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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  December 29, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PST

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and we are tracking your rain this morning. the bay area getting drenched yet again. another wet commute on your roads this morning. we've got your full forecast straight ahead. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at no. >> good morning to you. thanks for joining us here on the kron 4 morning news. i'm noelle bellow it's wednesday. december 29th. we just got a few more days left of the year 2021 and we're ending it on a wet note, we're going to check your forecast now with kron four's, john shrable. hey, john. yeah. october started the season with some wet conditions in december is carrying the winter season anyways with the start. >> that is also very, very wet historically. so for many spots, san francisco's easily the 8th wettest year in history. some spots in this year have more december snowfall than they've ever had. so that is something to
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know for sure. your view outside at the exploratorium in the embarcadero in san francisco. both looking wet. it's mostly light to moderate showers today. so definitely some stuff that we can work our way through this morning. just take it a little bit slower. we have experienced driving in the rain at this point. snowfall in lee county, rainfall for much of the bay area. we are seeing rainfall intensity about to pick up for areas or read san francisco on into contra, costa alameda and eventually solano and southern napa and sonoma counties. >> as this line of showers works its way gradually to the north and east across the region. so that is definitely something there that i do want to just give you a heads up on rainfall is about to pick up for a lot of areas that have quieted down a little quieter for the south bay. some pockets of moderate shower activity. but nothing crazy to note and definitely some heavier snowfall up in the sierra nevada where we are looking at another foot in many spots for the rest of the day today. now after today's final line of showers, we will be saying a dry period starting on thursday lasting through friday saturday and
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sunday. we will stay dry until the end of your holiday weekend. so get outside. maybe up to talk to. if you've been itching to head that way. just wait until tomorrow to do so as today we're still looking at that rain and snow across the region. current temperatures are a little bit more mild than they were at the same point yesterday. most of us are hanging out in the 40's with san mateo and oakland beach at 48 degrees. san francisco, a pretty nice and mild 46 right now roadways have been slick this morning that had been resulting in some major issues. but i'm not seeing much out there in the way of any major issues at this moment. so definitely a thumbs-up to everyone has been slow in your role as you get out there this morning. bay bridge only 8 minutes. we do have some flooding off some of the off-ramps and berkeley and oakland to watch out for just some standing water roadways. san mateo bridge 13 minutes rainfall will increase, but you're getting a break from it richmond center fell bridge seeing some showers right now. 7 minute drive. there. what was once a bit of a hot spot at the golden gate bridge. mid span. we had an accident
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southbound with injuries mid span on the golden gate bridge that cleared quickly. and now you're back to normal. only taking 20 minutes from 37 to the tolls. noel, thanks, john. >> a big story we're following this morning. california marking a pandemic milestone as the first state to record more than 5 million known covid infections. omicron driving up new cases right now and forcing many people to cancel their new year's eve plans the city of san francisco has canceled its new year's eve fireworks show the mayor citing concerns of bringing large groups of people together as covid cases surge. it's now the second year in a row without the fireworks display supervisor. matt haney says the city's concerned about health and safety and also staffing shortages. >> i think the decision from the city to cancel this was not only about the concern of bringing everyone together at this number when the such community spread. but it's also important for us to protect our city staff. you know, we are experiencing shortages because there are so
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many people were getting sick and they have to quarantine. >> several private venues across the city have also canceled their own new year's eve events. the fireworks show on the old sacramento waterfront has been canceled as well due to the omicron variant officials there say they're hoping for safer conditions for big groups next year. now the spread of the new variant has local health officials releasing some new voluntary guidelines for businesses. it's all part of an effort to increase the number of workers who are vaccinated kron four's camila barco joining us live in the newsroom with more on what sonoma county health officials want businesses to consider camila. >> well, no, all sonoma suggesting that employers of any business require their employees to have their booster shot or get tested for covid twice a week. the county's health officer says this is to alleviate the number of covid cases and protect other workers. the county's health officer also says that employers should consider requiring their employees to wear fda cleared
