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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  January 7, 2022 8:00am-9:01am PST

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at >> well, thank you for letting us join you in your morning. maybe you're sitting home having a little coffee. maybe you're trying to get movin. i would say if you have dogs to walk, do it now, if you see that you're not in the green because if you're in the green. >> it's a little late. it's already starting a sprinkle out there for some most of that light rain, which is nice. but we are seeing it starting to fall. san francisco live pictures of the golden gate bridge which will show you later some wet roads out there for you right now, of course, on the upper right hand corner, you can see their snow falling up in the sierra. so lots to talk about
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>> last on talking about this morning. >> with it, you >> okay, rana, move your like and i'll okay. you figured out here's why. i'm going to look at the snow. all that rain. i james look at the rain i was in the sierra. yeah. and i got some fresh snow. it didn't snow for very long, but it was awesome, right? the bases already fantastic. so whatever we get from this storm, yeah, is just going to add. you can see the future cast and when it's going to come in. 5 tonight, a moment ago there was a snow advisory in effect going from like 6 o'clock tonight tomorrow. so be careful if you're going to getting up there. >> because it is going to be a little dicey on the roads. so keep that in mind course. rain hasn't been a problem though this it's not that big of a center fills get wet right now. looks like we're in. >> yes, well, when you said really see it and yeah, because it looked like it
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looked like it hit the north and that was in francisco. but when we zoom a mill valley is getting all wet. sure. he said sean makes for joy so we're talking about the rain and we are nominal job talking about where it's situated over right now. the late hall you can see mill valley, san francisco. it's actually going hit most of the bay area today. and so we're going to be situated in that rain. they talked about snow in the sierras. so if you are traveling up there, you want to put chains on your vehicles this morning because of that winter weather advisory in place. the rain is going to stick around until about 4 o'clock this afternoon. that's when things are going to start to clear out again. so i would go ahead. and like daria said, a dip in the depending where you are oakland, you can take the dogs out now. but if you're in richmond, maybe don't because they're going to get wet. we're going to tracking your forecast for you. we'll have more on that coming up and the 7 day. but james, we'll send it over to you. not so much
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here on the toll plaza side of the bay bridge. but >> as you make your way into san francisco, it certainly does start to get wet for years. we have some active rain falling there right now. i don't know where everybody his and hello, everybody maybe left to get up to this year alone. knows i i is the new 2022 thing i like yesterday was quiet. don't know where those of us who have to come into the city great fantastic. let's keep this going. we're also seeing a nice right here on the san mateo bridge, too. in fact, the right hand side, which is the commute direction is actually like that quite a bit here in the last half hour or so since our last update. so there you have it. and then we'll jump over to the richmond. sandra fell bridge to the north because that right on west bound 5.80, has also been nice and smooth. it won't be too much longer before we start to see some rain falling on the toll plaza site here in richmond, it's already falling on the marine side. so just be ready for that. you're driving into it as you head in this morning.
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gators won the going travels and anymore look doesn't but it is a little wet because we've had some rain falling actually see it there. as you look to the north up near sausalito, some of that rain falling there in the be prepared. it's going to be a little a little wet depending on where you are. all right. let's get to the east bay now in some headlines from there. we have some teachers in oakland planning a sickout to try to bring attention to the covid safety concerns that they have. this involves the oakland unified school district. fact the district's already sent out notices to parents to be ready for this possible sickout. it's not something sanctioned by the teachers union. so we're not quite clear as to how many educators and how many schools will be participating. but for those teachers that are behind this sickout, they say they have a list of demands. they want the district to provide. and 95 masks for all teachers and staff. they want weekly testing. they want covid leave. if they come down with covid and they also want hepa filters in large rooms. >> we would love to be in in person just as much as everyone else wants us to be.
