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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  December 30, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PST

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stuff. today's do my 2021 resolution all its ok through there. why did get rest this year. so maybe that was my light. come back to me in 2 days. i it will be thinking about this now will be thinking about hate new year's resolution for mother nature was to get us out of the drought and we still have some work to do. but december has come through for us. >> a new us drought monitor which i'll show your full forecast here in a few minutes is showing some big progress across the state in the bay area too. so that is really good news to be seeing this thursday. as for what we're seeing as far as the skies go. finally, some sunshine. your view outside coit tower is looking beautiful. this isn't quite hour. but the bay bridge looking just as beautiful as it would be in reverse if this camera was pointing the other direction radar showing you those clear skies we have for the bay. that's the same up into the sierra nevada. we're still holding on to rain and snow across southern california snowfall across the grapevine is going to slow things down along. i 5 this morning. so if you have plans
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on heading that way. watch for some slick spots. otherwise la is in the midst of some heavy rainfall. we stay dry. on the other hand today, tomorrow for new year's eve on into saturday and sunday. so all this looks great for any travels. you need to do into the sierra or just for getting back outside walking the dog here in your backyard today. 30's and 40's for our current temperatures freeman. palo alto at 39 degrees. petaluma also at 39 so off to a frigid start. don't forget the extra layer as you venture out reyna. john, thank you. that traffic is nice and light for most of the bay area this morning. that is the great news. a difference from yesterday. >> about 10 minutes as a traveling from the east bay into the city right now. san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula about a 40 minute drive for you. there. let's go ahead and get a look at the richmond sandra fell bridge heading out of richmond about 9 minutes and a 20 minute drive for you if you're the the golden gate 37 to the tolls will have well weather and traffic coming up. but for now, our top story this morning. we've been
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following the surge in covid cases all across the country and right here in the bay area. the seven-day average of new covid cases in the country. topped 280,000 now that surpasses the previous record set last january and because of the surge, several bay area counties are now changing their mask mandates. that starts today kron 4, sarah stinson. she's been covering this all morning here in san francisco. good morning, sarah. >> good morning. that's right. the omicron there. it is really driving cases to place we haven't seen so far and that is why bay area health officials specifically in 5 bay area counties and in the city of berkeley have decided to put this temporary mask mandate to place its it goes into effect today. through january 31st. so one month to a mask in indoor situations like and jim and the office to make sure that we can try and curb these cases because it is truly kind of getting out of control in the bay area and
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now this again starts today. so keep in mind as you head out the door today has got your mask. sometimes you can't even tell when or when there is not a mask mandate place. so many people in the bay area where the mask everywhere they go. this for alameda sonoma and san francisco counties and their opening this temporary mask requirement in place as well as the city of berkeley. and just as we're on the topic of san francisco. they are also requiring health care workers and people who risk and high risk categories to be where to be having the booster shot by february 1st. so keep that in mind. and then also in texas go mega events. now are people to show proof of full vaccination and booster as well. so a lot of updates about that contra. costa county announced its indoor mask requirement for all on tuesday, we spoke the infectious disease expert at ucsf to hear why it's so crucial to have a mask on indoors during this surge.
