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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  December 31, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PST

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of 2021 can't believe i'm saying that and it's true because normally i would probably say that to be joking with someone. if you are getting ready for the new year and you are excited about it. we have a very exciting forecast from meteorologist john shrable. he's been tracking that. john, good morning. hey, good morning. last day of the year in a kind of weird. you're right. especially this one seem like it would buy a little extra fast. we are seeing a nice sunrise out there at half moon bay sons well, up over the horizon now. but. >> we're looking at a lot of people out there walking along. got the birds. just a nice tranquil weight and the year after what had been such a stormy start to this week. skies will remain nice and clear throughout this last day of 2021 and we are going to stay fairly cool. see want to keep the jackets close to you tonight. we will see temperatures falling off really quickly once the sun goes down under these really crystal clear skies. oftentimes are clear. conditions are coupled with our coldest evenings. as you head out and about for new year's eve tonight. that is certainly going to be the case. you want to bundle up.
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still the 30's for a whole lot of debate dublin notably at 34 degrees right now. fremont that really chilly 37 santa. rosa, below freezing this morning. now you're sitting at 36. so temperatures are starting to rise just a little bit. but still very much so. on the cold side. so stay warm and cozy as you do venture out the door reyna john, they even that. let's get a look at averages as you're traveling from the east bay into the city. >> a little under 10 minutes for your drive time there. the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula to take about 14 minutes to make that commute out of richmond across towards san rafale. you're looking at a 9 minute light drive and the golden gate bridge. it will be about 20 minutes for you as you're traveling from 37 to the tolls will have more weather and traffic coming up on this friday. but for now, let's get back to our top stories. we've been following its new year's eve and its people get ready to celebrate. there are still some major concerns about the spread of covid-19 this morning. bay area officials are urging people to celebrate safely.
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all 4 sarah stinson. she's already taking that advice. you've been at the house staying safe this morning. good morning, sarah. >> good morning, rea. and that's right. you can be like you and i tonight and where sparkly dress and just to trust a feel-good and grab a class champion and cheer someone through zoom. the this way for us to celebrate new year's eve. a lot of people in san francisco. their plans got canceled by major of planners. all of the talk was then sent goal in new year's eve has been canceled. fireworks canceled so health officials are a little bit worried that people are going to turn to massive house parties. now, if you plan on doing something like that. here's some tips from health officials. they really think you should keep it very small. keep it up and then number keep say, i just we have everyone wearing a tight good sitting mask
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indoors test for the virus prior to attending are also saying gathering should be limited to those who are fully vaccinated and hopefully boosted as well. there are no restrictions in place in the bay area on gathering for this new year's eve like last year. last year. most people were not vaccinated yet this year. most are health officials do advise people who are unvaccinated careful and avoid whole holiday events and traveling for people who are planning to pull the party for new year's health officials say omicron that variant of covid. it is spreading very easily. it's extremely contagious. so outdoor gatherings are best and small ones at that. let's hear from a uc berkeley infectious disease expert about why it's so important to take this holiday and take it with precautions. >> because positivity rate is incredibly high. that means the number of people are getting tested to see if they've got covid is way up compared to just 2 weeks ago. if you're out and about in public. or getting together and parties with of people.
