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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  December 30, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PST

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at no. >> well, good morning thanks for joining us here on thursday, december 30th. i'm reyna harvey. >> and like a jon and arya would both say or james and ari with both say the finest hour my wall. john, do you realize. >> this is the last thursday of 2021. oh, my goodness. >> in 2021 by faster than 2020. for sure. it really didn't feel like twenty-twenty took. 20, 20 years in 2021 just like that. now we're at a couple days in a new year. i'll wait till tomorrow to ask you your resolution. all right. yes, you get a second to think about what i think mother nature's resolution is to continue the momentum that we've already had the past couple of months, october started us off with that atmospheric river. december has been helping us out a lot, too. and as show you here in just a few minutes that has helped the drought monitor out
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a lot. we still got a lot of work to do, though, and the start of 2022 your view outside right now it quite sour is perfectly crystal clear. nice to see that is a change as opposed to the cloud cover. we did need that rain and snow. but we also do need this break. you're seeing clear skies up in the sierra to clear and dry up tdat way. still some snow on the grapevine and some rain across southern california that will gradually move out of the region today and they'll eventually dry out just as we will continue to be today on through new year's eve and eventually into new year's day on saturday, sunday, staying dry as well. so if you want to have to the sierra these next 4 days. your optimal time to do so. just head back by sunday as that's when rain and snow will push back in tomorrow into the evening skies will remain dry here is right around midnight time on friday. night, clear skies but really cold temperatures. so do bundle up and layer definitely as you're getting outside for new year's 30's and 40's for current temperatures layer up as you're getting outside right now, too. i've got the details on the rest of your forecast.
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still to come, john, thanks for that. some great advice as a traveling from the east bay into the city. it will take you a little under 10 minutes. >> i do see a hazard that's a long 8.80 southbound north of high street in oakland. so we're seeing a slight delay there. the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula about 14 minutes for your drive on this thursday morning. heading out of richmond across towards center fell as you're traveling. it will be about 10 minutes for you. there. and the golden gate bridge about a 20 minute commute as you're traveling from 37 to the tolls. well, the san francisco department of public health is monitoring a large covid outbreak at the division circle navigation center in the mission district kron four's jonathan mccall has that story for us. >> because of the outbreak for now, the division circle navigation center is not accepting any admissions into the shelter. according to the san francisco department of public health. the outbreak was first discovered at the facility last week. right now there's no definitive number of cases confirmed. but there
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are reports that the number could be as high as 50. according to the san francisco department of public health. many of those who tested positive are asymptomatic with some of the guest experiencing mild symptoms wednesday on twitter, san francisco supervisor. matt haney said that, quote, even with precautions, people living together in large congregate settings will lead to people getting sick. he went on to say that we should be bringing people into non congregate settings like hotels instead. san francisco has one of america's highest vaccination rates. according to the department of public health. 81 1% of san franciscans have received 2 doses of the covid-19 vaccine. but that number is believed to be much lower for the unhoused last year. the city's largest shelter msc south. so one of the largest outbreaks at a shelter when more than 90 residents in 10 staff members tested positive. both mse self and the division circle
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navigation center are operated by the saint vincent de paul society kron 4 on wednesday reached out to the organization and the san francisco department of homelessness and housing services which funds the shelters for comment so far we have yet to hear back. jonathan mccall kron 4 news. >> well, and starting february first. if you want to see the warriors player go to an event at the chase center. you're gonna have to get boosted. well, the announcement was made along with golden state warriors as they try to adjust the spread of the omicron variant individuals must have gotten the booster at least a week before the date of that event. now that should they are people under 12 must show proof of full vaccination or provide a negative test with in 24 hours of that event. the big story this morning. we've been following is a surge in covid cases all across the country right here in the bay area. the seven-day average of new covid cases in the country. top 200, 80,000 now
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that surpasses the previous record we set last january and because of the surge, several bay area counties are now changing their mask mandate starting today kron 4. sarah stinson is live in san francisco with the details. good morning, sarah. >> good morning. that's right. 5 bay area counties and the city of berkeley putting this mask mandate plates. it's a temporary mandate. and for a lot of them, it goes with state mandate here in san francisco. that mandate is goes from today until january 31st. so about him. when your mask indoors in places like gyms and the office. when you go back to the office, if you go back to the and so this is something you need to be aware of. as you step out the door. >> now, this is just a temporary tightening up the mask requirements as we continue to deal with the surge of omicron cases. we're talking our media or in contra, costa and sonoma counties. as i said since the spill as well temporary mask
