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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  January 14, 2022 7:00am-8:01am PST

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even though it is foggy in patches, some areas of improved some areas, not so much just yet to the fog out in the central valley. also trying to work its way on into the delta now, otherwise skies are clear, as we noted. so today is going to be abundantly sunny one yet again, much like the past few days. a cold morning followed by a mild afternoon, palo alto, dublin conquered each in the 30's, same all across the north bay. napa at a very chilly 35 degrees to start this morning. as far as our roadways go, that fog had been the biggest thing that you are running into. but now we're looking at conditions out there. definitely improving. so that's a bit of good news. i'll get a check of the roads later. james. what we were already talking about traffic, but i guess we'll take another look at it really quickly. so, yes, the golden gate bridge was looking fine. there you can see from the maze to fremont street on the bay bridge. we do have some fog there. that's not will bring
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traffic up. 10 minutes to get you from the maze to fremont street san mateo bridge, a 14 minute drive a little bit wet because of that fog making for a bit of a misty start to the morning on that spanned and the richmond center fell bridge a 10 minute drive. back to you, james. all right, john, thank you much. now let's get back to the news and some breaking news from overnight. the san francisco unified school district has reached an agreement with the teachers unions over covid health and safety conditions proper. sara stinson live in san francisco with the latest on all of that. good morning, sarah. >> yeah, james. they reached an agreement around you and i's bedtime last night and this is after, you know, a weeklong of petitions, a sick out and then they even had new staff and families sending letters to district and city officials. but they reached an agreement glad to say that the san francisco unified school district gave the teachers union everything they ask for. let's take a look at what is
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going to be going into effect immediately. >> and this agreement, it guarantees and 9, 5, kn 95 kf 94 masks for all students and school workers. >> they want to make sure there's a variety show. the school can get a good supply, guaranteed weekly testing to all set to strict sites, including every school district school. and for all students and employees who requested it 10 days, a supplemental paid sick leave for all covid-related reason. and this is in effect until july 31st. now, the district has already been distributing tests and masks, but the agreement guarantees the more effective kinds and an uf for everyone and sure that this supply keeps being reinstated. this sick leave was an item. the union was not going to budge on and it has been granted retroactively to december. 21st for teachers who had you sick time after the winter holiday for covid reasons and for anyone wants to do that moving forward. the
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eu esf union president said last night and meeting. she told me after the hours long negotiating she's grateful teachers can feel safer. now with this agreement in place, we are grateful. >> and happy to have won the demands that we were right and where necessary. we're also very aware of the reality that this may not be the last turn for the last pop. as you referenced to covid crisis. and so it's it's a happy moment. it's a great for a moment and it's also wanted for resolve to continue fighting together. >> this week s of unified has handed out 60,000 at-home kits for every student in classroom teacher still handing them out today. make sure that if they've been exposed, they can test and that way they can quarantine if they're positive and not infect anyone else.
