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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  January 5, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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you're watching kron. 4 news at crowd here here now and can't abandon the tools that we've used to achieve our collective success. >> now at 9.10, days before it was set to expire. california health and human services secretary doctor mark galli announced the indoor mask mandate is here to stay until at least mid-february. thank you for joining us on kron 4 news at 9. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne, the extended mask mandate comes as emergency rooms across california are filling up with covid cases. >> doctors say those who are vaccinated and boosted are unlikely to get severely ill from the omicron variant. >> but state officials say they're still concerned. >> this time last year that we were to peak on our total hospitalizations and that we so that he could about 53,000 total hospitalizations, not just covid all condition are hostage. as of this morning.
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we were approaching 51,000 >> among those almost 51,000 patients in the hospital. there are 8,000 due to covid doctor galley says he wants both young and old people to step up their face mask wearing the cloth mask and no longer do the job by itself. >> sonoma county has now hit more daily covid infections than at any other point during this pandemic and the county held a coronavirus update today. it was designed to inform residents about testing kits that are on the way and some changes to county health orders kron four's. taylor has the latest. >> our cases sonoma county have nearly tripled in the past few weeks and as has our positivity rate and early december. we were averaging less than 40 cases a now we're seeing 200 to coronavirus cases continue to rise in sonoma county. >> reaching peaks higher than previous surges during this pandemic. however, hospitalizations remain low
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with the help of vaccinations data pulled by the county displays. the difference vaccinations make we find that people who are unvaccinated are still 4 times more likely to be infected with covid-19 17.1 times more likely to be hospitalized in 14.1 times more likely to die of covid 19 related illnesses. >> county leaders say its most recent covid related death was last month. a man over the age of 60 with underlying conditions and was not vaccinated while hospitalizations are rare with omicron variant hospitals are still being strained due to staff shortages, hospitals and clinics. >> are struggling with staff shortages due to illness or the need to covid protocols to do staff testing positive. >> to prevent further spread. county leaders are reminding people that masks are now required in all public indoor spaces regardless of vaccination status hospital employees and emergency responders are also required to get boosted by february
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first if eligible. we're test twice per week at this time. finding tester appointments are also harder. that's why the county has been holding testing clinics at schools. this weekend. next. sharing good news that more testing kits are on the way yesterday. sonoma some indication receive 67,000 boxes of test. >> to test each. and today they're going out to schools and school districts. i'm taylor bisacky reporting kron 4 news. >> in san francisco. at least 620 educators were out sick yesterday alone. members of the teachers. union say that the san francisco unified school district should have a better safety plan for this current covid surge. the united educators of san francisco say they asked the district to have a covid plan in place back in august. but they say nothing came out. >> as u.s. does not require a negative test for adults or children to return to school buildings. yet. and does not have a vaccine mandate for poster mandate for adults.
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>> the school district superintendent doctor vincent matthews responded to the union saying, quote, as we return from winter, blake this break this week. we encourage testing set up new testing sites and sent out information about numerous ways to get tested prior to school reopening throughout this week. and this weekend we are making rapid testing available at several schools and district headquarters. doctor matthews also says the district has been handing out masks for months and will continue to do so. the union will meet with school leaders on thursday to talk about their request for testing and covid sick leave. the union says if the 2 sides cannot reach an agreement that teachers may go out on strike. >> some breaking news to tell you about from the east bay, the west contra costa unified school district says it will close all of its campus. this coming friday and next monday due to a covid search. the move comes just hours after we learned in elementary school in the district will move back
