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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  January 19, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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>> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. >> that breaking news tonight at 5 o'clock. a suspected pipe bomb was found outside the federal building and courthouse in oakland, the fbi and local law enforcement are on scene as a bomb squad team works now to dismantle the device. the citizen app there providing us with that video overhead. thank you for joining us tonight on kron. 4 news at 5, everybody. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis. the >> suspicious package was first reported just after noon today. our kron four's ella sogomonian that here with details just released from law what what are you learning?
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grant and vicki, according to lieutenant ray kelly with the alameda county sheriff's office, a suspicious person >> was seen dropping off a plastic bag outside on the grounds of the federal building before walking away. and that's what first raised the alarm. take a look at video from the scene from the citizen app in which you can see heavy law enforcement presence right in front of the building. the fbi is now leading this investigation at this point, they are still working slowly and diligently to determine all characteristics of that device. lieutenant kelly who is also on the bomb squad, described it as robust in size right now, clay street between 11th and 16th street remain closed as officials work safely to render the package and the device safe. everybody's being asked to steer clear of the area and board is also working the 12th street oakland city center entrance in frank ogawa plaza. so that is closed. ac transit is rerouting service in the area. and as you mentioned, the alameda county sheriff's bomb squad is on the scene.
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these are some pictures of the team as they work through that problem earlier this afternoon, lieutenant kelly telling us that there were multiple reasons that led officials to believe that this may be a pipe bomb and that it posed a threat. >> of the person that dropped it was he was acting rather strange is according to the reports we were given, it was in a plastic bag. and as the first people other first law enforcement people that bought of the divide immediately noticed it was that that with the size and shape of a pipe bomb. and then immediately began their evacuation protocol and called in the bomb squad. >> one silver lining here is not too many people had to be evacuated from the federal building because many of them are working remotely due to the pandemic. law enforcement expect to be in the area for at least another few hours while they work. and we'll continue to update you as we get more updates all night long. back to you. >> thank you, ella. meanwhile, santa clara county sheriffg
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laurie smith has been in the hot seat for some time now. but the heat this evening is intensifying. attorney general rob bonta has announced his office is launching an investigation into the santa clara county sheriff's office to see if there is a pattern of unconstitutional conduct. our kron four's dan kerman joins us now live tonight with more. dan. well, this issue has been swirling all around the sheriff's office and sheriff laurie smith for some time allegations of misconduct and improper dealings with inmates and others. >> now this is the latest shoe to drop. >> i welcome any and all investigations. that was santa clara county sheriff laurie smith in august of last year after the mayor of san jose called for her resignation and supervisors issued a no confidence vote and called on the attorney general to investigate alleged misconduct. >> i'm watching a civil rights investigation into the santa clara county tariffs office.
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now, 5 months later, attorney general rob bonta is launching such an investigation. this investigation comes amidst deeply concerning allegations relating to conditions of confinement and the offices, jail facilities, resistance, lawful oversight and other misconduct. the attorney general's investigation is just the latest in a series of inquiries into the sheriff's office in december, the santa clara county civil grand jury filed formal accusations against the sheriff for corruption. it's about the way in which inmates are treated. it's about. >> the potential for political favoritism. it's about the use of double overtime it's about a whole host of things taken together are way too much too. look past santa clara county supervisor joe summit ii. and he's glad this investigation is moving forward. it's only a good and healthy thing that there will be some public accountability. now.