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surgical mask or respirators inside work settings and that recommendation applies to unvaccinated employees or those who have not received a booster dose. the health officer says that cloth masks are not as effective in stopping the spread of the virus. and right now the suggestions are voluntary, but they are strongly encouraged and they come after an increase in covid cases across the country including here in the bay area. sense thanksgiving the number of cases in sonoma county. tripled in an back in unvaccinated people. and that's the highest it's been since late august. the number of cases in vaccinated. people also increased in the same period. the county is already implementing similar orders employees at schools pharmacies dental offices, disaster shelters and first responders are going to be required to have their booster shot if they don't, they must get covid tested twice a week and those orders are mandatory
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and they start february 1st at this time, sonoma county officials are still going over these latest recommendations from the health officer and the county says that those booster shots offering increased protection instead of just having the initial covid-19 shots. they are strongly encouraging employers to consider requiring their employees to have. i did their booster dose or get tested twice a week while back to you. alright camila, thank you for that live report. >> taking a look down in the south bay where santa clara counties requiring first responders who work in high-risk environments to get their booster shots. the deadline they're set for january 24th the county is also urging businesses to put in similar requirements for their employees and asked customers to show proof of vaccination if they do not wear masks indoors health officials. there are also asking people to reconsider their new year's eve plans. >> at this point with omicron. surging the way that it i would not recommend. new
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year's celebrations unless they are small. small intimate gatherings is the way to go. this new year's. it's not the time to go to a large gathering. >> santa clara county has seen its number of covid-19 cases triple in the past 3 weeks and over in the east bay contra. costa county is now requiring masks to be worn in all public indoor places. no exceptions previously fully vaccinated groups of 100 or fewer people could go into could go maskless in certain settings like gyms or religious gatherings. that's a no go. now the new order goes into effect today cases and hospitalizations in the county involved, both unvaccinated and fully vaccinated. people. now to another big story we're following. the bay area football as a whole has lost a legend. former raiders coach and hall of fame broadcaster.
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john madden has passed away. he died in his home in pleasanton at the age of 85 yesterday while he never actually played pro football he still had a profound effect on the game. by the way, he coached and the way we watch it when he began his career, he was the youngest head coach in nfl history at the age of 32 he would then lead the oakland raiders from 1969 to 1978 bringing them their first super bowl victory in 1977 over the minnesota vikings. he never had a losing record as a coach. now, maddon was beloved throughout the game of football fans got to know him as a broadcaster where he served as a color analyst for every major network and on monday night football, he also loaned his name voice and image to the madden nfl video game franchise. one of the most popular video game franchises of all time now, maddon was inducted into the hall of fame back in 2000, 6 where his legacy will live on
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his death is hitting especially hard for people here in the bay area, friends and former players are remembering the legendary remembering the legendary football coach and career in the nfl. but as an american icon, kron four's. dan thorn has that part of our coverage. >> he was a towering figure and beloved by football fans. john madden, whose iconic career as a coach and a broadcaster spanned generations. his life being remembered by those who adored him. he just was larger than life he was a a great guy, a great coach. >> went on to even more fame as a broadcaster sportscaster. rick tuttle says maddon's influence went beyond just football that. no, of course was a hero in the bay area for his success with the raiders. but he also grew up in daly city played football at the college of san mateo and was a resident of pleasanton was also thinking about 1979 and santa clara coaching camera, little brother room. but the son mike and john came to pick him up to this big shot of orange hair and was always a
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very great guy. he was very approachable, friends and former players also weighing in on maddon's death on social media. kendra stabler, the daughter of raiders. great ken stabler tweeting heartbroken. but a saving grace is knowing my dad is reunited with his beloved coach who meant so so much to him rest in peace. coach madden so much love for you. pro football hall of famer jerry rice calling madden a coaching and broadcasting legend while former raider and hall of fame safety. ronnie lott shared this picture with madden saying. >> r i p coach, you were a blessing to us all other corners of the sports world have been struck by maddon's passing as well. what a life. incredible figure in american and obviously, you know, legend here in the bay area both for the resident and also, you know what he did with the raiders warriors head coach steve kerr echoing the feelings of so many yet another.
