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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  December 22, 2021 9:00am-10:01am PST

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out right. today is not the worst day for your travels here in the bay area. but things are already getting slicd up in the sierra nevada. your view outside at your east bay hills camera is showing some of the low cloud cover right now. it is just light rain to even misty conditions. we're not surprise will has his head down indicating that it's not as rainy as it once was because a lot of that light rainfall is really just mist and low gray at this point. you are seeing some light snow and rain mix up in the sierra nevada. look how high you have to get along highway 50 or up into a t before you even start to see that snowfall right along lake level. it is solid rain at this point. that is all going to convert to snow during overnight hours tonight. that's when you're going to get some really slick conditions. so the sooner the better as far as your sierra travels goes, definitely. don't be traveling overnight up into the sierra as our next cold front will be dropping in during our overnight hours. this is 02:30am that line of showers right along the cold front will pick up rainfall in the bay area. heavy isolated
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pockets working our way into the morning commute tomorrow and notice how that blew up in the sierra just expands as temperatures get colder. a lot of ice formation likely under that snow pack. that's going to be gained as this cold front pushes through. now temperatures are in the 40's and 50's right now. it's a pretty warm start. san jose at 51 oakland and san mateo each at 48 while the lay at 42 degrees currently rain jackets or your priority. just keep dry with some light showers out there this morning. reyna. john, thanks for we have had slick conditions off throughout the morning and we have accidents. >> like this one southbound want to one at silver avenue. so we are seeing delays all along one. oh, one, as you're traveling in the city right now. a little under look at that. 12 minutes as you're heading from the east bay into the city to that fremont street exit. but you still have very slick conditions. you don't want to drive fast. even though traffic is like this morning heading across towards the peninsula. little under 14 as you're traveling there out of richmond about 8 minutes head in a cross towards sandra fell, the
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golden gate bridge. you've got some high winds there gusting across the air 21 minute 37 to the tolls. but remember, still pockets of water and flooding like here in oakland, southbound, 8.80, north of 9, 80 west in the south bay. let's check on conditions that are still very slick. that still showing light drive time so 85 to menlo park about 30 minutes. we're staying on top of your traffic will have more coming up. noel and james, we'll send it back to you. >> thank you very much. rain. and of course, we're going continue our team coverage by taking a quick live look here at storm tracker. 4. it looks like the rain has broken up nicely around. yeah. we're getting some pockets of relief. may be some of flooded areas will be able to kind of dissipate the water little will transmit up in the north bay all morning long. he's changed locations it i think you're a pretty high right now. well. >> i mean, the marin headlands. and right now you don't see my hood up. so we are taking a break from the rain, granted him a little higher. so it's just year. but
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we wanted to show you this iconic shot of the golden gate bridge. just to show you what ou see are don't see any. it is. it's there, but it is not that beautiful. international orange that we're used to seeing because there's a blanket of fog mixed in with some mist on top of us. so it is a dreary day and just to show you how gusty the conditions are here. i mean, we're not way up high on a mountain marine helens is up but not really up and you can see just how gusty it is with all that brush right behind me, swaying back and forth. keep in mind, even though it's not going to slam us like what we saw last month with that atmospheric river. it is a gentle rain, but the roads are slick. there's a lot of paddling going on by all means wear a sweater underneath your jacket because one thing is constant rain or not. it is cold. that's why even have my gloves on this is the first time today and have my gloves on. >> that's how cold it is. i'll
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take off my hat. in my hair is short and you can still see it swaying back and forth a little bit. so you can see how things are and i think it probably get a little stronger before it dies down just a little bit. this is the rain that we've been waiting for for the next 6 or 7 days just try to lead into it. i'm trying to lean into it. i don't fly off the cliff. that's how windy it here at police. tell me, will that you've got warm socks on. you did not like there when you're sliders on. >> come on now. oh, no, no, not check this out. look at these chose. i am you all morning that is. >> i still have it. i you know. >> and it's no big deal. use use the james james stay with me. stick with e and i remember guys from hawaii would walk around. it is going go the winter of all products.
