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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  December 31, 2021 7:00am-8:00am PST

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to that also get used to the cold feel these temperatures as conditions today are going to stay in the 40's and 50's well into the afternoon ahead of us skies will remain sunny and tonight they will remain clear. one of the reasons we're so cold right now is because of how clear conditions are and those same clear and still conditions overnight tonight are going help temperatures to fall really quickly. so if you're stepping outside towards midnight tonight. expect that cold feel and expect to be really bundled up. look at this fremont hayward oakland as well as livermore and dublin. well down into the 30's parts of the north bay below freezing like santa rosa 31 degrees. lead at 30 now. but you're right at freezing at 32. so layers will come in handy this morning. keep those layers on hand all the way into the new year tonight back to thank you for that. right. let's get a look at your traffic as you're traveling from the east bay into the city. traffic is pretty light. so a little under. >> 10 minutes for your drive time there. the 7 tail bridge as you're heading across
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towards the peninsula. you're looking at a 40 minute drive out of richmond heading across towards center fell about 8 minutes for you and the golden gate bridge 37 to the tolls. you're looking at a 20 minute drive. well, our top story this morning. it's new year's eve. if you didn't know and as people get ready to celebrate, there are major concerns about the spread of covid-19. well, this morning. you see in bay area officials. we are talking to people urging them to celebrate safely. kron 4, sarah stinson as live in san francisco with the details brightening up our screens with your holiday glitter. good morning, sarah. >> ray, don't look at us for some glitter. i love just called us on texts that we are the glitter queens and i totally agree. why not put on a sparkly dress even if you're just staying at home and you're friends like ray net and that right now and you want to look good. you want to feel good as we head into 2022 speaking of staying home. that is what health officials would like you to do it. preferably
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not huge party okay. so they're urging people to take precaution has seen the omicron variant spreading like crazy and a lot of the events in san francisco have been completely canceled fireworks are canceled. so not much in general for you to do so. they're a little worried or could be doing huge house parties. house officials do say gathering should be limited to those who are fully vaccinated and hopefully boosted as well. people who attend gatherings are advised to wear a tie good city mask indoors tests for the virus prior to attending there's no restrictions in place in the bay area. on who could paying private gatherings like last year, a lot have certain amount of people this year. there's construction in place, but health officials do advise people who are unvaccinated to be extra careful and maybe avoid holiday events travel together to to that virus, that virus coronavirus that variant spreading like crazy people who are planning to
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hold a party for new year's health officials say omicron spending so easily. it can be dangerous indoor. so outdoor gatherings are preferable and small ones at that. let's hear from uc berkeley infectious disease expert about what we're dealing with here. >> the test positivity rate is incredibly high. that means the number of people are getting tested to see if they've got covid is way up compared to just 2 weeks ago. if you're out and about in public. or getting together and parties with of people. chances are of some of those folks being infected is really quite high. >> yeah. and i think that people not going to be out and about because it is going to be so chilly. i think in some cases, you know, this 30's john's dot coms talking about. so if you're going to be indoors, the safe health officials really recommending that mask indoors and no, it's not be confined its literary mask. but another good idea is maybe just keeping it virtual especially if you have people in your friend group or your family who you know. problems
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with their health, make sure you're protecting then, ok, so it's going to be an interesting news again. last year we had to kind of hunker down this year's were being at ice to hunker down and hopefully next years we can do whatever we want. 2022. we're both looking forward to that. sarah. >> are you going to be bringing in the new year in front of that christmas tree behind use that what your plans are today. >> yeah, right here. this is my christmas tree and they keep it up a pass new like 2 weeks of january. why keep it around the holiday spirit. is something we could all use in a definite. we definitely need it. thanks for that report. sarah. a big story this morning may cities on the east coast like new york are seeing spikes in young children. >> being hospitalized for covid. now despite that, the pediatric hospitalizations remain relatively low here in the bay area. that's according
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to ucsf infectious disease expert doctor peter chin-hong between the children's hospitals in san francisco and oakland doctor chin-hong says a high of 15 children were hospitalized with covid in september. that's compared to only 5 hospitalized now, at the end of december. he says the omicron variant doesn't appear to be more severe in kids. then previous trends that we've seen. >> maybe that we'll see a in kids here in the area. that's more pronounced than what we have right now. but what we do know about omicron so far is that it believes in, but it also blazes out. so my feeling is. you know, we see that surge. it's going to end very quickly. it's not going to be like delta some of the other decisions we've seen in the area. >> well, to help prevent further covid spread among kids heading back to school after winter break. doctor chin-hong urges families to limit your gathering sizes. make sure you wear mask and take extra safety precautions.
