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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  December 30, 2021 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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caltrans tonight. the agency is cautioning against bay area travelers heading to the sierra. that's because of course, in recent days. >> there's been a lot of snowfall record snowfall. there. damage forced closures to interstate 80 and highway 50 their trees and power lines down. and as of this morning, though, both routes are back open leading to lake tahoe, north shore and south shore. but despite a break in the weather across force which call tells us leisure travel is still being discouraged. >> chain controls have been dropped on highway 15 and interstate 80 heading to the but drivers should still expect red lodge has several back. roads remain closed due to downed power lines and
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trees. we've seen record record breaking snowfall. the california department of transportation says its crews are working around the clock on 12 hour shifts to make the roads safer leading to lake but at this point caltrans says trip should be limited to essential travel. the more you get out there. >> the more it makes it challenging for maintenance teams and their snow plows and all the equipment to be able to do that work for those who have no choice but to pass through the sierra south lake tahoe mayor devin middlebrooks as plan accordingly make sure you're prepared. have chains. have a full tank gas have all the essentials you need to. >> be safe. be patient as bad as the weather has been this week. the mayor says the area is now experiencing a break. obviously we had closures for the last several days. we be real close. you can get base and the roads have been extremely icy and snowy. but crews have been working 24 7 to get those roads. >> back open and safe for the public. so everything is open now, every day those conditions are getting better and with sun on the horizon
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for the weekend. the next couple of days should be. i'm looking to be better for people to come up and they have just keep in mind weather conditions are fluid and can change at any time. >> phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> the season's first snow survey was done today with what are considered great results, water content of the snowpack way above normal. but more than 78 inches of snow. depth recorded. the survey was done at phillips station in eldorado county, water content is 202% of the average for the state. the statewide average is now 100, 60% of normal a strong start to the drought stricken states. traditionally what winter season. although state authorities to keep saying california is not out of the woods yet. still, today's results are considered the best since 2010. back to that breaking news now in colorado. a state of emergency has now been declared by
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colorado governor jared polis says wildfires in boulder and jefferson county. >> have forced more than 30,000 people to evacuate from their homes. these are live pictures from the scene. you can see how the smoke is laying down because of the winds and estimated 580 homes. a hotel and the shopping center have all burned as that massive fire tore through 2 towns said between boulder and denver. the wind fueled mitchell fire fire is being driven by exceptionally dry conditions that started this morning. it was apparently sparked by downed power lines with winds gusting up to a 105 miles an hour. the boulder county sheriff said the good news is only one injury has been reported in all of this. let's check in now kron 4 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow to get more on the weather conditions there or yeah, it looks like those winds of pete campbell. look at these even last a couple of hours here. we've seen some gusts rolling right over the rockies who you see a boulder. you el dorado springs. >> the winds coming rolling right over the top of the rockies. very cold dry air in
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game. his team as they roll down the hills and we've had some gusts. yeah. over a 10510 miles an hour. still getting some gust of 66 plus miles an hour. and so those winds, the major concern for tonight expected start to weaken throughout the night tonight. but still getting a tremendous amount of gusty winds. so we've fire weather warnings up. we've also got some high wind warnings up in those areas expecting some more issues across that area for tonight as we're going to see that very strong, gusty wind even though start to subside still rolling off the rockies here. so that's a big concern. you've got all these dry when you've got an active fire dry conditions there and very dangerous conditions setting up for tonight. but that should begin to ease overnight tonight. it's tomorrow morning. all right. get you back out west. talk about all the rain around here. of course, all the snow finally slowing down today and folks have just been flocking up to the high sierra nevada. looks like things are moving along fairly well right now. but you can see just the snow so deep up their tremendous amounts of
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snow in december. but i've been in this business long enough we talked about before. you can have great beginning to the season. then all of a sudden it shuts off and then we don't see much in the way of a rain or snow to the end the year doesn't look like that's going to happen. i think january still going to be active more like a normal rainfall for january we're expecting right now. we're looking at a 164% of normal and snowfall in the central sierra nevada as much as 173% of normal in the southern sierra nevada. there's more snow on the way. we'll talk about that coming up in a few minutes. thank you. north and the east bay oakland has set up a warming center at saint vincent depaul community center and shelter. it's going to run from tomorrow to next monday. >> oakland says this is in response to the near freezing temperatures forecast for this weekend. the warming center has added an additional 45 beds for people in need in the north bay santa rosa also opens up warming center in the parking lot of catholic charities homeless services center as temperatures drop to the upper 20's by friday in
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the north bay. the drop-in warming center. we'll start running tonight from 8 o'clock until 7 o'clock sunday morning santa rosa says face masks will be required when inside the warming center and about 40 mask available for distribution. also, catholic charities is seeking cold and wet weather items for unsheltered community members donations for those can be dropped off at 6.10 wilson street between 08:00pm and 10:00pm every night through saturday. >> 3 men are on the run after attacking a 28 year-old man in san francisco's mission district. this happened about one 30 this morning not far from the missions bart station. police say the 3 men not only assaulted the victim, they hit him with a car when he tried to get away. he is hospitalized with serious injuries he is expected to survive. the 3 assailants got away. no arrests have been made coming up in force tonight. warriors game postponed due to covid
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protocols. kylen mills has the latest details. plus. >> draymond's candid reaction to postpone. that's coming up. >> and kron 4 celebrating remarkable women in the bay area. we need your help to share their stories. if you know woman making a difference in her community. you can nominate her for chance to be awarded woman of the year. you can enter your nominations and get details on kron 4 dot com.