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to the distance, learning for the foreseeable future because of the surge force. jonathan mccall has details. >> the district announced the news wednesday night in a message on its website. superintendent doctor chris hurst said that the rapid spread of the virus has now prompted the district to take an aggressive response. her said the district will undergo to smoke days. the first friday, the second next monday. that's where all campuses and school buildings were undergo a deep cleaning. the move comes just hours after kron 4 0st learned that the doors at king elementary school in richmond will be closed for the foreseeable future after covid 19 outbreak at the campus. according to the contra costa county health department leaders at the district notified them of the decision which was required according to the statement, the school confirmed as many as 10 cases in several classrooms after the winter break. kron 4 has learned that members of the united teachers of richmond. the union
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representing educators also held a meeting late wednesday evening to discuss the issues. kron 4 reached out to district leaders. the school board and the union for comment. but so far we have yet to hear back starting next week. teachers and staff members also in the district will be required to wear kn 95 medical mask while on the job. the new requirement starts on monday, the district says it's one of several steps itself taking to keep students and staff members safe. the district says it's ordered enough mask for each of its workers to have one mask per week for the remainder of the current school year. the move comes after the california department of public health recommended avoiding using cloth mask as the omicron variant spreads and instead using a surgical mask or higher level respirator instead, jonathan mccall kron 4 news, the fremont unified school district will distribute more at home covid tests. as of tomorrow. >> the school district is offering drive-thru pickups. we've listed the locations there on the screen. it runs
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from 10 in the morning to 2 in the afternoon. the school district says it has enough supply for all its employees and students. >> the cdc's vaccine advisers just gave the green light to pfizer's covid booster shots for younger teens. the fda gave approval on monday. now children 12 to 15 years old, could be eligible for a 3rd shot as soon as tomorrow on tuesday, the agency recommended that 5 to 11 year-olds who are immunocompromised should receive a pfizer booster 28 days after their second shot. the cdc is again altering his guidelines of people who have tested positive for covid. but have those symptoms. the agency now says the best approach is to get a rapid at home tests before ending any five-day isolation. one thing that is not changing the definition of what it means to be fully vaccinated against covid the cdc says those with
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the first 2 shots of the pfizer or the moderna vaccines or the single-dose johnson and johnson vaccine will be considered fully-vaccinated whether or not they are boosted. >> now to a warning for one group of expecting mothers from sutter health. researchers say they found that hispanic women who are pregnant are twice as likely to get sick from covid adding this puts both the mom and the baby at a higher risk of dying can also compromise or health by stunting. the growth of a fetus or damaging. several of the mothers internal organs. doctors insist the best protection is getting a covid vaccine along with vaccination. obviously there are. >> other medical treatments available. but recently the want to get there. if don't have to. >> this news follows the cdc announcement that covid vaccination during pregnancy was not associated with preterm delivery or underweight newborns right now kron 4 dot com. you can get the very latest covid headlines, including information on where to find
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testing sites and vaccines scan that qr code on your screen with your mobile device. it will take you straight to our website. >> tomorrow marks one year since the attack on the u.s. capitol as lawmakers met to certify the presidential election results. the country's top law enforcement officer and now calls the yearlong justice department investigation. one of the most complex in its history. attorney general merrick garland says that the justice department has arrested and charged more than 725 defendants from all 50 states for their roles in the attack and nearly half of them face felonies. garland held a news conference today promising that those responsible for assaulting police officers that day will be held accountable. >> their sacrifice and their bravery protected. thousands of people working inside the capitol that day. we have seen significant sentences that reflect the seriousness of those offenses.
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>> the white house as president biden's speech at the capitol tomorrow. will assign responsibility for the attack to former president trump and pushed back on trump's false claims about the election. the former president canceled his own january 6 event and instead he teased to head to a rally that he will hold later this month. >> tomorrow, local organizations will hold several day of remembrance and action rallies on the anniversary of the january 6 attack. kron four's. gayle ong has that part of the story. >> the nation watched as donald trump supporters breached the capitol building on january 6, 2021 5 people died during and after the insurrection, hundreds were injured while congress was certifying the victory of president joe biden over trump in the november 2020 election wednesday night. congresswoman jackie spear hosted a virtual town hall with police officers who were on duty that day. to >> and that's to community to from now they're things. lot