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>> you think about it. jim aria, for example, a lot of aerobic activity. people expelling a lot of a virus in the air and it's indoors. it's going to be risk air. >> california was the first state in the country to report but million known covid cases. it is so serious. that's why these bay area health officers decided to put this temporary mask mandate in place from today until january 31st reyna. so time to mask up yet again. it's a short term thing, at least and at least we can try and see if that helps anything helps right ran a jack lee every little bit helps us why still have my mask and. >> if you missed any of that info. we have that on our website. thanks for that update. sarah. well, the surge in omicron cases as many experts recommend that you upgrade your mask were just talking about that at the very least you want to wear one of those light blue three-ply surgical mask, stronger in 95 or kn 95 masks are better than
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that. experts say cloth mask offer the least protection especially if you're indoors. well, the fda says at home covid tests may not always be able to help detect the omicron variant say the virus could possibly diminish test performance. however, doctors and researchers right here in the bay area say that at home and engine test are still important and mostly accurate kron four's taylor is actually has that story for us. >> as at home. covid-19 antigen test fly off the shelves at your local stores. some people are now questioning their accuracy in detecting the omicron variant some doubts have been raised after the fda put out this report on tuesday reading, quote, early data suggests that indigent tests do detect the omicron variant but may have reduced sensitivity fda didn't do anybody any favors today by reporting out sensitivity. >> what they should have been reporting out as negative predictive value, which is different cut on the you know, when you this and 2 by 2
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table. it's a different cut its if you have a negative test asher. can you how positive can you be that it's negative that's truly negative. the answers you know, but they're 45 cases per 100,000 san francisco, for instance, the vast majority and by the fast, i mean, 99% of negative tests are going to be true negatives. professor of epidemiology at ucsf doctor george rutherford. >> disagrees with how the fda put out this information saying the antigen tests are performing well with detecting true negative cases fda's give you a different statistic. but, you know, you'd like the thing to perform a little bit better. but given >> relatively low rate of disease. it's you know, that performing like well, however. >> doctor rutherford reiterate what we already know about the at-home tests that timing is crucial and the pcr molecular tests are the most accurate option. here's some timing with it. >> if you do it too early, it's not going to pick it up. that's not fault of the tests. it's just the timing of it. if
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using the at-home rapid tests. doctor rutherford says you can count on accurate results as long as you test twice a couple days apart. >> i'm taylor reporting kron 4 news. >> well, back here at home, the san francisco department of public health is monitoring a large covid outbreak at a homeless shelter. the outbreak was discovered last week at the division circle navigation center that's in the mission district right now. there's no definitive number of cases confirmed. but there are reports that it could be as high as 50. according to the san francisco department of public health. many of those who tested positive are asymptomatic with some guest experiencing mild symptoms last year. the city's largest shelter in s c south saw one of the largest outbreaks at a shelter when more than 90 residents and 10 staff members tested positive now kron 4. we reached out to the san francisco department of homelessness and housing services which funds the shelter for comment. so far we have yet to hear back yet. starting february first. if
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you want to see the warriors player go to an event at the chase center. gonna have to get boosted. the announcement was made along with the golden state warriors as they try to adjust the spread of omicron variant individuals must have gotten the booster at least a week before the date of the event, people under 12 must show proof of full vaccination or provide a negative test taken with in 24 hours of the event. >> what's happening here in the bay area seems to be happening all across the country, people are struggling to find enough covid test to keep up with testing i had a difficult time finding some brian in 10 has that story for us. from miami. to north carolina to chicago to pretty much everywhere in the united states. the covid testing lines continue to be law. >> really, really long. what are your symptoms i mean, they're not severe, but it definitely something i do want to get my family sick. so came here to get this.
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>> we walk to the testing line in miami and notice lots and lots of families have symptoms. >> yeah, like a runny nose. that's about it. and likes i ca sometime by sneeze. that's about it. what about your mom? yeah. he has a little bit of headache shields, cough. she died like bones hurt. so we've got to make sure for new year's. >> the line here can take as long as 3 hours with a testing shortage around the country. doctors say if you don't have symptoms now is not the time to get a test. if you have symptoms testing could be a good option to protect others. >> if you're vaccinated and boosted and your family is vaccinated and boosted in your co-workers are vaccinated and boosted. i guess what's the big deal in terms of getting the test of if you just kind of stuff, you know well, you may just have a stuffy from covid, but you can still have folks around you that may not respond as well to both the vaccine and the so.
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>> you have to be comfortable with knowing that one of your co-workers isn't necessarily immunocompromised in on, you know, agents that that decrease your immune system are on chemotherapy. doctor kristen england with the cleveland clinic says what kind of test you get is also important, especially if you're retesting after your positive. >> and that hold antigen test is best to retest because a pcr test can detect covid long after you no longer are contagious. we don't repeat the pcr tests on patients. so i'm not going to be repeating that tests on them because i know it can be positive for for weeks. out at a bottom line regardless of what test you're getting be prepared to wait to other times. it was like 2, 3, hours. >> this time. we've been here for like maybe 30 minutes. but you still have a long way to >> that was brian entin reporting. now the shortage also cost amazon to limit the number test. people can get along with walgreens and cvs.
