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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 30, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading. >> cutting back on social gatherings as covid cases climb a doctor tells us his thoughts on bringing back social bubbles. plus another group may be getting ready to get boosted when the fda could approve a 3rd dose of the vaccine for teenagers and all that snow may be helping california's drought emergency. what we're learning today from the first snow survey in the sierra. >> thank you so much for joining us here on kron, 4 news at 8 o'clock tonight. i'm justine waltman in for pam
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moore. and i'm ken wayne as more people continue to test positive for covid-19 what precautions should you be taking to keep yourself from catching omicron kron four's. amanda hari spoke with an infectious disease specialist about his recommendations, including if you should recreate that social bubble. >> should people be taking more precautionary measures right now. >> i don't think there's any question about it. 2 days before christmas san francisco saw more than a 1000 people test positive for covid-19 with all the holiday gatherings and the incredibly infectious omicron variant. these numbers will likely go up because positivity rate is incredibly high. that means the number of people are getting tested to see if they've got covid. >> his way up compared to just 2 weeks ago. clinical professor emeritus at uc berkeley's public health division of infectious diseases. john swartzberg says it's likely even more people are testing positive at home and not reporting the results.
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if you're out and about in public. >> or getting together and parties with of people. chances are of some of those folks being infected is really quite high. when i asked doctor swartzberg about people creating social bubbles again and only interacting with people in those bubbles. he said it would be a good idea. i think it's limiting your contacts with the people. >> that's the major thing. a covid-19 bubble is a select few friends or family members. you socialize with mask free. but no one can socialize in person with anyone outside the bubble. this will prevent the virus from infecting the group similarly doctor swartzberg says you should limit your new year's eve celebrations to just a few people and make sure they're healthy before gathering everybody is going to test for the rapid test before they come in the door. he says he plans to play it as safe as possible on new year's eve. my wife and i are going to open up a really nice bottle of champagne. we're
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going really lovely dinner. >> that's going to be a celebration. doctor swartzberg says the best way to protect yourself is still to get vaccinated. and if you can get boosted, amanda hari kron 4 news. >> some nurses are speaking out against the new cdc guidelines which shorten the amount of time people need to quarantine and isolate with a positive covid-19 test nurse associations from minnesota and new york both took to twitter the post about their disapproval calling the new guidelines, quote, dangerous for health care workers and the communities we serve the cdc updated its isolation time for covid positive patients from 10 days down to 5 days and happened earlier this week. covid-19 causing a lot of disruptions in the sports world tonight. the warriors game against the nuggets has been postponed because denver doesn't have enough healthy players to play. >> kron. 4 sports reporter kylen mills joins us now live from the newsroom with what this means for both teams.
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hey, just eating can a rough day for the golden state words. they arrived in denver yesterday ready to play waited around all morning today only to find out their game tonight was postponed. the nuggets did not have the league minimum 8 players available to compete. the team had 3 players enter health and safety protocols on top of existing injuries. they had 4 players who are listed as questionable due to injury and it was the side of those players could not play nuggets. head coach michael malone and 2 assistant coaches are also in covid protocols. meanwhile, the workers are starting to get some players back after dealing with covid issues. ford andrew wiggins return to the lineup on tuesday will guard jordan poole moses moody recently cleared health protocols guard damion lee and starting forward. draymond green remain out due to covid green's absence was a key factor in the worst loss to the nuggets at home on tuesday. he voiced his frustrations about the whole situation, social media tweeting this, quote, how do you continue to cancel games and you've implemented rules to prevent this from happening. is that not a competitive advantage for
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other teams. the guys we didn't have due to. the protocol is played no role in tuesday's loss. pick a side but don't to straddle the fence. so when the games rescheduled, which will probably take a day away from our break. we will play them at full strength. but they got to sneak a win. when we weren't at full strength only 2 days ag. let's make it make some sense here what some critics are saying is that a team like denver with a few covid cares could conveniently have other players with any type of soreness it out so they get to reschedule the game rather than play short-handed not to say that's the case here. but some are questioning this whole situation. a new date for the worse nuggets game has not yet been set. i'll send it back to the studio. thank you so much. kyle. and there's new research tonight that shows catching the omicron variant of covid may help people fend off the more dangerous delta variant. and if so, researchers in africa are saying that could lead to the end of the pandemic. however, scientists not involved in the study say it's likely delta will be overwhelmed by omicron.
