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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  January 19, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 6. >> watching a civil rights investigation. >> into the santa clara county tariffs office. >> santa clara county sheriff laurie smith has been on the hot seat for quite some time. but now this scrutiny is coming from the highest level of the state. good evening, everybody. thank you for joining us tonight on kron. 4 news at 6 o'clock. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis attorneys general bonta announcing that his office has launched an investigation into the santa clara county sheriff's office to see if there's a pattern of unconstitutional conduct. kron four's. dan kerman joins us now live tonight with more. dan. you know, it's 5 months
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ago that the santa clara county board of supervisors asked the attorney general and other agencies to get involved. >> since that time, several investigations have been launched. now the attorney general is joining in. let's see what the truth is that santa clara county sheriff laurie smith back in august, defending her management of the county jail and refusing calls from san jose's mayor to resign since there continues to be a lot of speculation and certainly in france's i welcome any and all investigations. now, another investigation is coming. this one from california's attorney general. >> our investigation will seek to determine whether the sheriff's office has engaged in a pattern or practice by constitutiontl or unlawful. >> without going into specifics, the attorney general indicated the focus would be on how the sheriff's office is managing the santa clara county jail. there have been deaths and injuries in
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custody. >> and i want to be little bit to be looking at all those, including the use of force as well treatment or or the potential for lack of appropriate treatment, including 4 a mental illness or allegations >> a scheme to trade gun permits for political contributions that says yet and unproved there are allegations about a failure to report gifts received by the sheriff that's under investigation at the fair political practices commission, santa clara county supervisor joe smitty and called on the attorney general. >> to look into the sheriff's alleged misconduct 5 months ago when supervisors voted no confidence in smith. since that time, the santa clara county civil grand jury as filed formal accusations against the sheriff for corruption, somebody and says he's glad the attorney general is now getting involved. >> we've had case after case allegation after allegation. and at some point you just
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can't hope that things will get better. you've got to step up and take some action. >> the attorney general says the public safety is built on trust. and right now there is a lack of trust in santa clara county. he gave no timeline in terms of how long this investigation will last reporting live. dan kerman kron, 4 news. thank you, dan and sheriff laurie smith. a just released a statement to kron 4. it reads, quote, i have always welcomed any external review of the sheriff's office and will immediately open all records. i have great confidence in the attorney general's office and i believe that they we'll provide the expertise for a fair and impartial investigation. we remain focused on our mission, which is to continue to provide the highest level of public safety services. >> now to that breaking news in oakland, the federal building and courthouse has been deemed safe from any danger after a suspected pipe bomb was found outside kron four's. ella sogomonian has been following this for us today and she is the update
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from law enforcement. good news. l a. >> definitely good news. grant. that devices you mentioned has been cleared as no longer a threat. about 5 hours after that initial call came in of a possible pipe bomb dropped off in front of the federal building. take a look at the video from the scene from the citizen app. is law enforcement worked to secure that device and this took some time because they have to be meticulous in examining that package was wrapped in plastic. they had to be activated if it was truly a pipe bomb as they believed all while also protecting any sort of evidence that the fbi will need for their investigation. lieutenant ray kelly with the alameda county sheriff's office who is also on the bomb squad. explain that the package was considered a threat because witnesses who saw them and drop it off, described him as suspicious and acting strange. kelly also described the object as robust in size saying that it was tough to work with because it was found inside a planter box in dirt. one silver lining here is not to many people had to be evacuated because so
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many were working remotely. there are some surrounding streets, though, that are still blocked off. so according to opd clay street between 11th and 14th is still closed, steer clear from there live in the newsroom. ella sogomonian kron. 4 news. thank you. ella on the peninsula. san mateo county sheriff's office is alerting residents about a new scam. authorities are saying that someone impersonating a sheriff's deputy. >> has been calling people and demanding them to pay warrants against them. recently, a caller instructed the victim in san carlos to buy a $2000, prepaid debit card. and then provide them with the numbers on the back. well, the victim did not buy the card and reported the call to the sheriff's office. the sheriff's office says that these calls are fake. officials say that law enforcement will never call to collect money. and if this happens to you, hang up and call your local law enforcement agency. >> police in san francisco could soon have more access to private security cameras. mayor london breed has proposed the change in an effort to try to improve
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public safety and crack down on crime. the legislation was announced last month at city hall, but has since been laid out in more detail. kron four's rob nesbitt has more on how city supervisors are reacting tonight. >> under current law, san francisco police cannot happen to security camera footage in real time. mayor london breed express her frustration with that after crime in the city made national news when stores in union square were being looted in november. san francisco police officers were directed by their commanders not to monitor live camera feeds where there were multiple robbery. cruz hitting multiple stores. they couldn't even access those cameras. mayor breed plans on changing that limitation broke proposal that authorizes law enforcement to temporarily use cameras to respond to crimes that take place during critical events. shots off he says he's all for additional measures but says the mayor is giving the chief of police too much leeway and not getting the board of supervisors enough oversight. i support the spirit of what the mayor's