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of people come forward provide information that he was going to not much has changed since january 6, 2021. >> and we still have politicians that engage in the same insightful violent rhetoric. >> and in many ways they've doubled down. >> thursday marks one year since the attack on the first anniversary. there will be several day of remembrance in action rallies nationwide calling for those responsible for the insurrection to be held accountable. and for elected leaders to protect voting rights in the country. we stand for democracy. is organizing a vigil in san mateo elections should mean something and especially if they're run she strode get says least 300 people have are a soupy to the walnut creek event. the intention is first to condemn. >> the assault on our democracies and second to take this opportunity to to remember those who lost their lives. everyone who was
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harmed. everyone who is the trade has been betrayed. san francisco will have a gathering at civic center plaza. >> one of the largest events will be held in downtown oakland. warm air. libby schaff is set to be one of the speakers. gayle ong kron 4 news. >> tomorrow ring. some traumatic memories for lawmakers and capitol employees. that includes house speaker nancy pelosi. as you may recall, some of the rioters targeted her and when they couldn't find her, they trashed her office. instead, she says there is a lot of damage to the capitol and even to democracy. but pelosi stresses. this was an attempted insurrection and that they were not successful. >> we won that night. mike received one that night. these people because of the courageous work of the capitol police and metropolitan police and others of they were deterred in their action to stop the peaceful transfer of power. it was a failure for them. it was a victory for
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democracy as we return to the capitol that night. 2 again ratify the peaceful transfer of power. >> she added that she is confident capitol police have made enough improvements to security at the capitol to prevent anything like this from happening again. but she says we still need to address the mindset that brought thousands of people there that day in the first place. >> we have to improve the attitude in the country that violence is not a means to an end. that was long. that was wrong. but it is not just wrong that the congress is about violence against anyone in our country. some which about the future. and the future is that america's resilience, america's greatness. america's. it's always prevail and that we will survive even what we went through last year. >> this man pictured putting his feet up on speaker
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pelosi's desk is 61 year-old richard barnett. he is out on bail right now after spending more than 4 months in jail following the insurrection a date for his trial still has not yet been set. >> other news now in the north bay. a group of residents in vallejo getting fed up with the poor road conditions in their city. potholes are at the center of their complaint. but now they're doing something about force. dan thorn has the story. >> potholes are a problem all across the bay area and allay is no exception. but these residents are turning their complaints into action. i run over potholes every day. >> and i'm tired of it. david marr stellar junior is leading the valais toll gate movement. >> he's hoping by taking matters into his own hands. it will inspire others to take care of their city. there's a lot of smart people here in toledo. i think there's enough that if we all got together, we can fix this city and and
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take it to the next level over the past couple of weeks. the group is filled just a modest handful of potholes. but their eyes are set on a much larger goal. the word has been spread through social media pages and a gofundme has raised more than a $1000 to get asphalt to help patch up the streets next week. the group is planning to fill dozens of them. that's the whole goal is just to make the community realize we can get things done faster than asking city government do our stellar says he's been encouraged by some city leaders to continue the work. there's also some concnrn that it might force a cease and desist because these actions are not going through the proper channels. marstellar simply wants the city to be a better place and he thinks it will take the community to do. it bring some pride back little. and what better way than doing that 6 in the streets reporting in vallejo. dan thorn kron 4 news as the drought continues across
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california, north base. senator bill dodd is proposing the state update the way it tracks water usage. >> the bill introduced today in sacramento calls for using remote waters. sensing technology to monitor reservoir levels and water consumption throughout the state. senator dodd says the technology will give the state more accurate picture of what industries are using the most water. >> all right. let's check on our 4 zone weather forecast. of course we're talking about water. that means rain might be coming soon. but this is a live look outside of the san mateo bridge were weather wise. it looks pretty quiet, although traffic is pretty busy. >> then we'rt forecasting not much in the way of fog and 7 tail write not ground fog. she was thinking more of the action right moving in toward the golden gate bridge right now. we're going to see some thick fog. settling in overnight tonight around much of the bay area. and they're seeing that all that rain that has fallen and it has just been tremendous now running a 172 over 200% of normal around the bay area for rainfall to
