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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  January 12, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. >> you're watching kron. 4 news at >> now at 9, a covid conundrum classrooms. oakland unified school district has reached a deal with educators over those omicron concerns. but it's not enough to keep some teachers from walking off the job in protest. thank you for joining us tonight on kron. 4 news at 9, everybody. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis for another day. teachers in oakland staged a sickout over what they say are concerns. >> over covid protocols, teachers at frick united academy of language didn't show up for work today. and many say that they won't be there tomorrow. kron first jonathan mccall has the story. >> in a statement late wednesday afternoon, oakland unified schools announced a tentative deal between the district and the oakland educators association over teachers concerns regarding safety protocols. the
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agreement includes a wellness day for teachers on friday where they can use the day for self care and to get vaccines and boosters the deal also extend covid lee for teachers for the rest of the year. if the contract covid-19 or are forced to quarantine by the district, the agreement came just hours after teachers at frick united academy of language announced plans to hold a 2 day sickout on wednesday and thursday after a surge of covid cases on campus. the group says thursday's protests is in solidarity with oakland, unified students. we have threatened to walk out of class if their covid concerns are also not met over the weekend. kron 4 0st told you about a student petition which has received more than 1100 signatures so far. and it gives the district until next monday to meet their demands or else the walk out of class last friday, more than 500 teachers across the district held a sick out over concerns of a lack of covid-19 protocols. teachers at frick united also have their own demands from the district
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they're calling for in. 95 masks for all students and staff weekly pcr testing. mandatory school-wide quarantines, a vaccine clinic and an emergency plan in place. kron 4 reached out to the alameda county office of education. the oakland unified schools and the oakland educators association for comment. but so far none of our request have been returned. jonathan mccall kron 4 news. the rise in teacher absences is really impacting schools all across the east unified school district to return to class yesterday 100. 28 teachers were absent. then. >> today 134 teachers called out sick. the superintendent says those numbers fall within the normal range of teacher absences. but he says the staff is preparing for those numbers to possibly go up. >> and an increase in covid-19 cases and staffing shortages led the west contra costa unified school district to cancel classes this past friday and monday, 284
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teachers were absent tuesday, 249 called out sick today and on average 265 teachers a day have called out sick in the 6 days the class has been in session after the winter break. and that's also been the case for the mount diablo unified school district in it 6 days back to class the strict that says it has been unable to fill out our phil rather about 30% of those absences. but at the district's governing board meeting they are preparing to propose increasing the pay offer to substitute teachers from $170 a day up to 200, $30 a day. >> and the east bay, the oakland unified school district says all students we'll be getting a kn 95 mask for free this week. thanks to a local business. usually the owner of noodle belly and oakland donated 10,000 masks to the school district officials will be delivering the masks later this week to get them in students hands before the three-day martin luther king junior weekend.
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meanwhile, the biden administration is increasing federal support for coronavirus testing in school. >> the administration announced yesterday its making 5 million rapid tests and 5 million lab-based pcr test available to schools starting this month. the goal is to east supply shortages and promote the safe reopening of schools. the white house says that states will be able to request the test immediately. they'll be available for use by the end of the month and the covid test sites that were closed in san francisco for the past couple of days. they're now back open. the health department says that several sites had to close on monday because of a nationwide software glitch that suspended the testing providers service. the department says it is now working to reschedule appointments. the test provider says that people can still make an appointment or walk in for a test once again starting tomorrow. >> students redondo union high school down in redondo beach. let administrators know how they feel about having to continue with in-person classes. you see about 100 of them took part in the walkout
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today. they're asking the district to close the school over the increasing cases. but school district officials say they have no plans to close the school, according to the district data, they have a 410 cases that have been reported among students. 31 cases among staff at the school during the past 2 weeks. less than a quarter of 5 to 11 year-olds are vaccinated in california. the state is recording just under 19% of kids in that age group, if received their 2 doses. the numbers come as hospitalizations for kids under the age of 18 with covid are higher than ever before. some doctors are calling the low vaccination rates and the high hospitalizations, a gut punch overall. 63% of americans are fully vaccinated, including 54% of children between the ages of 12th and 17th. >> this comes as more and more parts of the bay area implement booster shot mandates. a new survey suggesting the majority of restaurants in san francisco. they're in favor such a
