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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  January 21, 2022 7:00am-8:01am PST

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realized that let's realize that together is not yeah, i love it. and just what the glow behind daria. yes, just friday, but it's also not foggy yeah, because >> just use a little yesterday was a rough percent of our commuters. even though we love the fog, it's not fun to drive through. sometimes none of it. this morning golden gate bridge looks crystal clear. we're trading in the fog for some strong winds. now there's a bit of a catch this weekend on an otherwise perfect weather weekend. >> we do have high wind advisories that just took effect about 15 seconds ago across the entirety of the bay area. and in the deeper orange across the north bay, those are high wind warnings and that's because of winds and those spots. upper elevations in the north bay gusting as high as 50 miles per hour today. tonight into tomorrow morning. otherwise skies are clear. temperatures are about to be really comfortable. so if you can brave the winds, get out there and enjoy it, just don't be surprised when those winds come rushing
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through 30's, 40's and 50's pretty wide range of temperatures this morning. as far as the golden gate bridge goes this morning. take a look at this. it is beautiful. it is fog free. love that view of it. the richmond center fell bridge is also looking nice as the sun begins to show a little brightness over the horizon. a little bit of a back up there at the toll plaza. but nothing that's going to slow you down too much. san mateo bridge is still rolling, just fine at the limit and are most traveled bridge this morning. not all that traveled actually at all the bay bridge from the maze to fremont street. only taking you 11 minutes during. all right. so this week is a big game and i'm confused because james was wearing the tie and it's supposed to be when he has home games. he was. >> so i don't know the jinx it, but i think not because it's the playoffs is a big deal. jimmy g it's a big and so i guess he can wear the forty-niners tie on an away. obviously playoff there in wisconsin. you can see the ready to take on the packers. they're getting on the bus to leave santa clara yesterday for green bay. with slim is
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going to be cold at lambeau. you can bet tomorrow night and excitement is building for this divisional round matchup. fans will be there at the road game, which means they have to hit the road, get their covers. will tran is live at sfo chatting with some of the lucky fans high will. >> this is the getaway day for them. although their plane is not as luxurious as the niners plane, but they don't care. they will land in green bay in just a few hours from now. it is cold this morning, but believe me, once they land, they think this is probably the sahara desert because my friend in milwaukee this morning, she says negative 8 when she woke up this morning in a kickoff, it could be in the teens with wind chills being in a down to negative degrees. the fans they are passionate. here's video them arriving at sfo as early as 5 o'clock in the morning. the first wave of the fans taking off. we expect this to happen throughout the day because the
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game is not until tomorrow night at lambeau field and apparently according to some tickets sites, it looks like the niners are outpacing the packer fans. as far as by whatever seats are available. so you better believe a lot of red will be in the sea of cheese heads at 5.15, tomorrow night for the niners game against the packers. i just checked las vegas just in case you're wondering, actually the spread group. >> on monday, it was at 5 and a half points. now they favor the packers at 6. but when you have that niners fans traveling, they don't care for them. this is personal. i you were done. >> yeah. a long drawn and ready to go all it is not a pleasure trip is a business go for the win? that's >> going for that w and it's not going to be cheap. i did talk to some other people and they say it is more than
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$1000, but they have saved up for this. that in traveled area for covid. and they said if there's any opportunity now, let's do it for the niners. so they are traveling and it's going to be very cold. i know that sarah stinson, my colleague, will also talk about local parties here as well. but long johns, we did talk to this one man. believe it or not, his job. 95 is to work in freezers. so he and his partner, they brought some freezer suits from work just to go to lambeau field. i give him advice. but on some vaseline on your help out from the drying. it's going to be so cold. wow. >> a freezer soon. interesting. and i like use it long. johns, you know, will the kids might we might have to say, look, it up. kids like was well, a lot jobs. i've never no, i'm not. i'm not kidding that. >> you have to use that term,
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right? long johns. i don't know i'm myself. this is as close as i'm going to support the niners day at niners are not my going to do it. that was a nice little inside baseball. i have the viewers are watching. i'll tell you what i want inside baseball. we used to have the back story of crime. we used to tell the right thing. so if you're watching at home, yeah, at least give me props for sticking to my guns. there is no fake replace in america. then newsrooms where teams when all of us and may become niners fans, packers fans, whatever team, no fake replace the newsroom what watching? that's inside baseball for, you know, come on. i'm a pagan. not watching. you know, that i'm not watching the game. will. got, you know, come monday, you'll act like you're what you see. jimmy g we all know where come monday. you'd like to him. if you watched it, not just at bated do sell it, though, to get you know, i just watch the highlights that morning. and, you know, jimmy's face, i always watch that. thank you.