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start out your season. still a few scattered showers in northern california, dry in the bay area. we do see that fog is really kind of just settling in now and more that on the way overnight tonight and what happens a lot of times now you start to see a little bit of an offshore wind. we're seeing that now into the delta that brings back that to far right of the delta area, especially so some very thick fog there visibility there and go way down tonight. in this look at some of the visibilities overnight tonight with that ground fog as we head toward the midnight hour. there you go. all of a sudden start to see places drop down to 0, maybe one mile visibility and that's about it. and then as we head into late night early morning. tomorrow. many spots around the bay area. again, there's that patchy fog. so it will be thick in spots in one area and then you drive a half a mile of a sudden you'll be in the clear we get right back into the fog. it to be very careful for that commute early on tomorrow morning but does get a lift. i think after 9 o'clock or so will to see things begin to clear out. not entirely are still have some cloud cover around the bay area, at least the visibility will improve temperatures around the bay area today. not
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bad in the san jose. a little bit above the average 64 degrees and a little sunshine poking through their 62 in little more 61 in concord, 59 degrees. lot of fog in santa rosa and 57 degrees in both san francisco and oakland outside tonight temperatures. very similar around the bay area's. you've got the clouds kind of just settling in now 56 degrees in san jose 54 degrees in oakland. it is 54 also of san francisco 51 degrees in the napa valley got a storm system off the coastline. you see it out there right now. not going to get here just yet. but i think as we get into friday, that's going to factor into your morning commute tomorrow, though, high pressure kind of sliding overhead that will be just enough, not a strong ridge but just enough to keep us dry for at least a day and then we'll get back into that rain. and then the storm system rolling in as we get into friday. so time of that system out for you over they tomorrow. you're talking about dry conditions across much of bay area. maybe some drizzle along the saw that fog up and down the san joaquin valley. then as we head in toward friday. things change. here comes that storm system
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rolling in for the commute early on friday morning, then clearing out by the afternoon. alright temperatures for tomorrow under mostly dry day, the exception, some drizzle co side 50's outside for highs. we get back to some rain on friday. well, you can see the flames pouring out of the window. they're developing news tonight. firefighters in philadelphia trying to determine what caused that overnight house fire that killed 13 people. >> including 7 children. officials say the building was converted into 2 apartments with 18 people living on the upper floor and 8 others living on the bottom. 3 people were taken to a hospital where they are in critical but stable condition tonight, a number of others did manage to escape the flames. >> this is a. >> without a doubt. one of the most tragic case and our cities. loss of so many people tragic way. i don't much is
9:20 pm
much more to say in wiese. all these folks and especially these children. in your prayers. >> firefighters say none of the 4 smoke alarms in that building was working the building, by the way, is a property of the philadelphia housing authority. >> coming up, another shooting on a bay area freeway. this time kills and alameda county sheriff's deputy recruit. we have the latest on the investigation. a local father and toddler died after coming in contact with fentanyl. now the person who sold the has been sentence. details ahead. >> gearing up for text a while. have a few extra days to get your forms of the irs this year.
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>> americans are getting a few extra days to prepare their income tax returns this year. april 15th is the usual filing deadline this year. it falls on a friday. but emancipation days. the following days of the holiday will be observed in washington, dc on that friday and that means federal offices, including the irs will be closed. so income tax filing day will be monday april the 18th and that will also serve as the deadline to filewan extension. if you are not able to get all of your numbers together in those extra few days.
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>> this year's grammy awards have been postponed pattern announcement came down today with organizers saying they were just too many risks due to the omicron variant. the ceremony had been scheduled for january 31st in los angeles with a live audience and performances. no new date for the grammys has been announced and the highly anticipated sundance film festival. also just announced it is canceling all in-person events. it was expected to start on january 20th in park city, utah. they say all of the in-person events will be moved online. >> coming up with bailey and nurses have to say about the overwhelming number of covid cases among children and another shooting on a bay area freeway kills and alameda county sheriff's deputy recruit. we have the latest on
