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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  January 17, 2022 5:00am-6:01am PST

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fog having formed for inland valleys. now, as far as radars concern, the skies will remain dry for the vast majority of the bay. a couple of sprinkles are possible in upper elevations of the santa cruz mountains, especially south of the santa clara valley 40's 50's for most of our current temps until you head to the north bay. that's where you'll find those 30's this morning in petaluma santa rosa and santa lena. in the meantime, san francisco bodega bay alameda among spots in the low 50's. it is a holiday martin luther king junior day. so there's not going to be a lot of people on the roads. and that is certainly true at the bay bridge. just a few people making their way westward on into the city from the east bay. and a look at the san mateo bridge also running at the limit this morning. definitely a few more cars and at the bay bridge, but not a lot more. and the richmond center fell has been really empty. hardly seeing a headlight out there nor tail light making their way across either span. and your view of the golden gate bridge. also quite empty. 2 of one car making this way southbound from marin county to the city.
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back to you, james. all right, john, thank you. 5 o'clock is the time. and let's get to our big story this morning. the san francisco forty-niners moving on. >> to take on the green bay packers in the second round of the playoffs after pulling off a nerve wracking win against the dallas cowboys yesterday closer than it needed to be able to win is a win as they say. and kron four's will tran joining us live this morning with highlights and reaction and will. >> will will. we'll well. good morning. >> oh, my goodness. go ahead. get into the water. my nightmare is nice and warm. come in. join in because everybody just piled on me. but you know what? the niners i was saying all game that they were the favorite and they came out like gangbusters, right to the video. if you watch the game and it's still the biggest areas, far 9, let's start off with a lighter mitchell first drive. just basically the to write in allied you mitchell scores easily ground town.
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>> a little bit later in the game. deebo samuel best all around player in the lead. just the end zone. it looks like the niners are going to pull that away. but to me, interceptions, prescott and this brings it 20 for the 17th so close the niners. they had a chance to kill the clock. but he turned the ball over at the end in a and the got all that. they started driving. here is the play that will be talked about. but the catch in all the other place, dak prescott. >> right up the middle, trying to get a little bit closer. he slides. try to get the that he made a mistake instead of giving the ball to the draft, he gives it to a center many heights that it's game over. everybody still breathless. i'm still breathless reporting that syria's coach kyle shanahan talking this on the play after the fact. >> so trying to figure out where i'm at it was pretty emotional out. there lots of
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opportunities i thought we we had to win the game. i feel like we did a number of times. but those guys just kept fighting. we had a couple mistakes are then that should let it get there. but just the guys that come out and finish that game, especially in that environment was when let me ask you, how is it for you guys? yeah, just a little bit of a roller coaster like nose >> a lot of ups and downs. lot of i think the niners make for great tv. >> they certainly do. the niners george kittle and look like he fumbled the ball at the end, giving the cowboys a ball with 5 minutes left threw it out all of us on the ground. so he did not pass the ball there it is. there's nick bosa. he's questionable coming into this saturday's game because to the to its james. the rest of kron 4, everybody piled on. congratulations. and james, just make them little bit better. my kids were
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piling on me as well. i'm a lifelong light. there's nothing like seeing my son dance right in front of me and mocking me niners, i can take one on the now they travel to lambeau james and you're good with other. and so does john. you tell me how it's going to be like this saturday point turnaround for them. a look that the odds are looks like the niners already favored. i mean, excuse me, not favorite. and of course, it looks like the packers already. >> early odds by biggest should win by 5 and a points. it's still often, obviously, aaron rodgers is the favorite, but anything can happen with this million. i think they won 6 of the last 7 games. >> yeah. well, and like kittle said, you know, the niners make for good tv meeting. a lot of drama sometimes unnecessary. and that's kind of how yesterday's game went funny talking about whether out at lambeau just chatting with richard, our producer and john in the weather center. i think saturday they were saying that the high there at lambeau field was going to be
