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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  January 14, 2022 9:00am-10:01am PST

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the southern edge of the santa clara valley and then out into the central valley itself. skies will could stay nice and clear and dry through today and through the weekend long gone are the 30's that we had in the east bay, although there are a couple lingering up in the north bay fairfield, i'm looking at you at 37 degrees. pittsburgh down the road. you have 52 degrees right now. quite the temperature variance variation of pretty short distance there. oakland, alameda, san francisco, each back up in the upper 40's. now, as far as our bridges are concerned, we had a foggy start, but that is no longer the bay bridge is taking the less than 10 minutes to cross under all that sunshine. san mateo bridge just a little over 10 minutes and looking just fine. you're definitely at the limit there. still plenty of cars, though. now the richmond center fell bridge. there's a backup before you get to the toll plaza. once you get through those metering gates, though, you're good to go with travel at the limit as you make your way across the span and the golden gate bridge. it's been beautiful all morning long. just looking at it for fun because it is so
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pretty. james hart, thank you very much, john. breaking news from overnight. let's go to san francisco where the school district there has apparently reached an agreement with the teachers union over covid health. >> and safety requests. kron 4 sarah stinson has been following the story. in fact, following it late into the night to get the latest for us this morning. hi, sara. >> yeah, that agreement being reached around you and i's bedtime. so it was late for me but early for some. but they reached an agreement and the teachers union on zoom last night was very excited that the san francisco unified school district gave them all of their demands. now, this was a week of a sick out up of petition people writing letters to the school district and city leaders. let's take a look at what the demands were and what the agreement >> guarantees a variety of mass. so students and to the teachers have mask and school
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district can get friday of supply. that's like the n 95. the kn 95 kf 94. >> all of those mask for students and school workers. it also guarantees weekly testing at all district sites, including every school for all students and employees who request it 10 days of supplemental paid sick leave for all covid-related reasons. and this is in effect until july 31st. this agreement, all 3 demands granted the district has already seen district have has already been distributing tests and mass, but the agreement guarantees the more affected kinds and enough for everyone. the sickly was an item. the suit the union was not going to budge on and it has been granted retroactively until december 21st for teachers who sick time after that winter holiday break for any covid reasons not continues on intel. this agreement ends the ucsf union president said last night to me on zoom that after hours of negotiating, she's grateful teachers can feel safer. now
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in the classroom with this agreement in place. >> we are grateful and happy to have won the demands that we were right and where necessary. we're also very aware of the reality that this may not be the last turn for the last pop. as you referenced to covid crisis. and so it's it's a happy moment. it's a great for a moment and it's also wanted for their resolve to continue fighting together. >> this week as unified has delivered 60,000 at home testing kits, 2 teachers and students, and they will have to continue to deliver those kinds of tests to make sure they're available. at least 60,000 per week is what will take for the district to meet this agreement. and so the union says they will continue to work with the district, make sure their supplies there. and when it runs out, make sure it is replenished.
