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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  January 10, 2022 4:00am-4:31am PST

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news. 4. >> well, good morning and thank you for joining us for the kron. 4 morning news here on this monday morning. here we are january 10th. i'm reyna harvey. thanks for waking up with us this morning. well, you know, as you're planning your daily activities in your routine, you know, we need to get a check of the weather. and so happy. meteorologists trail is back in the house and getting the start of four-day. good morning, john. yes, start of the new year with a little escape in the desert. >> nice to be back in the studio this morning, especially with the enjoying what is going to be a very pleasant week ahead of us. not
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exceptionally cold and certainly not exceptionally rainy by any means in this forecast. ahead, we are looking at a nice break from the rain continue to head. that is going to be a better chance to enjoy some sunshine, clear skies above your east bay hills camera this morning, you've got a clear view down to berkeley and oakland in the distance. radar does show some low cloud cover hanging out across the region. the couple of sprinkles there across eastern portions of the coastal ranges like up into western valley, areas of yolo and colusa counties just to our north and east. most of the bay area, though, just sitting under some of those low clouds and conditions out there actually pretty favorable for your drive into work 40's and 50's for your current temperatures. billy, how you're at. 52 conquered at 44 degrees in dublin, sitting at 41 and some 40's across the north bay except nevada, where you're sitting at a nice 50 degrees currently temperatures compared to yesterday are actually pretty mild starting off this morning, up 10 rosa compared to where we were
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24 hours ago. now, as far as temperatures go later on today, we are in for a very nice one. some upper 50's to low 60's make their return under mostly sunny and dry skies back to thank you for that, right. let's get a look at your traffic as you're hitting the roads today. traveling from the east bay into the city to that fremont street exit. >> about 10 minutes for your drive at this hour. the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. you can make that drive in a little under 13 minutes. let's head over get a look at the richmond. sandra fell bridge as you're heading out of richmond. pretty quiet about 9 minutes for your drive and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. it will take you about 20 minutes. well, the oakland unified school district is planning on a regular school day to day because on friday, more than 500 teachers took part in a sickout and caught out of work over covid safety concerns. now hundreds of students within the district signed an online petition demanding increased covid-19 protocols or else they're
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four's taylor is aqi has the details there. >> students at schools in oakland unified school district are now demanding increased covid-19 protocols in supplies if their demands are not met, they plan to boycott showing up for in person classes. we are demanding. >> kn 95 mask for all the students because not easily accessible to them twice a week pcr and rapid tests for everyone on campus and more outdoor spaces to eat safely when it rains. or if the district does not want to give it to us, we demand a shift. those 2 >> i'm eileen serrano is a 10th grader at met west high school as one of the organizers of this online petition that's now gathered nearly 300 students signatures. serrano says she and her classmates began the petition after seeing increased covid cases and a lack of available testing and resources. we were really shocked when we saw how many signatures were like flooding
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in so fast. >> and we're happy that it's not just us that are concerned, but there's more students out there that are concerned. serrano says. >> they're sending this public petition to district leaders on monday. and if their demands are not met by monday, the 17th the students will not attend in-person classes for the remainder of that week until a planned strike outside the district's office building on friday. the 21st the student petition follows a plans teacher sick out on friday for more than 500 teachers called out of work sick over similar concerns. >> a rising cases and insufficient masks and available testing as a result. classes at 12 schools in the district were canceled. in addition to some teachers not showing up to work over safety concerns. serrano says some of her classmates have chosen to do the same in. stay at usd communications director john told kron 4 news in a statement on sunday. quote, the district is aware of the petition that usd students are circulating. we share the students concerned about the
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spike in omicron cases of covid-19. that concern is why we have distributed kn 95 and n 95 masks to all staff. we have also ordered enough kn 95 masks for all students. they will be distributed to students as soon as they are delivered. we have had the supplies for new covered seating spaces at dozens of schools, including new tables and shade structures on order since in some cases last summer supply line issues have slowed their delivery significantly. they're already meeting or are in the process of meeting most of the demands noted in this petition and we will continue to work towards fulfilling the rest in the coming weeks. i'm taylor reporting kron. 4 news. >> parents in the dublin unified school district are also pushing for return to distance learning because so far more than 2300 people have signed a petition calling on the district to move back to virtual learning. some say they are alarmed by the rise of covid cases and are worried about the omicron variant on campus. well, dublin's unified