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requirement innplace as well as the city of berkeley there's a statewide mask mandate already in place until january 15th so many of the local orders here are in line with that. but san francisco has decided to put it a step further to january 31st. california was the first state to record 5 million known covid cases, most of them are from the omicron variant caught up with the mayor in county spokesperson on zoom and she explains why this is such a crucial step to combat this rise in cases. >> omicron, however, does it seem to care if you're vaccinated or not. to make says indoor gatherings without masks much higher risk. so as we move into the new year and we're seeing surges of cases here locally. we want to use every tool in our tool box to try to limit that suit is much as possible. and so that's why we just want universal masking, you know, public spaces. >> and you know, this is the second new year's. we are
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going through where we have us or should this time. thankfully hospitalizations are down but our rates for much, much more higher. we've never seen a bear and become this. this contagious. so talking with the monroe county spokesperson. she said, of course everyone wants to celebrate. but it's important to do it safely. she recommended small gatherings and possible wearing a mask. of course, no one wants to wear a mask when you're celebrating a holiday. but the recommendation. and then also she said maybe consider celebrating virtually. i know we've all done it before and that might be a good option, especially if someone in your group or your family has any kind of health condition right all those are great tips. sarah, thank you for that. well, the surge in omicron cases as many experts recommending that of great your mask at the very least where one of those. >> light blue three-ply surgical masks. if you want to try to keep yourself safe. now stronger in 95 or kn 95 masks
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are better experts say cloth mask offer the least protection, especially when you're indoors. the fda says at home covid tests may not always be able to detect the omicron variant saying the virus could possibly diminished s performance. professor of epidemiology at ucsf doctor george rutherford disagrees with how the fda put out this information. he says the antigen tests are performing well with detecting true negative cases. >> so if you have a negative test asher. can you how positive can you be that it's negative that's truly negative. the answers you know, but they're 45 cases per 100,000 in san francisco, for instance, the vast majority and by the fast, i mean, 99% of negative tests are going to be true negatives. but given the. relatively low rate of disease. it's you know, that performing like well. >> if using the at-home rapid tests. doctor rutherford says you can count on accurate result as long as you test
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twice a couple of parts of space in a couple days back to back. what's happening here in the bay area seems to be happening everywhere in the country right now because people are struggling to find enough covid test to try to keep up with testing and omicron variant uno was hard for me to find test. brian and 10 has that story for us. >> from miami. to north carolina to chicago to pretty much everywhere in the united states. the covid testing lines continue to be law. >> really, really long. what are your symptoms i mean, they're not severe, but it definitely somlthing i do want to get my family sick. so came here to get this. >> we walk to the testing line in miami and notice lots and lots of families have symptoms. >> yeah, like a runny nose. that's about it. and likes i ca sometime by sneeze. that's about it. what about your mom? yeah. has a little bit of headache shields, cough. she died like bones hurt. so we've
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got to make sure for new year's. >> the line here can take as long as 3 hours with a testing shortage around the country. doctors say if you don't have symptoms now is not the time to get a test. if you have symptoms testing could be a good option to protect others. >> if you're vaccinated and boosted and your family is vaccinated and boosted and your co-workers are vaccinated and boosted. i guess what's the big deal in terms of getting the test of if you just kind of stuff, you know well, you may just have a stuffy from covid, but you can still have folks around you that may not respond as well to both the vaccine and a so. >> you have to be comfortable with knowing that one of your co-workers isn't necessarily immunocompromised in on, you know, agents that that decrease your immune system are on chemotherapy. doctor kristen england with the cleveland clinic says what kind of test you get is also important, especially if you're retesting after your
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positive. >> and that hold antigen test is best to retest because a pcr test can detect covid long after you no longer are contagious. we don't repeat the pcr tests on patients. so i'm not going to be repeating that test on them because i know it can be positive for for weeks. out at a bottom line regardless of what test you're getting be prepared to wait to the other times. it was like 2, 3, hours. >> this time. we've been here for lake, maybe 30 minutes. but you still have a long way to >> that was brian entin reporting for us now, the shortage also cause amazon to limit the number of tests people can get along with cvs and walgreens and leave it cbs. it's 6 tests. well, we have more details on the covid section of our website at kron 4 dot com. we're taking a live look at sfo this morning because the chaos continues at airports all across the nation so far today, according to flightaware, more than a 1000 flights have been canceled.