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>> passing of a great legend. he had a fantastic life. dan thorn kron 4 news. >> we do have more reaction to john madden's death on our website. kron 4 dot com coming up in our next half hour. we'll have an extended look at his life as an nfl coach and broadcaster. so to be sure to tune in with us for that. may he rest in peace will be right back after the break.
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>> 9.13 on this wednesday morning. taking a live look at the sierra this morning. this is highway 50 at ski run. this of road clearly reopened. but as you can see, lots of vehicles, vehicles out there. officials caltrans officials saying they're a little worried about just how many people. >> are actually traveling on this road highway 80 is back open right now, but only to a central truck drivers and commercial vehicles, which is why highway 50, of course, is seeing so much traffic this morning. not only people trying it seems like there's of people trying to get out i think because some people got stuck up there over the last several days. so much snow. they got snowed john. are they going to continue seeing more snow over the next couple of days or are they getting a break at all. yeah. so that's definitely a lot of people trying to get out of there. no. well, yeah. yesterday even after they reopened a jackknifed big rig on highway 50. >> close things down again. so i think a lot of people said,
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you know what, going to wait another day now. >> so a lot of people are trying to venture out there today is not necessarily your ideal for it. but i also understand people situations really needing to get back to the routine tomorrow is going to be so much better of travel because we will finally see things calming down and a nice break. that's not just for a few hours thursday friday, saturday and sunday will offer a break from both snow in the sierra and rain here in the bay area. lots of travel up into the sierra look at this. it's really only advice to be essential today, but i think a lot of people are anxious to get back on those roads again today is not your ideal. tomorrow is going to be better. please be mindful if you must be traveling in the sierra today. we're still under a winter storm warning until noontime today. winter weather advisory in upper elevations of lake county because of some snow out that direction historic snowfall in many parts of the sierra for this time of year. we're at a 166% of average in the central sierra and 202 inches of snow at donner summit. right there
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along 80 that weigh down a lot of trees and that was the biggest issue with getting the route reopened is so many trees along. i 80 which is down along that stretch because they were drought stressed and then the weight of that snow just pushed him right on over. we are continuing to see snow up there, but also up elevations higher 2000 feet lake county. some lighter showers for much of the bay area right now that we are seeing a pocket of heavy rainfall marin county. the golden gate bridge san francisco on over into alameda and contra. costa counties rainfall increasing a bit a couple of pockets of moderate rainfall as well across the south bay now storm after storm is the way the normal has been for a while now. this is our last weather maker for a minute, though. we do get a break after today. some moderate showers widespread through the morning. we will see showers tapering off into the afternoon by the close of the day today. we are dry and will stay that way through thursday friday into new year's eve saturday and sunday keeping that dry trend going if you're heading up to the
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sierra. start your trip thursday head back on sunday because more rain and snow is on the way for monday and tuesday of next week. as far as temperatures go today. we're a little more mild than we were yesterday. not a huge change, though still only in the 40's to 50's for today's daytime highs. a look ahead of next 7 days shows daytime highs remaining cool in the 40's to 50's through the new year evening. lows are going to be very cold dropping into the low 30's inland friday night for your new year's eve festivities. so just bundle up, you won't have to worry about the rain jacket for a minute after today. but you will want all those layers to keep you cozy. now, as far as roadways go, some big improvements, thankfully because it was a rough start for early risers. we had so many incidents on the roads earlier this morning what we're looking at now is some roadway flooding in some of the off-ramps in oakland. once you get to the maze, we start to see clear conditions, though, as you cross the bay bridge and 9 minutes to make that crossing into san francisco, low cloud cover seen in the distance across the peninsula from the san
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mateo bridge which traffic is definitely heavier than it's been earlier this week 13 minutes to make that drive. the richmond center fell bridge wet as well. but only 7 minutes to make your crossing there. and after a hot spot earlier this morning, the golden gate bridge is clear nicely. only 20 minutes from the intersection of 37 1. oh, one down to the tolls. noel. >> thanks, john. up in the north bay. there are still some questions about the death of crystal mccarthy. she was a nap. a woman who was reported missing back on the 13th of december. kron four's. madyun spoke with her family. >> there's turner again. >> chris and i were very, very close, very close you're looking at a photo of mark mccarthy and his daughter crystal during happier times on 12/13/2021 she was reported missing in the city of napa. her friends organized multiple searches. 2 days later, a body matching her description was found floating in the napa river. it's been a nightmare is just like so. and real.