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22 degrees. and that's at 3 in the afternoon. the game, of course, is at 7, 30 at night there at lambeau. so is going to be lot colder. how the niners? i don't know what you think they're going to do in cold weather. aaron rodgers and that gang obviously very used to it. >> i think the niners will be ok, remember a few years ago, kaepernick came up there and it was really cold. he once you start playing are good to go. the niners, they're the team that nobody wants to play the nfc playoffs. i got to tell you, i'm not a niners fan, but i have nothing but respect them. if they beat aaron rodgers and mark it down, i think it will go all the way to the super bowl. i really mean that they but keep your eye on nick bosa, whether or not he will play. and fred warner, it look like you're trying to go back into the game yesterday with his ankle injury. >> we'll see what happens with that. bell earned. i think everybody still talking. let's face it changed the biggest talking. the nfl is regardless of what the 9 worst and why did you run the ball 14 seconds left. that is that we
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you and i were texting just that with no timeouts. it made absolutely no sense. i think the national sports media and definitely dallas sports media are probably going to be repping into that. >> all day today, james, you sees you saw some of the pictures of the fans. i felt like that woman like. yeah, it's totally dejected in the stands. plenty to talk about what this all morning long. we'll we'll chat again soon. thank you so much for a great look at the highlights from last night. >> you're good sport. all right. time now is 5, 0, 6, let's turn our attention now. back to the coronavirus. another big story this morning and growing talk actually in the medical community that the covid-19 pandemic may soon be entering the endemic phase, which means according to doctors that the viral infection is not at that point, causing a lot of hospitalizations and that we would have enough of an immunity as a population. so that hospitalizations are kept very low levels. in the case of covid experts predict that that could soon be managed. much like we manage the flu. now, governor gavin newsom's
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administration is predicting that will happen. maybe even within a month or at least in a month. we spoke with a local infectious disease experts to find out about how they feel about that prediction. >> there's incredible number of pieces of omicron in both unvaccinated and vaccinated. what that does is it exposes you to the entire virus and you develop antibodies t cells and b cells across the entire virus. we will not be likely masking contact tracing, doing asymptomatic testing. >> as infectious disease, doctors monitor the omicron surge around the world data from samples of wastewater indicates that the spread of this variant is on the decline, which is good news. not so good news, though, is the fact that covid infections are apparently soaring once again in nursing homes across the country. both deaths and cases appear to be up across the board. health officials are blaming the omicron variant for this setback with nursing homes reporting a near
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record of roughly 32,000 cases among residents in the week ending on january night, there were nearly 650 deaths during that same period despite the surge, deaths are actually down from december of 2020. the cdc sayd the improvement is because about 87% of nursing home residents here in the u.s. are now vaccinated. and that's providing a lot of defense. in the south bay, santa clara counties urging residents to not go to the emergency room for covid testing. health officials say that ours throughout the county are very full right now. they've seen an uptick in people using the er for simple covid tests and that will delay services for patients who are in actual need of emergency care. a new study found that a booster shot of the johnson and johnson vaccine is highly effective in fighting omicron. the head of south africa's medical research council says that the booster shot is 84% effective in preventing hospitalizations from the omicron variant for one to 2 months after it's
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received the study involved more than 477,000 health care workers who are vaccinated roughly half received the j j booster among the participants. there were 30,000 breakthrough cases during this latest case. search. we take time to remember and honor reverend doctor martin luther king junior king's image and philosophy of nonviolence are known the world over. and this morning we take a look back at doctor king's work, his life, his accomplishments and the obstacles he faced along the way. kaylee olivia's has his story. >> traveling back to 1955. the n double acp chose king to lead the montgomery bus boycotts that 13 month long protest led to a supreme court decision outlawing segregation on public buses in alabama. king was now seen as the face for the civil rights movement while fighting for equal rights. he was tossed in jail over 20 times. his house was firebombed and he and his family suffered relentless
5:10 am
personal attacks. despite the adversity, doctor king traveled over 6 million miles to deliver. 2500 speech is one of those being his famous. i have a dream speech at the foot of the lincoln memorial in gaining the attention of millions. doctor king became the youngest man ever to receive the nobel peace prize in 1964. he was also an advocate for voting rights. doctor king ultimately compelled president lyndon b johnson to sign the civil rights act of 1964. as well as the voting rights act of 1965. sadly. 3 years later, doctor king was assassinated in memphis, tennessee, by james