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now the fda is expected to broaden eligibility for covid booster shots on monday. so 12 to 15 year-olds are going to be eligible to receive 3rd doses of the pfizer vaccine regulators also plan to allow both adolescents and adults to seek it. extra shot of pfizer's vaccine 5 months after receiving a second dose instead of the current period of 6 months. well, a booster shot is also expected to be authorized for younger children ages 5 to 11 with immune deficiencies. the cdc will then be to vote on whether to recommend those changes. there's certainly a lot of concern over how to provide covid testing to 50,000 students in the san francisco unified school district before they go back to school on monday. kron four's haaziq has that story for us. >> your concern is monday rolls around. those tests are not available students and staff are back on campus sounds like not not a situation. you want to be
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involved. >> not especially when you're hearing that omicron is like much. it spreads that much rapid rate than the other variants. and you're basically saying we're not going to do anything until the test arrives later from the state on thursday which everybody is already been exposed for days. so there's some criticism out there that maybe the school district could have prepare better. to make sure that students and staff were tested before coming back to school. we have been offering surveillance testing for all students and staff since last spring. >> and beginning this sunday. we're also going to be offering mobile rapid testing at locations throughout the city at various schools. >> the school district is expanding testing sites all over the city next week and plans to share these take home test that they're going to get from the state late next week. but the students and the staff will already have been in the school for an entire week before and so the result of that is that we may have some spread in the schools that
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could be prevented. we need schools to be open. we need students in classrooms but we need to do it safely. this concerned about it being safe. >> and testing needing to be available in order to make that happen. i also want to reiterate that testing is not required to return to school. it's one of a number of layers of protection that we have in place for students and staff. >> so we're also going to continue with our other layers of protection such as. wearing a mask daily health screening and encouraging everyone eligible to get a vaccine and a booster. >> has but you kron 4 news. >> well, a developing story we're following this morning. we've been talking about this since yesterday. holiday travel plans are impacted yet again by flight cancellations all across the country. so far nationwide more than thousands of flights have been canceled. that's all according to flight tracking website flightaware, thousands of flights have been canceled since christmas eve. now part of the problem has been the spread of the omicron variant, which is impacted flight crews at several
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airlines. we're here's a live look at bay area airports. these numbers representing both the in-goal becoming an outgoing flights at sfo. now we're up to 47 flight cancellations in oakland 6 flight cancellations and in san jose, 7 flight have been canceled. now, remember fluid situation. make sure to check on your flight. and developing news we're following this morning fires continue to burn in colorado overnight. so far an estimated 580 homes have burned 10's of thousands of people had to be evacuated. the fires are fueled by winds of up to a 105 miles per hour yesterday evan kruegel has the latest from colorado this morning. >> yeah, this was the scene early this morning here on this still lane in lewisville multiple homes burning as firefighters go door to door to try to stop this spread. take a look at this home. you can see just how close he's home. that is still standing is to this home. that is a
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complete loss early this morning. firefighters actually came by and turned on a sprinkler aiming it at the side of this house to try and knock down some of those flames and stop that spread and so far it appears to have worked. we have seen heroics from firefighters across this entire area all night firefighters from across the entire state coming in to try and help as we get our first look at some of the unbelievable devastation here in lewisville in lewisville. i'm >> well, coming up, the first snow survey of the winter brings good news for california. hey, not out of the drought just yet. and also despite the record so far in the tahoe area, caltrans is still warning people to stay away from the sierra. we're going to have those details when we come back. yeah. those falling trees have been a big issue up there just because of how much snowfall we've had after so many years of drought. this trees really
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stressed san francisco, oakland and san jose in the 50's for your daytime highs today tonight, its cold all over again in the middle of the year's eve. >> talk to your forecast ahead.