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reporting live in san francisco. sarah stinson back to james. ok? thank you very much, sara. >> also happening today across the bay in hayward, the unified school district there. the board is set to meet and decide whether to remove a extend remote learning. the district began virtual learning this week because of the recent surge that they've experienced in covid cases. if the board does not vote to extend remote learning well, then students will be expected back in the classroom on tuesday. we'll keep you updated on what they decide. also happening today, at least 3 schools in sonoma county. you're going to be closed because of the rising number of covid cases. there both grabbing steen elementary school and hillcrest middle in the gravest in union school district as well as reach charter schools have asked to pull will all be closed. officials say they're facing a staffing shortages, too. many educators have either tested positive for covid or were exposed to the virus and so have to quarantine. no word on if the schools will reopen next week. we'll update you when we find out more. in the
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east bay. we have the west contra costa county school district now holding a special meeting to address staffing shortages. there again because of the rising covid cases and also a plant sick out. it was the teachers in the district who started a petition to talk about these issues with the district. and it looks likes teach elementary in richmond will service more than 200, 30 they already had a short strff of about 10 teachers. and so in recent days, none of those 10 teachers have shown up to school because, again, i think they have covid or they were part of this plant sick out. >> very much impact when one teacher is out. we're down to teachers are ready. we're short, can teach it. we do not have a 4th grade teacher and we do not have a little one to teacher makes him even more. are our principal has had a in the 4th grade class. >> teachers at teach elementary say that they will not return to the classroom today. in other news happening
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today, santa clara county sheriff laurie smith will have a court appearance today to answer to corruption and misconduct charges. crawford's come in. the park has been following the story for us. joining us now with the latest. good morning. camila. >> good morning, james. and is expected to contest the charges against her. today's court session should be quick and the santa clara county civil grand jury is accusing sheriff smith 7 counts. now, this meeting at this meeting, this court session is expected to happen over zoom in up less than an hour. smith and her lawyers are expected to answer to the accusations she has been indicted for willful at corrupt misconduct in office. and again, there are 7 counts on this indictment. and if you take a look at your screen, here are some of the charges, 3 of them center on claims that the sheriff illegally granted licenses for concealed carry weapon permits to people who either contributed to her campaign or are prominent in
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the community. 3 other charges of focus on a san jose sharks game. the sheriff that ended in february 2019. she allegedly received free suite tickets, food and drinks, and it exceeded the $500 gift limit. court documents say that she failed to disclose those gifts and the senate count accuses her of failing to cooperate with ongoing. investigation surrounding the treatment of an inmate. sheriff smith has been in office for 22 years and following the indictment saying county leaders called for her to step down. among those officials is san jose mayor sam he came out strong saying that she must resign. now it's court hearing. like i said, it is. it says it says is expected to happen in less than an hour. of course, change will have all the latest online at kron 4 dot com. for now. back to you. >> good enough. thank you very much. camila. it is 9, 0, 7, and back to bay area sports. now, one of the biggest stories that we're tracking,
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obviously the forty-niners this weekend. begins their quest for the super bowl. we've got the cowboys. let's go to dallas to face off round one of the playoffs. kron four's will tran live for us at levi stadium where 40 niner fans obviously going to be cheering them on big excitement this weekend. well, >> biggest excitement. we do expect niners fans the show up to their gift shop once it opens up so they can get all their jerseys and a lot of 90's fans, james, they will be traveling to big d and apparently that's not making jerry jones, the owner of the dallas cowboys. very happy. so he's telling the fans for the cowboys to show up and where their white jerseys and white t shirts for a white out. we'll just have to see when they panned to the audience. james, how much red will be in attendance? but the bottom line is you said it a little bit earlier. this is the first time too 5 time super bowl champion teams are facing each other cowboys niners. that's the way it should be. and you know what also should be both
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at full strength, both teams. and here's practice from the niners all week. they are healing just in the nick of time. so they're going to be at full strength. jimmy g not a problem. yes, the 3 weeks ago in his throwing in look perfect last week against the rams. so he's good to go left tackle trent williams. he is a big part of the niners offense, especially with the ground and pound that they want to do the running game. he'll be back alijah mitchell. he'll be running as well. that rookie sensation george kittle a big part as well catching blocking. he is ready to go. he's thinking big picture. but you know what, before you think? big picture, you think small picture meeting, one win at a time. here's george kittle talking about that. >> now we're on the road, guaranteed. for the next 3 games were going back to where we want to every single snap matters does matter from the back side of the ron front