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i believe when i went to cbs last week. it was 6. sadly. that's what they were limiting people to bind. >> more details on the covid section of our website at kron 4 dot com. we're taking a live look at sfo this morning. chaos continues at airports all across the nation. so far today, according to flightaware, more than a 1000 flights have been canceled. more than 3,000 flights have been canceled since monday cancellation start despite the day before christmas during the busy holiday travel season. we're getting a look at our local at sfo 38 flights have been canceled. that one up from the last hour. 3 flights canceled in oakland and now out in san jose. you're looking at 10 flight cancellations. again, we've got all this information scan, this qr code on your screen. that's going to take you over to our website at kron 4 dot com travel restrictions and things you just don't want to miss. still ahead on the kron morning news. a new year means new rules for california schools are take a look at some of the new lawsuit.
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>> go into effect starting next year. and after the break, the sierra sees a record snowfall to live look at tahoe this morning. we're going to show you how the snow might impact california's drought on. yeah. and we are looking at lots of sunshine for a couple of days here breaking out of that wet pattern for just a minute at this point. i think we've learned a little break even though that rain has been nice and that snow has been nice for the drought sake. >> your view sfo looks beautiful in clear highs in the 50's today. i've got your forecast ahead.
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>> we'll take a look at this time. lapse video showing snow piling up in lake tahoe is backyard over the last few weeks. wow. look at that. we talking about accumulation here, the storm system has dumped more than 16 feet of snow. this taller than me in the area with more on the way for says he might. you talk to a local scientists about the record snowfall were seen. >> record. breaking snow level in december 2021 210 inches and we still have a few days to go in the previous record was held in 1970 and that was a 179 inches. so we've blown that out of the water. andrew schwartz is the station manager and lead scientist a uc berkeley central sierra snow laboratory. the lab has been tracking snow variables
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in the sierra from year to year for the past 51 years. he says december is not the only record breaking month for 2021. we are also now officially the snowiest october, november and december on record going back to he talked about the role of climate change plays and how snow levels could differ. widely from year to year. so we're used to breaking records and with climate change continuing. we're expecting to see this larger year to year variability and even months variability. so it's something that we do expect to see to a certain extent, but it is still a little bit surprising when it does happen. >> after several years of drought in the state of california. even with the record breaking snowfall. only 70% of the seasonal average has been accumulated. we're looking for about another 11000, 20 inches before we can get to an average season which went for months.
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>> it's possible and probably and then anything past that will help go towards that current release of the drop the word, the california department of water resources for a snow pack. survey of the season will be a key indicator of where things it's an exciting time because we can start to compare the broader sierra nevada region and the snow with those snow course readings throughout the past and see where we're actually in terms of our snow pack and how far above average we actually are has made you cry on for now. that is a lot of snow there we're talking about hopefully break in some drought. >> and you've been talking about that this was really good for us right so good record breaking decembeg snowfall in the sierra as zeke was talking about hold 202 inches for a lot of the sierra at donner summit. that was exactly what we saw. that's why it took so long for roadways to get clear, not just because you got to plow it all out. but because drought stress trees up along. i 80 were falling one after
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the next under the weight of so much snowfall now that things are clear. we've seen a lot of traffic moving just fine up donner summit today through sunday. really good chance to be getting up there back to the drought we saw a very, very bad start to the season. of course, that's all we were talking about for the longest of times exceptional drought in maroon was gripping a lot of the bay area in red. was that second most intense category of drought, which is extreme. it didn't look like the bay area much of a chance to get out of it this winter. then we saw our first atmospheric river in october. we added up on top of that into the beginning of december and this is where we were sitting last week still very bad. but much improved exceptional drought for parts of the east bay and central valley extreme drought red for a lot of the rest of the bay area. this week. did the biggest impact that we've seen all season long and look at where we're sitting. it's still not a great situation. mind you, but exceptional drought room that you once saw has now retreated just a very small sliver of northern california, extreme drought in
