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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  December 24, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. >> and now at 5 holiday travelers scrambling on this christmas eve after some major airlines canceled hundreds of flights in the problem. he won't be surprised to hear covid. thank you for joining us here on kron, 4 news at 5. i'm catherine heenan and i'm dan thorn getting home for christmas was a challenge for thousands of people today because of covid and delta and united airlines had to cancel hundreds of flights nationwide because of covid related staffing shortages. kron four's, rob nesbitt joining us live now at sfo. >> without travelers are dealing with all of this. rob.
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dan, the travelers i spoke to today say that they get a text alert on their phone this morning letting him know. >> that there that was the omicron variant they canceled their christmas eve flight. >> from security lines to checking luggage. patrick schuler went to the motions at sfo to make it home in time for christmas for one to make my mom happy. he was ready for a hectic day of travel back home to new jersey. but he was not prepared for the alert he received from united text message this morning saying that my flight was canceled earlier and then they reschedule me for now. so i'm hoping i can get out now delta and united airlines both had to cancel hundreds of flights because of the new variant of covid-19 united releasing a statement saying, quote, the nationwide spike in omicron cases this week has had a direct impact on our flight crews and the people who run our operations as a result, we've unfortunately had to cancel some flights are notifying impacted customers in advance of them. coming to the airport. airlines have been doing a great job. just managing the checkin lies airport duty manager anthony, when expects that around 54,000 travelers will depart from sfo christmas eve, but
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not everyone is boarding on schedule. 77 be la's and 37 cancellations of the cancellations are now united is shown 21. >> and i think delta showing 7, he recommends travelers check their flight status before walking out the door, even if they did not receive a text alert. both united and delta say they're working to rebook as many passengers as possible to get them to their destination on time. omicron isn't the only reason for canceled flights. delta says that their flight cancellations were because of covid as well as the possibility of bad weather rain here on the west coast and snowstorms on the east coast live at sfo. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> all right, rob, thanks a lot. in addition to united and delta airlines canceling a number of flights. jetblue had to cancel more than 50 flights today across the country, which is about 5% of its overall schedule. alaska airlines also experience cancellations because of omicron in the past 2 days. they have had to cancel nearly
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30 flights. all right. we'll take a live look now at our storm tracker. 4 forecast, its downtown san francisco. you can see some of the rain also moving in and kron four's. erica caturay is here. eric, i couldn't like the idea of a rainy christmas it. yeah, it feels cozy and a lot shock lit for other you now. yeah. >> yeah. well, we are seeing some light showers popping up. of course, but this morning we actually saw some moderate rainfall san jose got a little bit more rain versus what we saw 24 hours ago, just over half an inch and then mill valley over a quarter of an inch of rain. so right now i did pick up this moderate rain sell out in the east bay on your fairfield inn rail so it is wet out there. >> roads. and then here's what we're seeing in the rest of the bay area looking very quiet right now out in the south bay just those light showers popping up. so that's what we can expect these next few hours. but we will see a heavier rain moving and after midnight. so pretty similar to what we saw this morning, but
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it's actually going to be more rain so here we see just after 8 o'clock tonight. pretty quiet just light showers popping up and then santa rosa north bay, you're going to get hit first with this system. but i'm sure most of you will be sleeping. this is around 4 o'clock in the morning seeing a moderate rain. they're starting to shift downward. and you can see here about 10:15am, in the morning tomorrow. heavy downpour in san francisco as well as parts of the peninsula and out in the east bay. so have your umbrella in hand. if you're traveling leave early this system shift southward in there to the san jose area. this is around one 30 tomorrow. as you can see here, temperatures also are going to dip this weekend. we could actually see some gusting in the higher hills and elevation. so stick around. we'll have the extended forecast in your forecast. coming up. back to you. all right, erica, thanks a lot. stay with kron 4 for the latest on this stormy weather. you can scan the qr code.
