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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  January 7, 2022 4:00am-4:31am PST

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news. 4. >> good morning. thank you for joining us here on the kron. 4 morning news. i'm james fletcher on this friday, january 7th. we made it to the end of the week. the first week of 20. 22 in the first week of january as well. we've got reyna harvey talking about some sprinkles that we're starting to see out there. good morning rain good morning, james. yeah, that's right. we have some overnight moisture. so. >> a few drizzles in the forecast. so this morning you could be waking up to some wet roadways are getting a look at sfo. you can see a pretty wet and slick tarmac out there and some of the bridges are slick and wet as well. we're
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tracking that storm system that's set to arrive in the bay area around 07:00am today. the north bay will be the first hit by this storm system making its way through. you can see where it's situated at the moment. so you cayenne you rica and that's going to arrive in the bay area. like i mention around 6 or 07:00am. so we'll be tracking that as it passes through. it will only be here for the morning hours. and then later in the afternoon, we'll start to dry up just a bit. and then saturday and sunday, nice days. we might see another weak system into sunday night. so we'll be keeping a close eye on as well. current temperatures outside right now across the map. low 50's there. so a little cooler today than we were yesterday. livermore, piedmont, upper 40's santa rosa, 49 of otto. 48 in san carlos. 49, we'll be tracking that system throughout the morning. we'll have more coming up with james. i'll send it over to you. all right, reena, thank you. a quick check of just a few bridges for you this morning. the bay bridge approach. >> again, looking good westbound 80 no problems reported by the chp. pretty
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simple, right? as you make your way from oakland and san francisco. >> the san mateo bridge to the south that stretch of highway 92 also showing us a pretty decent conditions, at least in terms of traffic volume. but you can kind of see there's a little bit of moisture on the land. so that's kind of what rain is talking about. some of these sprinkles. we're going to expecting throughout the day today. otherwise it's not terrible. the richmond, sandra fell bridge this morning. also pretty light. and it's no surprise. it's 04:00am after all. so if you're an early riser, one of our super commuters coming in from far out. looks like your main routes from the east bay over to the peninsula or the north bay looking pretty good this morning. and if you're north bay commuters coming down in the san francisco here, one, 0, one golden gate bridge ride looking fine in both directions will have more weather and traffic checks in a bit. but now let's get back to the headlines and our continuing coverage of the coronavirus. we'll start with the very latest developments now out of san francisco where the school district and the teachers union have failed to reach a new deal on covid protocols. so the union says
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that their members have 3 demands, one, that the district provide enough masks for all students and staff. secondly, they want the district to test all students and staff every week for covid. and then thirdly, they want the district to extend current sick leave for educators who have covid. the union claims the district is concerned more about the financial cost of providing sick leave for staff. then their safety. the points out that the state of california is no longer funding covid sick pay in a statement, district superintendent doctor vincent matthews says, quote, to make sure that our students - and staff are safe at school. we are committed to working with labor partners to ensure in-person learning can safely continue. union chapter president rafael, is painting a very different picture of the discussions. he says, quote, we are incredible, incredibly disappointed that the management of the district didn't come to the table. better prepared to reach agreements that keep our
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students, staff and schools safe and to finalize this agreement today. both parties have agreed to resume negotiations next week. in the east bay. some teachers in oakland are planning a sick out today to bring attention to covid safety concerns. the oakland unified school district has already sent out notices to parents kron four's gayle ong has the story. >> on friday, oakland educators are planning a one-day sickout for school safety. this really sent thursday with a list of demands for the oakland unified school district from mass distribution of n 95. and kn 95 mask weekly pcr testing, retroactive extension of covid leave and hepa filters and large common areas. here is smith. a teacher at skyline high school is planning the sick out. we would love to be in in person. >> just as much as everyone else wants us to be. but the fact of the matter is, our campuses are safe right now. on thursday, the school district notified parents about the sick out. in part the note highlighting covid protocols are in place. hepa
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filters were distributed to every classroom and regular testing is available to all students and staff. it just feels like that's not true. we need some time to get the resources that we need on campus in order make it safe seek out is not sanctioned by the teachers union. it is unclear if educators at other schools plan to participate. usd perry disagrees. i feel my kids are safe and kids have been safe this whole year and they should be in the classroom. i think the district has done a good job, finding a variety of factors. both. >> you know, improving you know, at school, they have testing every single day of the week. it's available to, you know, to and a variety of 10 different sites across the district. as for the solution, there are other things that can be done. and we are hoping that the district will come to the bargaining table and really >> bargain in good faith in the meantime, the district plans to keep schools open for students on friday. gayle ong kron. 4 news.