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side on the backs have a pass. it doesn't matter what your role is. you have to do it the best, your ability, every single snap because you don't know if you get another if you lose that game, you know, you're not. there's no guarantees are going back to next year. >> kickoff at one 30, the niners. they have to travel the dallas cowboys have a better record. their nfc east champions. but i know niners fans. they know this that, you know, the cowboys, they beat up on the nfc east, but they struggle against the other teams. it's going to be a good one. las vegas basically has it as a push right now with the cowboys. plus 3 or -3, i should say. and they always get 3 points for home-field advantage. so those people with millions of dollars at stake, they don't even know who is going to win. i'm not going to say who is going to win. i'm not going to be bias like that. >> i grew up in seattle, but i'm a lifelong dallas cowboys fan. so i'm not going to say who's going to win. but james,
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and you're going to love this my kids are from the bay area. they were born here. just like your kids. yeah, i don't have a problem for them. routing the niners and they are big niners fans. and if you can't pass along good try to do a lot of things getting blamed. you know, we drive my best with what we can blame their mom. you know, that make you can forty-niners fans. >> saw it. but as you started holding up that jersey yoli pushed the camera and on the forty-niners logo behind you because she big 40 niner fan too. and i know we'll she's born and raised there, yours absolutely. and will been getting a lot of flack online for being a dallas cowboy fan. that's fine. folks, relax. he's not malicious. he's just misguided. we're still working on thank it's going make a chime in social out to our general manager jim rose. >> he's from everybody said, are you a niners fan because
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he lives here as well. i remember when he showed up and became our boss, he said. >> i'm a pittsburgh steelers fan. that's where he's from. so you know what? you have to own it. there is nothing more the newsroom's and then they move. they're all of a sudden they become the fans because they have to because they we are in a new place. there's nothing worse than fake news room not that we have any here. kron. >> thank you very much. he's the time. still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news governor newsome visiting the bay area to push a plan on how he's going to improve transportation. >> and our infrastructure. so we'll take a closer look at his message. and also after the break, that recent rain that we saw the storm after storm after storm. well, it actually did a bit to help our water crisis will take a look at the new drought map. and now we drive back out. but hopefully we do have a change of pace ahead of us in the meantime, might as well enjoy the sunshine, have bogged sfo
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earlier. now it's nice and clear. we should stay that way through the day with highs in the 60's. >> your forecast ahead.
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>> 9.15, is the time. alright, let's talk about the big development in our drought emergency. we know we had weeks of the winner. stormy weather here recently while
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the entire state of california benefit from that, we're now out of the exceptional drought category, which we had been in for quite a while, though. experts say we still need to conserve water. we have kron four's gayle ong here to explain. >> all the rain and snow from the fall and winter came down all at once, making a dent on the state's drought. here's the latest map on the left is from october when most of the state was an exceptional drought on the right 3 months later, us drought monitor data showing all of california is now under severe to moderate conditions after 2 years significant rainfall deficits. >> year so far for the water here. and by the way, the water year runs from october. first through september, 30th this year for the water year around the bay area. we're sitting in the 150 to 200% of normal thus far. meteorologists brian garcia with the national weather service ads. we can expect a midwinter dry spell. this is something that we typically see. the question now is. do
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we roll back into a wet pattern as we get towards the end of january and february? that's why garcia says we can't forget about water conservation. we don't know ultimately what the rest of the water your fault for us. and we want to make sure that our reservoirs are in good shape to take us through the hot summer and potentially a dry winter next. winter water restrictions are still in place in several bay area counties. and we did put in water >> we didn't quite hit our targets of 4 desired levels of reduction. captain cushing is a professor of environmental studies at san jose state university about 50% of water use goes to outdoor irrigation. so if you think a little bit more as strategically about making our outdoor irrigation needs fit the climate of the area, which is semi air. if you can actually save up to 50% of all residential water use gayle ong kron. 4 news. 9.17. >> is that i'm all right. let's get over to the weather
