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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  December 23, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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you're watching kron. 4 news at known. >> now 9 the countdown to the holiday weekend is winding down on this thursday night. christmas eve eve as we take a live look over downtown san francisco city hall is all lit up and red and green as our other buildings call tonight. pretty clear. but forecasters are predicting more rain will be arriving in a matter of hours. good evening, everybody. thanks for being with us tonight. a kron 4 news at 9. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis. we're tracking a series of upcoming storms. >> expected to sweep through the bay area this holiday weekend. but some areas in the region. boy, they already experienced some pretty heavy flooding. take a look at this cal fire. czu tweeted this video water flooding the streets of moss beach this morning. this was near highway one the crews had to respond to the area make sure the drivers were safe. but no reports of any injuries or
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serious damage. there were continuing to track the rain that fell the rain. that's coming kron four's. erica caturay is tracking the storm system that is headed to the bay area overnight erica, what can we expect? we're going to see the moderate rain and to the north bay first. that's after midnight in the meantime, we're just seeing some spotty light showers. >> popping up on satellite and and that system that brought us flooding this morning. it's actually out in southern california where they're getting some moderate showers at the moment. seeing some fresh powder out there in the sierra as well. so we did see over an inch and a half of rain up in mill valley san jose got over a quarter of an inch of rain in livermore over 3 quarters of an inch of rain. i do have an update on our trout monitor map. as you can see, we're still at the extreme and exceptional drought levels for a lot of the bay area. but we did see some improvement up there in the northern tip of sonoma county. notice the orange there. so our level went from extreme to severe levels
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because of the rain that we've seen this last week. as for future cast here, you see the moderate rain cells popping up the north bay around 3 in the morning. i wouldn't be surprised if you hear thunder storms with this and here we see another a moderate sell their out in the east bay moving through by about 7 o'clock in the morning. notice the south bay will get some moderate showers as well as the east bay tomorrow. so have your umbrella in hand after this. later in the morning. we will see it start to dry up briefly. so might actually see some sunshine real quick in the afternoon there. before we do see some light showers starting to move in later at night followed by more moderate rain, similar pattern early in the morning saturday. this is just after 7 o'clock we see christmas day moderate showers moving through the north bay there as well as the peninsula and the south bay. so i would just say to have your umbrella in hand
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throughout this weekend with of those showers that come in, you know, popping on and off. >> sounds like that's a good present to be offering. you know. yeah, you all month, right. i have your gear ready all month. alright, erica, check back in with you. >> throughout the night. meanwhile, tragedy because of all this rain. 2 people died after drowning in their cars during yesterday's storm that caused heavy flooding. this is in millbrae. it happened on east hillcrest boulevard down there. deputies say 2 vehicles were submerged under that caltrain overpass. one driver in a one of the vehicles that survived the incident managed to climb on to the roof of his car and call 911. >> upon arrival. the fire department located person standing on the roof of his submerged vehicle fire. then enter the water. and was able to rescue him. and in doing so, the located another vehicle that was which was completely submerged.
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>> terrible took several hours for millbrae public works crews to clear the flooded underpass before first responders could reach the 2 people who we're dead in the other vehicle investigators only describe them as 2 adults. their identities are being withheld by police. pending notification of next of kin police cleared the scene earlier this evening will really the roads were dangerous all across the bay area today. >> in the north bay a tow truck had to rescue a car in valley for that's up in sonoma county. the bmw actually got stuck right in the middle of a flooded road there and uber driver had just picked up a rancid, then noon and was driving him to the airport so he could visit his family for the holidays. but that road it was too dark to see just how deep the water was. >> by the time we got into my driver here it was like it was just too late. so definitely the windows down thinking about bailing out. and then the fire department showed up and here we are. >> well, hey, at least he's
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taking it in stride to noon says he ordered another ride and course had to book at different flights. >> check out what highway one looks like on the peninsula today. calfire posting this video from half moon bay earlier today, karr said to slow down to a crawl to make it through that flooded area. meanwhile, over in the east bay, the rain caused a rock slide in orinda. it's happened on highway 24 near the fish ranch road exit crews blocked off one of the lanes. >> as they work to clear the debris there. but it didn't help everyone. several cars actually blew out their tires after driving over the rocks that they had to pull over. well as they waited for some help. the genie is preparing for any outages. the weather is causing the utility company tells kron 4 that in advance of the storm. it is confirming the availability of crew resources during the holiday weeks shifting a planned maintenance work until after the storm window closes and hunkering down for a long winter's work period of holiday power restoration.