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now, speaking of 60,000 tests this week, that is how much the district will have to have supply of these tests to keep up with how many teachers and students that they're supposed to hand them out to have available to in this agreement. so the district is going to be ordering more tests, more mass and the union is going to double check and make sure that they have that supplies of this agreement continues. reporting live in san francisco. sarah stinson back to james. ok? thank you very much, sara. >> also happening today, we have the hayward unified school board meeting to discuss whether to extend remote learning the district began virtual learning this week because of recent surges in covid cases inside the district. if the board does not vote to extend remote learning, then students will be back in the classroom on tuesday. so we'll see if that happens. meanwhile, happening today, at least 3 schools in sonoma county are going to be closed due to the rising number of covid cases. there. gradstein elementary and
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hillcrest middle school in the grabbing steen union school district are going to be shut down as well as reach charter school in sebastopol. they're going to shut their doors too. officials say they're facing a staffing shortages, too. many educators have either tested positive for covid or were exposed to the virus. no word on if the schools where it will reopen next week. we'll be following and let you know. meanwhile, in the east bay, the west contra costa county school district held a special meeting to address staff shortages because of the rising covid and plans sickouts there it was. the teachars in the district who started a petition to talk about these issues with district leaders stage elementary in richmond which serves more than 200, 30 students already had a short staff of about 10 teachers and in recent days, none of those 10 teachers have showed up to school because they have covid or they're part of a planned sick out. >> very much impacted when one teacher is out. we're down to teachers are ready. we're short, can teach it. we do not
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have a 4th grade teacher and we do not have a little one to teacher which makes him even car. our principal has had a duty in the 4th grade class. >> well, teachers at stage elementary say that they will not return to the classrooms today. also happening today. in other news, we have santa clara county sheriff laurie smith have a court appearance to answer to corruption and misconduct charges. proffers camila barco is live on the story for us this morning. good morning. coming up. >> morning casey at today's court session. it should go by quickly. smith is expected to contest the charges agiinst her, the santa clara county civil grand jury is accused 8 spent on 7 counts. the court hearing is taking place over zoom around 10 o'clock this morning. smith and her lawyers are expected to answer to the accusations as she has been indicted for willful and corrupt misconduct in office. now again, there are 7 counts on this indictment. take a
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look at your screen. here is a summary of the charges, 3 of them center on claims that the sheriff illegally granted licenses for concealed carry permits to people who contributed to her campaign or are prominent in the community. 3 other charges focus on the san jose sharks came to share that ended in february 2019. she allegedly received free suite tickets, the and drinks and it exceeded the $500 gift limit. court documents say that she failed to disclose those gifts. now the senate count accuses her of failing to cooperate with ongoing investigation surrounding the treatment of an inmate. sheriff smith has been in office for 23 years and following the indictment, city county leaders call for her to step down. among those officials is san jose mayor sam liccardo. he came out strong saying that she must resign. now again, smith's court hearing is at 10 o'clock this morning. of course, teams
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will keep people updated online and on air as we get more information for now. back to you. all right. thank you very much. camila. >> well, one of the biggest stories here in the bay area this weekend, the forty-niners and their quest for a super bowl championship. it begins on sunday. they're going to be taking on the cowboys in dallas in the first round of the playoffs. kron four's will tran live at levi stadium with a preview this morning. i think will we can both agree. everybody's ready for the forty-niners. >> rights. no, i. >> i know i think everybody can agree route for the i'm trying to stay on the sidelines. pun intended just to be safe about what's going on. the niners players. they will be showing up throughout the morning as they have a lot of scheming to do. and then later on today, possibly say around 4, 5, they will hop on buses fly from the bay area to big d because the game is a little bit more than 48 hours away. covid is the biggest
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story in the country, the world. but let's face it. the biggest story, sports wise in the bay area. the forty-niners. let me show you some video. a practice. it looks like both teams will not have any excuses after the game because they're coming in at full strength. even your boy, jimmy g he's good to go. yes, 3 weeks ago he tore a muscle in his throwing thumb. but it looks like he's ready to go as well. left tackle trent williams. missed last week, but he should be back for this big game on sunday. and that is important because the niners they are looking to once again ground and pound take time off the clock, keep the ball away from the highest scoring offense in the nfl. the dallas cowboys alijah mitchell. he is ready to go. that rookie sensation. but you know what? on the other side of the ball, the niners defense, they have their work cut out. here's dimicco ryan's defensive coordinator saying they have to be ready to go against dak in the voice.
