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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  December 24, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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so why not do it? run your dishwasher every night with cascade platinum. the surprising way to save water. >> ahead on kron 4 news at 3, a major freeway is shut down in the east bay after a trailer carrying gasoline over turned plus dozens of flights have been canceled. what's keeping 10's of thousands of people from getting home in time for the holidays. >> and tracking a dry forecast out there. but all that's going to change during the overnight hours. our next storm will arrive overnight. impacting your christmas day. your full weather outlook. coming up, kron 4 news at 3 starts right now. >> now from the area's local news station. this is kron 4 news at 3.
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>> now at 3, a big rig full of gasoline overturned on 6 ad and fremont shutting the freeway down and forc ng hundreds of people to evacuate from their homes. thanks for joining us here on this christmas eve. i'm ella sogomonian. it's going to be a long night for some people in the east bay as they wait to return home chp reports that that tanker that crashed in fremont is going to take several hours to clean up. but we did just learned that 2 of the left lanes have since reopened. chp expect all lanes to be open by 5 o'clock this evening. the call came in at around 5 this morning on 6.80 just south of durham, auto mall parkway exit freeman. firefighters say that the crash caused about 7900 gallons of gasoline to leak into the storm. drain. no word just yet on what exactly caused the driver to spin out of control, although officers believe that the wet road may have played a factor and take a look at some aerial images in that area from fremont fire department dozens of emergency
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crews responded. the gas leak forced about a 100 homes to evacuate today because of the smell of gas in the area. residents are being sheltered at a public works yard just a little after noon today, crews were able to turn that truck, right side up. and that's when chp also tweeted that it will take about 8 hours to clean up that scene. we're sending crews there this afternoon for the very latest. and you can stay connected on kron 4 dot com or our mobile app available for free in the app store. in other news, chp is investigating a freeway shooting that hurt a driver overnight in danville, kron four's haaziq madyun has the latest on that investigation. >> a violent car to car incident of the 6.80 freeway leads to emergency lights. flashing traffic grinding to a halt and first responders on the scene of a critical situation responded to a call of a shooting on or about the city north of road in the city of denver who that is what investigators with the california highway patrol say
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a male driver and female passenger were traveling in a black nissan rogue thursday night at around 10:00pm with the shooting occurred. chp officer at vega picks it up from there and i don't suspect vehicle pull off alongside that he saw a lot of the suspect vehicle fired multiple rounds in the direction of the investigators say several bullets pierced the nissan and will did the male driver. driver of the nissan was transported to a local hospital and yes, suspected critical injuries. female passenger was uninjured. >> friday at 06:00pm marks the beginning of the california highway patrol maximum enforcement period over the christmas holiday weekend. ending sunday at around midnight. in addition to looking for drivers under the influence chp officers who are seeking any leads to help them find the unknown shooter. in this case. officer vega says investigators are asking for the community's help. please
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call a chp, but just be a good witness if you can provide a license plate. a good description of let us know if you have any other information about this shooting. the california highway patrol would like to hear from. has it made you kron. 4 news. >> let's talk about the weather. this christmas eve. a live look outside along the san mateo bridge. it's cloudy, but the sun has finally peered through. but if you thought that it was over. no, the rain is not done with us just yet. kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is in the weather center with those details bruce. a hey there, ali. yeah, we're getting a little bit of a break from the wet weather. but we are tracking an increase in those storm clouds over golden gate bridge. and that's going to bring us our next round of rain arriving during the overnight hours. but right now radar for tracking some fairly dry conditions a little bit of scattered showers for those of you in santa rosa. >> but here's a look at our next storm that is going to impact your christmas day outlook. so let's track it hour by hour throughout tonight, very spotty scattered
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showers overall going to remain dry. but then by early saturday morning at around 5 o'clock. we're going to start to notice those light bands of rain arriving with some heavier downpours by around 6 o'clock for your saturday morning for those of you in santa rosa. that storm track going to shift to the south and east. but the heaviest rain arriving by around 11 o'clock for your christmas morning mainly for the san francisco peninsula and even extending into the east bay. but we are going to see the storms making its way into the south bay in the early lunchtime hours. but then by around saturday evening at 5 o'clock. that storm track with light to moderate and pockets of heavy rain will continue bringing a slight threat of pop up thunderstorms for our saturday afternoon. but overall rain totals anywhere from a quarter of an inch to upwards of an inch of rain. mainly for those of you in the east bay shoreline tracking the highest amounts there. you're full holiday weekend forecast coming up in just a few look back to you.
