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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  January 1, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> no doubt o'clock get ready for a big chill. a live look at downtown san francisco as we put the finishing touches on this very first night of 2022. we are just hours away from a freeze warning taking effect for some parts of the bay area. that is where we start this saturday night here on kron. 4 news at 9 o'clock. welcome. jonathan mccall justine waltman enjoying the night off. happy new year to you and your family. we hope that are having a safe and happy holiday. meanwhile, these freezing conditions are expected to last through the weekend. kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez here tonight with the areas impacted by that freeze warning in just how low temperatures will get overnight. yeah. it's already starting to feel chilly out there for your saturday night, especially in our inland valleys in the bay area. but we have a freeze warning. >> going into effect about 3 hours from now at midnight. mainly for santa clara east bay and north bay valleys. you could see temperatures dip to a low 28 degrees. we're
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tracking widespread 30's, though, from coastal valleys. temperatures out there right now. already starting to plummet in the mid 30's for dublin and livermore. 35 degrees. so bone chilling temperatures, they're already at this 9 o'clock hour concord and oakland in the upper 30's petaluma though, 34 degrees easily the coolest city out there right now in the bay area. novato in the mid 30's as a san anselmo but around the bay area shoreline. we are noticing some milder temperatures along immediate coastline downtown san francisco 46 degrees pacifica in the low 40's as his berkeley currently at 42 degrees. but when tracker for it's because of these lack of winds and also clear skies that we're noticing temperatures really dip. we're tracking this cold snap lasting all the way through tonight. but the good news is we are going to see slightly warmer temperatures for your sunday afternoon compared to today. but radar for out there right now. crystal clear skies. i know a lot of you
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want to take advantage of your new year's resolution and also friends and family in town. you may want to go on a walk or a hike or run, make sure to dress in layers in the morning. and we also have coastal flood advisory still remaining in effect through monday morning. king tides, returning with the highest high tide shortly after 10 o'clock for your sunday morning could see the high tide more than 7 feet with the lowest low tide by sunday evening after 5 o'clock. but we're going to rebound a seasonal temperatures by tuesday of this upcoming week with light showers returning as well. more. my full forecast in just a few minutes. jonathon, back to you. risa, thank you. as she just said, more rain on the way for us. but the rain we've seen so far is making a big difference in california's drought conditions. >> get this right now only a 3rd of the golden state is in an extreme drought conditions. kron four's amanda hari lot of force in the city breaking down what all of those changes and all the rain means moving forward. i mean,
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>> jonathan, last week i was standing out here talking to you in the rain this week. it's much nicer, but the meteorologists i spoke to said all that rain. we experienced the last week and a half has made a big difference. but we're not out of the >> i think probably the key thing is we're starting out on a good note. this is a good thing. we're well above normal starting out the water year. just one week separates these 2 maps from the u.s. drought monitor the one of the left is red signifying extreme or exceptional drought. the one on the right is much more orange showing significant improvement. certainly what period that we've really going back through of legal part of october and even heading into december. we've gotten quite a bit of rainfall. that's helped us out. a good deal. the state has improved from nearly 80% of it being an extreme or exceptional drought to just about 33%. it's both good and some other impacts as well.