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center piggyback off of that drought monitor. update with john. nice to see things actually proving a little bit, john. yeah, i like the tone of that big improvements and we could be so happy for those. but at the same time, even though we certainly are not red or maroon anymore where we started the season, we're not quite to the end goal just yet. only about halfway there from exceptional to severe. and as you can see, we saw moderate normal conditions to get through all of the bay area. still under that severe drought. portions of the very northern part of the state barely hanging on to extreme 7 to celebrate. also a moment to take pause and know that we still have to conserve and still have some work to do. obviously, as far as the winter season goes, we'd love to see some more rain. but this mid-winter break does continue. this morning. we did see some fog in san jose that has since burned off in the progress ahead of us through the afternoon is going to keep us nice and clear. so today continuing a trend that we've seen all week long of mostly sunny skies, a little less hayes than yesterday, which is certainly a nice know, staying
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just as dry and just as mild. today's daytime highs are actually going to be a repeat of yesterday's for many areas. san jose at 64, same for you in napa. well, santa rosa are most mild spot today at 66. tomorrow's highs will be right e as today as will be sunday. just a little cooler on monday and leveling out through next week in los take hold bayside in coastal lows. chilly as well. now bridges this morning having been too much of an issue, certainly been an easier go on the bay bridge than yesterday was you're below 10 minutes to make it across the span there under some sunshine after fog earlier on the san mateo bridge. also nice and clear. you also have fog earlier. that's since gone. but it has left the deck of the bridge little bit on the wet side after this. misty morning. as for the richmond center fell, also nice and clear you had a backup at the toll plaza there that has since eased. and now it's pretty smooth sailing. and if you are driving the golden gate bridge are doing so under sunny conditions and nice roadways, james. all right, john, thank you very much. 9.19, the time governor
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newsome was in the bay area to promote his new. >> budget proposal for the state. the talk about how he plans to address transportation ano infrastructure. this 9 billion dollar budget plan pushes toward clean and climate friendly transit projects. he was a big prawn, a proponent of that. it also includes billions in support for ports and the movement of goods throughout the state as well as the goal finally finishing the state's high speed rail project which is taking forever a big part. >> of our broader strategy is to connect the central valley central coast, northern california, southern california, the entire state. >> california. >> will it ever happen though? that's the question. newsom's proposal also commits 10 billion dollars of state funding over the next 2 years to move us towards a 0 emission cars. the governor says there's already millions of dollars in federal funding set aside for that very same cause. we'll take a break. it is 9.20, coming up. >> a push at our state capitol to reinstate covid 6. hey,
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we're going hear from one bay area lawmaker who says that very thing alone could really help us with this latest covid surge.
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>> we're back at 9.23, a number of new movies are out in theaters this weekend, including a new movie in the scream horror franchise. we've got dean richards with a preview.
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>> there are certain rules to survive. believe me. i know. this one just feels different. >> back in 1997, a new breed of horror movie was unleashed with the now iconic scream with the ghost faced killer ravaging a small town and its young inhabitants, including nev campbell. courtney and david arquette. now the trio returns with a new naive cast who become the prey for the new but same old killer. the formula for the movie is intentionally similar to most of the others. it's because this version of scream takes the genre and deals with it as part of the storyline explained as if the murders in the town and the suspects are playing it out like a predictable horror movie. it's part of the genius of this movie. it's super software spoofing honoring and furthering the elements of the franchise that allow it to go
9:25 am
to predictable places. but at the same time makes fun of it. all. now there's no shortage of creepy characters, shocks and white knuckling moments that would make the franchise's original director, the late wes craven, proud. and it's great to see the legacy actors back and in pretty substantial roles in the movie. horror films are usually my favorite genre because there's usually not much to the mix of blood and gore. and this has those. but it also has a level of cleverness that usually missing in these movies. i give it a dean's list b, plus, it's in theaters only points cry sleep. and also this week they're shakespeare's the tragedy of macbeth. you may remember it from an english class from back in the day. the story of greed and last in power and the willingness to do anything to achieve it here. you're basically watching a stage play been filmed, but from the perspective of a master class in acting from 2 time, oscar
9:26 am
winner denzel washington with the equally brilliant frances mcdormand, her real-life husband, joel cohen of the cohen brothers, fame directs this dean's list. a in select theaters and also on apple tv. plus, we'll have a great weekend in chicago. and dean richards. >> course macbeth gets an a >> all right. we'll take a quick break. coming up on the kron 4 morning news as we navigate this pandemic after more than 2 years, we're going to hear from a local health expert about perhaps what might come in the year ahead. we'll be right back.