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earl ray king's assassination did not raise his legacy, though. county middle school teacher, mister pinkard continues to teach doctor king's history in hopes of it living on frost walking in establishment. >> to be in class together to pray together, to study together and to see each other as people are not as individuals of a certain race or certain background. i think that's an amazing that needs to be. begin this press proper credit for for bringing that to our country. mister pinker says he wants his students to take away the message of peace, forgiveness and the need for justice. mister pinkard asked his students what life lessons they have learned and their answers were just what he hoped for. we are all people and all should be treated should treat people with respect to matter what. >> i mean, sure. people might be rude to me and make the best thing city. but one of my rgive everything a person is done to you, which
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sounds hard. but really i can do that if i feel like there's something worth fighting for, i will fight for it. >> 5.11 is the time that was kaylie olivia's reporting. doctor king, by the way, would have celebrated his 93rd birthday this past saturday. 5.12, on the clock. and here's a look at some of the events that are happening around the bay area to celebrate the life and legacy of doctor martin luther king. there's going to be a program entitled hope in the hour of homicide. that's going to be in oakland at 11 with speakers addressing the issue of crime in the city and proposing some solutions in san jose. the group, our city for us plans to participate in a day of service to honor doctor king. they'll be planning plants in hellyer park at 8.45. in richmond, the bay hills church will be packaging more than 10,000 meals to be shipped out to people facing hunger around the world. that starts at 10 and in sonoma, people will be cleaning up the nathanson creek preserve at 10 and the annual martin luther king
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junior breakfast in berkeley will be held virtually this year. it's set to start at 9 this morning. >> we'll take a break at 5.12, coming up in just a little bit. democrats came up short in their promise to vote on senate rule changes. we're going to tell you what's next for in their plan to push forward the voting rights legislation. plus, some lawmakers aren't happy with the president's response to the pandemic, even from within his own party. we'll tell you why they say his actions to combat the spread of the virus is lacking in their eyes. and after the break, a new push for a four-day workweek as that sounds. we'll show you one bay area company that's already putting that into place. and how it's coming along.
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on the kron. 4 morning news. and most people have today. >> off as a holiday giving them a four-day week. one bay area tech companies actually implemented a shorter four-day workweek permanently and wants to inspire other companies to do the very same thing. kron 4 sarah stinson has the story. >> at the start of the pandemic companies across the country had to adapt quickly and allow their employees to work from home like i'm doing right now. well, a tech company in san francisco is taking it a step further by implementing a permanent four-day workweek. >> it's not about trying to
5:17 am
cram 5 days of working for days. it really is about transforming how you work fundamentally and really mostly prioritizing spending your time of the most important impactful things. bolt is a one-click technology for people to use while shopping online old is the first checkout experience platform on the market. >> the tech company has 550 employees. the ceo ryan breslow launched a pilot program at the end of 2021. to see if a four-day workweek could be done successfully. we asked employees. >> should we continue this? you know, it was a pilot after all, a 94% of employees that absolutely. let's keep it going. it went into effect january of this year. 86% of the company says they feel more productive. it's easier to have those conversations about. do we really need to jump on the phone for an hour. need to have a zoom call about that or can we just kind of go back and forth in maybe 5 minutes on the slack? there are dozens of companies across the country trying out a
5:18 am
four-day workweek as a trial. this is even being discussed in washington with 100 lawmakers backing new legislation. >> that would reduce the modern day work week from 40 hours down to 32. the bill would not eliminate 5 day work weeks altogether, but require employers to offer employees overtime after 32 hours. do you think it's to really make sure that companies have flexibility in how it's applied? not all types of work is the so i think we'll have different models out there. they're start to surface that people can leverage. the pandemic has made it extremely hard for companies to retain and find employees. supporters of a four-day workweek say this could help solve that problem. and that's proving to be true at bolt getting lead-in request pulaski, we're hiring it's definitely something that i think is going to be putting some pressure on other companies to try to at least give it a shot. >> as for the legislation in dc it hasn't moved forward since it was first introduced in july. but the people who work at bolt, believe this