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>> another live look here outside on the roads were going be up in the sierra here. this is interstate 80. lake tahoe. and if you plan on heading that way over the holiday weekend. best of luck kid is slow going gridlock right now is cars are just barely getting through it may not get much better for a while for theresa explains with all the storm set to come. we should keep in mind if you're planning to head to the sierra. >> you can see for yourself in these captured images from along highway 80 in truckee. just how treacherous the conditions are heading to the mountains. and officials say that they can get even worse in the snap of a finger. and i would say cameras don't even do at lake are huge and they are coming down hard and fast. >> and it did leading to some tricky roadway conditions. the officer man with chp reminding people. if you had help and you have a four-wheel drive. that's great. but the law says you must carry chains as well.
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kind of one of those little known law here in california. but your regardless of having four-wheel-drive all-wheel drive or 2 wheel drive. if you're traveling in mountainous terrain during the winter. you're required to carry chains that all time. >> and that more last. not that you're going to have to put him on the interstate. if you've got good snow tires, you got four-wheel drive. we're going to let you go. but if you get yourself in a situation where you need change to get yourself out. it's better to have not need them and not have, you know, and reminding people that when chain control is in effect. >> that alters the speed limit allowed a big, big reminder for everybody is when chain controls in a back the maximum limit in california actually on our secondary highways like state route, 89 2.67. it's 25 miles an hour and out here on the interstate. it is 30 miles an hour. another tip. keep your gloves. the jacket at the ready in your vehicle while driving not stashed away in a duffel bag or suitcase. the officer says. >> so that if you do need to get out. you are ready to go and protected from the
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elements in the newsroom. theresa kron 4 news. >> and now to our coronavirus coverage as the highly contagious omicron variant continues to just charge through the country. our local health leaders are preparing for a post holiday surge booster shots and, you know, making other healthy choices like mask-wearing have been the continued suggestions from experts. the hope is the holidays will not cause a dramatic spike in cases, of course, kron four's. dan thorn has the story now from contra, costa county. >> the new covid-19 variant is spreading in the bay area, public health officials are worried a surge of omicron cases might follow the holiday gatherings. federal experts have warned about the new variants ability to transmit rapidly. it's really concerning the doubling time of every 2 days means we could see, you know, hundreds of thousands of cases within a few weeks whether that will turn into a surge of hospitalizations. >> is is yet to be seen breakthrough infections for vaccinated. people have also become more common with
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omicron leading to a continued push for booster shots. >> the strain might not be as severe as other covid variants. but health officials say that does not mean it should be treated lightly. even if it's less severe on then previous strains of covid. if there's a really large number of. could still have a big impact on contra costa county health officer chris says county leaders have been meeting with partner hospitals to discuss preparations for a surge. some issues that have already come up for a lack of staff or staffing burnout and hospitals already being filled with non-covid related patients while trying to stop the spread challenges have also come up for people looking to get boosters or even tests before visiting with family contra, costa county supervisor john joya on thursday gave out 800 free at-home test kits after giving out 2500 earlier in the week. >> for now, health officials want people to stay vigilant
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and make responsible decisions to keep themselves and those around them safe. >> you're not fully vaccinated until you're boosted with this with this omicron with just 2 doses. you're not safe anymore. if you've been feeling safe because you had a prior infection. crime fiction doesn't seem to protect you against omicron so if really need to get vaccinated and boosted. >> reporting in contra, costa county. dan thorn kron 4 news. >> so many people trying to see loved ones, especially elderly loved ones. and because of the demand for testing head of those visits appointments are now required at the contra costa county covid testing locations in richmond and san ramon. you see the address is on the screen. the new policy will be in effect until further notice. >> and marin county public health officials are the start of a surge. less than one week after the first case of omicron variant was detected there. but omicron moves quickly. the more contagious omicron variant expected to soon be the dominant strain in marin county, kron four's,
