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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  December 24, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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that holiday season is a time of a lot of where the roadways are going to be extremely busy. >> tonight. a driver is in critical condition. this after gunfire broke out on 6 ad in danville. good evening, everybody. thank you for joining us for kron 4 news at 6. i'm catherine heenan and i'm dan thorn. chp says multiple shots were fired and driver was struck by several bullets northbound highway 6.80 was closed for about 3 hours while officers we're investigating and kron four's. haaziq madyun has the latest. >> by that car to car incident on 6 ad leads to flashing lights traffic grinding to a halt and first responders on the scene late thursday night responded to a call of a shooting on or about the city north of wrote that is where chp officer it give a go says a male driver and female passenger were traveling. the black nissan rogue around 02:00pm when the shooting occurred. no suspect vehicle pull off alongside that he saw
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a lot of the suspect vehicle fired multiple rounds in the direction of the investigators say several bullets pierced the nissan and will did the male driver. driver of the nissan was transported to a local hospital and yes, suspected critical injuries. female passenger was uninjured. >> friday at 06:00pm marks the beginning of the california highway patrol maximum enforcement period over the christmas holiday weekend. ending sunday at around midnight. in addition to looking for drivers under the influence chp officers who are seeking any leads to help them find the unknown shooter. in this case officer vega says investigators are asking for the community's help. please call a chp, but just be a good witness if you can provide a license plate. a good description of let us know if you have any other information about this shooting. the california highway patrol would like to hear from. >> has it made you kron. 4 news.
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>> in the east bay. all lanes have been cleared on 6.80 after a big rig full of gasoline overturned in fremont. >> that shut the freeway down for hours today and it forced hundreds of people to evacuate their homes. there was a call about 05:00am and 6.80, south of the auto mall parkway exit the crash caused about 7900 gallons of gasoline to leak into the storm. drain officers believe the wet road might have been a factor in that accident. we have an aerial view showing that dozens of emergency crews were down there. the gas leak did force people in about a 100 homes to evacuate because of the smell of gasoline. we talk to someone who's the neighbors had to leave. >> i was just smell. i got up to a text from my neighbors they were it was police knocking the door calling for evacuations i came out to smell gasoline. it's not likl a slain still. that's a little >> crews did manage to turn
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that truck right side up. but that was about noon lanes were reopened around 00:00am tonight. kron four's. gayle ong is following the story. she'll have more on the cleanup coming up tonight in prime time. >> well, after a long night, san francisco city supervisors approved the mayor's state of emergency plan for the tenderloin district. the plan is addressing the drug overdose crisis in that neighborhood. kron four's camila barco joining us with the latest. >> city officials say they are going to take care of the drug overdose problem in san francisco. the city is now able to open a treatment center in the tenderloin area. they also plan to crack down on people who refused to get help for substance abuse issues. now, this is all part of mayor london breed. state of emergency in the tenderloin neighborhood. the declaration allows the city to set up a treatment side for people with a drug addiction. they can go receive services and treatments and city officials say the people abusing these drugs have the option to go to that service center. but if they refuse mayor breed says
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that they are looking at the possibility of going to jail. she says this plan is going to happen in 3 phases. and the idea is to make the neighborhood safe and healthy for not only the community but for the people dealing with their drug addictions. this is a place that we can pull people in. >> get them warm and dry. get them fed and and and have connected to all of the many, many services and resources that the city has city officials say an average of 2 people a day are dying of drug overdoses in san francisco. >> and most of those are happening in the tenderloin or so many neighborhoods. now it's unclear when the treatment center is going to open. however, mayor breed says that the emergency declaration helps speed up the process. she says it can be set up in as fast as 2 to 3 weeks in the newsroom. camila barco kron 4 news. >> the former san francisco employee and a recovering drug addict is sharing his thoughts
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on mayor breed's emergency decrow liberation. of course, have more on that conversation coming up at 6.45. people at a synagogue in san jose are spending christmas eve trying to figure out how to rebuild after a devastating fire. the rabbi says that he did review surveillance video. it shows there was a man on the property about the time of the fire. out about 01:00am. >> somebody came lit a fire. he walked off about 40 minutes later, fire was still let's. somebody afterwards came to try. i'm taking out the fire. he thought it seems like he thought that it was gonna and then the fire came back. but 10 minutes later and that burned for for many hours. >> the fire apparently started near a car port or in the car port then spread to the building's attic. the synagogue just recently been renovated. the san jose fire