9:19 am
that. i don't at this. >> turn the processes and just i have my moments as waves of. aguer it's this believe krista mccarthy's father mark mccarthy lives in the southern part of the country and says he often speaks to his daughter at least 3 times a day as he did that night before she was reported missing some defining to just check and then you know, we always acted for daily napa police investigators say that she was last seen on a 7.11 store. surveillance video speaking to someone described as a homeless person in the video. she is seen wearing these boots. >> those were later found near the napa river. but there was no sign of crystal. that's what we just for. imus is set be consistent with votes be in awe. it's i'm confused about because the weather that night was cold and rainy that from i
9:20 am
understand, one of the worst storms they had while now. but police confirmed that they did interview the alleged homelbss man investigators say at this point there's no evidence of foul play. >> but that they, too are searching for answers to how she became separated from her boots. i don't have an answer for at this point regarding >> one of the other things that to work on is piece together what prior to. the body being in the river. >> i feel you. and base to it. i want answers and and i just don't feel like i'm getting answers. >> anyone with information about what happened to crystal mccarthy is asked to contact napa police. zikmund kron 4 >> well, lawmakers are mourning the death of harry reid, the 3rd longest-serving senate majority leader in the united states. reed served in congress for 2 decades. he had
9:21 am
been fighting pancreatic cancer since 2018, the nevada senator saw the las vegas airport renamed for him just earlier this month. read rose from poverty to council. president said he's credited with many accomplishments along the way. his biggest may
9:22 am
about americans flying within the united states. >> and after the break, a new year leading to new laws. we've breakdown of all the rules taking effect in 2022 that's going to affect californians in the workplace.
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>> welcome back. 9.24 on this wednesday morning. we're bringing you up to date on the new state laws that are going to be taking effect in the new year. kron four's, ashley zavala explains the new rules affecting california workers. >> new state laws will change some regulations for workplaces across california in january. the state's minimum wage will increase to $15 an hour for workplaces with more than 26 employees and $14 for those with less than 26 employees. in addition to the pay increase workplace safety fines will also see a boost in the new year. the state's division of occupational safety and health can penalize workplaces for each employee affected by a violation of the state's health and safety rules larger employers with multiple offices are hubs can have all of their locations penalized. if there's evidence of a pattern of violations at more than one location on workplace conduct starting in 2022 california will ban the use of non-disclosure settlement agreements in workplace
9:26 am
harassment and discrimination cases. in most cases the law will also prohibit employers from using severance agreements that would keep an employee from speaking out about illegal acts in the workplace. other labor laws affect specific industries warehouses and distribution centers must provide new employees a written description of all quotas within a month of higher. those quotas can't come in the way of the workers legally required breaks for food delivery apps. it's illegal for the app to keep any portion of the tip from the delivery driver or restaurant for pickup orders. for garment workers. they must now be paid hourly instead of by piece with the exception of workplace is covered by collective bargaining agreement. fashion brands could be on the hook if they're contractors, violate labor laws in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> coming up next on the kron 4 morning news and san francisco restaurants want you to prove you've gotten that booster before you dine indoors about a live report coming up next. just about to
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be 9.30 here on this wednesday morning. welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. thanks for joining us here. it's so we're trying to get you out the door heard this supporting prepared for what we're dealing with outside lots of rain still falling across much of the bay area. >> hopefully we get a break after today, the right, john. yeah, that's definitely good. pray noel. >> in a well earned break at