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you we well, i don't know about doing goal is 9 in the middle of a had to say. to do what you got in a cold blustery day. warm. well, stay warm. >> all right. thanks. happening today. governor newsom is expected to give. >> more information about a new mandate. requiring health care workers in california to get their booster shots. he announced the mandate on twitter last night saying they're stepping up efforts to get people vaccinated and boosted. it comes as data is showing the omicron variant is increasing across the state. that's why the governor says our hospitals need to be prepared. infectious disease expert at ucsf. doctor peter chin-hong does agree with the governor. >> is it going to be sick just like everybody else, not very sick because all of them have been vaccinated. >> but sick enough or identified on testing that they'll have to stay home for 10 days.
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>> governor newsome is going to hold a news conference later this morning is going to release a little bit more information on the mandate. want to go to into effect. that sort of thing. that's coming up at 1130. >> let's go to the south bay now because san jose mayor sam liccardo is now proposing just a proposal, but including booster shots in the city's vaccine mandate right now. all city employees as well as visitors to any city owned properties have to show that they have been fully vaccinated. if this goes through. they also have to prove that they're boosted as well. the only exception would be very young children who can't get the booster yet and people who have been vaccinated but just not long enough to be eligible yet for a booster. >> we know the vaccines wear off over time. that is they're affect their effectiveness declines over many, many months. we all know that we need boosters. >> again, this is just a proposal. but if it is approved, it would make san jose the first city in california to have a requirement like that. the
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city leaders are expected to talk about this more on their january 5th meeting. >> up in the north bay. solano county has recorded its first covid-related death and a baby. a tragic story. doctors say it crucial reminder that we need to get vaccinated. and it's not just to protect ourselves but it's to protect others to like. >> children who can't get vaccinated right now. kron fours camila barco is in the newsroom. she has all the details that we know so far camila. >> yes, and james snow, all one local health expert says that this death is an example to keep our guards up. the doctor even recommends kids younger. then 5 to get tested before being with family and going to those holiday parties. now currently babies toddlers wr kids younger than 5 are not eligible to get vaccinated. the child in solano county was less than a year old officials say the child died after contracting the delta variant and since the start of the pandemic
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about 342 people in that county have died because of the virus. now, the county's health officer says that pediatric deaths related to covid are rare, but children can still get sick and die from the virus. now, here's what infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin. hong says you should think about we're bringing your kids to those holiday parties. >> parents you know, just think about risk and benefit. i usually think about kids being more of a minute to households. so if there is somebody who is older than 65 maybe unboosted unvaccinated somebody who's immunocompromised in the household. you want to be extra careful as the unit. that is be careful about ways traveling avoid is the kid is right to wear a mask. so kind wear mask under the age of 2 months. so these are some of the considerations. i think about.
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>> now doctor tang hong says that there is hope for kids under the age of 5. he says the covid vaccine has shown to be effective for kids who are 2 months old to 2 years old. he expects for more information in the early part of next year about that pediatric covid vaccine now health experts saylthere are some ways to reduce the spread of covid. for example, wear a mask avoid large crowds and poorly ventilated areas stay home. when you're feeling sick, get tested. if you have symptoms or have been exposed to someone who has covid and be mindful of people who have health problems. the elderly and of course, young kids now solano county is continuing to offer covid-19 vaccines at there mass vaccination clinic. if you're interested, it's at the solano county fairgrounds in valais. whoa. and that clinic is operating until january 29th james smile. back to you. >> thank you very much. camilla. >> over in the east bay. the oakland city council has decided to require proof of vaccinations in order to enter
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some businesses. similar rules are already in place in san francisco and berkeley as well. and some oakland business owners say this move is a long overdue. >> it all starts february 1st. this is the list of the types of businesses where you're going to have to show proof of vaccination in oakland at restaurants bars coffee shops gyms, movie theaters museums. that sort of thing. chris is the owner of chop house and calavera and oakland. he says if this is going to protect his customers and also protect his staff members. he says even though restaurants do have the option of asking customers for proof of the vaccine. many have avoided doing so because they didn't want to start any potential confrontations from a unvaccinated people pushing back on the rules. but with the mandate on the way he says it's going make things run a lot smoother. >> i think that the city mandating it is a really important having this small businesses kind of. seizing
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them. some says small business decided that they would have they would they would ask people for their vaccination status and that creates a little bit of a difficult situation for our staff where, you know, there could confronted by people saying that, you know that like this idea but with the city, give us that mandate saying that we have we have to do this. it gives us the ability that actually, you know, for speed by have vaccine so after a business so i bought it. i think it's long overdue. i would love to see this 6 months ago. but i think this is a is a great step. >> starting january 15th businesses are going to start posting signs letting customers know about the upcoming changes. the senate says he's actually the next few weeks getting the staff trained on how to check vaccination cards. have a spot real ones versus fake ones because those are circulating around and how to cross reference information on ids. john. >> well, it is misty out there today. a lot of that light rainfall is let up. but it's still wet because of this low cloud cover and some of the drizzly misty conditions that
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we do have rainfall picks back up tonight. keep the umbrellas and rain jackets with you today and the rest of the forecast isn't looking much drier. i've got your forecast even in like conditions today, we've seen our fair share of accidents out there because of the weather and conditions will have
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i didn't have health insurance, not because i didn't want it. i worried it was too expensive and i was having a hard time paying our other bills. but now, for the first time in our lives, i can do both. covered california makes health insurance easier in every way. with financial help for millions of us and free assistance to compare your options. covered california. this way to health insurance. enroll by december 31st at >> welcome back. it's 9.14 on this is a wet wet it is watching very wet out there.
