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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  December 21, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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fun time from the bay area's local news station. >> you're watching kron. 4 news. >> now, 10, the storm door is open. get ready for a wet holiday week ahead as we look live at the doppler radar
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showing green across the bay on your left side of the screen and rain, as you can see on the right falling on the golden gate bridge. thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 10. i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore. after a day of on and off rain tonight. showers are making for a wet and potentially dangerous commute as we look live now at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see the. >> the ground is certainly wet cars are zipping along. and of course, the chp want you to take your time if you're out and about tonight, let's turn now to our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow for more on the storm's path and what we can expect the rest of the week. remember the beginning of december. i mean, that storm door slam shot. now that thing is wide open and i can't find the end of the rain. we're going to see a series of storms really impacting the bay area in the next week, maybe 2 weeks or so as we've got that storm door open the rain coming through tonight and most that so far fairly light but slick roads out there all around the bay area. more to come all night tonight. >> we've got kind of a complex system. setting itself up. you've got this front coming on shore. you got the trough
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on the backside of you've got another storm system coming in from the gulf of alaska. and that really just kind of open up the door to a series of storms and some pretty cold storms rolling on through right now. we've seen that rain coming through. kind of and wave just see those waves of yellow and orange coming through moderate amounts of rainfall popping up around the bay area. but you seem to pocket some pretty decent downpours. >> outside tonight and more of that on the way. some places the north bay over half an inch of rain already and still counting. you see cells moving through right now we're in near beach. also near samara fell in the some pretty decent rain amounts coming down along that area right along one oh, one and then as you move further to the south and the east. we're seeing some more rain now just moving out of san jose moving up into the mountain tops. there, a little more, getting some scattered light showers right now. more of that to come. most these light showers continue their towards san ramon and hayward and discovery bay. so this is going to go on and on throughout the night tonight and probably taper off to some more widely scattered showers by tomorrow morning. but we're going to kind of see the storm
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system pick up again. i think especially on thursday, a seat on the models here. the storm system coming through tonight. this kind of opening up the door now to a series of storms maybe 5, maybe 6 storms going to impact the bay area. the next 10 days or so. tomorrow morning we're starting out with some scattered showers early on that. i think they become more widely scattered as we head throughout the day. but on thursday that change is more substantial rain begins to move in and that's going to be a train of moisture. the start of the morning. it takes almost the entire day to make its way through the bay area will have more on the weather guys coming up in a few minutes. we'll see you then. thank you, lawrence. you can track the weather in your neighborhood anytime with the kron 4 app. you'll find full forecast interactive radar. >> and weather alerts that are sent straight to your device, you can download the kron 4 app wherever you get your apps. >> and now to our coronavirus coverage tonight, the bay area and the nation are coping with a dangerous winter surge of covid cases. and it's happening just as millions of people are heading home for the holiday season. the president, the governor and local leaders are all
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outlining different tactics in the latest fight against this variant as cases climb and hospitals fill with new patients. president biden addressed the country today promising new efforts to try to contain the virus while avoiding the lockdowns we've seen in the past that includes having more covid tests and places to get tested. >> as well as federal assistance to hospitals nursing homes and more. our grant lotus joins us live in the studio tonight with a closer look at this grant can upend this feels like a milestone week in the pandemic. omicron is now the dominant variant of covid in the u.s. just yesterday we learned it exploded from about 0.7 to 73% of all covid cases in the u.s. in just. >> 2 weeks. president biden today announcing 5 major steps to try to keep the virus from spreading any faster doing any more damage. the biggest move 500 million rapid covid tests that will be made available for free starting next month. the love to see them here now.