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department says the cause is still being investigated, but they can confirm it was not a hate crime or racially motivated. and the east bay tonight, oakland police releasing shocking video of a man robbed at gunpoint. this happening. >> last thursday outside of the courtyard marriott hotel on broadway. you can see there a man unloading his bags. 2 men approaching him. they were armed and they're demanding that this person hand over everything. and then before taking off. no one has been arrested so far in opd is wanting you to call them. if you know any day about this robbery. >> happening now getting home for christmas. this is been a problem for thousands of people today. and that's because of covid delta and united airlines had to cancel hundreds of flights nationwide for christmas eve and christmas. yeah. the reason covid-19 related staffing shortages sfo. is that cancellations and delays. >> flashing on their flight boards. and that's where rob
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nesbitt is live tonight with how travelers are dealing with all this >> dan, the travelers. i spoke to today say they received a text message on their phones this morning. letting them know the omicron variant is to blame for canceling their christmas eve flights. from security lines to checking luggage. patrick schuler went to the motions at sfo to make it home in time for christmas for one to make my mom happy. he was ready for a hectic day of travel back home to new jersey. but he was not prepared for the alert he received from united text message this morning saying that my flight was canceled earlier and then they reschedule me for. >> now. so i'm hoping i can get out now delta and united airlines both had to cancel hundreds of flights because of the new variant of covid-19 united releasing a statement saying, quote, the nationwide spike in omicron cases this week has had a direct impact on our flight crews and the people who run our operations as a result, we've unfortunately had to cancel some flights and are notifying impacted customers in advance of them. coming to the
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airport. airlines have been doing a great job. just managing the checkin lies airport duty manager anthony, when expects that around 54,000 travelers will depart from sfo christmas eve, but not everyone is boarding on schedule by midday. the flight boards were flashing 77 delays and 37 cancellations. when recommends travelers take proactive steps before leaving for the airport. definitely check with the airlines. make sure your flight is on time. if there's any changes to your departure times and give yourself a lot of time. so you're not russian coming, trying to get through here. according to win the majority of cancellations at sfo where united flights, both united and delta say they're working to rebook as many passengers as possible to get them to their destinations on time. it said would you like to reschedule. this is the flight that we're going to put you on. and i was like, sounds good. omicron isn't the only reason for flight cancellations. >> delta says they cancel flights because of covid as well as the possibility for bad weather rain here on the west coast and snowstorms on the east coast live at sfo. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news.
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>> thank you, rob. time for another look at the forecast as we take a live look at sfo yeah. went out there and kron four's, erica caturay joining us now with what we can expect there. >> hey. so yeah, we are seeing a light to moderate showers right the heavier downpour was this morning. and we're going to see that again, actually >> tomorrow morning. totals for the last 24 hours here. oakland got to over a quarter of an inch of rain fan. jose over half an inch of rain. but we're going to see more precipitation right now. still seeing moderate rain out there in the east bay in rio vista. but a very quiet in the north bay still, however, after midnight. you guys will get hit first with that rain and temperatures will dip down to the 40's, not as low as we're going to see later in the weekend where overnight lows will dip to the 30's so here we see my moderate showers starting to move in. this is around 5 o'clock in the morning and that shift
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southward there, san francisco east bay getting heavy rain tomorrow morning. just before a new time there. so be safe. if you're hitting the roads tomorrow, a south bay will get hit with the heavier in the afternoon and also around 6 o'clock. your dinner time seeing some moderate rain falling as well. not just tomorrow but sunday as well have more on the extended forecast coming up. back to you. thank you, america and you can stay with kron 4 for the latest on the stormy weather. you can scan that qr code. >> we'll take you right to our website. kron 4 dot com, you'll find the latest information on the weather, including live radar and any information on road closures or flooding in your area. >> well, it's christmas eve and of course, tomorrow is christmas. but some local health officials are saying be careful with your plans with this recent surge of omicron. coming up, how you and your loved ones can stay safe. this weekend. also what former president trump is now saying about covid vaccines and why it's getting lot of reaction.