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>> 2 doses of the johnson and johnson vaccine is 85% effective against hospitalizations from the omicron variant johnson and johnson says its vaccine also works well as a booster for people who got the pfizer vaccine. the fda is expected to broaden eligibility for covid booster shots on monday, 12 to 15 year-olds will be eligible to receive 3rd doses of the pfizer vaccine regulators also plan to allow both adolescents and adults to seek an extra shot of pfizer's vaccine 5 months after receiving a second dose instead of the current 6 month period. a booster shot is also expected to be authorized for younger children ages 5 to 11 with immune deficiencies. the cdc will then meet to vote on whether or not to recommend those changes the fda has signed off on another rapid home a covid-19 test to test by the german company. siemens has received. >> emergency authorization. there's been a shortage of home tests due to both the surgeon delta and omicron
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variant siemens tests should be available starting next month. it is authorized for anyone aged 14 and up and this approval comes just days after the fda approved test made by rush. and for the latest covid update, you can scan this qr code on your screen right now. it will take you to our website and that's where you can find all things, including travel restrictions and the cdc's latest recommendations that i'm kron. 4 dot com now to our 4 zone forecast as we give you a lovely shot of san francisco spread out. it looks very nice out there, but it's definitely chilly that it is in kron four's chief meteor logist lawrence karnow is joining us now with a look at what we can expect as we head into the new year. happy new year's eve eve. yes, we're getting so close to the end of 2021. i think a lot of folks are being ready to wrap this year up and it's going to be cold out there least is not going to be wet. >> still a couple clouds lingering tonight, but they're starting to part a bit sore for a cold night out there. a storm clouds have moved out for the most part, still some lingering showers in southern
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california. but the bay area looking nice and dry now on a much needed break from all the stormy weather that we've been experience over the will last half of december. but things are changing outside that skies begin to clear out the temperatures cooling off. 43 right now in half moon, bay 46 in pacifica 46 in a word, chilly temperatures everywhere you go look at the north bay and now it is 37 degrees in petaluma and 39 insane you know, are going wrong way down these numbers going to be dropping off quite a bit. big dome of high pressure pretty good signature of a lot of the new year. that's we're experiencing right now. that big dome of high pressure building up in toward alaska's aleutians that sends lots of cold air into california that's setting up for now. looks like another cold front coming by, but that was going to fall apart as it moved through. so we'll keep things dry and keep things on the chilly side during the nighttime hours overnight lows going to drop it off in the 20's and 30's in some tonight. you'll be close enough to that down to freezing in a bottle
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about 32 degrees. 33 in the napa valley. 31 in santa rosa about 31 in little more even inside the bay. i think we wake up to some frosty conditions early on tomorrow morning with the chilly temperatures down into the 30's. i think getting even colder. i think it's more dry air moves in as we head into our friday night and saturday morning to highs tomorrow into the 50's outside. so it'll be a little bit warmer, but still cool out there. looks like it's going to stay dry as we head toward the new year beyond. but more rain expected as early as monday of next week. thank you, lawrence. and speaking of cold weather in the east bay oakland has set up a warming center at saint vincent depaul community center and shelter. >> it will run from tomorrow to next monday. the city says this is right in response to the near freezing temperatures for this weekend. the warming center has added an additional 45 beds for people in need and in the north bay. santa rosa is opening up a warming center in the parking lot of catholic charities homeless services center as temperatures in the north bay will drop to the upper 20's by tomorrow. the
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drop in warming center starts running tonight. it started just a few minutes ago at 8 o'clock and will run until 7 o'clock sunday morning. the city says face masks will be required when inside the warming center and they have 40 mask for distribution. also the catholic charities is seeking cold and wet weather items for unsheltered community members donations can be dropped off at 6.10 wilson street between 08:00pm and 10:00pm every night through saturday. coming up on kron 4 news today to return of indoor masking is hurting some business is more than others. how gyms are responding to the new restrictions. >> last week's white christmas in the sierra created a nightmare for new year's travelers will tell you what you need to know if you're going to top