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mandate with restaurants across the bay area been particularly hit hard by this omicron owners are hoping that this change could keep more of their employees able to work conference. dan kerman has more. >> a new golden gate restaurant association survey finds half would support a mandate that all customers over 12 have a booster to dine inside. >> about 50% are supportive or would be supportive of a city wide mandate or a wider geographic mandate. 25% are still you know, last week, i'm sure changed. now at the new data. currently, the city requires restaurants to check that patrons are vaccinated. but at the present time, the city is only recommending restaurants. check for boosters. >> the restaurant association says unless there's a mandate, it's unlikely most restaurants will voluntarily come on board, but the mandate would be a different thing. ideally, it's at the state level so that we don't lose business to other areas of the state. i
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mean, if interested in in keeping everybody moving to a safer position the wider area, more fair it for everybody. >> and also the easier the message it is for everybody. however, some san francisco restaurants like zuni >> have moved ahead on their own requiring what the cdc calls up to date vaccinations, which includes boosters if eligible, they say it's all about following the advice of medical experts need to the ultimate means of protection in terms of so we wanted to create the safest environment we could so far as any hasn't had to close its stores during omicron. >> they chalked that up not only did this policy but also a rigorous masking program for its staff and a rigorous testing program for its staff. dan kerman kron. 4 news. san jose is now the first city in the u.s. to require a booster shot for city workers and city owned properties. >> that includes the sapd center there where the sharks play. city leaders say this
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mandate, it's going to prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed and some council members are touting data that says your chances of getting infected with omicron are lower. if you get the booster shot. >> it's important for the city of san jose to take a leadership role because we know that the only way we're going to get out man inside this pandemic is by working together. >> there are exceptions. if you received your second dose of the covid vaccine within the last 6 months or if you're a miner who cannot get the additional shot because of your age and if you don't have your booster, you can provide a negative covid test to gain entry. in the east bay. oakland will soon require proof of vaccination at indoor public locations. this actlon takes effect february 1st and by this friday, businesses are required to post an advisory notice. here's the list. proof of vaccination will be required for people 12 and older inside restaurants and
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bars. entertainment venues and recreation facilities. gyms fitness centers, yoga studios, senior adult care facilities, large indoor events at city owned and privately owned facilities and city hall will also be in there. however, the in the case of city hall and tree, only a patron may show proof of a recent negative covid test within 72 hours to get in as well as a photo id instead of showing proof of vaccination. this option is to ensure that members of the public or maybe not able to meet the vaccine requirement for entrance into city hall. a fully benefit from the public services provided at city hall in the south bay. public health officers say that they will not be implementing a vaccine mandate for customers and businesses, but they're highly urging businesses like bars and restaurants where masks come off indoors to require proof of vaccination crowd force. gayle ong reports. >> as bay area counties update health orders like requiring
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proof of vaccination for indoor public settings due to the omicron search, santa clara county health officials say mandating a proof of vaccine for customers would have little impact to the complexity. and now with knowing that. >> you need to be up to date. you need to be boosted so our feeling is it's extremely important, but we're not taking that final step of mandating it. our businesses have been incredibly responsible and responsive and safe with their patrons at a press conference 2 weeks ago. doctor sara cody, santa clara county public health director added the county has high vaccination rates. a statement from santa clara county reads in part. >> public health continues to urge businesses with activities that require patrons to remove their mask like restaurants and bars to require proof of vaccination prior to entry. believe the final decision to their discretion on tuesday. doctor cody told county board of supervisors the county experienced issues with staffing since the omicron
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surge and are focusing on the updated mandate that requires boosters for health care workers, long-term care correctional facilities and homeless shelters. booster mandate is to >> both safety of a of people in hospitals or congregate settings as well as to ensure that the staff caring for them are less likely to get san jose is now the first city in the u.s. to require a booster shot for city workers and city owned properties. >> that includes the sep center. city leaders say this mandate is going to prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed. in the meantime, doctors say the best way to avoid getting infected, wearing that being careful about indoor gatherings. doctor bob wachter, chair of ucsf is monitoring the omicron surge in other parts of the country. every bit of evidence as the surge is going to be. >> quite brutal and then start coming down very quickly. it's already peaked. seems to be coming down in boston, in new york, in washington. obviously we've seen curve south africa.