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doing. >> but the devil's always in the details and we'll have to see how that debate happens over the >> 60 to 90 days. mayor breed's ordinance also authorizes police to live monitor cameras and public safety crisis areas such as open air legal drug markets, the selling in use of drugs in public and places where violent crimes repeatedly occur. part of the mayor's plan to crack down on crimes in areas like the tenderloin people have to be held accountable for the crimes they commit in our city. on tuesday, supervisor peskin chant, preston road and walton spoke out against mayor breed's proposal. they instead introduced a ballot measure to reinforce existing laws that bans the use of facial recognition technology and requires police to submit a request to the board of supervisors before monitoring surveillance cameras. supervisor connie chan saying, quote, san franciscans have said no to unchecked authoritarian surveillance before and we must stand firm to protect our rights. mayor breed's goal is to address this issue at the board of supervisors meeting next tuesday. she says if an
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agreement cannot be met, she's committed to making her proposal a ballot measure that voters will decide on in june. in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> in the east bay, the walnut creek city council voted to endorse a buffer area around planned parenthood. walnut creek police. they've received 42 calls for service at the planned parenthood on oakland boulevard between january of 2020 in november of last year. the east complaints include accusations of harassment and intimidation of patients as well as protesters blocking sidewalks. the final ordinance will come back to the city council for final approval. our first theresa stasi was following up on this and we'll have more tonight coming up in our prime time newscast. now to our covid coverage and stanford university students have fewer than 2 weeks to show proof they've gotten a booster shot. >> but there's a petition now circulating on campus with more than 1700 signatures protesting that mandate. 95% of students on campus are
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already vaccinated. and organizers of the petition say this is now a time when the booster should be a choice. >> mister vaccines are not a cure. all right. they're not going to stop transmission on campus and they're not going they're not going to cut it. extraordinary lehigh hospitalization rate. that's not the situation looking at. looking at young, healthy, fully vaccinated. people. >> stanford but the booster mandate in place to continuous rise in cases since winter break. in response to the petition, stanford spokesperson says, quote, our boost a requirement for students who are eligible is intended to support sustained immunity against covid-19 and is consistent with the advice of county and federal public health leaders. zone forecast time as we take a peek outside a live look at san francisco's embarcadero. first chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here to talk about the conditions out there. you have a nice out there, guys. beautiful shot from the east bay hills. looking back
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>> toward the west, a beautiful sunset. again, some fog sneaking inside the bay. and we have some of that fog moving along the coastline this afternoon. temperatures today above the average in san francisco at 60 degrees actually slightly below the average oakland. 56 63, though, in san jose, 65 degrees above normal in lemore. 63 in concord and 65 degrees in santa rosa. that fog, though. yeah, i kind of moving in again along the coast as we're seeing a little bit of a sea breeze kicking in now. so we're going to see that as we head through the evening hours more that sea breeze carrying that fog along the coast and just inside the bay. and then as we head through the night tonight that we're going to see some nice weather ahead. it's going to little cool in spots but not bad 50's right now around most of the bay area. i think as we step out this evening, a plan grab a jacket. if you're headed outside those temperatures cool off in the 40's by 9 o'clock this evening. that fog you see some of the patch stuff around tonight and continuing its tomorrow morning. you'll see overnight tonight moving along the coastline, a little bit of a sea breeze along the coast. watch out for that to the fog
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in the central that's a different kind of fog. that is right on the ground. a very dense. but i think as we head toward tomorrow afternoon, lots of sunshine and again, another gorgeous day outside the temperatures moving well in the 60's, almost 70 degrees in concord live morning, antioch, about 65 and dry. and san jose. lawrence. coming up, aggressive mountain lion on the loose on the peninsula where the big cat last seen today. plus, a new warning from the cdc. the tourist hot spots now on the agency's high-risk list. and today, president biden looking back at his first year in office. >> we'll hear from him on how his office has handled the economy. infrastructure. coronavirus. it has been one
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year since president joe biden into the shoes of the presidency. and today. >> he looked back at the progress his administration has made kron four's. washington correspondent basil john joins us now live from dc with more on the president. >> efforts to try to get this country going in the right direction. that was a long press conference. basil. >> well, good evening. and yes, it was long the president it to mark his one year in office. a 2 hour press conference where he looked back at what his office is done to help the country. >> it's been year of challenges, but it's also many year been enormous progress. biden emphasized how his