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it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. ♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ investigation into the shooting of an alameda county sheriff's with fruit is well under way. investigators are asking the community's help in finding the shooter kron four's. has he quit. yoon has the latest. >> officials with the alameda county sheriff's office confirmed the identity of the academy recruit killed in the deadly freeway shooting as 28 year-old, david with in your career and you remember anything happened. >> you know, i've i've i've asked certainly don't remember this in my career and i've asked some people have been around a little longer retire people. they don't ever remember anything like this happening either. and can
9:28 pm
person was was murdered and that nobody can remember that you're looking at a solid video of recruit with leaving the highland hospital with the american flag draped over his body. the victim of a shooting tuesday on west bound. 5.80, heading toward san francisco. he was on his way home after recruit training with the academy. >> it was around 04:30pm with the california highway patrol responded to a call for a solo vehicle collision. so officers quickly determined upon arriving the individual involved in the crash and also that shot. >> the chp is leading the investigation through investigation. it was determined. >> a round had struck the right front passenger window of the prius. >> and then struck the driver officials at the regional training centers say peer counseling is being made available recruit who may need it. >> what you can about. >> yeah. according to the. academy people, i'm highly motivated. just a good. kind
9:29 pm
of a kind of a leader in the academy. so is this is tough for them. >> the california highway patrol has released no information on any possible suspects. investigators are asking any drivers with dashboard cameras traveling in the area around the time of the shooting to check to see if they may have recorded review your footage. >> if you see anything that could be of use to our investigators. please notify us. >> in dublin has it made you cry on for news. >> the alameda county sheriff's office has opened an account at the police credit union for donations that would go to help in the win. family. you can find that information on our website. kron 4 dot com. >> a federal judge has sentenced a woman to almost 6 and a half years in prison after she was convicted of supplying fentanyl to a father about 13 month-old child. authorities say lee, ana zamora so fenton, all that was traced to a drug deal in the
9:30 pm
tenderloin back in december of 2019, the santa rosa father seen here and the child came into contact with the drug and they both died. prosecutors said the fentanyl in question was passed from the honduran drug dealer in the tenderloin to 3 others and then ultimately ended up with the father zamora lindsey williams and shane cratty have all been convicted in connection with the fentanyl distribution conspiracy last month. the san francisco board of supervisors voted overwhelmingly to approve an emergency declaration which addresses the overdose epidemic in the tenderloin. however, the fate of mayor london breed's declaration is unclear supervisor aaron peskin recently introduced a motion to withdraw the board's support. >> nurses. caring for patients infected with covid say the omicron variant has been especially ruthless among children. they're not only testing positive at an alarming rate. but many are requiring trips to the hospital, particularly if they are unvaccinated forcefully to
9:31 pm
call. talked with nurses were badly. the overwhelming rise in cases. >> as covid 19 rips through communities pediatric nurses say unlike previous surges during the pandemic. children are now getting the worst of it. this is really rocked in the past week. the centers for disease control and prevention says new hospital admissions for kids with covid 19 increased. 66% record highs since the pandemic began 2 years ago. this variant has changed. >> they came in the in the last 2 i have pressure on my chest. >> from the martha cool is a registered nurse at ucsf benioff children's hospital in oakland and secretary treasurer of national nurses united. she says despite expanded vaccine availability for children, the more they congregate and relax adhering to physical distancing protocols. the faster, the virus spreads. kids for his
9:32 pm
sheltering-in-place kids were at home. they weren't in school. parents were protecting them. everybody was afraid people weren't out and about and we saw off many fewer pediatric cases. >> hospitalized. then people with adults margie mayfield is executive director of the nonprofit pediatric home care agency coastal kids, home care. >> her staff serves the south bay and says they are running on fumes are all vaccinated and of our staff >> most of our family have and yet we continue to see it every day with no end in sight. phillipe all kron 4 news. >> in the south bay, long lines of people waiting sometimes for hours to try to get a covid test. this was the line along sky port drive across from san jose airport. they are outside kaiser permanente's medical offices. we learned most of the people had appointments for their covid test. one man we talked to today even took the day off from work.