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more than 3,000 flights have been canceled since monday. and those cancellations began to spike the day before christmas during the busy holiday travel season. here's a look at bay area airports. we have 38 flights canceled at sfo oakland. you have 3 flights canceled. and san jose 11 flights have been canceled to make sure to check on your flights. still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news. a new year means new rules for california schools are going take a look at. >> some of the new laws go into effect starting next year. and after the break, the sierra sees a record snowfall. looking at a live look this morning and everyone up in tahoe. we're going to show you how that snow might impact california's drought so much better than it was both as far as the drought goes, as far as those roadways are concerned. >> crews have that opportunity to get them cleared out up there in the sierra here in the bay area. we're drying out for a few days ahead of us for san francisco opened in san
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jose. it's low 50's today. a nice break from the rain for a few days ahead
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>> well, parts of lake tahoe have broken a 50 year snowfall record in december. look at this time lapse video shows the snow piling up into hose backyard over the last few weeks. look at that. the snow system has dumped more than 16 feet of snow in the area with more on the way. now, uc
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berkeley. researchers say the total december snowfall as a monday was over world 202 inches breaking the record. 179 inches set back in 1970. but despite those numbers, we are still in a drought only 70% of the seasonal average has been accumulated. there. >> another 11000, 20 inches before we can get to an average season which went for months. it's possible and probably and then anything past that will help go towards that current release of the drop the way. >> now the season's first snow pack survey happens today. that's going to service a key indicator of where things stand with regards to the drought. and john, this is what we've been hoping for and hopefully tier right. >> yeah. yeah. i it's a solid start to the season rain and it's something that is historic but you are so deep in drought still have to take another giant leap. so we've taken one of those giant leaps big improvement for sure. now it's time to take another as
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we make our way into 2022 for sure. your view outside this morning at the road at donner summit for the first time actually seeing some pavement out there looks like we've got some people out there hopefully putting on their chains, making sure they're traveling safely. definitely much better travel conditions up to the sierra, as rain has said that 202 inches was also seen at donner summit just really shattering former records for december snowfall. usually are more moisture-laden systems. the one that really bring the snow piling up. those are later into the spring months. so this is such a great start. let's keep our fingers crossed that app. is that right now because look at the progress we made so far exceptional drought, which is the worst category of drought in maroon at the start of the season. october first grip. most of the bay area after our first atmospheric river october and progress in december last week. this is where we're sitting still exceptional drought for the east bay severe extreme drought for the rest of the bay area and either orange or red. this is where we are after just one week's time beyond that from
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this past week of rain and snow. we are still in extreme drought for the central valley and the inland east bay. but notice the lack of maroon exceptional drought that worst category now just a sliver of the for this northern reaches of california and it severe drought for the rest of the bay area in orange. obviously a lot of work left to do. but so thankful for the progress we've made. we just need more of it now as we work our way into 2022 as far as this morning is concerned, some snow in the great find some rain for southern california bay area year, though we dry out really nicely and guess what, we're going continue to remain dry through tomorrow for new year's eve saturday for new year's day as well as into sunday, too. dry conditions across the region coupled with some cold temperatures means you can store the umbrellas in the rain jackets away for a few days. just make sure you've got those other layers on hand as temperatures will remain. so cool tomorrow night clear skies for new year's eve into saturday morning. just a really cold night as we do head into the holiday. so put on all those layers as you