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ella sogomonian. >> live with us in the newsroom. but the message from county leaders l it's the most dominant strain in the country. all of the sudden. so we should expect that everywhere, right. and that's exactly the message grant and vicki they're asking people now to be careful when gathering indoors for the holidays. >> as omicron has taken a hold of the community, in their words, you may have already noticed, but more friends or people that you may know out there are getting sick with covid-19 a 112 new cases were reported in marin county on tuesday alone and that is already more than the highest case count during the summer surge driven by the delta variant which was 86 people infected. then doctor matt willis with warren county says it. this is expected with the more infectious variant omicron. but he's most worried still about people 65 and older saying there is some good news here, though. >> good news is that with the protection of the vaccine. it does not seem to be leading to the same levels of severe
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illness and hospitalizations as previous surges have. and again, that's because of very high vaccination rates now in marin county. nearly 90% of our population are fully vaccinated. the vaccine still is our best tool. so the most important singular message for people who are concerned about the surge in cases is to obtain the protection of the booster. >> doctor was there also advises to keep holiday parties to a small group. if you can do rapid tests to the day of the event wear a mask and get a booster shot as mentioned for added security as you get together with friends and family. live in the newsroom. ella sogomonian kron 4 news. >> thank a new weapon against covid is coming. the fda today approved another pill to fight the virus. this one is cold. molnupiravir. it is made by merck. it is made to treat infected adults right after they show symptoms and at least for now it's going to go largely to people who face the highest risk of hospitalizations. so unvaccinated people. however,
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this thing poses some safety issues according to experts including the potential for birth defects. just yesterday the fda authorized pfizer's pill that is called paxlovid similar pill. it is said, though, to be more effective than the merck pill and does not have the known safety issues. south africa's noticeable drop in new covid cases could signal the country's omicron surges past its peak. >> about 15,000 cases were tallied on tuesday. the count was nearly 27,000 just 5 days before health officials also point to fewer cases showing up among healthcare professionals as a sign of the variant is fading about 90% of all covid cases in the country's largest province have been omicron. >> right now across 4 dot com. you can read about all the latest covid headlines. a lot of omicron. they're just scan the qr code on your screen. you'll be directed to our website. new tonight at 9, a
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south bay synagogue has been destroyed. happened early wednesday morning after flames burned through that building for our san jose fire department says that the fire appeared to have started outdoors near a car port and then extended into the attic space. >> of the chabad house. kron four's. taylor bisacky spoke to the rabbi there about what happened. a sacred place in san jose scorched. >> after an early morning fire on wednesday that's pretty a lot structural damage. so it's not really most of it's going to have to be totally be done. rabbi mendel wind field says he has an idea of what happened after reviewing surveillance video at his synagogue. the chabad house. he says the cameras caught the suspect on the property around the time of the fire out about 01:00am somebody came and lit a fire. he walked off about 40 minutes later, fire was still let's. somebody afterwards came to try. i'm taking out the fire. he thought it seems
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like you thought that it was gonna and then the fire came back. but 10 minutes later and that burned for for many hours. san jose firefighters say the fire appeared to have started outdoors near car port and then spread into the attic space of the chabad house by wind field says he and his wife just renovated and opened its new location of the synagogue at brenham lane 3 months ago and now they're left picking up the pieces that so many people in our community that are devastated from this. and when return now, what. despite all of this destruction, rabbi wind field says he's grateful. no one was injured and that the most important items in the synagogue made it out. ok. first thing was what's with our taurus. so the taurus girls are the most important and valuable thing in the senate got. and when i got to think fully ready had a community member who. >> also got the call. he got
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the call from a colleague non-jewish colleague who said, you know, you're you're synagogues in flames. he came running out and he was able to tow that torres out a community member started a gofundme page to help the synagogue recover from this tragedy. >> and by wind field says he's grateful for the community support and will use those funds to find a new space and eventually rebuilt. >> the san jose fire department says the cause of the fire remains under investigation, but they can confirm that this was neither a hate crime nor racially motivated in san jose taylor bisacky kron 4 news. >> right now. take a look at this oakland police asking for the public's help in finding 2 armed robbery suspects who targeted someone outside the marriott on broadway. there they go. police say the victim was just unloading things from a car. and that's when the suspects approached the victim demanding his belongings. this all happened last week on thursday. anyone with information on the case is being asked to call apd now to