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>> a live look at sfo on this thursday night. there's some chaos. it's continuing at airports across the country so far today according to flightaware, more than a 1000 flights have been canceled. more than 3,000 flights canceled just since monday. the cancellations began to spike the day before christmas during the busy holiday travel season. here's a breakdown of how it affected bay area airports at sfo. 43 flights have been canceled so far in oakland, 3 flights have been canceled. and in san jose 14 flights were canceled there. jetblue says it's canceling more than 1200 flights through january 13th because of growing number of covid cases among its crew members. the
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flights amount to about 10% of jetblue's entire schedule. a spokesperson for the airline says they expect the number of covid cases in the northeast where most of the crew members are based to continue to search for the next week or 2. they say even more flights could be canceled until case counts start to come. dow. >> for your health tonight, a new study is finding where a person chooses to sit on a bus or train may increase their exposure to particles carrying covid-19 researchers in europe created a model showing the differences in ventilation depending on where someone sits on mass transit, they found the droplets fall more often and people who are in the middle seat and on people who sit on the aisle. so the safest, according to these researchers is the window seat. the cdc is now issuing a warning. about going on cruises regardless of your vaccination status today. the agency increase the risk level for cruise ship travel to its
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highest category due to the rising number of covid cases. a little passengers and crew members. officials say if you do plan on taking a cruise. it's recommended that you are fully vaccinated and boosted those who go on cruises should also get tested one to 3 days before their trip and then 3 to 5 days after returning masks should also be worn in shared places. >> if you're planning on heading to southern california for the holiday weekend. you might have to find another way to get their snow and ice has shut down interstate 5 on the great find. look at that traffic. it's not going anywhere. drivers were stuck for hours this morning. as the chp redirected traffic back toward los the turnaround, the national weather service in hanford reported that snow levels dropped to 4,000 feet along the past. the chp says highway 58 remains open through to hatch. pete, you want to go that way through the high desert as an alternate highway. one 78 also remains open and you can take highway one. oh, one to go
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down through santa barbara is longer, but you'll get there eventually a stark warning to the public from caltrans tonight. the agency is cautioning against bay area travelers heading to the sierra. that's because as you know, in recent days, the mountains have seen record snowfall damage for some temporary closures to interstate 80 and highway 50 as bad as the weather has been. and this year this week, south lake tahoe, mayor devin middlebrook says that area is now seeing a break after a week of record snowfall. but drivers should expect long delays with several back roads closed because of downed trees and power lines. >> obviously we had closures for the last several days. we be real close. you can get the basin. the roads have been extremely icy and snowy. you have to make a critical trip. a critical trip for work. an essential trip. it's okay. >> but if it's a trip just to hang out with family and friends were saying stay off the roads. >> chain controls have been dropped on highway 50 and on
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interstate 85 to the department of transportation saps trip should be limited to essential travel while work crews continue to clear the roadways. and keep in mind another storm is expected in the sierra early next week. >> the season's first snow survey was done today and it came with what many are considering. great results. water content of the snowpack is way above normal with more than 78 inches of snow. depth recorded. the survey was done at the phillips station, el dorado county where water content is 202% of the average for the state. the statewide average is now 160% of normal. it's a strong start to the drought stricken states. traditionally wet winter season. although state authorities are saying that california is, quote, definitely not out of the woods yet. still, today's results are considered the best since 2010 and now for 4 zone forecast as we take a live look outside here at highway 80 in truckee. they plow the roads. people are allowed to keep going to and
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from. it's not recommended the best thing to do is just stay home and watch kron four's nears live tomorrow. yeah, you can do because it's going to be tough out there. lawrence. said these pictures have been really impressive with how much snow has fallen. yeah. i believe we see just all piled like walls on the side. >> of the roadways there. and here's another look. this is donner summit. you see some of the cars moving by. now you see there dwarfed by all that snow pack along the side except for the big rigs moving on by. but still, there's just a ton of snow in the sierra nevada. if you're headed up there, the roadways are open. they're going to see that snow kind of sticking around but the great news show for our water resources. we've seen just tremendous amounts of snow and talk about water content in the snow and also flakes are similar. in fact, they carry a lot different moisture level. so they do is they that water that those snowflakes and get the water equivalent amount from those snowflakes to determine. yeah. we've had a pretty significant