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>> welcome back to the kron 4 morning news of radar harvey and the last friday is here of 2021 for a lot of people.
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we're excited about it. and for some people you probably are, you know, a little anxious about what a way to the next year. well, i can say that according to our meteorologists, josh raible, good weather awaits us. we've got double got a couple of days by sky's into the start of the new year. >> last day of 2021 going out with some sunny conditions birds out there enjoying it flying around and what is some rare sunshine this season. we love to see that rain and snow, though it has made a huge difference as far as the state's drought goes, the drought. monitor was released yesterday see may have seen this map already. but we had some really big development. so i want to show it to you again. we do it. we did at the start of the season have exceptional drought in that room fortalmost all the bay area now after latest drought monitor. we only have exceptional drought barely hanging on for a small sliver of northern california. we've taken 2 steps back past extreme back down to severe in orange from us to most of the bay area. extreme still remains in the central valley. but with new snow surveys coming into the sierra nevada
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just yesterday. we actually may see our drought up in the sierra as well as the central valley downgraded even more because of the dense snow pack up there. so this is such good news. we still have a long ways to go. obviously a severe drought is nothing to necessarily celebrate. but we can celebrate the progress that we've made as for southern california, we saw heavy rain yesterday that resulted in some flooding and we saw a closure on the grapevine from some snowfall grapevine is now reopened just as you're seeing up in the sierra. all routes are open this morning. we are still looking at some hazardous conditions. not necessarily because crews haven't gotten roadways clear. but because we are seeing some falling trees up. there are a lot of areas onto roadways because these trees have been stress from years without water and now they're getting all that snowfall is pretty heavy on him. so that's been the big issue up there. as for cold temperatures across the bay area. despite all the sunshine. we have the cold weather. it going anywhere. we're sticking with those colder temperatures each of the next few days. today, tomorrow, sunday. all looking
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dry and sunny, but chilly during the daytime hours and during evening hours getting really cold. if you're stepping outside tonight for new year's eve. make sure to have layer upon layer on because you're going to need it to stay nice and warm rainfall arrives next week into monday. it's not looking like showers will be too terribly heavy a good moderate dose of rainfall to the bay area. some snow in the sierra nevada likely to get to be a bit of a breather on tuesday before more showers possible into wednesday. yes, nothing that should hold you up, too terribly much next week. just keeping that momentum going hopefully keeping more snow in the sierra more rain in the bay 50's. for most of our high temperatures will will have some spots. not even reaching the 50's today. you'll see those here in just a minute saying carlos foster city at 54 for your high south bay temperatures, mostly low 50's although morgan hill only at 48 degrees and the tri valley as wilson ol san ramon as well go only in the upper 40's. those are your spots. not even hitting that 5, 0, today. the napa benicia among spots at 52
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degrees for your highs. petaluma nevado as well as mill valley. also reaching 52 tomorrow and sunday. we will see some highs reaching into the mid-fifties, not before really cold evening tonight, though, as we usher in the new year with lows falling mostly in the 30's, but some inland areas likely down into the upper 20's reyna. john, thanks for that. >> well, for your money this morning when it comes to return some on-time retailers are just saying, just keep it instead an airline cancellations could get a lot worse this weekend. jane king is live in new york. >> bring a to their first airline look like they're not done yet and had 7 days now of these airline cancellations and the tsa says they do expect more over the weekend, at least into monday as people come back from their vacations of course, that means 10's of thousands of people trying to rebook flights. there are
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suffering due to the omicron variant and somewhat in some parts of the country as well. the tsa expects to screen about 2 million people starting last night through monday night. we'll just let is recalling more than 475,000 of the model 3 and model ask commerce to address a rearview camera and trunk issue that could potentially cause a crash them all yours affected are 2014 to 2000. 21 and the total number of recalled vehicles is what tesla delivered last year working traits to dump in the final week of the year, but they did or did finish the year. but when they started actually some pretty mixes the interest rate 30 year home loan is right now 3.1% a year ago was 2.7% and up which manages return for companies like target and ikea and american eagle saint to return a 120 billion dollars worth of merchandise this holiday season and it's getting more expensive for retailers for people to make returns. the shipping costs have gone up