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chances are of some of those folks being infected is really quite high. >> it is very, very contagious we've seen the most cases as we've seen since the pandemic started hospitalizations remain a little bit lower than last year. so that is the good news. fall, they're a health officials in the bay area worried about. rates are going to be looking like now that we have christmas in our rearview mirror and now we're heading into the new year's holiday. so the safe take precautions and that maybe the best thing to do is have a new year holiday dress. your new year's eve just on top his sweat pants on bottom and enjoy being at home or exactly how many do this year you have any new year's resolutions. sarah, that. >> you're looking forward to implementing and this upcoming year. >> well, there's one thing learned and that's because i had covid recently is held is well. so i'm going to be
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making sure health is number one priority. hiking more. and i want to travel, never been year of some of the try and make that happen 2022, but we'll see what covid, right. i mean, that's the suspended all travel plans. last 2, 3, years. >> if that's from a sarah. i think health is big was telling. john, just want to spread a little more kindness because it's been rough for a lot so just be kind to everybody. and i hope you're feeling better. sarah, thank you for that. thank you. and i am. >> good. that's good. >> another big story this morning, many cities on the east coast like new york. we are seeing spikes in young children being hospitalized for covid. well, despite that pediatric hospitalizations remain relatively low here in the bay area according ucsf infectious disease expert doctor peter chin-hong between the children's hospitals in san francisco and oakland doctor chin-hong says a high of 15 children were hospitalized with covid in september compared to only 5 hospitalized near the end of
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december. they said the omicron variant does not appear to be more severe in kids. >> be that we'll see acision kids here in the area. that's more pronounced than what we have right now. but what we do know about omicron so far is that it believes in, but it also blazes out. so my feeling is. you know, we see that surge it's going to end very quickly. it's not going to be like delta some of the other decisions we've seen in area. >> well, to help prevent further covid spread among kids heading back to school after the winter break. doctor chin-hong urges families to limit gathering sizes, wear masks and take extra safety precautions. well, the fda is expected to broaden eligibility for covid booster shots on monday, 12 to 15 year-olds are going to be eligible to receive a 3rd dose of the pfizer vaccine. regulators also plan to allow both adolescence and adults to seek an extra shot of pfizer's vaccine 5 months after receiving a second dose and
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some of the current period of 6 months. well, a booster shot is also expected to be authorized for younger children ages 5 to 11 with immune deficiencies. now the cdc is kind of in meet to vote on whether to recommend those changes. well, there's certainly a lot of concern over how to provide covid testing to 50,000 students in the san francisco unified school district before they go back to school on monday. kron four's haaziq has that story for us. >> your concern is monday rolls around. those tests are not available students and staff are back on campus is a it sounds like not not a situation. you want be involved. >> not especially when you're hearing that omicron is like much. it spreads that much rapid rate than the other variants. and you're basically already been exposed for days. so there's some criticism out there that maybe the school district could have prepare
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better. to make sure that students and staff were tested. before coming back to school. we have been offering surveillance testing for all students and staff since last spring. >> and beginning this sunday. we're also going to be offering mobile rapid testing at locations throughout the city at various schools. >> the school district is expanding testing sites all over the city next week and plans to share these take home test that they're going to get from the state late next week. but the students and the staff will already have been in the school for an entire week before and so the result of that is that we may have some spread in the schools that could be prevented. we need schools to be open. we need students in classrooms but we need to do it safely. this concerned about it being safe. >> and testing needing to be available in order to make that happen. i also want to reiterate that testing is not required to return to school. it's one of a number of layers
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of protection that we ave in place for students and staff. >> so we're also going to continue with our other layers of protection such as. wearing a mask daily health screening and encouraging everyone eligible to get a vaccine and a booster. >> has but you kron 4 >> san francisco state university is postponing its in-person commencement ceremony. well, graduates got an e-mail from the university president say that after consulting with health officials we were encouraged to postpone the event or immediately implement the booster requirement with even just over a week away. there's simply no way that all graduates and guests could comply. now the commencement was supposed to happen at the chase center january 8. it's not yet clear if it's going to be rescheduled. also developing story we're following this morning. holiday travel plans once again impacted by massive flight cancellations all across the country. so far nationwide there more than thousands of flights that have
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been canceled. that's according to flight tracking website flightaware, thousands of flights have been canceled since christmas eve. now part of the problem has been the spread of omicron, which is impacted flight crews at several airlines. well, back here in the bay area. we're getting a look at flight cancellations. it looks like at sfo. the numbers have gone down. so now it's 54 there in oakland where at 6 flight cancellations in san jose. there are 9. and developing news. we're also following this morning. fires continue to burn in colorado overnight. so far an estimated 580 homes have burned there. 10's of thousands of people had to be evacuated. now the fires were fueled by winds of up to a 105 miles per hour. evan kruegel has the latest from colorado this morning. >> yeah, this was the scene early this morning here on this still lane in lewisville multiple homes burning as firefighters go door to door to try to stop this spread. take a look at this home. you can see just how close he's
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home. that is still standing is to this home. that is a complete loss early this morning. firefighters actually came by and turned on a sprinkler aiming it at the side of this house to try and knock down some of those flames and stop that spread and so far it appears to have worked. we have seen heroics from firefighters across this entire area all night firefighters from across the entire state coming in to try and help as we get our first look at some of the unbelievable devastation here in lewisville in lewisville. i'm >> still ahead, a new year leading to new laws. the rules that are taking effect in 2022 that will affect californians in the workplace. and despite the record snowfall and the tahoe area caltrans is still warning people stay away from the sierra. we'll have a look at that once we get back, john, and of course, that
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snowfall was nice to see. nice to see roads back open even with those concerns. >> here in the bay area. it's good to get a break from the rain, the sunshine very welcome. but it does remain cool highs only in the 50's and a cold new year's tonight. your forecast ahead.
