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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  December 23, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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elevations. so we do have an avalanche warning that actually in effect through tomorrow morning. so avalanches tend to happen on steeper than 30 degrees. so what exactly causes that people and when the winds are actually going to increase out in the sierra tonight. we could see the fear a rich get hit over a 100 miles per hour. elevations under 7,000 feet could expect to see one to 3 feet of snow this weekend. so temperatures will be decreasing through sunday. as you can see there, 10 degree drop highs that 24 degrees on that day. as for here in the bay area will also notice our temperatures dip a little bit through the weekend highs tomorrow will be in the low 50's up in the their santa rosa at 51 48 for livermore 49 for a high in antioch and 56 for oakland. here's our extended forecast actually the several days through wednesday we have chances of seeing rain
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on and off again through of the bay area. i'll talk more about the extended forecast later on. back to you. >> thank you, erica. take another live look at interstate 80 near lake tahoe. this is amazing. it's really backed up heading westbound. this is the old ag station. basically if you're coming up from reno knew at that checkpoint where you've got to declare if you have any fruits or vegetables. that's it. yes, right by truckee. so you can see this is westbound. so these are all the truckers coming up from reno and presumably heading to the sacramento valley in the bay area, but they are backed up trying to get through there. doesn't look like it's snowing, but there's a lot of snow on the ground and it's slow going up there. if you're headed that way, it's going to be rough. so, you know, look out for that. i was suggesting if you don't have to head that way. don't do it. but lot of people have to. >> kron four's theresa stasi explains. if you're going what you should keep in mind if you're making the trip. >> you can see for yourself in these captured images from along highway 80 in truckee. just how treacherous the conditions are heading to the
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mountains. and officials say that they can get even worse in the snap of a finger. and i would say that cameron don't even do at lake are huge and they are coming down hard and fast. >> and it did leading to some tricky roadway conditions. the officer man with chp reminding people. if you had help and you have a four-wheel drive. that's great. but the law says you must carry chains as well to kind of one of those little known law here in california. but your regardless of having four-wheel-drive all-wheel drive or 2 wheel drive. if you're traveling in mountainous terrain during the winter. you're required to carry chains that all time. >> and that more let not that you're going to have to put him on the interstate. if you've got good snow tires, you got four-wheel drive. we're going to let you go. but if you get yourself in situation where you need change to get yourself out. it better to have not need them and not out and reminding people that when chain control is in effect. >> that alters the speed limit allowed a big, big reminder for everybody is when chain
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controls in a back the maximum people in california actually on our secondary highway like route 89 2.67. it's 25 miles an hour and out here on the interstate. it is 30 miles an hour. another tip. keep your gloves. the jacket at the ready in your vehicle while driving not stashed away in a duffel bag or suitcase. the officer says. >> so that if you do need to get out. you are ready to go and protected from the elements in the newsroom. theresa kron 4 news. >> pg and e is bracing for any storm outages saying it's making sure there will be enough workers out there on duty over christmas and they're postponing planned maintenance work until after the storm window closes and getting ready for what is expected to be a lot of power restoration work. stay with kron 4 for the latest on the stormy weather. you can scan that qr code. it will take you right to our website and you'll find the latest information on the storm, including live radar and any road closures or flooding in your area. dimentia specialist
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in new york has developed a special approach to helping per patient per classes on tiktok and gone viral. reporter vanessa freeman has the story. >> for t plus know being a care provider started when she was just a teenager when my very first while he was still in school assignments was staying at a jewish nursing home. it was fascinating and sort of sad because some of the folks have lived through the holocaust. people are trying to give them showers shower runs. without awareness that was an eye opener because it was like but you're taking her back to a really bad place in time in her life and eye opening experience that would act as the catalyst for approach to working with dementia patients. a philosophy she's implemented for over 4 decades in the field. people living with dementia. they thought they weren't there and it's like, oh, she's so going back to really scary place. and the sad part was they were doing it. so her son would be okay
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with that. you are working with another human being who has lived a rich full life. her ayproach, giving full consideration to who this person was and still is despite the mental prison dimentia traps them in instead of just providing care. she built a relationship to better understand their social cues and find a new language to communicate with when words are often lost. what seems to make you respond. and what i know that, then i say >> now let's say i want to do something intimate. i he caught something like here and then i would hear into a toothbrush. and your brain would go, oh, i've got something there. >> from conferences to online courses in master classes. his mission to reshape how we treat and care for people with dementia has now gone from her dvd. these to tiktok. >> you you we have like 2.3 million views and what it means is this is an audience
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we want touching before. i mean, it's families its its people, its younger people. it's cms workers. its staff workers its student nurses. >> after joining the platform this fall. she's gone viral for her videos which have really struck a nerve with those taking care of their loved ones. so here's a couple of other things to think about people are tired of. they feel trapped. >> are not liking the person they're caring for anymore because they can't find the like in the relationship. her video showing everyday scenarios and ways to improve your actions as a caregiver. >> he so i do a lot of work around because, you know, if you've not to the door, the door doesn't open. try the window as cheaper points out, the trend for those getting dementia is changing its no longer just great grandmother or grandfather its moms and dads and sometimes is good friends. and as more people are becoming care providers for their loved ones. they are also becoming more susceptible
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to dimension themselves. one of the things we know is providing primary care for somebody living with dementia are living with chronic illnesses increases our own risk of developing dementia. >> as we age, it increases our risk of developing depression anxiety disorders of developing heart conditions and respiratory problems. >> people helps to break this chronic cycle by giving both the care provider and the patient a better quality of life and she's hoping organizations to the same. >> we're still seeing them devote wait way too much energy to trying to find this magic cure and yet we are really serving as many people as we need now. >> that was vanessa freeman reporting for us tonight. still ahead at 6 almost 25 years later, there are new developments in the search for jon benet. ramsey's killer. the new technology that's now being used. >> and in sports, the warriors. finally back at home hosting the memphis grizzlies jason dumas is live at the
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chase center with a preview and kate rooney will have an update on the forty-niners game coming up. >> and still ahead, i'd like to buy a controversy. why this wheel of fortune contestant walked away a loser despite guessing the correct phrase.