5:19 am
could be a trend will start to see among companies in the bay area reporting in san francisco, sarah stinson, back to you. >> thank you, sarah. at 5.18, let's get over to the weather center now and talk with john but would be nice to have a four-day workweek. what we do it with the weather be today. it would be a nice one to just be taking it a little bit. for a lot of people today is a day off or martin luther king junior day. so i would recommend getting outside and enjoying it later on and snooze and hitting the snooze button this morning. if you don't have to be heading out there, we are looking at just a bit of a breeze at pier 15 in the embarcadero couple of showers for southern california remaining light showers trying to push into the bay area from the south. may see a few sprinkles in the santa cruz mountains. but overall conditions will remain dry just as we've seen for so long. now, partly cloudy day ahead of us. but nice and bright, plenty of sunshine making its way through that cloudy blanket. tomorrow will be a little bit clear just as cool, if not a little cooler than today, though. and then
5:20 am
after that, we smooth sail to the rest of the forecast and are dry and clear skies. today's daytime highs will be mostly in the low 60's with fremont at 63 san jose are most mild spot at 65 degrees tomorrow. much like today upper 50's to low 60's. that's the way we're going to do the whole forecast all the way through the week and into the weekend. now, your bridges all pretty empty this morning bay bridge. it's an easy go. no backup at the toll plaza and not even a lot of people making your way to the toll plaza. and as for the san mateo bridge, also pretty easy go just a few tail lights and headlights to be seen. but everything rolling out the limit. james, john, thank you very much. let's get back to national headlines this morning with democrats vowing to push forward with president federal voting rights legislation when they come back to congress. >> tomorrow is when that begins. kratz hit a roadblock, as we know in their plan to pass a bill this past weekend, 2 members of their own party didn't support changing the senate rules to make that happen and working live in dc
5:21 am
for us this morning to explain all of this. good morning, anna. >> good morning, james. with the plan was to take up this bill today. but because of yesterday's a snowstorm here in dc impacting travel plans for some lawmakers, that vote is now scheduled for tomorrow. >> the pressure is on for senate democrats to pass a federal voting rights bill. we have to do this. we all have to be reported at this moment in time about our where are we in protecting the right to vote? virginia democratic senator tim kaine said on cbs face the nation that the senate will take up the consolidated package. the house passed last week that would roll back new voting restrictions in red states. if we do not. >> with everything we've got. we will not heavy, but for it to protect south carolina, democratic congressman james clyburn told cnn that despite the odds not in democrats favor. >> he believes the bill will
5:22 am
pass giving up. >> people in a fight if we can get republican support for the bills, we have beautiful or democratic support. could we find a path to make some rules adjustments to pass? utah republican senator mitt romney said on nbc's meet the press that he doesn't support the bill because it goes too far. they feel that instead of elections being run at the state level, they should really be. >> managed and run at the federal level. and romney criticized democrats for trying to pass it alone. sadly, election a bill that the president been pushing. i never got a call on that from the white there was no negotiation bringing republicans and democrats together. >> all 50 democratic senators are needed to change the chamber rules. and right now as senators joe manchin and kyrsten sinema say they don't support it. for now live in washington, i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. all right. >> thank you very much. we'll take a break here at 5.22. coming up next on the kron 4 morning news. new buoys off
5:23 am
the california coast are helping detect sharks in the water will take a closer look at how they work in just a minute.
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the jaws, every time you hit the ocean, yossi have a few sharks. but this next story could actually help put your mind at ease. sharks are going to be a lot easier to detect off the california coast. thank thanks to some new high-tech buoys they were
5:26 am
recently installed to monitor their populations. we have liberty zabala with more on how they work. >> coronado city lifeguards are teaming up with cal state long beach shark lab researchers to understand the increase in the great white shark population across california. who is that? we're going join one coast, including the 2 of coronado. >> are listening for tax sharks. so we have about 200 tag white shirts that we've tagged throughout southern california and the shows are 2 buoys off of corn on the beach. the 2 installed in coronado would be able to detect tagged sharks if they swim within 300 yards of them in the past month or 2. >> we haven't had any shark sightings. the previously starting in. 2019, we were having somewhat regular sightings. the buoys will send real-time data to life god so they can respond if needed. we are inside the court, not a lifeguard tower where you can see a 300, 60 degree view here.