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>> well, we're taking a live look at the sierra this morning in traffic is making
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their way. you can see snow on both sides there. the ground. we had a chance to see some good snow come down. got a little break right now. but hey, it's going to be back in action just a couple of days. welcome back to the kron 4 morning news on this last friday of the new year radar harvey. thanks for waking up with us this morning. well, if you're going to head out the door. you need to know what to wear. john shrable, you've been keeping us up to date of got my dress on top of address. just a you to a white student was just like the snow out there. let's take one more look at the daughters of a already suffers. second. but i pulled up to you can see the snow berm piled high on the side of the road right there. traffic is really moving along heading up into the sierra so many people going to be enjoying it up there this weekend. >> it is going to be dry. i would recommend heading back sunday, although the rain and snow that we have on the way come monday of next we-k shouldn't be as much of an impact on closing down travel like we saw this past weekend with so many of you, we're
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just not moving up in the sierra. after all that snow, the central sierra 164% of average. we had our latest snow survey come in is actually the first of the season coming yesterday. results showing the southern sierra at a 173% of average for snowfall. this is great. that app can't run out, though. this is just over. december. average is right here. we still need a whole lot more to carry us to the rest of the year and to help to pull us even deeper out of the drought that we're in. we're only about halfway there. we still need a lot more to get going. as for radar. you can see clear skies across the bay yesterday was a rainy one for la and the snowy one for the great find close things down temporarily all on. i 5 that's back open as are all roads here in northern california. smooth sail in these next few days as we just look at cold and sunny conditions, cool sunshine to carry us through this last day of the year. now tonight under these clear skies temperatures are going to fall off really quick. and that means by midnight tonight as you are outside. you can see how clear
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conditions are. it is going to have a very cold feel to it will remain clear and dry through sunday before showers do return on monday. these are expected to be light to moderate for the bay area with some snow in the sierra nevada. nice to see momentum going and also nice to see that we don't have any storms ahead of us that are really going to stop conditions in their tracks this is something we can deal with the head into monday and wednesday temperatures today will be in the 50's, not an exceptionally cool or warm day just enough for the light jacket into the afternoon and keep those layers on hand for your morning and evening hours as those are the times that are going to get really cold. san jose at 4.52, some 40's in morgan hill as well as out towards the tri valley you'll be at 49 head over to oakland and you'll be at 53 this afternoon. mostly the 50's across the north bay now temperatures your next 7 days aren't going to break out of those 50's. pretty solid all the way through today. tomorrow, sunday, the dry days, a little more unsettled next week. we will have lows tonight falling as cold in some inland spots as the upper
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20's. >> john, thank you for that. he will 2021 saw the return of movies being played in the theaters in front of an audience on this one to go see spiderman as well as more home releases dean richards breaks down his top 10 movies of the year. >> people become the weapon. >> daniel craig's swan song as james bond was an unusually emotional one. we also double as 7 go places. we've never seen him go before. but we also saw the core of why this character's been so beloved for so long. no time to die encapsulated all of that and delivered my number 10 pick for the best of 2021 this year was definitely not friendly to musicals. there's a variety of reasons why movies like in the heights didn't perform well at
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the box office. they were not the quality of the movie making the performances here nor the pure joy. this movie exuded. i still look at it and picked. it is my number 9 movie of 2021. >> at number 8. it's the japanese and 3 drive. my car. i thought well, written. albeit too long story about a man travels to hiroshima direct the play and communities laura's love loss and grief following the death of his wife. >> the best documentary of the year is my 7th overall movie of the year. summer of soul examined 1960 nine's harlem cultural festival that was often called the black woodstock. the footage that was largely forgotten here features performances by stevie wonder, nina simone sly and the family stone gospel. great mahalia jackson. >> bb king and many, many more