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>> for your money. a brand of belgian cream puffs called alyssa is issuing a voluntary recall for some products. the problem there could be pieces of metal and side. the pastries parent company is called poppies international. it says this includes the 120 count of the 30 count of the cream puffs the boxes were distributed to costco's and safe ways in northern california. they were sold between december 16th and the 23rd and anybody who bought them, of course, being told to stop using them and to return them for a full refund. tesla is recalling certain models because of a problem with the backup camera. the electric car maker says it cable on some model. 3 sedans. >> can become worn and then the backup cameras picture won't show up on the driver's front display. the recall affects model 3 sedans from 2017 through 2020 has more than 356,000 cars. tesla says the problem has not caused any
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crashes or injuries so far. still ahead, a tiger was shot and killed by police after the zoo says tiger was biting on a cleaners arm. and now that worker could face charges. details straight ahead. >> and skies clear. now a lot of folks hitting the road heading around. we're going to go wo get away forecast when
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>> in florida, a cleaning
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worker was seriously injured by a tiger at the naples zoo yesterday after the man apparently put his arm into the animal's enclosure. the zoo said the 8 year-old tiger was shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy reporter brian entin has the story. >> this is the moment police arrived and found a man's arm inside a tiger's mouth at the naples zoo. the tiger would not let go we blurred the video because it's so collier county, florida sheriff's deputy shot and killed the trying to he was through right here. >> she as he had his arm in a small says i says the man was part of a 3rd party cleaning crew and put his hand into the cage. something no one should ever do. he was rushed to the hospital as a trauma patient.
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>> this is the 911. call them and made while he was being attacked where not only are you are you in the cage. >> yeah, no. said citing got my hand. okay. >> the tiger has your hand. >> ron mcgill is a tiger expert at zoo. miami. the body count camera video. so disturbing, so difficult to watch. >> but it indicates to me here that what happened was absolutely no fault of the tiger. it's obvious that this person breached more than one barrier to get to where he was. the tiger killed was named ego. an 8 year-old critically endangered malayan tiger. there are fewer than 300 left in the entire world. you can take an animal out of the wild. you cannot take the wild out of the animal. >> people are watching too much of this tiger king garbage, the social media pictures people taking pictures with tigers and lions and little cats and thinking, oh, i can do the same. i can get a lot of clicks in my mind. social media pages. a lot of likes. that's the that's the dangerous social media.
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>> that was brian reporting. >> now for a very awkward transition to this from that story, man. that was something else. all right. here's how the embarcadero looks a little bit of traffic out there and it's a nice night. >> and we're ending the year lawrence. it's a clear and cold. yeah, boy after that. i think i want to get away and certainly looks like we're going to see some nicer weather cold temperatures around the bay area skies start to part of it. here's a good way forecast. if you have the monterey bay, you'll find some sunshine and a few passing clouds should be cool, though. back all those warm clothes cool in parts of the bay area to in cold nights, a southern california little bit warmer 50's. some low 60's and it should dry out there as well. they are seeing some rainfall, though, for tonight and the high country of seeing a lot of folks locking up in the sierra nevada tons of snow up there now expect a high in south lake tahoe about 30 degrees about 29 in truckee. 35 degrees in reno. so if you plan on sticking around for
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the new year in the high country looks like the weather is going to cooperate should be dry on saturday. beautiful ski day. stay on the main slopes there. don't go back country still worried about some avalanche concerns. there. staying dry on sunday with some clouds begin to move in by monday, though things change. so it looks like a chance of some more snow moving in the high country to more rain possibly in the bay area. temperatures for for the last day of the year. going to be in the 50's all around. going to be on the cool side and then we're going to get into the weekend staying dry too. but some cold nights ahead overnight lows dropping off in the 20's and the 30's a chance of rain, though, returning early next week. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> covid-19 causing problems in the nba. the warriors game against the denver nuggets scheduled for tonight has been postponed due to health and safety protocols. denver doesn't have the league minimum 8 players available. the team already dealing with injuries had 3 players and to health and safety protocols
