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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  January 5, 2022 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> now, 10, a skyrocketing number of covid cases has pushed one bay area school district to its breaking point. >> how leaders are struggling to ensure that students, teachers and staff can return to campus safely. thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 10. i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore. late tonight the west contra costa unified school district announced it will close all of its campuses this coming friday and next monday
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because of the covid served. the move comes just hours after we learned in elementary school in that district will move back to distance learning for the foreseeable future. >> because of the surge. we get the very latest now from kron four's. jonathan mccall. the district announced the news wednesday night in a message on its website. >> superintendent doctor chris hurst said that the rapid spread of the virus has now prompted the district to take an aggressive response. her said the district will undergo to smoke days. the first friday, the second next monday. that's where all campuses in school buildings were undergo a deep cleaning. the move comes just hours after kron 4 0st learned that the doors at king elementary school in richmond will be closed for the foreseeable future after covid 19 outbreak at the campus. according to the contra costa county health department leaders at the district notified them of the decision which was required according to the statement, the school confirmed as many as 10 cases in several
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classrooms after the winter break. kron 4 has learned that members of the united teachers of richmond. the union representing educators also held a meeting late wednesday evening to discuss the issues. kron 4 reached out to district leaders. the school board and the union for comment. but so far we have yet to hear back starting next week. teachers and staff members also in the district will be required to wear kn 95 medical mask while on the job. the new requirement starts on monday, the district says it's one of several steps itself taking to keep students and staff members safe. the district says it's ordered enough mask for each of its workers to have one mask per week for the remainder of the current school year. the move comes after the california department of public health recommended avoiding using cloth mask as the omicron variant spreads and instead using a surgical mask or higher level respirator instead, jonathan mccall kron 4 news. >> the teachers union in san
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francisco is now happy with how the district is handling this latest covid surge. this after more than 600 educators were out sick yesterday. the union president says they asked san francisco unified school district to have covid protocols in place back in august. but they claim they've seen no results in are now demanding the district. do better. >> as of because not require a negative test for adults or children to return to school buildings. yet. and does not have a vaccine mandate for poster mandate for adults. >> school district superintendent doctor vincent matthew is responding to this criticism saying in a statement tonight, quote. as we return from winter break this week. we encouraged testing set up new testing sites and sent out information about numerous ways to get tested prior to school reopening throughout this week. and this weekend we are making rapid testing available at several schools and district headquarters. doctor matthews also says the district has been handing out masks for months and will continue to do so. the union
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will meet with school leaders. thursday tomorrow to discuss their request for testing and covid sick leave the union says of the 2 parties can't reach an agreement. the teachers may go on strike. in the east bay there. fremont unified school district will distribute more at home covid tests starting tomorrow. the school district is offering drive-thru pickups. we've listed the locations there on the screen. they run from 10 in the morning to 2 in the afternoon. the school district says it has enough supply for all of its employees and students. >> the demand for covid tests is as high as it has ever been in the bay area. and that is leading to long lines even traffic congestion. this was the line along sky port drive across from to san jose airport. people were outside kaiser permanente's medical offices. we learned that most of the people had made appointments for the covid tests. one man we talked to took the day off from work. >> you've been in line. >> over an hour. i want to
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have. >> was it frustrating extremely frustrating. so the bucs win >> they expect bad. >> it is not just sick people who are trying to get test. many students returning to school are required to be tested. one santa clara county supervisor says his fellow leaders need to do much more to make the tests available. joe submitting and says, quote, people cannot take the appropriate precautions to prevent the spread of the virus if they don't know they are infected to begin with, simply put, we can't fight the virus. if we can't see it and we can't see it if we don't test submitting and is asking county staff to present a plan for a better distribution of the tests at the january 11th board of supervisors meeting the contra costa county supervisors will be distributing at home. covid tests tomorrow for anyone who's struggled to find them. >> supervisor. diane burgess is holding a drive-thru event tomorrow from 1 o'clock until