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as a statement about a turbulent piece of american history. my 6, the favorite from the year was a filmmaking masterpiece dune the epic sci-fi adventures. the second adaptation of the 1965 freight kerber novel that takes you into the war for the deadly desert planet of or excess. it's the first part of what will be a two-part adaptation from filmmaker villeneuve. there's also director writer, paul thomas anderson's licorice pizza a 70 said coming of age drama comedy starring cooper hoffman, the son of the late philip seymour hoffman and singer alana haim as a 15 year-old in 25 year-old respectively in a flirtation romance. it's my 5th favorite of the year. you're doing. >> up with our at number 4, it's the netflix western drama. the power of the benedict cumberbatch kirsten dunst and newcomer kodi
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smit-mcphee star in the story about a domineering charismatic rancher, which is a war of intimidation. >> and his brother's new wife and her teen son the most talked about film at festivals around the world this year is the kenneth branagh directed belfast this black and white and 3 is his semi autobiographical telling of his own upbringing, terry family and friends apart and it's the violence in the northern ireland town during the 1960's and the 1970's. it's my number 3 pick for the best of 2021. and number 2, it's the steven spielberg adaptation of the classic stage and movie musical west side story. and although this is another example of moviegoers not ready yet to go to theaters to see a movie musical. there is no denying that this is one of the film highlights of the year with its stunning cinematography a respectful, yet. fresh take on the original storyline and one great performance after
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another. as for the number one movie of 2021 20 me. only a spider-man. no way home breaking pandemic era. box office records. it's also shattering all expectations for the public on how thoughtful and fun of marvel superhero movie can be. i think it's the perfect example of why we love going to the movies and it is my favorite film of 2021. happy new year in chicago and dean richards. >> wow. and the one movie on that list. i actually went to go see was spiderman. so i recommend go see all of those movies. we have some good news for california when it comes to the snow on the water and the drought. to we're not a drop just yet. we'll be right back after the break.
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>> well, the first snow survey of the year is bringing some good news to tom wallace has those details for us. >> it's thick snow. california needs and now thanks to the state's first official snow survey of the season. we have a better idea about what all of this means for our snow pack. we are off to a great start off to a great start, says sean de guzman after he and his team with the california department of water
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resources measure. the snowpack in phillips, a small community nestled off highway 50 elevations 6800 feet. the measurement found the snowpack in this area of the sierra stands at 200, 2% of average for this time of year. the state's snowpack lower than that. but still high at 100, 60% of average for this part of the year. there's so much snow here in philips that the state officials in charge of this snow survey had to walk in with snow shoes just to get to this area. now, while that's not necessarily unusual, they say all of this snow. >> brings hope for the state's drought. our precept a statewide is looking well above average. we've had, you know, one of the best one of the snowiest decembers on record. even with that good news. the state is still below where it needs to be by april. 1st, we're at 81% of the april first average survey leaders say this is a reminder we are still in drought. >> they're saying we're not out of the woods just yet. no, definitely not out of the woods quite yet. most of our reservoirs are still below average. i want to say there's
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maybe a just a couple reservoirs that are above average at this point. and that's why the guzman and his team will closely watch and hope for more snow in the months ahead. let's just keep it coming in. tom wallace, fox 40 news. >> all right. well, coming up next on the kron 00:00am morning news is the bay area continues to tighten their mask requirements amid the surge and covid cases. one industry that has been hit hard as gyms. we have the details after the break.