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so it's not like you're in hunker down mode for 6 months. >> gayle ong kron. 4 news sonoma county is asking people to stay at home as much as possible for the next 30 days. the county also issued a new health order that went into effect overnight. it limits indoor events to a maximum of 50 people and outdoor events to no more than 100. the monthlong order is. a surge in covid-19 cases in that county. also in the north bay, the surge of omicron variant strikes a blow to the release of popular beers santa rosa's russian river brewing company postponing their 2 week plenty. the younger event kron four's dan thorn has that story. >> the lines of people who show up from all over to taste pliny the younger. we'll have to wait a little longer. the makers of the world famous triple i have pushed the release date from february 4th to march 20 fit definitely very millie, it was the responsible thing to do. natalie who co-owns russian
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river brewing company with her husband says they made the difficult decision to delay after talking with sonoma county health leaders. the county is banned large gatherings for the next month and the chillers those felt the february release at their windsor and santa rosa pubs needed to be pushed back. the last thing you want to do is invite 25,000 people. >> to arbery's over the you know, to a release period coming from knows where bringing, you know their committees. and then also, you know, we're already in the med. so our own issues like many restaurants, bars and breweries in the area. russian river has been challenged with unprecedented staffing issues last week. both the santa rosa and windsor pubs were forced to close because of infections and exposures among staff. >> russian river brewing has also been experiencing a slowdown of business throughout the latest search. is optimistic about the new release date and even suggested the new date may become permanent for those still looking to grab a pint applied to the younger next
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month. says wholesale accounts will still be getting kegs beginning the week of february 7th. it's unfortunate, but we've been doing this for 2 years. so. we think we can get through reporting in santa rosa. dan thorn kron. 4 news. the 8 we can we can get through it. the san francisco department of public health says masks should be upgraded and vaccines need to be updated. health officials have also made changes to boost to requirements at large events such as concerts and sports games. kron four's rob nesbitt has details on the updated covid order. >> a cloth mask like this doesn't cut it when it comes to omicron health experts say an n 95 mask or a mask like it will better protect you against the contagious variant. it's all about the fit. the san francisco department of public health says that a cloth mask alone is no longer good enough and should be worn over a well fit in surgical mask. if at all side here, you can see that they always told this is not a
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well fitted masks. infectious disease expert at ucsf doctor peter chin-hong says the city's health officer is also recommending well, fitted masks such as n 95 and kn 95 because of how easily omicron has spread from person to person can linger in the air like dandelions, awful long, a period. >> so if you're making a lot of virus just cluess the way people talking and so on, you can have a little bit more linger in the air. boosters will also be required at mega events for those eligible starting february first, if you've only gotten 2 shots, it's almost like you are unvaccinated for prevention infection, kids, ages 2 to 4, going to mega events who are not yet eligible to be vaccinated. must have proof of a negative covid test within 24 hours for antigen in 48 hours for pcr tests. >> vp of community relations for the golden state warriors. yoyo chan says the chase center will fall in line with the new requirements for boosters and negative tests. for youngsters. we do recommend results come with the date of birth as well as when the test was taken along
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with the name of the individuals. she says that physical swabs of negative tests will not be accepted and says young fans coming to the chase center should take advantage of mobile apps and qr codes for the negative results. we really appreciate our fans being able to respond to all of these new protocols that were >> pushing forward. >> mega events of 500 or more people indoors and 5,000 people or more outdoors will be allowed again starting saturday staff of those events will be required to show proof of up to date vaccines, including boosters. if eligible in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> all right. weather time now as we get peek outside check on the 4 zone forecast to nice aerial view above san francisco. you see the bay bridge lights dancing and there's the sales force tower, tallest building in the city trying to get an advance on what lawrence was going to talk about. he said something about cool. and i was like, oh, you're a cool guy. >> with that, too, and yeah,