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red for much of the central valley in the east bay in severe drought having returned to the rest of the bay area in orange kind of sad that we're talking about. severe drought is being such a good thing. but this is a huge step forward. obviously we need to take yet another giant step in order to see even more improvements in the 2022 so hope and the year comes through for us december and even october of this past fall and winter start have definitely been helpful now we are dry across the bay in the sierra southern california, not so much snow in. that a hatchet be passing grapevine areas. also looking at some heavy rainfall around l a bay area our chance to get back outside on a hike. take the dog on a walk, get outside with those layers on for sure. but do enjoy this break from the weather. a nice drive up into the sierra. as we mentioned, too yesterday or passing storm system help to dive. some cold air on into the region. so the entire west coast is really looking at a pretty chilly forecast these next few days. that's actually
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good news for the sierra. it means we're not going to lose a lot of the snow pack that is accumulated. there. it's going to keep all the way through next week. now, we will see dry skies today as well as tomorrow. if you're heading outside for new year's eve tomorrow. just make sure to bundle up first and foremost be safe, obviously. but seconds. you do need those extra layers to stay warm because it will be frigid cold come friday night, saturday and sunday. stay dry before next round of showers looks likely into monday of next week. now depending on how deep this low dives into the region that will determine how much rainfall we actually achieve here shouldn't die pretty deep in. we could have some good rain into monday, tuesday and wednesday. if we just barely stirred up, we'll see some lighter showers regardless. the sierra we'll be getting additional snowfall. today's daytime highs will mostly be in the low 50's daly city at 52 degrees burlingame at 53 for your high temperatures further south in foster city down to redwood city. also at 53. you also see that across much of the santa clara valley now
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temperatures in the east bay. not much different pleasanton and livermore barely making 50 degrees cool enough, definitely to hold tight to those jackets today. but you can stash the umbrellas and rain jackets away for a couple of days today, tomorrow, saturday, sunday. not a lot of change staying clear and staying cool evening lows very, very chilly monday, tuesday and wednesday. it's back to the wet weather. we go reyna. john, thank you for that. all right. let's get a look at your bridges as you're traveling this morning heading from the east bay into the city. >> ally of 10 minute commute for you this morning. no major issues delays along 5, 1880. let's look at the san mateo bridge and across towards the peninsula. it will take about 14 minutes to make that drive. it will. coming up after the break, the latest on a missing skier in the sierra. >> not been seen since christmas day. we have more on the search efforts. there will be right back after the break.
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>> happening now borries and north tahoe area are continuing their search for lori and a lot of it. he's the 43 year-old truckee man who's been missing since christmas day after skiing at the northstar resort, markey barton has much more on the search efforts underway. >> california, search and rescue teams now on day 5 in their search for 43 year-old. rory and chalabi. the expert skier and avid outdoorsman. when up north star mountain for christmas day ski run and
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never came home. sergeant mike powers with the placer county sheriff's office says sometimes even the best skiers get themselves into deep. a lot of the very experienced years will have a lapse in judgment that will try to do fresh powder will try to do the more between are out of bounds type area powers believes that may be what happened to and jelani who was skiing in conditions similar to this video taken from nearby heavenly mountain resort during the same snow storm that was falling when he disappeared. we have to be real estate. anybody surviving both sort of extreme conditions is extremely conditions. so bad the search had to be stopped, at least once for the safety of everyone involved. we picked it up again. >> one day and again, horrific conditions white out. really cold temperatures heavy, heavy snowfall. searchers have used every tool available. >> from snowcats to cross country skis to a black hawk
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helicopter powers warning that while resorts may cater to your every win scheme is not without its risks. you may be a luxurious resort where a quarter mile away at the bottom of the hill are half mile is every amenity you can imagine and vystar resteraunts. but at the top of the hill. you really are in the elements and it really could in an instant turn to a life or death situation. as for this search sergeant powers says time and hope are running out even an experienced mountaineer with all the proper equipment heading out there with the intent to whether this type of store. >> would be very hard pressed to survive in the only reason we've kept it up this long is because he is so experienced team has been in the back country. >> well, that was markie. martin reporting for us. authorities are now working with chp to bring in a helicopter equipped with a special device they can use to scan the area for things like a helmet or a tag may be sewn into clothes. well, coming up
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next on the kron 4 morning news, a jewelry store. >> targeted by thieves in san francisco. now businesses are hoping city leaders are going to step in to help. we'll be right back.