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>> welcome back to the kron 00:00am morning news here on my last friday of 2021 radar. harvey. thanks for waking up with us this morning. hey, you know, we love to hear your new year's resolutions. remember over twitter kron 4. you can always tweet us. let us know what some of your new year's resolutions are. john, you've been talking about some pretty neat resolutions. and what are yours. you know what i gave up on the health focused ones like eating better while ago. although one year i did successfully cut out soda. okay for a whole year. i was 6 months. i went vegan. >> and then we've got to it. but that was a long time ago. time now i just focus on like appreciating the moment stuff like that. it's for a shot. i would say check on the loved once morse you know, more call, more regularly just be kind. i think that's it. you know, think we focus on so many things just being kind to one another you never know was
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having a rough time. just just be kind and arrives. all 3 of those right the forecast on hopefully looks good coming into the new year. yeah, i think that the be kind. what is one that we can all remember sometimes it's could get stressful sometimes you just got to always remember that first and foremost. it is definitely sunny new year's resolution for mother nature was to get us back on track as far as winter goes in after. >> what seemed like it wasn't winter at all. last year. it looks like this season's coming through for us now that happened just cannot run outs in the 2022 it is nice to get a break from it, though, and i can see so many of you enjoying happen bay this morning. love to see that on a sunny day, not letting the cold keep you indoors. you just bundle up as you're getting out there and you're good to go today is going to be a nice and mild afternoon tonight, though, temperatures are going to fall off really quick and are some clear skies. we will see some of our coldest temperatures into early morning hours tomorrow. so if you're staying out to midnight or even past that layer upon layer be coming in handy this morning. we're
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still in the 30's for fremont dublin livermore in concord as well as much of the north bay where temperatures earlier this morning we're below freezing. so those layers are good idea. reyna you've got the sparkles on. but under that i see that extra layer. it's a good idea stay stay smart because hey, you don't want to catch a cold out there as you're traveling out on the roadways this morning. >> as you're traveling. we're going to look at your traffic. nice and light for look, you probably need to get some last minute things done. there's so many things i have to get done after i get off of work today. so traffic is like for you, for the most part, 10 minutes traveling from the maze 2 that fremont street exit in the city heading across towards the peninsula. pop 14 minutes for your drive time there. let richmond center fell as you're traveling out richmond, about 9 minutes. there and it's a 20 minute drive 37 to the tolls, the of the golden gate. now cities all around the globe having to cancel or either scale back their traditional new year's eve celebrations because of the omicron surge we've been seen san francisco
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is canceled. their fireworks show. and in new york city, the show's going to on. but they're putting some restrictions in place. anthony di lorenzo has more for us. >> times square has officially been shut down to traffic this morning. in just a few hours, thousands of people will be filling these hands. albeit will be smaller crowds. the normal. some people have even called for the celebration to be canceled. however, mayor says that having new year's eve here in times square with people shows the world. new york city is still open for business. >> the ball's been tested the balloons inflated and security is in place. however, times square will again look and feel a bit different. this new year's eve due to the pandemic, putting a cap on the crowd size. pandemic has changed literally, you know, all of our lives over the last two-plus years, including this event. it's something that we have to adapt to. unlike last year when the public was not
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able to attend. the city is only allowing 15,000 people tonight. each person won't be allowed inside until 03:00pm and must be masked and fully vaccinated on 6th or 8th avenue. >> they will show their vaccination card to one of the people will be checking along with photo id. we're asking them the mascot and then they'll go through the nypd screening point. the nypd will start securing the area and shut down the heart of times square this morning. police were on the only credible toreat to the event this year. >> is covid and for the first time ever here in the city and the mayor elect will take the main stage here. >> and be sworn in as the 110 mayor of new york city, the initial plans for inauguration were scrapped on new year's day due to covid concerns so they will happen here tonight. reporting from times square. i'm anthony di. lorenzo, back to you. >> all right. and you can celebrate the new year with kron 4, the countdown begins at 9 o'clock and then at 1130
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our grant lotus and justine waltman. they're going to take over to help us all ring in the new year. and we're going to celebrate with a live fireworks show from the entertainment capital of the world. las vegas only on kron 4. but we also want to see you because we know how fabulous you're going to look so when you're taking a pictures tonight post on your social media account and use this hashtag that's in whyy live and we're going to share them over on our website. if you do that to make sure you send us lots of photos. another big story this morning amid a surge of omicron cases. 5 bay area counties have all temporarily titan mask requirements regardless of your vaccination status. one industry that's been hit pretty hard by these changes are the fitness centers owners and managers have been saying for covid transmission isn't an issue inside their gyms. they're crediting members, only access and the vaccine requirement to get inside the new year. normally comes with new members. but the director mark in a fitness sf worries business is going to die down.