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>> no matter who we're playing. you know, i know dallas, they have a lot of lot of playmakers. every position know they're loaded with talent. but for us, it's about not about who were plans just about us. and our technique are fundamental zone and those things and doing them to the best of our ability plan as fast as we can possibly play as hard as we can possibly play. >> it is going to be a slugfest, james. in fact, las vegas, they obviously they care about the games more than you and i and they basically have this game as they push so picking whoever wins. well, obviously, move on the forty-niners. it's going to be a slugfest, right? there are a lot of people like you think the niners will when i'm trying to be mature about it. if i were trolling you, james, i would be holding. that's this jury for a very long time talking about how the dallas cowboys have more hall of famers. they have the highest scoring offense in the league. they're playing jerry jones in his ballpark. that 10 games
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this year is with the ratings. 5 of those games where dallas cowboys games that that las vegas oddsmakers, they have the cowboys favored by 3. >> i would go on and on and on. but i'm not going to do that. i'm just would never do so, you know, i just like the beatles after the niners lose, get back to where you belong and let it be today. as good as your dallas cowboys are there only favored by 3. >> it's basically a toss up. the niners are coming to town. they're going to clean the floor i'm just saying got the 9 or tie on. you can't see it. non james, i'm telling you, keep your phone on on sunday richards. that's been a producer people at home don't know him, but he's the maestro. >> everybody better. keep your phone on as boys coming on sunday. we're going to be talking a lot of smack back and forth. thank you. so thank you. will. that's 7.11. is the time. >> we'll take still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. governor newsom visiting the bay area pushing his plan for
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transportation and infrastructure improvements will have his. >> the latest message for us and after the break, all that recent rain is helping our statewide water crisis. we'll show you how the drastic change is on the latest drought map. yeah, big changes there and not changing at his first. the fog goes at sfo. still very foggy there. some areas have seen the fog lift others not so much. >> later today we will tap into a good dose of sunshine all across the bay. back to the 60's. your forecast is ahead.
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>> and we're back at 7.15, with a check of the forecast here. so before you head outside once again, as you know, grab a jacket is a little chilly out there for some and in spots a little foggy to john. good morning. that is very true. james. look at this again. see anything in san jose right now. our camera is actually working. i know this one can be spotty sometimes, but this is the view, indeed, not a lot of visibility currently in the santa clara valley areas all the way up to sfo and up the east bay shoreline right there with you that with that very dense fog so please take it a lot slower as you're venturing out this morning, especially along the bay shore and then for this to inland out towards the central valley. the spots is where that fog has formed very dense this morning. high pressure ridge otherwise built up across the region. keeping
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us dry. also keeping that surface layer pretty compressed, which is one of the reasons we are seeing fog like we are this morning that fog will lift for the central valley and for the bayshore on into the afternoon giving us a solid dose of sunshine that sunshine stays around through saturday through sunday through monday. so on so on. so on, intel likely the end of next week into the following weekend, the next 10 to 14 days are looking consistently dry. now, today's daytime highs are going to look really familiar a lot like yesterday was upper 50's to low 60's in those same spots that were there in the mid 60's like in the south bay will likely be making a return to that with san jose at 64 campbell. santa clara milpitas. each of 63 east bay. temperatures anywhere from the upper 50's to low 60's. some of our warmest numbers today actually be up in the north bay sanoma as well as on over to santa as well as on over to santa rosa in petaluma all i mid 60's santa rose itself being the warmest spot at 66.
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now tomorrow sunday, not a lot different from today. monday will be just a touch cooler. we stay dry and sunny during daytime hours through next week into the following weekend after that evening lows. stay really cold. dropping into the 30's inland 40's by the bay and the coast bay bridge this morning was very, very foggy. not as much anymore. we've seen big improvements on the bay bridge. i showed your san jose cam just a second ago on that one has an improved so much, but at least here we're doing a lot better. san mateo bridge had some dense fog on it. now, as you reach the upper deck and drop on into san mateo there on the west side of the bay is where you'll start run into some dense fog yet again, as you get closer to one o one. so do be a little careful over there. richmond center fell bridge. you're sitting under the sunshine 8 minutes to make your drive golden gate bridge. also under the sunshine 20 minutes from 37 to the tolls. as for the south bay, we've been talking all about the fog this morning. you are at the limit, which is actually kind of concerning