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but that will be next month. the federal government will be buying those tests and soon people will be able to go to this new website and orders them and those tests will be mailed right to our homes at no charge. the president also his activating the defense production act to speed up the manufacturing of those tests try to get more of them out there. there is such a high demand for them, especially ahead of the holidays and there will be new federal testing sites launching across the country here in the coming days. but first up, it will be running in new york city. these things will be up and running in new york city by the end of the week. >> for to be easier for you to find free covid testing site. you are you on google. just covid test near me. the google search bar. you can find a number of different locations nearby. we can get test. >> besides improving the covid testing situation. the
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president also announced today he is tapping the u.s. military to deploy one-thousand military doctors and nurses to hospitals across the country over the next 2 months to help out while also promising to add new pop-up vaccination clinics to try to get more shots into arms despite the growing concerns over omicron has it keep spreading rapidly, especially with the holiday so close. the president made it clear today he believes this can be a normal holiday season if you are vaccinated. >> if you're not fully vaccinated. you have good reason to be concerned. you're at a high risk of getting sick. and you can secure likely to spread it to others, including friends and family. many unvaccinated have a significantly higher risk of ending up in hospital. even die. almost everyone who has died from covid-19 the past many months has been on vaccinated. >> the president said if you
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are fully vaccinated and especially if you've got the booster, you should feel comfortable celebrating the holidays without changing your plans this year. he all is also encouraging school districts to remain open by testing students and quarantining people who do test positive. he doesn't want to have to close entire schools with a couple students have covid now. nobody saw this omicron advancing at this rate. now people are trying to figure out how to get through this. ken and pam, back to you. all right. grant, thank you. new tonight east bay congresswoman barbara lee is latest lawmaker to test positive for. >> covid. in a statement, she said she's isolating and has mild cold-like symptoms. lee is fully vaccinated against covid and also has received her booster shot over the weekend. senators elizabeth warren of massachusetts and cory booker of new jersey. both shares that they've also tested positive for the virus after getting their booster shots. the fda is expected to
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authorize covid treatment pills from both pfizer and merck in the coming days. the 2 drugs are seen as promising treatments that can be taken at home as soon as symptoms begin to help prevent covid hospitalizations and deaths. >> in a clinical trial of high-risk patients. merck's drug was shown to reduce hospitalizations and deaths by about 30%. pfizer's drug was nearly 90% effective. workers who treat those high-risk patients in california will soon have to get their booster shot. >> governor gavin newsom announced today that all health care employees in the state must get boosted against covid kron 4 sackin has more on why he made the decision and why health experts say it's a good idea. >> well, just about 3 weeks ago, the u.s. recorded its first omicron case right here in san francisco and now cases are rising across the state prompting this vaccine booster mandate for health care workers. >> covid vaccine boosters will soon be a requirement for health care workers across the
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state. governor gavin newsome made the announcement on twitter tuesday evening saying it's in reaction to the rising omicron cases as a consequence, we're stepping up our efforts to. >> get people vaccinated but also give people boosted and that's why today we're moving forward to require all health care workers to be boosted to get that 3rd shot of this, the second shot. if they got the j and j and we'll be talking more about that tomorrow at a press conference and other things we're doing to address the increase of the omicron variant infectious disease expert at ucsf. doctor peter chin-hong says. >> this move was predictable given the recent data of this highly transmissible variant and the lack of people who received their booster compared to the initial vaccine rollout. the best bet right now based on the evidence that we have is boosting so i think again, it's no surprise and most people thing. >> we will at least several to point where everybody will probably get at least 3. think about other vaccines we have with this wave of cases.
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>> doctor chin-hong says he has 2 main concerns. the first is that. >> even though we think not as high a proportion of the population will get hospitalized as and delta. a lot more people are going to get infected, particularly those unvaccinated. and and you said i have look. is it going to be sick just like everybody else, not very sick because all of them have been vaccinated but sick enough or identified on testing that they'll have to stay the 10 days. now, governor gavin newsome says he'll release more details at a press conference on wednesday. >> in the meantime, doctor peter chin-hong says. >> that in addition to getting vaccinated and boosted the ourselves is by using these surgical masks instead of cloth once i'm taylor the second reporting kron 4 news. >> san jose mayor sam liccardo is proposing to add booster shots to the city's vaccine mandate currently all city employees as well as visitors to any city own facilities
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must already proved they are fully vaccinated. the only exceptions would be young children and people who haven't been vaccinated long enough to be eligible for the booster. >> we know the vaccines wear off over time. that is they're affect their effectiveness declines over many, many months. we all know that we need boosters. >> if approved san jose would become the first city in california to have such a requirement. city leaders are expected to discuss to discuss the issue on january 5th. >> in the east bay a number of businesses are cheering. the oakland city council is unanimous decision which will require proof of vaccinations in order to enter some businesses, similar rules are already in place in san francisco and berkeley. some oakland business owners say the move is long overdue. jonathan mccall is live in our newsroom tonight. he has reaction on this. jonathan demme, the owner of chop or and calavera in oakland tells me this decision will not only