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and labor costs going as well. fact, it's so expensive. some online retailers telling customers just take a refund, sheep. the item don't in fact, a pro estimates that it cost about $33 for a $50 item to process that will return. it's up 60% from last year. live from new york, i'm jane king that he ran out. >> jan. sure. a lot of people are going to like to hold on to the item and the money altogether. thanks for base. now, the first snow survey of the year is bringing some good news to california. a town wallace has those details for us. >> it's thick snow, california needs and now thanks to the state's first official snow survey of the season. >> we have a better idea about what all of this means for our snow pack. we are off to a great start off to a great start, says sean de guzman after he and his team with the california department of water resources measure. the snowpack in phillips, a small community nestled off highway 50 elevations 6800 feet. the
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measurement found the snowpack in this area of the sierra stands at 200, 2% of average for this time of year. the state's snowpack lower than that. but still high at 100, 60% of average for this part of the year. there's so much snow here in philips that the state officials in charge of this snow survey had to walk in with snow shoes just to get to this area. now, while that's not necessarily unusual, they say all of this snow. >> brings hope for the state's drought. our precept a statewide is looking well above average. we've had, you know, one of the best one of the snowiest decembers on record. even with that good news. the state is still below where it needs to be by april. 1st, we're at 81% of the april first average survey leaders say this is a reminder we are still in drought. >> they're saying we're not out of the woods just yet. no, definitely not out of the woods quite yet. most of our reservoirs are still below average. i want to say there's maybe a just a couple reservoirs that are above average at this point. and that's why the guzman and his
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team will closely watch and hope for more snow in the months ahead. let's just keep it coming in tom wallace, fox 40 news. i keep the snow come in. >> well, caltrans is warning against any travel to the sierra because downed trees and unsafe conditions force caltrans to close both interstate 80 and highway 50, both of those. now both routes have reopen south lake tahoe mayor devin middlebrook says the area is now seen a break after a week of record snowfall. the drivers should expect long delays with several back roads closed down due to those downed trees and power lines. >> basically we had closures for the last several days. we be real close. you can get the basin. the roads have been extremely icy and snowy. you have to make a critical trip. a critical trip for work. an essential trip. it's okay. >> but if it's a trip just to hang out with family and friends were saying stay off the roads. >> all right. you heard him stay off those roads chain controls have been dropped on highway 50 and interstate 80.
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but the california department of transportation says trip should be limited to essential travel only while crews continue to try to clear those roadways. now, keep in mind another storm is expected early next week. well, coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news. >> another smash-and-grab robbery in san francisco. and this time a beloved family pet was taken. we're going to have the details after we get back from break. rink. before that drink turns to drinks, make a plan to get home safe. just call a friend, a cab, and get a rideshare. whatever you do, don't let drunk drive. go safely, california.
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out. hair, done. fit, fantastic! marijuana. not so fast. remember, marijuana and some meds don't mix. a sober driver can cure that. don't let high drive. go safely, california.
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>> well, in san francisco. a couple is devastated after their cat was stolen from their car and a smash-and-grab burglary. now the couple was visiting the city from anaheim. the thief struck while their suv was parked at the lamar street parking garage on molton street. now the cat is the couple's travel companion. look at the cat and wasn't a carrier when it was stolen. it's now been more than a week and there still nowhere to be found. the couple they stayed in the city to post flyers and alert local animal shelters. >> was a cold winter night. and we you know, we decided to keep, you know, we didn't want kerry the a cousin of the doesn't provide much shelter from the cold. so we decided to keep her warm and cozy inside of the vehicle. it is possible that if the council you know, not of any use for them to released or into the streets. she may be still hiding. help. there.
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>> so sad, how the owners filed a police report and are offering a cash reward for anyone who returns their cat. coming up next on the kron 00:00am morning news as bay area. >> it continues to tighten their mask requirements. and then this surge of covid cases there's one industry that's been gyms. we have the details once we get back from break.