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when you are looking at low visibility, you've got to slow yourself down rather than running into that traffic one. 0, one on the peninsula is also looking at that dense fog. and you are also have to limit. so, yes, just a reminder, the slow yourself down as you make these commutes in our fog, your spots, james. john, thank you very much. 7.17, the time for your money this morning. southwest airlines passengers can now get a covid-19 test in the mail before they travel. >> and mortgage rates are now at the highest they've been since march of last year. we have jane king live in new york for these stories and more. jane rates going back up. >> hi, james. yeah, they are. in fact, are the high it set since the pandemic began. so freddie mac says this week, average 30 year mortgage rate hit 3.4, 5%. so that is the highest seen since march of 2021. it was 3.5%. well, a new survey says people around the world are excited to travel again this year to the visor found plan travel in 2022. exceeds actual travel in 2000,
7:19 am
19 and trip advisor did find that 71% of americans are planning to travel for leisure at some point this year. and americans also planning to spend more than they did on travel a few years ago. southwest airlines announced it's partnering with the testing company city help to mail out covid tests to international passengers. now this test is approved by the cdc. the can't normally costs $75. the southwest passengers can get it at a discount of $50. the test will scammers are using qr codes to steal from parking meters. authorities say people have started plastering their own aqr cards onto the meters and then people will calm and scan it with their phone and the money will go to some scammers pocket. police say anybody who has seen this urban scam this way should file a police report. they can start to collect some data about its certainly going on in per reports there live from new york. i'm jane king back to james. that's interesting. and you know, that was a thing with the parking meters. wow, ok? for it. so falling for
7:20 am
that. exactly me to get so many mayors in san francisco. >> good tips. thank you, will take a turn here at 7.19, talk a bit about the drought. a big development actually in our drought emergency after weeks of winter storms, the entire state of california is now out of that exceptional drought category. although experts still say we need to conserve water. kron gayle ong takes a closer look. >> all the rain and snow from the fall and winter came down all at once, making a dent on the state's drought. here's the latest map on the left is from october when most of the state was an exceptional drought on the right 3 months later, us drought monitor data showing all of california is now under severe to moderate conditions after 2 years significant rainfall deficits. >> year so far for the water here. and by the way, the water he runs from october first through september, 30th this year for the water here around the bay area. we're
7:21 am
sitting in the 150 to 200% of normal thus far. meteorologists brian garcia with the national weather service ads. we can expect a midwinter dry spell. this is something that we typically see. the question now is. do we roll back into a wet pattern as we get towards the end of january and february? that's why garcia says we can't forget about water conservation. we don't know ultimately what the rest of the water your fault for us. and we want to make sure that our reservoirs are in good shape to take us through a hot summer and potentially a dry winter next. winter water restrictions are still in place and several bay area counties. and we did put in water >> we didn't quite hit our targets of 4 desired levels of reduction. captain cushing is a professor of environmental studies at san jose state university about 50% of water use goes to outdoor irrigation. so if you think a little bit more as strategically about making our
7:22 am
outdoor irrigation needs fit the climate of the area which is semi air. it can actually save up to 50% of all residential water use gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> 7.21. the time coming.up on the kron. 4 morning news. san francisco's district attorney dropped charges against a man accused of assaulting a police officer. we'll have reaction from the police union and the public defender. we'll be right back.
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limited availability in select areas. 7.24. in san francisco, the da dropped charges against a man accused of resisting arrest and assaulting. >> a police officer, no criminal charges are going to be filed against 41 year-old surgio luego and this is a picture of what it looked like after he was arrested last february following a struggle with police officers detained him in the know a valley area as they were surveilling that area for burglary crimes. police say that during a struggle to detain him, he used a sharp object against, in fact, wounded an officer. but the da's office says that there just wasn't enough evidence to charge luego the president of the police union is a differently. he should let. >> the jury's and the coroners decide. whether or not you know, there isn't that than mister lugo spend a in jail on this case and dismissing it was absolutely the right and
7:26 am
legally sound thing to do. anyone expressing disappointment that this case was dismissed should be instead answering for this gross display. >> a police brutality. >> well, the da's office released a statement saying that lugo was behaving lawfully when he was stopped by police. and it was clear that this was not a provable case. coming up on the kron 4 morning news as we navigate the pandemic after more than 2 years, we're going to hear from a local health expert about what we can expect. >> in the year ahead. we'll be right back.