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office has handled the economy, infrastructure and the coronavirus, what together, business and late. we're about to make a record invest rebuilding america. we have to us. vaccines, boosters. test. the president defended his administration's approach to the virus. we have the enormous progress you mentioned the number of deaths from covid well was not 3 times, not long. it's coming down to exchange and the president says he doesn't regret his decision to pull out of afghanistan to i feel badly. what's happening to? we as a consequence of the conference of the taliban. yes, i do. i feel badly all school, but the official taking place in eastern congo. i feel badly about a whole range of things around the world. that we can't solve every problem. the president says the future of the country depends on whether all sides can find a way to work
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together on the country's problems unless you can reach consensus, democracy. years. and so this is a real test. now, if approval of the president's efforts continues to decline, it could be a worrying sign for democrats. >> heading into the midterm elections reporting live in washington. and these will john grant vicki. yeah, the president covered a lot of ground in those 2 hours ahead. but what about addressing the growing tensions with russia? >> yes, so the president did say that the u.s. is currently monitoring the situation between russia and ukraine. >> he says that the that the country is standing ready in case of russian probe of russian president vladimir putin does act. but it's going to be a reactive approach. so if the russian president does do something, says the u.s. will jump in and act. >> could be economic sanctions could be a cyber attack and will largely depend on what
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some of her allies want to do. complicated situation there. basil, appreciate that live report for us tonight from washington. not meanwhile, the u.s. supreme court is allowing the release of presidential documents sought by the congressional committee investigating the january 6 capitol riot. today. the justices rejected a bid by former president trump to withhold the documents from the committee until the issues resolved by the courts. the supreme court's action means there is no more legal and pet him and 2 turning over the documents which are held by the national archives and records administration. starbucks is reversing its covid-19 vaccine mandate for employees. the coffee chain started requiring all of its employees to be fully vaccinated. >> against the virus about a month ago. but after the u.s. supreme court rejected president biden's vaccine mandate. well, starbucks reversed course. starbucks is among most high-profile corporations to follow the court's ruling. the company
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employs 228,000. people here in the u.s.. >> the cdc has issued a travel advisory to 22 countries because of a spike in covid cases. some of the top tourist destinations on the list include argentina, australia, the bahamas, bermuda, egypt, israel and turks and caicos islands. the cdc elevated its travel recommendation to level 4 or very high telling americans they should avoid travel to those destinations among others, the agency places a destination at level 4 when more than 500 cases per 100,000 residents are registered within the past. 28 days. >> 2021 set a record for firearm confiscation is at the nation's airports. yeah. tsa says that it's found and confiscated nearly 6,000 firearms last year. that is the highest number in its 20 year history. the agency also says that 86% of those confiscated firearms. we're loaded. atlanta, dallas and
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houston international airports where the 3 airports with the most confiscation is last year. i will talk weather but we'll keep the aviation theme going. a live look out here tonight at san francisco international. >> first, chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now with the forecast. couple patches of fog out there on this evening. nice sunset again tonight. beautiful day today. again, as that fall kind of sneaking in late in the day and pushing on shore. so overnight tonight, likely to see a couple more patches of fog just waiting for some rain. now. >> and rain for a couple of weeks here. so here we go. a long range forecast. molly will see a lot of that moisture and the pacific northwest rolling right now at the direction behind that that ridge of high pressure weakens slightly only to regain its strength as we head into friday. in fact, friday think we're going to see an offshore wind that is going to make for some nice weather around the bay area saturday and sunday. look fantastic. that ridge starts to flatten out a little bit. i think as we head into next week that will see a few more clouds kind of drop through as we head in toward monday and tuesday, but still staying dry during that period to see that clear air just
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kind of sitting overhead as we get the middle of next week. then as we head toward the following weekend, there you go. that begins to recede just a little bit. and that may be the sign as we look toward the end of the month. now, we could be talking about at least a chance of rain returning the bay area. but still all right, now we're keeping things dry, air quality suffering and all staying the conditions for the most part, moderate amounts of building up a little hazy in parts of the north bay and east bay in the south bay still looking good along the coastline. i think we see that offshore wind kind of kick in on friday. we're going to see your skies clearing out a bit. right now, i'm more of an onshore breeze kind of kicking in. and that means some low cloud and fog gathered along the coastline, almost like a spring-like event right now, least along the coast to find that rain. you got to help the pacific northwest. you get into portland, got some showers there got some rain up in towards seattle and some snow for the north. but right now, that's where it's all headed. and i headed away from the bay area. so tomorrow enjoying another beautiful day outside these temperatures running a little bit above the
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average, a good 5 degrees above the average in some parts of the bay area. maybe as high at 68 degrees in concord. 68 in livermore. 68 in antioch about 65 in mill valley. next few days. keeping those temperatures very mild and slightly above the average cooling down over the weekend. just a little bit. but still dry through the middle of next week. thanks, laura. it's not a sight you see every day. we'll explain where this goliath sized skill. it is going. plus. >> we're part of that dynamic our team to get them the big p - w. and the like will team spirit. we're going to catch up with some diehard niners fans. team gets ready for green bay.