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>> welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. i'm reyna harvey today on the last friday of 2021 we're getting ready for the new year. we've got a new year's resolutions already rolling. john, what are yours so unusual solution i say this one every year, but i always do mean specially out of this year because i lost the track of it. >> so it be more present in the moment and appreciate the little things powers with things are good going good in life. that's when you stop appreciating the little thing. yeah. back down to the nitty-gritty >> i would say just to continue to spread kindness. >> wherever i go and maybe just like you talked about being present and just grateful. >> waking up and being grateful and hopefully you've already your resolutions as well. and things that are actually going to stick to always say you healthier and i give up on that one about
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something but yeah, we are looking at some clear skies across the bay area for your last day of 2021 were kicking up. 2022 just around the corner got a bird out there making its little appearance. that was his new year's resolution to get on tv. doing good bird. >> we are seeing conditions out there that are going to remain clear all day long. staying cool. despite that sunshine, though, tonight, we still will see conditions falling back down into the 30's for evening lows and that's right around the time a lot of us going to be stepping outside for our new year's eve plans. look at how crystal clear it will be tonight. so we are seeing cold conditions that still unclear whether it's going contribute to temperatures falling really quick hayward in palo alto. you're at 37 right now. look at oakland at 38 degrees. santa rosa city in the low 30's below freezing at 31 napa in vallejo right at freezing. so bundle up before you get outside. don't forget the jackets today and tonight, especially right so that he let's check on your traffic today as you're traveling from
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the east bay into the city. look at that. nice and light for you a little under 10 minutes for your drive time there. >> the 70 oh, bridge and across towards the peninsula about of. out of richmond across towards sandra fell. we're looking at 8 minute drive and also across the golden gate bridge. it will be about 20 minutes as you're traveling from 37 to that whole. so we have a little more weather and traffic coming up throughout the morning. but for now, let's get back to some of our top stories. a new year's is the top story today. >> cities around the globe are having to cancel or either scale back their traditional new year's eve celebrations because of the omicron surge. san francisco has canceled its fireworks show in new york city. the show will go on. but with some restrictions, anthony dilorenzo has more on that. >> times square has officially been shut down to traffic this morning. in just a few hours, thousands of people will be filling these hands. albeit will be smaller crowds. the normal. some people have even called for the celebration to be canceled. however, mayor
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says that having new year's eve here in times square with people shows the world. new york city is still open for business. >> the ball's been tested the balloons inflated and security is in place. however, times square will again look and feel a bit different. this new year's eve due to the pandemic, putting a cap on the crowd size. pandemic has changed literally, you know, all of our lives over the last two-plus years, including this event. it's something that we have to unlike last year when the public was not able to attend. the city is only allowing 15,000 people tonight. each person won't be allowed inside until 03:00pm and must be masked and fully vaccinated on 6th or 8th avenue. >> they will show their vaccination card to one of the people will be checking along with photo id. we're asking them the mascot and then they'll go through the nypd screening point. the nypd will start securing the area and shut down the heart of times
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square this morning. police were on the only credible threat to the event this year. >> is covid and for the first time ever here in the city. the mayor elect will take the main stage here. >> and be sworn in as the 110 mayor of new york city, the initial plans for inauguration were scrapped on new year's day due to covid concerns so they will happen here tonight. reporting from times square. i'm anthony di. lorenzo, back to you. >> and you can also celebrate the new year with kron 4, the countdown begins at 9 o'clock. and then at 1130 grant lotus and justine waltman. they're gonna take over to help us ring in the new year. we're going to celebrate with a live fireworks show and entertainment. that's going to be coming from las vegas only on kron 4. we also want to see you because we know how fabulous you look when you're celebrating the new year. >> so post your photos on social media. >> make sure you use the hashtag. >> in why we live and we're going to share them over on our website. kron 4 dot com.