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meteorologist with the national weather service. sean millar says, well, we need the waters. sometimes we get too much at once. >> you can see that here in this citizen video from oakland on christmas morning. it also resulted in snow that closed roads in the sierra nevada mountains. despite all this. all the state is still experiencing some level of drought. we still got to make up for how dry it's been over the past couple of years or so really need to keep that water flowing through >> you know, the remainder of the winter season so we can help to felton reservoirs. i did ask miller about what we should expect for the coming week as many people head back to work and school. we do have a couple of shots of some more rainfall, probably on the light side over the next week or so. but then it looks like the main trend drier towards the middle to later part of january. >> like you just heard right there. we are going to see that light rain sticking around. so you're going to want to keep that umbrella handy like this one here for the rest of the week live in
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san francisco. amanda hari kron 4 news. >> everyone on the program and those came and those who will be want to set up the stage music and everything else that will be a part of this program. >> 13 years after his death sparked a movement here in the bay area and across america today doesn't spend part of their 2022 remembering oscar grant. it was on this day back on 2009 when grant was killed at the hands of bart officers at the fruitvale station this afternoon, a vigil was held in his honor. kron four's. gayle ong takes us there. >> we praise we you for this space and this god, what we can come together and of 4 and be our and brothers keeper. a prayer for oscar grant delivered by his mother. >> 13 years to the day since his death in 2000, 10 1 to johnson started the oscar
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grant foundation, a nonprofit that works to bring law enforcement agencies and their communities together to prevent further violence each year. the community comes together to remember her son and you work is making a difference. >> can you feel change? >> and there's so much work to be done. but that's why it's so important that we come here every year. every year. we never forget oscar. >> it was 1/1/2009 when grant was shot and killed by a bart police officer at the fruitvale station in oakland. the incident captured on cell phone video grand seen lying face down on the station platform was unarmed. the officer claimed to use his taser instead of his gun. he was later convicted of involuntary manslaughter back in august of last year. state attorney general rob bonta announced the department of justice will conduct its own independent review of the former bart police officer. we are standing here. i you. >> also speaking at the event,
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the mother of christopher jones, a 17 year-old bny who lost his life to gun violence on new year's eve in oakland in 2010, we have to step >> we've got to do what you gotta do. just the wind that comes out 10 years, 11 years me to use for her. know parents have lost their 2 of 2530 year. if you're not in this place, you would never understand. but what we want to do with too many 22 is make sure you don't stand in this time. >> a >> community ensuring oscar grant is not forgotten. gayle ong kron 4 news. >> tonight at $10,000 reward is being offered for the return of a stolen french bulldog puppy. these are pictures of that puppy tweeted by san francisco police early today. investigators say the thieves snatched rosie the bulldog this morning near
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broaddrick in beach. detectives say that someone inside of a silver chrysler. 200 got out of that car and just took the leash right out of the hands of rosie's owner before dragging the puppy back into the car. anyone with information on where she could be no urged to call san francisco police right now oakland police say they need your help, trying to catch up with some cars that police say have been casing some cannabis dispensaries over the last few days. investigators say they are looking for a dark dodge charger in the dark. nissan car. anyone with information is urged to call oakland police. new at 00:00pm tonight, a water heater is being blamed for sparking a fire at a center. will some mobile home this morning. it happened at woodcrest mobile home estates. fire crews say that no one was inside of that mobile home at the time flames were told did damage 3 rooms. officials say the home did sustained significant smoke and heat damage. now the covid-19 coverage. the saturday night just days before san francisco students are set to return to the
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classroom from winter break. the union representing san francisco's teachers are now calling on san francisco unified schools to make rapid take home test available before students and staff return to school on monday. district officials say that covid test have been available since last spring. the district says it also plans to make more testing sites available starting this week. it. as for take home test. the district says it plans to wait until the end of the school week before handing out the kits provided by the state. the decision now has san francisco supervisor matt haney concerned the students and the staff will already have been in the school for an entire week before and so the result of that is that we may have some spread in the schools. >> that could be prevented. >> the district says the testing is just one part of that safety plan. leaders say they also have daily health screenings. they're also encouraging people to get vaccinated and boosted. san francisco state university says it is postponing its in-person commencement
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ceremony in an email to graduate the school's president said that after consulting with health authorities. we were encouraged to postpone the event or immediately implement the booster requirement with the event just over a week away. there's simply no way that can happen at all. guests could comply. ceremonies were set to take place chase center on january 8th so far there's no word on if the ceremony will be rescheduled students at uc merced said meanwhile, are set to return to class next month for the start of the spring semester university officials say that with reopening the campus there will be a number of covid safety measures in place. students and staff who are eligible most received their covid booster shot those not eligible yet must get tested regularly face masks are still required indoors. there will also be no events or gatherings of more than 50 people outside of classroom settings. university officials say the classes are set to begin january 18th with remote instruction through january
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22nd to give incoming students more time to test for covid-19. meanwhile, the stanford and cal men's basketball game set for tomorrow afternoon has now been postponed because of covid issues on stanford's team. the pac 12 conference says it will now work with both schools to reschedule the game for a later date. ahead tonight on kron 4 news at 9. the covid surge now being blamed on more than 1400 flight cancellations across the united states. >> the details on what's on the way for sunday. still to come, plus 2022 already bringing a number of new changes, including more workers, pay. just how much more california workers can expect to see in their paychecks. whether time now as
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we talk about our 4 zone forecast. a live look at the golden gate bridge, folks out and about some folks head into the city may be doing a little. >> celebrating after the fireworks and everything else is brought in the new year. kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez here tonight with a look at just how cold things will get overnight. and tomorrow. yeah. and today also even our daytime highs. 40 degrees below average widespread low 50's when we should be in the mid to upper 50's this time of year. san jose, the only city warming up into the mid 50's. just 3 degrees below average at 56 degrees. but. >> check out livermore barely in the 50's when you should be in the mid 70's at 57 degrees.