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thousands of people trying to get home for the holidays are finding themselves stranded at airports. >> hundreds of flights have been canceled nationwide for both christmas eve and christmas day. the majority of them are tied to united and delta flights because of an apparent covid related staffing shortage, kron four's. rob nesbitt joins us live from san francisco international airport to let us know. rob how these cancellations are affecting travelers out there. >> hello. this is a problem airports all over the country, united and delta both say that it's the omicron variant that drew down staffing levels during this busy holiday travel season. those who could fly out. they're still trying their best to get home for the holidays. sfo expects around 54,000 travelers to depart from the airport today but not everyone is flying out on schedule airport duty manager anthony when tells me. but there have been 77 delays and 37 cancellations at sfo today because of covid. most of those cancellations are united according the flight boards
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when says that both united and delta are setting notifications ahead of time to alert passengers of any flight changes but that there's proactive steps travelers can take before leaving for the airport. >> definitely check in with their airlines. make sure you allow yourself a lot of time coming into the airport dealing with traffic and congestion on the roadways also and some additional time for check in and are any of the issues that my rise of the check in process. >> now omicron is that the only reason for flight cancellations and delays. delta says that the cancellations were due to covid as well as the possibility of bad weather rain here on the west coast and snowstorms on the east coast live at sfo. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> well, the entire bay area is bracing for a post holiday surge as the number of breakthrough infections tied to the omicron variant are raising new concerns kron four's dan thorn has details from contra, costa county. >> the new covid-19 variant is
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spreading in the bay area, public health officials are worried a surge of omicron cases might follow the holiday gatherings. federal experts have warned about the new variants ability to transmit rapidly. it's really concerning the doubling time of every 2 days means we could see, you know, hundreds of thousands of cases within a few weeks whether that will turn into a surge of hospitalizations. >> is is yet to be seen breakthrough infections for vaccinated. people have also become more common with omicron leading to a continued push for booster shots. >> the strain might not be as severe as other covid variants. but health officials say that does not mean it should be treated lightly. even if it's less severe on then previous strains of covid. if there's a really large number of. that could still have a big impact on our hospitals. contra costa county health officer chris says county leaders have been meeting with partner hospitals to discuss preparations for a
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surge. some issues that have already come up for a lack of staff or staffing burnout and hospitals already being filled with non-covid related patients while trying to stop the spread challenges have also come up for people looking to get boosters or even tests before visiting with family contra, costa county supervisor john joya on thursday gave out 800 free at home test kits after giving out 2500 earlier in the week. >> for now, health officials want people to stay vigilant and make responsible decisions to keep themselves and those around them safe. >> you're not fully vaccinated until you're boosted with this with this omicron with just 2 doses. you're not safe anymore. if you've been feeling safe because you had a prior infection. crime fiction doesn't seem to protect you against omicron so if really need to get vaccinated and boosted. >> reporting in contra, costa county. dan thorn kron 4 news. >> a long night. san francisco city supervisors approved the
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mayor's state of emergency plan for the tenderloin district. it aims to address the drug overdose crisis. that's plaguing that neighborhood that is home to many families and children. kron fours. camila barco has the latest details. >> city officials say they are going to take care of the drug overdose problem in san francisco. the city is now able to open a treatment center in the tenderloin area. they also plan to crack down on people who refused to get help for substance abuse issues. now, this is all part of mayor london breed. state of emergency in the tenderloin neighborhood. the declaration allows the city to set up a treatment side for people with a drug addiction. they can go receive services and treatments and city officials say the people abusing these drugs have the option to go to that service center. but if they refuse mayor breed says that they are looking at the possibility of going to jail. she says this plan is going to happen in 3 phases. and the idea is to make the neighborhood safe and healthy for not only the community but for the people dealing with