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>> welcome back to the kron 4 morning news here on this thursday. december the 30th yet 2 more days left in your
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year. and i know everybody is really just trying to get things done make it into the new year. this is always a very busy hectic time. but the weather, john, happy about this because i was trying to get things done yesterday i was in the rye as get rained on yesterday trying to get things done it's stressful. i'm thinking about all things or to eat before the diet starts on january 1st. that takes a lot of work. it takes it out. some mcdonald's and burger king. >> like the chicken sandwiches. but you know what? at least we've got dry weather as you venture outside to get your food or just to walk your dog like a normal person would. it is definitely time enjoy the weather because we've got rainy and snowy weather returning by monday of next week. if you want to head up to the sierra also a better opportunity to do so. starting today taking us all the way through sunday. your view outside at the bay bridge currently is nice and clear. not a lot of wind out there either you're lying about pier 15 is that not really blowing too terribly much clear skies across the bay. also across the sierra nevada. really the
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only spot you are seeing some issues as far as near us goes is up. the grapevine. you are running into some snowfall this morning and then down to la some heavy rainfall around there. nice that they're also tapping into the much needed moisture that we have been as well. we get a much needed and much deserved break from it. an opportunity to get outside for a little bit here. get your new year's eve plans prepped for the first thing you need to think about is obviously being safe. but second stay warm, too because tomorrow night temperatures are going to drop well down into the 30's. if the upper 20's for a couple of spots for new year's eve. current temperatures are in the 30's for palo alto. dublin, livermore, concord and almost all of the north bay. so as you get outside this morning. also get those extra layers on as you enjoy some of our morning sunshine reyna. it's definitely lighter on the roads than a typical something to be thankful for you. and that is something to be thankful you for going to the new year. lighter traffic may be.
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>> traveling from the east bay into the city about a 10 minute drive for you to that fremont street exit san mateo bridge across towards the peninsula about 14 minutes for you. there as you're traveling out of richmond across towards san rafale. it'll be about a nine-minute drive and the golden gate bridge about 20 minutes traveling from 37 to the tolls. hello, mental health is one of the serious concerns being addressed in 2022 when it comes to children. capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has more on the new laws that are going to take place in the new year in schools. >> new year, new rules for california, education systems across the state starting in 2022 middle and high schools that offer at least one course and health education must also start incorporating mental health into those courses pushed amid concerns of the youth mental health crisis in the pandemic. lawmakers hope the curriculum will help students identify the signs and symptoms of mental illness and empower them to ask for help on that note, a separate new state law allows mental and behavioral health to be
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considered excused, absence reasons from school for children between 6.18 years old. another new law taking effect this year. requires community colleges this upcoming school year to offer ethnic studies courses at each of its campuses. the course will be a requirement starting in the 2020 for 2025 school year. the new year also starts the clock for high schools across california requiring them to provide ethnic studies starting in the 2025 2026 academic year and make it a graduation requirement for high school students graduating in 2029, 2030. another new law requires all california public schools to stock free menstrual products for students in 6th grade and up this rule also applies for california state university schools and all community college districts for their students as well in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> well, when the new year rings in california's minimum wage is going to go up for the state's lowest paid workers, businesses with 26 or more employees or have to pay salaries of at least $15 an hour. that's a dollar more than the current minimum wage
8:34 am
employers with 25 or fewer workers. we'll have to raise pay at least $14 an hour. it's going to hit $15 and 2023. well, if you want plastic utensils with you. take out food in the new year. you have to ask for them. a new state laws require restaurants to get out. plastic knives, forks and spoons on request. it's also true for catch up and under condiments that you might like those that come in those little plastic packages. well, studies show much of it ends up unused and wasted. now on to the developing story of a san francisco store owner who is heartbroken frustrated after a destructive break-in. now the break-in happened at a vintage jewelry, an antique store on fillmore street on wednesday morning. the owner found his shop window smashed in with about a $100,000 worth of items missing the district's merchants association says the fillmore has seen a dramatic rise in vacant store fronts. business leaders in the neighborhood are hoping that city leaders are going to step in.