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>> which will take you to our website. kron 4 dot com. and there you'll find the latest on the storm, including live radar and any road closures and flooding in your area. a big rig full of gasoline over turned on 6.80 in fremont to shutting down the freeway and forcing. >> hundreds of people to evacuate their homes that happened this morning about 05:00am south of the auto mall parkway exit the crash caused about 7900 gallons of gasoline. 2 leak into the storm drain. it's believed the wet road might have been a factor there in that accident. evacuation orders have since been lifted all lanes are expected to reopen soon. the chp had said about 5. to the north bay. now for our coronavirus coverage sonoma county is now mandating booster shots for certain workers. >> groups including school employees emergency medical workers and pharmacy workers will have to get the covid-19 booster by february. 1st as of right now, county workers have to be vaccinated or undergo
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weekly or biweekly tests to make sure that they don't have covid early research has found that while the omicron variant may not cause serious illness like delta a booster vaccine is likely necessary to maintain an effective immune response to the virus. the u.s. is lifting a travel ban that was put in place because of the omicron variant. >> next week. president biden is expected to lift restrictions on 8 south african countries. that ban was put in place last month after the omicron variant was first detected in south africa. the variant has been reported in all 50 states and accounts for more than 73% of new cases. the ban will be lifted there saying new year's eve. the cdc has shortened the required isolation period for health care workers who test positive. >> for covid-19. the agency now says workers can return to work 7 days after testing positive instead of the previous 10 that isolation time can be cut even further.
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if there are staffing shortages. the cdc also says that health care workers who have gotten their booster shot do not need to quarantine at all. even if they've been exposed to covid. this comes as the looming surge of covid cases. it is expected to put new stress and the countries health care system. the chp is investigating tonight. a freeway shooting that injured a driver in danville overnight and kron four's. haaziq madyun has the latest on that investigation. >> buy that car to car incident on 6 ad leads to flashing lights traffic grinding to a halt and first responders on the scene late thursday night responded to a call of a shooting on or about the city north of road. that is where chp officer it give a go says a male driver and female passenger were traveling. the black nissan drove around 02:00pm when the shooting occurred. and suspect vehicle pull off alongside that he saw a lot of the
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suspect vehicle fired multiple rounds in the direction of the investigators say several bullets pierced the nissan and will did the male driver. driver of the nissan was transported to a local hospital and yes, suspected critical injuries. female passenger was uninjured. >> friday at 06:00pm marks the beginning of the california highway patrol maximum enforcemrnt period over the christmas holiday weekend. ending sunday at around midnight. in addition to looking for drivers under the influence chp officers who are seeking any leads to help them find the unknown shooter. in this case officer vega says investigators are asking for the community's help. please call a chp, but just be a good witness if you can provide a license plate. a good description of let us know if you have any other information about this shooting. the california highway patrol would like to hear from. has it made kron. 4 news. oakland police have made an arrest in
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an attempted homicide that happened earlier this month. the suspect identified ari green. >> these are photos of him on december 18th. that's when police say he shot a person international boulevard. greene has been charged in the crime. police are thanking the community for its help. in that case. tesla has announced that it will disable all video games in their cars center console screen while the vehicles are in motion. the software change comes after a national highway traffic safety administration investigation into tesla's in car video games. previously front-seat passengers could play on the console's by selecting a menu option that confirmed they were driving. but watch watchdog groups say that that was even too distracting for the drivers now drivers and riders will only be able to play the games when the vehicle is parked. coming off a big win against the grizzlies last night. the warriors return to action tomorrow and that will be for the league's big christmas day
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showcase. >> beginning at 9 with the hawks and the next followed by the celtics and bucks the warriors and suns play at 02:00pm and at the crypto dot com murray not lebron james is just 12 points behind kobe bryant on the all time christmas scoring list the night will wrap up with the maps and jazz at 7.30. >> all right. well, even the slowest of creatures are getting energized by the holiday spirit. take a look at this. the phoenix zoo posting this video of fernando this loft heading his christmas present. what's the in that? there's apparently a pink rose that he got for christmas. check this out. sloss they find roses to be delicious and fernando. he talked this into, you know, of course, into his mouth with surprising gusto. their fernando became an unlikely star for the zoo over the pandemic and he is on cameo. we've got to get this guy call. he's received nearly 200 requests for videos and all of those proceeds, of course, cotto was care. merry christmas there. fernando.
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yeah, i i love slots. yeah. all i do. we've been tracking the santa claus as he delivers presents across the world that this is a view from a norad. >> a santa tracker. where is he right now. it looks like he's over rio. would you say looking pretty he's making progress, dropping off those presents in south america. very nice. all right. despite a surge in covid cases, new york city, they're going to host the big ball drop. >> for the new year or how organizers are saying they're going to try to keep everybody safe. and also a reaction from a recovering drug addict to san francisco's new emergency plan for the tenderloin. >> and we're seeing some light showers popping up through the bay area. but heavier rain is on its way out. tell you when and what we can expect for this weekend. coming up.