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a major drug bust happened in daly city. police say they arrested a 55 year-old man last night on longview drive after finding. >> large amounts of meth on him. 2000 single use doses were recovered with a street value of nearly 6500 bucks. officers say they also found a gun. napa county sheriff's office says that they have found a body that appears to be crystal mccarthy who has been missing now for. >> over a week. police say the sheriff's deputy spotted a woman's body in the river near the 3rd street bridge today. an autopsy is scheduled for next week. according to mccarthy's boyfriend who reported her missing. she was last seen near the napa river 10 days ago. police also found mccarthy's boots and other personal items near the river in the search. >> san francisco board of supervisors. they could soon be voting on mayor london breed's local emergency plan in the tenderloin, the mayor says the drug overdoses are
9:18 pm
overwhelming in that area and she wants to use police force in part to help solve the problem, but several city leaders disagree with or they have been in a special meeting for many hours today. kron and harry has been monitoring that meeting and explains how it's going thus far. >> we need emergency action yesterday during the hours long meeting. it was clear all the supervisers are concerned about the number of drug overdoses in the tenderloin, but they had questions about mayor london breed's declaration of a local state of emergency. we haven't been given a specific plan. what we've been given is a very emergency order. mayor breed was noticeably absent the declaration would be in effect for 90 days. it would create more resources and staffing in the tenderloin, including a linkage center where people struggling with addiction can get here in community-based assistance. the board spent more than 4 hours questioning representatives from the department of emergency management about the plants.
9:19 pm
>> many of the supervisors don't want to see the order resulting in arrests of people who aren't committing crimes. but her struggling from addiction. >> decades of failed war on drugs policies has shown us that police and legal threats. are not a path to recovery. san francisco chief of police william scott was in the meeting and said he supports the declaration from the police department perspective this this emergency order. >> really helps get to a much better place and how we deal with. >> what's going on on the streets in terms of the the open air drug consumption and that that has led to in my opinion. and a large way. a lot of what has been dis%ussed here with the overdose crisis that we're having supervisors. listen to public comment from dozens of community members. many with different opinions. but most saying something needs to be done. i have never seen the conditions of the tenderloin like they are today. amanda hari kron 4 news.
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>> still to come next. minnesota police officer kim potter smiling broadly in this just released mug shot after she was found guilty of manslaughter in the death of dante wright. how much time she could be facing behind bars. and what was the last time you watered your christmas tree firefighters say if you wait too long, it could become a fire hazard. >> what you need to know ahead of the holidays. plus a last-minute dash to shopping centers around the bay area after the break. cool. hear from folks who braved the winter weather to do some last-minute shopping.
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but our here, we are just getting started. the countdown to christmas started a long time ago and we're host to the big day. but. >> a lot of people are doing some last minute shopping. yeah. the brave ones kron four's. gayle ong caught up with some of them santana row in san jose. >> shoppers flooded out of valley. fair mall in san jose and headed to santana row across the street. i'm shopping for my mom and i just got her some 9 hearings just heard dot is people we spoke with waiting to buy christmas gifts until the last minute. i just didn't have a lot of time doing a lot of college applications and stuff. we've been pretty busy like work and school and that he tried to go order everything online that we notice that fighting stopped. maybe it's that we couldn't get anything. so we're just trying our best to be able get anything weekend here that how much more do you
9:24 pm
have left. not too much on. we're going to just go to the money. so afterwards, get some small cuts for the kids. but other than that, i think we should be okay and hopefully. >> be able to go get around here before everyone else comes back from work that over the last few weeks shoppers and business owners have beon on edge in the bay area after organize mass retail that made national headlines the lululemon store and santana row was among multiple businesses that were hit by these last month. >> san jose police say a group people went inside the store and ran away with merchandise just days before christmas officers patrolled the area, but shoppers didn't seem to worry. and we're concerned about something else. oh, my goodness. we're trying to go around right now. and it's just trying to find all the parking is been so hard to go do it. we managed to go park all the way in the back really it's really difficult to get back find parking and everything. >> it took a long time to 5 this morning. >> and if you still have some last-minute shopping to do. stores will be open on christmas eve. the choices may be limited reporting in san jose along.