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>> 9.30, on the clock. let's get another check of the weather here at the half hour. mark john with a live look outside what you see in john. lots of sunshine now, james, we have the fog earlier this morning. that's definitely no longer part of the picture. it's just sunshine over your berkeley hills camera all the way up to the golden gate. now, visibility is also improved for the south bay. you are one of our last spots to clear out as for the central valley, if you are heading that direction over the altamonte, pass out towards stockton and modesto or up 80 towards sacramento. do watch out for some lingering to leave fog that way. now conditions will remain clear for the bay area through the day and increasingly warm. all that sunshine is already helping to warm us up. palo alto and
9:30 am
alameda at 50 degrees. now san mateo at 53 pacifica at 57 degrees. already, bridges have overall been pretty clear this morning. we had that major issue in the bay bridge yesterday so far this morning. it just been fog earlier on, but that's gone. now you can see there is still some lingering in the distance along the east bay shoreline below 10 minutes to get you across the span. and just above 10 minutes over the san mateo bridge, which is also moving along just fine evidence of this morning's misty and foggy conditions. and that wet surface of the roadway. there. and as for the richmond center fell bridge been a smooth go. it was taking you a minute to get to the toll plaza that is eased and have a travel at the limit all across the span, golden gate bridge is also doing just fine, james. all right, john, thank you very much. well, globally, the pandemic, as we know, has caused more than 2 years of uncertainty. now we've seen lockdowns. we've seen confusion, vaccines. >> and variants, which we've had to constantly adapt to. so the question going forward is
9:31 am
what happens next. we've got the omicron variant kron four's djegal actually spoke with a public health officer to talk about maybe what, 2020 to look like. >> gary, let's contagiousness a new property. those are the 3 characteristics infectious disease specialists examined when the new variant of covid-19 is detected compared to alpha and delta. we know on the kron is far less virulent. it is highly contagious, but the illness it causes is less severe. leading to fewer hospitalizations, seeing a virus that is much more infectious right now. we estimate that about one in 20 residents in blaine county is infected. >> and what happened in lockdown? because we don't need to because this virus is less of a county public health officer doctor matt willis says he expects the explosion of omicron cases to soon level off and likely drop significantly. >> but doctor willis says we
9:32 am
should expect more variants to come. when i hear that, you know, places like spain, they're talking about just letting it rip, you know, basically just allowing this to continue through the waiver. that approach influenza. >> or other viruses. that's understandable as a strategy. we're not there yet. we think it's important to take steps to continue to prevent transmission where they make sense for us. but it is we are making progress towards that. eventually. future. mc relationship with this virus. doctor willis says once a variant moves through a community, it will likely stay in the past. he says the key to working out of the pandemic is to continue to make the vaccine widely available. >> and masking when appropriate to prevent transmission. eventually testing for the virus will not be a priority but ultimately covid-19 is here to stay indefinitely. felipe kron 4 news years. and i look like. >> well, in an effort to slow
9:33 am
the omicron workplace rules are going to go. changes go into effect today here in california. so employees will now have to get a covid-19 test after they're exposed to the workplace. you can no longer just get a rapid test that you take home either. instead, an employee will have to go to a lab or take a test in front of a supervisor where health care professional cal osha is also tightening its rules of what kind of qualifies as appropriate face covering this new definition now will include what they described as, quote, a surgical mask, a medical procedure mask or respirator or cloth masks that must have at least 2 layers. now, state labor leaders are also calling on california lawmakers to bring back covid sick pay. you may remember that that that pick sick pay expired last september. and if the legislature doesn't fact bring it back, it won't be quite what we had last year. and that's because back in 2021, there was a federal funding component that helped support small businesses. we don't have that anymore. so lawmakers are asking instead for sick pay to be paid with