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their drug addictions. this is a place that we can pull people in. >> get them warmed get them dry, get them fed and and and have connected to all of the many, many services and resources that the city has city officials say an average of 2 people a day are dying of drug overdoses in san francisco. >> and most of those are happening in the tenderloin or so many neighborhoods. now it's unclear when the treatment center is going to open. however, mayor breed says that the emergency declaration helps speed up the process. she says it can be set up in as fast as 2 to 3 weeks in the newsroom. camila barco kron 4 news. >> ahead at 3.30, a former san francisco employee and recovered addict is sharing his thoughts on mayor breed's emergency declaration. we'll have more in our conversation coming up at 3.30. but first, the cdc shorten the time required for health care workers to isolate when they test positive for covid. >> we'll have details on how
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long and flames tore through a place of worship in san jose burning it beyond repair with firefighters say may have caused that blaze. and if you're looking for a white christmas in this year. you're in luck. our winter storm warning has been extended details ahead on your full fear of forecast after the break. >> and we're tracking santa as he delivers presents around the world. this is a live look at the norad santa tracker. we'll be right back with more news and weather.
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>> welcome back. some unfortunate news in the south bay as a synagogue has been destroyed in a fire kron four's taylor bisacky reports on how exactly the blaze might have started. >> a sacred place in san jose scorched after an early morning fire on wednesday it's pretty a lot of structural damage. so it's not really >> most of it's going to have to be totally be done. rabbi mendel wind field says he has an idea of what happened after reviewing surveillance video at his synagogue. the chabad house. he says the cameras caught the suspect on the property around the time of the fire out about 01:00am somebody came lit a fire. he walked off about 40 minutes later, the fire was still let's. somebody afterwards came to trial. i'm taking out the fire. he thought it seems
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like he thought that it was and then the fire came back. but 10 minutes later and that burned for for many hours. san jose firefighters say the fire appeared to have started outdoors near car port and then spread into the attic space of the chabad house and by wind field says he and his wife just renovated and opened its new location of the synagogue and brenham lane. 3 months ago and now they're left picking up the pieces that so many people in our community that are devastated from this. and when return now, what. despite all of this destruction, rabbi wind field says he's grateful. no one was injured and that the most important items in the synagogue made it out. ok. first thing was what's with our taurus. so the taurus girls are the most important and valuab e thing in the synagogue. and when i got to think fully ready had a community member who. >> also got the call. he got
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the call from a colleague non-jewish colleague who said, you know, you're you're synagogues in flames. he came running out and he was able to. that torres out a community member started a gofundme page to help the synagogue recover from this tragedy. >> and by wind field says he's grateful for the community support and will use those funds to find a new space and eventually rebuilt. the san jose fire department says the cause of the fire remains under investigation. but they can confirm that this was neither a hate crime nor racially motivated in san jose taylor bisacky kron 4 news. >> oakland police released shocking video of a man being robbed at gunpoint. this happened last thursday outside the courtyard marriott hotel on broadway. you can see in the video that as a man is unloading his bags 2 armed men approached him and demand the victim to hand over everything before they take off. no one has been arrested so far and opd want you to call them. if you know anything about this robbery. now to a live look at
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the sierra. this is along highway 80 heading toward north lake tahoe and if we switch over to highway 50 trying to get to south lake tahoe. you can see that there are some pretty snowy conditions out there. a lot of it has been pushed to the side of the road to make for some safer driving. but of course to go slow. if you're heading out there just in case and to leave early. if you're trying to make some plans. kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez has your sierra forecast for the holiday weekend and into next week re. so what are we seeing out there yeah. we're seeing a lot of white snow out there right now. fortunately not white out conditions, though, ella, but. >> plenty of fresh powder on the roads and can't even make out the roadways just because we are tracking storm after storm blanketing the sierra with fresh snow powders. and in fact, that winter storm warning has been extended through tuesday morning because of all the fresh powder were expected to get so radar for dry for us here in
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the bay area. but we are noticing some snow showers that are only going to increase throughout tonight. in addition to that, we do have an avalanche warning for the back country of lake tahoe for those mountainous peaks. there from now through about monday night. just because we're tracking several feet of snow and gusty winds throughout this year. ridgecrest at around 100 miles per hour. at least 40 to 50 mile per hour winds throughout the valleys of the sierra. and in addition that one to 3 feet of snow from now through tuesday morning and we're expecting a bit at elevations above 7,000 feet, 3 to 5 feet of fresh snow with an additional one to 3 feet of snow by monday into tuesday with our next storm. so this weekend, some snow showers certainly going to blanket the sierra once again, not just throughout tonight but also for your christmas morning and even christmas evening on saturday. so head out and enjoy the fresh powder hopefully role there to