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superintendent says they cannot extend the winter break and the current state rules do not allow the entire school district to move to online. learning. >> we can go district-wide virtual learning because the legislature, the governor does not give us permission to do that like to done in the past with the executive order from the governor. and so we would have to have 100%. parents sign waiver in order for us to receive our ada from the state. and we know that majority of our parents want their kids in school. >> now the district is going to continue with in-person learning today and the east bay, the west contra costa county school district is canceling classes for today. this is because a large number of staff absences and an increasing number of covid cases in the school district. now the district closed all the schools last friday to clean and sanitize the
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facilities. the district is also requiring employees and students to take covid test today and report the results before returning to in-person learning all the schools expect to resume classes tomorrow. over in the south bay milpitas unified school district says they will now hold in-person learning for students at its schools this week, his friday the district announced plans to move to virtual learning for the week because of the rise of omicron cases. they also announced a district-wide quarantine. but superintendent cheryl jordan released a letter yesterday saying parents still have the option of the district superintendent study the super independent study program. she also said after talking with santa clara county health officials, the district can not offer a district-wide quarantine. meanwhile, the hayward unified school district is going remote for one week that starts today. the vote came down thursday night after 117 staff members
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all tested positive for covid-19 in the past few days. kron four's camila barco has that story. >> just this week alone, more than 500 students in the hayward unified school district tested positive for covid. but the bigger problem for the district is its employees who have either been sick in quarantine or have not shown up for work. the district has become so understaffed and it's forced them to move to online the issue was not about transmission. >> in school, it was about our ability to maintain a safe environment in our schools. and given just the number of staff that we have out at this time in the past week, 117. hey, we're unified school district employees. >> have tested positive for covid and each day the district has had more than 300 employees. the absent for work. you cannot >> operate school safely with this level of staffing is put in incredible strain and our
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operations and particularly at our sites. and i say administrators and state staff superintendent doctor matt wayne says >> 165 elementary classrooms closed and 615 secondary classrooms have been impacted this week alone. and we want. >> our students to be in school in person, learning. we're reaching a point where operating schools with this few staff is not a safe proposition. late friday night in a 4 toione vote with the board, members decided students will go remote for one week. >> starting on monday for now. the idea is for them to come back for in-person instruction on january 18. if we implement virtual learning. >> we can't allow those staff who might be in quarantine might be awaiting test results to feel ok and choose to do the virtual learning from home that allows us to really increase the number of staff we have available for
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instruction for our students. school leaders are making an exception for the families without wifi or child care. >> those students are going to be able to go to some physical campuses to continue their virtual learning. but again, this is only in situations where it's absolutely absolutely necessary for a family. the school district's public information officer says board members are going to regroup this upcoming friday. they'll decide then whether students should come back to the classroom on january. 18th. >> or extend the remote learning timeline. i'm camila barco reporting for kron. 4 news. >> well, for fans of donation, klay thompson return is a moment. so many of the waiting to finally see kron four's gayle ong got a chance to catch with some of the fans at the chase center before that big game last night. >> it was so excited that we got to this for this game and that is coming back. the excitement for the return of golden state warriors shooting
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guard klay thompson. and that even to see me in >> because it's my first time to see us. >> drive city. a chase center was quiet sunday afternoon. but inside the warriors shop fan stocking up on thompson gear of to 6 his head and says >> jersey. >> thompson returning to the court for the first time in 2 and a half years after being sidelined by 2 injuries. it's been a long time for we've been keeping track with him when it but he's back with us loyal fans keeping track of this progress and sending nothing but well wishes we love you and >> it we're so glad you're back. and we know that you're going to do everything that you've always that and also create new things for us, ok, you just going to be
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fantastic. at chase center, gayle ong kron. 4 news that some good energy right there. >> now, the next half hour, we're going to hear how thompson is feeling about his return. >> and we're also going to hpshow you how the forty-niners clinch a wild card spot. well, coming up on the kron 4 morning news, tensions are rising between the u.s. and russia. >> what the u.s. says he's going to happen if russia invades ukraine. >> plus, an apartment fire hills. more than a dozen people in new york. what fire officials say started that fire. and fans are remembering the life of bob sag it. why they say they enjoy watching him on tv for years. we'll be right back.