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today espn first reported nuggets head coach michael malone and 2 assistant coaches also entered covid protocols. meanwhile, the warriors are starting to get some players back after dealing with covid issues for andrew wiggins. return to play on tuesday will guards jordan poole moses moody were just cleared from health protocols guard damion lee and starting forward. draymond green remain out due to covid green's absence was a key factor in the worst loss to the nuggets at home on tuesday and he voiced his frustration about the whole situation, social media tweeting, quote, how do you continue to cancel games when you've implemented rules to prevent this from happening. is that not a competitive advantage for other teams. the guys we didn't have due to the protocol list played no role in tuesday's loss. pick a side that don't straddle the fence. so when the game is rescheduled, which will probably take place during our quote break. we will play them at full strength. but they got to sneak a win when we weren't at full strength only 2 days ago. let's make it make some sense here. some of green's frustration comes from the fact the warriors were already
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in denver when the game was canceled. the nuggets had 4 players who are listed as questionable to start the day because of injuries, meaning golden state had to wait around to find out if those players would go a new date for this game has not yet been set in the west coast conference has postponed almost all of its basketball game scheduled for this weekend. the only saturday game still being played as of right now is the men's game between usf in saint mary's and moraga right here in the bay area the wcc previously postponed the first game of the conference play for both men's and women's basketball teams santa claire also place in the west coast conference their this week of all been postponed because of covid cases within the broncos program. 2 former forty-niners could receive one of the highest honors in football linebacker patrick willis in lineman, bryant young were named finalists for the pro football hall of fame class of 2022 willis was a 7 time. pro bowler and 5 time. first team, all pro he only played 8 seasons all with the niners. but he's still a franchise's all-time leader in solo
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tackles he is considered a shoe in to make the hall of fame, although he wasn't picked in his first 2 years of eligibility. young was a 4 time pro bowler. he ranks second on the forty-niners list of careers. sacked leaders young help the niners to their last super bowl titles. a rookie in 1994 and was the league's comeback player of the year. in 1999 after returning from a knee injury that's all we was a no-brainer that patrick is a hall of famer. you talk about speed, you talk about physicality. >> you talk about smart. i he's everything you want in an inside linebacker and he set the tone for the defense here for play. a 9 years that he was here. you know, he was that guy. he was the leader of this defense and and i was just always fun to watch him. >> that's all we've got for sports. we'll send it back to you in the studio. all right, kyle and thank you for that. kron 4 is teaming up with the souper bowl of caring to help support local food charities.
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if you'd like to donate, you can use your phone to scan that qr code on your screen or text and y e donate to the number 2, 6, 9, 8, 9, you can also visit tackle hunger dot org and pick a local charity to help out. >> coming up, a drone packed with contraband crashes into a home where authorities think it was supposed to land. s clas) -had enough? -no... arthritis. here. aspercreme arthritis.
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into the sky that was packed with drugs and ended up crashing into a woman's home last night. >> the drone crashed in mansfield that a city halfway between cleveland and columbus and it is home to several state prisons lights on the drone had been covered with duct tape. there was a package attached that was filled with marijuana tobacco and cell phones. investigators believe the drone operator and intended to drop the package at one of the prisons. but it crashed into that nearby home. >> i heard this this really loud. he like i knew it was a drone because it's not the first time and around and around our house. of course, it was just kind of ironic that hit my house. luckily. it didn't get there. authorities, of course want to know who was running that drawn and who was expecting the stash of drugs and phones.
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>> of the world's largest new year's eve celebration set to happen tomorrow night in times square. but on a much smaller scale there, of course, have been a lot of concerns about covid the crowd will be smaller and new york's mayor confirms the show will go on. but only about 15,000 people will be there live instead of the usual crowd of about 60,000 masks and proof of vaccination are required to attend city leaders say it's important to show goes on to show the world that new york city is open. and just a quick reminder to join us on kron 4 as we ring in the new year. grant lotus, justine waltman will be counting us down. >> we'll celebrate with a lot of fireworks show from las vegas.
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♪ ♪ >> announcer: new year's travel chaos. >> americans stranded as airline workers get covid. >> i am worried about going home. to speak this is day three of being stranded. >> announcer: then... >> first... >> nose versus mouth. what our ratray stricken reporter found out when she tried both. >> it is very uncomfortable. >> and after jeffrey epstein's former girlfriend is found guilty, exclusive plate has accuser answers the big question. >> do you think that she could name names in order to get


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