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protect his customers but also. >> as workers as well, starting on february. first, here's a complete list of the businesses where you will have to show proof of your vaccination in order to enter in oakland. we're talking about restaurants, bars, coffee shops, gyms, fitness venues, movie theaters, concert venues, arenas museums, and even senior adult care facilities. the oakland city council passing an emergency ordinance unanimously today. it is similar to the ones currently on the books in san francisco, berkeley. and in los angeles, a number of businesses are applauding this move by the city council. crisp st know with chop house and calavera in oakland said that the move will not only protect customers but also his staff. he says even though right now restaurants currently do have the option of asking customers for proof of vaccinations. many have avoided doing so because they wanted to protect their own staff members from potential confrontations from unvaccinated people who are
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pushing back with the mandate now on the way he says this will make things a lot more even and a lot more smoothly. >> i think that the city mandating it is a really important having this small businesses kind of. see themselves as small business decided that they would have they would they would ask people for their vaccination status and that creates a little bit of a difficult situation for our staff where, you know, there could confronted by people saying that, you know that like this idea with the city give us that mandate saying that we have we have to do this. it gives us the ability that actually, you know, for speed by have vaccine so our business. so i bought it. i think it's long overdue. i would love to see this 6 months ago. but i think this is a is a great step. >> so starting january 15th businesses will have to start posting signs letting folks know to know about the upcoming changes. the student says he will spend the next few weeks actually getting can
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staff trained on the best ways check vaccination cards spot. the real ones from the fake ones and cross referencing the information. 2 ids as well. so this will apply 2 people ages 12 and up so everyone eligible who is eligible to have an id will have to show those ids. obviously, if you don't have an id, you still have to provide that proof of vaccination to enter all of these changes, this new mandate set to take effect on february 1st in the newsroom tonight jonathan mccall kron 4 news. jonathan, thank you for that. >> well, as covid cases rise, a growing number of bars and restaurants across the bay area are deciding to close their doors this week. the friends and family bar in oakland will be closed until december the 27th because of an increased number of potential staff exposures. the owner of the lies mile high club in oakland says that he has seen an uptick in positive cases in his industry and has close his doors until december the 30th as a precaution. >> we have to like deal with
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it day by day. it's situation that i have to think about all the time. that. >> i didn't have to. >> you know, consider i opened a business like this are got to district. >> and san francisco. the wine bar part-time has also closes stores until next week because of covid exposures among the staff. we're told a growing number of businesses are now mandating the booster shot for their employees. some sad news out of solano county where a baby has died from covid-19 this marks the first child deaths related to covid in solano county. we know the child was under the age of one and was diagnosed with the delta variant. some solano county's health officer offered his condolences to the family saying, quote, this loss is an urgent remindir that children can get seriously ill and die from covid-19 while pediatric deaths are incredibly rare. they are also very tragic. right now. kron 4 dot com. you can read the latest about the coronavirus just scan the qr code there on your screen and
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you'll be directed to our website. other news tonight. authorities in san francisco are investigating after a dead body was found on bart tracks. police say they made the discovery shortly before 4.30, this afternoon between the civic center and the powell street stations. >> there were major delays for more than 2 hours while crews worked to clear the scene at this time. authorities say it does not appear that there was a collision with any of the bart trains. but they are still investigating. one day after the oakland police chief announced a plan to increase his officers. presidents in east oakland. the city council member representing that district is revealing his own plan. councilmember lauren taylor claims he's been a longtime advocate for more officers in east oakland. >> he's introduced legislation instructing the chief of police and city administrator to come up with a plan to bring more than a 100 new officers to oakland over the next 2 years. >> we are 50% higher in terms of violent crimes per officer. then the other large cities in
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northern california sacramento san jose and san francisco. we have to acknowledge that. yes, we need a higher baseline of police officers. while we are also re imagining public safety. >> taylor who is running to be oakland's next. mayor is also calling for a bigger investment in surveillance cameras throughout the city. in the south bay san jose. police say a 7 hour standoff has come to an end with a suspect behind bars. it all began when according to police, a man pointed a rifle at several people outside the ups customer center on 7th street as some large ups warehouse southeast of happy hollow park workers inside the warehouse had to shelter in place while police negotiated with suspect as of tonight, officials have not identified that person or released any details on a possible motive. >> an update now on a story we brought you last night as breaking news of a reported shooting at the oakridge mall in san jose. police responded
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to reports of a shooting near the 4 ever. 21 store about 10 minutes to 6 last night after some confusion over whether there was actually a shooting. police say they found evidence that there was one, but they have not been able to locate the victim nor a suspect shoppers and mall employees were told to shelter in place while police swept them all. but after no one was found, they gave the all clear anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact san jose's detective bureau jury deliberations will continue tomorrow in the federal fraud trial of elizabeth holmes. >> holmes is accused of defrauding her investors out of hundreds of millions of dollars for company theranos failed in 2018 after its technology didn't work. as she said it would if convicted holmes faces up to 20 years in prison for each count of wire fraud and conspiracy as well as significant fines. >> still ahead tonight on kron, 4 news at 10, a holiday travel brawl. what police say triggered this fight at a crowded airport in florida.
