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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  January 4, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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next time. ♪ ♪ >> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. >> we're asking people to prioritize activities that are ost important and avoid those that aren't necessary in my exposure to covid. >> tonight at 5. the omicron variant continues to spread like wildfire across california and health experts predict the surge has not yet peaked. now mayor london breed is issuing a strong message for people in san francisco. thank you for joining us, everybody. today 4 news at 5
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o'clock. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis. even in highly vaccinated. san francisco case counts have tripled in a week with at least a couple of weeks to go before we see it peeking health officials and the mayor are calling everybody to take extra special steps to protect themselves to try to get through this kron four's. dan kerman is live in san francisco with more for us tonight. good evening. debt. good evening well, they've said that the surge will be intense but brief. but again, we're not at the peak yet. still a few more weeks to go at least they say that's why san franciscans must take extra steps. health officials say. >> to protect themselves. >> we're learning what it means to live with covid. >> san francisco mayor london breed at a news briefing tuesday as she and public health officials addressed how the omicron variant is saturating the city. our seven-day average case rate is 829 cases per day, which is more than double last winter's peak hospitalizations are
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rising with cases but not as rapidly due to what health officials call san francisco's wall of immunity due to vaccinations. but with breakthrough cases common among even those boosted officials say the surge will likely continue for at least 2 more weeks. we call on all of you to take extra care over the next several >> lower your household risk for possible and layer up on your defense with breakthrough cases already impacting healthcare workers. police fire muni and other city workers. officials are calling on residents to take extra steps so as not to make matters worse. that includes getting vaccinated and boosted reducing time spent with crowds indoors and upgrading your mask and 95 respirators. but also the kn 95 or that. and kf 94 ares. >> ideal are protective. there are other good ways that people can their protection and that includes layering and easily obtainaple surgical mask. >> under a cloth mask.
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>> health officials say the time is now no time to wait. they say the next few weeks will be critical live in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news, thank you, dan. and more and more people are becoming eligible to get their covid booster shots. but it's not been a smooth scheduling experience, not for everyone. some cvs pharmacies had to send out cancellation alert saying that they don't have enough vaccines. our conference. rob nesbitt joins us now live with how it's really more of a worker shortage issue than it is a vaccine shortage, right. rob. that's right. vicki infectious disease expert. i spoke with so that this covid surge is affecting the workforce and those with who work with vaccines are no exceptions from those working in vaccine warehouses to the health care workers administering your shots. >> this is not the text you want to get when you've been anticipating your vaccine appointment for weeks. several patients at cvs cooldown to read that weather conditions
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were changing vaccine supply could be the problem. >> a cvs pharmacy in monterey county clarified over the phone that it's the latter of the 2 for them. we have to cancel all the destinations for today and he felt happy if vaccine saying their store doesn't know if the shipment will arrive until the it's a logistical nightmare. i spoke with doctor john swartzberg about the current supply of covid vaccines. >> the infectious disease expert at uc berkeley says that there are plenty of shots for everyone but not enough workers to package and ship them. we've got plenty of vaccine. the warehouses that have it. >> have to be operational. in a lot of the people who work in the warehouses, not just for vaccines but for any kind of were there's a lot of covid going around. now he says more pharmacists and health care workers administering the vaccines are also happy to call out sick during the current spike in positive covid cases. >> the omicron variant is to blame for that as well as the long lines at testing sites all over the country. we see this all the time. you know,
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we're seeing right now with them. >> i'm getting tested with testing. here's the problem. a shortage the tests themselves. a spokesperson from cvs health says the pharmacy has administered more than 41 million covid-19 tests and 50 million vaccines since the pandemic started. >> saying, quote, we have the inventory and capacity to meet ongoing covid-19 testing and vaccination needs, including in areas of high demand. no answers to monday's cancellations. but doctor swartzberg is confident the winter surge will be over soon and commends those who are taking the advice of health experts by trying to schedule a vaccine appointment clocks. what people are doing the best they can to make the right calls. >> so what should you do if your vaccine appointment has been canceled. doctor swartzberg has some great advice for finding alternative appointments here where you should go. coming up on kron 4 news at 06:00pm live in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron 4 news. good information there. thank you robbie. while
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around the bay coronavirus cases are climbing as we've said. and that has led to high demand for covid testing. it is not just sick people. >> who are looking for the tests. you have students going back to school. people going back to work after the holidays, folks who have been traveling some internationally. they're all driving up demand. and since take on tests have become almost impossible to find testing sites are often the only option. >> well, it was hard. this month because of the surge that usually it's not. but it's definitely gotten worse. so it's hard to get an appointment. i luckily this is guest this week. >> the cdc has also updated its guidance regarding rapid test today. they're now suggesting if you've tested positive for covid and are using rapid tests to see if you're still infected, you should wait towards the end of the 5 day isolation period to do so. if your test result is negative, you canendure