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and we're going to track below average temperatures slightly warmer for the 2nd half of the weekend. but we are taking a live look at san francisco international airport, a very chilly night out there already because that lack a blanket of cloud cover and also calm wind speeds dipping us already in the mid 30's. so it's only 9 o'clock and that freeze warning going into effect at midnight. so this is just an indicator of just how chilly it's going to get freezing temperatures expected below freezing actually for those of you in santa rosa right now in the mid 30's at 36 degrees livermore, though, even cooler than that at 35 degrees with upper 30's for oakland in paulo, alto downtown san francisco in fremont a little bit. milder, though, in the mid 40's as his vallejo out there right now for your saturday night. but we do have a freeze warning going into effect at midnight through 9 o'clock for your sunday morning for inland valleys in santa clara east bay and north bay. those of you in the north
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bay valleys could see overnight lows as low as 28 degrees. i am tracking 29, though, for those of you in santa rosa and we're going to see widespread low to mid 30's for most of the bay area. even along our coast, half moon bay cooling down to 38 degrees almost 10 degrees warmer. then santa rosa, but still very chilly overnight lows tonight. high temperatures tomorrow. widespread mid 50's ix with the exception of napa and allay upper 40's to low 50's for napa and allay. and we're tracking, though seasonal temperatures not arriving until that storm cloud cover helps boost up our overnight lows bring us some more much needed rain with these weak storms tracking our next shower. chances in my next full forecast. jonathan, back to you. >> recent thank you. we are bringing you up to date on new state laws that take effect starting today. kron 4 capitol bureau bureau reporter ashley zavala explains the new rules that will impact california workers. >> new state laws will change
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some regulations for workplaces across california in january. the state's minimum wage will increase to $15 an hour for workplaces with more than 26 employees and $14 for those with less than 26 employees. in addition to the pay increase workplace safety fines will also see a boost in the new year. the state's division of occupational safety and health can penalize workplaces for each employee affected by a violation of the state's health and safety rules larger employers with multiple offices are hubs can have all of their locations penalized. if there's evidence of a pattern of violations at more than one location on workplace conduct starting in 2022 california will ban the use of non-disclosure settlement agreements in workplace harassment and discrimination cases. in most cases the law will also prohibit employers from using severance agreements that would keep an employee from speaking out about illegal acts in the workplace. other labor laws affect specific industries, warehouses and distribution centers must provide new employees a written description of all quotas within a month of higher.
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those quotas can't come in the way of the workers legally required breaks for food delivery apps. it's illegal for the app to keep any portion of the tip from the delivery driver or restaurant for pickup orders. for garment workers. they must now be paid hourly instead of by piece with the exception of workplace is covered by collective bargaining agreement. fashion brands could be on the hook if they're contractors, violate labor laws in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news, the omicron variant is also causing problems for some of america's largest banks. >> a memo issued by citibank encouraging their workers to work from home for the first 2 weeks of the new year to avoid getting sick in the workplace. meanwhile, jp morgan chase also issuing a similar announcement now living it up to department managers if their workers can telecommute jp morgan is also encouraging its workers to get vaccinated and boosted before returning to the office. those who do not will be asked to take a rapid test once a week. most workers from both companies are expected to return to
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their in office schedules sometime in february. meanwhile, there have been thousands of flight cancellations and delays. so far this holiday season as the omicron variant creates havoc for both travelers and airlines who are having to cobble together flights just as infections rise among pilots and flight attendants. michael shure brings us more on how folks are trying to get home after the new year. >> i want to fly right now, new year, same frustrations. more travelers are facing delays and cancellations as they try to get back home from the holidays boarded the flight. >> on time. so that was great. and then set for our and then they decided we needed to deplane and then the flight was totally canceled. airlines canceled more than 2400 us flights saturday that's the highest single-day total since just before christmas. today's cancellations bringing the total since christmas eve to more than 13,000. according to tracking service flightaware. i find all look about like 8 o'clock at night.