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4 at the oakley recreation center. the address is there on your screen. each car can receive up to 2 test kits while the supplies last. >> 10 days before it was set to expire in california. the indoor mask mandate is now here to stay until february 15th state health officials say the rule will be reevaluated as the day gets closer. but they are not using a specific metric to decide when to drop it. the announcement comes amid concerns over the number of hospital admissions which increased 8.4% overnight to more than 8,000 people, 1800 out of state medical professionals are being brought in to help hospitals in california with the surge. >> the omicron is here here now you can abandon the tools that we've used to achieve our collective success. >> doctor galley added that for now putting limits on businesses is not being discussed. people as young as
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12 years old may soon be eligible to receive the pfizer covid booster shot, cdc director doctor rochelle walensky has approved the panel's recommendation to expand the eligibility for booster shots. the advisers weigh the record number of covid cases in children amid the surge of the highly contagious omicron variant before making their decision. the western states scientific safety review work group. let's now review the recommendation before it can take effect here in california. the definition of fully vaccinated against covid will not be changing to include booster shots. the biden administration says americans will still be considered fully vaccinated if they have their first 2 shots of the pfizer or moderna vaccine or their single dose johnson and johnson vaccine. officials are still urging everyone to say up to date on their doses. >> the vast majority of hospitalizations and deaths are among the unvaccinated americans and completing the primary. vaccination series is clearly a critical step to
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prevent severe outcomes with boosters as doctor walensky said, given the highest level of protection. >> the decision means that federal vaccination mandates for travel or employment will not require a booster shot. >> the timing of the omicron surge has california is facing a dual threat from both covid and influenza. the so-called twindemic or flu. ronna cases have been an issue since the pandemic started. so cohen factions are not new or uncommon, but the concern with flu is that they could increase hospi%alization rates. and with the omicron variant being so contagious. doctors expect to see a resurgence of flu on a infections this winter. >> march and april. we had patients with the influenza and covid at the same time as well covid-19 and other respiratory viruses. it was just a handful of cases and those patients typically or sicker. and there are in our intensive care unit.
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>> no cases of flu. ronna have been reported in the bay area. but one case was reported in los angeles county today, health officials there say it was a child who had not received either the flu or the covid vaccine. they also say both viruses are spread in similar ways. so they are encouraging vaccinations and masking for both. and the latest covid surge is also taking its toll on the entertainment industry. the grammy awards show has been postponed indefinitely and the sundance film festival in utah, cancel all in-person events today coming up tonight at 1045, what have a closer look at the growing concerns as we enter the awards season. now the 4 zone forecast as we give you a live look outside at a pretty quiet bay bridge toll plaza. quiet bay bridge toll plaza. but that fog is rolling in everywhere else. i'm meteorologists. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow standing by with that. yeah. get a break from the rain but seeing the results of the rain now is that fog?
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>> kind of settling in now getting thick in spots. you see it out toward the golden gate and the valleys already starting to see some of that ground fog forming as well going to see that thicken up overnight tonight and it's tomorrow morning. a storm clouds kind of parting a bit is cloudy almost all day long. we had a couple of sunny breaks outside after a few showers this morning. but things drying up. for the most part. you see most that rain up in pacific northwest of the fog and the other. it is kind of settling in now for the night to see a bit of an offshore wind developing and that's where we start to see some that real dense fog develop into the delta into the central valley. watch out for that. that is going to be very overnight tonight. it's tomorrow morning. shift got to travel. i 80 in the central valley and then down the i 5 got to watch out. you're going to be looking at some very dense fog into the early morning hours. best timely probably after 9 o'clock. that's when it should begin lift you see right the visibility forecast overnight tonight showing things begin to thicken up already as we head toward midnight, all of a sudden start to see some get
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down to near 0 visibility. least less than a mile. and then as we head toward early tomorrow morning. that's when it gets really thick 6 between about 06:00am you're talking about some very thick fog developing around the bay area early on and then that will begin lipped about the middle the morning all of a sudden by the afternoon. looking good. but especially tomorrow morning. watch out for traveling anywhere around the bay area temperatures right now in the 50's outside. not going to be a cold night because of that cloud cover we're going to be a look at some dry conditions, at least for tomorrow. we've got that fog in place should begin to break up a little bit by the afternoon tomorrow should be a dry at least by the afternoon. guys, back to you. thank you. or it's another big story tonight. the alameda county sheriff's department has released the identity of the recruit who was shot and killed last night. >> on interstate 5.80, in oakland. his name is david. the win. we first brought you this as breaking news last night on kron 4 news at 10. the investigation underway now as authorities are hoping that somebody who was on interstate 5.80, at the time of the incident last night.