9:34 am
money from the state's surplus bay area state senator david cortes. he believes that sick pay will be one of the best ways of slowing the spread of the virus. >> this is simply a policy that would prevent the spread of covid-19 keep workers safe on job. little paid sick leave is one of those port and weapons against the virus to slow the spread. that's the science. that's not just an economic issue. a worker protection issue. that's the science. >> if bringing back sick pay does move forward. it's unclear exactly how quickly it could be implemented. although governor gavin newsom is on record saying that sick leave is a top priority for him. so he'll work to push it through. if you can. the pandemic, by the way, is having a major effect on children's mental health kron. four's theresa stasi spoke with a local psychologist about how to help children, whether through this latest surge of the pandemic. >> one of the trickiest things about spotting depression in teenagers is that teenagers
9:35 am
can do what we call mood altering nationally known psychologist doctor brenda wade, tackling some big issues concerning covid-19 and the mental health of children going through this pandemic. if there's anything i want our listeners to take away today. it's that children's brains are finished for girls. not until 24 for boys. not until 26. the doctor says it is vital right now to pay close attention. she says teens can be taxing one minute and see him happy. then fall down into a depression. we have to look at the big picture around them and say how could they be fine. so we've got to go into a lot of restructuring and a different kind of parenting. she has children need our support more than ever. all the things that used to hold, they had their classrooms. they had their teachers. they had friends without that direction. without that emotional support. sadly, we have an epidemic of teen
9:36 am
suicide that coincided with covid. the psychologist has 3 main tips. one talk with them not gee, how are you feeling but model for them? you know, i've been feeling some stress and anxiety. i've been going through a really missing my friends. this is what's been happening for me. and, you know, i'm wondering, are you feeling any of those feelings to do everything you can to 'pfacilitate your teens, stayin connected with friends and 3, the end of every day. check in with your teen. the doctor says she understands parents need help themselves during this unprecedented time. she says try and take care of your needs to better help your children navigate this time. theresa kron, 4 news. >> in other news, if you are driving through downtown san francisco, well, get ready to slow down. speed limits are
9:37 am
being lowered from the current. 25 miles an hour down to 20 on 7 streets in the city. and we've listed on your screen there and they include 24th street film or hate polk street ocean avenue, san bruno avenue and valencia street. this is all part of a law that went into effect at the beginning of the year, which gives cities the power to lower speed limits in areas where at least half of the buildings along that corridor have a commercial use. so there's one way they're going to try to make the streets a little bit safer. just 20 miles an hour. >> 9.37 on the clock. still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news. the 49 ers are preparing for sunday night's playoff against the cowboys and will hear from kron. 4 sports director jason dumas says and from the players to about how to get ready. plus, millions of student loans have been wiped clean. thanks to a settlement with one of the country's largest loan companies. could this impact your student loan? stay tuned. we'll tell you. and after the break, residents and businesses could be a title to unclaimed money of one of in
9:38 am
one bay area county. could you have money coming to you? well, we'll take a look. and we definitely have some sunshine coming our way. lots of it. fo, which had formerly been very foggy at the start of the day after what was a chilly morning. sunshine is helping us out already and will be back to the 60's this afternoon. >> details en the weekend's forecast ahead.