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up to a $500 prepaid card. get a great deal for your business with the ready. set. save. sale today. comcast business. powering possibilities. >> we are back 7.30, is the time it was just glancing over my shoulder here during the break. looking at that beautiful picture john has behind him. here's the startup weather this half hour. the fog really go. yeah, looking all right there at cameras situated over the east bay here. we did see the fog sitting right over berkeley, oakland and the bay bridge earlier that has since lifted for these areas. but that's not to say as for everyone, the santa clara valley, one, 0, one on the peninsula as well as the east bay south of oakland. still looking at some patches of dense fog. so cautioning you there as you do, some driving right up and down the bayshore. otherwise skies are increasingly bright for more and more of us across the bay, not increasingly warm just yet, though, palo alto,
7:30 am
as well as dublin conquered and oakland, our only in the 30's right now fully how at 39 degrees. napa at 35 warmer spots are pacifica and san francisco. hard to believe you've got a 10 degree difference in temperatures on either side of the bay bridge. oakland at 39 in san francisco at 48 degrees right now. as far as the bay bridge is concerned. let's get a look at it. we do have increasingly clear skies over the bay bridge right now. and that is really helping us out because it was super foggy there earlier, we are looking at some foggy spots further south, though, on the east end of the san mateo bridge, not as foggy, but once you get over closer to san mateo itself, you're going to start to run into lower visibility. watch out for that. richmond center fell bridge under the sunshine, an 8 minute drive there and the golden gate bridge under crystal clear skies. the 21 minute commute from 37 to the tolls. james. all right, john, thank you very much. 7.30, the time and globally. this pandemic has caused more than 2 years of we've seen lockdowns. we've
7:31 am
seen confusion from time to time over. >> different vaccines. their safety, their efficacy. and of course, the need to adapt to with these new variants as they come up. the question now is what happens when the omicron variant cases plateau. we've crop forcefully call speaking with it. public health officer who discusses what he thinks may happen next. >> contagiousness a new property. those are the 3 characteristics infectious disease specialists examined when the new variant of covid-19 is detected compared to alpha and delta. we know on the kron is far less virulent. it is highly contagious, but the illness it causes is less severe. leading to fewer hospitalizations, seeing a virus that is much more infectious right now. we estimate that about one in 20 residents in marin county is infected. >> and what happened in lockdown? because we don't need to because this virus is less of a county public health
7:32 am
officer doctor matt willis says he expects the explosion of omicron cases to soon level off and likely drop significantly. >> but doctor willis says we should expect more variants to come. when i hear that, you know, places like spain, they're talking about just letting it rip, you know, basically just allowing this to continue through the way we would approach influenza. >> or other viruses. that's understandable as a strategy. we're not there yet. we think it's important to take steps to continue to prevent transmission where they make sense for us. but it is we are making progress towards that. eventually. future. mc relationship with this virus. doctor willis says once a variant moves through a community, it will likely stay in the past. he says the key to working out of the pandemic is to continue to make the vaccine widely available. >> and masking when appropriate to prevent transmission. eventually testing for the virus will not be a priority but ultimately
7:33 am
covid-19 is here to stay indefinitely. felipe kron 4 news years. and i look like in an effort to slow the omicron surge, tougher workplace rules are set to go into effect today here in california. >> employees will now have to get a covid-19 test after exposure in the workplace. and you can no longer just take a rapid test on your own. instead, employees will have to go to a lab or take a test in front of a supervisor or health care professional. cal osha is also tightening its rules of what qualifies as a face covering the new definition includes a surgical mask, a medical procedure mask a respirator or cloth masks that have at least 2 layers. state labor leaders, by the way, are calling on the california legislature to bring back covid sick pay. you may remember the covid sick pay expired last september. if the legislature decides to bring it back, it won't resume or won't resemble what california had last year. that's because in 2021 there was a federal funding component that helps support small businesses. and that's
7:34 am
no longer in play this time around. so lawmakers are asking for sick pay to be paid with money from the state's surplus. there is state sen david cortes. he believes that sick pay is one of the best ways to slow the spread of the virus. >> this is simply a policy that would prevent the spread of covid-19 to keep workers safe on job. little paid sick leave is one of those portent weapons against the virus to slow the spread. that's the science. that's not just an economic issue. a worker protection issue. that's the science. >> if bringing back sick pay does move forward. it's unclear exactly how quickly it governor newsom is on record right now saying that sick leave is a top priority for him. so he's pushing for it as well. the pandemic is also having a major effect on children's mental health. a growing number of psychologists like doctor brenda wade say that they're seeing an uptick in teens experiencing high levels of depression, anxiety, eating
