orange. the suspect drove the truck through several cities before eventually going to anaheim where it all ended when the driver was stopped by a homeless man who wouldn't move out of the middle of the road and even convince the suspect to surrender. it's just crazy how the. >> homeless guy walked up. and for the fire truck and start talking to him through the windshield. and i got really good picture on my phone and everything. you know, they just kept telling him, please get out of the truck. we don't want to hurt you. and finally the guy opened the door and
9:36 pm
surrendered peacefully yells. well, that ends well. the fire truck reportedly only had minor damage. >> still ahead on kron 4 news at night. there's a new commander in the white house staff thinks he's pretty cute. >> and we've got a lot of clouds here. the rain continue to fall full lot of snow in the sierra nevada will check out that whole forecast coming up next. >> and in sports, the night are starting to get ready for a thursday night showdown with it titans short week. but the guys will get to enjoy christmas. that way. sports director jason has reaction from the red and gold. plus stanford women's basketball looking to take down undefeated, south carolina highlights there we come back.
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this sounds wonderful... come outside, i'll introduce you! they're here. ♪ definitely "the one". ha... ha... introducing the all-new 2022 nissan frontier. ♪ >> and now kron 4 sports. >> the niners got in one last practice this week before the team headed off for nashville for their thursday night showdown with the titans. the niners are looking to get to a season-high 3 games. over 500. they've won 5 of their last 6 games in one of the hottest teams in the nfl right now. but they also know that they'll have to be on their p's and q's to get a road win on a short weeks. rest. you've got to learn from the vets like how to prep of the week like recovering. >> taking care of your body and. going on. the road is much different. playing at home on a thursday night game like that kind of you know, at
9:40 pm
home more. so can you get to like obviously it's different. you're at home like. have yourself to continues to recover and get ready for the game. so on the roads, little different. so that's that's when you got to got to use of that. some guys who've been through it to. figure out, ok, what's the best way to go about this. make sure i'm ready to go come thursday night. >> beer has really challenge her squad this season. tuesday marked hearst team 6 matchup with a top 25 team this year and it happened to come against the number one ranked undefeated university of south carolina. the cardinal are coming off of a victory in knoxville against the 7th ranked volunteers. 1st quarter stanford up 3 lexi hall. she has a wreck. it 3 of her 14 in the 1st quarter. she ended up with 17 on the day. then in the second car go up by 3 and a wilson. her brother was playing today passionate like him. that is haley jones
9:41 pm
finishing on the other stanford up by 14 at the half. but usc a race that 18 point lead quickly. they were actually up by one after 3. but in the 4, fran gives them the lead against stanford is up by later in the 4 haley jones. look at the footwork. packing campbell, who's been teaching her down there in burlingame. stanford regains the lead but gets it back. usc. so good. that aliyah boston, she one of the best players in the country. he definitely has some of the best care in the country. they take that lead back. now. he was a controversial call. 3 seconds left as you see fran belibi call for a lane violation. she steps him right there. as you can see it. but aliyah boston most are in essentially. i think the west rest of the swallow, their whistles right there. that's just me. anyway, car. a few of
9:42 pm
the hearing any of that. she said after the game per team should have lost 18 point lead. we had 13 turnovers in the 2nd half. i think we had 7 in the 1st half. we didn't. we just didn't take care of the ball. well enough. that was i think that was our biggest problem. >> and then also, you know, they went inside to boston and she did a better job in the 2nd half. we just have to figure out a way to you know, 4 quarters together. we played a great 1st quarter. great 2nd quarter. you and our our 3rd quarter really stock. >> she calls a how she sees it. that's why she's the goat.