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but the fact of the matter is, our campuses are safe right now. we need some time too. get the resources that we need on campus in order make it safe. >> yeah. the district plans to keep schools open for students today. district officials also say that covid protocols are in place and that they have help with health hepa filters already distributed in every classroom. and they also add that they do provide regular testing available students and staff. >> well, that's the story in oakland and it's pretty much a similar story. what teachers won in san francisco. they're asking the district to do more to protect staff and kids from covid. yeah. this comes after hundreds of teachers staged their own sick out to try to bring attention to all of this. >> with kron 4 sarah stinson with more on the story from san francisco. sarah. >> yeah, unfortunately, the san francisco school district spent hours at the bargaining table with the teachers union and they were not able to reach an agreement. so they go on on this friday when, you
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know, a lot of teachers hundreds of teachers are out sick. they go on without those agreements on this safety precautions that teachers have demands that they want met. now. and unfortunately, it's being pushed. it's been pushed to next week. now this is on top of the sickout that happened yesterday. we were reporting on that at least 615 teachers called out sick yesterday in the san francisco school districts. some teachers in union participated in the sick out yesterday while others are actually sick or have been exposed after the first 3 days back from winter break. the union says covid cases. 29 on monday to 122 case on wednesday for staff and students. the teachers union is asking for specific things they think will help make the situation in classrooms safer. that's 10 paid sick days for all covid-related reasons for staff. they really do want and believe that that is necessary as we continue on this pandemic for the district to
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provide to and 95 or kn 95 mask for every student and employee each day. >> and for weekly covid testing for all students and staff at every district work site and this district in the district is offering. let's take a look at what they came back with. they said we will offer you 5 days instead of 10 days of paid sick leave for covid blaming the state for cutting funding for the additional days that they provided last year. the district says they can provide a reasonable best effort to maintain supply of high quality masks like n 95 and kn 95 mask. but for employees only and they also didn't mention it. that would be daily like the teachers asked for it. they also want district to provide weekly covid testing for students and staff at every district site during work normal hours. so they both agreed on that. the union president voted or rather posted a video after negotiations on twitter. we have a clip from that and then you'll hear from a spokesperson with the district. >> forcing the school district's lack of urgency to develop a plan for handling
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the latest surge of covid-19. continued at the bargaining table. the district is trying to cut covid sickly from fy 10 to 5 days. and now needs a week to calculate the numbers for the 10 days. that's unacceptable. we also have to hold the line to keep students included in the mass distribution because as if usc proposed only to give up asked a staff that we were cool with that. finally, we continue to advocate for testing to be available at every student school site. and it is a big, you know, distribution plan. we have over 119 schools in the district. so we're mobilizing as quickly as we can to get those tests to school so they can distribute them to students and families. >> and the district did say that they did get a shipment of the rapid tests from the state. and those are the tests that they're distributing now. and that will continue through next week. speaking of next week. >> they will continue to negotiate next thursday teacher said something needs
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to be done right now as they have to continue to teach. and they want me to be done immediately. so have to continue to see how the teachers union, the axe to this may be a continued sick out. we will have to see for now reporting live in san francisco. sarah stinson, back to you. all right. thanks a lot, sarah. >> well, speaking of teachers out 143 of them in the mount diablo unified school district reported absent from school yesterday. district officials say the virus and ongoing teacher shortages are to blame. but despite these challenges, the superintendent says that students still receive their lessons from other credentialed staff members who stepped in. the superintendent went on to say that he expects to continue to see a high number of staff absences for the near future. adding that he doesn't anticipate having to temporarily close any schools because of the shortages. the union says the school is currently in contract talks with them and that so far both sides have hit something of a stalemate. and so a strike they say is possible. covid is
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having an effect on your commute. if you take public transport. >> both ac transit and muni are telling riders there are delays expected because of a spike in covid cases among employees. they tweeted out a similar warning earlier in the week saying that you might notice said there are delays because so many employees have been forced to stay home and quarantine because of covid and you do that. if you get a test, we're going to get a test. that's a problem all around. the bay is hard to find them and drugstores start to get an appointment that way, too. that's been the tough thing is getting her hands on legitimate test kits. >> that's why now bay area law enforcement are warning you that there's a lot of fraudsters out there now trying to hawk home test kits that don't work. crawford's camila barco on the story for us in san francisco. camila. >> yes, those at-home covid test kits are very popular right now. they're selling very quickly at many store. you probably came and find them. if you go to your local pharmacy and federal
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authorities say that there are people trying to take advantage of the situation and they are trying to sell shake home covid test kits. so right now the federal trade commission is offering people some a few tips in case you are trying to buy some online for one. make sure that that covid test kit is authorized by the fda. you can go on their website to check the list if it is authorized. do your research on the seller, the website or the company before you buy that casket and look at the reviews on where you're potentially by the covid tests from and lastly pay by credit card because if you're charged by and order that you never got, you can dispute the charge with your bank. now the richmond police department is already warning people about the scams. a napa sheriff's office is also alerting people about phishing scams. according to the agency, there are e-mails impersonating the united kingdom's national health service. ian offers people a new covid-19 omicron pcr test.