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>> and cutting down quarantine time. the latest move from the cdc. and before we had to break tonight, kron 4 is teaming up with the souper bowl of caring to help support local food charities. if you'd like to donate, you can use your phone to scan the qr code on your screen or you can text and y e donate. 2, 2, 6, 9, 8, 9, you can also visit tackle hunger hunger dot org and picked a local charity to help out. we'll be right.
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>> as the omicron variant spreads across the bay area sonoma county is now mandating booster shots for certain workers beginning february first. that will mean school employees emergency medical workers, pharmacy workers. they'll be among the group required to get boosters county workers now either have to be vaccinated or get regular testing. warren county is seeing more cases less than a week after the first case of the omicron variant was detected there. well, it's not just marin and sonoma county. of course, the entire bay area is bracing for a post holidsy surge, although some experts say that you shouldn't change your holiday plans. if you are fully vaccinated. but we talked to an east bay health official about the number of breakthrough infections. it's really concerning the doubling time of every 2 days means we could see. >> you know, hundreds of
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thousands of cases within a few weeks whether that will turn into a surge of hospitalizations is is yet to be seen breakthrough infections for vaccinated. people have also become more common with omicron leading to a continued push for booster shots. >> the strain might not be as severe as other covid variants. but health officials say that does not mean it should be treated lightly. even if it's less severe on then previous strains of covid. if there's a really large number of. could still have a big impact on contra costa county health officer chris farnitano says county leaders have been meeting with partner hospitals to discuss preparations for a surge. some issues that have already come up for a lack of staff or staffing burnout and hospitals already being filled with non-covid related patients while trying to stop the spread challenges have also come up for people looking to get boosters or even tests before visiting with family contra, costa county supervisor john joya on
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thursday gave out 800 free at-home test kits after giving out 2500 earlier in the week. >> for now, health officials want people to stay vigilant and make responsible decisions to keep themselves and those around them safe. >> you're not fully vaccinated until you're boosted with this with this omicron with just 2 doses. you're not safe anymore. if you've been feeling safe because you had a prior infection. crime fiction doesn't seem to protect you against omicron so too you really need to get vaccinated and boosted. >> meanwhile, the cdc has shortened the required isolation period for health care workers who test positive for covid. the agency now says workers can return to work 7 days after testing positive instead of 10 that isolation time can be cut even further. if there are staffing shortages. the cdc also says that health care workers who have gotten their booster shot do not need to quarantine at all. even if they've been exposed to covid. this comes
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as the looming surge of covid cases. it is expected to put new stress and the countries health care system. the u.s. is lifting a travel ban that was put in place because of the omicron variant next week. the president biden is expected to lift restrictions. >> on the 8 countries in southern africa. the ban put in place last month. that's after the omicron variant was first detected in south africa. the variant has now been reported meantime in all 50 states and the u.s. and it accounts for more than 73% of new cases. former president donald trump is talking about covid vaccines in an interview, he says that vaccines work and people who are getting sick with the virus. are the people who don't take the vaccine. trump says he does not agree with mandates, but he does believe vaccines are very important. >> the vaccine is one of the greatest achievements of mankind. we would have had in
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1917. remember the spanish flu killed perhaps a 100 million people. actually, it ended the first world workers. the soldiers was a lot of people don't know that the soldiers got so sick. it was a terrible thing there was no vaccine know anything. i came up with the vaccine with 3 vaccines. all are very, very good. >> now. trump, of course, as you probably remember, did get covid while still in office. he was briefly hospitalized. all right. now to our 4 zone forecast as we're taking a live look at downtown san francisco looks pretty beautiful out there tonight. but hey, the weather could be changing a little bit kron four's. erica caturay joining us now with what we can expect. erica. >> hey, you well, that heavier downpours on its way. the north bay will get hit first with that after midnight. so let's take a look at our future rain totals. so napa close to an inch of rain just from now through tomorrow morning. this is around 11:00am santa rosa will have