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>> well, the time view now 04:14am. and welcome back to the kron. 4 morning news on a monday. the forecast i just have a feeling this good feeling. i don't know that the weather is going to be nice, yeah, you know, after we can do in the weather that starts to pan last acts. yes, yeah, the last but yeah, definitely. good forecast ahead of us. rain that we are looking at clear skies dry conditions really favorable for you as you're venturing outside, hopefully enjoying this break from the rain as much as possible. we're open for a short break because we would like some more of it for sure. >> coit tower looks gorgeous this morning sitting under some of those clear conditions we're seeing across the region. showers to our north will contribute to additional
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rainfall and mountain snowfall. the tops of the north coast ranges throughout the course of your morning bay area. the were on the drier side of things. a couple of misty spots here and there, but really not much to know. futurecast shows as we work our way through the day today, do expect increasingly clear skies. we may be partly cloudy start, but a mostly sunny afternoon is just around the corner on into tomorrow. more that sunshine and dry skies can be expected. the same can be said for wednesoay on into the remainder of the week after that. so here's wednesday are right at the stroke of midnight. you can see that we do have some showers out there sitting to the pacific northwest and lined up to our west. but high pressure is going to send all this moisture to the north for the time being on into friday. our next storm system in sight. but again, being sent to the north by this high-pressure ridge that is sending the jet stream up into the pacific northwest, keeping the bay area dry. southern california could see a few showers, especially in upper elevations, but the bay area not really tapping into much potential here. so this trend
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of dry weather that we've been in does look to be continuing for much of the upcoming week 50's and 60's for your daytime highs today. it's going to be a really pleasant field to the afternoon light jacket, kind of stuff and you should be just fine. san jose at 65 today. hayward down to fremont and the low 60's oakland, you'll be at a pleasantly cool 62 degrees. the late show right at 60 degrees today. and for dovato, you'll be rounding us out at 59 tomorrow's temperatures right around the same as today's as will be the case on wednesday. we could see a couple of sprinkles on thursday. but honestly, my opinion looking a little unlikely friday, saturday and sunday will also remain dry with highs in the upper 50's. some lows getting chilly inland, especially with falling into the upper 30's, john, thank you for that. let's get a look at your monday morning commute. pretty light here at 04:17am. as you're traveling from the east bay into the city. >> to that fremont street exit and will be about 10 minutes for you. there. san mateo bridge in across towards the peninsula. you're at 13 minutes of this hour and out
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of using the richmond, sandra fell bridge about a 9 minute drive for you this morning. well, new york city fire officials say a malfunctioning space heater started a fire in a high rise apartment building in the bronx. they say that fire killed 19 people, including 9 children. magee hickey has that story for us. >> more than 200 people are looking for temporary shelter. the red cross are processing them here at a school on webster avenue in the bronx. after that horrific fire that claimed at least 19 lives and donations from new yorkers are just pouring in to help. >> overwhelmed because i never ever to be in such a situation. >> after the horrific fire in her apartment building that claimed so many lives, including young children. jessica valdez was close to tears. looking at the outpouring of love and support and donated clothing, food and
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supplies from fellow new a lot of smoke. >> a lot of smoke was out the window. heard a lot of people screaming for help. so the people being pulled out of, you know, either the building through the stairs, the 5 alarm fire blamed on a malfunctioning space heater erupted just before 11:00am at 3, 3, 3 east, 100 81st street. >> a 19 story building part of that when parks complex, more than 200 firefighters battled the flames to bring them under control. within an hour. and the fire commissioner said they found victims on every floor in the stairwells. 32 residents had life threatening injuries and more than a dozen are still fighting to stay alive. my whole house was not him. but black mayor eric adams and governor kathy hochul spoke to residents of the apartment building in a nearby school as they were being registered with the red cross impact of this >> is going to. really. bring
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a level of pain and despair and now city the numbers ripped doors of family. >> who are in such grief who are in pain? to see it in a mother's eyes. i held her. who lost her entire family it's hard to fathom what they're going through. the governor saying there is such a need for donations and already. >> a gofundme page has been set up help your neighbor. people are in need. as tensions between russia and the u.s. reached a new high as russia continues to beef up its military presence. >> on the ukraine border this week. u.s. and russian officials are to undergo high stakes talks in geneva to try and de escalate that invasion. raquel martin joins us live in dc with the latest. good morning workout. good morning.