9:36 am
>> the mask mandate puts a little bit of a damper on that. but, you know, we understand and i think our members understand as well. you just have to really be on top of it. make sure that the communication is going out to the members clearly and that every once aware. >> well, as a fitness, gym say they are downtown gyms are having a harder time recovering from the pandemic. and the south bay, the children's discovery museum in san jose is turning into a vaccine clinic this weekend. it's offering an incentive for families to get their shots on january. second on sunday, january 23rd families to get kids or adults covid shot. we'll also get a free museum day passed. you can use your past any time through may 31st at least 2 more clinics are planned for the winter season. the fda has authorized another at home. rapid covid test. this one is by the german company siemens. now the demand for at-home testing skyrocketed mostly because of the omicron variant people gathering for the holidays
9:37 am
that has should be available starting next month. it's authorized for anyone who's 14 and older. well, we're bringing you up to date on the new state laws that are going to take effect in the new year. ashley zavala explains a new rules that are going to impact california workers. >> new state laws will change some regulations for workplaces across california in january. the state's minimum wage will increase to $15 an hour for workplaces with more than 26 employees and $14 for those with less than 26 employees. in addition to the pay increase workplace safety fines will also see a boost in the new year. the state's division of occupational safety and health can penalize workplaces for each employee affected by a violation of the state's health and safety rules larger employers with multiple offices are hubs can have all of their locations penalized. if there's evidence of a pattern of violations at more than one location on workplace conduct, starting in 2022 california will ban the use of
9:38 am
non-disclosure settlement agreements in workplace harassment and discrimination cases. in most cases the law will also prohibit employers from using severance agreements that would keep an employee from speaking out about illegal acts in the workplace. other labor laws affect specific industries warehouses and distribution centers must provide new employees, a written description of all quotas within a month of higher. those quotas can't come in the way of the workers legally required breaks for food delivery apps. it's illegal for the app to keep any portion of the tip from the delivery driver or restaurant for pickup orders. for garment workers. they must now be paid hourly instead of by piece with the exception of workplace is covered by collective bargaining agreement. fashion brands could be on the hook if they're contractors. violate labor laws in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> well, happening tomorrow. unfortunately drivers will have to shell out more to drive on bay area bridges starting tomorrow tolls on the bridges for most cars and trucks and motorcycles are going to increase a dollar from $6 to 7. now the change
9:39 am
is going to take effect on the bay bridge and bridge, the benicia martinez bridge parking is dunbarton bridge. the richmond. sandra fell and the san mateo haber bridge this is the second of 3 one dollar increase is approved by state lawmakers back in 2017 and passed by voters in 2018. >> well, plus, the warriors game against the nuggets is postponed due to covid. we'll have reaction one of the players. and another smash-and-grab robbery in san francisco. and this time abelove family pets was taken. we have details after the break.
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>> well, in san francisco. a couple is devastated after their cat was stolen from their car in a smash-and-grab burglary. the couple they were visiting from anaheim. now the thief struck while their suv was parked on lombard street parking garage on bolton street. the cat is the couple's travel companion. that's the cap right there and was in the carrier when it was stolen. it's now been more than a week and their cat is still nowhere to be found. the couple they stayed around in the city to post flyers and also to alert local animal shelters. >> was a cold winter night. and we you know, we decided to keep, you know, we didn't want kerry the a cousin of the doesn't provide much shelter from the cold. so we decided to keep her warm and cozy
9:43 am
inside of the vehicle. it is possible that if the count was you know, not of any use for them to released her into the streets. she may be still hiding. help. there. >> well, the owners filed a police report and are offering a cash reward for anyone who returns their cat. we'll be right back after the break.