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>> san francisco city supervisors have approved the mayor's state of emergency plan for the tenderloin district. that plan will address the drug overdose crisis in that neighborhood. kron fours, camila barco has the story. >> city officials say they are going to take care of the drug overdose problem in san francisco. the city is now able to open a treatment center in the tenderloin area. also plan to crack down on people who refused to get help for substance abuse issues. now, this is all part of mayor london breed. state of
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emergency in the tenderloin neighborhood. the declaration allows the city to set up a treatment side for people with a drug addiction. they can go receive services and treatments and city officials say the people abusing these drugs have the option to go to that service center. but if they refuse mayor breed says that they are looking at the possibility of going to jail. she says this plan is going to happen in 3 phases. and the idea is to make the neighborhood safe and healthy for not only the community but for the people dealing with their drug addictions. and this is a place that we can pull people in. >> get them warmed get some dry, get them fed and and and have connected to all of the many, many services and resources that the city has city officials say an average of 2 people a day are dying of drug overdoses in san francisco. >> and most of those are happening in the tenderloin or so many neighborhoods. now it's unclear when the treatment center is going to
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open. however, mayor breed says that the emergency declaration helps speed up the process. she says it can be set up in as fast as 2 to 3 weeks in the newsroom. camila barco kron 4 news. >> a former city of san francisco employee is weighing in tonight about the mayor's plan over the tenderloin district. fight against the overdoses there on the mayor's plan to help out users there tom. wolf served on a drug task force. most recently to provide insight into his own experience for city leaders to learn from. and he says that he is happy to see that a big step is being taken towards getting attics off of the streets and into treatment. he also tells us that people need to be held accountable. so while incarceration might not be the number one option leaving people in the streets to commit crimes and to continue to be tempted by dealers isn't a solution either. >> there's a subset people living on the street that require intervention. i
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required intervention. to get off the street and that intervention, you know, came through law enforcement is that the ideal way, not necessarily but is law enforcement going to play a role and do they need to play a role. absolutely. they do. and the reason i say that it's not because i want to criminalize anybody but it is against the law. when you do things like shoplift from target and walgreens and then sell your belongings on the street to support your drug addiction. those types of crimes breaking into cars, special car windows smash-and-grabs. they, you know, people that do that regardless of their situation, whether it's a crime of opportunity or a crime of desperation because they addicted to drugs must be held accountable. >> wolf, is hoping the state of emergency will present an opportunity for recovery through rehab and drug treatment and that it reduces harm not only for the addicted but the entire tenderloin community, which is home to many families. and of course,
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children. all right. let's take a live look at our storm tracker 4. that's the radar, obviously on the right we're looking at the traffic on the golden gate bridge. were it not a lot happening in terms of rain now. but. >> that could change hands a little drizzle out there. kron four's erica caturay joining us now with a look at the forecast there. >> hey, yeah, well, heavier downpour is on its way for just joining us. we're talking about it earlier. but right now just seeing now light showers in north actually to get hit first after midnight. so by 10 get over 3 quarters of an inch of rain. however, the rest of the bay area. you're going to see the heavier downpour moving in after that, especially the south bay. it's a just have an umbrella on hand in your rain jackets throughout the weekend because we're going to see showers on and off are also going to hear temperatures dip. it's actually going to be a little cooler tomorrow for our daytime highs as well. so along the coast looking at mid-fifties not too much of a change there. but our interior valley will see temperatures
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dip into the 40's in some places. we'll see then just a bit. but south bay 53 tomorrow for left caught oath and no peaches 50 degrees for our high in single tomorrow. 51 in dublin, concord looking at lower 50's 49 in moraga mid-fifties out in youngsville 49 in pittsburgh and 47 in santa rosa, stick with us. we'll have more on the extended forecast in your sierra forecast coming up. >> all right, erica, thanks a lot of new york city says that new year's eve will be scaled back a little bit in times square and they are scaling down the celebration, of course, because of covid the fully vaccinated crowd will be limited to roughly 15,000 people that figure is nearly 4 times less then the prepandemic round. authorities say the new rule will allow for social distancing and also everyone who attends they have to wear a mask. and of course, show that proof of vaccination. the changes are in response to a recent spike in covid cases there in new york and also the neighboring area of new jersey.