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once you click the link, they ask you to provide your credit card information. and if you do send that information, it goes to cyber criminals. and officials say that there may be similar scams like this one from hackers, but just from other countries. now, according to the fda, there are more than 400 covid test kits up rise by the agencies. it's a long list. i darted james. i do have one myself. i was lucky to get one. and if you want to check, if it is reliable and if this is real and not good one on have to do is go to the fda's website. time in the company's name like i did about an hour ago just pop. it gives you a list of so many that are authorized by the agency. and luckily this one is authorized by the fda. back to you guys. >> good enough. thank you very much. camilla. >> 12 right now and breaking news, a hollywood legend has died. sydney plot here died at
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the age of 94. we got that word this morning from officials in the bahamas. he was a trailblazer, the first black man to win the best oscar, a best actor that is oscar. and that was for his role in lilies of the field. but he paved the way for black actors in his day. he was in guess who's coming to dinner? start in the heat of the night. he was born every 20th 1927. there. he is getting the presidential medal of freedom in 2000, 9 from president obama. he grew up both in the u.s. and the bahamas. he got his first oscar nomination for his role in the defiant ones in 1958. the academy calls him a major inspirational figure among the creative community. >> and the breaker of barriers. all 13 is the time. we'll take a quick break. still ahead, though, on the kron 4 morning news travel problems continue at airports all across the country. so far, nearly 100 flights have
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>> we are back at 8.15 with a live look up in the sierra highway. 89 up at you can see the snow finally falling in the lens there as the storm has arrived in this part of
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the high country. yeah. you want to get there in between. storms is the best bet. and then storms when you're there. that's cool. because you can enjoy the snow when i when it was dry and it was like i was allusion. >> it was like in a chance, you know, i mean, because the sides are so high and my car was. snow sliding, know, dollars good. although if you live now to head up there, you might start sliding because as we saw, rain is starting to come down a little bit. exactly. it is starting to come down at the air. so 08:45am is when they're saying they can expect even heavier snow. right now you're seeing those light snow fairy's right now. there's a winter weather advisory in place up in the sierra that's starts at 6 this morning. and that last until 06:00pm. so, hey, if you wait later on this evening or early tomorrow morning, conditions are going to be better and then you're going to have sunshine up there in this year this weekend. we're also currently tracking rain right here. you can see the golden gate bridge. rain is coming down. people are already using their windshield wipers to travel into the city this
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morning. tracking that current rain looking at our radar right now. you can see where it's pretty much situated at this hour or so. mill valley, richmond, i'm looking at berkeley. you're starting to see rain come down there and also up here in toledo, hercules in crockett, martinez along highway 4. so definitely be mindful as you're traveling over the slick and wet roadways this morning, futurecast shows that much of all the bay area's going to get rain today. we're going to be situated around 10:00am. you're going to see san francisco, the east bay, the south bay. and then later on in the afternoon, i'd say around 5 o'clock. that's when things completely clear out. and we start to see some clouds move out of the bay area. we could see some sunshine in the forecast before it gets too late here. let's get a look at your highs for today. so if you're thinking about wearing a jacket, do so. 52 of allay oakland, 53 mid-fifties across the mat. 48 down in morgan hill. a little chilly down there. santa rosa, you're 51 half moon bay, redwood city, all in the mid to lower 50's