5:27 am
>> i like guys can use this binocular system to monitor both of their shark detection. buoys out on the water. that actions? >> different detections of different locations. so these mar santa barbara, the buoys are solar powered and can also send environmental data. lifeguards say this information will help keep the public and the sharks safe. so for shark engage is a human being. >> and it's a shard of significant size or adult shark. then we're going to post signs and we're going to warn the public if we have an incident raises to the level of the shark actually biting a human or a human powered object in the water. we're going to clear the water and sides. let everyone know that staff of the water. >> well, as liberty zavala reporting, the shark lab says it hopes that more cities throughout california and that the state as a whole will install similar buoys in the future. we'll take a break at 5.27, coming up next on the kron. 4 morning news. another
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>> 5.30, is the time. let's get right to the weather center. john trouble standing by with our half hour. check of the forecast morning. john. big. good morning, james. it is nice and clear out there at the golden gate bridge. not just because we're not seeing much fog across the bay area,
5:31 am
but also because martin luther king junior day and a lot of people not taking to the roads just yet a day off for many. and as far as our foggy conditions are concerned, visibility is a okay. we are seeing some dense fog having form back out in the central valley and that's going to try to drift its way into the delta and into our inland east bay area's. but so far, so good. as far as that goes, may see a sprinkle or 2 in the santa cruz mountains today. but the vast majority of the bay continues this dry trend of weather that we've gotten so used to a dry and mild trend that also continues 40's and 50's for most bay area. current temperatures, santa rosa and say alina pretty noticeably cooler spots in the upper 30's okay. this morning to we are seeing the bay bridge pretty empty. traffic is definitely moving on along at the limit all the way into san francisco, san mateo bridge, much the same, a decent amount of tail lights and headlights. but everyone's role in just fine. and for the richmond center fell bridge. very empty. look, they're just a few cars making your way
5:32 am
westbound golden gate bridge. as you saw a second ago. also looking really good, james, george, george. john, thank you very much. 5.31 is the time. have you heard another french bulldog was stolen from an owner at gunpoint over the weekend in the bay area. >> this latest armed robbery happened saturday night in castro valley. the owner and her mother are actually walking their 15 month-old frenchie name t tow near north bridge lane. police say 5 armed men rushed up to them, stole tito and the owners purse. listen to this. the robbers then went to the victim's home and stole her car. this is at least the second french bulldogs stolen here in the bay area this month. take a listen. >> the first time we've ever i his. he's been amazing. everything you ask for. you know, care about anything care about it. a little bit lower this. but him and that the state.
5:33 am
>> detectives are working right now to identify who these thieves are. and of course, trying to get the french bull dog back home safely and find that stolen car. if you have any information that might be helpful, please contact the alameda county sheriff's office. we have a happy ending. at least we can report in a case we first told you about a few weeks ago catch stolen during a car break-in is now back home with her owners. the owners of one year old in a say that a good samaritan notified them that they had found the cat. the owners were visiting san francisco from southern california when someone broke into their suv in the cow hollow neighborhood and the cat jumped out at that point. the couple says that after getting the news that the cat was found, they jumped into a car, drove right back up here to the bay area and were reunited. one person is dead and 2 others are hospitalized following a crash near sonoma. it happened around one 11, 15 yesterday morning along route one 16 right near watt mug road. chp says the crash
5:34 am
happened after one driver tried to pass a number of cars by crossing into the oncoming lane. that driver was identified as 24 year-old nsa, salads and or of novato. police say he hit 2 cars before colliding head on with a ford f one. 50. they say an older teen riding in alexander's car died. but alexander hand the other teen were taken to the hospital with major injuries. alexander was arrested on suspicion of felony. do you lie? san francisco police are investigating a situation where someone barricaded themselves inside of a building near 6th and market street last night. this is video of the scene posted on the citizen app. authorities say they don't know if the situation was related to a crime or if it was a case of mental health crisis. no other information has been released. will keep you updated as more information comes out. san francisco, by the way, getting ready to celebrate the chinese new year. and this year is the year of the tiger events to celebrate the lunar new year begin on february. 1st and
5:35 am
over the next few weeks, crews are going to be out cleaning up san francisco's chinatown, district king at all, getting it all ready. the dragon gate at grant and bush street is being power washed. potholes are being repaired all throughout the neighborhood. crews will be removing some litter as well and painting over graffiti and steam cleaning sidewalks, really giving it the once-over, city's chinese new year parade is set to take place on february. 19th. turning now to our covid-19 coverage. private health plans are now required to cover over the counter covid-19 tests and the biden administration has plans to start shipping at home. test kits for free beginning this week. but some lawmakers say that they're still frustrated with the president's response to the pandemic hudson with that story. president biden is taking heat from members of his own party. >> about the white house's response to the omicron surge. >> we didn't have enough equipment. we didn't have enough. >> testing ohio democratic senator sherrod brown says he understands concerns many
5:36 am