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>> it's that's an easy easy on the eyes right now despite the concerns about covid. i mean, we'll just talk about all these travelers, the sports bars. you know, this also you got to go in and gather and are you worried? no, no, not niners fans. they're going to be there wanting to, you know, gather with other fanatics taylor's sacking has more on that. >> francisco forty-niners fans hope to continue similar celebrations after saturday's playoff game against the green bay packers. this was the scene, a district 6 in san francisco's soma neighborhood last weekend for event. organizers expect to see more fans this time around. we just sold out before we got on this call are bp's are sold out. >> our table to sold out. >> i mean, we're doing complementary entrance, but that's how we kind of gauge how many people incoming safely director at district 6 anthony, she landers says >> they tickets for this weekend's watch party to
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control and limit capacity due to the rise in covid cases, lenders usually planning events all across the city. but since the pandemic, he's pivoted to finding more creative outdoor event spaces like district 6, where it's safer to get together. and we have a lot more flexibility because we are outdoors. >> into what we're doing is, you know, we're we're socially distancing the i believe most part they're they're they're they're diligent. but right now i know my first thing more comfortable, my staff, more comfortable being out outdoors. my friend a more comfortable. my mom's more comfortable. and to me that just makes more sense as the right now. however, many sports bars across the city and bay area don't have the same space or capabilities. >> so they'll likely look like this. well, covid cases are going down again. infectious disease specialist at ucsf doctor peter chin-hong says he's still concerned about gatherings he says will likely see that declining cases slow as more people get together to cheer on their teams. that may mean the sense from a people we still are.
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>> because you have like many spikes up to be stacked events there. so watch parties and the super bowl each time you get a little bit higher, i think we are on the way down. but again, how we go down. well, depends on all behaviors. i'm taylor reporting kron. 4 news. >> stand tv. the story. john and i are talking about jimmy g and george kittle. so there you go because we're not going to watch the game nor go to a bar big story this morning that we're also following a new push. this is covid back to covid to allow pre teens to get vaccinated. get a covid shot without permission from their parents. local lawmakers and health officials are for this effort. they wanted covers or since it is live in francisco. the question is the parents want it and how is this going to work? sarah? >> we'll tell you this will certainly be a controversial bill to enter the state capitol. u.s. senator scott wiener. he's the one
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introducing this bill and it would make it so kids 12 to 17 years old could going and get the vaccine without parental or guardian consent. now that's a big one, right? this is for any vaccine that includes the co vaccine has been approved by the fda and cdc. >> this would be the youngest of any other state in the country to allow children, ages 5 and up are currently eligible to get the covid vaccines. but 28% of those in california ages 12 to 17 remain unvaccinated. senator wiener argues that we already allow those 12 and up to consent getting the hepatitis b hpv vaccine. so why not other vaccines like for covid? the senator says it's unconscionable that these teens will be blocked from getting the vaccine because of a parent's believes or because of their schedule. maybe vaccine legislation like wieners has been controversial in the state vaccine. mandates have been controversial in the last year. republican
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assemblyman james gallagher says this seems another seems to be another example of democrats wanting to remove parents from the equation. gallagher continues saying parents are vital to making these decisions. now this morning at 9.30, senator we know will be in san francisco here with other lawmakers as well as local health officials, some from ucsf and some including doctor grant colfax san francisco's department of public health. they're all going to be sending by side in favor of this bill. of course, it's being introduced. we'll have to see how far it gets in the state legislature. i'm sarah stinson reporting live back to die. and people with older kids you know. >> it's like they do what they want to do and they don't do what they want to do. so their mom. okay. haha i don't need a new law. thank you. don't need permission. 7.10, right now and some promising news about covid. so that's always nice to let you know about. experts say yes, we have a long way to go. okay. before we get this