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venture out. as for sunday, we stay dry. but monday we start to see the potential of rain and snow returning to the bay area. if the system dives deep into the west coast will get more rainfall if it's kurtz is just to the north will have lighter showers to start your next week. as for temperatures today, it's pretty solid 50's regardless of where you're at low 50's across the bay area. certainly cool enough to keep a few layers with you. even city and san carlos jet. 53 today. same for you in san jose. the spate temps barely making the 50's in pleasanton livermore only right at 50 go one of our coldest spots at 49 degrees. same for you in stinson beach. in point raise right along the coastline. some pretty frigid conditions out there tomorrow. temperatures around the same skies. also nice and clear. new year's eve really, really chilly that night, saturday and sunday keeping the cool sunshine around before return of rain and snow into early next week and next year. great job. thank you for that. hey, we have a change in pace of
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traffic today more rain and snow conditions. >> are nice and light traveling from the east bay into the city about 10 minutes for your drive there. the san mateo bridge and across towards the peninsula a little under 14 minutes heading out to richard across towards center found. you can make that drive in about 9 minutes and the golden gate bridge 20 minute drive from 37 to the tolls searching for stuff on google can be challenging for a lot of us, including me. but there are some trips and some tricks and tics that can make all the things a lot easier for people. rich demuro shows us how to take a look at the results and take us to the next level in today's tech smart. >> we all know the basic way to search google. pop some words into a box and you hope for the best. but these tips and tricks will take your results to the next level and help you find exactly what you're looking for faster. >> so simple. yet so sophisticated, if you're still just typing in words. these tips will help you find
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exactly what you're looking for. faster, starting with a minus sign but a hyphen in front of a search term and none of your results will contain that word. folks are the opposite. search terms in quotes and results will contain those exact words when you want to see results from a specific web site type in your search terms, then a colon and the website for instance, is i on-site colon nps dot gov will bring up all the time. zion national park is mentioned on their website. if you want more varied results trying asked rick, it can take the place of a word or number handy for filling in the blanks. looking for a particular file like a pdf or power point, type or search terms then file type colon pdf. one of my favorite search terms on google is versus it's handy when you want to compare one thing to another and you don't know what the other thing for instance. hello, fresh versus will show you other meal kit options out there. >> learn more about an image
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with reverse search go to images. dot google, dot com then dragged the image onto the search bar. if you want to see results from a specific time. do your search then hit tools in use the selector to choose a time frame and when you want to have a little fun hover over the i'm feeling lucky button to watch it change one more click and you'll be taken to something new. finally for something old search. google in 1998 to see what results look like more than 20 years ago. >> yes, school was just a little search baby back then. all right. i've got all these tips and tricks linked up on my website. just go to rich on tech dot tv. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. >> all tech smart now, thanks for that bridge. well, coming up after the break, president biden is set to speak with russian president would wladimir clued in amid rising tensions over ukraine. we're going to have the latest details from a report from washington. we'll be right back after the break. rink.
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before that drink turns to drinks, make a plan to get home safe. just call a friend, a cab, and get a rideshare. whatever you do, don't let drunk drive. go safely, california.
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out. hair, done. fit, fantastic! marijuana. not so fast. remember, marijuana and some meds don't mix. a sober driver can cure that. don't let high drive. go safely, california. president joe biden will hold a call with vladimir putin this afternoon in a bid to. >> de escalate tensions over ukraine. more than 100,000 russian troops are stationed along the border. and the u.s. intelligence officials have warned that russia could be planning to launch an attack as soon as next month. but putin denies this jessi tenure has the latest from washington, dc. good morning.