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it seems like certain parts of the bay are getting breaks here and there from my heavy rain. but. >> it's all just still very damp. it is. and we're not out of it yet even though it looks like maybe your neighborhoods getting a brief pause in all of johns in the weather center talking more about that. hey, john. yeah, definitely wet wednesday conditions for sure, guys, it's mostly staying on the light. nice and calm side across the bay area today. so this bodes well for us, even though you will have to make that adjustment as far as what you're wearing is, you're venturing out. shouldn't shut things down across the bay just slow you down as it is so wet out there. san jose is not looking bad right now. you may even see a few spots of sunshine breaking through the gray here and there today, showers are going to remain pretty light. as you can see, it's pretty quiet across the bay right now. up in the sierra nevada snow fall at the very highest of elevations. rain snow mix to just flat out rainfall. a the sierra in those lower elevations, which is helping to melt a little bit of the snow pack up their unfortunately not enough to be concerned the north bay
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looking at some misty conditions right the core of the bay area's also a little bit quieter. and in the south bay, it's really just coming down up in the santa cruz mountains. the sierra as i noted, is in the midst of bit of a break from snowfall at areas like lake tahoe where you're actually just seen it coming down rainy right now. this is actually a bit concerning because as we do see re freeze tonight and then some snowfall on top of that layer of ice. it is going to get really, really slick up there. so my advice, if you have to head up into the sierra do it during daytime hours today the sooner the better with this forecast do not wait until the very icy conditions tonight. that's going to be really rough. we've got our next cold front sliding in overnight tonight that's going to drop temperatures over the course of this forecast. so today is easily the warmest of the storm. some light rainfall that will move in and out across the course of the day today. so you will get breaks. kind of like we're in the midst of now tonight that line of showers right along this cold front. pretty evident picking up rainfall really hard rain right in the middle of your evening and tomorrow
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morning's commute is going to be a rough one with some pretty intense rainfall coming down. look at how the blue judge generally expands further and further across the sierra as we make our way through this forecast. that's because snow level will fall in elevation tomorrow afternoon. we'll get bit of a break from the rain, another dose of it overnight thursday night into friday morning and even bigger break during the day on friday for christmas eve. that's going to be the biggest break of this forecast. so if you need to do some travels this weekend. friday. earlier on in today's the day to do it friday night christmas eve into christmas itself. rain is going to pick back up snow at lower elevations likely to cause some troubles on. i 80 i 5 up in north of redding as well as 50 heading up to later towards lake tahoe rainfall continues sunday, monday into tuesday. off and on. we start to see less and rainfall potential after that. but that's at least a solid 7 days ahead of us with those showers we're already in a winter storm warning up in the sierra nevada conditions worsen. tonight, as i mentioned, are anywhere from 4 to 8 feet of
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snowfall piling up through these combined systems up in higher elevations. now, today's daytime highs easily or warmest of the forecast. we're in the 50's to low 60's a lot like we were yesterday. we're going to be taking in this many 60's in this forecast. so if you like that mild field today is certainly a good one to still take care of some things just of course, getting the rain jacket out and slowing it down as we are so slick on so many roadways. tomorrow is going to be a bit cooler. but the real cool down actually arrives this weekend. that's when daytime highs will barely be in the low 50's upper 40's towards next week. heaviest rainfall will be overnight tonight. then again friday night into saturday morning, which of course is christmas eve into christmas day heaviest of snowfall will be these especially this weekend into next week. when temperatures fall as cold as they will be rain. john, thank you for that. a lot of rain out there. so we do have an accident, a little further down in the. >> san francisco south san francisco southbound one. oh, one south of south airport boulevard in addition to that,