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surge over. but they are reaching for a nationwide high now like a peak. that's the sarah's big story yesterday. 800,000 cases they're thinking on saturday. that's the 7 day average has fallen 8% as they look at that. so the case numbers are down hospitalizations and deaths are still rising. and now we look at the nationwide number. there are 26,000 covid patients in the icus, san francisco city leaders say that our cases peach january 9th. there's our chart and they've been going down ever since. again. same for us to hospitalizations are still hi. and that's why they're telling us, you know, we have to keep the masks and they're not losing any time soon. city health authorities are now changing their approach to containing the virus. we're not going to hold onto restrictions. and and, you know, just waiting for
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everything for omicron to go where covid to go away. that's not going to it's clear that that's not going to happen anymore. >> we will reach or of a place where covid is endemic and we're going to learn to live with this virus and are lifting of of of restrictions in a gradual way will reflect that. that new reality. apparently the goal is no longer to prevent the spread of covid but to prevent the worst possible. >> out comes when people get it or if they get severe disease and hospitalization and even death. meat loaf. >> who i understand he famously said don't call him. mister loaf. call him eat and the rock star has died of real loss for everybody who loved his music and big personality. his real name was not me loaf. it was marvin lee. add a and he died last night. i think of
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all the songs. i mean, their anthems just songs. >> paradise by the dashboard light. >> and then you heard just a little snippet of i do anything for love. meet los album, 1977, out of became one of the top selling albums in history. so more than 40 million copies worldwide. and he's made several appearances in film and tv over the years. he was in the movie fight club. and of course, the rocky horror picture show. just 74 years old. he will be missed. well, listen to his music forever. 7.13, right now. and still ahead. >> a high demand for housing in the bay area. what does that mean for the real estate market this year? you're looking to buy or sell? if you look at vice and why no, it's going to cost you more tell
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you how the supply chain is now impacting the know.
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>> 7.16, for your money this morning. home prices rose faster than ever in 2021. typical home gaining 50 grand in value and more around here >> and >> if you say san fran. >> you're not the majority
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anymore. santa. how about? >> frisco, jane, anybody still yes. >> but with philadelphia, they like hated philly. so i get it all you you know, that. they hated chilly. yeah. so the 42% of people are hearing san fran, less than they did last year compared to 17% say the hearing and more 41% the same. now boost for public relations firm. a study found that being educated in the san franciscans to affect tate san fran. more than 3 quarters said they will stop using it. also, majority of americans wpll buy votes far say they want to keep politics out of their airline travels. when asked if they would fly on an airline with a political point of view. majority 58% said no, they would not. well, coffee and milk are the most expensive they've been during the pandemic coffee cost about 4.97 per pound on average. that's up 10% compared to a year ago. and milk has seen
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pretty much the same increase over that time. no home sales hit a 16 year high last year. the average mortgage loan size. so this is nationwide. is that a record? 400, $18,000. that's what the mortgage bankers association. the housing market has not been this hot since 2000, 6. well has established a taco bell business school. so this is a little it's a six-week business boot camp, but it teaches the top performing workers are interesting getting in the management, maybe even owning a talk about franchise about this. a sailor about finance and entrepreneurship marketing hr and other growth and development skills flight from new york, i'm jane king. back to daria. thanks a lot, jane. and since j okay. this is kind of funny. meet one of signs. those just looking up, john, it's called life is 11 and i want my money back. >> so, you know, i know million of the size of some of them. i don't know. and >> that's a lot of fun. durham in us. yeah, it's i grew on meat loaf yet. you a lot of us