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of course. know, we're going to cool the temperatures down just a tad were right. then the part of the year we get a little break in all the stormy weather. almost like a fake spring last few days. temperatures cool down just a little bit. i think we're going to see that trend continue outside tonight. a lot of high clouds still moving overhead. temperatures today still above the average is 61 in san francisco. 59 in oakland. still 66 for a high in san jose. that is 3 days in a row with that number. 61 in livermore, 61 conquered and 63 degrees in santa rosa. kind of interesting, though, today we had a lot of sunshine early on. then late in the day. you see all these clouds streaming up from the south at the same time we've got a cold front off the coastline so the 2 could on combine. bring a lot of clouds overnight tonight that will tend to hold the temperatures up a few degrees. so a cloudy skies out there right now. the winds kind of all over the map right now. generally an offshore wind in some of the interior valleys that a little bit normally when inside the bay. i think overnight tonight, but the high clouds up above the temperatures not going to get is quite as cold. still a
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little chilly in spots. 47 degrees right now in antioch. it's 48 in santa rosa also conquered and live more mostly cloudy skies and san jose at 54 degrees overnight. tonight, the clouds will continue on and off throughout the night. should be need a sunrise to the day. if you're up that early and then as we head toward the evening hours, looks like another nice night to get out there and take some pictures. should be a nice sunset with a few more clouds sweeping across our skies. and that keep things nice outside over the next few days, temperatures will back off just a little bit high of about 63 degrees in san jose. should be about 62 unfair in the app. thanks, lawrence, for your money. tonight nationwide consumer prices went up 7% over the past 12 months. that is the biggest spike. >> and almost 40 years with inflation now at 7%. that means every dollar that someone earns is now worth $0.7 less. for instance, you bring home 1000 bucks. the route 70 bucks. the reason this is happening is that the economy is actually doing well and people are trying to spend
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money, but because of supply chain issues, it is hard to get things for the manufacture to the stores. so high demand with low supply equals higher prices. and inflation. now, the federal reserve is charged with keeping an eye on inflation. and the fed says that the inflation was temporary. well, that's what they said. but it's persistent. >> we see inflation persisting. at high levels longer than expected. and then then we will, you know, then will have to raise interest rates more over time? we will. >> raising interest rates would slow the economy and bring down inflation. but that would also mean it would cost more to borrow money for things like buying a house, buying a car, paying off credit card debt. at this point, it's unclear when or if the fed will raise interest rates. some people think they'll be 4 rate hikes this year and they expect those hikes will be small increments over the course of 2022.
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meanwhile, in sacramento, dozens of state lawmakers are calling for an increase in tax benefits for renters. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains the effort and who exactly it could affect. >> california lawmakers this year are aiming to give low income renters a boost. dozens of legislators wednesday unveiled sb 8.43. a bill that would increase the renters tax credit for the first time since 1979, we have the opportunity to make an immediate and lasting impact helping those low income communities struggle with the skyrocketing cost rent, the bill would give $500 to single filing taxpayers making less than $44,000 a year couples who make less than $87,000 a year combined would get $1000. this lawmakers say is a concerning contrast from the current credit which provides $60 to single filers and $120 to couples. and that's a travesty. our families are struggling more than ever us. we all know with everything that they have to deal with
9:21 pm
the pandemic and other issues. lawmakers noted this credit has remained low as rents tripled in the last 40 years, 42 lawmakers have signed on to the bill that has bipartisan simply have not done to >> with our state tax policies. it's nation, not 10 to 5. it's one tool. >> make our way to able double. >> lawmakers estimate this could help about 2.5 million californians. the bill now awaits to be assigned to a committee for its first hearing in sacramento. ashley zavala kron. 4 news governor newsome was in san diego today to highlight his plans to take on the homelessness crisis. >> it's all part of the governor's california blueprint proposal last year he pledged 14 billion dollars to be used over the next few years as investments to take on both short and long-term solutions. 50 million dollars of that was used last year for encampment resolutions. his plan will also focus on
9:22 pm
rehousing people with behavioral health issues. the governor also travel to la today to talk about his covid emergency package. >> coming up tonight at 9 oakland police for leading with the public to help find whoever assaulted a woman on camera. >> then we go one-on-one with oakland police chief leronne armstrong, his vision for the city after a violent year. >> but first, an uninvited guest strolls in through one colorado hotel. why officials in and having to put him down.