americans are having trying to find an at-home covid test. my own families had trouble getting enough tests for their their children. 5 senate democrats went as far as to send this letter to the white house. they complain of long lines at testing sites and want answers about the white house response to omicron. >> and plans for responding to future variants republicans like west virginia. senator shelley moore capito say the white house has simply drop the ball. the availability of tests is critical. the administration should have known this, but brown says there's plenty of blame to go around. got to produce smart that's on both political parties that on the last 2 presidents in the last 2 congresses, capita says congress has already provided billions for testing for some reason. >> the administration has pulled back on this. the biden administration rejects it is not doing enough on testing. >> i'm directing my team to procure an additional half of
5:37 am
additional 500 million more test to distribute for free. >> reporting in washington, rashad hudson, back to you. thank you for shot 5.36. the time in the east bay, oakland will soon require people who are 12 and older to show proof of covid vaccination to enter indoor businesses. the mandate is going to is set to take effect on february. first, you'll start seeing notices on businesses to let you know about that change coming. it affects restaurants, concert venues, gyms again. any indoor business people 18 and older should be prepared to show id so they can cross check that with your vaccination card. the forty-niners clinched wild-card spot over dallas will have a highlight for real for you coming up here in just a minute. so stay tuned. plus, the message from the irs. get your taxes done early. that's what they want you to know because there could be tax refund delays this year. will. >> we'll talk more about why that is. and after the break, gas prices are expected to rise again soon as if they have been rising this whole
5:38 am
time. we're going to take closer look at our local prices just ahead. >> and we are going to be seeing conditions today. that will be partly cloudy. but for right now, staying dry for most areas in some 60's for red. red. i had no idea how much my case was worth.
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and here's something important. dupixent can cause serious allergic reactions, including anaphylaxis. get help right away if you have rash, shortness of breath, chest pain, tingling or numbness in your limbs. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection, and don't change or stop your asthma treatments, including steroids, without talking to your doctor. are you ready to du more with less asthma? just ask your asthma specialist about dupixent. >> 5.40, is the time and for your money this morning, the irs is encouraging you to file your taxes early because refunds are expected to take a little longer to process this year. the agency says most refunds are usually issued within. 21 days of the returns
5:41 am
being filed, but delays are expected this year for several reasons. that includes staffing shortages and covid related tax changes that take a little more time to verify. opting for direct deposit can help get you your money back a little faster. the tax filing season opens next week on january 24th. and don't forget the filing deadline this year is april 18th. a growing number of college students now are demanding refunds for time spent having to learn remotely. the students say that they're paying for an in-person experience and that having to learn remotely just isn't the same. and they're not getting the money's worth that they were promised on top of that, the students say that amenities like dining halls and gyms have had to close or adjust their services to a much lower level than originally advertised. they argue that many schools, prorated student housing costs earlier in the pandemic as a way of compensating students and that that policy should come back again. so they're pushing hard for that. analysts. meanwhile, so you can expect higher gas prices across the u.s. as warmer
5:42 am
weather returns. projections are putting prices up from the super bowl to memorial day with a $4 national average. that's the prediction. a decline in production and political instability and some foreign nations also playing a factor here in these higher price. predictions locally. of course, we're way over $4 and have been for a long time. here's today's average is from triple-a san francisco for 82 oakland for 73, san jose. for 75 sandra fell for 78 again. these are the averages. so at half the stations in the city's you're paying a lot more than that. we'll be right back. hey! it's me! your dry skin! i'm craving something we're missing. the ceramides in cerave. they help restore my natural barrier, so i can lock in moisture. we've got to have each other's backs... cerave. now the #1 dermatologist recommended skincare brand. your kindness outshines your highs and lows. your strength can outlast any bad day. because you are greater than your bipolar i,
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5:45 am
you are greater than your bipolar i. geologists say that one day before saturday's massive volcanic eruption. the volcano had already begun erupting in tonga. in fact, you can these geologist captured pictures of the huge plumes of ash and gas and steam rising from this eruption on friday. these images released by the tonga geological services and they show what will so basically 3 mile wide column of smoke and ash coming up from the water and then of course, saturday we have the massive blast. then that triggered tsunami warnings for several pacific islands. and the portions of california's coast as well. communications are still cut off with the island. many believe the tsunami caused significant damage as soon as
5:46 am
communication to be reestablished. we can get a better assessment of the damage will keep you updated on what we learn. meanwhile, a 5.45 happening right now. we have major winter storms impacting the east coast right now and that is having a ripple effect on air travel. here's some of the video yesterday capturing the conditions there as people were stuck in traffic. the snow plows were out. nearly 80 million people under some sort of winter weather alert, including i should say, according to flightaware dot com, more than 3,000 flights were canceled across the country this morning. that could have local ripple effects at the moment about 11 cancellations are being recorded. yeah. at sfo from flights originating along the east coast. so call ahead the plane you might be on even if you're maybe traveling somewhere completely different might be coming from the east coast and it's delayed its point of origin. of course, it's going to be late getting here so that you can get on it. so. before you head to the airport, john, in the weather center, keeping an eye on those east coast storms. and of course, our weather here.