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>> my place canceled. my plate and i have to new plate and the things i want to do tomorrow morning. i couldn't do >> airlines are blaming wintry weather and high numbers of sickouts due to the rising number of covid-19 infections around the country. chicago based united airlines says it had to scrap flights because of the spike in omicron cases southwest says winter weather is forcing it to suspend operations at airports in chicago. more than 40% of flights at o'hare were canceled today and delta airlines projects 2 to 300 daily cancellations this weekend due to dangerous weather conditions and the covid surge, the faa warning of more cancellations over the next few days. >> this latest travel hiccup comes after widespread cancellations that lasted more than a week around the christmas holiday. >> so the kron 4 for the latest on the stormy
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conditions just scan this qr code on your screen. the latest to find the latest on the storms headed our way, including live radar and road closures or flooding in your area all of your fingertips at kron 4 dot com ahead at 9 o'clock, a group of folks spending the part of their new year off to a very scary start. the latest on how they were able to be rescued. >> after spending a night suspended in the air. a chp officer is the one being chased account going after the officer. the entire thing caught on camera. and someone could be starting the brand new year a new winner with half a billion dollars in their bank account. these are a look at the winning numbers in tonight's 500 million dollar powerball jackpot. they are 6 1239, 4850. the powerball is 7 good luck.
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>> welcome back, everyone. caught on camera. a chp officer in susanville got more than he bargained for recently. take a look at this chp recently posted this video online showing a particularly aggressive bovine charging right at the officer back on december 23rd and start to see. but he managed to ump out of the frame just as the cow miss the officer. the good news, he was able to get to safety. not the ideal start
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for 2022 for some folks stranded on 2 tram cars high over the mountains of albuquerque overnight. the good news, all 21 of them are now safe after they were rescued by helicopter. but they had to spend the night dangling from those cables and freezing cold temperatures. the good news, though. those gondolas were supplied with food and blankets. officials say the trams got stuck opbecause of iced over cables. still to come tonight here on kron. 4 news at 9 has the new year begins the calls more covid testing. >> and vaccinations continues to grow. we'll let you know what health experts are now saying about the potential covid surge being felt across america also, we're getting new look at the damage left behind from a massive wildfire in colorado. you can see the rubble covered in a blanket of snow. still to come tonight. well, the moisture is good news when it comes to putting up the flames. we found out it's also hindering part of the cleanup efforts. >> and tracking our next round of wet weather arriving early
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this cell coming me. find out how much rain we're going to get from the weaker storms as they track them hour by hour in my full forecast straight ahead.