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that too. tomorrow, friday, saturday and sunday looking much drier. in fact, you don't even have to worry about the rain jackets on those days. just another kind of jacket to keep you cozy because we're not going to be getting any warmer. your view outside this morning. still very wet. we did take a break from the rain in san francisco for a minute. but now it's pushing back in and you can see the lens as wet and you can see much of downtown sf is those low clouds of push back in with it. that line of showers. the deep green that you're seeing offshore is working its way north easterly on into the bay and that is going to mean uptick in rainfall over the next few minutes here. we're already seeing rainfall increasing from rain in san francisco. but now also pushing back into oakland richmond and up into the hills above bowl cities. so yeah, rainfalls about to pick up for a lot of these spots north a little quieter. once you get north and nevado and then we are also looking at fairly quiet conditions in the south bay santa clara valley on up into the tri valley each looking okay. zooming out and up into the sierra nevada. heavy snowfall does continue 8
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to 20 inches of snowfall. top of the multiple feet that we already have up there as they've been telling you through the morning so far, no rainfall will be most widespread this morning as we work our way on into the afternoon. you'll see less and less of it and we will eventually dry out by the evening tonight, staying dry through thursday, friday saturday and sunday current temperatures are mostly in the 40's. this isn't quite as cold as yesterday was. so just make sure to stay dry as you venture out there. at least we're not in the 30's this morning like we did start the day on tuesday. the bay bridge right now does have an issue mid span there. we have a traffic collision on. i 80 eastbound. this is the counter commute direction west of treasure island. so we are looking at that on the newer side of the bridge. the second lane from the left is blocked this coming in just moments ago. so make sure to be mindful of this westbound, though things are still moving along fine. only taking 9 minutes there. a san mateo
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bridge 13 minutes about to see rainfall increasing for the san mateo bridge richmond center fell bridge 8 minute commute for you across there. and it is wet also at the golden gate bridge where we had an incident earlier this morning that cleared out really quickly as roadways have gotten a little rain here. again, your commutes got up just one minute up to 21 minutes now. thanks, john. >> the white house covid response team is set to update the country on the rapid spread of the omicron variant later this morning after united states has broken its record for daily cases. jessi tenure has a preview from washington, dc. good morning. that record came just one day after the cdc cut in half the number of days infected americans should remain isolated. >> and a member of the president's covid team is trying to clear up some confusion. >> to be sure and be safe. americans who test positive for covid-19 but don't have symptoms can now go back to work after 5 days at home. people with important. >> jobs in keeping society
9:33 am
functioning may not be able to come to work if they're all out for a full 10 days. the new cdc guidance recommends wearing a mask religiously after leaving isolation. >> but does not require a negative test. the cdc felt. >> that given the risk being very low. it's best to just get people to put a mask on and then go out and do what they need to do. doctor anthony fauci, the president's chief medical adviser also clarified that americans find within the u.s. will not have to be vaccinated for now. i think it's important to seriously consider it. >> i did not say it should be done. i did not say a favorite to be done. i just said it's up for consideration. fauci said a vaccine mandate for domestic travel could come in a month or so, depending on the state of the surge. but we're not going there right now. >> white house officials have said a vaccine requirement on planes could trigger a host of logistical and legal concerns
9:34 am
and republicans here on capitol hill have already vowed to push back. in washington. i'm jessi tenure. >> happening today. a restaurant in san francisco is taking an extra voluntary step to stop the spread of covid. this comes as the omicron variant popes a risk to staff and customers who are dining inside kron 4. sarah stinson joining us live in san francisco with more details. sarah. >> well, that's right. starting today at and sunni you're going to have to bring this this vaccination card. but instead of just saying that you're fully vaccinated it has to show that you've received your booster as well. otherwise you can see it done indoors. you couldn't outdoors but who stepped outside today. word of the window. it is chilly out there and it is what so probably want to dine indoors. take a look at video you can see from the restaurant that has they have signs up all over the place. they've notified people reservations. they posted on social media and on the website, the staff there has
9:35 am