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it's been almost 25 years since the death of jon benet ramsey. and so far no arrests have been made. but the boulder, colorado police department is now using new technology to try to help catch the killer. >> reporter kelsey kernstine explains. >> december 2619 96 jon benet, ramsey's mother reports her missing. later that day, the body of the 6 year-old beauty queen is found in the family's basement strangled and her broken from a blow to the head suspicions initially surrounded, the young girl's family. but they were eventually cleared and no arrests were ever made. there is a dna profile running in the dna database and has been for 20 years. so there's never been a match now the boulder police department says it's working with state investigators on future dna advancements to try to crack the case what it indicates to me is they're going to talk to somebody that does investigative genetic genealogy, whether boulder
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police department is not offering specifics on how it's using dna. technology in the investigation. university of virginia chemistry. professor james landers tells news nation that advances in the area of touch dna may be helpful. small amounts of dna left behind when an attacker touches a victim that technology in the last 10 years has improved to the point where. >> you don't need as much. dna is you did 2 decades ago. landers also says that if dna from the crime scene doesn't match any dna and existing databases. investigators can also use technology to match it to a person's relatives like a parent child or sibling linking a profile to a particular family. in other words, you don't have exact person. >> but you've got somebody who's either. a brother or cousin or second cousin. >> and that was kelsey kernstine reporting. next on kron. 4 news is 6. it may not
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be a white christmas, but it certainly to be a wet one. one for weather caster. erica caturay has one more. look at your bay area forecast.
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>> all right. time for another look at the forecast as we're looking live over the bay bridge toll plaza traffic moving along pretty well it's it's damp out there, but no rain at the moment. kron 4 forecaster, a erica caturay here with a look at what's coming up because we've got
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some more wet weather is coming america yeah, you're right about that. so for the rest of this evening. i wouldn't be surprised if you see some light showers popping up really quickly. moderate rainfall doesn't enter our region again until about 2 or 3 in the morning. and with that, we could see some thunderstorm but then later in the morning it will start to dry up. but. >> just wanted to share this photo with you taken in san francisco today of double rainbow that i saw and doing the news cast with that beautiful image there. but here's futurecast c the moderate showers to the north of us will bring about an inch of rain to the north bay overnight roads will be wet in the early morning hours for the south bay and parts of the east bay there. as you can see. but there's that brief break that we'll see throughout the afternoon could see some light showers popping up in the evening. briefly before another round of moderate showers hits us overnight through saturday morning says christmas day 30 in the morning. you might want to have your umbrella in hand
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and your rain coats as well. if you're going to be a driving around in the morning. so by the evening we're seeing cloud cover there just before 6 o'clock starting to dry up in the north bay there in the east bay, south bay. we'll see some light showers that day and then sunday as well so that we can expect for the weekend on and off again, showers. back to you. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> it's not a very merry start to christmas for the warriors. they're currently missing. andrew wiggins. jordan poole and damion lee. all 3 of whom are in the league's covid-19 health and safety protocol. so missing those guys means a lot of adjustments for the warriors. but the show must go on tonight. golden state is hosting memphis for a conference clash in kron. 4 sports director jason dumas says is live at chase center taking it all in. jason, what you got out there. >> okay. you said it perfectly not ideal. now, as for this
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matchup is an interesting one. when you think rivalries with the warriors. i think you know, the cleveland cavaliers are the houston rockets and the oklahoma city thunder. but it actually been another team more recently that has really been a thorn in the warriors site. the memphis grizzlies memphis has won the last 2 games here at the chase center view go back to last year. memphis ended golden state's season in that play in game and then memphis also beat the warriors earlier this year now both of those games went into overtime. both of those games were super super intense and in both of those games john morant, we crazy had 35 in that plan last year 30 earlier in the season. then the wind this year. so it's safe to say this is a really good match up for john morant. he is really played well, now, i asked steve kerr, steve, could you feel this matchup beginning to feel like a bit of a rivalry.