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>> whether time now as we take a live look at the exploratorium along the san francisco embarcadero on this saturday night this very first night of 2022. we hope that you and your family are enjoying the holiday inn having a safe one as well. in
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addition to some chilly temperatures, a freeze warning that we're following. we're also tracking a set of storms headed our way in the coming days as well. kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez here tonight to track the timing of when they will arrive. yeah, they are going to be weaker storms and what we've been seeing for most of the start of our wet season but still bringing us beneficial rain. nonetheless, especially for those of you in the north bay. >> right now. very dry calm. clear conditions for your saturday night in the bay area. so. >> make sure to bundle up. but by monday we're going to notice an increase in overnight. low temperatures ramping up thanks to that blanket of cloud cover and even our daytime highs returning to near average by tuesday afternoon with widespread upper 50's. so heading in the right direction, though. but we're going to see some light bands of rain arriving. for those of you first in the north bay as early as monday morning. and then it's going to start to shift to the south and primarily staying over the bay
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area coastline and even parts of the east bay shoreline, speci ically those of you in richmond oakland and even berkeley. and we're going to see that storm track really just stay there for your monday night through early tuesday morning by early tuesday afternoon. it's just going to sit and hover over that area. and that's really going to be all of the wet weather. we're going to get from monday into tuesday for those of you in the north bay, though you can get some additional light showers by wednesday morning. but we're going to see more clouds and sun looking like a drier pattern even through thursday. partly cloudy skies there with some widespread wet weather with a stronger storm arriving by friday morning into the afternoon as you can see, widespread light to moderate rain there. let's track is how much rain we're going to get from all this wet weather from monday through thursday. we could see anywhere from about half an inch of rain or less for most of san francisco peninsula southward and even into parts of the east bay shoreline like oakland. those
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of you and conquer the less than a quarter of an inch of rain. but unfortunately traces amounts. for those of you in livermore san jose and mount. you really just about a 10th of an inch of rain or less possibly upwards of 3 quarters of an inch of rain for those of you in santa rosa and napa and up to an inch of rain for local hills and mountains in the north bay and even along our coastal ranges as well. but we're tracking, though a lot of changes heading our way showers returning temperatures rebounding to normal and finally overnight lows in the 40's and 50's starting tuesday night. so jonathan, it's a win-win. but unfortunately no powerball winner for you. i guess you're stuck with us for another night. >> we have until monday, go get like. take a look at this. thursday's wildfire in high winds and colorado coming as a surprise for many folks. >> who live there. take a look
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at this. shoppers being forced to evacuate a store outside of denver as the wind and flames started rising forcing a rushed evacuation into the parking lot are folks drove away. the side. those wind whipped flames, a colorado officials says that nearly a 1000 homes were destroyed. hundreds other hundreds more were damaged. 3 people are missing after that wildfire charred a number of neighborhoods in an area at the base of the rocky mountains. meanwhile tonight freezing temperatures and ice snow cover the rubble left behind from what is no known as the marshall fire. rachel skytta has reaction from the folks. now we turn to their homes. >> and the wind is so strong a scary sight along highway 93 turned to terror. i had no idea how. >> the fire could have. then on johnson dakota captured what appears to be a shed on fire. >> near the intersection of
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eldorado springs drive. this was thursday in the area where the marshall fire was first reported and not long after firefighters got the first call that first i thought, well, that's. >> that's a big fire. and that recording. he kept recording as the fire took off to the east. that's within 2 minutes. 3 minutes taking over towns and forcing 10's of thousands out of their homes. he had no idea how much damage the stay would bring who would have known that. i would i would have been recording. this video that would mark such a devastating now a very different scene at that same intersection, eldorado springs drive closed heading east with a line of unmarked vehicles along the road. >> the sheriff's office vehicle blocked the driveway leading to that shed, which is now just a piece of twisted metal sticking out from the snow. >> i'm not have no work. it's just. >> very center in boulder