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celebrate this upcoming holiday season and even new year's as well. we're tracking for truckee, low 30's with low 30's as well for sierra at tahoe, 32 degrees. but take a look at this polar plunge. we're going to drop almost 10 degrees from saturday. into monday with temperatures barely warming up into the low 20's by monday. so prime snowmaking conditions certainly going to benefit the sierra snowpack. we're going to have our own polar air making its way into the bay area by later this weekend and early this upcoming week. details ahead on how chilly it's going to get into the bay area and which areas could even see some mountain snow in the coming nights back to u l a. thanks for brees says stay with kron 4 for the latest on the stormy weather. you can scan the qr code on your screen. >> it will take you to our website. kron 4 dot com there you'll find the latest on the storm, including live radar and any road closures as well as flooding in your area. take
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a look at this. 6 homes in southern california make for an epic christmas light show after one year of preparation neighbors in culver city banded together to put on this display that spans nearly an entire block. it's all custom made featuring 3 d printed lights in a show that runs for more than a half hour each house is a unique design representing both hanukkah and christmas. and it's even sink up to music. well, still ahead on kron, 4 news at 3 tis the season of giving. it turns out giving out presents. >> it's good for your health. and kron four's once again celebrating remarkable women in the bay area. but we need your help to share their stories. so if you know a woman that's making a difference in her community. you can nominate her for a chance to be awarded woman of the year. you can enter the nominations and get more details on kron. 4 dot com. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪
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♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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>> well, tik tok is apparently the most popular site of 2021, according to new tech report, the social media app beat out last year's top favorite google web security firm cloudflare found a tiktok beat others well known. means that were once a top dog in 2020, including amazon. apple, facebook, microsoft and even netflix tiktok, which ranked 7th to google's number one position in 2020. got a leg up from the pandemic. google came
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in second place and facebook in 3rd, microsoft and apple completed the top 5 spots. apparently the real grinch this year has been the data breaches that we have seen. jane king has that report from new york. >> during the covid pandemic. there has been a lot of identity theft and scamming related to federal stimulus payments as well as unemployment benefits. plenty of other schemes such as tech support, scams and fake irs calls also about wallet hub says some americans are more susceptible than others to such crimes, especially those with weak passwords north passes. the most common password is still 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, used by a 103 million accounts and the hack financial damage is adding up. >> hackers and cyber security damage, whether physical or lack of productivity. it's costing the global economy. 6 trillion dollars a year. >> most hacking begins with an e-mail major ransomware attacks in 2021 happened
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because a company employee opened a malware written e-mail. don coddling of the coddling group international cybersecurity consulting firm says data privacy and security go hand in hand. the whole idea that you hope to have some privacy as you grow up. >> and not have your data protected is impossibee. you have to have both of those things simultaneously and a new frontier hacking of video conferences strike force has a new video meeting service. >> that it says prevent hackers from accessing a meeting in stealing important corporate information. >> and it's the only platform that we know of in existence that has that's built on 5 levels of cybersecurity. and inside. we authentic 8, every use all the time. so there's no more of these people barging in on your conference who experts say we should expect this to continue into 20 22. and in fact with the overseas regulatory affairs sic. you're a doe told business insider. >> he expects 2022 to see the world's first billion dollar
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hack at the nasdaq market site. i'm jane king. >> next at 3.30, a former san francisco employee and recovered addict. this sharing his thoughts air emergency declaration in the tenderloin district. plus the iconic ball drop in celebration in times square will still go on this year, but there will be some new rules in place. and arctic air is going to make its presence known in the bay area sunday through wednesday where we could see a fresh dusting of snow in our highest one to 2 inches will be possible and chilly temperatures. my full forecast coming up after the break. >> we're also checking in on santa again as he delivers presents around the world using the live norad santa tracker. >> and it looks like just west of the sahara. stick around. kron. 4 news at 3. we'll be right back.