8:35 am
>> glass everywhere or jewelry on the floor are broke and case is smashed. and it was just a mess of their mean everything looked like a tornado and have been run theft. muggings store break ins. >> it's just it's just i'm doubtful for a lot of in mhe face and the voice of these merchants and what they're going through needs to be amplified. >> well, the owner of the antique stores concern. these types of crimes of 4 seen more fillmore district into a decline. it's going to take possibly 2 months to reopen the shop. oakland police are searching for a hit and run driver. they've released these photos of the car they're looking for police say earlier this month, the driver of this like color bmw bmw allegedly hit someone pushing a shopping cart on bancroft avenue and then fled the scene. now the napa county coroner's office confirms a body found last week in the napa river is 37
8:36 am
year-old cristil lea mccarty investigators say after an autopsy they were finally able to confirm her identity. but they add that a cause of death still hasn't been determined. it won't be for a few more weeks. mccarthy was first reported missing back on december 14th. her body was discovered near the 3rd street bridge on december 23rd police say they're also continue to look into the, quote, suspicious circumstances surrounding her death. well, in the north bay. a man accused of stabbing an uber driver on christmas day has been arrested 19 year-old triston harden was spotted walking across the golden gate bridge monday night by chp. he's accused of attacking and stabbing his uber driver on christmas and what police call a random act of violence. it happened in santa rosa. the victim drove himself to a local hospital and is expected to survive. harden is being held on 1 million dollars bail. well, you might be popping some courts to celebrate the new year. but supply chain problems have hit
8:37 am
the wine industry heart that also includes champagne. there's a shortage of that. >> you've got the ship's read. champagne is coming over. but you've also that trucks in france that need to get it from the winery to the port and then they're shipping it over need to have trucks here in the u.s. and it's not even just that basic transportation issue. we're also looking at things like shortages of the cage that goes on top of your bottle. boxes to put mine in fan. a lot of people getting ready to celebrate and they want their champagne. >> they will rough harvest and booming demand are factors in the shortage. many retailers are low on supplies and you have prices. they've been pclimbing. well in alameda family's christmas decoration was stolen from the front of their home. the family told us it happened 3 blocks down from alameda's famous christmas tree lane. they say their large animated holiday light rain, which is more than 40 years. all was stolen from right in front of their house. >> we're shocked when my husband told me i was like,
8:38 am
are you he's like i'm sure i can tell that it's missing or this profound disappointment, especially during the holidays that somebody would one steal holiday lights. and then also because. these holidays in this covid environment has just been a little disappointing it salt in the wound. it's like. yeah, this is kind of a gut punch. >> and you would think something so distinctive is that did. why would somebody still that? because it's not like somebody isn't going to see it and recognize it. well, a police report has been filed. the families asking anyone who may have it or if you know about this to return it. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. remember marine. >> nfl icon john, that. and we're going to hear from we're tired bay area football coach about how he would like to see that and honor. and jimmy g's. some is injured. we have an update on how this could impact the niners plans this sunday and after the break, covid is impacting new year's
8:39 am
events nationwide rose parade. organizers say the event will go on as planned. we have the latest. once we get back. >> and they had been rain and snow that were impacting your travel here recently today should be a pretty easy one, especially as epo or blue skies unimpeded, any sort of flights today. temperatures later today will rise into the low 50's. so staying cool despite all rink. before that drink turns to drinks, make a plan to get home safe. just call a friend, a cab, and get a rideshare.
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whatever you do, don't let drunk drive. go safely, california.
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out. hair, done. fit, fantastic! marijuana. not so fast. remember, marijuana and some meds don't mix. a sober driver can cure that. don't let high drive. go safely, california. >> well, the tournament of
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roses has confirmed that saturday's rose parade is going to go on as planned despite the recent rise in covid cases. well, even officials say they remain confident in their ability to host a parade in a responsible manner that keeps guests and participants safe organizers feared rising covid infections might forced cancellations. but so far only small indoor events have been called off and you can watch the 100 33rd rose parade on kron 4 and on kron on. >> live on new year's day. our coverage begins at 06:00am and the parade starts commercial free at 8 o'clock. we'll be right back.