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well, another big story this morning amid a surge of omicron cases. 5 bay area counties have all temporarily titan mask requirements regardless of vaccination status. one industry hit pretty hard by these changes are fitness centers, owners and managers have been saying for covid transmission isn't an issue inside their gyms, crediting their members only access and the vaccine requirements to get inside. now the new year normally comes new members and director of marketing at fitness sf worries business is going to die down. >> the mask mandate. put a little bit of a damper on that. but, you know, we understand and i think our members understand as well. you just have to really be on top of it. make sure that the communication is going out to the members. clearly and that everyone's aware. >> their downtown gyms are having a harder time recovering from the pandemic there. and the south bay the children's discovery museum in
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san jose is turning into a vaccine clinic this weekend. it's also offering an incentive for families who get their shots on january second and on sunday, january 23rd families who get kids or adults covid shots can also be able to get a free museum day passed you can use at pass any time through may 31st at least 2 more clinics are planned for the winter season. now the fda has authorized another at home. rapid covid tests. this one is by the german company siemens. now the demand for an at-home test has skyrocketed mostly because of the omicron variant people are trying to test before those hot holiday gatherings. now that new tests should be available starting next month. it's authorized for anyone who is 14 and older. well, mental health is one of the serious concerns being addressed in 2022 when it comes to our children. capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has more on the new laws that are going to take place. and the new year in schools.
7:36 am
>> new year, new rules for california, education systems across the state starting in 2022 middle and high schools that offer at least one course and health education must also start incorporating mental health into those courses pushed amid concerns of the youth mental health crisis in the pandemic. lawmakers hope the curriculum will help students identify the signs and symptoms of mental illness and empower them to ask for help on that note, a separate new state law allows mental and behavioral health to be considered excused, absence reasons from school for children between 6.18 years old. another new law taking effect this year. requires community colleges this upcoming school year to offer ethnic studies courses at each of its campuses. the course will be a requirement starting in the 2020 for 2025 school year. the new year also starts the clock for high schools across california requiring them to provide ethnic studies starting in the 2025 2026 academic year and make it a graduation requirement for high school students graduating in 2029, 2030. another new law requires all
7:37 am
california public schools to stock free menstrual products for students in 6th grade and up this rule also applies for california state university schools and all community college districts for their students as well in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> also happening tomorrow. drivers are going to have to shell out more to drive on bay area bridges starting tomorrow t tolls on the bridges for most cars and trucks and motorcycles are going increase a dollar. so from $6 now to 7 the change is going to take effect on the bay bridge. the antioch bridge, the venetian martinez bridge park heinous dumb barton. >> richmond center fell bridge and the san mateo. hey, we're bridge this is the second of 3 one dollar increase is approved by state lawmakers back in 2017 and passed by voters and 20 18. still to come on the kron 4 morning news oakland police. >> make an arrest in a homicide that happened last month. we're going to have the latest details on that. plus the warriors game against the nuggets is postponed due to
7:38 am
covid. we have reaction from one of the players. >> a cold start to this morning later on today. we're still going to remain cool highs back into the 50's. much like they were yesterday. skies remain. sunny clear and cold again tonight for new year'
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>> well in the east bay. 2 men have been charged with murder in connection to an oakland woman's death back on november 11 oakland police say 22 year-old giovanni sanchez was
7:41 am
shot during an attempted armed robbery on lakeshore avenue. well, she died 2 days later. police say they arrested 2 men for their role in her death. both men are now facing murder charges. another sad story. the search for a missing skier in the sierra has been called off the placer county sheriff's office has suspended all emergency efforts to fight rory angela, the 43 year-old truckee man was last seen christmas morning at northstar resort in north lake tahoe. authorities say at this point there's no realistic possibility he has survived a severe winter conditions. more than 200 personnel from 17 different agencies of climb. the mountains in the effort to find rory officials are still planning a scaled back effort to try and recover the body. we'll be right back after the break. taking a live look at
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the sea air this morning a winter wonderland is what it looks like. hey, highway 80 is now open to traffic after that snowstorm are going to be tracking that and more back here at home on the last friday of 2021 you probably have some plans, maybe plans to stay indoors. nonetheless, you need to know what to wear, what attire to put on our meteorologists on stable tracking both of those forecast for us. good morning to you. didn't write today they got the sparkles on but
7:45 am