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>> a senior administration official told us the u.s. has not yet seen any effort by russia to lower tensions. so the president will reiterate what that could mean for putin. >> good to see you again. president joe biden and his russian counterpart, vladimir putin will speak for the second time this month. today as the u.s. continues to pressure russia to draw down its military presence near ukraine's borders. i am absolutely confident we've got following their call it the beginning of december. the president stressed he was clear what would happen if putin invaded ukraine will be severe consequences. >> not done economic consequences like whoever saves a senior administration official says president biden will take the same approach later today. >> offering diplomatic solutions but threatening sanctions. putin has warned russia would be forced to act if nato expands its military capabilities into ukraine. our teams have been in constant contact us and russian officials plan to sit down for security talks in geneva
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january 10th on wednesday. president biden did not rule out meeting face to face with putin. we'll but the 2 leaders are not expected to participate in the talks. and meetings will continue that week of january between russia and nato officials over security issues as well. >> in washington. i'm jessi tenure. >> well, coming up next on the kron 00:00am morning news a jewelry store targeted by these in san francisco. now businesses are hoping city leaders. are going to step in to help. we'll be right back after the break. welcome back
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to the kron 4 morning news a time for you now 9.30 here on the last thursday. >> of 2021 and the year just flew by you have the rest of the day and tomorrow to get things done and they like that. it will be 2022 john corner. i can see it at the end of the taliban. you. >> seems like it was just yesterday. we have the same conversation last year. live camera that view from east bay camera looking down from berkeley hills into the city of the berkeley and san francisco in the distance looks gorgeous skies clear. what a change from where we were 24 hours ago. radar shows you those clear skies across the bay as well as up into the sierra nevada. not so clear just yet for southern california, that low still spinning just offshore,
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sparking up some showers across the la area. and if you look close, we do have some snow on the grapevine. so be careful if you're heading down i 5 it is certainly slick big improvements up to the sierra though, today, tomorrow saturday, sunday. great travel days up into the mountains. if you are staying in the bay for new year's eve just make sure to bundle up these next 2 days and are really throw the layers on tomorrow night on into saturday morning. if you're going to be out towards midnight this is friday at 11:45pm just before we see the stroke of midnight and it will be clear and cold temperatures are still cold right now, even though we've worked our way well into the 09:00am hour. some upper 30's in parts of the north bay like santa. and well, some upper 40's returning to alameda at 48 degrees. >> right john, thank you for that. all right. looking at your traffic today. nice and light for the most part heading from the east bay. the city a little under 12 minutes for your drive time. there. the san mateo bridge and across towards the peninsula a little under 13 minutes for your drive out of richmond
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heading across to war. sandra fell. you can make that about 9 minutes and let's get a look at the golden gate bridge, about 20 minutes traveling from the north bay into the city. well, a san francisco store owner is heartbroken and frustrated after a destructive break-in. the vintage jewelry an antique store was found with its windows smashed in thousands of dollars worth of merchandise gone. kron four's. dan thorn has that story for us. >> yeah, this is our story now. >> the owner of murder and co finds his stream business destroyed 6 o'clock in the morning. we got this call. let us know the number up into john cooling in sharing this video with kron 4 news broken glass is seen covering the floor of the film or shop and valuable silver was stripped from jewelry cases glass everywhere or jewelry on the floor are broke and the cases stash. and it was just a mess of their mean everything looked like a tornado went through there, everything's on
9:33 am
the floor broken and destroyed. he estimates around a $100,000 in items were taken and the damage will cost thousands more. some of the stolen jewelry quillin says was irreplaceable like this tree of life bracelet. i've only seen 2 so that or i can't replace and in a way of the quillen and is concerned these types of crimes are forcing the fillmore district into a decline grab and run theft. >> muggings store break ins. >> it's just it's just i'm doubtful for a lot of merchants. i think a lot of merchants just throwing their hands up in the the district's merchants association says the film or has seen a dramatic increase in vacant store fronts. a combination of crime and the pandemic has walloped small businesses. there's a big problem here because at a minimum we should be ensured. >> maintenance cleanliness the face and the voice of these merchants and what they're going to need to be amplified. so i'm a little emotional quillin and says it will take
9:34 am