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grew up on me. the meeting it listening to you know, the exact in montana up in where it's a little colder than it is here right now. thankful to be in the bay area on a day like this. i know a lot of us are heading up to green bay to >> attempt to survive this 10 degree temperatures for the game this weekend. what we've got today in the bay is good weather for just getting outside here locally. really nice and clear, especially as compared to yesterday when it was super foggy across the region. and we're going hold on to the sunshine today. we're actually going to be a little bit warmer than we were yesterday, too. so it looks like a beautiful weekend ahead of us. what's the catch here? what we do have a high pressure ridge to our west in the low to sending to our east. and we're caught in the middle here. this is going to usher in some really strong winds, mostly out of the north and these offshore winds. if they were to have been coupled with dry weather, that wasn't for all that december rainfall would have upped our fire danger. fortunately, that's not the case. it's just a nuisance, unfortunately. so later today, tonight into tomorrow morning will be the core of this bit of a wind event that we're going to be in petaluma seeing winds
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gusting as high as 40 miles per hour tonight, half moon bay around 30 miles per hour. we start to come down midday tomorrow. and if you want to get outside, guaranteed, without the strong winds, sunday is the day to be doing it as we'll be seeing much calmer winds towards the latter part of the weekend. as far as today is concerned, it's a breezy one, but i still want you to get outside. enjoy it. just hold on to your hats. oakland, 66 for your high of allay 67 while san jose also at 66 tomorrow will remain windy before common conditions later in the day on saturday. sunday looks a lot calmer monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday. we'll stay calm, clear and dry as far as the roads go. it is certainly friday light after yesterday, which was jam packed with commuters and fog today has really neither from the maze to fremont street on the bay bridge. it's only a 13 minute drive. the san mateo bridge is also looking fairly light. you're still at the limit with a 13 minute drive there, too. keeping the 13 is going to the richmond center fell bridge just a bit of a backup before the toll plaza and gorgeous. start to the morning there at
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the golden gate bridge. not seeing any hot spots on any of our other roads this morning, too. but but one traffic quote from meat loaf. another song that works objects in the rearview mirror may appear closer than they thank you. below 7.20, right now and for your money. >> the price of a bottle of wine is going up. the higher cost is impacting the industry. the higher cost of glass wine bottles. i guess if it get out of box, john, see the wine box will be affected by that. >> yeah, is this is a fine year for boxed wine. here's a look at the production line. this is at the end family lives in santa rosa the business says that the cost of making each wine bottle is going up and that's kuz of supply chain issues. there's no shortage of glass in north america, but apparently there's just the high demand, i guess. and that pushes the price up. >> and is really high. and
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it's not easy to just switch your supply chain, you know like that. i mean, that takes time to change suppliers and 2 to get in up production. a line. >> so the inman family wines anyway, they predict prices could go up like 3 to $5, a bottle. are you kidding me? $3 is the whole my bottle from trader joe's that really is locks winds. got no room for that. yeah, or you you could get the can these days. oh, my god. so again, ice promise of a beer drinker. i don't want to insult wine drinkers that are going oh, my god. she's or how gauche 7.22. right now. and coming up, a memorial is planned at the uss hornet museum in the east bay. and we're going to tell you more about that and listen to family members. 56 years later. the uss hornet is going
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to be hosting a special memorial this weekend to honor for navy aviators. >> who disappeared during a mission in the vietnam war. and this dedication is happening. it's a historic plan. kron four's ken wayne, our own pilot has the story. >> it is the job of america's fighting men and women to go into harm's way. that means they might not come back. irwin templin junior, robert senate edman and william foreman set out on a mission and their best to track or anti submarine aircraft from the deck of the uss hornet on january. 22nd 1966.