7:35 am
disorders and other mental health concerns. >> all the things that you still hold. they had their classrooms. they had their teachers. they had friends. they had activities. they had sports. they had music. they had all those things. the teams typically have. but philip, their life and most importantly, give them emotional support and direction. >> doctor wade recommends modeling the behavior you want to see your children, including learning ways to stay calm yourself and talking about your own stress with them basically lead, by example, we have the full interview if you'd like to see it. but doctor wade on our website at kron 4 dot com. college enrollment continues to drop during this pandemic. it's another part of all this, according to a report by the national student clearinghouse research center. undergraduate enrollment dropped 3% in the fall of 2021. compared to 2020. it's now dropped 6.6% since 2019 and that amounts to 1.2 million students in all
7:36 am
community colleges are getting hit the hardest with enrollment down over 13%. in other news this morning, if you are driving through downtown san francisco, get ready to slow down speed limits are being lowered from 25 to just 20 miles per hour for 7 streets in the city. we haven't listed on your screen include 24th street, fillmore street, haight street polk ocean, san bruno and valencia street. and this is all due to a law that went into effect at the start of the year that allow cities to lower speed limits in areas where at least half of the buildings along the corridor have commercial uses. meaning there may be some double parking and the like. so i know that on the streets, the speed limit has gone down. cannabis industry leaders are demanding state lawmakers cut some taxes and regulations for the legal market that they say is on the brink of shutting down. they want lawmakers to repeal the cultivation taxes that they say are onerous and burdensome the cannabis leaders say that the price of their legal product is driving customers towards the illegal market
7:37 am
just for the lower cost. security is another concern for the legal sellers of cannabis. they say they can't have bank accounts and so they have become now targets for big cash robberies. spend the tax for a period of time or we can reduce it for a period of time. >> again, i think one of the things that we really need to look at is still requirement by a lot of local jurisdictions to require you to have a brick and mortar facility before you can even get a license. makes no sense. >> governor newsom says the state expects to bring in 787 million dollars from the cannabis industry in the form of the current tax rate. portions will go to youth services, land acquisitions and law enforcement. we'll be following the story. we'll see if sacramento does anything differently about taxing cannabis companies. we'll take a break at 7.37. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. we're talking sports, the forty-niners. they're preparing for sunday night's playoff game against the cowboys from 4 sports director jason dumas will have an update from the players.
7:38 am
>> plus, millions of student loans have been thanks to settlement with one with one of the countries largest loan companies will have more on that in a minute. and after the break, residents and businesses. could be entitled to an claim money in one bay area county will have more on that coming up in a woman as well. and we are seeing conditions today that are increasingly clear after what was a foggy start. you finally got a view there. s f o. >> really a big change over just the past few minutes. so improve visibility and lots of sunshine later today. i've got your forecast.
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>> and at 7.41, some good news for student loan borrowers. california attorney general rob bonta announcing a settlement with a student lending company which in effect wipes out millions of dollars in debt, california and dozens of other states settled with the company called navient over claims of improper lending and collecting practices. now the will offer 95 million dollars in restitution for borrowers and cancel over a billion dollars in private loan debt for borrowers across the country. about 11 million dollars of the direct restitution and 261 million dollars of the private debt cancellation will be for californians. if you are
7:42 am
resident in santa clara county, you may be entitled to some unclaimed money. the santa clara county department of tax and collections announced that it's sitting on nearly half a million dollars worth of unclaimed funds. the department published a list this week of 676 individuals and businesses who are potential recipients of this money. the list includes money that's been on deposit with the county's general collections trust funds for more than 3 years. they need to come clean. it. potential owners to qualify for the money must file claims by money must file claims by march 14th on our website kron 4 dot com to the portal where you can look up and see if your name is listed as potentially getting some money 7.42. is the time. we'll take a quick break. be right back.