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the politely said pump your brakes a bit. >> i think you'd have to have multiple playoff matchups before you could consider rivalry. so. you know that they're really good. young but time. i can't can't go down that path. you are great, great defensive team. they you know, tough take care of the ball. they've got a lot of good young talent are well really, really solid team and obviously building on last year's playoff appearance. so a very, very good young team. >> well, okay. if you can hear behind me, you see the flame, the warriors are coming out onto the court right now. and like you said, a little short handed no damion lee, no jordan poole know andrew wiggins, jordan poole and
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wiggins. they've been in protocol for about 5 days now. damion lee just got added yesterday. but i was told he asymptomatic. he's feeling good, which is especially good because damian has a newborn son at the house as well. so we wish all of them a speedy recovery. one more pre-game nuggets. steve kerr said second-year player james wiseman is expected to begin contact drills next week. that's huge in his recovery from that point in this case from last season. of course, he hadn't played a game this year. very high expectations for james from this fan base. so it will be exciting to see him get closer to a comeback. that's all ahead. we'll have your highlights of course postgame. but for now live from chase center. and jason dumas. kate, back to you. >> jason, i got to ask you one quick question with all these guys out of the starting lineup resisting wins in their pool and their sometimes who you think it's going to be most crucial step up tonight.
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>> i want to be keeping my eye on gary payton, the second he has the assignment of john morant will be starting tonight. and like i said, the last 2 games moran have played against the warriors 3530. and we know gary pain. the second is known for his defense he get that assignment from the opening tip off. if he could have out of his game. he will make things very easy for the warriors put guy have been a tear it to all right. going to be fun to watch that match up. jason, have a good time out there. we'll check in with you later on tonight. >> all right. how about some football, the forty-niners are in tennessee for a big thursday night game. let's give you an update in this one. the defenses taken over from where it left off last sunday holding the titans to only 55 yards in the 1st half. jimmy g in the offense didn't as well to be through a big pick missed a big kyle use check touchdown. but san francisco does lead at the break 10. nothing with a win. they're going to clinch a
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playoff spot. so, yeah, this is a big one. we will have full highlights later on tonight. let's talk some college hoops stanford playing liberty in the semifinals of the diamond head. classic in hawaii and the 1st half, michael o'connell with the heave from beyond half court. >> switches it in the cardinal use that momentum to end the flame 79 to 76 spencer jones led the way with 25 points. brandon angel added 17 and harrison ingram had 13 points. stanford will play the winner of byu vanderbilt in the championship game on saturday. so, yeah, a lot stuff going on today. we've got college hoops. we got for football. we've got warriors christmas came early. >> it's hard to focus on one thing it yeah, in a good way. thanks, kate. thanks, kate. >> coming up next on kron, 4 news at 6. it's a wheel of controversy for they hit game show white choosing the right word ended up being the wrong answer.
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>> the popular tv show wheel of fortune had to deal of this week with an unexpected controversy. it's because even though contesting guess the correct phrase. she still lost. >> sunglass shows of what happened. >> using >> you know, this one is tough because you said all the right words, including the word word. but as you know, we it's got to be more or less
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continuous fortune getting flak from fans after contestant charlene rubush pas during her answer that cost her a brand new audi devoted fans were quick to take to social media, sharing their disbelief just last month viewers were riled up over another rules quality craftsmanship. glass is half full. >> test in steven page. did not pronounced the s in craftsmanship yet he got the win any way jeopardy all-star alex cejka joined other outraged viewers on twitter. he asked wheel of fortune to make an exception to the pause will and gave rubush the new called out a fortune has not issued a response to the backlash. okay. but audi stepped up and gave the woman a new car. she got the car. so she's a winner. yeah. >> which was clever of nice of them to do, but also clever good pr. absolutely. that's kind of pr. you can't buy makes him look good. she's got the car. everybody's happy. that wraps up kron 4 news at 6.
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>> we will see tonight at 8 on your bay area. some local news station. thanks for joining us and good evening. i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv.
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>> can you hear me? >> babes in the woods. >> deborah: the story being called a holiday miracle. >> the moment the starving kids are found alive. then, what you need to know to return unwanted christmas gifts this year. >> return policies are all over the map. >> a naked woman found treading water for 12 hours. >> you're gonna be okay. >> then, she gave birth to her own daughter's baby. >> this means everything to me. she gave us the biggest blessing we could ever ask for. >> and a crocodile charlie.


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