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well, caltrans is warning against any travel to the
9:46 am
sierra because there are downed trees. they are unsafe conditions force caltrans to close both interstate 80 and highway 80 both routes has since been reopened. the south lake tahoe mayor devin middlebrooks as the areas now seen a break after a week of record snowfall have a drivers should expect long delays with several back roads are also closed due to downed trees and power lines. obviously we had closures for the last several days. we be real close. you can get the basin. the roads have been. >> extremely icy and snowy. you have to make a critical trip. a critical trip for work. an essential trip. it's okay. >> but if it's a trip just to hang out with family and friends were saying stay off the roads. >> all right. you heard it stay off the roads because chain controls have been dropped on highway 50 end interstate 80, but the california department of transportation says trip should be limited to essential travel only because crews are still trying to get those roadways clear. you also have to keep in mind another storm
9:47 am
is expected early next week. and you're probably planning what you're going to wear today. so our meteorologist john shrable has us covered >> is this the last morning forecast. 2021 and you know, they're only going to get better in 2020. is our year believe or you're hey, and as far as mother nature is concerned, we've got the momentum to make that so it was a very dire situation as far as the drought goes, we're still not out of the woods, but we have made so much progress. so this is nice optimistic way to kick off a new year, right. looking outside their donner summit conditions are nice. not a lot of mel tucker in because it's still really cold up there that means that 164% of snowpack average for this time of year. it's going to stick around a little bit longer if not get added to into early next week. the southern sierra based on first snow report of the year. is that a 173% of average such good news to carry us into 2022. but we still have more work to do. obviously los angeles, heavy rain yesterday resulted in some flooding. the grapevine
9:48 am
was closed due to some snowfall back open. now, though. as for the bay area and the sierra we're looking dry today on through sunday. good weekend for travels across the region. even though up into the sierra officials are still cautioning people against it. obviously that low pressure area that brought us all. the rainfall has swung out of the region now we're left high and dry with some cold conditions. it is going to be cool this afternoon. but tonight temperatures are going to fall really quickly and are these clear skies this is 02:45am tomorrow morning. and you can see just how skies remain so clear. if you are going to be out and about for new year's eve tonight. just throw on those extra layers. you hoped regret it. it's going to get cold really quickly rainfall arrives again on into monday of next week. showers should stay light to moderate with snowfall in the sierra nevada during that same time working our way on into tuesday and wednesday. more shower potential exists. nothing major, though, that shuns snarl any travel conditions for us just keeping good solid wet momentum going 50's for our daytime highs
9:49 am
today. we will have a couple of 40's mixed in especially inland. but most of us will be in that comfortably. cool range of 50's sunshine is going make things nice. if you are stepping outside towards the middle of the day. once the sun goes down, though temperatures are going to bottom out really quick pleasant hill. a pleasant 10, i should say, snow in dublin each at 49 degrees. walnut creek, you'll be at a comfortably. cool. 52 the also at 52 today with some 40's near the coastline, tomorrow's temperatures, a little warmer than today's to kick off the new year. we will be seeing temperatures remaining in the 50's well into next week. dry today, tomorrow and sunday that more unsettled next week. reyna tom, thank you that. let's get a look at your traffic on this friday morning. in the last traffic forecast of 2021. >> traveling from the east bay into the city. about 10 minutes for you. there. san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. little under 14 minutes for your drive. let's get a look at the richmond center fell bridge as you're heading out of richmond, about 9 minutes and the golden gate bridge 20 minutes from 37 to the tolls.