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you have some flooding there. so that traffic collision and flooding. it's probably what led to that accident traveling from the east bay into the city right now under 10 minutes. so traffic is light but conditions out there. a really, really going want to make you drive slower heading across towards the peninsula. you can see the puddles of water on the bridge. there still says it's about a 30 minute drive for you as you head out of richmond across towards center failure at about 9 minutes for your drive there with water on our cameras. all of them. 21 minutes 37 to the tolls here in oakland. a lot of roadway flooding as you're traveling along 8.80 specifically southbound and north of 9.80, west here. so we're seeing a lot of water there and we'll check on the south bay as you're traveling along 1, 1, 85 to middle part. it will take you about 29 minutes to make that drive james, back to you. >> time now to talk winners and losers on wall street with financial expert rob black joining us remotely this morning. i believe up in tahoe know you're still at home. robber thought you'd be up in the mountains. been out.
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>> i'm supposed to fly on monday. and john wasn't getting enough of the weather to get back on monday morning. a friday morning and was like, i should have gone. all right. let's talk about the markets. real quick. looks like we're having a pretty positive day that a nasdaq dow up a triple digits right now. >> santa claus rally how the professionals have checked out. like i was supposed to. basically it's a big broad rally. tech banking oil. it's nice to see. >> 2022 know there's economic risks with the federal reserve removing stimulus monetary potentially raising interest rate hikes. 3 times making cost money. more expensive for everything from homes to credit cards. new home sales came out this morning. james and kind of some good news. there only 13.9% couple months together up over 20% year over year. there's a 2.1 month supply of homes. that's not enough and amazon said that they could restrict tass covid test to the now amount of number. the triple by visit now. so that tells you only crime is race causing some
9:21 am
havoc. >> and then i look at his where, you know, getting closer closer to christmas, i guess are new numbers out right now about how much parents are willing to get that gift for their kids or their loved-ones, right. even spending beyond their means 2 pretty decent degree. >> yeah. 16% are willing to go into debt for a holiday must have gift for a kid and holiday must gift is things like apple products legos. and a video game consuls like the x box series accident. sony playstation 5. they're willing to spend. 22% more on e-bay than asking retail price. if you're making 50 k, which i call the blue collar average americans. you're willing to spend $178 on the gift for the kid in that that includes things as well. but you're splurging is the idea and even making over 100 k a year. kids are much happier because mommy better one for got $231 per
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just remember one late payment and it will ruin your credit. you pay more for credit cards, more for new cars. more for used cars, more for home mortgages. if you go into debt, just make sure you pay on time yeah. and speaking of splurging, i love this last story. royal caribbean. >> what is this offering a 9 month crews for what is people going on. revenge vacations tough. but who does i guess people want to get but scratch their heads. we learned about revenge. but this is travel and gets captains doing a job back on the love boat. then didn't says she was and i love it. a nine-month cruising or anywhere between 65,210 1000 with royal caribbean you get free, free laundry which i love because when i drink heist in spill. it all over myself. you can get a 150 excursions from machu picchu to the great wall of china. so it's a lot going nine-month revenge travel as new thing. james get used to it. >> in credible. i don't know who's got 9 months to go on this other than retired folks.
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but. rob, thank you. is that yeah, right. thank you as always. we'll chat with you again. well, not we have tomorrow tomorrow okay. we'll talk to you then. let rob know what you'd like chat about facebook twitter you see is handles there. you can also e-mail him directly robin roblox do i was injured in a car crash. i had no idea how much my case was worth. i called the barnes firm. when a truck hit my son, i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made.
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>> welcome back. 9.25 on this wednesday before christmas.