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that 7 day forecast rain in our rearview mirror today. we're going to have that. that's going to stick around throughout the morning. and then later on in the afternoon, if you're going out this evening, things are going to be much drier. it's the same situation for saturday and sunday and then we're tracking another weak system that arrives next week. also looking at in the lows, upper 30's into the low 40's and then along the coast, you're looking at 40's all throughout this week into next james. all right. rain a thank you. you mention rearview mirror. well, let's check the ride out there this morning as we tour the 4 main bay area bridges starting with the bay. >> bridge approach. this is your westbound. 80 ride in oakland getting ready to take off on to the bay bridge. all's well, no problems. it's actually been this light all morning long to the south san mateo bridge highway. 92, you can certainly see. it's a little damp on the road surface, but traffic is moving well, no problems. nothing slowing you down as you make your way out toward the peninsula here. and we're also seeing an easy ride to on the richmond. sandra fell bridge will be a wet one. you can
8:20 am
finally see raindrops on the lens here as the storm system works its way through, but at least driving condition wise. the volume of traffic is staying nice and light for you. our final stop. the golden gate bridge. certainly some rain coming down here. is the cars have there. windshield wipers going? you can see the wet this on the road deck itself. we're looking at some pretty decent drive times, though, just keep it slow for safety sake. but at least you're making it into the city without too much delay. now to a new story for you this morning. a public memorial service to remember an f l icon john madden will take place next month in oakland, matt died last month on december. 28, the madden family says that the memorial service will be held on february. 15th. we're still waiting for an exact location and time. they say they'll announce that soon. madden, as many of you know, coach the in oakland for 10 years bringing the team's super bowl back in the 70's. and of course, he had an illustrious career in the broadcast booth for many decades that followed. and of
8:21 am
course, many more know him from the video game that his in blaze and for decades he lived most of his life in the east bay. so as kids grew up in the east bay, so the east bay sorely misses him this morning. john madden inducted to the n nfl hall of fame. by the way, back in 2000 alleged legend and icon. >> join john madden's sidney poitier. 2 huge legends are gone. >> we've got some developing news that we've been following for. well, it's been a week now with the covid cancellations building across all major airlines. >> and they've gotten even bigger here in the bay area because between the flight crews getting covid having to quarantine and tsa and the control tower and the weather controlled. and then today with the weather making things worse, not our weather to the east coast is the only bad. yeah, i've got it bad. in fact, that's what. >> behind a lot of these 2300 flights have been canceled. so dana matter where you are in the country are feeling the
8:22 am
ripple effect here locally. let's take a look at the numbers. you got sfo now with 96 cancel flights. that's a couple more than in our last update. oakland showing 12 flights canceled so far with san jose having 25 flights scrubbed from the schedule. everybody having to find a different way to get where they're going. i'm just wondering about that, too. i was asking like, ok, so when they cancel you try to get on another flight. she said. >> you really got to like quickly secure yourself in another seat. and i'm keeping an eye on that because i'm a kid has to go back to college. >> a 22 right now he's all you can do coming up at the crop is we're continue to track the storm for those of us left. >> here in the bay area empty nesters, james, you're not quite an empty nester yet.