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>> welcome back to the kron. the morning news. we're taking a live look at the sierra this morning along 80. hey, will road conditions are still pretty dangerous up there for travelers who are going in and out of tahoe highway 80 is now open to traffic after we saw that snowstorm and a lot of people who are planning over the next couple of days trying to get everything done last minute before the new year. john, has you covered in terms of the weather and out. we have a lot of nice know a lot of loan ice cover up there. the winter wonderland see news and good news is that temperatures even though we're drying out. >> will remain cold enough that we're going to keep lot of that snow pack that has piled up there. of course, the record breaking snow pack that we've been talking to you
8:46 am
about this is not just historic snow but snow and rain that we desperately needed. of course, because we talked about the drought so much. this is what we're looking at. the start of the season before our october atmospheric river, which was our first dose and obviously what has become a series of storms that have helped us out a lot. we were in the midst of exceptional drought for the majority, the bay area and that broom read some extreme drought the second the worst category of it as we work through that first atmospheric river and our showers earlier that this december, this is where we were sitting with your drought monitor last week, which was still a big improvement, but still pretty bad exceptional drought for much of the central valley as well as into the east bay severe drought for our extreme drought for almost all the rest of the bay area that read now this past week we've made the most progress. we have yet so far. this is where we're sitting with the latest drought monitor released just this morning. now, while it's still not the ideal situation. look at what we're lacking
8:47 am
route across the bay. only a small sliver of northern california now holding on to that worst category of drought, which is the exceptional drought red indicating extreme drought for the central valley and the inland, the east bay and then most of the bay area back into severe drought. obviously this is still nothing close to ideal. but what did change it is from the start of the season. when things look so very bleak and we're talking so many water conservation efforts still going to be doing things. but really hoping 2022 keeps the momentum going because where we're sitting right now. if we kept things going, we would have a really good news to report by the end of the season. of course, the tap could not dry out, though we are seeing snowfall across the grapevine this morning as well as rain for southern california. elsewhere bay area what we have dried out clear skies above for us in clear skies for the sierra so much better travel conditions today, tomorrow, saturday into sunday for the sierra nevada 4 days of dry weather ahead of us. 4 days of dry cold weather, though, as that low pressure area has dragged in some cool arctic air along with it. so
8:48 am
temperatures today will barely make the 50's even with all that sunshine overhead tomorrow is going to be much the same way as we move into friday nights for new year's eve saturday morning for new year's day. we will have some very icy conditions lows dropping into the 20's to 30's for your evening lows that will make for slick overnight conditions in the sierra if you're saying in the bay area, just be mindful of how cold it will be in plan on bringing those layers out as you head outside for new year's next chance of rainfall will be on into monday if this next storm system dives deep into the bay will pick up a lot of rain from it. it just skirt says will pick up some lighter amounts regardless. it is looking like a rainy start your next work week. a snowy start up in the sierra nevada temperatures today will be in the 50's almost across the entire region. low 50's, though oakland hayward fremont each at 52 and each jacket where the into the afternoon. we'll stay this way through the forecast with temperatures remaining on the chilly side that sunshine will help the
8:49 am
feels like temperature out, though, friday night temperatures drop into the upper 20's to low 30. so keep those jackets close at hand. a layer underneath that too, monday marks the return of showers into the new year. and we should see more of those into tuesday and wednesday. great. john, thank you for that are. let's get a look at your traffic tradeling from the east bay into the city right now about a 10 minute drive for you. there. >> i do see a hazard along 8.80 southbound north of high street in oakland. seen a slight delay along 8.80 no delays along 5, 8013 of 24 san mateo bridge across towards the peninsula. no major issues or delays. there is a disabled vehicle along one. oh, one northbound that connector ramp to 3.80, west and south san francisco. so there's a slight delay there. out of richmond across towards sandra fell about a nine-minute drive for you there. nice and light and the golden gate bridge it will be about a 20 minute commute traveling from the north bay into the city. well, the forty-niners control their own destiny for playoff run. but quarterback jimmy g is dealing
8:50 am