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ebenezer. ebenezer. marley? first you will see the past. excuse me! coming through!
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ugh! and then...the present. and finally, ebenezer...the future! introducing the all-electric eqs. happy holidays from mercedes-benz. >> looking over the golden gate bridge right now. you can see that the rain has let up giving some of us procrastinators, some more time for any last minute errands this holiday weekend. but the rain will be making a comeback kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here to let us know when that precept. >> hey there, ali. yet certainly going to arrive overnight. we are tracking some scattered showers mainly for those of you in novato and mill valley in the north bay. but dry for the rest of the bay area. so we're going to see the spotty scattered
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showers throughout tonight. but the main event won't arrive until the overnight hours impacting our christmas morning and afternoon. but right now, radar also seen some snow showers. that's only going to get thicker throughout tonight and this weekend as another storm makes its way into this bringing much needed snow to benefit the snowpack but future cast for tracking scattered showers throughout the morning and also afternoon we could see a slight threat of pop-up thunderstorms too, by around sunday that's when we're going to notice some changes so we could even see a fresh dusting of white powder throughout our highest peaks for the north bay and east bay hills, including the diablo range even for those of you over mount hamilton near san jose. we could see one to 2 inches of snow just because we're tracking a very cool storm making its way sunday through wednesday, believe it or not, getting a little bit of a break from the wet weather by tuesday. but then as you could
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see, another storm will arrive on wednesday. that is also going to bring us a fresh dusting of snow throughout our highest peaks specifically for those of you in the north bay. but future cast for tracking a drying trend, a little bit of a break from the wet weather on thursday. we're going to stay dry and a slight chance of showers for our new year's eve night a week from today. hard to believe this year is almost over. taking a live look outside at coit tower. we're seeing that increase in that storm cloud cover temperatures right now. widespread mid 50's pretty uniform at 54 degrees livermore, though 51 degrees a little bit cooler there. and we are going to notice an increase in winds throughout tomorrow as that storm passes could see gusts upwards of 30 miles per hour or less right now. the gusty east winds for those of you in napa out of the southwest at 20 miles per hour with overnight lows low to mid and upper 40's low 40's for santa rosa. but 40 degrees of peace for san francisco. in
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those of you in oakland and daytime highs tomorrow. 5 to 10 degrees below average widespread low 50's for north and east bay valleys a little bit milder around the bay area shoreline with san francisco and oakland 54 degrees for your christmas day highs. but we do have a slight chance of pop-up thunderstorms saturday afternoon. so just keep that in mind with that wet weather continuing through most of this upcoming early week. back to you. l a thanks to now to our coronavirus coverage this afternoon. white house staff say that president biden. >> is expected to lift more travel restrictions on new year's eve last month. the president and forced a ban on 8 southern african countries to try and prevent the spread of the omicron variant that variant has now been reported in all 50 states and quickly became the dominant strain accounting for more than 73% of new cases. the cdc has shortened the required number of days for health care workers to isolate when they test positive for covid, they can now return to work 7 days
3:34 pm
after testing positive instead of 10 that isolation time can be cut even further. if there are staffing shortages. the cdc also says that health care workers who got their booster shots don't need to quarantine at all. even if they've been exposed to covid. this comes as the looming surge of covid cases is expected to put new stress on the country's health care system. as omicron variant spreads across the bay area sonoma county is now mandating booster shots for certain employees come february. first school employees emergency workers who work with the medical care system and pharmacy workers are among the groups in sonoma county that will be required to get a covid-19 booster shot as it stands right now. county workers have to be vaccinated or they have to undergo weekly or biweekly tests to make sure that they don't have covid. early research has found that while the omicron variant may not cause serious illness like the delta did the booster
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vaccine is likely necessary to maintain an effective immune response to the virus. new year's eve celebrations have been scaled back in new york city. new york city mayor bill de blasio announced to scale back new year's eve celebration in times square. so in addition to providing proof of vaccination and an id people will need to wear masks viewing areas will have fewer people to allow for social distancing under normal circumstances around 58,000 people were packed into times square to ring in the new year. the new number will be only about 15,000 this year. don't forget to join us here on kron. 4 news as we ring in the new year. we will countdown to 2022 with grant lotus and justine waldman. they will be hosting the only bay area watch show live right here with fireworks and all as it sparkles over the bay bridge. the party starts at 11 30 at night on kron 4 for new year's eve will see you there.