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>> one hotel manager in colorado was surprised to see a mountain lion just rolling through the front lobby. reporter carly moore shows us the scary encounter in the unfortunate ending for the big cap. >> one business in the lion's head village area in vail had an unwelcome guest stroll into their lobby over the weekend. you never seen so much. they want to be saying seen it was even caught on camera from multiple angles. i was actually on the phone and one of our guests who is returning to the billion and called in and was asking if everything's ok with the >> because police are running around outside with assault rifles and guns drawn. >> and so i'm talking to the gas, assuring him that get to the bottom of that. jeremy fled to assistant manager at the vale spot condominiums
9:26 pm
quickly got his answer of the things that could have. >> come in the front door for the moment is one of the better options to me there behind the front desk remained extremely calm. you can see them outlined entering the spa through the automatic doors and bolting through the lobby, followed shortly by police officers. guns drawn. jeremy said he radio 2 coworkers that in mount line was in the building. we believe that the cat heads down a dead-end hallway and police quickly shut the door. isolating the lion within minutes. luckily nobody was hurt to fewer. 2 or 3 people in the lobby could have done that. you can see the lion pacing back and forth until colorado parks and wildlife shows up to tranquilize it. they ended up putting it down after saying it was in poor condition and may see a didn't. we're just kind of sad for all us here. we were fun isn't good ending to the story. what a nice of you know, they had some sort of program not to predators and in town. so there's something definitely wrong with that cat to be there.
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>> it was carly moore reporting for us as always, officials advise us to in a make yourself look big and never approach a mountain lion. could a nurse him back to health you would think next on kron. 4 news at 9. we have heard a lot about the changes being made to the oakland police department to try to combat the >> rising crime in oakland. but despite the promise for more money, more police academy classes and even a new police district 2022 is already outpacing 2021 when it comes to violent crime. when we come back, we will go one-on-one with chief armstrong. what else the department can try to do to turn things around.
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at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 877.only.att. >> welcome back to kron. 4 news at 9 in 2021, the oakland police department arrested more than 60 homicide suspects and recovered more than 1200 guns city also recorded more homicides last year than any previous year. going back to 2012 today. kron 4 says he quit you and sat down for a virtual one-on-one interview with the chief of the oakland police department covering a wide range of topics. first question. >> what does success look like in the year 2022? for the oakland police departments. >> i think success looks like >> you know, i if it can decrease in overall homicides
9:31 pm
and violent crime. i think we all recognize that 134 homicides far too many lives lost in our city. biggest challenge for your officers in 2022. because biggest challenges are being asked to do so much with so few resources starting january 22nd additional police resources will be on the ground in east oakland, expanding from 2 police districts to 3 police districts. >> the strategic game. >> hopefully getting to calls quicker so that community sees a greater presence when when it call 911. >> his police department's response to an emerging trend of car caravans coming to oakland targeting marijuana we push that information out immediately. we deployed officers into the areas where these dispensaries are located and we believe we these individuals from coming into our city and causing havoc to these businesses priority for you to get the department finally in compliance with the negotiated settlement
9:32 pm
agreement. i'm encouraged by the fact that the judge said that will come back in april. but couple task that we need to get complete it, but also with a pathway towards full compliance. and so i think that's going to be what our focus i think that's also a morale booster for department regarding officer out the oakland city council approves that additional police academy, which would seem to be like a boost of how do you see it? >> well, i think it's a boost of support. i think officers know that help is on the way. >> 2 weeks into the new year, the city of oakland has recorded 4 homicides twice as many at this time in 2021. has it. but run for new and staying in oakland. police say that they need help in finding an elderly woman who was assaulted by someone in chinatown. >> police releasing this video of the attack. you see the woman walking down the street when a person behind her just shoves her to the ground. this happened monday on the corner
9:33 pm
of 9th and franklin streets just outside the pacific renaissance plaza officers arrived on scene but they weren't able to locate the victim. the president of the oakland chinatown, chamber of commerce is that the community does feel supported by the police department and that they will help catch this suspect. >> just do not things. what's the beginning of last year in 2021? that's when we have so many seasons. we were real concerned. yes, we should have having oakland police and the preston punch. i have, you know, committee, which has been helping. we know that the lunar new year is will be prepared for that will see increased staffing in china and so we'll continue to work with our like the chinatown chamber of commerce to be able to solve those issues. >> police say that the suspect was last seen heading north on franklin street. if you have any information you're being asked to give them a call. >> attorneys representing the