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>> might have information that will help the force has the mind you. it has the latest. >> officials with the alameda county sheriff's office confirmed the identity of the academy recruit killed in a deadly freeway shooting as 28 year-old, david with in your career and you remember anything my this effort. >> you know, i've i've i've asked certainly don't remember this in my career and i've asked some people have been around a little longer retire people. they don't ever remember anything like this happening either. and cad amiah person was was murdered and that nobody can remember that you're looking at a solid video of recruit with leaving the highland hospital with the american flag draped over his body. the victim of a shooting tuesday on west bound. 5.80, heading toward san francisco. he was on his way home after recruit training with the academy. >> it was around 04:30pm with the california highway patrol responded to a call for a solo vehicle collision. so officers
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quickly determined upon arriving the individual involved in the crash and also that shot. >> the chp is leading the investigation through investigation. it was determined. >> a round had struck the right front passenger window of the prius. >> and then struck the driver officials at the regional training centers say peer counseling is being made available for any recruit who may need it. >> what you care about. >> yeah. according to the. academy people, i'm highly motivated. just a good. kind of a kind of a leader in the academy. so is this is tough for them. >> the california highway patrol has released no information on any possible asking any drivers with are -- dashboard cameras traveling in the area around the time of the shooting to check to see if they may have recorded review your footage. >> if you see anything that could be of use to our investigators. please notify
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us. >> in dublin has it but you crowd for news. >> and the alameda county sheriff's office has opened an account at the police credit union for donations that would go to help the nguyen family. you can find that information on our website. kron 4 dot com and new tonight at 10. the california highway patrol will be conducting what it calls a focus to enforcement period tomorrow. the goal is to crack down on issues such as speeding, drunk, driving road rage and all other dangerous behaviors on the road. the chp says extra officers will be deployed tomorrow in alameda and solano counties, although this announcement does come just one day after the tragic freeway shooting of the recruit we just told you about the chp says these extra enforcement periods where pre planned. >> oakland police are investigating after a body was found inside a burned vehicle. officers say they made the discovery around 3 o'clock this morning on delaware street in east oakland. it's near the laurel art garden, an
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interstate 5.80. the victim has not been identified. authorities say they're investigating the case as a homicide. anyone who has information is asked to contact oakland police. >> san francisco police have arrested 2 men in connection to a series of bank robberies. they say ray far and bryan alexander robbed 7 banks in october and november of last year. the locations of those banks are listed on your screen. police say the suspects would enter a bank and either handed a teller. a threatening note or pull out a gun demanding money after an investigation. both men were taken into custody last wednesday in oakland. police say they also confiscated thousands of dollars in cash as well as a firearm linking the men to the crimes. they now face several charges. a federal judge has sentenced santa rosa woman to nearly 6 and a half years in prison after supplying fentanyl to a father of a 13 month old child authorities say 29 year-old
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leanna zamora sold fentanyl to a santa rosa man. both he and his 13 month-old daughter later came into contact with the drug and died. authorities traced the fentanyl in a drug deal in the tenderloin district back in december of 2000, 19 prosecutors say it was passed from a honduran drug dealer in the tenderloin to 3 others and then the father samara. lindsey williams and shane crotty have all been convicted in connection with the distribution conspiracy. >> a year ago tomorrow. americans witnessed an attack on capitol hill not seen since the war of 1812 rioters carrying the name of former president trump violently stormed the capitol to try to keep congress from certifying joe biden's election as president. since then, there have been many arrests and an investigation that's reached the highest levels of government attorney general merrick garland says the department of justice will follow the facts wherever they lead.