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>> a san jose stores emptied shelves over fears of becoming the next smash-and-grab victim. how the owner is still planning to get back to his community and officials approved california's new redistricting maps. how the new boundaries are affecting the bay area ahead of the midterm elections. kron four's teaming up with the souper bowl of caring to help support local food charities. if you'd like to donate, you can use your phone to scan that qr code on your screen or text and e donate. >> to the numbers. 2, 6, 9, 8, 9, you can also visit tackle hunger dot org and pick a local charity to help. we'll be right back.
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>> storms that could impact the bay area. now making its way on shore. we'll talk about that and your 1010 coming up. >> kron 4 is your local election headquarters. the areas represented by state lawmakers as well as members of congress are changing and that means the people who represent you might be changing too. as we enter a midterm election year. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains what is next. >> new congressional and state legislative boundaries are set in california after the
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state's citizens redistricting commission unanimously approved them late monday night. i am particularly proud stuffy ari districts. we created to ensure representation. >> for those that have not had a voice in the the commissioners made the new maps following a set of strict guidelines. the federal voting rights act along with the latest census data which eliminated a u.s. house of representatives seat from california while the new maps reflect boundary shifts all over the state. >> that loss appearing to be taken away from the los angeles area, specifically representative lucille roybal allergists district. she announced monday night. she will not seek reelection them at finalization prompted numerous members of congress to announce their planning for reelection. tuesday. >> but new lines could cause inter party and incumbent clashes with the state legislature. same thing even before boundaries were finalized. several lawmakers already announced they will not seek reelection redistricting commissioners say the maps must now set for 3 days for public review, although no other changes are allowed. the new maps are
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likely to face litigation which the commission discussed very from. >> record gathering to a depositions. if. >> if necessary. the commission is set to reconvene after christmas. the maps must be certified to the secretary of state. december 27th in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> new tonight at 10 and us service members have officially been banned from actively participating in extremist activities. >> the new rules come amid rising extremism in the ranks of the u.s. military that follows the participation of some current and former service members in the january 6 riot at the u.s. capitol. the pentagon says these restrictions give more clarity over their actions and behavior. focusing largely on social media commanders will ultimately decide whether a service member actively participated in a prohibited activity. >> they knew their units and they know their people better than anybody. well, extremist activity in the force's rare. any instance can have an
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outsized effect. >> pentagon officials say in the past year, about a 100 of the more than 2 million active duty and reserve troops were involved in confirmed cases of extremist activity. they also noted the actual number could be much higher. a health crisis is plaguing veterans. after 20 years of war, the department of veteran affairs estimates said. >> about 3 and a half million troops may have been exposed to toxic burn pits while serving in iraq and afghanistan. doctors say they're seeing severe lung damage in several patients and now thousands of veterans are trying to wait raise awareness of the exposure which is currently not recognize on the veteran affairs. presumptive list. >> continuing the breeze. the talks is really realize that. we're doing something wrong about 6 months after returning from iraq. i was struggling to run and i was wheezing a lot and i was coughing a lot and i did a lot of tests and i found out my lungs were probably that of a 70 year-old when i was 33 years old.