9:33 pm
>> how you've been in line. >> over an hour and a half. >> was it frustrating extremely frustrating. news edge and take the day off. they do. you know, it's in a where they expect they're done. >> across santa clara county covid cases are skyrocketing pushing up the demand for test. and it's not just 6 people trying to get tested. many students return to school are also required to be tested. well, as we enter a 3rd year of living with covid san francisco will consider permanent sick leave moving forward. supervisor gordon mar introduce the public health emergency ballot measure yesterday. it would make sure that city employees and private companies with more than 100 employees get paid. if they get sick and have to quarantine or care for a family member. >> the board has to approve the measure for it to be on
9:34 pm
the ballot this coming june and then a majority of san francisco voters would have to vote in favor for it to become law. >> happening tomorrow, free rapid covid tests will be available for all students in the dublin unified school district, the district received 13,000 tests from the state. parents can pick up a test for each student between 08:30am, and 03:00pm at dublin high school or fallon middle school. parents must either have their children with them. when they pick up the tests or proof that the child goes to school in the district high school students who drive can pick up their own tests. testing is also being offered at the school district office until 07:00pm every day this week through friday. >> the fda has issued an urgent statement warning people who are using at home covid tests. they say people should only swab their noses and not get the roads when using the test, the statement is in response to some viral, social media post which claim throat swabs produce a more
9:35 pm
accurate sample. but the fda says users need to follow the instructions on the test and that swabbing your throat could actually contaminate your sample. they say throat swabs should only be conducted by a professional. >> number one, ranked male tennis player in the world will miss the upcoming australian open open that novak djokovic has been denied entry and australia and had his visa canceled over vaccination requirements. the tennis star was hoping to play in the tournament even though he is not vaccinated after he says he received a medical exemption from the open itself. however, reports say that the serbian was held at the airport in melbourne because he couldn't provide the required vaccination proof to enter the country debate over djokovic's presumed ability to play in the australian open led to him being denied entry to the country has been a big deal down under with a lot of people feeling the number one ranked player was getting special treatment. that is not accorded to them. in sports.
9:36 pm
steph curry has a tough night in dallas. jason dumas to tell you if the warriors were able to overcome his rare off game. that's coming up. >> and the father of a missing 7 year-old girl has been arrested and charged for abusing the child in connection with the disappearance. we have the details on the investigation. and a lot of clouds outside right now. it is going to get thick tonight. we'll talk about that and your sierra forecast coming up.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> well after their game against the warriors. the dallas mavericks retired the jersey of the best big man shooter of all-time dirk nowitzki. unfortunately for the dubs, their best shooter who happens to be the best shooter of all time. he just couldn't get it going. here's another great shooter. klay thompson getting ready for that probable return this sunday against will be in the building. 1st half jalen brunson. he uses the screen. yeah. one of the best float is in the league just filthy. dallas up by 11 at the break. stepped is one of 10 in the 3rd quarter. look at dawn fit. he just a load to guard. luka had 26 points. but the dubs 23 run. capped off by this given
9:40 pm
go stepped away guns back to staff. later on. want us gone. and it's a fake the handoff and takes off. pride and joy, open right there. but then the they took control of this one. floater by tim hardaway junior you might recognize the name of pop. run tmc here in the bay area back in the 90's. more from 3 more for the mavericks that during finish any smith. 31 curry only finished with 14 points warriors 9982 steph has not been shooting the ball well, as of late, he talked about those struggles after the >> and was not going in >> but it course, this year has been pretty last stretch is not been great. and even my
9:41 pm
>> so you just got to stick with the program. never been reactive in terms of tough shooting nights or whatever, the same process and just. >> understand the big picture. what we're trying to do and what i'm trying to do. >> and i think the best elon come alive in big way. thing. all right. kyree irving,pthe nets guard. he made his season debut today. remember, he hasn't played all season long because he's unvaccinated and new york city for bait him forbids him. i'm sorry from playing home games and the nets were like, look, if you can't play home games, you're not going to play road games either. we need a full team. but they reneged on that little policy. i guess winning. cures everything in the next one tonight and kyree had 22 points right. maybe all is well in brooklyn, i guess on the road game. the forty-niners season is on the line this sunday. and as of now, no one knows who will be the starting quarterback. >> maybe kyle shanahan does. but either way, it's just not an ideal situation to be in
9:42 pm
with such a high intensity game. coming up, jimmy g e through today. a practice but he still acknowledge that there's some pain and discomfort in his thumb. trey lance got to start last weekend. it was all right. you pretty good. actually but had some up and down play the 9 is will be in los angeles taking on the rams. kyle shanahan said jimmy is comfortable. he will get the start. but comfortable. that's a relative term. >> it's pretty good talk session. yesterday. i just you know, john, to get the motion back and everything i get feeling where i want to feel. i think way in to where we did definitely helped get him to this point. but i mean, i think each day's a new experience with it. so it's going to be mainly. >> on jimmy, jimmy space and just talking tillman making sure he doesn't push it too hard to get chance for sunday. i'm trying to get back to my old notion words just, you know, fluid and everything like that. but. >> just take some time. it's a process but working in the right direction.