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>> up next. plus and it was police shooting and killing 14 year-old girl inside a clothing store dressing room. what led up to the shooting in how the police department is responding to deadly shooting. and as the country braces for a covid surge. white house officials say they are ramping up testing more on their plans when we come back. plus, millions of people are traveling for the holiday season. but how safe is it? what travelers are saying as they get ready to board planes all across the country. i didn't have to shout out for help. because you didn't have another dvt. not today. one blood clot puts you at risk of having another, so we chose xarelto®, to help keep you protected. xarelto® is proven to treat and reduce the risk of dvt or pe blood clots from happening again. almost 98% of people did not have another dvt or pe.
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to address the pandemic by buying half a billion at-home test for americans. starting in january, but we need them now at the white house press briefing the last one of the year. >> press secretary jen psaki was asked why those tests are available right now. >> and what the announcement was. the president made just 2 days ago was making the biggest investment of any for certainly for us and probably from any country in the world to address what we see is a surge in demand for tests. this is not just happening in the united states. this is happening all around the world where there is not enough testing capacity and we have taken says steps that are more significant than any country in the world. white house leaders say they've been actively working to quadruple. >> the nation's testing capacity since the summer too address emerging variants as the pandemic drags on and they say the situation is much
9:29 pm
better than it was this time last year before vaccines were widely available. >> well, despite a surge of covid cases across the country. this is expected to be the busiest day of the holiday season at the airports all across the country. reporter paul gerke spoke to some travelers who say they're doing the best to stay clear of the covid. from raleigh. we're all vaccinated. >> outside of the little one who's who's too young. no concerns from our side to cleveland. keep your mask on. keep your distance. make sure effect of the people from vegas just follow the guidelines and i think everything will be fine. if you do that to sacramento, we made were for christmas were all taken safety precautions and. >> taking it one step at a time. but we're all together so all that matters, it's beginning to look a lot like christmas before covid at the airports. according to triple a 109 million americans are traveling at least 50 miles from home for the holidays 28 million more than last year. a few airports are
9:30 pm
offering rapid covid tests. so passengers can know before they go if they're positive, it definitely has picked up. we usually do anywhere from 30 to 50 tests a day. >> now we're about close to or if not more delta airlines expects to fly 8 million people from december 17 through january. 3rd. that's double the passengers they carry last holiday season a bit shy of the 9.3 million who took delta in 2019. >> american is running about 5,000 daily flights this time of year. about 1300 more than this time in 2020, both airlines admit international travel is the most affected by omicron plenty of people are hitting the roads as well. the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline 3.29 per gallon. it's $0.12 cheaper than a month ago. but a $1.8 more than it was at this time last year according to the transportation analytics company inrix tonight. the roads will be less congested after 7 more so
9:31 pm
between noon and 6 on christmas eve leaving before one pm is optimal taking off between 2, 6 will land you on the naughty list. >> and that was paul gerke reporting for us tonight. take a look at this. are you watering your christmas tree enough everyday san jose fire department tweeted out this video and you can see this thing just shoots up in flames quickly. it's a dry tree that they're trying to show everybody is a serious fire hazard, fire crews say it only takes about 35 seconds for a treat. it catch fire for the flames. >> as you can see, the really a leash dry trees can ignite easily and then the fire can get out of control quickly. san jose fire says watering your tree every day, especially. >> when they're most thirsty, right. we get them can prevent fires like this one from happening. >> we the jury on the charge of manslaughter find the defendant guilty. guilty of
9:32 pm
manslaughter. that is the verdict. the jury handed down today against kim potter. >> the former minnesota police officer shot and killed dante wright when she fired her gun instead of her taser. kelly be sun has more now on the decision and the sentence potter could be facing. >> we the jury on the charge of manslaughter in the first degree find the defendant guilty. >> former minnesota police officer kim potter with no visible reaction when the verdict was read. it's the judge thanking the jury as potter made the sign of the cross. >> on april 11 potter pulled over 20 year old dante wright attempted to place him under arrest for an outstanding warrant when he resisted she fatally shot him saying she meant to use her taser but accidentally grabbed gun instead.