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>> and don't forget to join us on kron four's. we ring in the new year. justin waldman grant lotus will be counting us down to 2022. it is the bay area's only live fireworks show. it all starts at 11:30pm new year's eve only on kron 4. coming up how does go into the movie sound for christmas weekend. a lot of good ones out there. we have a preview of what's on the silver screen. >> and kron 4 celebrating remarkable women in the bay area. we need your help to share their stories. if you know a woman making a difference in her community. let us know you can nominate her for a chance to be awarded woman of the year. you can enter nominations get details on kron. 4 dot com.
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>> you may be watching christmas classic movies at home. but there are also some new ones at the theater. yeah. and one of the it's not about christmas, but it is getting a lot of buzz. the matrix is back. dean richards has the reviews. >> the family film for the holiday break is the sequel to the 2016 hits 8 seeing too follows the same formula. the first film. it's a bunch of ragtag sydney animals work to put together a big-time musical extravaganza battling an evil wolf studio boss. it's
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a movie that's overflowing with superstar voices in its lead roles like matthew mcconaughey, scarlet johansen and reese witherspoon with a fun story and plenty great songs that kids and grown-ups will both enjoy. it's a dean's list. b. plus in theaters only i. >> trains that >> my crazy. we don't use that word in there. the first matrix movie was mindblowing with its revolutionary concepts and dazzling visual effects. but i always felt like the second and 3rd matrix movies took themselves way too seriously, creating meticulously over layered concepts. they were just playing hard to follow. but still things were pretty much wrapped up 18 years ago for neo and trinity reeves and carrie and now, the 4th in the series is out the matrix resurrection dabbling in the south to but still digging into the complexity with
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concepts like simulation hypo thesis to wrap your head around. that's too much work for the escape of a movie laurence fishburne has been replaced as morpheus py yy my team, the second who does a nice impersonation. but leads me to another movie pet peeve. you have to have seen the other 3 matrix movies. he even begin to understand the characters and the mythology of matrix resurrections. >> the movie needs to stand on its own. will say that visually beautiful in its fun to see keanu reeves and carrie and most together again. but for me the story just fell short and little of it connected. it's a dean's list. c in theaters and on hbo. max. >> i'm also not recommending the prequel to the popular spy spoofs kingsman the secret service and kingsman the golden circle. the king's man is the prequel set during the first world war and tries to explain how the crime fighters from the original movies came
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to be the problem is this movie is much more somber and far less clever fines and harris dickinson star in this dean's list. c minus. well, you can always get my movie reviews and home video picks sent right to your phone's every week just by texting the word dean to 9, 7, >> 9, 9, 9, i hope you have a great holiday weekend in chicago. i'm dean richards. still ahead on kron 4 news. we're going to be getting a live report from our good friend kevin coop cooper on what the weather conditions are like up in the sierra just. >> how much snow they're expected to get in 2021, it was a big year for space and space exploration will be taking a look at some of the highlights of this year's race to plus, erica caturay keeping track of all that rain that's expected to come to the bay area tonight and into christmas morning more coming
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>> if you're heading to lake tahoe for christmas. my question is why are you doing that. travel could get really messy and dangerous over the next few days. storms are expected to bring up to 10 feet of snow in the sierra through the weekend. hazardous conditions could lead to big delays road closures drivers, of course, being urged to bring change and emergency kits and stay off mountain roads altogether. and we're going to be taking a look at some of those driving conditions wow. lot of snow out there. also dark. >> this is headed out to the sierra and this is highway 80 in king veil kron four's. erica caturay joining us now to talk a little bit about
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snow. erica. >> evening out very dangerous driving conditions this weekend. we also have an avalanche warning that has been extended right now. still seeing some snow falling out in the sierra. we've already seen a couple feet to accumulate in some areas there. diamond peak 36 inches just today, a north star over a couple feet as well. sugar since this morning and home wood to saw some snow accumulate so that avalanche warning extended through monday because of the heavy snowfall in the windy conditions out there near highway 49, we also have a winter storm warning that has been extended through tuesday elevations at 7,000 feet and above could expect to 3 to 7 feet to just threw a sunday and then sierra rich gusts up to a 100 miles per hour. lower elevations, 40 miles per hour gusts. so a windy conditions


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