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9:40 am
9:41 am
>> 9.40 is the time some good news for student loan borrowers. california attorney general rob bonta announced a settlement with the student lending company that in effect wipes out millions of dollars in debt, california and dozens of other states settled with the company, navy and over claims of improper lending and collecting practices. so that company will offer now 95 million dollars in restitution for borrowers and cancel over a billion dollars in private loan debt for borrowers across the country as it pertains to california about 11 million dollars of this direct restitution and 261 million dollars of the private debt cancellation will be reserved for californians. check it out. your debt may be gone. if you are resident in santa clara county, you may be entitled to some unclaimed money. the santa clara county department of tax and collections announced that its sitting on nearly half a million dollars of unclaimed
9:42 am
money. the department published a list this week of 676 individuals and businesses that are potential owners of these last dollars. the list includes money that was been on deposit with the county's general collections trust funds for more than 3 years. potential owners. if you qualify, you have to make a claim by march 14th to check out if you're on the list. well, we put a link to it on our website. kron 4 dot coms and give it a look. we'll be right back.
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covered california. this way to health insurance. enrollment ends january 31st. let's get our final full check of the forecast with john in the weather center morning. john, how's it looking looking great. james. things out there definitely have been cleared out from earlier this morning when it was so foggy, especially in san jose. >> this view you can see much of it earlier on now. not a cloud in the sky. we are seeing just a couple lingering patches of fog hanging out along the east bay shoreline. the vast majority of us, though, having cleared out really nicely. we'll continue to seek sunny, clear, dry skies. not just today, but on through the remainder of the weekend through next week, likely into the following weekend after that, too. 50's and 60's for your highs and san francisco and right along the coastline while bayshore in inland areas solidly climbing back into the 60's. these numbers probably looking pretty familiar to you because it's a lot like yesterday was
9:46 am
with temperatures climbing into the mid 60's for some parts of the south bay. much like yesterday, low 60's for most of the east bay shoreline. as for biggest change will, that's for some of you in the north bay sanomaa as well as petaluma and santa rosa into the mid 60's. just a little bump in temperatures taking a little bit warmer saturday and sunday will remain very similar to today. monday is actually just by to touch the coolest of the forecast will level out back in the mid 60's to low 60's next week. now as far as bridges go, it is been a friday light commute and that is some nice to see after what was a big backup at the bay bridge yesterday for mid morning commuters. this one hasn't been bad at all. aside from some fog earlier on spending days ago, as for the san mateo bridge, also nice and clear. we have some wet spots on the road after morning fog. but those aren't even the causing you any issues that sunshine definitely helping things out. as for the richmond center fell, you were backed up before the toll plaza. about 30 minutes ago. but that backup has eased and you've
9:47 am
been rolling at the limit across the span all morning long right around 10 minutes to get you across the bridge. and the golden gate bridge looks nice. nice way to start the weekend, james. all right. thank you very much. on the forty-niners are getting ready for for weekend face off with the cowboys with the playoffs. beginning. the warriors also hoping bounce back. they had a pretty tough loss last night. we have kron 4 sports director jason dumas with the stories. >> as the has been about a long, right? and for the most part they've been able to despite the but now we entering a tough of this so they're going to happen or it out quickly. it on a lot you on thursday night. and boy, folks, one got quick and company. they've been salting. we pick things up the green for got going early. and let him get downhill like yeah, 11
9:48 am
away. weny 70%. 77. 38 bucks at lou, the 2nd half more. yeah. this time with the itself. so you had a triple-double. it's now highlight for the du john, i mean that you get to or is close k 18, but it was close enough lose one 18. 99 gun is like i said, a triple-double. 30 11 12 get any easier for the warriors. >> on friday they're taking on the chicago bulls in chicago. plants often will not play. he is not play back to back games
9:49 am
now as they reintegrate him in the polls. basketball, all righ james wiseman is coming up on all right. to day since he had surgery for his torn last april. both have wondering taking him so long to get back on the court? going to be it. >> well, we've got some answers. why another surgery in mid december to clean up his knee of big if? >> it's new is considered a big part of the more your future and some even hope you have a big role this season. but at this point, probably a tough ask of a young player who simply hasn't had many. the speak, integrate into, be practices in the coming week. all right. we have some college hoops, kids don't get paid to play. the stanford cardinal, all of the washington state cougars close game throughout horrible. >> they started to pull away