5:47 am
we've got really mild weather by comparison. john comparison. yeah, anything that we're seeing ahead of us is very, very mild. that storm in the east coast resulting in. >> either heavy rain or heavy snowfall. and that is definitely going to send some reverberating issues all across the country at your airports, maybe even affecting sfo, even though our weather looks so nice. you can see the coit tower lighting up some of the low clouds that we're seeing right of the bay area. we actually do have a system suspending just to our south. that is resulting in some showers for southern california. very, very light that direction. we could see the opportunity of a couple of sprinkles drifting northward into the bay, but only resulting in maybe a drop or 2 up in the santa cruz mountains. most of the rest of us keep an eye on that dry trend of weather that at this point we're so very used to dry and mild weather does continue today under some partly cloudy skies. now tomorrow is going to be mostly clear, but it's going to be just as cool without even a little bit cooler than today's about to be remaining dry through tuesday on into wednesday. so on and so forth
5:48 am
through the rest of the week and eventually into the weekend 50's and 60's for your daytime highs across the bay area today. mostly the 60's, though, burlingame at 62 degrees for your high same numbers in redwood city as well as foster city and san mateo, south bay temperatures mostly in the mid 60's with campbell in san jose. our warmer spots at 65 degrees. a range of upper 50's to low 60's elsewhere in the bay area with oakland and richmond at 61 degrees. upper 50's from the knee shout to antioch it on up to vacaville as well as from mill valley over to point rays. tomorrow's temperatures around the same as today's and well, you get the picture. that's that they were saying the next 7 days. lots of sunshine out there after today's partly cloudy conditions. now today on the bridges should be pretty light. it's a holiday martin luther king junior day. and that's not as many working. so you will see some pretty good conditions there at the bay bridge. also looking at good conditions on the san mateo bridge this morning, james, on, thank you very much. 5.48,
5:49 am
the time this morning. the forty-niners off to a successful playoff run after upsetting the cowboys in the wild-card round. yesterday with kron 4 sports director jason dumas us with the highlights. >> well, the niners made it harder than it had to be. but at the end of the day, you don't get anything extra for style points. a win is a win. let's go to jerry's world in. check out how it all went down. there's a jimmy garoppolo pay get in while you can. this is likely his final year with the forty-niners and the niners offense came out on fire house and him really called a great game. >> mitchell also, he gets the niners on the board. first on that run. now the niners added a couple field goals over the next 2 drive to make it 13. nothing. the cowboys finally got it going in the second dak prescott to amari cooper. it's 13 to 7. it was 16, 7 at the 3rd quarter, bad debt picked off by juan williams. who had
5:50 am
beaten by cooper on that touchdown that you just saw. so redemption for him. i love those teams. celebrations that set up this deebo samuel continuing his mvp like season around the and cut back. 26 yards later. the niners are up. 23 7 and you're thinking this is going to be around. but in the for a second, know what i like to call him a play like this overthrows anthony brown. it intercepted by anthony brown overthrows travis benjamin return to the 28 yard line. and dallas turned it into points. prescott escapes the pocket. he's nothing but green. that's a 5 yard touchdown. we have ourselves a game. all of a sudden just like now 14 seconds left final sequence want to step up and scrambles. see that clock, though, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick instead of giving
5:51 am
it to the ref. what you're supposed to do, he gives it to a center. who has to put it back on the line and and don't get the spike all in town in time. i'm sorry. the forty-niners. they head out the green bay next week for the divisional playoff round. they play saturday night 5.15, local time after they beat the cowboys. 23 to 17. all right. the warriors last stretch of their road trip there in minnesota taking on the t wolves. late in the second warriors down 7 klay thompson. klay thompson said if you're at it, 13 points for clay dubbed within 4. that is a minute later warrior down 8 jordan poole. nice to have to kind of thing coming to make it in 19 points coming off that 25 point effort in chicago, he's grown up before our eyes, france that backed out here. karl anthony-towns gets the rebound. >> he had a big game guess