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get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 877.only.att. >> we are back 7.45. is the time behind me here. a nice clear picture of downtown san francisco. >> let's not clear everywhere. we've got john trouble kicking off our weather forecast. not a john. yes, it's definitely not 100% clear everywhere. you're right, james. look at this view at san jose. it isn't before when you can see anything. you got one buildingi there. but the rest still shrouded in the very compacted dense layer of fog that is still shrouded much of the santa clara valley. parts of the peninsula along the bay shore in the east bay shoreline in a few parts to it. most of us have tap back into sunshine now and we'll see a continuation of that
7:46 am
through the day. high pressure ridge still in place, keeping us dry for the foreseeable future through the weekend through next week, likely into the following weekend after that, too. so we are sitting really pretty these next few days. not a lot to interrupt this mild trend of weather. we've been on. we'd love to see some rainfall, but the next 10 days, at least just not going to bring it to us. today's daytime highs about to be looking really familiar because almost all of us are right around the same as we were yesterday, some upper 50's to low 60's and at the very some mid 60's back in the south bay where you have those same numbers yesterday, san jose campbell, santa clear in milpitas each in the mid 60's. that will feel like a nice improvement after this foggy morning. under all the sunshine you've got around the corner, oakland enrichment at 61 degrees. warmest of spots are actually the north bay sanoma as well as petaluma and santa rosa at 65 or 66 degrees. doesn't sound so bad for mid-january. now tomorrow and sunday. keep the low 60's
7:47 am
around a little cooler into the start of next week evening. lows will continue to be our coldest inland dropping into the 30's at times bridges this morning. the biggest impact has really been the fog. that was something that was playing the bay bridge since long gone. now you can see the evidence of some fog in the distance over the emeryville skyline down towards oakland. 14 to make you cross the bridge. san mateo bridge. 13 minute drive there. a little bit of fog sitting right there, mid span and the richmond center fell bridge. you've got nothing but sunshine. 8 minutes to make that drive. also, sunny, across the golden gate bridge, santa clara valley. as we've noted, has had some dense fog this morning. you are traveling at the limit for most of our highways. so you're going to slow yourself down if you do encounter those lower visibility pockets. i'm from san one. 0, one to mountain view at one o one right there on highway. 85. that's a 21 minute drive. that's actually really nice considering its commute time. a san jose to menlo park along
7:48 am
one o one lot. so we're going to take you 33 minutes and also pretty foggy drive right now. james. all right, john, thank you very much. let's talk sports here at 7.47, the forty-niners are getting ready for. >> the final prep work done as they're getting ready to face the cowboys in the playoffs. the warriors are also hoping to bounce back after losing some back-to-back road games in this last one was. painful kron. 4 sports director jason dumas, u.s. has the update. >> the been about and for the most part they've been able to win in spite the but now we are entering a tough of this so they're going to happen or it out quickly. it on a lot you on thursday night. and boy, folks, one got quick and company. they've been slumping. we pick things up. the green for got going early. let him get downhill like yeah, 11 points in the 1st
7:49 am
bar. >> asking him his side of middleton. ball open a huge lead. they're all by 16 at end of the second 5 important the guy and today shooting coach lethal, huge contained in the 1st half of the quickly pulled away. 27%. 77. 38 bucks at lou, the 2nd half more. yeah. this time with the itself. so you had a triple-double. it's now highlight for the du john. i he gets there or got close k 18, but it close enough lose one 18. 99 gun is like i said, triple-double, 30 11 12 doesn't get any easier for the warriors. >> on friday they're taking on the chicago bulls in chicago. plants often will not play. he is not play back to back games
7:50 am
now as they reintegrate him in the polls. basketball, all righ james wiseman is coming up on all right. to day since he had surgery for his torn last april. the boats have been wondering taking him so long to get back on the battled for plant? >> well, we've got some answers. why another surgery in mid december to clean up his knee of big sporting? if? >> it's new is considered a big part of the more your future and some even hope have a big role this season. but at this point, probably a tough ask of a young player who simply hasn't had many branch, the per host be integrated all the practices in the coming week. all right. we have some college hoops, kids don't get paid to play. the stanford cardinal, all of the washington state cougars close game throughout with the