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former city of san francisco employee who has since recovered from addiction is responding to the mayor's plan to get help for users in the city's tenderloin district tom wolf served on the drug task force most recently to provide insight from his own that city leaders can learn from it. he tells me that he is happy to be seeing a big step being taken toward getting addicts off of the streets and into treatment plans. he also says that people need to be held accountable for their actions. so well incarceration might not be the number one option leaving addicts in the street to commit crimes isn't either. we're going to hear from both tonight on kron 4 news at 5. in other news, incredible video out of newark airport shows a newly-hired tsa officer with 10 years of emt experience saving the life of a choking infant security video shows tsa officer cecilia morales jumping over a checkpoint. conveyor belt to help the mother who was
3:37 pm
screaming for assistance after her baby stopped breathing we're says that she performs the infant heimlich maneuver to the baby until he started breathing again. tsa officials posted the video on twitter calling her actions inspiring and say that she helped ensure the family will have a happy holiday season. that's for sure. the water bar over in san francisco. that's a restaurant got into the christmas spirit. they have a gingerbread house on display that honors a classic christmas movie with a twist kron four's. vicki liviakis has a look at this dine and dish. >> what makes water bar so popular besides raw oysters and shellfish this is the ambiance jain aquariums and views of the bay bridge. >> barr in san francisco is known for its oysters and great bar scene. there's also a sweet treat that you're not going to want to jack descending on the iconic pill that you see in the movie and this is his house and it's kind of decorated with some
3:38 pm
different there. it is not your standard gingerbread house lovingly created by erica land. the restaurant's pastry chef every year. we gingerbread display and last year sadly gingerbread display wasn't actually opens the public's. i kind of wanted to go all out and i put together huge display for the space on tim burton's nightmare before christmas and light the court he holidayed movie. this sugar seen as a real conversation starter. >> i love is this halloween or is this christmas time general manager pete sicknick who sounds a lot like saint nick says it's a gingerbread house for the times and the underlying message is that there's the christmas spirit in all of us. >> jeff. erica spent countless hours on the cast of characters. all made of very it yes. >> everything this is about 98% edible. okay. but what
3:39 pm
really want to eat is any number of mouth watering seasonal deserves. this is a chocolate cream pie. >> you want to check out red house. it's up until the new year do our best to people's spirits up there. you know, hopefully end this year on a positive in san francisco. vicki liviakis kron 4 news. >> coming up, an exciting potential breakthrough in the fight against cancer. we're going to take a look at a vaccine against the aggressive disease and as we head to the break. let's take a live look along the embarcadero in san francisco. we're getting a break from the rain tonight that we could see some thunderstorms come christmas day. rodriguez will be back with the holiday weekend for yo
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supply chain crisis at the ports of los angeles and long beach. >> is not only impacting product availability on store shelves. but the air that people breathe, according to usc's cross town project, the amount of pollutants are frequently reaching dangerous levels in the la neighborhood of wilmington. many of the pollutants are caused by the bunker fuel produced by the cargo ships and officials out there say that the logjam is easing up. but the air quality will then improve so wilmington is home to more than 50,000 people. scientists are testing a potential breakthrough in the fight against cancer vaccine against
3:43 pm
the deadliest form of the disease. researchers say the drug against a triple negative cancer would be the holy grail of cancer treatment. the vaccine works by jump starting a woman's immune system and it tells the body to attack any tumor that contains a specific protein produced by cancer. the drug is currently an early stage trials. >> still ahead, it turns out the giving presents as we do this holiday season is actually good for your health. what exactly you cla researchers have found. we're tracking santa as he delivers presents around the world. this is a look at the norad santa tracker right now. all right. looks like where is santa. over in wales, england. around for news at 3. we'll be right back.