5:52 am
what? warriors lose one 19 to 99. a boat force one in 3 on the road for they need some home cooking. they're back in action tuesday against detroit. >> college ball. there's the car. van der veer. stanford taking on utah. lexi hall. she was in her bag on 9 hits the corner 3 there he had. 21 more for she misses it. cameron brink. she gets the rebound and the put back. 24 11 for cameron. stanford wins. 83 73, the host cow all friday. >> that was kron. 4 sports director jason dumas reporting for us this morning. the warriors, by the way, play the pistons tomorrow at home with tipoff at 07:00pm. we'll be right back.
5:53 am
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thankfully, voya provides comprehensive solutions and shows me how to get the most out of my workplace benefits. what's the wifi password again? cool. thanks. no problem. voya helps me feel like i've got it all under control. because i do. oh she is good. voya. well planned. well invested. well protected. 5.55. and today is betty white's birthday. she would have turned 100 years old. had she not unexpectedly passed away last month and to celebrate her life and legacy fans are encouraging people to donate to animal shelters as part of the social media challenge to honor betty white. the movement is encouraging everyone to donate $5 to an animal shelter or humane society. many animal shelters up received an outpouring of nations in white's name donations that will help care for thousands of animals in their care white you may have known was what
5:56 am
her love of animals was always at the forefront. you can see in various ways she helped promote their care in tv and film. she passed away on december 31st at the age of 99. we'll take a break here at 5.56. coming up in the next hour of the kron. 4 morning news. >> democrats aren't giving up on their plan to push through voting rights laws, push it through the senate, although to be a tough one. we're going to have more on what's coming up in a live report. plus, health experts say that we could soon enter the endemic stage of covid-19. will explain what exactly that means. it is good news. we'll tell you how. and a dog owner is robbed at gunpoint in san francisco. more on how it happened and what went down a few hours later. our hillshire farm craftsman start the day slow roasting turkey for incredible flavor.
5:57 am
then double seal every slice for freshness. the results? they speak for themselves. hillshire farm. made right on the farm. people today... they could spend half their lives over 50. but it's gonna to take some planning. what can you do for me? make sure your money lives as long as you do. the younger you are, the more you need aarp. join today.
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5:59 am
>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 6. >> 5.59 the time as we come up on 6 o'clock. we want to start off the hour with a check of the forecast. john's been keeping an eye. hopefully you have a holiday to enjoy today. it is martin luther king junior day after also know schools, no federal offices open. if you're enjoying a three-day weekend, get out. there is. i think, john, we've got nice mild weather today, right? yeah. keeping the mild
6:00 am
weather going. james, another nice day for beautiful day at the golden gate bridge. all ready to start even with the sun. not up. you can see that. >> not a lot of traffic. no cloud cover or fog right there at the golden gate. any sort of fog that we can expect will be sent out towards the central valley that to the fog, trying to make its way towards the inner bay area itself, but really not being so successful in doing so. the service ability has been very solid all morning long may see a sprinkle or 2 in the santa cruz mountains. if you have a plan on seeing some of the redwoods up there, otherwise this is going to be another dry day 40's and 50's for most of our current temperatures. we'll have some 30's in the north bay, though, santa rosa, our coldest spot at 36 degrees. well, alameda san francisco in pacifica among a few of us that are hanging out in the 50's right now. as far as bridges go, it is going to be an easy commute all morning long. bay bridge is nice and empty. obviously, still a few people have now but not near as many on a normal commute today. and the san mateo bridge is also looking pretty good roll in at the limit. there.


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