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>> these pay the city of dublin has seen an increase in these guys. coyotes around the city. this is not a the most recently seen cody, but this is a video from a bunch of coyotes recently spotted around the east bay and sightings have been reported, especially in the area of emerald glen park, central parkway into sahar creek trail. officials say to be cautious if you are out and you see them and to notify the california department of fish and wildlife, if you in fact, run into one on the peninsula. police and wildlife officials are searching for an aggressive mountain lion in belmont. the big cat was last seen early this morning just outside the
6:25 pm
>> water dog lake and open space or our first charles clifford reports from san mateo county with more on the search for the big cat. >> well, here in belmont on wednesday morning to mount lions were apparently fighting in the street early in the morning, according to the belmont police department, they received a call about 2 o'clock on wednesday morning saying that there are mountain lions fighting in the middle of hastings drive near bridge court when they arrived on scene, they discovered the one mountain lion had killed another and drug. the carcass into a neighbor's yard. they took away the dead mountain lion and game wardens and police searched for the other mountain lion but were unable to locate it. now it's not unusual to see mount lions in this area. these homes, but up against open space. there's a lot of shrub and areas where mountain lions can hide. i talked to one neighbor who lives just down the street. she says that everyone's aware outlines nearby and it is something. but you have to worry about a little especially if i have little animals like a little dogs. i did have a little dog one time and i was worried about it.
6:26 pm
>> so when you hear that 2 of them were fighting down the street from your house and one on one online killed another. that's kind of disturbing. yes, it's very disturbing that they would be killing each other, but i guess they're fighting for territory. you know, it's getting tighter and tighter for them. >> now police did put out a warning to neighbors to be aware that there wasn't aggressive mountain lion in the area. there's also karl mundt, a high school down the street from here. and the message went out there as well. warning parents and students about this mountain line, although no lockdown was put in place. but for now in belmont, charles clifford kron, 4 news. >> still to come, paramedics are pleading for help to try to reduce ambulance. wait times out. the delays could affect your care and how lawmakers are trying to find solutions. and after the break, 2 people are dead after a crash in san jose last night. the important reminder from police about crosswalks.
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our top story tonight at 6.30, it's been a deadly year so far for traffic collisions in san jose. more than half a dozen people have been killed and 2 of those were pedestrians who died after being hit by a car just last night. >> says made has the latest details on the investigation. it's stark. all right. the vehicle had a green light. very difficult to see people crossing after hours. >> those were the conditions with a deadly vehicle collision happened, killing 2 pedestrians and injuring a 3rd person tuesday at around 8.24,
6:30 pm
p you here and all that expressed way of foxworthy avenue in san jose. san jose police sergeant christian cabriales says 3 adults. the 2 men who died in the woman who survived. we're not using the crosswalk when the collision occurred. >> it's a pretty major intersection, therefore, cross walks there. you know, less than 100 feet where they were crossing. they could easily use the crosswalk. you know, they made a bad decision last night and now we have 2 people that lost their lives. >> investigators say the driver who was behind the wheel of this white 2017 toyota sedan was also injured. the driver was also transported to a local hospital. yet some injuries from the windshield collapsing into the vehicle in the air bag deployment. this is a fairly large intersection pedestrians at to build the move with that light turns green. >> the posted speed limit is 50 miles per hour. it is radar and for us because vehicles are known for driving above the limit here.


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