9:34 pm
so-called hillsborough heiress, tiffany li have agreed to settle a wrongful death lawsuit with the murder victim's mother, keith green was the ex-boyfriends and father of least 2 daughters, according to prosecutors, green was shot execution style and lease hillsborough mansion in april of 2016. his body was then dumped in a field north of san francisco. green's mother sued lee is a way of seeking justice after san mateo county jury found lee not guilty on all charges. enter 2019 criminal trial. the attorneys did not reveal the terms of the settlements, ronnie spector, the 1960's icon behind hits like be my baby and walking in. the rain has died. specter, who was the lead singer of the ronettes passed away earlier today after a short battle with cancer. the ronettes was a family bad to specter. is there older sister still bennett and their cousin, nedra talley. the band broke up in 1967. after a european
9:35 pm
tour in 1986. specter's career was revived when she was the featured vocalist on any money. sit take me home tonight. spector was 78 years old today the senate foreign relations committee has confirmed la mayor eric garcetti's nomination to become u.s.. ambassador to india. >> hearings took place this morning on capitol hill. the nomination now goes to the full senate, but it's not clear when that vote will happen. garre said he is scheduled to leave office as la mayor in december unless he leaves earlier for the ambassador post. late senator harry reid. he's lying in state at the u.s. capitol earlier today. an honor guard carried reads casket into the rotunda. >> the u.s. capitol building speaker nancy pelosi and senator chuck schumer were among the dignitaries attending the congressional tribute. 3 family was also there. senator schumer was the first to speak about read. >> few have shaped the workings of this building like
9:36 pm
our dear friend from nevada. if you have dedicated their lives to the work of the people quite like harry, did it. and today our feelings of both loss and gratitude are immense. >> president biden also paid his respects. harry reid served as senator from nevada for 30 years. the longest stint ever in that state. still ahead tonight by angela has become the first black woman to appear on the u.s. quarter. how soon you can get this iconic currency in your hand. >> and just some high clouds up above right now. but could we soon see some rain return? we'll talk about that along with look at your forecast coming up next. and in sports, the niners prep for their sunday playoff game in dallas. sports director jason dumas said has the latest from coach shanahan. the team coming up.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> well, folks, it is dallas week on wednesday, the niners had their first full practice ahead of their wild card matchup at jerry's world. jimmy g was limited at practice, but he still threw the ball. all signs point to him being back under center on sunday. this is the niners team that, in my opinion, has all the ingredients for a run. they are battle tested. they just need to put it all together. what better stage to do that then at cowboy stadium
9:40 pm
and the niners know that given the rich history of this rivalry, it won't be just an ordinary playoff game. >> whenever you in the playoffs, you know, the magnitude of the game and then you come in a place like the foreigners play cowboys with the rich history of the super bowl's. a playoff games, nfc championships. you know, obviously getting a chance to be a part of some of that history is definitely something you can enjoy as an older player. they have very good they got very good schemes. i'm watching their defense just i mean, it looks so much to me like a dan quinn he's changed a lot schematically in coverages and everything. but the way those 11 guys play and attack the ball and go for the ball. >> he's got them not a coincidence. early in the league in turnover getting turnovers. >> derek carr will finally make his playoff debut on saturday against the bengals car has led the team to the postseason before in 2016, the
9:41 pm
raiders were cruising with an 11 3 record before car broke his leg in week. 16 the raiders were rolled by the houston texans in the wild-card game with connor cook under center. it was less than ideal carr said he's happy to finally get his postseason opportunity. but this is not the end goal. don't forget, we've already done you know, this is the second time i just get to play this you know, i think. >> for me, it's an exciting time. let's go. but at same time. my goal wasn't just to make the playoffs was a part of it. but you always have bigger goals and bigger dreams and trying to achieve more. so for me, it's exciting. but still trying to keep the laser focus on the job at hand. >> college hoops cal at washington. early 2nd, half. jared hyder. scores off the back door cut right there. nice ball finishes in the
9:42 pm
lane. but washington rallies up 3. row. brown. make the guy fall and knocked down 12 of for 2 of his 21 points at day john david steele, grad transfer from stanford. >> if you head to day for it, he's on the 13. 0, run to take control. late kalou to this 0. 64 to 55. they take on washington state on that. washington state on that. >> all righty. from one moment to the next, our kids become the most important part of our lives. and even though the years pass, that never changes. we never stop worrying about them. that's why it's important to have health insurance. with covered california, we got a plan we could afford. it includes free preventive care, like cholesterol and blood-pressure checkups. because even though they grow up, they'll always be your baby. covered california.