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amount moisture moving up in the sierra nevada. we knew those cold storms. it's a lot less so but we have some warmer storms moving through early on in the season and plenty more to come but not for the next couple days. here's the good news. if you're headed up tomorrow, you're looking good. maybe a few clouds, but it's going to stay dry to watch out for some to the fog. as you make your way across the central valley or possibly the delta early tomorrow morning, but that should lift by about 8.39 o'clock or so you should be open and clear. roadways should be good to temperatures in the high country. yeah. chilly only 30 degrees. as you make your way south lake tahoe tomorrow. slightly warmer on saturday. but staying cool throughout the weekend. and as ken mentioned, there's going to be another storm system on the way early next week. that will likely bring with another round of more snowy conditions in the high country. things winding down there. now you can see all that snow, though, up toward the grapevine that southern california even though we'll start slow down as we head in toward tomorrow. more storms on the way. we'll have more on that coming up in just a little bit. >> thanks, lawrence. there are some concerns about covid coming into the classroom. and
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still ahead tonight at 8. how one bay area school district hopes to keep students healthy in the new semester. >> there are 2 new recalls to tell you about. and the food borne illness warning that you should know. we'll tell you which popular products are being affected. rink. before that drink turns to drinks, make a plan to get home safe. just call a friend, a cab, and get a rideshare. whatever you do, don't let drunk drive. go safely, california.
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the cdc says an e-coli outbreak linked to salads has led to 4 people being hospitalized. so far there have been 13 illnesses and the 4 hospitalizations across 6 states including california. the products were contaminated are simple. truth organic power greens and nature's basket organic power greens at this time. investigators are looking to see if other products might be contaminated. the cdc advises you to not eat either of those products with best if used by dates through december 20th 2021. also tonight, a brand, a belgian cream puffs called to liza is issuing a voluntary recall for some of its products. the problem is or could be pieces of metal in sight. the pastries parent company poppy's international says this includes the 120 count and the 30 counts of the cream puffs the boxes were distributed to costco's and safe ways in northern california. and so between december 16th and the 23rd.
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anyone who bought those items is being told to stop using them and return the product to get a full refund. >> nearly a half a million tests laws are being recalled because of camera and front trunk issues to automakers saying it has technical defects that may increase the risk of accidents. 2 separate recalls are in place for 475,000 vehicles. one of them involves the tesla model 3 that was made between 2017 2020. the company says the cable on the rearview camera may separate after wear and tear and that blocks the camera feed the second recall is for the model s cars with faulty front trunk latches that could result in the hood opening unexpectedly and the wealthiest man in the world will soon have to pay a price for being so rich, according to the financial filings. now, tesla ceo elon musk sold 934,000 shares of the company which is worth about one 0.2 billion dollars. it's all part of a larger effort to pay what
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will likely be the biggest tax bill in u.s. history with federal and california income taxes that bill will top a whopping 11 billion dollars. tech experts are saying that you us will have to pay that bill before you can receive compensation of 23 billion dollars in stock options that expire next. august. coming up next tonight at 8 o'clock. mad at the mandates. why some businesses say bringing back mask requirements are hurting some more than others. >> plus problems with the plan to keep covid out of the classroom. why one city leaders are thinking that san francisco schools need to rethink. >> its covid testing plans. and we're following the latest developments out of colorado as firefighters work to try to contain what is now the most destructive fire in
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>> 5 bay area counties have decided to temporarily tighten the mask requirements regardless of vaccination status as we continue to deal with the surge of omicron cases. one industry hit pretty hard by these changes are fitness centers. kron four's. rob nesbitt has more on how these new health measures could cause declining gym memberships. >> this is normally the time of year when gyms and fitness centers see an increase in membership because of new year's resolutions. the masked changes could not have come at a worse time for them. but health officials say it had to happen. >> gyms took a hit in 2020
8:29 pm