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and we all know about the norad tracker that's really popular chris fractions santa. but there are other ways to connect with santa through the holiday season and rich demuro takes a closer look in today's tech smart. hello santa. >> connecting with santa is easier than ever. thanks to these tech tools. the portable north pole app is a popular way to get a personalized video message from the big guy himself christmas tradition for a lot you can create one video for free and pay for more. the quality is impressive with your child's name city photo and other personal details included which are in shared or sold strong with, know it's not a big yeah. the big surprise for to to send site like he expecting it. >> grab a picture with santa capture the magic. just snap a photo and then add in a special sticker for some holiday santa. and if you want
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to get santa on video. you see catch santa ar app. >> it will summon santa to your space where you can record his presence. see what i did there. once you get past the ad's message from santa is a cute way to get a call. and you're a few details and your phone will reign handed over to your kids for a personalized message from santa. i. got an echo. you can now enable a santa personality. unable. hey, santa have some fun by asking santa to sing a song. tell a story joke and more. hey, santa, what's the weather like in los angeles. >> the excited about the with the no match washington how about you? >> and finally, for the 66th year norad will track santa online at norad santa dot org. or you can call 1, 8, 7, 7, hi norad on christmas eve for an
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update on santa's exact location. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. all right. and it 9.27 will take a brief break. but here's a live look at the radar will be right back with more in a minute. ♪ ♪ you are my fire ♪
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♪ the one desire ♪ ♪ you are, you are, ♪ ♪ don't wanna hear you say... ♪ ♪ ♪ i want it that way ♪
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>> welcome back. it is 9.30 on this wednesday morning. it's very, very wet out there. still extremely. yeah. cloudy and misty what gets the camera
9:31 am
downtown san francisco. i will say i feel like certain spots are really getting a little bit of a break from the rain right now. so he's not to like walk the dog or like. >> go run an errand really quickly maybe trying to get and get out right now. i think i don't know how long this little break that we're going last i completely second. that device got a good chance out there to walk the dog. >> dogs in the mist this it sounds like nice time to get out there as well because we are going to be looking at colder temperatures around the corner and and there will be some rainfall picking back later on this morning. it just looks really great. but hey, as long as you've got the jacket on, you'll be okay with that. your view outside of berkeley hills camera. also misty gray not seeing in the sunshine for a lot of the bay area right now relatively quiet on radar. we do have a few sprinkles right along the coastline. but aside from them. the bay area's quieted down really nicely. i'll show you futurecast in the sec but do want to show you up in the sierra nevada because i know a
9:32 am
lot of people have plans whether you're heading to reno are just doing some holidays travels up to this year itself. it is very slick up there. we are seeing rainfall at high elevations and then snow fall. once you cross to the crest of the sierra now tonight we're going to see re freeze occurring. that's going make for some really slick conditions. my advice if you must is head up sooner rather than later because right now is your best time to do it later on. we'll have that reprieves. and tomorrow the snow is going to start to pile up as for futurecast showers will pick up a little bit later on today. today will be very light sprinkles here and there. and just a great day overall, we've already seen a half an inch to an inch of rainfall across the bay. so roadways are wet from that. see that line of showers that moves in overnight tonight. that is going to make for some really slick conditions in the sierra and some heavy rainfall moving in during overnight hours into tomorrow morning is going to result in a pretty wet and not so fun morning commute tomorrow for anyone still going to work on thursday. 40's and low 50's
9:33 am
for current temperatures san jose as well as morgan hill in the low 50's. the rest of us still hovering in the 40's. i'm talking about some of those wet roadways and that's been a little bit of a messy one out there in her computers. and tony has been slick. >> all across our highways or bridges. we've seen some accidents like this one southbound one. oh, one south of south airport boulevard here. so we are seeing a delay as you're traveling there heading into the city with water on all of our bridge cameras this morning. about 10 minutes of traffic is still light, however, conditions are slick. so you want to drive slow and not speed up even though you don't see a lot of cars on the road about a 30 minute drive heading across towards the peninsula. a little under 9 minutes as you're heading from richmond across towards sandra. phil and the golden gate bridge 37 to the tolls about a 21 minute drive on slick conditions while james, back to you. thanks. right now. we do have breaking news this morning. the fda has authorized the first pill to treat covid-19 in people who are vaccinated.