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>> we know if it was an accident or a fair shot down to know anything at all. >> and that's the thing with missing in action cases. there just isn't that closure. and, you know, human beings need to have answers. can't get him. it's it's hard to heal. >> incredibly, this film shows that plane and her crew getting ready for launch from the hornet on that very day. yeah, it was when he disappeared. and i it's. >> anywhere between a 50% chance that that is the day of their last flight. the navy has 2 tracker was built to find enemy submarines. >> during the vietnam war, the u.s. is what it was conducting anti-submarine warfare operations in southeast asia. >> and they also assisted in search and rescue operations for downed pilots. yes to tracker and 4 crewmen have been missing for more than half a century. >> but another has to was donated to the uss hornet museum and over the last 2 and a half years, it's been restored and he's even painted
7:27 am
in the exact color scheme and markings of the long-lost aircraft. >> this aircraft has been restored with loving care to be a place for the families of those airman. have a place as a marker where they can know that. they can remember their family members here on the ship where they last. took their breath. >> this saturday, family members of the missing crew members will gather on the deck of the foreign aid for a memorial service to honor the sacrifice those men made 56 years ago to the very day. >> it's going to look essentially as it did in 1966, as is 1966. >> and to the day, 56 years later, we have family members there. we're painting the names of >> the chairman right by the window. they were last in. ken wayne kron. 4 news. >> report can. and if you would like to get in on that ceremony, the dedication of the plane is going to be on the uss hornet museum in alameda on saturday at one 7.27. and we'll be right that
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coming up on the kron 4 morning news. the latest on the fatal police shooting at sfo. >> and now the attorney >> and now the attorney general is getting. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> and now the attorney general is getting. ♪ ♪ ♪ deposit, plan and pay with easy tools from chase. simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours.
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new year, new start. and now comcast business is making it easy to get going with the ready. set. save. sale. get started with fast and reliable internet and voice for $64.99 a month with a 2-year price guarantee. it's easy... with flexible installation and backing from an expert team, 24/7. and for even more value, ask how to get up to a $500 prepaid card. get a great deal for your business with the ready. set. save. sale today. comcast business. powering possibilities. >> or all. >> my daughter, i said i'll give you a 4, 1, 1, and she said what is for a while okay. that means information. cousin called information. and i just told our producer where the word came from because he's like, i know it means me too.
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know where to come from. richard. it machine. and here's the kracker. that's how you would get the wet copy paper often. never mind. just look at how kids. given the weather. john, i i i never heard of this to go >> part of the magic do know is she know the word that spawn from it. does that count a little bit a little? just forget >> you know that anyone. remember morse code. okay to not doing that? watch a little tv grown-ups. i got love. but yes, looking out there to pretty clear morning what did change from yesterday from the fog to the sun today. the catch is unfortunately the strong winds for the north bay winds will be gusting as high as 40 to 50 miles per hour. you see those deep orange pockets. those are high wind warnings up in the upper elevations of the north bay were subject to seh the strongest wind gusts. the rest of us, almost all of us across the bay area under high wind
7:32 am
advisories through today on into tonight and into tomorrow. so we're trading in the fog that we had yesterday with some good visibility. but unfortunately, some really strong winds out there times. i'm still going to encourage you to get outside today. just hold on to your hats. ready for some strong breezes from time to time. 30's, 40's and low 50's for our current temperatures ahead of some daytime highs solidly in the 60's. it has been for i daylight the definition of it on our roadways this morning looking so good at the bay bridge. what a change from yesterday. we had multiple accidents on the bay bridge yesterday. today. it's been nothing but sunshine and smooth roadways. 13 minutes from the maze to fremont street. keep that trend going with the 13 minute drive over the span of the san mateo bridge as well as over the richmond, sandra fell bridge europe. one minute from where we were a second ago. now up to 14 minutes as a little bit of traffic does increase there, but nothing major golden gate bridge is empty. and i just love this view. this morning, daria, good way to start the morning. that is a beautiful shot. all right. thank you, john.