2021. definitely been in 2022. looks like it will be off to a rough start. thursday was day one amassed being required indoors at all public places regardless of if you've been vaccinated or not, it makes quite difficult when you're trying to do your obit, get your cardio and puffing director of marketing at fitness sf troy mcfarland says it's been difficult keeping up with the ever changing mask mandates. you just have to really be on top of it and make sure that the communication is going out to the members. clearly and that everyone's aware out of his 8 locations. mcfarland says the downtown gyms have had a harder time bouncing back from the pandemic. a new year would normally mean new members, but he worries how many people will want to sign up if they have to wear a mask while working out the mask mandate puts a little bit of a damper on that. but, you know, we and i think our members understand as well or in county announced their requirements. a mask indoors regardless of vaccination status after experiencing their highest
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number of positive cases tuesday 338 cases. more than a 100 more cases than we've ever seen before in a single day. a concern for the county's public health officer doctor matt willis. he says the exemption to mask-wearing indoors had to change given the numbers and the science behind omicron. it is highly contagious. >> we're also learning that people are fully vaccinated and nia are vulnerable to being affected masking while working out may not settle well with gym members, but it's a health conscious decision. everyone has to go along with. i don't like wearing a mask, but i know it's a good thing. >> the statewide mask mandate is set to expire january 15th san francisco says they will continue to require masks indoors regardless of vaccination status until january 31st in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron 4 news. >> the current surge of covid cases is prompting another wave of event cancellations in san francisco. the sketch fest has announced it is postponing the festival for next month due to the rising covid cases.
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the 20th annual sketch fest was set to run in the city from january 7th through the 23rd featuring live comedy shows and performances organizers have not decided on a return date, but they say they will contact ticket holders very soon. san francisco state university is postponing its in-person commencement ceremony. they made that announcement today on social media in an email to graduates president lynn mahoney writes, quote, in consultation with the san francisco department of public health. we were encouraged to postpone the event or immediately implement the booster requirement with the event just over a week away. there is simply no way that all graduates and guests could comply. the commencement was supposed to take place at chase center next month. on january 8th actually, it's next week. but it's not sure when or if that graduation will take place on a later date. citing concerns for students returning to the classroom with covid-19 the union that represents san francisco teachers. >> is calling on the san francisco unified school
8:32 pm
district to make rapid take home tests available before students and staff return to school on monday. a spokesperson for the district says covid testing has been offered since last spring and that the district also plans to make more testing sites available starting this weekend. as for those take home test, the school district plans to wait until the end of the school week to distribute the home test being provided by the state. a decision that san francisco supervisor matt haney says is concerning. >> but the students and the staff will already have been in the school for an entire week before and so the result of that is that we may have some spread in the schools that could be prevented. >> san francisco school district officials say testing is just one part of the school district's covid safety plan. the sf s usda says it will continue to for other layers of protection such as encouraging mask-wearing daily health screenings and encouraging everyone eligible
8:33 pm
to get vaccinated and a booster shot. >> if you're looking to try to get a covid test in san francisco. there are several sites opening up throughout the city that includes the soma clinic. that's at 7th and brandon la hills hutch southeast health center on k street and the bayview opera house. keep in mind hours might be limited tomorrow ahead of the new year's holiday. you can find an interactive map of test sites by going to data dash s f dot org. that data dash s f dot org for the latest covid updates. you can scan that qr code on your screen that will take you straight to our website where you can find including travel restrictions and the latest cdc recommendations. we do have some developing news coming to us from boulder, colorado tonight, a state of emergency has been declared. >> after 2 wildfires have destroyed hundreds of homes and forced thousands of people to evacuate reporter shaul turner has the very latest. >> an incredible view of the flames right now near rock
8:34 pm
cherry and court road. let me give you a look right now. this is the area where we just were. we had to actually leave that area. there is a safeway shopping center and several apartment complexes. as you can see, those flames reaching high. now let's take a look at the video that we were going to show you just a short while ago as those flames were building specifically a large tree on fire. a lot of embers that you could see in the sky blowing over to other areas, especially those dry grass areas where there are so many residents. and as we come back here live again. a look at those flames that are stretching all the way across the area. it looks like these embers have ignited at least 3 separate fires. we are about a half mile mall. all of this new building around here. there's a lot of combustible material as well because we have a lot of apartment buildings that have not yet been finished and have a lot of materials construction chemicals. all of those kind of things which are highly