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>> well, 143 teachers in the mount diablo unified school district recorded absent from school yesterday, school district officials say that the virus and the ongoing teacher shortage are to blame. but despite those challenges, superintendent doctor adam clark says that students still receive their lessons from other credentialed staff members who stepped in. doctor clark expects to continue to see a high number of staff absences for the near future, but adds that he doesn't anticipate having to temporarily close any schools because of the shortages. the union and school district are currently in contract negotiations. the union says the 2 sides of wall and that a strike is possible. we'll keep you updated. meanwhile, in the north bay, masin county health leaders are working right now to protect school staff and students who are now back in the classroom. they released several guidelines and are adapting to the new data that's coming in on the omicron variant covers. ella sogomonian has more. >> the marin county health department updated covid-19
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guidelines for schools on thursday to keep up with changes brought on by the omicron variant they acknowledged at this stage of the pandemic, the risk of being sent to the hospital with severe symptoms is down. one in 15 people are requiring intensive care compared to one in 5 who were infected with the delta variant. but on the kron is infecting more people faster. so protecting the health of students and staff is a priority so kids can stay in school. all of our strategies are. >> laser focused on keeping schools open and not having schools excluded, especially when we have a more mild, we have a virulent, less severe virus. we still have policies that are pandemic level policies that isolation and quarantine and so i these are strategies to keep schools open. that being said, face coverings are still required for students and staff while they're indoors. >> booster shots are encouraged for those who are eligible kids. kindergarten through 12th grade will be given covid tests if they get symptoms when in quarantine
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and before they're allowed back to school isolation will last 5 days with a negative test. and if symptoms are gone, otherwise kids will stay home for a total of 10 days. updated guidance also limit school gatherings to 50 people indoors. only the fully vaccinated can attend sports games and performances inside and sports teams will be sent home to quarantine for 7 days if 14 members are infected within 14 days. >> we've seen, you know, now the data is accumulated and i others across the nation have learned with we knew, which is that closing schools create significant public and social and mental health. >> in fact, during one of the most isolated periods in the pandemic, more people were turning to a marine county suicide hotline near the end of 2020. but doctor willis reminds parents to keep their kids home and have them tested if they show any sign of being sick before they can come back to the classroom.
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>> children aged 12 to 15 in california can soon get a booster dose of pfizer's covid vaccine. the state announced that it will be expanding eligibility to younger children after the cdc signed off on the recommendation yesterday. so this means children in that age group can get the booster at least 5 months after their second dose. the state's website is currently being updated right now to reflect that expanded eligibility. officials recommend scheduling a booster appointment through your children's doctor. a cruise ship with at least a dozen passengers who tested positive for covid docked in san francisco. we actually saw in port yesterday the ruby princess. it returned to san francisco after a 10 day cruise to mexico yesterday. a spokesperson for the cruise line confirmed the infected passengers had little to no symptoms. they did not need to be hospitalized and everyone on board was fully vaccinated. that's the requirement. the story may have more memories. of when there that grand princess cruise ship. remember when it was docked and the port of oakland nearly 2 years
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ago with the whole ship full of people who are infected more than 100 actually tested positive on that ship. 7 people died. the cdc strongly warns against traveling on cruise ships right now, although not everyone is heeding that warning. >> there's the cdc warning advising people not to cruise. we heard about that. >> i had we've got to get back to got to get back to sit around. >> stuck in the house for ever. >> yeah. the cdc says that covid spreads easily on cruise ships even if you are vaccinated. the agency recommends travelers get tested one to 3 days before their crews and 3 to 5 days after they return. if you use those at-home kits, well, you're being warned to watch out for fake once the federal trade commission says you want to check to make sure that the test is fda approved. federal agencies are recommending researching tests before you
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buy them or try to get them from your healthcare provider, then you'll know they're authentic. right now. kron 4 dot com. you can get the very latest covid-19 headlines including information on where to find testing sites and vaccines. just scan that qr code that you see on your screen, use your mobile device to do that and we'll take you right to our website and that section that we've set up for you. in the east bay, a wrongful death lawsuit has been filed now in alameda county against metta the company formerly known as facebook. the lawsuit claims that members of an extremist group coordinated an attack on facebook that killed a federal officer. david underwood kron four's. dan storm explains. >> a lawsuit filed on behalf of the family of david underwood is blaming facebook for causing his death. underwood was working as a security guard at the federal courthouse in oakland during the george floyd protests in may 2020, he was killed in a drive-by shooting. the man accused of killing him. stephen is suspected of being a member of an extremist group. the lawsuit alleges and