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>> the demand for seeing eye another guide. dogs has never been higher. roosevelt left, which introduces us to some puppies in training as we watch them get ready to make their future owners lives much better. >> a plane full of pups admitted when you heard that sentence, it instantly brought a smile to your face. and even though it may look like one of them is actually flying the plane, they're not that smart yet. but given some time they will do something even better than looking adorable in the cockpit. they'll give a person who is sight impaired a chance to be mobile to the new guidance for this is fenway who's just beginning the journey to becoming a guide spend the next year and a half with keven lorrie wagner who live near cleveland, who will teach the basic manners that a guide dog needs to know you're walking the dog squirrels. what a doggone squirrel. >> well, they learned you don't do that. they just go
9:46 pm
okay. and i keep top of the has those manners and more. she finished her guide dog training on new york city streets and is ready to go to her new owner, guiding eyes for the blind as a network of volunteer traders across the country like the wagners who teach those basic skills. ceo thomas panek says it's a monthslong process to get a dog ready to handle daily activities and navigating city streets are being in an office or in a store right now. there are more than 200 people with vision impairments who are waiting for their for lake partner and the need for trainers and for the dogs to help. others has never been as critical as it is. now. >> as a person who's by myself, reaching out and asking for help from a stranger. there's a little less comfortable than it used to given these times. so having a guy that your side to help you with mobility that the demand has increased significantly once a dog is ready, it is immediately given a home. these 2 are done with training and will soon be in the hands of the visually impaired person. >> and that's a tough time for puppy raisers as they're called. these are folks who
9:47 pm
love dogs so much that they have to let them go because they know they're needed to help make someone else's life a lot easier. hard to fall in love with it's hard. we tried. >> in middlefield roosevelt left which >> got dogs special chris level dog right whether time taking a look at your forecast, here's a live look at the missions at the golden gate bridge this hour to that story. vicki, make you think of sometimes you kind of self-deprecating lee talk about how we'll be talking about something. and then a look dog. no, there's a squirrel. so you say you have it. those are dogs. there's no score on that. i know. but well, it's you know what i hear, please. labs beautiful out labs. yeah, yeah. love those lives out there. hey, guys, that tonight we've got the skies with some high clouds up above. but here we go. we're going to see a change in the weather pattern now. we've been trying to track some rain back in the bay area. got a cold front that's making its way up in the pacific northwest. a lot of moisture coming up.
9:48 pm
>> from the south, another weak system. but well, you know, high pressure just too strong overhead. so the system's kind of split as we get into friday. you can see high pressure starts to regain strength. and i think it kind of settles in for the weekend that things dry right through the weekend and into next week. in fact, looks like this pattern is going to hold. you'll see these storm systems kind of roll over the top of the ridge from time to time, bring some clouds but not strong enough to break it down entirely. and then it just kind of rebuilding along the west coast. again and keeps us dry. that will be the pattern, i think as we head well into next week and probably into the following weekend, too. so we're in that nice, dry spell right now. enjoy all. we have a lot of times after the spells. we get right back to that rain. here comes winter once again. but overnight you're going to deal with these lot of high clouds outside. you can around right now that will keep the temperatures from getting all that cold overnight. still a couple upper 30's maybe in the north bay valleys, 40's elsewhere around the bay area. but overall, it looks like the pattern will remain dry and fairly mild lows tonight. 39 degrees in santa rosa about 45
9:49 pm
in san jose about 44 in hayward and 43 degrees in oakland. next few days, we're going to see the pattern holding fairly steady into the weekend. maybe a few more clouds on saturday and also on monday. but right now we'll keep you dry well into next week and probably beyond. lawrence, late poet maya angelou has become the first black woman on a u.s. quarter. >> it is the first to be released in the american women quarters program. and today kron four's noelle bellow spoke with these big congresswoman barbara lee, who led the effort to create these points. >> could be holding an historic coin in your hands. my angeles become the first black woman to appear on the u.s. quarter. >> us meant to begin shipping the coins this week. i'm just excited because, >> you know, so many who have contributed to the building of this country and so many ways the public only sees skies the
9:50 pm
family isn't that they'll be able to see when women of color and our first coin our beloved doctor. maya angelou, east bay congresswoman barbara lee led the bill to create the first american women quartersa program. >> angelou is the first of 6 women honorees. who's coins will be in circulation through 2025. she is pictured with her arms uplifted and a bird in flight behind her. the way she depicted in the quarter. >> it's so appropriate because she wasn't gather. she focused a lot on the black community and and connecting people. san francisco state professor of africana studies doctor dorothy sarah >> interviewed maya angelou back in the 80's. she says angela's works are still pivotal in her classes. >> my students have followed her career. of course, in end, the pledge practically in the classroom is our pollen. and still i rise in addition to
9:51 pm
being a legendary poet, angelou was a performer and civil rights activist. she was also the first female african-american cable car conductor in san francisco to know cantu was to love or congresswoman lee says angeles writing inspired countless americans and fueled greater understanding across our nation. >> she says honoring her on us currency. it's a major milestones like it's important. not only that we recognize that this is historic moment with african american woman, a woman of color on a coin but get to know her. get to know who she was. get to know. get to read or i know why caged bird saying maya angelou quarters should be available at your local bank branch in the coming weeks in san francisco. noelle bellow kron, 4 news. >> fitting tribute next. it's a historic anniversary for the u.s. senate as we mark the occasion to put a major barrier inequality and representation. on the back burner. on this date in 1932.