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>> for your health. a team of psychologists at ucl. a say that giving presents to friends and family may help reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes. the team closely monitored a group of volunteers and expose them to some stressful situations and after that, the volunteers were t ld to choose a gift and send it to a loved one. well, scientists monitor that their title signs did pretty well. as a result. so blood pressure dropped. so did heart rates. researchers say that receiving gifts doesn't have the same effect. interesting. president
3:47 pm
biden and first lady doctor jill biden giving thanks this christmas eve by visiting the children's national hospital in washington, dc the bidens met with children at the hospital to talk about what the kids are thankful for this holiday season. the group gathered around a christmas tree to listen to the first lady read them a christmas story. the president's first visit marks the first time as a sitting president has a taking part in the children's national hospitals annual holiday event. this is doctor biden's 3rd time visiting the children's national hospital as the first lady. let's talk about the forecast. one more time this time a live look outside of the san francisco international airport. this would be a really good time to head out to the skies on your holiday travel. it's looking like a dry christmas eve night. but the wet weather is nowhere near done con for meteorologists. the bruce rodriguez joining us now with those details. hey there, ali. and we're tracking that increase in storm cloud cover on the is skies overhead at half moon, bay.
3:48 pm
>> and tracking some light scattered showers for parts of the bay area now starting to inch closer to downtown san francisco. but primarily time. >> and exiting out of mill valley and now heading into the east bay, including richmond and berkeley valais also tracking some scattered showers there. this is going to be nothing compared to what's in store for us overnight because we're tracking some pockets of heavy downpours and gusty winds. if any pop up thunderstorms do for the main event. that's going to arrive during the overnight hours. very early for your saturday morning. christmas morning going to wake up to possible heavy downpours. for those of you in the north bay, especially santa rosa, pretty dry for everyone else in the bay area. and as you can see, that storm track going to sit and hover over the north bay through around 8 o'clock saturday morning until it starts to shift to the south and east impacting most of the san francisco peninsula and even heading into the east bay by around your noon lunch time
3:49 pm
hour. and then for those of you in the south bay. you're going to notice those pockets of widespread heavy rain by around 1 o'clock for your saturday afternoon. and if any pop up thunderstorms do form. expect gusty outflow winds and also possible hail as well. flight is very minimal. but we do have to include that in the forecast because as you can see, we are tracking light to moderate rain continuing through early saturday night and then we're going to see spotty scattered showers right before midnight until we start to dry out and clear out with more rain and another storm arriving sunday through monday. but rain totals with this next storm anywhere from a quarter of an inch to upwards of an inch of rain. so enjoy all this much needed wet weather back to u l a. >> thanks for brees. classic christmas movies are a staple of the holiday weekend, of course. but there are also some new movies in theaters. there is a sequel to the animated film saying in another entry in the matrix franchise. dean richards has a preview.