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others were allowed to plan this violence through facebook. yeah, i think the lawsuit. >> this is going to be the first of many legal expert. paula canny says this lawsuit is an interesting idea because facebook has allowed for groups even extreme wants to come together. the social media giant has argued they've banned more than 1000 militarized movements from their platforms and that there's no legal basis for these claims. the attorneys representing underwood's sister ashley jacobs say extremist groups like the violent boogaloo boys were allowed to stay engaged and active on facebook because it improved the company's ad sales. the internet is sort of the wild wild west of the law. >> i mean, we have laws about murder and killing stealing and all this for as long as you know, people could write that the internet is only existed for 20 years. federal agents have found evidence of talking about extremist
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behavior on his facebook account. >> the attorneys allege facebook users were not warned about how engagement on the platform was driven up by hateful or toxic content. the lawsuit is seeking facebook be held accountable for promoting violent extremism leading to underwood's death. it's sort of like facebook is like. >> a giant meeting place and they're encouraging extremist to calm and made it this place and then put into all these horrible dan thorn kron. 4 news. >> for 13 is the time. and coming up next on the kron 4 morning news. a first in the nation. universal health care plan unveiled right here in california state capital. we'll tell you why faces some serious roadblocks, though, going forward. we'll be right back.
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>> we are back for 16 is the time on this friday. final day of the weekend. rain has been talking about how we do have some rain expected today. actually a few advance sprinkles already picking up on some bay area cameras around the area this morning. good morning, rain and good morning, james. and you are right about that. we are going to see some rain in the bay area today. >> we still have that fog sticking around and we also have some sprinkles that happened overnight into the early morning hours as well. so as you're traveling, you're going to notice things are a
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little slick out there on your roadways already coming down. radar shows us where that rain is situated just to the north of us. and that's in eureka and you kai and that area that's going to arrive to the north bay here around 07:00am. this morning going to stick around for much of the morning. continue to travel south to the bay area. it's not going to be until the later afternoon where that rain really starts to dissipate. and then we get a break and maybe even see some sunshine later on in the day. you can see around 4 o'clock that's travel through. there are also expected to see some snow up in the sierra. so i would say bring your chains if you're going to be traveling up there saturday and sunday will be better for you in terms of travel. if you are going up there. let's get a look at our highs for today. low 50's across the maps. a little cooler today. 54 in san francisco, daly, city york. 54 as well, half moon bay and mid to lower 40's san francisco south. they're just 55 burlingame. 55 as well. and then along the peninsula,
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right? was city palo alto mid to lower 50's in the south. they were looking at san jose a little warmer. 58, santa clara york. 57. so no. 54 hayward union city in fremont all mid-fifties ear and the east bay, a little cooler. so walnut creek or end to all low 50's moraga. 51 up here in sonoma. 49. natalie, you're 49 as well. fairfield, upper 40's and had a little. you're at 50. so we're going to be tracking that system that arrives a little bit before 07:00am in the north bay continues traveling throughout the bay area over the weekend, saturday and sunday. we get a break. it could be that we see another weak system sunday night. we're going to track that as well. monday into tuesday of next week. we have a break and some sunshine. and yet again, maybe another system that's going to arrive wednesday into thursday. overnight lows in the inland areas, upper 30's, a little cooler there. and along the coast, mid 40's, james. all right. thank you very much. quick check of the roads. not
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a lot going on traffic. nice and light here at 4.18 this morning. >> this is our camera position at the bay bridge toll plaza. and again, it's just a few headlights here making their way to san francisco at the moment. so you're making good time there. the san mateo bridge as we switch gears and look at that perspective. also giving us a look at easy ride conditions for you this morning. the commute direction on the right hand side shows that you've got a lot of gaps there between the car. so no worries getting from hayward out to foster city. we're also checking the west bound 5.80, commute. and here we'll pick it up at the richmond. sandra fell bridge toll plaza with just a single set of headlights. they're making its way westbound out towards marin county. smooth commute for you here and still looks like a good ride on one southbound. not a lot of company on the bridge this morning. so if you're heading from marin county and san francisco, you're making good time now. let's get back to the headlines this morning here at 4.19. let's go to colorado where authorities there say that they found partial human remains in the area of the marshall fire. the boulder county sheriff's office is working right now to identify those remains. this