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>> the justice department remains committed to holding all january 6 perpetrators at any level accountable under law. >> garland says his department is arrested and charged more than 700 people in connection with the attack. a house select committee is conducting a separate investigation into how the insurrection happened and who was behind it. president biden will discuss the attack during a speech tomorrow capitol police has spent the past year for to find the capital to prevent such assaults in the future. the devastation and the riot still resonates with a lot of lawmakers and law enforcement officers who are there and tomorrow, many local organizations are going to hold rallies and gatherings to remember the events from that day while also trying to find ways to make sure that it does not happen again. fours gayle ong has that part of the story. >> the nation watched as donald trump supporters breached the capitol building on january 6, 2021 5 people died during and after the
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insurrection, hundreds were injured while congress was certifying the victory of president joe biden over trump in the november 2020 election wednesday night. congresswoman jackie spear hosted a virtual town hall with police officers who were on duty that day. to michael. >> and that's to community from now they're things. lot of people come forward provide information that he was going to not much has changed since january 6, 2021. >> and we still have it politicians that engage in the same insightful violent rhetoric. >> and in many ways the double down. >> thursday marks one year since the attack on the first anniversary. there will be several day of remembrance in action rallies nationwide calling for those responsible for the insurrection to be held accountable. and for elected leaders to protect voting rights in the country. we stand for democracy. is
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organizing a vigil in san mateo elections should mean something and especially if they're run fairly of east row. gat says least 300 people have are a soupy to the walnut creek event. the intention is first to condemn. >> the assault on our democracies and second to take this opportunity to to remember those who lost their lives. everyone who was harmed. everyone who is the trade has been betrayed. san francisco will have a gathering at civic center plaza. >> one of the largest events will be held in downtown oakland where mayor libby schaff is set to be one of the speakers. gayle ong kron 4 news. >> one of the events happening at the capitol tomorrow to mark january. 6 is a virtual roundtable discussion hosted by east bay congresswoman barbara lee. we have links to that on our website. kron 4 dot com and the smithsonian museum is working to make sure no one forgets the events of january 6. it is continuing to
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collect artifacts from the insurrection employees started collecting items last year on january 7th they include a black vest worn by a journalist that day protest signs and whips and sticks that we use as weapons museum. officials say currently there are no plans to hold a spocific exhibit. >> still ahead tonight, you'll 70 looking extra special after seeing record breaking snowfall there. why authorities say there's a hidden danger you should know about. if you plan to plus new details on a covid outbreak at the sonoma county jail. how many people have been infected and what's being done to stop the spread. >> and unimaginable horror in philadelphia flames ripped through a large duplex killing a dozen people including several children. we'll have the latest on the investigation into what went rickley wrong.
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get started with fast and reliable internet and voice for $64.99 a month with a 2-year price guarantee. it's easy... with flexible installation and backing from an expert team, 24/7. and for even more value, ask how to get up to a $500 prepaid card. get a great deal for your business with the ready. set. save. sale today. comcast business. powering possibilities. people in the los angeles county suburb of surrey toes after authorities say a speeding driver crashed into a fedex truck. >> while it was stopped at a red light. >> sounds like an explosion. and then debris was flying. when i got out. i actually thought the fedex 7 blew up in the back of the fedex truck. >> that man says he was sitting in his car at the intersection when the door to the fedex truck actually flew over his vehicle and landed on the hood. as you can see,
10:24 pm
there is debris just about everywhere in that area. this happened just after 9 o'clock this morning in cerritos. authorities say 6 cars were involved in the crash. the driver who was speeding died. 2 other people were injured. it's not clear if drugs or alcohol were factors in the accident and unthinkable tragedy in philadelphia. a dozen people, most of them children killed during a row house fire in philadelphia. >> tom negovan shows us how it happened. >> neighbors who woke to smoke and flames pouring from second story windows fire crews already there. that part of the house is believed to be the kitchen and possible point of origin for the fire was extinguished. >> was a terror with terror. >> 2 survivors were pulled from the building before first responders began to realize the full magnitude of this 18
10:25 pm
people lived upstairs in an apartment on the second and 3rd stories another 8 lived one floor below. >> this is a without a doubt. one of the most tragic case and our city. history. >> friends and relatives gathered outside the burned out home trying to console each other. you know, the way. >> neighbors say the families have lived in the area for years. the children often seen out playing. so far no ages or ids are being released. >> so you had a loss of words >> tonight. investigators tell us they were for smoke detectors in the building. but none were working. >> i don't much is much more to say please. all these folks and especially these children. in your prayers. losing so
10:26 pm
many kids. it's just. that's >> that was tom negovan reporting tonight the property is owned operated and inspected by the philadelphia housing authority. the authority says the smoke detectors were last inspected. about 8 months ago and they were working at the time in the wake of this tragedy. the san francisco fire department is giving out smoke detectors for free while supplies last anyone who needs and cannot afford a detector is urged to call the number on your screen. it is 4, 1, 5, 558-3300. the department is taking calls monday through friday from 9 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon. >> coming up next, a 10 taking matters into his own hands of the oil man who says he's fed up with the city's potholes and just might be starting a movement to the process. and are you tired of all the rain
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looking for 2 little spring-like weather. we will let you know. we might see some coming up here. can attend forecast. >> and the coronavirus taking the total workplaces across the nation after the break, an unprecedented number of workers calling out sick and resigning from their jobs.