9:50 am
it will in bay area sports the warriors game against the nuggets was postponed because of covid and 2 former 40 niner greats are finalists for the pro football hall of fame kron four's. kylen mills has the details in sports. >> our day for the warriors. they flew to denver only to learn their game against the nuggets had been postponed due to health and safety protocols. denver doesn't have the league minimum 8 healthy players. the team already dealing with injuries had 3 players enter covid protocols, nuggets head coach michael malone and 2 assistant coaches also entered health protocols. meanwhile, the words are starting to get some players back after dealing with their own covid issues for andrew wiggins return to plan tuesday will guards jordan, poole and moses moody have been cleared to return to play guard damion lee and starting forward. draymond green remain out due to covid green's absence was a key factor in the worst loss to the nuggets at home on tuesday. he voiced his frustration about the whole situation, social media tweeting this. how do you continue to cancel games.
9:51 am
implemented rules to prevent this from happening. is that not a competitive advantage for other teams. the guys we didn't have due to. the protocol is played no role in tuesday's loss. pick a side but don't straddle the fence. so one the rescheduled game. the game is rescheduled bratcher rather, which will probably take away from our break we'll play them full strength, but they got to sneak a win when we were at full strength only 2 days ago. let's make it make some sense here. but some critics are saying is that a team like denver with a few covid cases could conveniently have other players with any type of soreness it out so they get to reschedule the game rather than play short-handed not to say that was necessarily the case here. but some are questioning the whole situation. a new date for this war is nuggets. game has not yet been set. the college hoops season turning into quite a mask. the west coast conference is postponed all of its basketball game scheduled for this weekend. the only saturday game still being played as of right now is the men's game between usf in saint mary's and moraga the wcc previously postponed the first game of conference play for both men's and women's
9:52 am
basketball teams santa clara also place in the west coast conference their games this week have been postponed because of covid cases within the broncos program. 2 former forty-niners could receive one of the highest honors in football linebacker patrick willis willis alignment, bright young morning finalists for the pro football hall of fame class of 2022 willis was a seven-time pro bowler and five-time first team, all pro he only played 8 seasons all with the niners, but he's still the franchise's all-time leader in solo tackles he is considered a shoe in to make the hall of fame, although wasn't picked in his first 2 years of eligibility. meanwhile, young was a four-time pro bowler. he ranks second on the forty-niners list of career sack leaders, young help the niners to their last super bowl titles. a rookie in 1994 and he was the league's comeback player of the year in 18, 80 night. >> think it's a no-brainer that patrick is a hall of famer. you talk about speed, you talk about physicality, you talk about smart. i he's everything you want in an
9:53 am
inside linebacker and he set the tone for the defense here for play. a 9 years that he was here. you know, he was that guy. he was the leader of this defense and and i was just always fun to watch him. >> well, that was kylen mills reporting for us. and remember, you can watch the forty-niners this sunday afternoon at levi stadium against the houston texans kickoff is going to be at one '05, set your alarm. well, as we head to break the 133 or rose parade is a go tomorrow morning. you can watch that rain on kron 4 and on quan online on new year's day. our coverage is going to start at 06:00am and the parade begins commercial free at 8 o'clock. we'll be right back.
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>> hawaii. well, we are taking a live look this morning at the sierra highway. 80. it's now back open to traffic after that snowstorm blew when snow was all over the highway. you can see some trucks are still just a slowly making their way while others moving a little faster. the air. they still want to encourage you to take your time as you're traveling up there this morning. john, i know you're saying that a snowstorm is another one just around the corner, right. so yeah, next week snowfall looks to be a little bit more moderate. fortunately, but it could make for some slick conditions come monday, tuesday and wednesday.
9:57 am
>> nothing like the snow that we saw last weekend. so definitely a little bit of a know they're now friday, saturday and sunday are going to be nice and clear. lots of sunshine cool sunshine, though highs only in the 50's and those evening lows get really, really cold. as you can see, most of us will fall into the 30's. but some of our inland areas will fall into the upper 20's making for some very jacket where the conditions you've got to dress is on this ready for the new year. yeah. ready for the new year. and we are. >> so grateful for you at home. it has been a fabulous year with you in 2021, let's make it even better and 2020 to see you next year rink. before that drink turns to drinks, make a plan to get home safe. just call a friend, a cab, and get a rideshare. whatever you do, don't let drunk drive. go safely, california.
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