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>> 8.25 is the time the consumer electronics show is underway right now in las vegas. one of these days, i'll get there. but on a smaller scale, of course, because covid and everything else. we have rich demuro though, taking a look at what's on the show floor in today's tech smart. >> this is the kind of stuff you expect to see it. see. yes, but this year show a wild card figure if we're going to a high tech show when i have a high-tech mask was actually to hepa filters that funnelinv erin. so i get full filtration and a mic. so you can hear me right now. >> with new safety
8:26 am
precautions, the show taking place in a spacious new home. first time in the new west hall of the las vegas convention center. it's bang. high-ceiling. i think i've ever seen some boots were sparse. this is the panasonic food and in years past in this entire space will be packed with stuff to see that many others packed with innovation like samsung's odyssey are a giant curved monitor working from home. never had it so good. they're freestyle projector puts up to 100 inch screen anywhere. you want one unique aspect to this project or you can square right into a center light socket and forget about replacing batteries. this same time you recharges itself using the radio waves from your wi-fi signal. so he showing off a pair of electric cars. they're working on that slight battery and range tbd. even the post office had its new oversized next generation delivery vehicle on display. their first major upgrade in
8:27 am
30 years. it's roads in 2023. and john deere. adding a tech twist to farming with a fully autonomous tractor. i'm actually just making a corn maze for the kids. farmers can ride inside or just monitor from a mobile app. but the while that stole the show, bmw's color changing car, world's first uh, is uses eating like a kindle screen to swap between black and whites. technology itself is a sustainable. and the use case that you switch, the as online find that to. >> this morning, the search continues for whoever shot and killed a recruit with the alameda county sheriff's department. coming up, i'll tell you that thousands of reasons that they're giving the public to help th
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>> 8.30, right now and we're checking out the rain. it looks like it's getting wetter as the morning progresses. it does you have a radar showing that the cameras are showing that we'll see that traffic in a bit. but first, the forecast rain in the weather center with a look outside a rain and a low. exactly. it is wet outside. we are starting to see a few showers here in san francisco as well on our camera out here, looking at the golden gate bridge. james show you in a minute? it's pretty wet over there as well. radar shows us where that storm is situated over. you're looking at areas of san
8:31 am
francisco, the east bay as looks like the south bay still pretty dry at this hour. we're looking at of the lay whole looks like it just is passing through the air richman oakland, you're starting to see some showers as well. travel a little further down in san francisco. now we started up here through santa rosa and that's where the storm originally first touched passed through there pretty quickly. and so you're starting to see more rain in hercules along highway 4, as you're traveling there, be mindful of that and take it slow. current temperatures outside right now. you're in the 50's santa rosa, palo alto, san jose. fremont livermore out here in concord, vallejo and oakland. we're tracking that forecast. we'll have more coming up. but is this weather impacting traffic at all? james drive times are still looking nice. all it's doing is making it a little slick in some spots are just going want to be careful. >> you don't want to hit anything that's going make a hydroplane. and honestly, it's not that deep out there. just it brings up the oils right in the road surface. and that could make it a little slick for you. here's your bay
8:32 am
bridge approach. westbound 80 looking good. the san mateo bridge just fine on 92. no problems getting from one end to the other. we're also seeing a decent ride on the richmond. sandra fell bridge toll plaza, although because it's further north, it's a little wet right now because that's the direction the storm is coming from. so you can see the rain droplets there on the lands, but nothing on the road itself that slowing you down as you make your way across the bay here, the golden gate bridge camera really does show us what a lot of folks are dealing with with this. today's rain, you get not only a wet surface here on the bridge itself. you can see all that rain in the distance impacting the marin headlands. temper on sausalito and all that stuff is getting closer and closer to downtown san francisco is getting messier out there for sure. james, let's get to the big story that we've been following this morning, which is in the east bay. they're looking for new leads to solve whoever shot and killed in alameda county sheriff's recruit. >> david, when who is coming back from training in plain clothes in his own car when somebody fire shot right through the window at him hit him right there near the bay bridge toll plaza. now there's a large reward being offered
8:33 am
to find whoever. >> shot him. kron four's will tran live in alameda county with details on that. will. >> this is the training facility for recruits with the alameda county sheriff's office. reportedly this is where he left on tuesday afternoon to head back to san francisco. i was speaking to some of the people who work here very sad by what happened and very glad, however, that the department through the deputies association offering a $10,000 reward and this came down late last night to try to find information. the catch, the killer or killers of david win. just 28 years old. he was driving home in his prius. so it was not a marked car. he was not wearing his uniform when somebody pulled up next to him near the macarthur maze on the right side of his car fired one single shot through his car. he lost control of it, slammed into the center median. they were able to rush him to highland hospital, but