also been boosted as san francisco only requires people to be fully vaccinated to dine indoors. but zuni cafe is one of at least 2 san francisco restaurants taking it a step further. the other is cassava. the outer richmond neighborhood which ended up temporarily closing for the holidays due to the major rise in cases the owner there says closing in the car and this shot in open is all an effort to keep everyone safe. well, the omicron variant continues to spread. i caught up with the chef at zuni cafe. he says they're checking for a booster shot because it's important. everyone does their part in from spreading. >> back to the numbers being really high. it's really important that we do what we can to keep those numbers low there are people that are less protected in our community and for various reasons and and and, you know, those of us who are protected. i'm really need to do our best to keep at spreading the virus protect
9:36 am
you know, giving to somebody that's not a protected. >> well, that was the chef i've talked to. that was one of the people involved with the restaurants that have decided to check for booster shots now. cafe sunni, they're starting to do this today. and many have sought. but they're going to be opening back up when they feel like it is appropriate to do so. they're supposed to just be close to holidays, but they're going to keep an eye on the numbers in san francisco and make their decision. now, speaking of the numbers i just looked on the stem department of public health's website. and this is looking good that number of the single highest case take the total day. it's only gone up and well, actually 1054 cases were recorded on december 23rd. that is the most we've ever seen during the pandemic the whole 2 years that we've been doing this that is the highest as we know omicron extremely contagious
9:37 am
but not as severe with symptoms. there's only about 41 people record in the hospital with covid on 41 people reported one of the hospital and then we have over 1000 have covid now, interestingly enough on christmas eve. the number dropped just 425 people as covid. but noel, i think that's probably likely due to people not setting house on a holiday to go get a test. so we will continue to monitor these numbers. of course, very concerning. but all of these restaurant owners were taking matters into their own hands are going off numbers as well. this is they're just doing their part, hoping that they can prevent the spread at their own establishment. back to you. seems like we're almost in a waiting game now to see more restaurants or or the restaurant associations start to kind of mandate. this sort of thing as well >> confirming booster shot. sarah, thank you for that live report. is reportedly set to shorten quarantine times
9:38 am
following new cdc guidance in a memo obtained by espn vaccinated, players coaches, referees, and staff members will now only have to quarantine for 6 days instead of 10, that's a testing shows. there are no longer infected. the league and players union agreed to the change. individuals can still skip quarantine if they test negative for the virus twice with each test coming 24 hours apart. >> still ahead here on the kron 4 morning news. it's officially crab season. we're going to tell you about the new way that you can buy them this year. john and rain and snow continues across the bay in the sierra but only for one more day we get a solid break from it thursday into sunday. got to be looking forward to that. i think we've heard that at this point be keeping you up
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>> happening today. commercial crab season officially open in the bay area. the commercial season had to be delayed for a few weeks in order to protect wildlife off the coast of california, department of fish and wildlife said sea turtles and humpback whales were all kind of in those fishing zones over the last several weeks. they could get tangled in the crab traps and nets. but now the department says it's ok to fish for crabs because those animals are leaving the area. there's a new pilot program as well. you can now buy dungeness crabs and some fish directly from fishermen on their boats. that program only appliestto commercial fishing boats at fisherman's wharf. but it's just another way for you. get your hands on those
9:42 am
crabs for a new year's eve new year's day celebration. stick with us. we'll be right back. with us. we'll be right back. right. (gentle music) ♪ i'll be home for christmas ♪ you can plan on me ♪ please have snow and mistletoe ♪ ♪ and presents on the tree - right now, all over the country, kids at shriners hospitals for children are able to go home and be with their families for the holidays, and that's only possible because of the monthly donations from people like you. - will you call the number on your screen today, and just give $19 a month? you'll be helping countless children get the care they need
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to give whatever you can. thank you for giving. >> welcome back to the kron 00:00am morning news. you've got some water on that camera and you've got traffic on the roads live look at highway 50 at myers up in the sierra. we've been checking on these roads all morning long because highway 80's back open but only for of vehicles and crew