8:35 pm
combustible. so what we're going to do is we will send it back inside. but again, this is a very dangerous area. police are saying do not approach. we see more roads actually being filled with a lot of first responders right now. avoid this area. if you can. again, i'm near colton road and rock. cherry is what you're looking at over my shoulder as these flames light up the night sky. >> all turner reporting for us tonight. at last report we had 580 homes that caught fire. and this is a live picture from the scene. you could hear the wind blowing through microphone there you can see by these pictures that the flames are kind of leaning to one side because the wind continues to be pretty strong. there is really strong earlier today. let's get more from the 4 zone forecast as show you what was going on out there. and here's a live picture of lawrence yeah, the guys, you know, can we have the gusts coming down the front range there. the rockies there gusting over a 100 miles an hour. here's a look at some of
8:36 pm
those winds eldorado springs. you can see the winds still whipping. but coming down quite a bit at some of those gusts early on 7080 come over the top of that role right where the fire is going to get those a windswept conditions. but completely ironic, then overnight tonight things are going to change entirely. in fact, tonight we've got a storm system rolling in. and guess what, they're going to see maybe as much as a half a foot of snow in places where they're currently seeing that fire. so that will help, of course put out some of those fire conditions. but all those gusty winds out ahead of it continue to blow. they will decrease overnight tonight and things should begin to calm down at least the wind wise by morning and that snow moves in overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. we watched our storm systems roll through the bay area up in the sierra nevada tons of snow up. there are a lot of rain even allethe way to southern california. things are settling down, though. now the computer models picking up on some drier weather finally moving in now and that is some good news for us. they want to deal with any flooding may have to deal with the a couple patches
8:37 pm
to leave fog in the central valley early tomorrow morning. but then will be gone by about the middle of the day enough to worry about that. maybe toward bakersfield, places like that. otherwise looking good. we clear things out for saturday and i think the weather is going to hold its going to be very nice as we get into the weekend, temperatures are going to be cold in spots early tomorrow morning. fact much of the bay area down in the 30's by tomorrow morning. freezing in places like santa rosa and live more by the afternoon highs. going to be a little bit warmer tomorrow afternoon. still on the cool side. but you'll see some sunshine highs will be in the 50's. celebrations across the country. they're getting canceled. millions of americans will be ringing in the new year from the comfort of their couch. >> that story still ahead. >> and new year means new laws will break down the changes for law enforcement in 2022 and another bay area location may soon require a 3rd shot the new mandate being considered for businesses in sonoma county.
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>> in the north bay tonight, snow. the county business owners may soon need to require workers to get that covid booster shot. the recommendation is coming from the county health officer doctor sundry mace. the county is urging employers to require proof of booster shots. if eligible or get tested weekly, the county says, though the guidelines are voluntary they're strongly recommended and this is coming as covid cases have tripled in the county since thanksgiving just
8:41 pm
over 40% of sonoma county residents have gotten that booster shot and also the south bay santa clara county residents are rushing out to get their booster shots county health officials say 53% of residents have gotten a covid booster. that's up 9% from december. 16th booster rates in other counties are lagging a little bit behind monterey county is reporting just 28% of eligible residents have gotten boosters and only half of residents older than 50 have gotten one in san mateo county and san francisco county. the vaccination rate for the total population. hovers around 40%. the nation's most recognized blood collector is warning of a dangerously low blood supply. the american red cross says blood supply levels have reached historically low levels. >> the red cross says blood center is reporting only a one day supply on hand and donors for whole blood, particularly type o blood and platelet donors are desperately needed for operations and
8:42 pm
transfusions. the red cross says donor levels have dissipated in 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic. kron 4 is teaming up with the souper bowl of caring to help support local food charities. if you'd like to donate, you can use your phone to scan that qr code on your screen or just text and y e donate the 2, 6, 9, 8, 9, you can also visit tackle hunger dot oregon that a local charity like to help. >> and sports night. the warriors game was postponed because of covid protocols kylen mills. humbles has the latest, including dream ons candid reaction to the game being pushed back. that's