9:43 pm
>> all
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>> in new hampshire. the father of a missing 7 year-old girl has been arrested and charged in connection with her disappearance. prosecutors say the man knowingly cause bodily injuries to his daughter by striking her in the face. markie. martin has details on the investigation >> this morning, new hampshire's attorney general announcing the arrest of harmony. montgomery's father
9:46 pm
adam montgomery, the 31 year-old arrested on a slew of charges ranging from assaulting his daughter and custodial interference to 2 counts of child endangerment, although an arrest has been made. the search for harmony continues. enough is enough. it's a 7 year-old girl. let's find are one of the biggest questions in the cases. where were the parents in the newly released court affidavit. we learn harmonies mother lost custody of her in 2018 due to substance abuse issues, giving full custody to montgomery multiple family members telling police montgomery physically abused. then 5 year-old giving her black eyes forcing her to stand in the corner for hours and making her scrub the toilets with a toothbrush. one of those family members and uncle talking to an online sleuths about the abuse harmony endured a 5 year-old girl the car. so she puts their pants. was that i don't know. i think
9:47 pm
the black march on new year's eve. police found montgomery sleeping inside a car with his new girlfriend harmony nowhere in sight. days later, police arresting him after he gave contradictory statements about his daughter's whereabouts. the affidavit says when police told montgomery harmony had physically been seen in 2 years. he did not show much emotion. >> that was markie. martin reporting for us tonight. a vast new nature preserve has been announced in california that offers animals a lot of room to roam the randall preserve covers a 112 square miles from the southern sierra nevada. >> down to the to hatch the mountains. it essentially creates a wildlife corridor between northern and southern california. and it includes a diverse landscape from forest to desert too. hilly grassland animals, including mountain lions, eagles, even salamanders. we have a lot of suitable habitat without threat of encroaching development. the preserve was made possible through the efforts of the nonprofit nature conservancy.
9:48 pm
>> if you have allergies and you feel like the symptoms have been worse and more recent years. researchers now say climate change may be to blame a study by the university of utah found allergy season now lasts several weeks longer than in previous years. researchers say warmer temperatures cause the plans to release their pollen earlier. so the season now starts and last from march to september 30 years ago. it used to just be about a month from mid-june to mid july. >> 4 zone forecast as we give you a live look outside outside of the bay bridge toll plaza and it's been a. fairly calm here. things are a little interesting in the sierras. always. so that's right. lawrence is standing by with details. you know, it's funny. you know, beginning to several word. hey, where's all the snow who's going to be abee to ski up there. then all of a sudden now we just got a ton of snow and it's all about timing. your trip up in the high country to get up there before the next storm hits this is look at i 80's see the trucks a pass him by now. and just so much snow up there has
9:49 pm
fallen feet up on feed upon feet of snow has fallen really the middle of december until now. and so if your time in your way to get up there. you want to get up there this weekend. they probably tomorrow is the day to get up there. another storm system moves in as we head into friday. so if you're planning to leave on friday. you may be running into a long drive as you're going to see that snow system rolling on in and probably another around of a winter storm warnings going up there to the weekend looks good by monday. there's another weak system that comes through maybe bring in a few more snowflakes up there than another one as we head into wednesday. so it's all about timing your trip to get up in the high country looks like tomorrow going to be a good day. something to watch out for. of course, that ground fog into the delta you through the sacramento valley. if you're traveling across their early in the morning. if you leave after 9 o'clock, that will get the fog a chance to lift just a little bit. that snow does make a return on friday saturday return to some sunshine as it should be. a great weekend up there. plenty of fresh powder to ski on. meantime, the airports no delays here with all that fog
9:50 pm
outside right now. no delays reported at sfo oakland or san jose long-range forecasts showing kind of a change in the pattern here. i think a little drier overall, though. we've got a couple of systems headed our way tomorrow should be a dry day under high pressure. you see that next system are getting a little bit closer that we're going to bring some rain in the bay area as early as friday morning and then behind that will dry things out. i think for the weekend looking good by monday and that is a slight chance we could begin in a few showers. you can see right there is that kind of system under cuts that ridge another chance as we head in toward wednesday. but neither of those very significant storm systems. that after that high pressure kind of takes over and builds into strengthen somewhat and that's allowed to dry out and warm up a bit around the bay area. meantime, storm systems are rolling up in the 7 northwest again, lot of that up there. now some rain, some snow all the way up into washington on the bay area. it's all about the fog overnight tonight and that thick dense to leave fog developing outside. watch out late tonight, early tomorrow morning, especially after midnight going to see some very dense fog out there that