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>> lawmakers in congress recently introduced a bill that would broadly expand the federal health care and disability benefits for troops sickened by burn pit exposure. the environmental protection agency has set tougher fuel regulations for new cars. the fuel economy requirement is rising 25% from 32 miles, a gallon to 40 miles per gallon. the change is set to take effect in 2023 the biden administration says this will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions between 5.10% each year. >> next at 10. a truck driver has been sentenced to 110 years behind bars. but with the deafening calls for action. there's a new development that could change his fate. >> plus, it's been exactly one year since a uc santa cruz student disappeared. why that happened. why the family says they've been given new hope and you're looking at a live picture, the richmond center fell bridge with rain back in the bay area will have an update on the weather coming up. now 1030 tensions are high
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at the nation's busiest airports during the holiday travel crush. and that's apparently what's going on out of control. travelers are once again acting up. nancy loo has the story. >> i >> with a small child nearby. this brawl at miami international zapped any holiday spirit at gate h 8
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last night, an airport employee had called police to deal with an unruly passenger who refused to exit a transport cart, an officer was surrounded while trying to restrain the man. 2 men were eventually taken into custody and charged with aggravated battery on a police the brawl broke out during a long flight delay just as miami and airports across the country. handle record high passenger numbers this week. stress levels are especially high due to big crowds and mask anxiety. the omicron onslaught is happening after many had backed and book their holiday flights. it's been a long couple of years and we have not seen a winter holiday season like this in a long time. there's no question that we're going to have people coming to visit friends and family from all over the world. >> a lot of people have not flown in maybe 2 years. >> i volume is also about to hit on the roads over the next week or so between thursday and january. second more than a 109 million people are
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expected to be on the move on planes, trains and automobiles about a 3rd more than last year. i'm a little concerned about being in close for people right now in a running around. but. >> you know, i still want to go home for the holidays. so. >> that was nancy loo reporting and the faa announced today that unruly passengers find for bad behavior on board a flight could lose their tsa precheck status agency officials say precheck is a privilege reserved for low risk travelers. the agency says, quote. >> if you act out of line, you will wait in line from the runway to the highway storms arriving here and in the sierra if you want to try to avoid headaches out on the road. >> it's always good to head out earlier and give yourself extra time to get there. if you have snow chains are not. the highway patrol says accidents can happen. officers are asking drivers to be cautious behind the wheel. caltrans crews say they're doing their best to keep the roads safe as possible. there's about 600 caltrans
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workers out there, right now working the snowy season. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now with the sierra forecast. yeah. a lot of folks want to get up there for the holidays. we've got a series of storms coming through in some of these are going to be fairly powerful. the snow levels going to be coming way down to maybe a couple 1000 feet. that's going back. anybody traveling up in the high country. anybody traveling around much of california for that matter is we're going to see maybe 5, maybe 6 storms roll through in the next 10 days or so up there toward daughter summer right now. the roads are working out pretty well so far they are screening >> change. if you're headed up in that direction. winter storm warnings going up tonight as well. in fact, one already going up tonight starting at 10 o'clock this evening going to see some very heavy snow across the higher peaks. maybe 4 to 8 feet of snow between now and wednesday and a whole lot more to come after that. not only there, but if you're traveling, i 5 plan to head up to oregon up in the shasta area. going to be dealing with some going across those mountain peaks as well. so be careful traveling
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around much of the state in the snow levels likely lower going to see some much colder storms coming in the next few days. as for snowfall totals you look at the 99% normal in the southern sierra nevada, 93 percent in the central and 84% in the northern sierra. so we've got a little work to do. but i think by the time all is said and done after the storms get done republican be well above the average now. watch this kind of a complex pattern. this is the long-range forecast. you see the front coming through tonight. we've got the trough behind it. and then you've got another cold front coming through the gulf last so a lot going on for the models to handle out here tomorrow. we're going to see the rain turning more scattered showers. but then more significant rain as that front comes through on thursday that brielle through with it more cold air behind that. another one with much colder air as we get into friday that coming in the afternoon or evening hours. and then a little lingering shower into saturday morning and then another storm system comes barreling through again by sunday evening. another cold storm and then another one right behind that