possibly 2 months to reopen the store on top of that stress. his family has a new baby on the way going to have to rebuild it and replace the inventory, especially cannon. >> you know, move on. keep going reporting in san francisco. dan thorn kron 4 news. >> oakland police are searching for a hit and run driver they've released these photos of the car they're looking for police say earlier this month the driver of this light colored bmw allegedly hit someone pushing a shopping cart on bancroft avenue and then fled the scene. well, the napa county coroner's office has confirmed the body found last week in the napa river. it's 37 year-old. krystal lee mccarthy investigators say after an autopsy they were finally able to confirm her identity. but they add that a cause of death still hasn't determined won't be for a few more weeks. mccarthy was first reported missing back on december 14th and her body was discovered near the 3rd street bridge on december 23rd police
9:35 am
say they're also continue to look into the, quote, suspicious circumstances surrounding her death. well, in the north bay. a man accused of stabbing an uber driver on christmas day has now been arrested. 19 year-old triston harden was spotted walking across the golden gate bridge monday night by chp. he's accused of attacking and stabbing his uber driver on christmas and what police call a random act of violence. it happened in santa rosa. the victim drove himself to a local hospital and is expected to survive. harden is being held on 1 million dollars bail. well, the fate of elizabeth holmes will not be determined until next year. jurors in that their nose co-founder trial wrapped up their 6th day of deliberations yesterday without reaching a verdict. they're scheduled to return next monday, january 3rd and holmes is accused of defrauding investors and advertisers after raising nearly a billion dollars in 2003 toughen her startup theranos. she faces up to 20
9:36 am
years in prison if convicted. and mental health is one of the serious concerns being addressed in 2022 when it comes to children. capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has more on the new laws that are going to take place. and the new year in schools. >> new year, new rules for california, education systems across the state starting in 2022 middle and high schools that offer at least one course in health education must also start incorporating mental health into those courses pushed amid concerns of the youth mental health crisis in the pandemic. lawmakers hope the curriculum will help students identify the signs and symptoms of mental illness and empower them to ask for help on that note, a separate new state law allows mental and behavioral health to be considered excused, absence reasons from school for children between 6.18 years old. another new law taking effect this year. requires community colleges this upcoming school year to offer ethnic studies courses at each of its campuses. the course will be a requirement starting
9:37 am
in the 2020 for 2025 school year. the new year also starts the clock for high schools across california requiring them to provide ethnic studies starting in the 2025 2026 academic year and make it a graduation requirement for high school students graduating in 2029, 2030. another new law requires all california public schools to stock free menstrual products for students in 6th grade and up this rule also applies for california state university schools and all community college districts for their students as well in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> well, when the new year brings in california's minimum wage is going to go up for the state's lowest paid workers businesses with 26 or more employees are going to have to pay salaries of at least $15 an hour. that's a dollar more than the current minimum wage employers with 25 or fewer workers are going raise pay 12 least $14 an hour. it's going to hit $15 in 2023. well, if you want plastic utensils with you. take out food in the new year. you got to have to ask
9:38 am
for them now a new state law will require restaurants to get out. plastic knives forks spoons on request. it's also true for ketchup and other condiments that come in those little plastic packages study show much of it ends up unused or wasted. and still ahead, jimmy g. >> his thomas injured. and we now have an update on how that can impact the niners plans on this sunday. john. >> had so much rain and snow lately. we needed a break. i think we've learned it too. we are looking at a sunny day ahead of us. but a sunny and cool one highs in the low 50's. so keep the jackets with you.
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>> in alameda family's christmas decoration was stolen from the front of their home. the family told us it happened 3 blocks down from alameda's famous christmas tree lane. you might have seen it this year. they say their large animated holiday light rain, which is more than 40 years old. stolen from right in front of their was shot to. my husband told me i was like are you are. >> he's like, i'm sure i can tell that it's missing or this profound disappointment, especially during the holidays that somebody would one steal holiday lights. and then also because. these holidays in this covid environment has just been a little disappointing it salt in the wound. it's like. yeah, this is kind of a gut punch. >> it will. a police report has been file and the family
9:42 am
is asking anyone who may have it to just return it to them. now the tournament of roses confirmed that saturday's rose parade is going to proceed as planned despite the recent rise as we've seen in covid cases, even officials say they remain confident in their ability to host a parade in a responsible manner that keeps guest and participants safe organizers fear rising covid infections might forced cancellations. but so far only small indoor events have been called off. and you can watch the 100 and 33rd rose parade on kron 4 and our kron on live on new year's day. our coverage is going to start at 06:00am. that parade starts commercial free. >> at 8 o'clock. it will be right back after the break.