9:51 pm
fog will begin to break up those we head toward the middle of the day tomorrow and temperatures are going to stay cool 50's along the coastline. some drizzle out toward the beaches inside the bay should be a little bit warmer plan on those numbers running up in the 50's getting close to 60 degrees in san jose. the state temperatures probably going to be hovering in the mid the upper 50's as we head toward the afternoon. >> thank you, lawrence. well, tonight we've learned the winning jackpot. powerball ticket was sold at a sacramento 7.11. one person get all the numbers. and here are the winning numbers. 6 1425 3346 the powerball number 17 the death. but tonight had climbed up to 630 million dollars. the amount which has been growing for 3 months now marks the 7th largest jackpot in the history of the game. >> america's oldest world war 2 veteran has died at the age of 112 lawrence brooks died today in louisiana. that's according to his family. brooks was drafted and stationed in australia back in
9:52 pm
1940 his unit build bridges, roads and airstrips for planes over the years. his accomplishments are recognized by the national world war. 2 museum in new orleans. the museum celebrated his birthday every year after he turned a 105. he leaves behind 5 children and dozens of grandchildren and great grandchildren. american treasure. next on kron 4 news at 9, another reason we don't deserve dogs how this alaskan malamute save his owner from malamute save his owner from life-threatening conditions. - hi mommy! - hi honey! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. ♪ hush little baby...♪ ♪...don't say a word...♪ but if slow upload speeds turn your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year.
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limited availability in select areas. call 877.only.att.
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>> rescuers are praising a dog that protected his injured owner from freezing on a snowy mountain. the accident happened on new year's day on a mountain in croatia. rescuers say both man and dog. an alaskan malamute named north slipped and fell about 500 feet. the man hurt his leg pretty badly and could not waugh. they say north kept his by an avalanche in colorado. the dog named apollo actually triggered the slide and wound up being swept over a cliff and through several trees
9:56 pm
before disappearing into that sea of snow. nearby skiers joined the search across the debris field in after more than 20 minutes. one of them found the dog and the others joined in to dig apollo out apollo's owner says he has a leg injury. we're going to see apollo, but he's in there somewhere. we are told that apollo will be okay. >> well, when to take down christmas decorations seems to elicit some strong responses from people. but usually how to take down the tree does not prompt debate until now. you know, this isn't the way to do it. take a look. someone decided to shut their christmas tree on a window in san francisco. the windows 5 stories up kron 4 talked with robert reed with recology of san francisco about the do's and don'ts. a recycling your tree. >> well, we want we collect 500 tons of christmas trees during the first 2 weeks of january big part of the recycling effort in san francisco to keep all those trees out of the landfill.
9:57 pm
take it out to the curb the night before your regularly scheduled collection day. >> re dad said you should make sure you take out any nails that maybe in christmas stands they can't go through the chippers and they could injure somebody the mold she eventually goes to city parks and helps with drought measures by keeping the soil moist for plants to grow. and that wraps up kron 4 news at night. but our primetime coverage continues tonight on kron. 4 news at 10. the post holiday season covid surge already shutting down schools in west contra, costa county. >> what school officials want parents to know. plus of man fed up with the pothole problem in his city is taking matters into his own hands who he's teaming up with trying to make the roads safer for everyone. >> all that and more coming up next on kron, 4 news at 10.
9:58 pm
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> now, 10, a skyrocketing number of covid cases has pushed one bay area school district to its breaking point. >> how leaders are struggling to ensure that students, teachers and staff can return to campus safely. thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 10. i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore. late tonight the west contra costa unified school district announced it will close all of its campuses this coming friday and next monday


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