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on tuesday and guess what, another one right behind that on wednesday that is 6 storms coming through during that period. that is going to dump a lot of rain in the bay area and a ton of snow up in the high country forecast for the rain around much of the state. 3, 5, plus inches of rain over the sierra nevada. >> models start to say as much as maybe 14 and a half feet of snow over that period. so we're talking about significant snow event. the bay area loaded with beautiful colors out there about that 3, maybe 4, maybe inches or so around much of the bay area. more than that across our local mountain tops as well. and the good news is we're kind of spreading these out look to be any huge rain event during that period. but nice storms a little bit of a break in the more storms kind of rolling through. so this about as perfect scenario as we can get to get the much needed rain that we need a little space it out. we're not going to worry about the major flooding along some of the rivers may be some minor flooding from time to time. but it won't be that large compared to what we could might have to think about
10:35 pm
avalanches cep in the sierra. yeah, that's very true. and this is going to be these cold storms that are coming through they're going to be bringing that light fluffy snow. but with every snow storm that comes through. they have slightly different of water, content and properties. and that's where you get these layers of snow developing others. and so that can cause some of the sliding, some of the appalachians up there. lauren. thank you. you're welcome. dozens of aftershocks rocks. the northern california coastline today after that 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck around noon yesterday in the pacific. >> off the coast of eureka aftershocks range from under one to more than 4.5 in magnitude. the quake shook bottles and boxes off store shelves and the ferndale area. but no major damage or injuries were reported. the usgs says the epicenter was located 280 miles north of san francisco. >> developing tonight there is some speculation that the minneapolis area jury in the trial of former police officer kim potter could be deadlocked after deliberating for nearly
10:36 pm
13 hours over the past 2 days. the jury asked the judge what they should do if they cannot agree on a verdict. they are trying to decide the fate of potter. a 26 year veteran of the police force who shot and killed 20 year old dante wright back in april when she mistook her gun for her taser. the judge in the trial told the jury that they should decide the case for themselves after they considered their views. >> should not surrender your honest opinion simply because jurors disagree. nearly 2 d. >> members of the jury also asked if they could handle the gun that potter used to shoot, right. the judge said that they could potter is charged with first and second-degree manslaughter. >> a truck driver sentenced to a 110 years in prison for his role in a deadly crash in 2019 is getting a second chance. >> in my eyes that
10:37 pm
>> the board that >> more than 4 million people signed a petition calling for a reduced prison sentence for drug ill. i knew laura madero see is the semi truck driver behind a deadly 28 car pileup in colorado that killed 4 people in april of 2019 aguilera-mederos was 23 year-old 23 years old at the time. he claims his brakes failed which led to the crash. his attorney says the case will be heard again on monday after the district attorney filed a motion this afternoon to reconsider his sentence. >> normally a commutation of sentence and only occurs or someone has been serving a sentence and then the governor. is requesting to reduce its to 11 to leave prison. >> court records show idol air madero said a clean driving record. no criminal history. one e lost control of his big rig. >> new tonight at ted today marks one year since this uc
10:38 pm
santa cruz student went missing dane elkins left his car and belongings on a freeway in southern california since then, several people have reported seeing him in northern california. that's giving his family renewed hope of trying to find him. aylon wallace talked with elkins mother who says she is refusing to give up the search for her son. >> you're looking at jane let's begin. it's been exactly one year since his family last heard from him. on december 21st of last year at the uc santa cruz engineering student and 23 time world record ball champion called his family as he drove up and down the state likely paranoid and mentally distressed due to the pandemic that was the last communication they received from him. then that same day elkins car was found abandoned in a mountainous area between los angeles and bakersfield his phone and wallet still inside the vehicle. now a year later, his mother, debra has
10:39 pm
not stopped looking for her son. we miss him. we missed this last year has been a really challenging year for our family a challenging year, but also a year filled with faith that dane is still out there. witnesses have come forward we had reports that people have so we are grateful grateful for reports from possible witnesses from across the state. >> while the family has yet to receive pictures or videos of dane since his disappearance. >> people have reported seeing him over the last 12 months. first in bakersfield, then mojave and most recently in northern california. >> in recent months, several witnesses say they've seen dane in the northern central valley that includes one woman who says she's confident she interacted with him outside this oakdale taco bell. >> he was a younger gentleman probably in his early 20's. and nice looking. but a little because it would like keep been traveling on the road for
10:40 pm
a kelly christine says she saw day back in july when she was waiting at the taco bell drive-thru on south east avenue. that's when she bought him a meal he was very polite. he said thank you his wife speck in. then she went on her way and that was it. but a few weeks later she came across a tiktok post urging people to be on the lookout for dane. >> and that's when it hit her that she had seen him i was watching i'm like, oh, my gosh. >> this is the guy because around the eyes, you know, and that color the eyes. and i was never more sure. that's something in my. >> life. since then, other people said they saw date in the greater modesto and oakdale areas. anyone with information is urged to join the searching for danielle. can facebook group for any updates and possible sightings. the group has more than 11,400 members. and on the social media video streaming platform tiktok the kindness mom account dedicated to finding dane has more than 21,000 followers dane sibling say the recent sightings give them renewed hope about the brother. they love. he said.