9:33 pm
>> for the charges prosecutors had to prove that potter acted recklessly cause an unreasonable risk and consciously took a chance of causing death or great bodily harm. >> neither charge required proving potter intended to kill right under minnesota law defendants are sentenced only on the most serious conviction. if multiple counts involve the same act and victim the maximum for first-degree manslaughter is 15 years behind bars shortly after the verdict was read. wright's mother addressed the media. the moment that we heard guilty. >> i'm manslaughter one. emotions. every single motion that you can gmagine just running through your body. at that moment. we want to thank the entire prosecution team. we want to thank community support. everybody has been out there that has supported us and this this long fight for accountability. >> that was kelly. be sun reporting for us tonight. los
9:34 pm
angeles police officer shot and killed a 14 year-old girl who was inside dressing room at burlington. the coat factory today. this is citizen app video of the scene. it happened in the north hollywood area. the san fernando valley. investigators say that the teen girl was hit as officers fired at a suspect who assaulted a woman earlier. one of the bullets went through a dressing room wall and struck the 14 year-old girl. investigators say police also killed the male suspect and the woman who had reportedly been assaulted was taken to the hospital with moderate to serious injuries. police escorted people out of the store. nearly 2 hours after the shooting attorney for california. rob bonta says that his office is investigating. >> in denver, colorado. the family of a trucker sentenced to 110 years in prison after an explosive brake failure accident is calling for clemency back in 2019. you may remember this is a fiery crash
9:35 pm
left 4 people dead and the driver rogel aguclera-mederos he was convicted recently on more than 2 dozen counts. but that triple digit sentences prompting nationwide backlash now supporters calling for clemency staged a rally in denver. they say the sentence is deeply unjust. >> they're here today to make our voices heard loud and clear. governor polis, we want you to or get for the man. and does not represent due process for anyone. >> colorado governor jared polis who is a democrat said he is reviewing the clemency application. that truck driver testified that he was hauling lumber when the brakes on his semi trailer failed as he was descending down a hill and interstate 70 in the rocky
9:36 pm
mountain foothills. this is spring of 2019 is truck plowed into vehicles that had slowed because of another wreck outside denver and that set off a chain reaction and a fireball consume vehicles and melted parts of the highway. >> coming up on dine and dish bored with the same old gingerbread houses. so boy, are you in for a treat tonight. check out this nightmare before christmas masterpiece. you can find it right here in san francisco. >> and we got our satellite and radar here. i just picked up a moderate rain fell moving into half moon, bay east bay looking kind of quiet now, but that won't be the case. we have moderate rain heading your way out. tell you more after the break. >> and it sports a double dip. the niners trying to clinch a playoff berth in tennessee. kate rooney has those highlights deebo going off again, close the warriors hosting the grizzlies who are tough highlights when we come back. and for 4 is teaming up with a super bowl of caring to help support local food banks.
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♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ >> and now kron 4 sports. >> you know that feeling when you asked santa for a really cool gift. instead you get a lump of coal in your stocking. well, i guess somehow the forty-niners ended up on the naughty list because their
9:40 pm
pre-christmas matchup in tennessee certainly was not. but san francisco asked for it was a short week for kyle shanahan and company against a very good but injured titans squad opening drive to be corrupt below deebo samuel love that combo. ruled out of the one. so no, they're not to worry forty-niners would capitalize to jeff wilson junior. from a yard out guest in and that made it 7. nothing niners. now the defense was great in the first happened. this one sampson cam with the sack here. the titans had only 55 yards of offense at the break. but jimmy garoppolo. but the chance to really take control of the game. misses a wide open. kyle use check in the end zone. instead just forces it to george kittle and yeah, it's going pick so golden opportunity gone. it was 10, nothing niners at the half. we go to the 3rd quarter growth low again throws it right to amani for his second interception of the game