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>> for the sheriff and organization. the attorney general made it clear that the public trust in public safety is tied to trust. and he says there's definitely a >> lack of trust right now in santa clara county, yelp says investigation. we'll fix that. no timeline on how long that investigation will take reporting live. dan kerman kron. 4 news. thank you, dan and sheriff laurie smith just released a statement to kron 4. it reads, quote, i have always welcomed any review of the sheriff's office and we will immediately open all records. >> i have great confidence in the attorney general's office and i believe they will provide the expertise for a fair and impartial investigation. we remain focused on our mission, which is to continue to provide the highest level of public safety police in san francisco could soon have more access to private security cameras. mayor london breed has proposed a change to improve public safety. she says
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crackdown on crime in the city. the legislation was announced last month that city hall but has since been laid out in more detail. kron four's rob nesbitt joins us live without san francisco supervisors are reacting tonight. good evening, rob. grant under current law, san francisco police cannot tap into security camera footage and real time. mayor london breed expressed her frustration with that after crime in the city made national news. >> when stores in union square were being looted in november. san francisco police officers were directed by their commanders not to monitor live camera feeds where there were multiple robbery. cruz hitting multiple stores. they couldn't even access those cameras. mayor breed plans on changing that limitation, brooke proposal that authorizes law enforcement to temporarily use cameras to respond to crimes that take place during critical events. shuts out the e says he's all for additional measures but doesn't believe the mayor's proposal allows for an up oversight access to
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the surveillance technology for certain number of days. >> but >> gives the chief of police more leeway to keep that and acquire that surveillance technology. mayor breed's ordinance also authorizes police to live monitor cameras and public safety crisis areas such as open air legal drug markets, the selling in use of drugs in public and places where violent crimes repeatedly occur. part of the mayor's plan to crack down on crimes in areas like the tenderloin people have to be held accountable for the crimes they commit in our city. on tuesday, supervisor peskin chant, preston, road and walton spoke out against mayor breed's proposal. they instead introduced a ballot measure to reinforce existing laws that bans the use of facial recognition technology and requires police to submit a request to the board of supervisors before monitoring surveillance cameras. supervisor connie chan saying, quote, san franciscans have said no to unchecked authoritarian surveillance before and we must stand firm to protect our rights.
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>> mayor breed goal is to address this issue at the board of supervisors meeting next tuesday. she says of an agreement cannot be met. >> she's committed to making her proposal a ballot question that voters will decide on in june live in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. all right, rob, but it has been a deadly year for traffic collisions and one south bay city. over half dozen people killed and 2 of those were pedestrians who died after being hit by a car just last night. our kron four's haaziq mod-yoon has the latest. details now on the investigation. it's stark. all right. the vehicle had a green light. very difficult to see people crossing after hours. >> those were the conditions with a deadly vehicle collision happened, killing 2 pedestrians and injuring a 3rd person tuesday at around 8.24, p you here with all expressway foxworthy avenue in san jose, san jose police sergeant christian cabriales says 3
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adults. the 2 men who died in the woman who survived were not using the crosswalk when the collision occurred. obviously, it's not a good idea to cross busy streets at night outside of a crosswalk, especially an expressway. we're not trying to do any victim blaming. >> this is just a fact that happened in this collision. >> investigators say the driver who was behind the wheel of this white 2017 toyota sedan was also injured. the driver was also transported to a local hospital. yet some injuries from the windshield collapsing into the vehicle in the air bag deployment. this is a fairly large intersection pedestrians at to build the move with that light turns green, the posted speed limit is 50 miles per hour. >> it is radar and for us because vehicles are known for driving above the limit here. >> although side real says there is no evidence of speeding at this point in the investigation. i don't think
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excessive speed nor alcohol or drugs was a factor in this collision. san jose police officials say that this is the 6 fatal traffic collision of the year with victims number 6, 7, i believe all of our pedestrian faialities this year have been people that were outside of cross walks. >> we do have one is an outstanding hit and run. unfortunately, that was outside of the crosswalk to last year. it took until march 6 of 2021 to reach 6 traffic fatalities has the lead. kron. 4 news. the city of dublin is seeing an increase in coyotes around the city. >> this is video of coyotes seen in other parts of the east bay recently, the sightings have been reported in the area of eme ald glen park, central parkway and talk to her a creek trail. officials say to be cautious when spotting them and to notify the california department of fish and wildlife. still to come on the news at 5, scam warning for people in san mateo county with the sheriff's office wants you to know.
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>> if you get a call from somebody pretending to be a deputy. >> and when we return, state lawmakers trying to figure out how to improve emergency first response efforts. well, hospitals are impacted by covid. that's coming up. i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow. few clouds gather along the coastline. what does it mean for ou what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent i can du more... yardwork... teamwork... long walks....