9:34 am
it's a pill from pfizer called paxlovid. >> the drugs. a faster cheaper way to treat early covid-19 infections basically until this point people men taking tylenol to try and like, you know what the sometimes. according to the data, the pill has some mild side effects. it does have nearly 90% reduction in hospitalizations and deaths among patients. most likely to get severe disease. yes. so the initial supply right now the pill is going to be extremely limited. they're cranking it out as fast as they can and antiviral pill from merck is also expected to get emergency use authorization from the fda some point soon. >> we'll let you know when that becomes available on the market. but this is a big hopefully a big help now in the fight against this. upcoming surge in coronavirus, right. as i mentioned, you know, most people they've just been trying to deal with symptoms with, you know. >> sleeves tylenol, that sort of thing. so this is specifically for covid-19 treatment was developed for people unvaccinated vaccinate people who might be dealing with symptoms. it is safe for
9:35 am
them too. >> another big story here as omicron is taking over as a variant of dominant variant here in the united states. the president has announced several steps to try and mitigate the impact here. yeah. one of those steps is to make sure that you have access to these home testing kits. they wanted to be free and available to everybody. >> our washington, dc correspondent basil john tells us more about president joe biden says americans do not need to panic but need to do their part to prevent the omicron variant from doing real damage. well want us to >> we're still tuesday. president joe biden announced new steps. the federal government is taking as omicron cases rise throughout the country to prepare. we know more just to stay focused. the president's winter plan includes expanding hospital capacity deploying additional medical personnel and supplies like ventilators and increased access to free testing and vaccines will be deploying hundreds more vaccinators and more sites to
9:36 am
help get the booster shots in people's arms. the increased testing includes 500 million at-home tests that will be distributed for free. will have websites where you can get them delivered to your home. president biden says only those not fully vaccinated should be concerned about the omicron variant. you're in a high risk of getting sick. and you can secure likely to spread it to others, including friends and family vaccination is extremely important, but please don't forget about getting a booster shot. white house chief medical advisor doctor anthony fauci says americans can enjoy their holidays as planned, but should be responsible and avoid things that are really high risk like very large congregations. >> social events with a 100 people or 80 people were everybody's crowded together. that's just not very prudent to do that right now. both fauci and the president want americans to understand that the country is not back to where it was in march of 2020. >> because they know more about the virus and they have the supplies to deal with it reporting in washington. i'm basil john.
9:37 am
>> coronavirus testing has come a long way for a lot of people. it's gotten easier to go get those at home tests at cvs and walgreens right now it seems like a lot of our don't really have that much supply. if you do get one, though, they are very convenient. however, you need to know they're not always very accurate. if you're positive on those you'd like more likely to be infectious. if you're negative by one of those, you may still. >> the positive by pcr. but you're probably less infections. so it's a it's a good screening tool. >> as you head out for your holiday celebrations. you are encouraged to get a full pcr test before you go into your destination. >> well, as covid cases rise or are growing number of bars and restaurants across the bay area that are now choosing to close their doors this week. the friends and family bar, for example, in oakland is going to be closed until december 27th because they are reporting an increase number of potential staff exposures. the owner of the lies mile high club in oakland has seen
9:38 am
an uptick in positive cases as well. and so he's decidedoto close his doors until december 30th as a precaution. >> we have to like deal with it day by day. it's like a situation that i have to think about all the time. that. i didn't have to. you know, consider i opened a business like this are got to this industry. >> in san francisco. the wine bar. part-time has also closed its doors until next week because of covid exposures among the staff. we're told a growing number of businesses are now mandating the booster shot 2 for their employees. more news in a minute. john. well, we are looking at a wet day ahead of us showers today will be light interspersed by dry. but cloudy periods got to like we're looking at right now. >> that's not much of a view at all. and i know we've had a lot of delays out there at the airport later on today. do expect highs in the 50's to 60's rain picks up tonight and we've got a lot of wet weather ahead of us through the holiday. i've got your forecast and the slick conditions out there are
9:39 am
slowing us down across multiple areas here in the bay multiple areas here in the bay once we get back from break. after my car accident, multiple areas here in the bay once we i wondered whatreak. my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. is your accident case worth more than insurance offered? call the barnes firm now to find out. you might be surprised.