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>> happening now, the rapid spread of covid is affecting
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services in the bay area. the superior court of alameda county is reducing its hours for certain services including drop boxes and clerk offices on the peninsula all town facilities in coma have closed until january 28th and san francisco mayor london breed says the number of breakthrough covid cases in the city is affecting healthcare workers, police fire, beauty and other city employees workers appear to be calling out sick in mass sense leading to suspend its subway trains. extended school breaks and. >> some other noticeable changes in workplaces across the country and in fact, some businesses are even being forced to close. brian entin has more on the omicron cers being felt in just about every industry, including public safety. >> it's hard to get the job done. when workers aren't showing up. omicron causing a record number of sick calls in just about every industry you can think of. we know airlines are a mask and that retailers are feeling it, too macy's.
10:31 pm
reducing store hours because of workers calling out and this walmart in florida is closed because so many workers called in sick and the stories getting a deep clean. i came here. and for the first time ever, i sold my clothes. so it cannot surprise to me. it's a tough time for small businesses like restaurants who already don't have enough employees, tupelo honey cafe in raleigh, north carolina has a sign on their door, letting customers know they don't have enough workers. first. it was a workforce shortage and now it's the sick calls for having the issues of servers and see members getting sick and not be able to come in for their well, double whammy we can live without eating out. but when people call out sick at some jobs like police and firefighters. it could be the difference between life and death kept screaming. oh, god. oh, god. and so much can take it that when jesse shaw called 911, with his brother couldn't move near saint louis, missouri. he says it took 10 hours for an ambulance to come. the problem we have right now is it's just a lack
10:32 pm
of people. a lot of people on top of what's already being dubbed the great resignation, a record number of people quit their jobs just before the some school districts say they're barely hanging on because of the problem made worse by omicron in michigan. a new law allows schools to use not teaching staff like cafeteria workers and bus drivers to fill in as substitute teachers. all they would need is a high school diploma, something that concerns teachers unions. if someone comes and do they know how to deal with student behavior. do they know how to relax some planned. >> that was brian entin reporting for us tonight. classes were canceled in all chicago public schools today after the teachers union voted to switch to remote learning because of a record number of covid cases. there are 350,000 students in that district. they return to classes on monday after their winter break. only to be notified late last night of today's cancellation. the move comes
10:33 pm
amid an escalating battle over covid safety protocols in schools all across the nation. the status for the remainder of the week in chicago remains up in the air in the north bay. a dozen sonoma county inmates and at least 7 workers have tested positive for covid amid a new outbreak at the county's main jail. the sonoma county sheriff's office confirms the outbreak at the main adult detention center in santa rosa is the 3rd rash of covid cases at the jail since the pandemic started in response, the jail has locked down and he's not allowing any outside visitors officials have ordered additional test to determine the extent of the outbreak. >> sonoma county is now reporting more daily covid infections than at any other point during the pandemic. officials held a briefing today to inform residents about testing kits that are on the way and some changes to its health orders kron 4 center. tacky has the details. >> our cases sonoma county have nearly tripled in the
10:34 pm
past few weeks and as has our positivity rate and early december. we were averaging less than 40 cases a now we're seeing 200 to coronavirus cases continue to rise in sonoma county. >> reaching peaks higher than previous surges during this pandemic. however, hospitalizations remain low with the help of vaccinations data pulled by the county displays. the difference vaccinations make we find that people who are unvaccinated are still 4 times more likely to be infected with covid-19 17.1 times more likely to be hospitalized in 14.1 times more likely to die of covid 19 related illnesses. >> county leaders say its most recent covid related death was last month. a man over the age of 60 with underlying conditions and was not vaccinated while hospitalizations are rare with omicron variant hospitals are still being strained due to staff shortages, schools and clinics. >> are struggling with staff
10:35 pm
shortages due to illness or the need to follow covid protocols to do staff testing positive. >> to prevent further spread. county leaders are reminding people that masks are now required in all public indoor spaces regardless of vaccination status hospital employees and emergency responders are also required to get boosted by february first if eligible. we're test twice per week at this time. finding tester appointments are also harder. that's why the county has been holding testing clinics at schools. this weekend. next. sharing good news that more testing kits are on the way yesterday. sonoma county medication. receive 67,000 boxes of test. >> to test each. and today they're going out to schools and school districts. i'm taylor bisacky reporting kron 4 news. >> a new study suggests that hispanic women who are pregnant are twice as likely to get sick from covid researchers was center. health's sent out that warning today saying it's important for the expectant mothers to get a vaccine to protect themselves from the virus if
10:36 pm
not doctors say in the worst case scenario, mom and baby are at a higher risk of dying. the mother can also develop high blood pressure, which can stop a fetus from growing or damage. internal organs. >> the message to all are expecting. mom, this is especially the ones that are high risk infections to really nation against covid early as possible. pregnancy. this will reduce the chances of developing a serious infection that we know. and certainly be or aggravated by the few cells, your pregnancy, which makes more susceptible to go up each covid testing of the 2 per year. >> researchers couldn't say why, but they did find that pregnant women over the age of 25 were less likely to be infected with covid. right now. kron 4 dot com and get the latest covid headlines, including information on where to find testing sites and vaccines scan the qr code on your screen with your mobile device and it will take you straight to our website.