10:41 pm
>> 10 units guy and like the best big brother i ever had. and he's just a really good person. that's the one person i look up to, you know, create kids been around character your family misses you. >> we love you. it's been a rough year without you and we look forward to the day we could hug you again a day they dream will soon become a reality in oakdale, a tom wallace. >> if anyone may have seen we have information on how to contact his family on our website. kron 4 dot com. >> disappoint thought a retail theft going on in the smash and grabs us we thought was the smartest thing to do. >> still ahead tonight, retail crime to force one bay area man to change how he does business but the crime has not killed. his holiday spirit will explain. >> and next in sports, the niners begin their preps for thursday night showdown with the tennessee titans sports director jason dumas has reaction from the team. a stanford women's basketball
10:42 pm
looks to try to take down undefeated, south carolina. that's coming up. and don't forget to join us on kron 4 as we ring in the new year. our grant lotus in just a little bit. will count is down to 2020 to watch the bay area's only live fireworks show as his far culls over the bay bridge. >> the party starts at 11:30pm on new year's eve only on kron 4.
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thefts is forced to south a shoe store to shut down. >> but it is not keeping the store's staff and owner from spreading the holiday spirit, the store's annual toy giveaway will go on as planned this week. >> kron four's. dan thorn has the story from san jose. here. it kicks in the owner of the high and sneaker store thought that it was not worth it to keep the brick and mortar open during the holidays and running the risk of becoming robbery victims, but their connection to this community is not going to be broken. and this year they're giving back anyway. >> dozens of brand new bicycles and bags and boxes of toys have replaced sneakers and high-end streetwear. >> at san jose's kicks ache. the store has emptied shelves in cases because of a growing with retail theft going on in the smash and grabs us we thought was the smartest thing to do for store owner danny
10:46 pm
ryan. it's strange not being surrounded by shoes. he made the decision to close the brick and mortar on stevens creek boulevard after 7 years in business, retail that sit nearby santana row and the westfield valley fair mall prompted ryan to take action. the store has since moved primarily to online sales. super disappointing. but ryan is not letting the closure take away the christmas spirit. all of these bicycles scooters and toys will be going to kids in the community at their annual giveaway in the years past. it's been a great success. the parking lot fills up as the line usually runs down the street for ryan. it's all about giving back. that means a lot. you know, connell. >> overshadows all other things that are going on and brings the holidays to like pushing aside, the negative. ryan is expecting another big crowd for this year's event. >> and as even tease. that does it from santa claus. does the best giving back and seeing all the smiles on the kids face. it just takes away from negative stuff going on
10:47 pm
in the world. >> the 7th annual toy giveaway will be happening this thursday from 05:00pm to 08:00pm here at the store at 30 to 42 stevens creek boulevard. >> reporting in san jose. dan thorn kron 4 news. >> saint francis really hasn't stopped. illinois coming down the court. >> bruce weiler of illinois is blind. he cannot even see the game in front of him. but he paints an amazing picture for radio listeners by doing his research on the team's and filling in the action with details stats and running and alice's wyler says providing the color commentary for the college basketball game to something he's dreamed of doing since he was a kid. >> i really just enjoyed being able to analyze with with brian and just doing something. i always dreamed about being able to tow the studies. both teams very hard and he does his homework and it no matter if you can see you're not if you do your you know, you can do well in this field.
10:48 pm
>> has announced more than 150 games for the fighting ally he says that he hopes his efforts show others that they can do whatever they feel called to do in los angeles. the gigantic staples center lettering in front of the arena has now been replaced with a big blue crypto dot com banner. the signage is also been changed in the backstage tunnel areas with all staples center logos now gone. >> and throughout arena i'll sign it has been updated from red to blue. the full officials which is expected to happen on christmas day. >> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> the niners got in one last practice this week before the team headed off to nashville for their thursday night showdown with the tight. going to be a good one. the niners are looking to get to a season-high 3 games. over 500.