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county. rachel skytta reporting. >> meanwhile, in parts of southern kentucky, folks there believe it was a tornado that may have caused sporadic damage this morning. this was the scene in hopkinsville, which was under a tornado warning by the national weather service. some damage was also reported in bowling green where a kroger store in the hobby lobby sustained damage. the storms moved quickly. so far there have not been any reports of anyone being hurt. this comes after the violent long-track tornado that moved across western kentucky last month causing catastrophic damage in the towns of mayfield and dawson springs. the united states reported more than 2 million covid cases in just one week. breaking yet another record as the omicron variant continues to surge across the country. the 2.4 million cases in the past week outpace the previous record of one 0.7 million
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cases in january. that's according to johns hopkins university. the u.s. is now averaging nearly 356,000 new cases a day and more than 4 cases every second worldwide cases have nearly doubled in just 2 weeks and are now approaching 14 cases every second, an example of the new challenges being created by the omicron variant is the fact that pediatric hospitalizations continues to grow in cities all across america here in california. 80 covid-19 infected children were admitted to the hospital last week. unvaccinated kids are still more likely to have issues requiring hospitalization. but children under the age of 5 still do not have a vaccine approved for them. experts say they hope that high vaccination rates in some areas will help to curb the surge. the holiday season is officially over. but the spread of covid-19 is not steven steve kuzj has more on how officials are now urging everyone to get vaccinated and to test of covid after
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gathering with loved ones. >> vaccinations and testing rudabeh. those 2 will be key in helping slow the spread of the coronavirus, which unfortunately right now is spreading faster than it ever has any point in this entire two-year long pandemic. millions of americans are now traveling across the country. they're headed back to family and friends headed back to their homes, headed back to work in a couple of days and according to health officials, a lot of those people will be unknowingly carrying the coronavirus with them and continue to spread it because of testing centers like here in harlem. harlem hospital center are going to be staying as busy as ever. >> it's january 1st new year's day 2022 the holidays are gone. but the coronavirus is still here no matter how hard we try. there's no getting rid of it like some sort of on want to get. >> with 10's of thousands of people just gathered in times square. >> others gathered around the
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world. health officials are bracing for a massive new surge of covid cases. the delta variant and now the omicron variant are spreading like wildfire throughout new york and the country. the numbers of sick are rising and continuing to break daily records some of now worth it to say we're breaking records are breaking records every day. >> new york lines for covid testing stretch down city blocks with weights lasting hours. still, people endure those waits to get their results according to state officials a record 76,000 new yorkers tested positive for covid on new year's eve alone. governor kathy hochul's statewide mask mandate was set to expire in the middle of january. the governor is now extending that mask mandate until the start of february because of how out of control the virus continues to spread. >> however, when it comes to the possibility of another lockdown and more restrictive health regulations. governor hochul says that is not in the plans for now. we're not there yet. but i also know all the
9:38 pm
tools at our disposal going to invoke them. >> in the case. what's necessary in the meantime, new york city mayor eric adams begins his first today leading america's largest city. these. >> has to use of city road is including educate his agency personnel and all the women and men who keep new york running have made sacrifices for the city again and again despite the mounting difficulties posed by covid-19. >> adams is hopeful. we're going to win because we made up of the best stuff on earth. we are new york us. new york governor kathy hochul says new york state is ranked in the top 3 when it comes to testing people for the coronavirus. >> she says that the state is working very hard to make even more tests and testing locations available. >> for anybody wants and needs in harlem. i'm steve kuzj news nation. >> a 4th covid-19 vaccine could get authorization for emergency use here in the united states as early as next
9:39 pm
month. novavax submitted its final data to the fda on friday. the vaccine is derived from the spike protein pulled from the very first strain of the novel covid. coronavirus, a late stage trial showed it was more than 90% effective against a variety of covid variants, including delta. but the maryland-based company is still working to develop a vaccine specifically for omicron. former president donald trump is now weighing in on a recent congressional primary. the former president is endorsing freshman representative mary miller who has been a staunch supporter of his. she's running against fellow incumbent representative rodney davis miller seat in congress was cut because of new redistricting maps, members of congress do not have to live in the district that they represent. atnt along with rising are scheduled to fire up their 5 g services. this coming tuesday. but the u.s. transportation secretary and the faa say they want the start of delayed for up to 2 weeks near airports,