7:51 am
horrible. >> they started to pull away late brandon engel had 16 points off the bench and spencer jones also had 16 and for his that's the record straight win or get out get us even a a team in the country will take what i think in the first heat. >> on saturday, the mark of a good forty-niners time. they have a big coming that we're just a few days out of the forty-niners opening around matchup with the dallas cowboys. the matchup everyone is looking forward to considering the history of the 2 franchises. >> some good news for the niners they got there. all pro tackle back from williams was back practice on thursday. it's game of voting. i mean, he was also a participant which was expected, but we still know dealing with that right now. the forty-niners
7:52 am
are three-point dogs, but yes, them. they're pretty confident. they're healthy battle tested. they're ready to go. >> they got stars and athletes all over the field. that know how to play football playing football. so it's a really good looking for to get the not an opportunity to play against them were in a position. now we have guys healthy. we have guys coming i think our offense is it a little bit of a stride here. guys are playing at a high level and our defense looks pretty good. we just got to keep this thing rolling and take advantage of every single snap that we have. >> i can't wait for that game, right? and that is your look at sports. >> all right. well, kickoff for the niners game against the cowboys. this sunday is at one 30. the warriors don't forget. also play tonight against the chicago bulls. tipoff at 4.30. we'll be right back. all right. take a look
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
at this. a dog pulled from the wreckage of a home 6 days after a landslide destroyed. it. sammy the black lab was being pulled out of the rubble by first responders and then reunited with his owners. cameras are there catching the moment. the owner sought. they lost their dog, but their neighbor heard sounds coming from the house and alerted the fire department and now, sam, you can recuperate and relax safe and sound with his family
7:56 am
once again. hundreds of salmon, by the way, are returning to the bay area streams for the first time in years. all thanks to the region's record. high levels of rain in october. oakland city officials posted this photo of some chinook salmon spotted in glen echo creek, which is adjacent to the veterans memorial building right near lake merritt. they've also been seen recently in marin county, inwood acre and in sand drawn the most streams. wildlife officials say that these salmon are using bay area streams to spawn and die after spending 3 years in the pacific. ocean's salty water. so looks like the salmon are coming back. we'll take a break. 7.56 the time. and in the next hour, the teachers union and the sepsis, the unified school district. >> well, they come to an agreement now on covid safety measures. we'll have a live report on what deal entails. and santa clara county sheriff laurie smith is expected to be in court today to answer questions about corruption. more on that in a moment.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron 4 morning news >> good morning. thank you so much for joining us here at 08:00am. on this friday. it's january 14th. i'm james fletcher. we're all very thankful that it's friday, especially john trouble who's standing by in the weather center, taking a look at what looks to be like a pretty nice forecast for the weekend,
8:00 am
john. yeah, the cherry on top of this weekend is the nice weather that we do have for it. we've got a really nice week so far. and that trend just keeps going right into the weekend. a bit of fog earlier this morning. but that is no longer in your east bay hills camera right here. we are still seeing some patches of it on the peninsula along the bay shore into the santa clara valley as well as along the east bay shoreline. it's really lifted in started to burn off very quickly. the worst of the fog now is out towards the central valley. as far as we go, otherwise skies will be increasingly right towards the afternoon in temperatures he was, as you would expect, increasingly warm palo alto in livermore. we're in the 30's. now. you're back into the 40's. dublin, still hanging out in the upper 30's at 37. same number for you in nevado petaluma as well as santa rosa. well, fairfield are very cold. the spot at 36 degrees. really the biggest issue on our roads this morning has been the fog as well for the bay bridge. it was formerly a very foggy drive. but as you can see here at the tolaz


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