you also get the second dress underneath that because we've got to think warmth here. so the layers are going to be coming in handy. i know a lot of people planning on spending new year's up around lake tahoe. now, we still do have issues getting up there. we've got a lot of felled trees because of the heavy snowfall and they've been stressed because they haven't seen a lot of rain the past few years. >> it sure does look beautiful up at lake tahoe. if that is your new year's eve plans just head back by sunday because monday we'll start to work our way back into some weather conditions with rain and snow returning now drought monitor released yesterday had good news snowpack surveys also done yesterday have great news. southern sierra a 173% of average central sierra at a 164% of average for december now, our wettest months are still ahead of us is long as the tap doesn't right out. and we keep this momentum going. this is going to be really good for us. if that happens out, which sometimes does happen and we dry out the 2022 that would not be good news for the state's drought. so definitely still have work to
7:46 am
be done. la got heavy rainfall yesterday that has worked its way out of the region. i 5 was closed temporarily on the grapevine because of snow. that's also now out of the question i 8050, both open into the sierra and we are nice and clear all across the state so few dry days ahead of us before more unsettled pattern returns into next week in the next year really has for conditions today. lots of sunshine. we're going to keep the sunshine around, rather the clear skies around into the evening tonight right after midnight tonight. you can see how clear skies will be. i mention this because it's those clear evenings where temperatures fall really quickly. that's exactly the case tonight for new year's eve bundle up as you head out, it's going really cold out there. monday. we see the return of rainfall. shower should stay pretty light to moderate next week. nothing super heavy monday and wednesday will be our best chances of rain next week. as for today, nice and dry. lots of sunshine highs mostly in the 50's although some spots inland like livermore and morgan hill only in the upper
7:47 am
40's tomorrow and sunday not quite as chilly as today but pretty comparable. honestly temperatures were made in the 50's lows tonight as low as the upper 20's for some spots. most of us dropping into the 30's, john, thank you for that. let's get a look at your friday traffic. so we have the friday lie on top of the. >> holiday travel. however, i know a lot of you will be out there today. just getting some last-minute things done before the new year. so a little under 9 minutes making your way from the maze to that fremont street exit no traffic along the bay bridge. san mateo bridge. let's get a look at that heading across towards the peninsula about a 40 minute drive conditions look nice and light at a richmond across towards center failure looking at a 10 minute drive there and the golden gate bridge 37 to the tolls just 20 minutes for you. well, in bay area sports the warriors game against the nuggets was postponed due to covid and 2 former 40 niner greats are finalists for the pro football hall of fame kron four's. kylen mills has the details in sports for us. >> our day for the warriors.
7:48 am
they flew to denver only to learn their game against the nuggets had been postponed due to health and safety protocols. denver doesn't have the league minimum 8 healthy players. the team already dealing with injuries had 3 players enter covid protocods, nuggets head coach michael malone and 2 assistant coaches also entered health protocols. meanwhile, the words are starting to get some players back after dealing with their own covid issues for andrew wiggins return to plan tuesday will guards jordan, poole and moses moody have been cleared to return to play guard damion lee and starting forward. draymond green remain out due to covid green's absence was a key factor in the worst eoss to the nuggets at home on tuesday. he voiced his frustration about the whole situation, social media tweeting this. how do you continue to cancel games. implemented rules to prevent this from happening. is that not a competitive advantage for other teams. the guys we didn't have due to. the protocol is played no role in tuesday's loss. pick a side but don't straddle the fence. so one the rescheduled game. the game is rescheduled bratcher rather, which will
7:49 am
probably take away from our break will play the full strength, but they got to sneak a win when we were at full strength only 2 days ago. let's make it make some sense here. but some critics are saying is that a team like denver with a few covid cases could conveniently have other players with any type of soreness it out so they get to reschedule the game rather than play short-handed not to say that was necessarily the case here. but some are questioning the whole situation. a new date for this war is nuggets. game has not yet been set. the college hoops season turning into quite a mask. the west coast conference is postponed all of its basketball game scheduled for this weekend. the only saturday game still being played as of right now is the men's game between usf in saint mary's and moraga the wcc previously postponed the first game of conference play for both men's and women's basketball teams santa clara also place in the west coast conference their games this week have been postponed because of covid cases within the broncos program. 2 former forty-niners could receive one of the highest honors in football linebacker patrick willis willis alignment,
7:50 am
bright young morning finalists for the pro football hall of fame class of 2022 willis was a seven-time pro bowler and five-time first team, all pro he only played 8 seasons all with the niners, but he's still the franchise's all-time leader in solo tackles he is considered a shoe in to make the hall of fame, although wasn't picked in his first 2 years of eligibility. meanwhile, young was a four-time pro bowler. he ranks second on the forty-niners list of career sack leaders, young help the niners to their last super bowl titles. a rookie in 1994 and he was the league's comeback player of the year in 18, 80 night. >> i think it's a no-brainer that patrick is a hall of famer. you talk about speed, you talk about physicality, you talk about smart. i he's everything you want in an inside linebacker and he set the tone for the defense here. you know, for play 8, 9, years that he was here. you know, he was that guy. he was the leader of this defense and and i was just always fun to watch him.