9:45 am
vehicles, that sort of thing. highway 50 back open, as you can see. and a lot of people are just trying to get themselves out of this area. they were snowed in the last couple of days. they finally reopened 50. yesterday you said there was an accident so it got shut and so it's been quite a time for people trying to get in and out of tahoe and getting is not really a question anymore. it's getting out for a lot of folks. i know. and i think a lot of people are anxious to get if you can. but i wait. but look at this. it's just going to be a lot of waiting in your car. yeah, you're going to have to, you know, fill up your tank. there's not really a you know, a lot of options for that after point. so you're really going to need >> time talking her track of all. it's unfortunate. i know that they're still trying to move snow off of highway. 80. like i said, it is open but only to essential vehicles running in 80's. definitely a lot calmer looking than 50 is right now. we have seen a lot
9:46 am
more traffic on 80, which is hard to do because nobody has 80 before today. >> you are still seeing some cars driving up there. as noel mentioned, it is essential travel at this point. and crews are even asking people if you don't have to don't travel and 50 today either because with that snow and rain, snow mix conditions are super slick up there 50 especially is at capacity because everyone's trying to venture down from the sierra after kind of having been stranded up there the past few days. so to not the ideal day for travel. i know everyone is anxious to get back to normal life. but if you can wait until tomorrow. conditions are going to be so much better winter storm warning remains up in the sierra nevada through noontime today. we also have a winter weather advisory on up in upper elevations of lake county snowpack in the sierra very impressive 100. 66 1% of average for the central part of the sierra nevada. and we're seeing more added on top of that today. look at 80 as well as 50 rain, snow mix and auburn and actually snow is
9:47 am
really come down enough in auburn that it's really started to stick right there and some of the lower elevations, the foot hills. 202 inches at donner summit. that's a record for december right there. so should be no surprise that things have been as standstill as they have been. now the north bay is actually relatively quiet. we have seen a resurgence of rainfall on are in san francisco, san mateo alameda and contra costa counties this past few minutes that's getting bridges wet all over again. and rainfall is expected to increase on areas further south of the peninsula further into the east bay too. south bay conditions on the quieter side, at least compared to that core of the bay that is currently seeing showers moving through this is our last after multiple line of systems for a minute. we'll get that solid break from the rain starting tonight. so showers are most widespread and heavy this morning. we will see tempering of rainfall later on today. evening hours tonight. some real good clearing going on thursday, friday, saturday and sunday a four-day break from the rain before return of rain and snow
9:48 am
into monday and tuesday of next week. so take advantage of it this weekend. better travel conditions. it out of the sierra from thursday into sunday. 40's 50's for your highs today. it will be that way through the rest of this forecast to, of course, new year's eve on friday is going to be dry, but it is going to be cold. so don't worry so much about keeping a dry on that day but do bundle up as much as you can with lows falling into the 30's. now we have seen a lot of issues on the roadways this morning, notably on the bay bridge. we do have an issue eastbound. we have a traffic collision. most just east of treasure island. this has the second lane from the left, a blocked and we are seeing traffic definitely being affected of it. also heading westbound as we are seeing crews really trying to get that accident out of the middle of the road. only taking you 11 minutes. still fortunately it's not a normal commute day. it's really light. so any sort of incident? is it slowing us down as much as you would
9:49 am
normally see. 13 minutes across the san mateo bridge this morning. we do have a big incident. on 5 or other 5.80, a severe traffic color and a traffic collision with injuries. 5.80, westbound east of central avenue in richmond. the right and center lanes are blocked is so once you get to the richmond center fell bridge. you're good, west bound, 5.80, getting there is taking you a minute because of that accident with injuries. a golden gate bridge 37 to the tolls. it's 21 minutes heading northbound on the golden gate bridge. we do have a slowdown. we don't have any information on why it's slow down just yet. but as you can see. things are definitely at a standstill towards about the mid stamps. mid span of the golden gate bridge and then you move along. fine. once you get past span. noel, thanks, john. >> moving to our continuing coverage on the life of nfl icon john madden who passed away at the age of 85 kron