8:34 am
doctors could not save his life when word spread throughout law enforcement community, specifically the alameda county sheriff's office, they all came out on tuesday night. they stood at attention when they discover that doctors could not save his life. they saluted him. there was an american flag draped over his body when his body was taken from highland hospital to the coroner's office. >> at this point, either they don't have any leads or they're not sharing any possible leads. and that is why they're offering this reward to try to find out exactly who did this because he was not wearing his uniform and not in a marked car. they don't believe at this time that he was targeted for being a police officer. in this case, he was one month away from finishing the academy and becoming a police officer. but that's still on the table. another possibility i can tell you within the asian american community this. perhaps he was targeted because he's an asian
8:35 am
american. and we all know the attacks on the asian american community. nothing has been ruled in or ruled out, but they are still searching for the killer or killers and all of this. yes, there are plenty of traffic cameras in that particular area, but nothing solid at this point to lead them to whoever did this, which is why they're offering that $10,000 reward. back to you. all right. thank you very much. well, >> a 35 and let's get on to what's going on in the supreme court today because they're taking on a couple of biden in a mandates for covid that will affect millions of americans. whether or not this is ok and they can do this. the justices are getting are arguments about whether the administration can enforce a vaccine mandate or testing requirements for big companies which apply to companies are the least 100 employees. plus, the court is also going hear arguments. it's a separate case involving the mandates that effect just health care workers specifically all of
8:36 am
this being taken and this will decide whether or not 80 million americans have to get vaccinated and tested by law. they're going to side of that is constitutional or not. a cruise ship with least a dozen passengers who tested positive for covid didn't have symptoms. but still we're spreading it. they were docked in san francisco yesterday. as we told you, the ruby princess pulled in after 10 day cruise to mexico. and a spokesperson confirms that there were a dozen passengers. they didn't have symptoms. but didn't have to be hospitalized. they did have to quarantine. they weren't allowed us to, you know, walk around the city. they had to either go home or go to a hotel room. turns out they were this whole cruise ship was fully vaccinated. and this bring back some memories of before we had a vaccination. remember when covid was just starting in the grand princess cruise ship docked in the port of oakland. that was almost 2 years ago. now. and on that ship member, there are 100 people who had covid 7 people ended up dying.
8:37 am
>> the cdc is right now still strongly warning against you taking a cruise right now, but not everybody is heeding it or even knows about it. >> here's the cdc warning advising people not to cruise. you heard about that. >> i had we've got to get back to got to get back to sit around. stuck in the house for ever. >> that's what everybody's trying to decide. you take a cruise. you you know, do you take a vacation with covid spreading? even if you're vaccinated? as we've seen, the cdc is recommending that travelers get tested. >> 1, 2, 3 days before you go somewhere and 3 to 5 days after you get back. coming up, we're talking about universal
8:38 am
health care in the push to get all californians to be able to be covered. that comes at a high price will have that story and more in a few minutes. and we're the health of jimmy g is this. i'm going to hold up for the game on sunday. we'll take a peek. and we're currently tracking that storm system making its way do the bay area. we'll tell you how long it's going to be here when it's going to leave and what's going to happen over the next few days for your weekend. we'll have a look at that. once we get back from break. 8.40, right now and
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
state lawmakers are moving forward. the plan to create the nation's first. >> universal health care system right here in california. it comes in the form of 2 bills. the first bill would establish a health care program and its rules. and that's expected to cost. by the way, 200 billion dollars. but, you know, if you're just pay for health care, you know, it's like a billion dollars per person. and and then there's another deal on a how we got to pay for that's constitutional amendment that would raise taxes to come up with that money if passed by the legislature, voters would have the final say on any tax increase. >> a single pair health care system is the fiscally sound thing to do. the smarter health care policy to follow
8:42 am
and a moral imperative. if we care about human life. >> republicans say they have some concerns about how this would financially hit those people who've been struggling with the high cost of living in the rising cost of inflation in california, the effort also faces mounting opposition from several different groups, including the california medical and hospital associations. >> in 42 and we'll be back in a couple of minutes.