7:51 am
>> well, that was kylen mills reporting for us. and you can watch the forty-niners this sunday afternoon at levi stadium against the houston texans kickoff set. your alarm is going to be for one, oh, 05:00pm as we head to break, remember the 100 33rd rose parade. is going to happen tomorrow morning. you can watch the parade on kron 4 and on qua non live on new year's day. our coverage starts at 6 a and and the parade begins commercial free at 8. we'll be right back after the break.
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during the pandemic cocktails have go to big hit for local bars and restaurants. but tomorrow a new laws going to take effect that will make the id official. the problem is the law might not be what was actually expected or hope for kron four's. dan thorn has that story for us. >> over the last 2 years to go cocktails, offered relief to bars and restaurants, trying to make ends meet. governor gavin newsom signed senate bill 3.89 in october to make the idea legal beginning january first and lasting the next 5 years. the concern is the new law is much more restrictive than expected when it was originally written it read very well and a lot of good intentions. it look like you or they're going to let us continue to do a lot of the things that is it is. >> safe business then some more rounds got involved cut
7:55 am
all that out. h it is the owner of a saloon in san francisco. >> he feels the law is making life worse for bars like his as opposed to making things better. s p 3.89 requires customers to buy a full meal to a company. any cocktails to go customers must also pick up their orders. in-person ending any ordering through 3rd party delivery apps a meal as defined by the state's alcohol beverage control is a sufficient quantity that would constitute a main course in a multiple course dining experience foods such as chicken wings, french fries prepackaged sandwiches, cups of soup or egg rolls are examples that do not meet the requirement. >> an and other bar owners. the law up here to make selling cocktails easier for places that specialize in cocktails. now he believes it's accomplishing the opposite and he's not sure why the state, the city of san francisco have done so little to help. >> you know, our industry
7:56 am
survive. it's it's baffling to make the law expires. december 31st, 2026 reporting in san francisco. dan thorn kron 4 news. >> well, coming up in the next hour with new year's eve here. many worry about the spread of covid-19. we're on how you can celebrate safely in a live report. plus, record snowfall and that area. but caltrans is still warning people to stay away we're going to tell you why when we get back. stick around.
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7:59 am
>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news >> countries around the world are ringing in the new year. this is video from new zealand earlier this morning as they celebrate it with a light show. there. good morning. it is friday. december 31st. i'm reyna harvey. also the last friday of 2021 as we make our way into the new year. if you have plans, you want to know the traffic looks like. but you also want to know how to address our meteorologists john sabol. it's been tracking that for us beautiful shot behind you last sunrise of the not lots of sunshine up above for this last day of 2021 kicking off 2022. >> on what will be a dry but a cold know so the rain jackets
8:00 am
umbrellas. you can stash those away for a couple of days. you just want to keep the extra layers on hand this morning. it's cold and clear oftentimes those clear still mornings tend to be the coldest of ones. and guess what, we're going to keep these clear skies around today. so even though that won't result in the warmest of afternoon staying in the 50's. it will certainly keep conditions on the cold side tonight. temperatures will fall out really quickly after sunset that means if you're going to be out and about for new year's eve tonight, bring all the layers. this is around 12:30am. right after the stroke of midnight. you can see how clear it will be. know. temperatures will be really cold along with it down into the 30's a lot like we are this morning. palo alto, hayward, fremont dublin among areas in the 30's right now. napa and allay right at freezing at 32 santa rosa just below freezing. so bundle up as you get outside. keep those layers on hand all day long. reyna. >> and as you're traveling from the east bay want you hit the tolls, right. they're traveling from the maze to that fremont street exit will take about 10 minutes to make


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