9:41 pm
return it to the niners 18 yard line and the titans castor. i didn't dante foreman pulled off this 3 yard touchdown run that made it a 10, 10 tie. a lot of happy titans fans there. so after a turnover on downs by the forty-niners its 4th quarter. now ryan tannehill to aj brown. he was unstoppable in the 2nd half, 18 yard touchdown pass 1710 titans 17 unanswered points for tennessee. brown had 11 receptions, a 145 yards and that touchdown. but there was still time less than 4 minutes left garoppolo to samuel. he splits the defense and his for a 56 yard gain to the titans. 6 yard line. not bad for deebo 9 receptions 5 carries and a 191 total yards in the game 2 plays later, jimmy g finds. brandon, i you for the touchdown to tie it. niners have life 1717 with 2 20 left in the game. that's a lot of time. ensuing titans
9:42 pm
possession tannehill takes off of the mill. let him run that far. 23 yard gain to the forty-niners 31 and that would set up field goal. randy bullock from 44 yards out. yeah, that is good. just 4 seconds left on the clock. and so it was a desperation scramble play by the forty-niners after the kickoff was well short. the titans go on to win 20 to 17 and the niners denied a chance to maybe clinch a playoff berth. they needed a lot of help with the loss. but in any case, they fall to 8, 7, and host the texans to sundays from now. that alleges that time after the game, kyle shanahan dismissed the over confidence question but said it going 3 of 8 on 3rd down was the real culprit. >> and over confident coming in. i think we're pretty real to her at 10. we had a confident team. i think we are felt like we play well, with always come out strong. i think we did. but you still got to play good football in all phases and i hadn't
9:43 pm
narrowed down right now. we didn't play enough on 3rd down. >> all right. meanwhile, the warriors were back at chase center after beating the kings on monday hosting the team that ended their season short of the playoffs last may, the memphis grizzlies steph curry and action getting his pre-game warmups in and check out the hops from staff. so see that too often. we'll pick up things in the 3rd quarter warriors down by one step right in the face of dillon brooks. plus is in the 3. and later in the 3rd step. with the no look pass to gary payton, the sec in gp 2 making his first warriors start. he hits the 3 of his own warriors with a close one point lead after 3 4th quarter dubs up by 3 step to otto porter junior back out to curry nothing but net. that's what they say. warriors building. some momentum now later on in the 4th dubs up 3 stepped. steph, things with a little stepback.
9:44 pm
3 warriors extend their lead to 6 under 2 minutes to go. it's one o 4, one '02 warriors want us know anderson kicks it out to gary payton and he thinks the corner 3. 22 points for gp to an icing on the cake stepped guests around the defense drives. and lays it in. that would put it out of reach. 46 points for curry threes in the game for him as well. only need 6 more to reach 3,000. you believe that warriors win one 13 1 '04, we've got reinforcements at the game kron 4 sports director jason dumas live at chase center. jason, how great was it to see steph curry kind of come out of this little slump. if you can call it that, you did up 30 points on monday >> yeah. okay. like you said, you know, it's not for steph curry still better than 99% of the nba, but leading up to that record breaking night a couple weeks ago at madison square garden. he had been a
9:45 pm
little tight hasn't been shooting. he's actually for the season and earth are under 40%. i'm sorry. 3 point shooting we're not used to seeing that from stepping. he committing lee said, hey, i've been a little tight. there's been a lot going on and he hasn't had these night 8 for 14 from beyond the arc. 46 points. he went crazy. another guy who went crazy standing right over there. gary payton, the second he had 22 points himself. but this win was really need it by this warriors team because they have a brutal schedule going forward. and you know, they're down 3 players. they got the nuggets the suns. they have a heat. a lot of great teams coming up. so to be able to get this one tonight in front of their home fans. it was a good one and their best players staff played like an mvp. yeah. you got to love it. when steph does step things. all right. thank you, jason, so much. we appreciate that.
9:46 pm
9:47 pm
the classic hollywood story.