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isolation but continue to wear a well-fitting high quality mask around other people at home and in public until day 10. if you test positive, it is being recommended that you continue isolating after the 5 days for an additional 5 days. so 10 days total right now across 4 dot com. you can get the latest covid headlines, including some of the cdc recommendations, which again, as of today include that new testing element also, there's info on where to find testing sites. also vaccines where to get a vaccination. you can scan that qr code on your screen with a mobile device. and you'll be taken right to kron 4 dot com. today president biden received a briefing from his covid-19 task force on how the nation is doing in this fight against the pandemic. this is happening is omicron is soaring and there's news of a nother variant that has been discovered in france. scott for cerissa stasio breaks it all down with local infectious disease expert doctor peter chin. hot. >> and we never really can predict how it plays out in
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the few love life only being identified as i h you from the lab where it was first detected in france. this new variant says ucsf infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin. hong was actually first detected back in november. member they knew at one point land people worried about them. but nothing happened even california variant never went beyond california very much to me. the most important. >> fact is that it's been around for a while. so far not many people. and i think to me that the biggest point is like you pointed out, theresa existential it's like, ok, we're going to always see variance. i'm going to continue to see variance until the whole world is somewhat immune and the best way to do that is through vaccines and whereas the doctor says vaccines are our best of friends and stopping mutations. millions of americans are still not vaccinated. the fact that, you know, this french mutation is making news really speaks to the point you know, we're
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going be in the state wonder and worry. sides getting vaccinated and waiting for more to do so. the doctor says upgrading your mask. >> switching away from a cloth mask is a good step. these cloth mask. the reason why the not so great. it's not that they don't look amazing and they're fun. but because, you know, on the side it. they're not really snugly fitting to my face. i mean, it's easy to breathe, but it's it's not good enough omicron might be good enough. variants, but omicron is really fine and it can linger in the air safe tonight sneak into the spaces when he put on a mass, particularly if you're a smaller face and tying it. most notably, you can really get a good seal at the size of your face. bottom line. the doctor says when it comes to variants, they will keep happening as the virus is sloppy and will mutate especially. >> among unvaccinated people. but he says right now omicron with its aggressive nature is
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more concerning. >> i'm not going to lose sleep over i q which doesn't have a greek letter in aiming at. but i'm definitely losing sleep to recent is still kron 4 news. >> stanford is reporting that a 175 students have tested positive for covid-19 within just the last week. campus officials say those students are currently isolating in student housing at least 95% of students who tested positive have been vaccinated. stanford is strongly encouraging students to get covid booster before returning to campus for work order in-person classes beginning january, 31st, eligible students are going to be required to show proof of their booster unless they have an approved exemption. 100 staff members have also tested positive. has also updated its winter sports and tendons policy effective immediately spectator attendance of all winter events taking place indoors will be temporarily reduced to only student
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athlete. families spectators at outdoor winter events are going to be seated with social distancing and will be required to wear their masks. the biden administration plans to double its purchase of pfizer's covid antiviral pill to 20 million treatment courses. this comes as the president lays out the next steps in fighting the pandemic reshad hudson has more. >> he's coming. weeks are going to be challenging with the country adding a record 1 million daily covid cases, president joe biden is renewing his call for americans to protect themselves. if you're vaccinated and boosted. >> you are highly protected. >> to fight the pandemic. president biden says his administration is also doubling its purchase of pfizer's covid antiviral pill to 20 million doses. >> thesentools are going to dramatically rechristened decrease hospitalizations and deaths from covid-19. but despite these efforts, us surgeon general doctor vivek murthy says covid-19 patients
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are filling up hospitals across the country. primarily with people who are unvaccinated. >> the surgeon general says the biden administration is working on a website to make 500 million at-home covid-19 tests available later this month. it's an addition to federal that our son started to be set up in december once again and are continuing this month. >> and president biden says the new rule requiring private insurance companies to reimburse people for rapid tests will go into effect next week. so if you're insured, you can buy the test and get paid for. >> reporting in washington. reshad hudson. >> still to come across 4 news at 5 one bay area correctional facilities adopted a new program helping inmates transition back into their communities. why the final days behind bars could include a sneak peek at future freedom. plus the push continues for californians to be able to sue gun manufacturers. the latest on
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the proposal. and after initial support to tackle the situation in the tenderloin san francisco supervisors. some of them want to revisit the idea their concerts next. i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow few light showers karnow few light showers around the bay are when a truck hit my car, karnow few light showers athe insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible.