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>> all right. well, let's take a live look at the sierra this morning because highway 80 is now open to traffic after that snowstorm and we saw it. you can see traffic making their way. the roads look like they're all clear. you steal definitely want to take your time as you're traveling out the doors have a maybe you're staying a little closer home over the neit couple of days because you can ready for the new year. new year new you you have to get some grocery shop. and and i know i have get some food. and in some other things that my house before the new year. you got everything done. oh, no. never ha ha. i did everything so early for christmas i haven't even thought about new year's. yeah, i just i don't even know what my new year's resolution
9:46 am
is. but we'll tomorrow. we'll get there tomorrow. >> of it is definitely still very snowy at donner summit. no new snow is coming down, though, and temperatures are cold enough that not a lot of melt is going to occur today, which is actually some good news. nice to actually be able to see the pavement there. i know caltrans has been working tirelessly to get those roads cleared out. it does look like a very nice conditions to be heading up 80 today and it is going to remain that way through tomorrow on into saturday and sunday, much improvement in our drought. we started the season october with almost all the bay area shrouded in maroon, which is that exceptional drought conditions. our latest drought monitor showing exceptional drought that maroon just barely holding on in the sliver of northern california, extreme drought still across the central valley as weol as parts of the east bay and in orange severe drought conditions which were kind of a rarity at the start of the season. so even though we have a long ways to go still, this is a huge step forward and we definitely need to keep that momentum going into 2022, but we can at least appreciate the fact that we have made some
9:47 am
major improvements. we are looking at i 5 closed across the grapevine due to new snowfall down there to l a otherwise, though i 8050 are back open to the sierra nevada, which is certainly nice and we are seeing clear skies for both the sierra as well as the bay area. today is going to be a cold one. cold air stashed behind that system that pushed through leaving us cool and dry for the next several days. this is especially going to be noticeable friday night into saturday morning. for those of you that do have plans on stepping outside for your new year's eve bundle up and keep multiple layers on hand because we are going to be seeing such cold conditions friday night lasting into saturday morning sunday remains dry before monday, another round of rainfall pushes through if the system dives deep into the west coast will see some good, solid showers for the bay area. it's curtis to the north are showers will remain light. but the sierra regardless. we'll pick up some additional snowfall on into monday, tuesday and wednesday. great to be seeing that continued into the start of the new
9:48 am
year. 50's for your daytime highs today. going to be a pleasantly cool. one jacket does need umbrellas, rain jackets. they can go away for a couple of days, though. a break at this point. san jose at 53 today. pleasanton and livermore right at 50 degrees each north bay temperatures anywhere from the upper 40's to low 50's for our daytime highs today. tomorrow right around the same as today as will be saturday and sunday keeping a nice trend of comfortably. cool weather going monday, tuesday and wednesday showers do return temperatures remain in the 50's reyna. john, thank you for that. a liner conditions on our roadways today than yesterday. that's the good news heading from the east bay into the city. >> a little under 10 minutes for your drive there. i do see some delays along to 38 northbound south of 8.80, south that's insanely and looks like there's some debris in the lanes there. but for the most part, traffic is light heading across the words r about 13 minutes for you. there. the richmond sandra fell bridge enrichment about 9 minutes across and the golden gate bridge. a 20 minute drive for you there.
9:49 am
we'll have more weather and traffic throughout the week. but for now, let's talk about bay area sports because the forty-niners control their destiny for a playoff run. but jimmy g is dealing with a thumb injury on his throwing hand kron four's kylen mills has an update from the teen. >> it feels like the forty-niners quarterback saga has been going on longer than disney has been cranking out. hit kids movies. a walt disney figure out the formula for success. the forty-niners still haven't quite nailed down head coach kyle shanahan announced a quarterback jimmy garoppolo's a grade 3 sprain of his own or collateral ligament in his right thumb. a grade 3 sprain means there is a tear of the ligament. however, shannon said his veteran qb doesn't need surgery and could still play on sunday. meanwhile, rookie trey lance is preparing to be ready to go to. >> he told me drew brees had one the last few years or something. and his broken. that's why we had to get surgery jimmy's isn't in that spot. it stable and that's why he doesn't need surgery right now. and we and i think he's feeling a lot better today than he was a few days ago.