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
heavy wyatt caraway became the first woman elected to the u.s. senate. the democrat from arkansas had been appointed to the seat 2 months earlier to fill a vacancy left by her late husband. she was then elected to that seat with the help of law. powerful senator from louisiana. and today in 19, 0, 4, henry ford put the pedal to the metal and set a land speed record in that
9:55 pm
thing. he was a little more than 91 miles an hour. he was driving a vehicle dubbed the 9, 9, 9 with a wooden frame. nobody know. hood. ford's record, though, was short-lived because a driver in florida, of course, broke it within a month. >> one, missouri courtroom is dishing out more than just legal decisions. the judge in a courtroom one is doing what he can to make certain days in court. standout judge joe hensley tries to make got today extra special for families finalizing the adoption process. he brings his balloons into the courtroom. we create elephants and giraffes. another airfield animals for the kids happy about that. lee says that he handles up to 100 adoptions each year and it's always the highlight of his docket. animal shelter in detroit, michigan jumped into action to save a little kitten stuck in a drain pipe first, they tried to last a little guy with the
9:56 pm
a cat food scented wrote, but that didn't work. so they brought in a catch pole. but that did the trick. the little kitten was wet, little cold, >> the shelter brought it inside, right? i'm off given the name of momo has since been given a safe place and a loving foster home with no drain pipes in sight. >> and finally, a willie wonka inspired contests is celebrating the cincinnati zoo's most famous resident golden tickets are being hidden in chocolate bars to celebrate. feel that the hippos 5th birthday, 5 golden tickets are being hidden. hello, fiona. among 7500 field. a theme chocolate bars. the price for the unique chocolate bars. 5 bucks the 5 lucky winners will receive a unique snout case painting by the famous hippo. i want to see what that looks like. the field bars can be purchased through the cincinnati zoo's website. so feeling really popular. remember when she was
9:57 pm
tiny little itty-bitty? feel the camera 24 7 grown up a lot time flies. that wraps up kron. 4 news at night. >> but the news continues at the top the hour. here's what we're working on for kron. 4 news at 10. a step forward for oakland, schools and teachers, a covid safety agreement that's been reached in an effort to prevent another sick out. >> and local public health officers say they will not implement a vaccine mandate for customers and businesses. what health officials are encouraging business owners to do instead, i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis. the news at 10 is next. new year, new start. and now comcast business is making it easy to get going with the ready. set. save. sale. get started with fast and reliable internet and voice for $64.99 a month with a 2-year price guarantee. it's easy... with flexible installation and backing from an expert team, 24/7. and for even more value, ask how to get up to a $500 prepaid card. get a great deal for your business with
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron 4 news. we just the ultimate means of protection in terms of >> vaccines. so we wanted to create the safest environment we could. >> now attend the growing number of mandates requiring vaccinations in the times booster shots on an attempt to slow the spread of the omicron variant is top of mind. why one local health officer is not on board, though with that plan. that is where we begin tonight on kron. 4 news at 10. thanks for being with us, everybody. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis. a number of studies show that the best way to protect yourself against covid is to get vaccinated and boosted which is why many businesses, cities and county leaders are now requiring the vaccine for certain activities. last night, san jose became the first city in the country to


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