9:50 am
four's. kate rooney takes a look back at maddon's legacy and the impact he had on the sport of football. >> a hall of fame coach award winning television personality and namesake of one of the most popular video game franchises ever all wrapped up in a bigger than life personality. john madden could be best described as an original but started out as just another kid from the bay area. madden and his family moved to daly city when he was 7, he attended grade school and became good friends with john robinson who himself coached usc to a college national title and was head coach. the la rams for 9 seasons. a football star at jefferson high matt and finished his college career at cal poly san luis obispo then was chosen by the philadelphia eagles in the 21st round of the nfl draft in 1958. but a serious knee injury in training camp ended his professional playing career before it started while he was rehabbing however, that and got his first advanced education in football from
9:51 am
eagles, nfl hall of fame quarterback norm, then brooklyn who spent the season with madden teaching him the nuances of the game. an experience that inspired madden to go into coaching after helping correale make sdsu into one of the best small school programs in the country caught the eye of oakland raiders owner al davis who hired him as the team's linebackers coach in 1967 after helping the raiders get to super bowl 2 as an assistant madden was hired as the team's head coach in 1969 at 32 the youngest in the nfl. but finally in 1976 everything came together for madden and the raiders led by hall of fame quarterback ken stabler and 7 other players who would later be enshrined in canton. maddon led the silver and black to a league best 13 1 record and more importantly a decisive win over their nemesis the pittsburgh steelers who had beaten them in 3 straight playoff games to earn a trip to super bowl 11 once they stamp their ticket to pasadena. no one was going
9:52 am
to stop the raiders. and after telling the team in the locker room pre-game. this will be the single biggest event in your whole life as long as you win, matt and his raiders dominated the minnesota vikings to win the super bowl blowing the vikings out 32 to 14. it was the first world championship in franchise history and cemented the man in the hall of fame. coaching credentials in 2006. he was inducted into the pro football hall of fame in recognition of his coaching career today. >> feels like the second time in my life. i'm being carried off. the shoulders of others. yet instead of off the field. hall of fame. has been the swedish right of the mall. >> retiring as raiders head coach after the 78 season. madden embark on a new chapter television. nfl football analyst. he revolutionized the role of game analysts bringing in a highly animated and often funny. but detailed and precise football insight into
9:53 am
his broadcast. he made a complicated sport easy-to-understand and entertaining even for the novice viewer madden pioneered the use of the tele straighter and what started largely is good humor gimmicks such as awarding turned akins to players after thanksgiving day games to his annual on that and teams it became appointment television for football fans playing off his tv success in 1988 sports a sign that into be the front man for its football franchise and almost immediately sales of the video game exploded today. madden football is a brand unto itself and one of the most successful video game franchises of any genre ever. john madden is unusual in that his name is widely known to 3 generations for 3 different skillsets coach commentator and iconic video game brand regardless of what one knows him foremost. there's no doubt there will never be another remotely like him. john madden, a true original.
9:54 am
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>> before we go, we've got to show you this because it's too cute to dogs taking advantage of the snowy weather having some much needed fun out there in south lake tahoe us know, of course, has been blanketing the sierra nevada for several days and these pups are so happy let my little guy out
9:57 am
there have again, right. things are so short. look as if just like pop them in there. they're all straight to the bottom. but they're having so much not lot of snow up that way, john. yeah, they don't seem to mind it as much as probably the humans that want to drive in its it's having issues. yeah. yes, and we've got more of it today. 2 at today's the last day of it for a minute, though. >> better travel conditions into thursday, friday, saturday and sunday perfectly timed for new year's eve weekend rain and snow return next week. bundle up, though, it's going to be chilly out there. thanks for joining us here. we'll see. tomorrow. >> so we do.
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