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get the best result possible. >> state lawmakers are trying to address major ambulance delays caused by crowded emergency rooms all across the state. officials say the
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pandemic is bringing this issue to the breaking point. lawmakers held an oversight hearing to come up with some solutions. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains the ideas and the warning coming from lawmakers. find ourselves in a crisis point medical emergency leaders from across the state urging for changes to address ambulance holdups across california. >> in an oversight hearing on the issue in front of the assembly, emergency management committee, emergency medical service leaders and ambulance workers pointed to busy understaffed hospitals and crowded emergency rooms as the primary reason for delays in patient offloads. some said hospitals can halt an ambulance. his ability to respond to a call for hours leading to devastating impacts. there harm to patients because of these extreme but delays. and there seems to be end in sight. other ems officials said patient transfer should take no more than 20 minutes. sacramento fire assistant chief erich sailer said ems workers in the area waited hospitals or were on the wall for more than 2 hours. 700
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times in 2021, he says hospitals should hire their own paramedics and face fines for holding up ambulances for longer than 20 minutes. not maybe the only thing that gets him to change behavior. but emergency doctors and nurses say slow patient transfers, inclined emergency room stem from several issues, including staffing shortages, a lack of resources and an increase in patients with non urgent issues. but who lack access to health care in their own communities? some of the reasons include a lot to primary care safety net health care. >> behavioral care and have to tie. i will underline that 400 times homelessness support substance use disorders and covid-19. other coming for testing and our vaccines. the committee's vice chair said state lawmakers to re evaluate state regulations impacting emergency medical services and look and see if they're truly regulations that are protecting the public. >> or regulations that look like they are better actually creating problems in the long run. some hospital officials said they need more access to
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data which the committee chair question. and i think the data is quite clear that. >> there is a problem if nobody wants to move at these committees, these these departments that are have this data, then it's going to be our turn as lawmakers to come up with some solutions, some legislation that folks may not like. >> in sacramento, ashley zavala kron. 4 news. the east bay, the oakland city council has voted to ban ghost guns. those are the guns. you can basically make it home with a special kit. you can get them in the mail. law enforcement can now confiscate ghost guns and they can cite you. they can also arrest the people found with them as of march of 2021. for perspective here. opd says they accounted for nearly 22% of all the guns confiscated last year in that city. they are untraceable. they're unregulated. they don't require any of your personal info. this means people do not have to go through a background check to get them. they don't have to go 30 waiting periods and you're not limited on how many
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you can buy. it's the wild, wild west with those things. local council members say this legislation it's supposed to help curb the ongoing gun violence program in the city. >> you know, we're out there cleaning the neighborhood's streets every day. and i specifically on saturday and with volunteers and and we knighted one time it was just picking up trash. but now want to pick up picking up a bullet throughout the neighborhoods. so that activity has to change. >> other cities in california like los angeles and san diego have implemented similar laws. california is also looking at making this a state law. >> on the peninsula, the san mateo county sheriff's office is alerting us to a new scam. authorities are saying that someone is calling impersonating a sheriff's deputy. the calls to victims are also demanding people pay warrants against them. but these calls are phony recently. a caller instructed
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the victim in san carlos to purchase a $2000. prepaid debit card and then provide them with the numbers on the back. while the victim did not buy the card, fortunately had reported the call to the sheriff's office. the sheriff's officials says a law enforcement will never call to collect money. and if this happens to you, hang up and call your local law enforcement agency. switching gears here for a moment. it's time to take a live look outside a paris, cisco from our sutro towers weekend. see the sales force tower off the distance through the fog there right that is looked like such a unique shot and a ton of fog to start the day as chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us and >> obviously there's fog now did. did we see the fog totally received today? it pulled back to the coastline. in fact, just off the coast sunshine, although the beaches in cleared out inside the bay, we're seeing a return of some patchy fog out there right now are looking quite our couple clouds there in the background. but a nice evening outside a little bit cooler in spots. 51 degrees now in
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pacifica with some of that patchy fog. 57 in san jose. still 60, a little more. 59 degrees in concord. 54 cool in the bottle. and 54 also in petaluma 60, though, little warmer and santa rosa. but on the big picture, you see the fog and low clouds. you see it kind of just hugging the coastline right now. little bit on shore breeze right at the immediate coast this morning. start out with patchy fog inside the bay early on. and then now the on shore breeze is kicked back in and that is bringing that fog out toward the beaches in the san francisco. right now. we're going to see a little bit continue overnight tonight. if you're stepping outside, i want to grab the jackets, going to be little bit cool. and you can see that patchy fog out there as you approach the coastline, especially mosaly clear in the interior valleys. but overnight tonight likely see some of that fog going to continue out toward the beaches. you can see it almost like a spring pattern begin to set itself up there. some of that ground fog that 2 fog developing in the central valley. and you could see some of that patchy stuff making its way into the delta. but overall, i think as we head through the day tomorrow, you're going to see a lot of