3:50 pm
>> the family film for the holiday break is the sequel to the 2016 hits saying seeing too follows the same formula. the first film. it's a bunch of ragtag sydney animals work to put together a big-time musical extravaganza battling an evil wolf studio boss. it's a movie that's overflowing with superstar voices in its lead roles like matthew mcconaughey, scarlet johansen and reese witherspoon with a fun story and plenty of great songs that kids and grown-ups will both enjoy. it's a dean's list. b. plus in theaters only i. >> trains that just >> my we don't use word in there. the first matrix movie was mindblowing with its revolutionary concepts and dazzling visual effects. but i
3:51 pm
always felt like the second, 3rd matrix movies took themselves way too seriously creating meticulously over layered concepts. they were just playing hard to follow. but still things were pretty much wrapped up 18 years ago for neo and trinity reeves and carrie and now, the 4th in the series is out the matrix resurrection dabbling in nostalgia but still digging into the complexity with concepts like both isis to wrap your head around. that's too much work for the escape of a movie laurence fishburne has been replaced as morpheus py yy my team, the second who does a nice impersonation. but leads me to another movie pet peeve. you have to have seen the other 3 matrix movies to even begin to understand the characters and the mythology of matrix resurrections. >> the movie needs to stand on its own. i will say visually
3:52 pm
beautiful in its fun to see keanu reeves and carrie anne moss together again. but for me the story just fell short and little of and connected. it's a dean's list. c in theaters and on hbo. max. >> i'm also not recommending the prequel to the popular spy spoofs kingsman the secret service and kingsman the golden circle. the king's man is the prequel set during the first world war the tries to explain how the crime fighters from the original movies came to be the problem is this movie is much more somber and far less clever. find son harris dickinson start in this dean's list. c minus. well, you can always get my movie reviews and home video picks sent right to your phone's every week just by texting the word dean to 9, 7, >> 9, 9, 9, i hope you have a great holiday weekend in chicago. i'm dean richards. >> and of course the matrix was filmed right here ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪
3:53 pm
♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
3:54 pm
3:55 pm
>> okay. well, at last check, santa was near england in the u k fine over wales and now it looks like a. his over faroe islands. spreading the cheer and sending some north atlantic are too. interesting. we'll be tracking him all night long here on kron 4 news if case waiting for your gift. kron 4 is teaming up with the souper bowl of caring to help support local food charities. so if you'd like to donate,
3:56 pm
you can use your phone to scan the qr code on the screen and text and y e donate 2, 2, 6, 9, 8, 9, you can also visit tackle hunger dot org and pick a local charity to help. well before we sign off on this christmas eve here at kron 4 news at 3. we have one final check of the weather with no brakes or andrea ghez. hey there, la. yeah. we're tracking some pretty dry conditions for most of the bay area. but scattered showers off the coast. >> making its way into the north bay and now heading eastward into the east bay. but we're going to see widespread light to moderate and heavy downpours tonight. impacting your christmas day and snow showers continuing to blanket the sierra. but we are seeing right now. storm clouds increasing along our beaches and future cast for going to track the main storm arriving overnight very early for your saturday christmas morning in the north bay shortly before 8 o'clock in the morning. we're going to start to notice the heavy downpours there with the
3:57 pm
heaviest rain arriving by around your new lunchtime hour throughout the san francisco peninsula and east bay before it starts to shift into the south bay by 1 o'clock for your saturday afternoon. slight chance of pop-up thunderstorms. but beneficial rain until we start to dry out and clear out by your saturday night temperatures low to mid 50's and we could all expect to get about a quarter of an inch to upwards of an inch of rain thanks to the wet weather cooler temperatures overnight 5 to 10 degrees below average tomorrow back to l a. well. that's it for kron. 4 news at 03:00am elsa moana. and thank you so much for watching.
3:58 pm
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>> dr. phil: happy holidays. >> robin: from our family to yours. ♪ ♪ >> announcer: today on "dr. phil," dirty john meehan's first wife. >> dr. phil: why did you wait so long to speak up and tell your story? >> announcer: a "dr. phil" exclusive. >> one of the groomsmen refers to john as "filthy john meehan." >> announcer: the untold story. >> the very first night, he was able to convince me to do things that i wasn't ready for, prepared for, or wanted to do. >> announcer: his reign of terror. >> tonia, you enjoy the time you have left. >> announcer: and... >> i thought i was just getting punched, but i was really getting stabbed. >> somebody was going to die on that rooftop. it was either going to be you or it was going to be him. >> announcer: details of his demise. >> i knew in that moment that, if i didn't do something, that he was going to take my life.


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