9:48 pm
we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. tension builds... the plot twist the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. >> all right. a lot of people are totally in the christmas spirit christmas just a couple days away. of course. but there are some spirits. i think it also of men the how you season they can especially along san francisco's embarcadero a good case in point tonight on dine and dish. we're going to take you to a well-known watering hole and restaurant. >> water bar to bar to check out a curious gingerbread house. makes water bar so
9:49 pm
popular besides raw oysters and shellfish this is the ambiance jain aquariums and views of the bay bridge. >> barr in san francisco is known for its oysters and great bar scene. but there's also a sweet treat that you're not going to want to jack descending on the iconic pill that you see in the movie and this is his house and it's kind of decorated with some different there. it is not your standard gingerbread house lovingly created by erica land. the restaurant's pastry chef every year. we gingerbread display and last year, sadly, the gingerbread display wasn't actually opens the public's. i kind of wanted to go all out and i put together huge display for the space on tim burton's nightmare before christmas and light. the court a movie on sugar seen as a real conversation starter. i love it. is this halloween or is this christmas time general
9:50 pm
manager, pete sicknick who sounds a lot like saint nick says it's a gingerbread house for the times and the underlying message is that there's the christmas spirit in all of us. >> jeff. erica spent countless hours on the cast of characters. all made of very it is yes. >> everything this is about 98% edible. okay. but what really want to eat is any number of mouth watering seasonal deserves. this is a chocolate cream pie. >> want to check out gender bread house. it's up until the new year going to do our best to people's spirits up there. you know, hopefully end this year on a positive in san francisco. vicki liviakis kron 4 news. good stuff. there is. >> we switch gears keep it holiday themed at least a bit with all the red and green as we overlook downtown san francisco. yeah. you know, you can take the kids there. you can go sit in your corner. have a glass of wine and send them over to look at the like never before christmas and
9:51 pm
they just behave. >> as they always from the joins us now with a look at the weather. >> so right i'm picking up some light showers out on the peninsula. there is actually a moderate rain fell. it looks like it's a weekend. this is going to continue to move to the east. it will die down before it gets to the east bay, but you're not out of the woods. for those of you who live out in the east bay. we're actually going to see some moderate showers moving through overnight right now just seeing a scattered light showers popping up here and there throughout the bay area. i did see some lightning out there and near the 80 towards that tal. they are getting some fresh powder still as well today we saw about a foot of snow accumulate out in mount rose. we do have a winter storm warning that will be in effect through the weekend for that elevations over 7,000 feet. we'll get up to 7 feet of snow and it's also to be very windy out there. and cold temperatures are going to dip down to the 20's come sunday, not just out
9:52 pm
there but here in the bay area. we're also going to hear temperatures dip through the weekend. so as i mentioned rain overnight the morning it will be around 08:09am, in the morning for the south bay as well as the east bay. the north bay will start to dry up in the later morning hours in the afternoon. we will see a break from the rain. so you might actually see some sunshine before more rain is on our way. so we'll see the same pattern again. early christmas morning around 8 o'clock, seeing moderate showers moving through again. so just be prepared. this weekend have your rain coat and umbrella on hand for pop hours. you know, hot chocolate. >> moulton marshmallow. i'm thanks we'll be right back.
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>> could you solve this in 10 seconds swell wheel of fortune contestant pulled it off, beating the buzzer but did not get her prize, which >> brand new audi. what's up with that? but apparently the car company now stepping in to help reporters. sloane glass has the story. >> the right. >> you know, this one is tough because you said all the right words, including the word word. but as you know, we it's
9:56 pm
got to be more or less continuous fortune getting flak from fans after contestant charlene rubush pas during her answer to that cost her a brand new audi devoted fans were quick to take to social media, sharing their disbelief just last month viewers were riled up over another rules quality craftsmanship. the glass is half full. >> test in steven page did not pronounced the s in craftsmanship yet he got the win any way jeopardy all-star alex cejka joined other outraged viewers on twitter. he asked wheel of fortune to make an exception to the possible and give rubush the new fortune has not issued a response to the backlash. >> and that was sloane glass reporting for us tonight by the way, audi has tweeted that it has tracked down charlene n there is more to come as they say she's going to get the
9:57 pm
audi q 3 after all. so is well that ends well. audi made it right. all right. ashley, this time of year. merry christmas and that's present. that wraps up kron 4 news at 9, but our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour. kron four's ken wayne, catherine here a whole another hour to go. yeah. the eve before christmas see one more christmas >> 10 o'clock. here's part of what working on a really contentious meeting tonight over san francisco mayor london breed's. local emergency plan. >> for the tenderloin it is entering its 8th hour of debate. we are monitoring the comments. we'll have the latest. plus 1, 2 punch the fda has approved a second pill to treat covid patients. some experts say this new treatment brings its own concerns. we'll have those stories and a whole lot more coming up next on the news at 10.
9:58 pm
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> now at 10. we're on storm watch with the bay. area's still cleaning up tonight after the latest round of rain flooded some roads trapped vehicles under water and even trigger rock slides with more rain expected overnight. thanks for joining us on kron 4 news at 10. i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan. today storm did turn deadly 2 people were killed when their car was submerged on a flooded


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