9:40 pm
transportation chief pete buttigieg and steve dickson of the faa are concerned that the 5 g signals could enough. you wear it with aircraft electronics. the u.s. trade group representing major passenger and cargo airlines is also requesting the government home deployment of 5 g near airports. ahead tonight, a final tribute. to archbishop desmond tutu. >> look at the funeral services held for him today. the golden state warriors back in action tonight in utah taking on the jazz after the game was postponed. could the dubs hold off on a late push from the jazz kylen mills has the answers from salt lake city.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> the golden state warriors looking to score a win to start off 2022 they face the jazz on the road tonight, the warriors led the entire 1st half, but the jazz came storming back in the 3rd quarter. let's pick it up in the 4th ford. andre iguodala with a 3.60 gets the pass off wiggins shot. no good. it's one dollar. the 2 handed slam which that bucket cuts. the jazz lead to 4 this turn into a battle late in the 4th utah. big bogdanovic gets it in the corner. nails. the trade game tied up at one 11 a piece with 2 minutes to go a few possessions later warriors moving the ball. steph curry
9:44 pm
with a triple the dubs up by 5 now warriors trying to close it out down the stretch. iguodala had himself a night wide open nails. this stray from deep. he finished with 12 points, 7 boards and 8 assists. a great game for him. good to see him back and watch steph curry's reaction here, too. i love that. don't touch it. he he's on fire the warriors. hold on to win one 23 one 16 the final, the forty-niners take on the texans tomorrow with a new face leading the offense. rookie qb trey lance is expected to start as jimmy garoppolo's listed as doubtful earlier this week. the team announced that garoppolo seriously sprained a ligament in his right thumb. he did not practice all week and is unlikely to play lance hasn't thrown in a game since october. 10th. however, shanahan said he's been improving in practice and he'll be ready. the forty-niners lead rusher alijah mitchell is questionable. he could return after missing time with a right knee injury. the
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forty-niners and texans kickoff at levi stadium at one. '05, on sunday. utah played in their first ever rose bowl taking on big 10 powerhouse. ohio state. the utes were playing for more than just a trophy, though the team is that a magical season playing for former team. my teammates ty jordan, aaron lowe who both were shot and killed in the last year. the utes offense came out swinging late in the second qb cameron rising. looks like there's some confusion, but he stays on his feet breaks free going going gone. it's a 62 yard. house call. utah goes up. 3521. however, the buckeyes not going to lay down on the big stage early in the 4th cj stroud looks left finds marvin, here's junior harrison junior in the end zone. we have a tie ballgame 3838 in the 4th quarter late in the 4th still tied up ohio state. drives downfield tran henderson gets it to the 2 yard line. fans nervous that ties the mood right there, 12
9:46 pm
seconds left kicker noah ruggles with a chance to win the rose bowl. it's between the posts, the 19 yard field goal would do it. 4845 ohio state a heartbreaking end to an incredible season for utah. the buckeyes rose bowl champions and stroud a massive game for him. a little farther down south in the desert. oklahoma state taking on notre dame in the fiesta bowl at state farm stadium. the fighting irish came out fighting indeed, there are up by 3 scores at half 3rd quarter here come the cowboys. spencer sanders finds tay martin in the end zone. the extra point was good and that would make it a tie game. 28 all after 3 early in the 4th cowboys up a field goal. brian pressly with a chance to pad the lead gets over the line. but the ball sports out the fumble recovered by notre dame. however, oklahoma state putting the trio field goals, the 4th quarter, including that 41 yard kick by tanner brown. the cowboys hold on to
9:47 pm
win. 3735, there you saw head coach mike gundy with that gator aid fast. the fiesta bowl victory is the biggest comeback win in program history. that's all we've got for sports. jonathan, however, i want to mention the chicago bulls to massive winds back-to-back the last 2 nights look up the clip. a buzzer beater. my by demar derozan was really exciting. i'll send it back to you in the studio. i'm glad you is happy to see that ringing in the new york island. thank you. >> we'll be right back. stay with us. i mean, a sorry. excuse me. archbishop desmond i should say, was laid to rest today. >> following a state funeral. his home country of south africa. sean lewis has more in today's service. >> his was an unwavering voice for human the new year in south africa began by laying to rest archbishop desmond
9:48 pm
tutu tooth out question a in the struggle for freedom. >> for justice, for equality and for peace. not only in south the country of his best put on the world as >> 2 two's body was carried down the aisle in the cathedral. that was his spiritual home for years by his grandchildren. the 90 year-old died last weekend leaving behind a legacy of leadership. >> in human rights and standing >> convey all of them. thanks. >> for the many ways in which. >> all of you have stepped to >> all how much you love it. >> the anglican archbishops anti-apartheid campaign was instrumental in ending white minority rule in south africa, some kind of recall. and