9:43 pm
9:44 pm
9:45 pm
back. another live look here stormtracker 4 radar tonight is. >> we track the storm that is just working its way through the bay area band after band seem to be coming on shore and delivering much needed rain to help fill up our reservoirs chief meteorologist lawrence karnow will be back with us just a few minutes to track this series of storms. >> force your local election headquarters said the areas represented by state lawmakers and members of congress are changing and that means that the people who represent you might be changing too. as we enter a mid term election year. kron four's capitol reporter ashley zavala explains. what's next. >> new congressional and state legislative boundaries are set in california after the
9:46 pm
state's citizens redistricting commission unanimously approved them late monday night. i am particularly proud stuffy ari districts. we created to ensure representation. >> for those that have not had a voice in the the commissioners made the new maps following a set of strict guidelines. the federal voting rights act along with the latest census data which eliminated a u.s. house of representatives seat from california. well, the new maps reflect boundary shifts all over the state. >> that loss appearing to be taken away from the los angeles area, specifically representative lucille roybal allergists district. she announced monday night. she will not seek reelection them at finalization prompted numerous members of congress to announce their planning for reelection. tuesday. >> but new lines could cause inter party and incumbent clashes with the state legislature. same thing even before boundaries were finalized. several lawmakers already announced they will not seek reelection redistricting commissioners say the maps must now set for 3 days for public review, although no other changes are allowed. the new maps are likely to face litigation
9:47 pm
which the commission discussed very from. >> record gathering 2. depositions. if. >> if necessary. the commission is set to reconvene after christmas. the maps must be certified to the secretary of state. december 27th in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> there's a new dog at the white house. according to officials, the new dog is named commander was gifted to the and by his family. the dog appears to be a german shepherd or something like that. the biden family lost their german shepherd champ this past june at the age of 13. they have another german shepherd named major, though he mostly lives in delaware's having some issues said people at the white house. >> all right. well, with storms arriving in the bay area. if you want to avoid headaches out on the road earlier is always better. whether you have snow chains or not. the chp says if you're going to accidents,
9:48 pm
unfortunately are inevitable officers are asking drivers to be cautious behind the wheel. if there's an accident ahead of you. you don't want to get involved. caltrans crews are doing their best to keep the roads safe as possible with about 600 people on staff during the snowy season before the snow hits. i 80 caltrans is often out there spreading sand and salt to reduce icing this morning. travelers sue beat the sleet and rain. we're grateful for the smooth drive. >> we didn't want to get we just wanted to have a nice easy not have that stop and go and be safe and it's time. >> again. officials say make sure to give yourself plenty of time. if you're trying to beat the storm, especially. come back to the bay will get a check on the 4 zone forecast. but first, the sierra yeah. a crime for soup meteorologista talking about snow. yeah. a lot of people trying to sneak up there for the hall days and. >> it is going to be gorgeous up there. but you really got a time the storms out to really give yourself a break when you're traveling up there that
9:49 pm
are going to be stuck up there for quite a long time. so storm clouds rolling in right now. you see the summit not bad. so far, don are currently open right now and this is a live look at donner summit. the cars kind of scooting on by there right now. but we've got that storm coming through tonight. that's going to change everything and we've got a series of these very cold storms likely drop the snow level down to about a couple 1000 feet. so that's going act on the foot hills as well overnight tonight would would storm warnings are going up starting at 10 o'clock tonight. '04 o'clock in the afternoon on wednesday expecting a couple maybe 4 feet of snow 2000, 7,000 feet or so. but a lot more. maybe as much as 4 to 8 feet of snow across the higher peaks. not only there. we're going to see a whole lot of snow up to the shasta areas. well, if you're traveling up by 5 and headed in that direction, maybe up organize so be very, very careful that snow going to be dropping down all the way in the clear lake there. so you see the snow levels dropping off. we've got much colder systems on the way. a check of our snow pack right now really
9:50 pm