9:50 am
that's why it's got a chance this weekend with a b in that case. i'm hoping it only gets better with more time, whether that's this week or the following week. i mean you know, play the entire game with a basically. so. >> it's it's really just about, you know, being able to grip the ball do think that normally do. and pain. just yeah, it's not going anywhere. so i know what that feels like. but. it's just note about being confident going out there and being able to normally do with the football. so we'll see. we'll see it says. but i feel good right now. with coaches and fans are remembering the life and legacy of john madden. >> legendary football coach and broadcaster died unexpectedly matt and left a massive hole in the sports world. forty-niners head coach kyle shanahan a linebacker fred warner both said the football legend help spark their love of the game. >> i would have a much better student if it wasn't for john madden has been my home probably first 25 years of my life playing his video game all the time, which was as good of a game as it gets. and
9:51 am
i think that's where one from my generation kind of doing exactly growing up. i always watched him on tv and loved him as i got more into coaching in are the aspects of football always quite drawing on the screen so long. i want to hear sand another new guys came when they try to replace him in no one can entertain the the the normal fan as much as he could such a huge you know, just his love for the game and obviously, matt and i mean, you're you have a football nfl football game named after you. that's us. >> a huge deal is especially for someone like myself growing up playing the game. 24 7, you know, was pretty special when i first so much my player on the game and did not create great players that have myself on the game and so, you know, that was that was tough here in the news. but you know, you and he have impacted a lot of people impacted the game in huge way. >> covid is wreaking havoc on college hoops. this weekend's men's basketball game between cal and stanford has been postponed due to health and safety protocols. the cardinal
9:52 am
been dealing with coronavirus since the diamond head classic in honolulu last week and the issues for the program keep continuing on, however, the golden bears will still play a conference game. cal will instead host arizona state at 04:00pm on sunday. the sun devils were supposed to play you see la on saturday, but that game was postponed due to covid cases within the bruins program and stanford and cal women's basketball teams also had games this weekend. postponed both are scheduled to play washington which is dealing with covid issues within their programs. a lot of games being affected. that's it for sports. all right. well, let's talk bay area's 4 starting with the lawyers. there are back in action tonight on the road against the denver nuggets, the air and the warriors loss to the nuggets. >> at the chase center tuesday night draymond green was among the many players in covid protocol in the in andre iguodala last effort to win the game at the buzzer fell short that tonight. the team is hoping bounce back with a win. tipoff is going to be at 06:30pm, battle. the in denver. >> we'll be right back after
9:53 am
the break.
9:54 am
9:55 am
>> i'm excited for them. organizers of the new year's eve event in new york did a test run of the ball drop in times square. one of the final steps in preparation to ring
9:56 am
in the new year earlier in the week. the works finish installing the a 192 waterford crystal triangles that adore the boss of fancy. john. yeah. i love it. new year's in new york is just like anywhere else and. >> it is cold look at it's like. oh yeah. it's called it too. i i don't think new year's in san francisco might be. was in new york i'm personally all right there to make sure that people are vaccinated if they're going to that the castle back here at home, we want you to join us as we ring in the new year with our very own grant lotus. and just woman they're going to count is down to 2022. we're going to celebrate with july fireworks show. that's going to be las vegas and the party starts 1130. but john, we know you're gonna start way before 1130. yeah. i'm going to be tune in at 05:00pm watching last year's rerun some of the sleep say we're looking at here this morning. look at the ski resort there. skiers and snowboarders are enjoying the slopes and it's beautiful out there. and back
9:57 am
here at home. john, what's the weather look like. yeah, i mean, the snow up in the sierra should keep because it's cold enough. it certainly is going to stay chilly in the bay area. to we stay dry the next 4 days. good chance to head up to the syrian enjoy that snow or just stay here at home. >> if you are stepping out for new year's eve bundle up, bundle up again. and of course, i think the biggest thing everyone's talking about this year's to stay safe for those masks. and, you know, do the things you got to do, of course, with the with the jacket on this year. >> will hopefully we'll see you before the new year will be back here tomorrow morning, same time, same place.
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