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>> take a look at this. some stunning images from yosemite as the park experiences record snowfall last month while on the medals recorded 154 inches of what is called new snow. that's the amount of snow that falls in a 24 hour period while the depth of the snow broke a record park officials said the water content was not the highest since records have been kept water content is determined by melting the snow and then measuring the height of the water. the one downside of all of the fresh snow park officials are warning of avalanche danger in some areas of the park. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is of course, following all of this law. you know, we don't want to get an early snow melt get an early spring that we have to worry about all that water coming down the hills. >> causing some flooding issues. but right now that's not to be worried about. we've got more storms headed up in the sierra nevada. if you're going that way. here's look a live look at donner summit. roadways are open and clear. of course, getting icy at this time of night. the car still moving on by. but you can see
10:38 pm
3rd warmth by those mountains of snow on the sides of i 80 there as we've seen just tremendous amount of snow through december. now, if you head to the high country want to get up there and enjoy some skin. snow is going to be wonderful. you're going to see some nice powder up there. but we are seeing some storms rolling in want to time out your trip. another storm system moves in as early as friday after that looks like a nice dry weekend ahead. then another one comes in. it's kind of weak system as we head in toward monday and then another one after that on wednesday, another storm system comes rolling in to bring another round of some fresh powder across the high country. so you really want to watch when you're traveling up there, you're going to see some dry conditions for tomorrow. if you're traveling across the central valley. you headed up there tomorrow. watch out in the early morning. we're looking at some of that to leave fog. the weather really a factor one way or another here as you see some dense fog early on the morning that should lift after 09:00am or so of more snow moving in on friday and then it looks like a dry start the weekend fact both they should be dry on saturday and sunday temperatures. they're going to be in the 30's around the bay
10:39 pm
area we've been talking about a lot of cancellations to with the traveling across the country. no delays reported weather-wise for sfo oakland or san jose with the fog out there now. but long range forecast model looks impressive is we're going to see another chance of some rain coming our way but not tomorrow should be mostly dry tomorrow. the exception, maybe some drizzle along the coastline. charity said little comma shape in the atmosphere. that's that next. storm system comes rolling in, i think on friday morning making for a wet commute, but that kind of scoots out of town quickly by friday afternoon. we're drying out and saturday and sunday look dry for the most part slight chance of a few showers coming our way as we head in toward monday as another system kind of rolls on through. then about the middle of next week. yet another one comes by that. neither of these very impressive storms. i think after that we're actually going to see some improving weather high pressure going to take over. you sta t to see this storm system headed further and further to the north. there's that ridge builds in. we may even get a little sense of some spring-like weather coming our way. so keep your fingers crossed for that. we could use that. so as we head
10:40 pm
the next couple days. tomorrow should be a mixture of sunshine and clouds should be mostly dry with drizzle along the coastline. little rain returns on friday, dry expected for the weekend. but that following weekend. look at those temperatures sneaking up into the 60's almost spring-like. you tackling the pothole problem. some residents in valais are getting fed up with the city's poor road conditions and. >> now they're trying to do something about for santorum has that story. potholes are a problem all across the bay area and allay is no exception. but these residents are turning their complaints into action. i run over potholes every day. >> and i'm tired of it. david marr stellar junior is leading the valais holgate movement. he's hoping by taking matters into his own hands. it will inspire others to take care of their city. there's a lot of smart people here in toledo. i think there's enough that if we all got together, we can fix this city and and take it
10:41 pm