just slightly below the average right now. 9, 9%, of normal in southern the sierra nevada. it's a 93 percent in the central sierra nevada and 84% in the northern sierra. but i think in these next 1015, days or so. we'll see these numbers well above the average here's the forecast model for some of the snow forecast. you watch as we head through the next couple of days, you start to see the bull's eye here right near the tahoe area. a lot of snow piling up across some of the higher peaks. but we put that into motion. take you all the way until the following week and you can see that really begins to widen out as we're going to see as much as 1414 to have to be the snow. according summer models up across the higher peaks that is some great for our water resources as we get toward the dry summer months. so forecast we're going to be chilly. of course you see snow all the way down the lake level temperatures running in the 30's and that snow wednesday, thursday and friday. there you go. a lot of snow on the way. they're start to pick some of that up right now. but it's mainly patchy right now. but it is going to pick up throughout the night tonight as that cold front begins to
9:51 pm
move in. so there's more that on the way you see that storm system off the coastline. that is all part of the same system impact in the bay area, bringing some rain here. you see the showers out there right now. kind of waves say you get these moderate amounts of a rain coming through and then you see some a lighter amounts move on by. but more on the way and you can see some of those bands moving in all around the bay area right now. scattered showers continuing. that's the way it's going to be tonight. more widely scattered, i think to the day tomorrow as far as rainfall totals. look at that. we've got tremendous colors between now and next week. but the good news is kind of space in and out a little bit. so really have to worry about significant flooding. looks like this is going to be a very healthy series of storms rolling into the giving the water chance to seep into the gyound, not runoff. yeah, these are these are these are the little bit colder storm system. so they generally hold a little less water contents. so their space now just enough to allow to soak in. so, hey, this is good news for everybody great news for the sierra. that's amazing. no kid. 14 feet summer all right.
9:52 pm
>> well, the vacation rental company air bnb has announced a new year's eve reservation restrictions prevent gas from hosting disruptive parties over the holiday weekend. >> yes, without a history of positive reviews on air bnb is platform can not make reservations for an entire house that may pose heighten the risks for unauthorized parties. the company says it would be focusing on local reservations instead of out of towners guests will also have to make their plans a few days in advance. no last-minute bookings are being allowed wherever you are. new year's eve to forget to tune in to kron 4. >> my lovely bride tonight will be counting down to midnight twenty-twenty to watch the bay. area's only live fireworks shows it sparkles over the bay bridge. the party. >> starts at 1130 on new year's eve night only on kron 4 and we'll be back with a a special treat right after this.
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>> everybody deserves a little time off from time to time. november you are off. i was i don't remember where you were. >> i don't know what i did yesterday. probably disneyland, though, right. probably anyway that night. katherine was filling in we missed you. but she actually did a story. we have an update on that. let's let's take a look. >> it is the time of the year. again for the australian
9:56 pm
firefighters annual calendar used to running mate animal shelters. the money will also be used for homeless shelters, domestic violence shelters. the firefighter calendars have been released for 29 years now and you can buy them on the web site australian firefighters calendar dot com. look at the captain ha catherine, look at the the i'm buying my wife. so love it all. >> okay. so miss that. but. in the spirit of >> remember, you're very he led off i mean, the wrapping that is haha.
9:57 pm
>> is stunningly handsome special down under new governor. >> and you know, if carroll doesn't want it. pam was an toward justine loves the firefighters are out there plenty joy and no if you where's the kid. i chris, what i have ideas now for may have just opened a can of going to be trouble. now, that wraps up this of there's the kit kron 4 news at 9. thank you for being with us tonight, ending it will take care of this for you. coming its peak there's a lot going on. in addition to kids. new calendar coming up at 10, a pill to treat covid could soon be available. >> nearly 3 and a half million american troops may have been exposed to toxic burn pits while serving in the middle east. and we're going to have continuing coverage on the
9:58 pm
storm. that's bringing rain to the bay area and snow to the the bay area and snow to the sierra news at 10 next. the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. tension builds... the plot twist the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier.
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but our here, we are just getting started. fun time from the bay area's local news station. >> you're watching kron. 4 news. >> now, 10, the storm door is open. get ready for a wet holiday week ahead as we look live at the doppler radar


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