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>> 7.34 and the big story that we're following this morning, attorney general rob bonta's office isn't going investigate a fatal police shooting. an sfo. investigators say a man armed with 2 guns was spotted near the international terminals. bart entrance yesterday morning. and police say they tried to de-escalate the situation the bit that they say the man continued to be threatening and approached officers and that is when they fired they fired their weapons in ended up dying. another person who was near the danger. you know, that area and the altercation was struck by gunfire as well. >> person experiencing homelessness who was nearby whose leg was injured by a ricochet that individuals transported to a nearby hospital and is expected to recover indication of this incident being involves terrorism. like the individual came to kind of some type of act of terrorism. >> it's contained to this
7:34 am
particular event. >> the california department of justice is going to investigate and independently review the case. sfpd. he's also going to have a public town hall within the next 10 days to answer any questions about that fatal police shooting. 7.33. and today in the south bay, police are s about a fatal police shooting that happened in san jose. police shot and killed a suspected carjacker wednesday night. we told you about this on the kron. 4 morning news. it happened the area of heading street and park avenue. police say the man was driving a stolen car and attempted a carjacking. and santa clara, they say that he had a gun and was not able to take the car. officers say he then drove the original car that was stolen back to san jose where he caused major accident with other drivers and they got injured. the other drivers, police say they have fired at that man when he first started shooting at officers and then the man died at the hospital. the police officers involved were not injured. so at 10, 30 this morning, that's when the san
7:35 am
jose police chief is expected to identify the suspect and also share more facts that led up to the shooting. a bigger police presence is coming east oakland, the department is rebllocating. 48 officers to that area because of the disproportionate number of calls for service there and violent crime in that area. >> with the addition of 40 at officers, police department and myself plan to work with our community members to bring equity east oakland, to maker community members feel safe in their own homes. >> opd says that this is in part the effort, the implementation of a 6 area patrol plan that they have. you can see the areas mapped out here. >> on the peninsula, san mateo police have arrested at 4.16 year-olds in connection with the shooting that injured a man. the victim was shot at the hillsdale mall parking lot. there's the scene when they investigated. we tell you about this and he's in the hospital. he is expected to survive. but then the shooters got away. police say that a
7:36 am
witness descriptions and sir security video is what helped them to make the arrests all 4 booked into juvenile hall. a 15 year-old boy has been arrested in berkeley for carrying a bb gun at berkeley high school police respond reports of a fight involving students and one of the students they was threatening others with a bb gun and then police we're able to detain the students that when they found this in one of the students, backpacks and so you can see it looks pretty real and so he was arrested on suspicion of brandishing a replica firearm and having a weapon on campus. cal osha is investigating that death of a tesla worker at the factory in fremont. 47 year-old rodrigo vn of tracy just suddenly
7:37 am
collapse wednesday morning while working on the power train line at the tesla factory. cal osha says that they were notified tesla notified them. and so now cal osha is working to determine whether that death was somehow work related. the push to make california the first state with a single payer health care system has cleared its first or well known. that first latest turtle. it's making its way lawmakers voted to send a bill that would get rid of private health insurance to the assembly for a full vote. it would create cal care. a state-run program for all california residents. lawmakers estimate it will cost more than 300, 50 billion dollars a year. it would be paid for. let's tax hikes on certain businesses. and residents. san jose assemblyman ash kalra is the bill's author. >> there needs to be voters in california say yes, this is
7:38 am
what you want. that's always been my intention. the first thing to pass a policy. so at least the voters will know you know, hey, this is what we're going to bring to you. and then through the vote, don't know what that's going to cost. >> the state assembly is going to vote on the plan next week because the bill was introduced last year. if it doesn't pass by the end of this month, it's considered dead in the water for the year. 7.38. and coming up, still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. >> oh, my gosh. should day after the forty-niners left in aaron rodgers and the packers are getting ready in green bay. everybody's they're ready conference. kate rooney has final thoughts from coach and he and the i hope she talked to kill love him. >> and after the break, the san francisco pride celebration. it's back on. it's been 2 years. we're going to talk about how organizers plan to pull this off. we learn about covid-19,
7:39 am
the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today.