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>> breaking news this wednesday morning. the biden administration is going to be extending the student loan moratorium through may. first of next year. interest rates on student loans will remain
9:42 am
at 0% during this new period of time and debt collection efforts will be suspended great news for those suffering from student was a student loan moratorium was set to expire on january 31st. you get a little bit more time now to pay back those loans meanwhile, the university of california is delaying its return to in-person classes for 2 weeks after the holiday break. the school says for the first 2 weeks of the next semester. they're going to hold classes online. that's from january 3rd until the 17th school made that choice in anticipation of a surge in covid-19 cases after this holiday break. there are also requiring all students and employees to take a covid test on the day they return to campus. that's regardless of their vaccination status and then those who are not vaccinated or people that are vaccinated have gotten their booster shot. they're going to have to take covid tests twice a week going forward. >> with 9.42. let's head to the east bay where one day
9:43 am
after the oakland police chief announced a plan to increase police presence in east oakland. the city council member who represents that district is also unveiling his own plan. councilmember lauren taylor claims that he's been a lifelong advocate for more officers in east oakland fact. he's introduced legislation now instructing the chief of police and the city administrator to come up with a plan to bring in over a 100 new police officers to o kland over the next 2 years. >> we are 50% higher in terms of violent crimes per officer. then the other large cities in northern california sacramento san jose and san francisco. we have to acknowledge that. yes, we need a higher baseline of police officers. while we are also re imagining public safety. >> and taylor who by the way, is also running to be oakland's next mayor is also calling for a bigger investment in surveillance cameras throughout the city. we'll take a break at 9.43 a live look at stormtracker 4. back with more coverage in a minute.
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9:47 am
time to be on the road between noon and 6 tomorrow and the best time if you are traveling tomorrow is after 7 o'clock so try to plan for that. if you're going to be heading out on christmas eve for those last-minute trips. well, you've got to have to leave before one. >> and if you're coming home the day after christmas. you want to travel before noon because anything past that point pass just going to be tough. and of course, if you're going to the best time to hit the roads is before one pm and that is on the 27th. so just keep that in mind. we want to show you the gas prices right now i say wait until you get out of the bay area to try and i'm be a little cheaper. but if you're in san francisco need to fill up $4.83. is your average price drops to about 4.74 in oakland. >> san jose. $0.3 more and in the north bay. a gallon of regular is going to cost you about $4 and $0.80. john. >> well, if you're trying to get over to reno to get some gas. this is going to drive through. it is going to be a little on the slick side up there. but honestly the the sooner the better to get on
9:48 am
the roadways in this forecast because tonight some snow is going to push back in a lot of this damp conditions that we do have an 80 in our other routes across the sierra we are going to freeze over. that's going make for some really icy snowy conditions tonight. so a team at its best right now. not going to be getting any better for the rest of this forecast. as for san jose, you do have a little hint of blue up there in the skies. but overall pretty gray across the entirety of the bay area, starting with the north bay. we are mostly cloudy a couple of misty spots, but taking a break from the rain for a lot of the bay, including the peninsula and east bay, south bay. most of our showers are right around the santa cruz mountains, morgan hill down to gilroy. some light rainfall for the sear itself. it's our highest elevation snowfall. it's just too warm up there. so you do have rain snow mix around lake level and rain. snow mix all the way up until you get to those higher elevations right there along 80. so that is going make for some slick conditions tonight, once temperatures fall below freezing as our next system drops in with even colder air this time around. rainfall
9:49 am
today will be on and off just some light showers all day long. nothing super heavy for your wednesday's forecast won't be until our overnight hours tonight that we see heavy rainfall pushing in this burst of heavy rain mostly after midnight tonight will carry us on into tomorrow morning, making for a really slick commute to work for your thursday. so do watch your travel on that one. we'll get a break thursday afternoon thursday night and brief resurgence of rainfall than mid morning till mid afternoon on friday, you'll actually get some sunshine on christmas eve. really good chance to do some travel some last minute shopping. good grocery store run time. then friday night christmas eve into saturday. the rainfall really pushes back in. even colder temperatures, meaning snow level falls to lower and lower elevations. that's when snow is really going to pile up and really snarled traffic up into the sierra and northern california friday night into saturday likely through the rest of the weekend and the start of next week as saturday will be consistently rainy to snowy day for christmas. and