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will all eyes are on these talks which just kicked off this morning. now it's definitely a high stakes situation. we know that russia >> has ramped up its military presence to about 100,000 troops on the border. the u.s. saying its message is still the same. if if russia were to invade ukraine, there will be serious consequences. >> the question really now is whether president putin will take the path of diplomacy and dialogue or >> 6 confrontation. sunday on abc's this week, secretary of state antony blinken said the u.s. will lay out the beer consequences if russia chooses to invade ukraine, economic, financial and other consequences. but blinken says he does not expect any major breakthroughs this week as u.s. and russian officials hold negotiations in geneva. the talks come as right now roughly 100,000 russian troops away at the ukraine border. russian president vladimir putin contends the country belongs to russia and he's demanding natal stop that expansion in eastern europe
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and the u.s. pull some troops from the region, either. those on the table on cnn state of the union blinken said while the u.s. is not willing to go that far, there is room for compromise. if they a proceeding in good faith, we think we can make progress in addressing concerns on both sides. but if russian aggression continues, nato allies are prepared to reinforce its position along its eastern flank. and already we're seeing us and russian officials dampened hopes of trying to strike a deal by the end of this week. >> this, of course, is the latest attempt to try and de-escalate tensions. president biden has held at least 2 phone calls and russian president vladimir putin in recent months fortnow in washington, raquel martin, back to you right now. thank you for that update. recount. well, still to come on the kron, 4 morning news, california rolled out new rules for health care workers. >> that are returning to work line. nurses say puts them and their patients at risk of getting sick. we'll be right back.
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authorities responded to the hotel after hotel security found zagat on responsive in his rule. they say he was pronounced dead there at the scene and it's still not clear how he died. but detectives say they did not find any signs of foul play or drug use. sag is best known for his longstanding role as danny tanner and full house. he always had that sense of humor with cam. and john stamos said. >> and all the kids and it was just like it almost seemed like they were your family, even though it was a tv family. you know, and then i watched him on america's funniest home videos. and that was just i haven't had my nephew at the time was 5 years are watching. you know, america's funniest home videos and we would giggle and watching. it was just good. it was awesome. >> most recently said it had been doing stand-up shows around the country. his latest performance was actually on saturday night in jacksonville, florida. we'll be right back after the break.
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welcome back to the kron. 4 morning news it time for you now for 29 approaching here on january. the 10th. all right. well, as you plan your morning traffic, pretty light out there. so that's the good news. our forecast also pretty light. good morning, john. yet forecast taking it little easier this week. we are looking at drier skies for the weekend of us than especially
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what december had brought us. you can see outside your berkeley hills camera right here. >> looking down at the east bay, some pretty inviting looking conditions. a couple of sprinkles to the north of the bay area. but really all in all for us here locally, it's just some low clouds kept cloud cover and some conditions out there that are going prove to be too much of an issue. as you do venture out 40's and 50's for current temperatures your at 52 right now. oakland at 49 degrees. santa rosa, one of our cooler spots at 45? definitely nothing too terribly chilly and nothing too rainy either. so really easy morning. a little warmer than yesterday even was as we do kick this monday off, staying dry in the afternoon under mostly sunny skies highs well into the low 60's today. all of updates on any chance of rainfall we may have in this forecast. all still ahead, back over to irena. john, thank you for that, right. let's go look at your traffic this morning. we're looking at a 10 minute drive into the city to that fremont street exit. >> san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. you're looking at a 13 minute drive for you. ther


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