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>> in just a matter of days. several new state laws take effect in this new year. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains the new regulations law enforcement agencies across the state. >> we need to follow. >> several new california laws will change police practices starting in 2022 in the new year. bad behaving officers will be prohibited from transferring to other law enforcement agencies. the law allows the state agency that certifies police officers to strip them of their badges for misconduct, including wrongful killing perjury and assault the minimum age of those who are eligible to be a police officer will also be raised this year to 21 years old. this new rule does not apply to anyone who's been enrolled in a basic academy or employed as a police officer in california before december
8:46 pm
31st of 2021 before police officers in california needed to be 18 years old with a high school diploma soon. the education requirement will also change requiring them to have a college degree by 2023 the state's chancellor of community colleges is expected to come up with a modern policing degree program. some police training practices will also change. officers will no longer be allowed to use certain types of restraints and in some cases will be limited to when they can use rubber when it comes to the worst case scenario in the new year. the state attorney general's office will be required to investigate all police killings of unarmed civilians in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. new year's eve celebrations across the country are being canceled or adjusted in the wake of the covid omicron surge, including what's going on here in the bay area. >> the north bay, the charles m schultz center has canceled its new year ball drop san francisco called off its fireworks show over concerns about mass gatherings and that it would promote the spread of
8:47 pm
the virus around the state. and at the advice of health officials. the new year's eve sky spectacular and the old sacramento waterfront is also not happening this year. the surge in cases is also impacting celebrations around the country a popular new year's ve concert in milwaukee, wisconsin is no go after one of the performers got sick. >> person who cares for people who are sick in the hospital. i really encourage you to reconsider those gatherings. >> new york times new york city's times square event will be scaled back with roughly 4 times fewer people allowed to gather all of them who will be there even though it's outside will be vaccinated and masked in las vegas. officials are expecting more than 300,000 people to ring in 2022 with a huge fireworks show on the strip, but they are asking anyone who's sick to stay home. >> it is another year without fireworks here in san francisco on the embarcadero
8:48 pm
waterfront. but one san francisco restaurant wants to try to keep the party going. water bar restaurant has not canceled it's new year's eve event. it's offering a prefix menu and views of the bay bridge during in the new year. all reservations are for all reservations are for indoor seating and tables can can join us on kron 4 safely from your couch as we ring in the new year. >> there they are grant lotus and his lovely wife justine waltman will count us down to 2022. we're going to celebrate with a light fireworks show from las vegas. party starts at 11:30pm new year's eve right here on kron. 4. and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> covid-19 is wreaking havoc in the nba. the warriors game against the denver nuggets scheduled for tonight has been postponed due to health and safety protocols. denver doesn't have the league minimum 8 players available.
8:49 pm
the team already dealing with injuries had 3 players and her health and safety protocols. today espn first reported nuggets head coach michael malone and 2 assistant coaches also entered covid protocols. meanwhile, the warriors are starting to get some of their players back after dealing with covid issues for andrew wiggins. returned a plan. tuesday will guards jordan, poole and moses moody cleared health protocols yesterday guard damion lee and starting forward. draymond green remain out due to covid green's absence was a key factor in the worst loss to the nuggets home on tuesday. you boy says frustration about the whole situation, social media tweeting this, quote, how do you continue to cancel games when you've implemented rules to prevent this from happening. is that not a competitive advantage for other teams. the guys we didn't have due to the protocol is played no role in tuesday's loss. pick a side but don't straddle the fence. so when the game is rescheduled, which will probably take away from our break. we will play them full strength, but they got to sneak a win when we were at full strength only 2 days ago. let's make it make some sense
8:50 pm