9:50 am
we will be looking at rain and snow on and off well into the middle of next week. just rough travel weather. but whether that we need to be seeing, of course, winter storm warnings are already in effect in the sierra nevada. it's windy up there. but we are looking at rain snow mix during daytime hours today. do not do your travels tonight. that's when snow is going to pile up and it will be icy 4 to 8 feet of snowfall piling up, especially towards the crest of the sierra. but down the lake level 2 and even into the foothills by next week. lake county also under a winter storm warning during the same time frame. today is the warmest day of this forecast highs in the 50's to low 60's going to feel pretty similar to what yesterday felt like. so certainly still need those jackets and you'll make it a rain jacket today. even those showers will be sparse in light for the day ahead of us. it is going to be still a wet day. so slow, your commute as well. hayward and fremont at 60 degrees oakland up to richmond in the upper 50's low 50's inland in right along the coastline. your next 7 days get cooler and stay wet
9:51 am
tonight into tomorrow morning. heavy rainfall tomorrow during the day, we take a step back from it. we see another round of brief rainfall thursday night into friday morning friday or longest break from rain. even some sunshine friday night into saturday. that's christmas eve into christmas day. our heaviest rain and heaviest snow temperatures will continue to fall into next week with cold off and on showers for the bay snow continuing to pile up in the sierra rain. john, thank you for that. so we've been tracking an accident that is just cleared southbound one. oh, one south of south airport boulevard. but we are still seeing roadway flooding all in this area along one. so be cautious and careful as you're traveling there. >> heading into the city with drive times under 10 minutes deal, very slick conditions as you can see from our bridge cameras here headed across towards the peninsula at a little under 14 minutes. i'm still seeing pockets of water across most of our bridges like the richmond. sandra fell here a little under 19 across towards sandra fell, the
9:52 am
golden gate bridge about a 22 minute drive and it's supposed to rain all week. so definitely want to leave your house with a little more time here along southbound 8.80, north of 9.80, west. you still have some roadway in highway flooding there and along one. oh, 01:00am not seeing any delays about a 29 minute drive from 85 to menlo park and still take your time. well, james, back to you. thanks. right. we've got some bay area football news faria the forty-niners got in one last practice this week before flying to nashville to take on the titans. that game kicks off tomorrow for thursday night football. very quick turnaround for them. the niners looking hope to keep their winning streak going. >> they won 5 out of the last 6. and although this was a short week. the players say they are ready. >> those. i think thehe's a good we're not doing just deal traditional mix in some of the new style of football and there's a good balance that we have right now. you know, we ran the pack of the ball early on. now. we're kind of get into more of a balanced attack. and i think that's that makes is pretty
9:53 am
dangerous. >> on the roads a little different. so that's that's when you got to got to use the vets and guys who've been through it to. figure out, ok, what's the best way to go about this. make sure i'm ready to go come thursday night. >> kickoff for tomorrow's game between the niners in the titans is set for 5 20. >> and if you feel like giving this holiday season. we have teamed up with the souper bowl of caring. we're supporting local food charities across the bay area. if you want to donate scan, the qr code that you see on your screen or you can text the word n y e donate to 2, 6, 9, 8, 9. you can also visit tap tackle hunger dot org and on the website there, you can pick a local charity to help out this holiday season. stick with us. we'll be right back after the break.
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>> 9.56 we're just about done here on the cover morning news, but they never stop over at kron on theresa stasi, a standing by in the newsroom and she's got a preview of what they're working on. good morning. and good morning. well, governor gavin newsome speaking today noel at 1040 and he's going to be spelling out the latest attempt to try and deal with the spread of the omicron variant and we're going to have that live for you so you can listen in and figure out whether plans for the holidays should change or not. also, we are tracking the storm. how bad is it expected to get here and up in the mountains to see that and so much more to get the real time updates local national headlines. grab your phone scanned the code take you straight to the app store so
9:57 am
you can download kron-on for free. back to guys. thanks, teresa. >> all right. we'll leave you quickly with this quick live look outside up at heavenly the coming down and looks heavenly more leeway. john. that's no great to ski on harder to drive on sooner the better with this forecast because tonight it's going to freeze over. it's going to be a rough go up into the sierra this evening. tomorrow is going to be a little bit of a cooler day getting even cooler after that a white christmas for the sierra about that. he loved to stay joining us this morning. we'll see you tomorrow.
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