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8:45 am
>> and we're back at 8.45. with some good news. if you have plans to vacation in hawaii in the near future, looks like that state is loosening its covid-19 restrictions. so if you head to the island know that the state is no longer requiring you to take a health questionnaire and it's also reducing the time that unvaccinated travelers have to spend quarantine. it used to be 10 days now. it's going to be 5, but you're vaccinated. yes. and for those who are vaccinated test negative, you don't need to quarantine at all. so does that mean you're? >> replanned >> because now that one up it now. yeah, that's andrei. you missed the trip was a y 2. yeah. you know, we both just just forfeited our it's like paradise here. a beautiful like a lie. >> right now we're going to
8:46 am
look at the rain is coming down. so if you're traveling in the city, you can see along the golden gate bridge are starting to see rain droplets. people are already using their windshield wipers to get in safely tracking that storm system that we're seeing. you can see where it's situated over right now, the east bay. so passing through richmond, martinez, walnut creek rendell, all these highways here getting pretty soap. so 24 5.80, 80's well in the maze. you want to be mindful of that as you're traveling along the san mateo bridge as well, daly city to 80 and won all of these different highways. definitely be mindful of that as you're traveling. >> we're already starting to see a little bit of snow up here in the sierra. we talked about that. >> there's a winter travel advisory in place until 6 o'clock tonight. so if you are going to travel, i would just wait it out until that passes through your take chains. if you just have to go, if you do wait until tomorrow, it's going to be sunshine of their saturday and sunday. also get a look at your future cast. the storm travels through
8:47 am
about 5 o'clock. 6 o'clock tonight, we're going to start to dry up throughout the bay area. and so that'll be nice if you need to get out tonight at all. high temperatures across the bay area today. so we're in the 50's across the map. 53 at oakland, hayward, fremont livermore. 48 in a bottle mill valley. all low 50's down in the south bay. 53 48 also getting a look at your seven-day forecast. okay. am showers for us. that doesn't stick around for the entire day. we might even catch a little sunshine later on in the afternoon saturday and sunday. that's when we also have clear skies and drier conditions. next week, though, we could see another storm system as early as late until sunday evening. so we're going to be keeping a close eye on that. it won't be a strong one. and then inland lows, upper 30's into the mid to lower 40's along the coast. james. all right. thank you very much. let's give you a quick traffic update. couple things to mention. firstly here as we take a look at westbound i-80. >> you're oakland side approach to the bay bridge. you're fine here. the span looks good. but it looks like
8:48 am
we do have one of vehicle, a toyota highlander that sort of blocking the number 3 lane just east of the fremont street off-ramp. so that might slow you down if you're prepared for traffic is so light that people are getting around it without any problem whatsoever. right from here. let's jump over to the san mateo bridge highway. 92. we do have a bigger issue here to tell you about. we actually have 3 vehicles involved in a traffic accident. not here on the flat section. it's further down on the high rise section. as you get closer to the peninsula. so we've got lanes 2, 3, blocks. so those are the right to hand lanes. it's only the left far left lane that's getting past. it is a sig alert. chp has no idea when this might get cleared. they are calling for an ambulance. so give yourself a little extra time. you might need it. getting past the scene here. let's head now to the richmond. sandra fell bridge. no problems here to report easy right across the span. no problems as far as far as you go all the way up into marion county and one. 0, one. if you head south on one towards the golden gate bridge as rain has
8:49 am
been telling you, it's a little wet. you got stormy weather overhead and obviously that's making the roads a little slick for you. so keep it slow and safe as you make your way down into san francisco. but there are no accidents, at least to slow you down. >> 48 right and are you watch the niners on sunday? james? i know your the question is will you be watching jimmy g player just continue to nurses. stop will be trey lance. we still don't know as they're set to face the rams on sunday and the warriors to will claye play. that's the big question is they? >> come back home for sunday kron. 4 director jason dumas stick speak. >> the warriors finishing their road trip in the big easy, but they had to do it without steph curry, draymond green and want us connell. anderson, all out so tall order and guess what? the clay countdown to the next game is on. all righty. there's clay right there. 2nd quarter now, andre iguodala those about leading to break the other way. give it up top to the
8:50 am