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seen about a quarter of an inch of precipitation accumulate notice the south bay, though, these numbers go up in the afternoon. there. a heavier rain also shifting southward to that region. san jose getting over half an inch of rain as well as conquered livermore close to 3 quarters of an inch of rain just tomorrow. the rest of the weekend. also can expect some showers. that's for those temperatures. looking at upper 40's to low 50's across san francisco tomorrow. 54 for al gran on half moon bay mid-fifties in burlingame down to redwood city 53 for mountain view temperatures a little cooler in some places. 54 in campbell 50 for morgan hill tomorrow versus what we saw the last couple of days, union city looking at 52 degrees sun own 50 for daytime highs 52 in concord. a 51 in danville looking at 40's for ended down rock a 53 for a berkeley out in napa 15, one as well as fairfield cooler
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out there in pittsburgh at 49 degrees. these temperatures will be a little lower come monday. overnight lows will actually be in the 40's. by the end by next week. i'd say monday overnight lows could be in the 30's. as for your daytime highs here in the north bay 47 for santa rosa tomorrow and 52 from mill valley. remember. >> to be safe when you're traveling on the roads becauee it will be wet out there. thanks very much. coming up, what some people in southern california are handing out instead of. >> traffic tickets and wl're of course following along with santa claus is delivering presents all around the world. this, of course, is a look at the. >> norad santa tracker right now. he's heading for cape cod, massachusetts. it was last seen over canada. he's given out billions a presence so far this year. if you swing by your ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪
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>> non-profit trauma intervention programs inc to give away not tickets. but $100 gifts. the primary motivation is to really. >> help people in the community who could use a financial boost. so we're donating $2000 m and the police we think are perfect. carriers of this donation. these officers targeted those who could use it the most. some who otherwise wouldn't have a christmas. see more opportunities that we have to engage with people outside of situations. f cry just crisis i- >> i think deep in relationships deepen understanding many were shocked their nervousness turned to smiles and tears. >> by officers who went from capturing criminals today to capturing hearts because there was no more >> can now get a gift
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>> now this is the first year oceanside police have done an operation of this kind and they hope to do it again next year. merry christmas everyone. for now here in oceanside liberty zavala. >> all right. very nice people making their way to their holiday destinations. of course, on this christmas eve. we're monitoring the roads for you. while we may see some rain here in the bay area this weekend up in the sierra. this is what they're going to be seeing and the snow has been unrelenting after the break. a live report from south lake tahoe and a check on the snow totals kron 4 once again celebrating remarkable women in the bay area and we need your help to share their stories. so if you know a woman that is making a difference in her community. you can nominate her for a chance to be awarded woman of the year. you can enter your nominations and get those details, of course, on our usaa is made for the safe pilots.
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back to kron. 4 news at 6. the snow in the sierra causing some. >> problems for drivers that are trying to get over the summit. you can see people cruising along here. this is i 80 at castle peak, dark out there, but lots of snow piling up, you know, will clearly if you are heading to lake tahoe. that area for christmas could be messy. it could be really dangerous. >> the storm's expected to bring up to 10 feet of new snow over the weekend.
6:29 pm
hazardous conditions could lead to road closures. drivers are being urged, of course, to have changed emergency kits and just stay off mountain roads if possible. kron four's. erica caturay joins us with a look and sound like bottom line, it's don't go situation right now. erica. yeah, you're right. not a good time to be heading out in that direction. we have a winter storm warning in effect in an avalanche warning as well. that has been extended. but still feeling a snow falling out there in the sierra. we've already several feet of snow in some places. diamond peak 36 inches. this is just for today. north star over a couple feet of snow already sugar bowl as well. 20 inches for homewood mountain resort. >> as well. so that avalanche warning has been extended 2 monday, especially between highway 49 in highway 4. it's going to be the windy conditions and that heavy
6:30 pm
that's giving us this warning. so be careful out there a winter storm warning has been extended through higher elevations could get a 7 feet of even we're mentioning up to 10 feet rich gusts will head over a 100 miles per hour. so very, very windy out there. temperatures also going to drop from tomorrow's highs. look at that. the 30's freezing to monday 23 for daytime highs, try to avoid heading in that direction. if you can this weekend high temperatures though, here will be warmer, of course, in the bay area in the 50's, 54 for half moon bay. 53. >> in fremont 51 in antioch, 47 up there in santa rosa temperatures by monday. we'll dip down just a little bit. but let's talk about that rain. we're going to be seeing after midnight the heavier rainfall will be hitting the north bay first, if you're just


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