10:49 pm
they've won 5 of their last 6 games. in one of the hottest teams in the nfl but there's always a but they know will have to be on their p's and q's to get a road win on a short weeks. rest in a tough tennessee atmosphere. you've got to learn from the vets about alike. >> how to prep to the week. like recovering taking care your body and. going on. the road is much different. playing at home on a thursday night game like that kind of you know, at home. more. so can you get to like obviously it's different here at home like. you have yourself to kind of used to recover and get ready for the game. so on the roads, little different. so. >> that's that's when you got to got to use of guys who've been through it to. >> figure out, ok, what's the best way to go about this. make sure i'm ready to go come thursday night. >> tara vanderveer has really challenge her squad this season tuesday marked team's 6th match up with a top 25 team and it happened to come against the number one ranked
10:50 pm
undefeated university of south carolina. the cardinals coming off a victory over seventh-ranked, tennessee. there's the goat tara and stanford got out to a great start. lexi hall hand down, man down the leave her open. that was 3 of her 14 1st quarter point. she finished with 17 now. how about anna wilson? to haley jones in a wilson making better passes. then her brother was today playing the rams usc, though, raced an 18 point deficit to after one right there. they're leading after that bucket. but graham believe team she puts it in stanford. they take the lead again. let's go to the 4th haley jones. look at the foot work. i know haley's trainer. he's probably beaming him cry that that bucket right there, the bench loves it. but south carolina, they get into
10:51 pm
their best player aliyah boston. she gives them the lead now let's go. 3 seconds left stanford out to as you can see for him believing. steps in the lane and they call a lane violation. but take another it looks like aliyah boston kind of pushes heard the momentum. they fall in the ref then will i hear it proves costly stanford loses a heartbreaker 6561 after the game. tara vanderveer wasn't blaming those ref women. all teams are blowing. an 18 point lead. we had 13 turnovers in the 2nd half. think we had 7 in the 1st half. we didn't. we just didn't take care of the ball. well enough. that was i think that was our biggest problem. >> and then also, you know, they went inside to boston and she did a better job in the 2nd half. we just have to figure out a way to you know, 4 quarters together. we played a great 1st quarter. great 2nd quarter. you and our our 3rd quarter really strong.
10:52 pm
>> hey, she doesn't mince her words stats. why she's the goat. you look at sports, goat. you look at sports, we'l the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. tension builds... the plot twist the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier.
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>> our the astronauts aboard the international space station. >> always spectacular to watch the shipment of nasa cargos heading to the international space station aboard a brand
10:55 pm
new falcon 9 rocket this morning's launch is a resupply mission is carrying 6500 pounds of cargo and a bunch of equipment for nasa's science investigations, including a study to improve how cancer treatment drugs are delivered to patients. the cargo also includes some special holiday treats for the astronauts will be spending christmas aboard the i s s. >> well calling all nature photographers the photo contest force, the kobe sequoia and kings canyon national parks is making a return this after a hiatus last year. you can start submitting your photographs over the next 3 days. via facebook using the hashtag so quiet kings and p s photo contest 2021 there will be 3 winners in 6 categories. sequoias wilderness, wildlife nature, dark sky and find your park winners will be announced by the end of the year and bring something to wipe off to wetness on your if this keeps
10:56 pm
up. boy, what a bloom are going to happen, every time right. >> so yeah, it looks like the rain just lining up right now outside. we're seeing some heavier bands move on up toward the sfo kind of get gray out there. the tarmac very wet all around the bay area. another band of some moderate amount of rain about to move on shore. see a lot of green around the bay area now. and you see all that yellow approaching the coastline making its way in half moon, bay overnight. and now parts pacific as well. those moderate to some heavier downpours that are just developing off the coastline. even some of that making its way in toward the san jose area. we're seeing some of the showers there. just inside the bay and toward menlo park lighter amounts of rain in fremont and hayward and a scattered moderate amounts of rain. as you make your way in alameda near oakland as well in san francisco. but this is going to continue tonight on and off throughout the night. and i think is going to taper off early tomorrow this area of low pressure kind of anchored off the coast line. that's helping this front come through. but then we've got another frontal system that's going to drop in out of the gulf of alaska that's going to usher in some much colder air
10:57 pm
and i think a much more a steady rainfall as we get into thursdayr so tomorrow not going to be rain out a chance. some occasional showers outside to see couple rainbows maybe couple sunny breaks in between the clouds and the temperatures going to stay cool highs. going to be the 50's and plan on some low 60's the warm spots. and that's about as warm as it's going to get then over the next few days boyer 10 to 10 looking very wet to right through the holiday weekend will be on the fact all the way to the new year just about that may be the first real dry day, the next thursday and friday just before we begin twenty-twenty to my gosh. all right. thank you, lord. thank you for being with us tonight, everybody will see tomorrow night, the night.
10:58 pm
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