to the next level over the past couple of weeks. the group is filled just a modest handful of potholes. but their eyes are set on a much larger goal. the word has been spread through social media pages and a gofundme has raised more than a $1000 to get asphalt to help patch up the streets next week. the group is planning to fill dozens of them. that's the goal is just to make the community realize we can get things done faster than asking city government to do our stellar says he's been encouraged by some city leaders to continue the work. there's also some concern that it might force a cease and desist because these actions are not going through the proper channels. marstellar simply wants the city to be a better place and he thinks it will take the community to do it. it was bring some pride back little. and what better way than doing that 6 in the streets reporting in vallejo. dan thorn kron 4 news. >> still ahead tonight at 10,
10:42 pm
he inspired generations the oldest us world war 2 veteran has passed away. you look back on the life of this year. >> plus it's for steph curry has a tough night in dallas. jason dumas. so tell you if the warriors were able to overcome his rare off game. that's coming up. >> and the entertainment industry taking a heavy hit from the covid winter surge. award shows festivals all making major last-minute changes as the awards season quickly approaches.
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>> new tonight at 10 hollywood's awards season is right around the corner. but the winter coronavirus surge fueled by omicron is already causing awards show cancellations the golden globes awards ceremony is scheduled for this sunday in beverly hills. but could it get pushed back the 2022 grammy awards have also been affected along with the sundance film festival. rick chambers shows us what we can expect as awards season gets into full swing. >> everybody was hopeful the 2022 would be different. unfortunately, that's not the case for some of the entertainment world's biggest awards show >> the 64th grams will not air is planned. at the end of the month. the recording academy saying in part. >> the health and safety of those in our music community. the live audience and the hundreds of people who work tirelessly to produce the show remains our top priority given
10:46 pm
the uncertainty surrounding the omicron variant holding the show january 31 simply contains too many risks. the grammys are essentially 3 and a half hour long televised concert. >> they want to place where nominees will feel comfortable to perform live. it's a real special that arguably amongst the best of the award shows and now it's sort of back to the drawing. >> the same is true for the critics choice scheduled for this sunday but now definitely. >> beyond before the academy awards. the exact date still to be announced. but my assumption is it will be in mid-march. the golden globes will be handed out this sunday at the beverly hilton. but it won't be televised nor will there be an audience or red carpet. >> i think there will be a press release at the end of whatever it is that they're going to do announcing their winners. a lot of people did not submit for golden globes. they're hoping for a much brighter future in 2023. i think that. >> remains an open question. the screen actors guild awards are still a goal for february
10:47 pm
27th and the 94th oscars are still on for the following month. >> but that could change if the surge worsens. >> it is a huge deal to be a grammy nominee. it is significant to be a critics choice or oscar nominee. and i think people want to celebrate their good work and they want to celebrate in the way they traditionally know how. >> but all that adoration is going to have to wait a while until the covid numbers go back down. even the nfl is making contingency plans to move the super bowl out of so fight. if the virus numbers rise. >> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> well, after tonight's game against the warriors. the dallas mavericks, retired the jersey of the best shooting. big man of all time and hall of famer dirk nowitzki. unfortunately for the does their best shooter who happens to be the best shooter of all
10:48 pm
time just couldn't get it going. here's another great shooter. klay thompson sunday, baby. we're going to see him. i know everybody had this set is definite, but i want to go off a limb and say we're definitely seeing him on sunday. >> 1st half jalen brunson. smooth the floater in the league. dallas led by 11 at the brakes. definitely one for 10 in the 1st half. 3rd quarter luka doncic's. he is a load to guard 26 points for luka. the death to 23 rondo staff. find wigs who finds steph nice finish and elaine, give them the lead there. later on jta pride and joy east oakland, baby. get out the way. learned that on 95th street. they took control. tough floater by tim hardaway junior. you remember tmc. as baby boy right there. more from the mavericks. dorian
10:49 pm
finney-smith with the 3. he had a big game. dallas up thirteen's 40 curry finished with only 14.2 of 5 of 24 the warriors lose this one. and i'm playing great. the last 2 games. he's under 40% from 3.40 year and that's not like him. he talked about his struggles >> and was not going in >> but it course, this year has been pretty last stretch is not been great and even my >> so you just got to stick with the program. never been reactive in terms of tough shooting nights or whatever, same process and just. >> understand the big picture. what we're trying to do and what i'm trying to do. >> don't be reactive. trust the process. everyone can take that of his life, myself included. all right. get a load of this guy kyree irving