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>> a motion to withdraw from the local state of emergency. that is what is on the table right now. san francisco
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supervisors are discussing that as we speak. at least 2 supervisors. i think that it is too early to take up that debate. crowd forces but reports. >> 10 days into san francisco state of emergency declaration targeting drugs and crime in the sfpd as early results are in 1.6 kilos of drugs seized including would kilo of fentanyl $4300 in drug confiscated 32 felony arrests. >> it gave the authority for the city to declare a state of emergency. so monies and resources and energy can be shifted around to really focus on the public health crisis that we have in the tenderloin in particular. so why are the san francisco board of supervisors hearing a motion to decide if they should debate the issue again so soon after overwhelmingly voted in favor of concurring with mayor breed's emergency declaration. >> and less tolerant. that is
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destroyed our city. i think there are some people that would like to read it again. the issue. but i some members of the board san francisco supervisor, south by is not one of them. he used to work in the tenderloin and talked about how does change level despair and the level of criminal activity in the level drug use and drug dealing and >> far surpasses anything that we've seen in a long time. his board colleague aaron peskin is one of 2 supervisors who voted against the emergency declaration. he is introducing a motion to withdraw concurrence with the mayor's proclamation declaring a local emergency supervisor peskin declined our request for an interview. >> tenderloin district supervisor matt haney had this to say. so this was just past 10 days ago. and so it's my view that we need to actually give it an opportunity to work. get people off the streets into treatment, bring some safety and health and wellness to a community that suffering. has it made you cry on for
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>> in the northway. a santa rosa woman has been arrested 4 times in the past 11 months in connection to stealing catalytic converters in the area on sunday. 28 year-old claudia granted arrow rebus was arrested after being caught in the getaway car. the catalytic converter theft on the 1200 block of wyoming street to upon searching the vehicle. police found an electric saw new and used saw blades extra vehicle jax suspected methamphetamine and other burglary tools. those items are being pictured on your screen there or end grand a narrow rebus was arrested and booked into the sonoma county jail. her bail has been set it $110,000. >> the san mateo county sheriff's office has launched a new program that aims to teach incarcerated people how to manage their stress aggression trauma being implemented at the maple street correctional center in redwood city. the program helps people prepare for re
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entry into their communities after serving their sentences. individuals who completed the training were invited to participate in the first they called silent retreat last month. the maple street correctional center is the first county jail in the country. they say too. they plummet such a program. >> all right. time to go outside as we give you this corgis shot above the clouds over san francisco. yeah. that >> a tranquil shot there, too. meteorologists lawrence karnow joins a cent. well, as more yeah. a little more rain coming. you can see that cloud there, right down on the surface. this is how it looks down below. not as beautiful but up toward the golden gate bridge. you see all that fog sitting on the ground now pushing on shore. and you can see the sea breeze kicking that fog in the bay too. that's we're going contend with tonight with some fog and then a little bit of rain begin to move in a little bit. later and talk. not that far away. you can see the showers mainly in northern california now, but beginning to drift the system coming in tonight y-
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going to be a fairly weak one as it moves on through most of the bay area dry. we see parts of the north bay now beginning to see a couple of scattered showers pop up there. we're going to see more of that as we head through the night tonight as the system moves through again, not a huge storm system but a chance, some more rain keep things wet around the bay area overnight not expecting the gusty winds like we had yesterday. we're just getting more of a gentle breeze outside right now. remember yesterday we had some gusts of 20 and some 30 mile an hour winds temperature wise numbers running in the 50's and the 66 degrees right now in freeman, 37 in san jose 54 degrees cooling off now in oakland, high pressure, kind of a flat ridge now. and you've got the systems that are rolling over the top of that ridge. this next one going to drop down overnight tonight bringing with another round of some raindrops outside most of very light, especially to the coastline. you can see those scattered showers or heavy drizzle and then by tomorrow morning at least after that, a big should begin to dry out. and i think that will be a period of some drier weather as we head in toward thursday as well. but that won't last very long temperatures for tomorrow.