rock. kind of thing. coming up. have 13 points off the bench early 4th quarter. the pels took control of this game. gary clark's 3 pointer. give them a seven-point lead. then with 2 minutes left, brandon ingram probably going i'm not sure if he'll be an all-star come their record, but he's really good. he had 32 and 11. big give up, though, jordan poole from the logo. a minute left, giving them some hope. then with 59 seconds left, think amanda steele and it's a three-point game. the warriors trying to get a stop now, one possession game devontae graham 3 is off the back board. but josh hart gets the long rebound. he beat school to the ball opportunity loft warriors lose one. 0, one. 96. they return home for a sunday date with the cleveland cavaliers the wait could be over. klay thompson
8:51 am
all but confirmed there. but in the meantime, steve kerr said he was pleased with this. effort despite the loss. >> i was really proud of our guys, you know, being a short-handed gave the young guys are a good chance to play an experience of. phil game on the road i thought our our young guys gain valuable experience. i was really proud of the team for. fighting all the way through and and giving themselves a chance at the end. >> bob book marin, the sharks trying to snap a two-game skid. they took on the sabres and snowy buffalo. first period. sharks go up a goal timo meier. i set up. there's meir time earth times. it's 14 goal of the season. it's 2, nothing. sharks. 3 minutes later, thomas hurdle probably been their best player. they hear one of them his 17th of
8:52 am
the year. >> sharks hang on to win 3 to 2. they are in the city of brotherly love on saturday. the forty-niners continue to prep for the rams. huge game. and once again, jimmy garoppolo participated in team drills and he was throwing deeper pratt beeper passes and he was in wednesday's practice. but he still nursing that ucl sprain in his thumb and according to his tight end, he's progressing pretty well. so the jury still out on who is going to start that week. 18 matchup in los angeles. >> compared to last week, i think it looks you know, don't know. that feels like i know chip bones don't feel great. and i jimmy is, quote, speak for itself hurts. so whatever he's doing out there. i think is doing a really good job so far. you know, we'll see what happens these next couple days as it a huge game. obviously, you know, we need to win get to the playoffs. but you just
8:53 am
noticed that you said you got to stay consistent. got to do what you've been you know, the things i've been making success, we've got to continue those. don't take short cuts. this is not really the week to do that. >> just a quick reminder. if the niners when they are in the playoffs taking on the rams, the rams have a lot to play for 2 because of the rams win. they win the nfc west. now the niners lose. they can still make the playoffs. they just need the saints to lose to the falcons, which in my opinion, it's unlikely. so don't put it up the chance to take care of business at so fi stadium. alright, niners one. 25 kickoff against the rams sunday afternoon. but don't forget the warriors on sunday i'll be checking out. playing will be right back. >> haha.
8:54 am
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8:56 am
>> 56. and coming up on the kron 4 morning news, san francisco teachers are making some demands for covid safety. the district has a different solution, though. we're going to take a look at where they stand this morning on a graying or not. and it's hard to find a covid test. if you want one of those at home tests but bay area, law enforcement are warning you careful what you buy because there are some scammers out there offering, guess, like nothing for something. so you want to get taken and you
8:57 am
don't want to get wet. and so we've got the very latest on the storm where the rain is falling now and where it's going to start raining next in the next hour. don't go away.
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at no. >> just as we're wrapping up our final hour, the rain is
9:00 am
really getting good. now. reyna is following that for john this morning. mean you hear our little hermetically sealed bubbles so that we don't give each other covid and we're not going to get you covid if you're watching. so how cool is that right at home and isolate still have company with us and so lets you peek at that weather radio. where is the storm right now? the storm is coming down. you can see here on the golden gate bridge right behind me and people have been using those windshield wipers and now we can definitely see that rain reflected right here on the window. radar shows you just exactly where that storm system is situated with that rain is let's move over here. so san francisco, we're seeing that right now. daly city down in san bruno. it's moving down along the peninsula at this hour. also, the east bay are also getting some rain as well. so oakland, richmond, we just passed through that area. now on walnut creek, along highway 4. so another thing to note, if you are traveling, you want to be mindful a lot of these highways. you can pretty slick 6.80, as you're traveling there long.


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