10:50 pm
made his debut. he hadn't played all year because he's unvaccinated in new york city rules. save young vaccinated. you can play. so his team said if you can't play home games, we're not going to let you play road games just wouldn't be fair to the whole team. but and they caved clearly are being played tonight on the road in indy his team won. he had 22 points over the pacers. the forty-niners season is on the line this sunday. and as of now, no one knows who will be the starting quarterback. maybe kyle shanahan does. but. >> however you spin, it is just not an ideal situation to be in jimmy g threw the ball today at practice, but he still acknowledge there's some pain and discomfort in that thumb. trey lance got to start last week. as we know any play pretty well up and down. you know, as a rookie should the niners are in los angeles this week. kyle shanahan said if jimmy g is comfortable, he will get the start. but who
10:51 pm
really knows what comfortable means. it's a relative term. >> it's pretty good talk session. yesterday. i just, you know, try to get the motion back and everything i get feeling where i want to feel. i think way in to where we did definitely helped get him to this point. but i mean, i think each day's a new experience with it. so it's going to be mainly. >> on jimmy, jimmy space and just talking tillman making sure he doesn't push it too hard to give chance for sunday. i'm trying to get back to my old notion words just, you know, fluid and everything like that. but. >> just take some time. it's it's a process but working in the right direction. >> i think trey lance is going to be the starter on sunday in la. we will find out about that all righty. that's your look at sports. we'll be right
10:52 pm
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let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. >> the oldest surviving world war 2 veteran has died. lawrence brooks pass away in new orleans today. he was drafted during world war 2 and station in australia back in 1940 his unit build bridges, roads used by the allies and landing strips for aircraft. >> after the war, he was recognized by the national world war 2 museum in new orleans brooks was not just the oldest veteran but is also believed to have been the oldest man in the united states. he was 112 years old. he leaves behind 5 children. dozens of grandchildren and great-grandchildren. the state
10:55 pm
of louisiana is writing a long-term wrong. the dates back more than a century. the governor there issuing a pardon. >> to homer plessy, a black man arrested and removed from a whites only train car back in 1892 that arrest led to a u.s. supreme court ruling known as plessy versus ferguson. that ruling cemented the separate but equal concept in law for 50 years in the united states. some a plus e's relatives attended today's signing one called it a quote last day for our ancestors and for children. not yet born. >> some of the sacramento won the powerball jackpot. a winning ticket was every number was sold at a 7.11 there. we don't know where exactly the winning numbers. you can on theirs, on your screen. 6, 1425 3346 and the powerball number of 17 the jackpot tonight climb to 630 million dollars. it's the 7th largest jackpot in the game's history until tonight,
10:56 pm
nobody won since october. wasn't me know. hey, we've got some of that fog out there right now. we're going to see more of that overnight tonight. >> over san francisco, low clouds, kind of sneaking in now. not too thick just yet but likely to thicken up throughout the night should be mostly dry night. we're going to see couple of patches of drizzle. i think along the coastline most that rain has ended for now. but going to make a comeback. i think as early as friday as we're going to see high pressure bring us a dry day for tomorrow. for the most part, the exception being some of that drizzle along the coastline. otherwise we're looking pretty good as we're going to looks like temperatures running mainly in the 50's as you make your way inside the bay. you're looking at temperatures staying cool out along the coastline with some patchy drizzle out there as well. and numbers as high as 55 degrees in burlingame and cloudy 57 san carlos the south bay going to see those temperatures up mainly into the 50's. but dry out there as well about 57 degrees in pleasanton and get the idea we're going to keep those numbers a little bit cooler than normal. but a chance for
10:57 pm
rain, returning thursday night into friday, dry weather expected over the weekend. for us here at kron, 4 news at 10 o'clock. thank you for joining us. have a great night and we'll see you tomorrow.
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