9:49 pm
bringing nelson mandela from political prisoner to preeminent politician as the country's first democratically elected president in 1994. >> his even use it. >> sometimes often can >> never >> and >> we're always voice, of course, in many ways to to served as an international moral compass an array of human rights issues. >> earning him. the nobel peace prize even as his home of cape town today paid tribute to the leader by bathing city hall in purple an adoring it with his like this. it was the simple pine coffin. he requested for his burial that shows his humble service not only to god but to his fellow humans. he was get it
9:50 pm
>> defying. if i the in just he came. so he came as a he left in the safe >> he would have wanted to elicit a smile. i left >> from among us. all of us. that was the type of person that he was. >> sean lewis reporting for us tonight. so what our 4 zone forecast a live look outside at san francisco as we wrap up this first night of 2022, as we said, things are going to be downright chilly overnight kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez tracking the freeze warning for us overnight yeah. already tracking near freezing temperatures making its way for those of dublin 33 degrees. now remember. >> freeze criteria 32 degrees surge. we're just one degree shy of that livermore 35 degrees with mid 30's for petaluma and san anselmo at 34 degrees. but about 10 degrees warmer for those of you in downtown san francisco getting
9:51 pm
a cool, but light sea breeze out of the west just enough to ramp up temperatures there. and for timber on in the mid 40's with timber on currently at 43 degrees. now we're just 10 minutes away from the 10 o'clock hour. but our freeze morning won't go into effect until midnight already tracking near freezing temperatures out there already as we just saw. but we're going to see overnight lows in the upper 20's for coolest inland valley specifically, for those of you in the north bay could even see widespread low 30's for east bay valleys and santa clara as well. low to mid 30's expected there. so here's a look at our overnight lows and what's projected for tonight. we're going to wake up to a very chilly temperatures to start your sunday morning once again could wake up to some frosty conditions. so make sure to drive safely on the roadways and clean out those windshield because we're going to possibly wake up to frost, not just along the coast but especially for inland valleys as well. daytime highs, though
9:52 pm
warming up a bit. we were widespread low 50's today, but we're going to see widespread mid 50's with the redwood city and san jose warming up to 57 degrees. still going to be chilly for napa and allay upper 40's to low 50's and then temperatures rebounding near average by tuesday overnight. loats starting monday night through tuesday morning. warming up into the 50's along the coast of 40's inland and also going to see the return of much needed rain, about half an inch of rain or less from the north bay southward back to you. jonathan thanks to 100 and 33rd annual rose parade returning after a year away from the pandemic. >> a look at the highlights on the way. the 100 33rd rose
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
parade returned after it was canceled last year because of the covid-19 pandemic. they can tell us has the highlights. >> the rose parade celebrating 133 years today. it's a it traveled 5 and a half miles down pasadena's colorado boulevard for the first time since 2020 added what is it about the rose parade that draws you to it every year. it very emotional, actually. >> we find
9:56 pm
>> you know, getting kind of teared up during the band's. and i think the enthusiasm in, you know, people. >> kind of going all out a 40 year. yeah. feels like that now like hope for happiness. >> i the first day of its year means light. and are g. >> this year's theme dream believe achieve 3 simple words that mean so much. what do they mean to you. >> the weekly think like i mean, to >> believe that i can achieve my james. wait to jump into the new year. levar burton former 23 year host of 1980's pbs show reading rainbow a full time champion of children's literacy and this year's rose parade grand marshal. he tells ktla why the theme is right on point. my mother was a teacher. most of the people in my family or teachers. when i learned about the theme, the first thing i thought about was the impact
9:57 pm
that teachers have on our ability to do exactly that dream. >> believe in ourselves and and have the courage and the 42 to go ahead and achieve what your heart's desires. >> country music artist jimmy allen an achiever recently crowned country music awards, best new artist of the year. kicking off this new year with the parade grand finale performance. the bloom is back again next year on monday, january 2nd. >> they can tell us reporting for us tonight. that does it for us here on kron 4 news at 9 o'clock. be sure to join the morning crew starting bright and early at 7 o'clock. we'll see you back here tonight. tomorrow night at 6.
9:58 pm
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
>> it's new year's morning, ultimate >> i couldn't believe my eyes. the crowd went nuts when they popped up out of that low. is a parade like no other. we bring you our favorite from the wild this close to the most memorable moment. we have combed 60 plus here to bring you the best of the best. this is reflection.


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