9:50 am
late brandon engel had 16 points off the bench. and spencer jones also had 16 and for his into and that's the record straight win or get out get us even for a team in the country will take what i think in the first heat. >> on saturday, mark of a good forty-niners time. they have a big coming that we're just a few days out of the forty-niners opening around matchup with the dallas cowboys. the matchup everyone is looking forward to considering the history of the 2 franchises. some good news for the niners they got there. all pro tahoe back from williamn was back at practice on thursday. it's game with voting. i mean, he was also a participant which was expected, but we still know we dealing with that right now. the forty-niners are three-point dogs, but yes, them. they're pretty
9:51 am
confident. they are healthy battle tested. they're ready to go. >> they got stars and athletes all over the field. that know how to play football playing football. so it's a really good looking for to get the not an opportunity to play against them were in a position. we have guys healthy. we have guys coming i think our offense is it a little bit of a stride here. guys are playing at a high level and our defense looks pretty good. we just got to keep this thing rolling and take advantage of every single snap that we have. >> i can't wait for that game, right? and that is your look at sports. >> well, the kickoff for the niners game against the cowboys is sunday afternoon. at one 30, the warriors will have a game tonight against the chicago bulls with tipoff at 4.30, and speaking of football want a free trip to the super bowl? you can get one. you have to donate blood. the american red cross is doing this promotion. they're in desperate need of blood donors right now. and so they're offering one lucky winner, 2 round-trip tickets. a 3 night hotel stay and $500
9:52 am
in spending cash in the form of gift cards. again, that's to one lucky person. people who donate in the month of january will automatically be entered in the drawing and we'll also have the chance to win a home theater package to for the big game. so you don't get the tickets. we should get a whole new giant screen tv. the red cross says they need type o blood. the most, but they'll take anything. we'll be right back. when a truck hit my car, the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes.
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it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible.
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>> well, we're just about done here on the kron 4 morning news. but as you know, it never stops on kron on. we've got theresa standing by with a look at what they're working on a theresa kind. james, i love that time. that is also niners all the way high know. well, morning to everyone. we plan to follow up on the santa clara sheriff in court. at 10 o'clock she has been indicted. we'll have more on that. also. >> an interview you will want to catch. it's all about scams and qr codes. we have a tech expert. we'll talk to us about what to look for to make sure you use the right to our codes. plus, of course, it's friday. we're tracking your weekend weather to say that interview to get your real time updates and local national headlines. grab your phone scan this real qr code and it will take you straight to the app store. so you can
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download kron-on for free. back to james. all right. thank you very much, theresa 9.55. the time hundreds of sand. and by the way, returning to the bay area streams for the first time >> in years. and it's all thanks to the region's a hot record, high levels of rain that we got back in october and more recently. oakland city officials posted this picture. you make it out. that's a chinook salmon that was spotted in glen echo creek, which is just adjacent to the veterans memorial building out there near lake merritt. they've also been seen recently in marin county and inwood acre as well. wildlife officials say that the salmon are using bay area streams to spawn after spending 3 years in the pacific ocean, salty waters and obviously work, thrilled to have him back and see if we can get a resurgence of chinook salmon. all right. a new barbie doll is honoring the legacy of ida b wells. a journalist and civil rights icon who wrote about race and politics in her day. the new addition is part of barbie's inspiring women series wells was born into slavery and eventually owned her own newspaper called the memphis free speech and headlight. she
9:57 am
was also a vocal critic of segregated schools. the doll will be available starting next week. we'll leave you with a final look at the 7 day around the bay forecast where things look fantastic as we head into the weekend, temperatures holding steady upper 50's low 60's with not a raindrop in sight. that's it for us here on the kron. 4 morning news. thank you so much for joining us on this friday. we will back here on monday morning. in the meantime, stay tune for kron off. we'll see it.
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