here what some critics are saying is that a team like denver with a few covid cases could conveniently have other players are any players with soreness it out so they get to reschedule the game rather than play short-handed not to say that's what happened here. but some are questioning the whole situation. a new date for the worst nuggets game has not yet been set in college hoops. the west coast conference is postponed almost all of its basketball game scheduled for this weekend. the only saturday game still being played as of right now is the men's game between usf in saint mary's right here in the bay area in moraga. the wcc previously postponed the first game in conference play for both men's and women's basketball teams santa clara also place in the west coast conference their games this week have been postponed because of covid cases within the broncos program. 2 former forty-niners could receive one of the highest honors in football linebacker patrick willis lineman bright young were named finalists for the pro football hall of fame class of 2022 willis was a seven-time pro bowler in 5 time first-team all-pro. he
8:51 pm
only played 8 seasons, all with the niners. but he still is the franchise's all-time leader in solo tackles he is considered a shoe in to make the hall of fame, although he wasn't picked in his first 2 years of eligibility. meanwhile, young was a four-time pro bowler. he ranks second in the forty-niners list of career sack leaders, young help the niners to their last super bowl title as a rookie in 1994 and he was the league's comeback player of the year in 1990 >> think it's a no-brainer that patrick is a hall of famer. you talk about speedy. you talk about physicality. you talk about smart. i he's everything you want in the inside linebacker and he set the tone for the defense here. you know, for play, a 9 years that he was here. you know, he was that guy. he was the leader of this defense and and i was just always fun to watch him. >> also the san jose sharks in action right now. they have 2 players currently in covid
8:52 pm
protocols as well. we'll have highlights from their game against the flyers coming up later on tonight, we'll send it back to the studio that for sports. all right. kyle and thank you for that. coming up, teenagers believe their mental health may be under attack. a new report explains how to talk might be playing a part. and you can watch the 100 and 33rd rose parade on kron 4 and kron on live on new year's day. our coverage begins at 06:00am the parade starts. >> commercial free have
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>> tiktok is facing increased scrutiny surrounding its impact on users, including children. a recent report in the wall street journal suggests many teens believe that their suffering mental health illnesses because of videos being promoted on the platform. the company is also facing a lawsuit filed by a 3rd party worker who claimed moderators suffered ptsd ball trying to protect users on the platform. the lawsuit accused tiktok of not supporting those workers as technology advances are always changes in the way people do things including how they participate in sports. >> esports has been rising in popularity, especially during the pandemic industry. experts say the stigma of being a gamer is becoming a thing of the past and you can make a career out of the sports. even if you're not a professional gamer, if you have the skills,
8:56 pm
you can still make a lot of money. people play for money, for sponsorships, for glory. some of these players and some of these games are making hundreds of $1000 each year. millions in prize 4urse again, much like you and i can play basketball. we don't play in the nba. you and i can play league of legends. but you have to get all the way up here to play in their nba. the lcs. >> pro sports teams have also jumped on the esports bandwagon. the golden state warriors has had a team called warriors gaming squad in the nba's 2 k league. >> since 2018. some bad news for movie buffs. almost 2 weeks after canceling the awards gala. organizers have now canceled the palm springs international film festival altogether citing the rapidly spreading omicron variant as the cause. the festival was set to screen a 129 films over 10 days. organizers say all festival, tickets and passes will be refunded. they say they hope the film festival and film awards will return to an in-person event in january of 2023.
8:57 pm
>> betty white is getting ready to celebrate her one 100th birthday and people magazine is joining in the festivities putting the golden girls star on the cover. an insider toast from famous friends. also an interview with betty where she shares secrets to living a long, happy life. white says that she feels lucky to be in such good health. she turns 100 on january 17th one day only fill event will also mark the date. the movie betty white 100 years young a screening in 900 theaters kron 4 is celebrating remarkable women in the bay area. we need your help to share their stories. if you know a woman making a difference in her community. you could nominate her for chance to be awarded a woman of the year. you can enter your nominations and get details and kron 4 dot com. >> and that wraps it up for us for kron 4 news at 8 o'clock. the news continues at the top of the hour during kron 4 news at 9 o'clock. here's what we're working on a near record number of children are currently in the hospital
8:58 pm
because of covid-19. this is happening nationwide. most of those children are not vaccinated. what local doctors are expecting to see happen here in the bay area and a visiting family says are devastated after after their beloved cat was snatched from their car during a break-in. their message to the community tonight. the news at 9 is next. rink. before that drink turns to drinks, make a plan to get home safe. just call a friend, a cab, and get a rideshare. whatever you do, don't let drunk drive. go safely, california.
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