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sunshine and just a couple high clouds. it looks like a very nice day for tomorrow numbers going to be a bounce and up into the 60's. maybe some upper 60's in the places like livermore about 68 degrees in concord. 62 in oakland, 64 degrees in santa rosa. and as we look out over the next few day, lots of sunshine coming our way over the next few few more clouds coming our way. but we're staying dry for at least the next 7 days. thank you, laura. it's in san mateo county. a mountain lion was found dead after apparently being killed. >> by another mount life, police are now asking neighbors to keep an eye out for the cat. that one that vicious battle kron four's charles clifford reports. >> well, here in belmont on wednesday morning to mount lions were apparently fighting in the street early in the morning, according to the belmont police department, they received a call about 2 o'clock on wednesday morning saying that there are mountain lions fighting in the middle of hastings drive near bridge court when they arrived on scene, they discovered the one mountain lion had killed another and drug. the carcass into a neighbor's yard. they took away the dead mountain
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lion and game wardens and police searched for the other mountain lion but were unable to locate it. now it's not unusual to see mount lions in this area. these homes, but up against open space. there's a lot of shrub and areas outlines can hide. i talked to one neighbor who lives just down the street. she says that everyone's aware outlines nearby and it is something you have to worry about a little especially if i have little animals like a little a little dogs. i did have a little dog one time and i was worried about it. >> so when you hear that 2 of them were fighting down the street from your house and one of one online killed another. that's kind of disturbing. yes, it's very disturbing that they would be killing each other, but i guess they're fighting for territory. >> you know, it's getting tighter and tighter for them. >> the police did put out a warning to neighbors to be aware that there was an aggressive mount line in the area. there's also karl mundt, a high school down the street from here. and the message went out there as well. warning parents and students about this mountain line, although no lockdown was put in place. but for now in belmont, charles, clifford
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kron, 4 news. >> they store castro theater announcing a new partnership to try to bring shows to the neighborhood. more of them. the plan is to reinvent the theater as a live event venue. the theater's owners are working with another planet entertainment to upgrade and modernize the building. their plans to improve the sound system lighting and the iconic marquee there along with the tech upgrades. the theater is set to host live music and company shows as well as community events. the theater will still screen select movies. the grand reopening has been proposed for sometime in 2023. >> happy birthday. dolly parton. the award-winning country music legend turned 76 years old today. last year, dolly parton was thrilled to discover her contribution to coronavirus research had been used to partly fund the moderna covid-19, a vaccine. remarkable person, talented generous hpd. dolly.
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>> what they say is scene still ahead on kron, 4 news at 5, britney spears legal team releases new documents detailing how much money her father took from her during he's conservatorship. those details are coming up. >> and warming up for green bay. we're going hear from a loyal before 40 niner fans on what they're expecting from the red and gold this saturday.
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>> niners fans are counting down the days until saturday's divisional matchup against the green bay packers. and if the niners want to return to >> the super bowl, they couple more winds they'll need and they'll be doing it on the road. last week they kicked off the playoff run by beating dallas in dallas. now it's on to wisconsin where it's cold cross for sleep to checks in with a local group of fans. we're expecting another big win. >> the second battle between the san francisco, 49 ers and green bay packers. this season is currently the highest selling nfl playoff game on stubhub this weekend and the online ticket seller says fans from california are also currently outselling fans from wisconsin for the away game. the tickets at lambeau actually were less expensive. been at levi's south bay native and forty-niners season ticket holder smith will travel with her husband. eric, to the game. >> their second road game this season. the first being the
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niners playoff-clinching win against the los angeles rams to end the regular season. >> she says the entire trip will cost about $3300 for the 2 of them and expects the niners to hold going to lambeau. >> it is our duty. it's our duty to go there and tear on this team. this team is amazing. the smiths certainly won't be alone is a board member of the nonprofit group of forty-niners fans called ladies of the empire and a bunch of them are planning to head to the game fellow member and longtime season ticket holder and a dunkin wishes she could go to. but not this time. she will take it in from home, hoping the niners inch closer to the nfc championship game and the super bowl which anna hopes to attend. i would definitely consider it especially with the bucket list. trying to get to a super bowl. >> but then would be amazing. one round at a time. >> phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. >> after his first year in office, president biden is
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when a truck hit my son, i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> it has been one year since president biden stepped into the presidency and he's now looking back at some of the progress is administration has made in some of the areas where he could have done that. our washington correspondent, basil, john reports on the president's efforts are run the country so far. basil.


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