with a thumb injury on his throwing hand. jimmy g has a grand 3 sprain on his right thumb. that means there is a tear in the ligament. there. however, head coach kyle shanahan said his veteran quarterback doesn't need surgery and could still play on sunday. meanwhile, quarterback rookie trey lance is preparing as if he'll start. >> he told me drew brees had one the last few years or something. and his broken. that's why we had to get surgery jimmy's isn't in that spot. it stable and that's why he doesn't need surgery right now. and we and i think he's feeling a lot better today than he was a few days ago. that's why it's got a chance this weekend with a b in that case. i'm hoping it only gets better with more time, whether that's this week or the following week. i mean, had, you know, play the entire game with that basically. so. >> it's really just about, you know, being able to grip the ball. do think that normally do. and pain just, you know, it's not going anywhere. so i know what that feels like. but. it's just note about
8:51 am
being confident going out there and be able to normally do with the football. so we'll see. we'll see it says. but i feel good right now with >> rival. we're going to find out who starts closer to sunday when the niners host houston, texas at levi stadium. kickoff is going to be one. '05, in the afternoon. he was speaking of football, the bay area is continue to remember football legend john madden, the hall of fame coach and broadcaster died tuesday at the age of 85 forcefully spoke with another local legend, former dallas south football coach rob lot of sir who shares fond memories of coach matt. >> he was and the iconic person of in the face. i thought of football. bob latta sewer took over as head football coach at de la salle high school in concord a year after john madden retired from coaching in the nfl. >> the 2 met at a banquet several years later and maintained a friendship that lasted 35 years coach matt and
8:52 am
took an interest in summer's teams that would go on to win the most high school football games in state history. i think the strength of our team was our line play. >> and it always has been throughout my career and he was one of the good that keen. i knew that. and i think he was kind of drawn to our program and life seen us play. let us or who is retired now living in san ramon says on occasion coach matt and would watch some of his team's play in person or on film. >> the 2 also caught football games together at matt in studio in the east bay. he's left us so much. >> i mean, he's never going to be forgotten. and when he passed, felt that. what the hall of fame should really do is put his bus right at the entrance of the national football hall of fame because that's where it belongs. phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> well, we have more reaction to john madden's death on our
8:53 am
web site over at kron 4 dot com with an extended look at his life and his legacy as a football coach and broadcaster. we'll be right back after the break. we'll
8:54 am
8:55 am
take a look at this a clouded leopard cub is having some fun. rubbing on not just any normal snow but it's a precooked flavors. you might
8:56 am
just come up with something. >> this is at the point defiance zoo and aquarium in tacoma, washington. the zoo animals enjoyed some snowy treats during the winter snow up there. you can see the cub and join that creek bring cults know john, would you try you know what. >> maybe not up to lions. yeah. or john like that. spicy. >> and the animals in illinois are also tnjoying the winter snow. this golden retriever experience his very first snowfall. this was in chicago is experiencing would just or you can see winston. he looks like a winston having the time of his life with his tennis ball, not bothered by the cold. i will join us on kron 4 as we ring in the new year. are all grant lotus. interesting wall meant they're going to count us into 2022. we're going to celebrate the live fireworks show that's going to be from las vegas. the party starts 1130. don't be late. new year's eve only on kron 4. coming up in the
8:57 am
next hour because of the recent covid surge. >> several bay area counties are changing their mask mandates. that starts today. more details to come in a live report and the sierra is seen a record snowfall. this is a live look at tahoe this morning. how the snow might impact california's drought will have that coming up next.
8:58 am
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at no. >> well, good morning thanks for joining us here on thursday, december 30th. i'm reyna harvey. >> and like a jon and arya would both say or james and ari with both say the finest hour my wall. john, do you realize. >> this is the last thursday of 2021. oh, my goodness. >> in 2021 by faster than 2020. for sure. it really didn't feel like twenty-twenty took. 20, 20 years in 2021 just like that. now we're at a couple days in a new year. i'll wait till tomorrow to ask you your resolution. all right. yes, you get a second to think about what i think mother nature's resolution is to continue the momentum that we've already had the past couple of months, october started us off with that atmospheric river. december has been helping us out a lot, too. and as show you here in just a few minutes that has helped the drought monitor out


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