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50's and some low 60's do it next few days. we're going to see a return of some dry weather on thursday, another storm system rolls in on friday. >> all right. lawrence, record 4 and a half million americans quit their jobs in november. the bureau of labor statistics says it was nearly the same number in september. the sector hit the hardest was the hospitality industry like hotels and restaurants. low wage sectors directly impacted by the pandemic are experiencing the most people who are just up and quitting their jobs. other industries include health care, transportation and warehousing experts say the high quit rate is a symptom of a tight labor market where workers can find new and better jobs quickly that huge powerball jackpot is now even bigger nobody won last night's 540 million dollar prize. >> it has grown to at least 575 million for tomorrow night's drawing the cash value of the jackpot. if you wanted to just take the money and run
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409 million dollars. the california. there were 5 tickets they've hit 4 of last night's numbers and the powerball and those people got more than $25,000. but still no big winner. still ahead on kron 4 news at 5. the first woman to lead a nuclear carrier in us naval hisoory. what he's saying about this historic moment. >> also, it's being nicknamed the great american sic out how the millions of sick calls right now are impacting businesses across the country and how some employees are said to be taking advantage of the situation.
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>> well, most of us know at least one person who has covid these days and now employers are seeing it in the form of sick days. but they say that some people are beginning to actually take advantage of the situation. correspondent brian entin reports. >> it has been nicknamed the great american sic out and it's impacting almost every business we've seen the thousands and thousands of airline cancellations caused by pilots and flight attendants calling out sick in new york city. some subway trains have been suspended and the nypd received more than 7,006 calls last week with school back after holiday break. teachers are also calling out in broward county, florida, more than 1600 teachers called out just today. as you can see, what back in boxes and doing the show remotely even whoopi goldberg called out from the view today after testing positive for covid. we've
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heard about all the call out of the big companies, but often times it hurts the most at smaller businesses like supermarket in miami, where today the owner was running a cash register. if someone calls out, do you then have to fill in. i'm have another person to fit in. i have to do it. >> how often does that happen this week the last 3 weeks, every every day. yes, >> this is where all the shipping jamie mcdonnell is having the same problem. he owns an environmental testing company and landscaping service with about a 1000 employees. have there been a lot of people calling out sick. a lot of people mcdonnell encourages its employees who are really sick to stay home but says some have taken advantage. one person. >> try to tell h r that they had covid and they sent him a copy of a report and when hr zoomed into the report through the text message. it actually was even that same person with someone else's result. i try to make intelligent decisions and say, ok, do you have a fever? you have a loss of
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taste or smell doubt that come to work wear a mask can come to work. >> the situation is especially difficult because employers are already dealing with supply chain issues and a worker shortage. people customer service and the people in the whereas shipping and the laboratory technicians and the people receiving i need people for cells. >> so if you have all those vacancies plus people now calling in sick. it sounds like a bad situation gets even worse. it's not a good situation. >> and i don't see getting better. that was brian entin reporting for us tonight. employers say that the fact that the cdc is cut down on required quarantine times is helping. >> still ahead, a new study on kids and physical activity during the pandemic or lack thereof. alex said to be affecting their mental health. >> and in honor of america's golden girl will tell you about the latest social media challenge carrying on the legacy of betty white. and
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been a year now since the capitol insurrection the ongoing efforts to make sure it never happens again. at a twist today involving sean
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