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comes after separate investigations were launched for 2 people missing since the fire broke out last thursday. that fire has burned over 6200 acres and has destroyed more than 1000 homes, making it the most destructive fire in colorado history. the fire has been fully contained at this point and its cause is still under investigation. investigators are looking into whether a 5 year-old child accidently set a christmas tree on fire, igniting an inferno that left 12 people dead in philadelphia. it happened wednesday at the row. house which is managed by the philadelphia public housing authority agents from the atf have been brought in to help determine exactly how it started. children and for adults were killed. the family of those who passed away held a candlelight vigil last night. >> you would like to thank everyone for their kind. join us for time. and we appreciate
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the support. >> at least 2 others are hospitalized right now. firefighters say none of the 4 smoke alarms in that building were actually working. but housing authority officials say that they were working when they were inspected last spring. to national other national news. it was a day of remembrance in the capitol as lawmakers look back on january 6th democrats held events throughout the day while most republicans, we're away from the capitol. basil, john has more on how lawmakers commemorated january 6th. >> good morning. there was a somber atmosphere in the capitol as lawmakers discuss the events that took place a year ago and the president took aim at his predecessor. >> let us all here, killing in a moment of silence. >> lawmakers spent thursday reflecting on the one-year anniversary of the attack on the capitol. it was almost. >> the worst moment of my life. >> pennsylvania democratic
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congresswoman susan wild and others shared their experiences from that day and what they learned. >> how close we had been. to to reel genuine threats, danger. >> this wasn't a group of tourists. this is an armed insurrection earlier in the day, president joe biden condemned the actions of the former president and blamed him for inciting his supporters to overturn the election. he's done so because he values power over principle. because he sees own interest. there's more important in his country's interest in america's interest. while many republicans were in georgia for the funeral of former senator johnny isaacson, florida republican congressman matt gaetz in georgia, republican congresswoman marjorie taylor. greene pushed against the treatment of the former president's supporters january 6 last year wasn't an insurrection. this is a 2 tier justice system that should never exist in our country.
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even though donald trump canceled his event in mar-a-lago. >> he released a statement attacking the president, democrats and the election reporting in washington. i'm basil, john. we'll take a break here for 22. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. more than 2 years after a father and son died of a fentanyl overdose. >> we'll tell you what san francisco city leaders and advocates say needs to be done. so a tragedy like that never happens again. we'll be right back. we're back at
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4.25. in yet another supply chain issue for the automotive industry. this time its tires. >> tire shops all around the country have had trouble getting their hands on premium tires from asia because they say the supply is still stuck on shipping containers. that plus pandemic disruptions in the rubber sector have led to many tires now becoming scarce. >> i looked up the tire. like the way from the screen to call the gaston. by the time i clicked back out and i was there were some availability and then 0 in the nation. >> wow. growing list of car parts in short supply is making getting around a lot harder and more expensive for consumers. experts say drivers should check their tires at least once a month during the winter season. don't have to swap swap them out right now. mortgage rates are also soaring in 2022. is the average rate jumped higher than at any point last year, the 30 year fixed rate
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mortgage increased to 3 point to 2% in the first week of the new year. a year ago, the 30 year rate was 2.6, 5%. that was the lowest on record. the increase is not totally unexpected. of course, rates were projected to rise as the economy improves and inflation looms. we'll take a break here for 27. but coming up next on the kron, 4 morning news covid patients filling up hospital beds fast. several bay area icus are already at capacity. we'll tell you how local hospital systems are handling this surge will be right back.
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>> for 29 actually, coming up on 4.30, right now. wait for that clock. there goes for we've got rain and the weather center kicking off the half hour mark here with a check of those showers. we see them on the way actually rain. i'm on my way and i did once or twice actually had sprinkle start to form in the wind. chill was nothing nothing to write home about. but this court must sign of what's to come ackley and we also have some overnight drizzle as well. so if you're waking up this morning, you're wondering why things are slick out there. it's because we already start to see a few drizzles. >> but we're tracking that much bigger system that's set to arrive to the north bay around 07:00am. so you can see right here in the bay area pretty dry. we still do have some low clouds. however, you see just to the north of us. that's where that rain is so up. and ukiah going to travel down and arrive a


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