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>> pride is back there commit an there's going to be a real parade this time this year in san francisco. first time in 2 years had to cancel because of covid. of course. but they say that the celebration is on because, you know, it doesn't come until june. so the san francisco pride festival it's going to be a live event. that's what they're saying. and we give you the dates, june 25th. and 26. the parade is sunday morning. it's put it on your calendar. this is really going to happen. a parade at 10:00am sunday morning in june. it's just so
7:42 am
you know, we're in the middle of covid. so it is kind of what they have to plan. i mean, you there are still working out the details and it takes a lot to pull this off. but they think they're going to be able to pull it off, get all of, you know, the everything will work out. and so we're going to see all kinds of floats along market street. they say, and they'll be some kind of party city hall. they've got a couple of dozen stages and they're sinking. they'll have performers in everything. now there's 5 months. so they're going to be working in that time very closely with public health officials to, you know, because these covid guidelines are going to be changing. they know that. but they are sky to celebrate pride. so we'll keep you posted here on kron we always have special to a point to as well. >> some 42. we'll be right back. all right. this is how
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7:44 am
7:45 am
we keep the kron. 4 crew together with the james leaves and then on his way home. and in this case it was right outside before he hopped in the car. >> he gives us a selfie. all right, james, which i really like it is yes. and it gives us a look at the niners tie because that's his way to. has that this was a president, john. he actually thinks he is. he has his role in this is like, yeah, this still working tell his credit should be. james is helping you. and then you could see that things are clearer in that shot, which we get a weather shot is just
7:46 am
everything is coming together. john. it's all coming together. right? things just feel right thing about it. things are coming together the it's gorgeous out there. yesterday was super super foggy. obviously this morning we're not seeing any of that. just a beautiful sunrise. san jose looks gorgeous in san jose. you're going to be one of our calmer areas today because while the rest of us, >> all of us really enjoy some sunshine and some really mild temperatures. there's a single catch to what we've got later today tonight on into tomorrow morning. and that is about to be some pretty strong winds where right between a low pressure area descending to the east and a high pressure ridge that continues to dominate to the west and right between the 2, we have some strong northerly winds of the work back into the bay today for the north bay, especially this is going to be an issue with 30 to 40 miles per hour. wind gusts in areas like petaluma sonoma and napa, higher elevations in the north bay which will be under high wind warnings. we'll have gusts as high as 50 miles per hour. a little bit calmer along the bay shore on the
7:47 am
peninsula as well as into the south bay. if thwt's where you want to go today on into tomorrow, they'll be your commerce spots. now, if you really want to enjoy the mild weather without the risk of your hat blown away in the wind, sunday is the day to do so because winds will really have calmed down by then and should remain pretty calm on into next week, too. today's daytime highs will be noticeably more mild than they were yesterday. we're already kicking it off with some sunshine and we're going to be keeping that around throughout the day. some mid 60's near the coast near the bay as well as further inland in some of us, actually even rising into the upper 60's for fremont. and hayward will be 65 today for san leandro in oakland. 66 degrees a bit breezy, but a nice 67 in vallejo and benicia and even out towards the coast. look at that point. raise that 65 today. yesterday you were in the mid 50's. so that's a noticeable bump tomorrow and sunday will be nice and mild to sunday. we'll take away some of that wind. and that's just going to be the cherry on top of the day next week stays dry, stay sunny and stays mild. now, as far as our bridges go. also
7:48 am
quite the change from yesterday, not looking at any fog and as far as backups co, i haven't seen any. this is so nice to get the weekend started bay bridge, the mace from fremont street. a 14 minute drive there rolling at the limit across the san mateo bridge, the richmond center fell. we do have a mile backup before the toll plaza, but you're still inching along there and then you're going to be okay. and then there's the sun, which nor that a change from yesterday in the golden gate bridge. i just love it. i want to be there right now. it looks so nice. perfect. 24 minutes from 37 to the tolls. daria on, wait, wait, was kind a like 10 degrees feels like temperature and a 50% chance of snow. so why does so for the fans that are going up there? because i've been seeing some of with just the sweaters on. >> you're going to need more than that. get all the layers ready to go. wow, ok, a cold game in store for the niners who are right now. >> in that cold in green bay getting ready for the packers
7:49 am
tomorrow. starting tomorrow, the divisional round put up sorry, round playoff. >> it's going to be cold, but apparently the niners. can do that. i don't know how without their fingers. freezing kron four's. kate rooney has more. and in sports. the forty-niners took off from team headquarters making their way to green bay for saturday's divisional playoff game against the packers. >> jimmy garoppolo clutching that food box with his injured right hand. that's got to be a good sign. he's dealing with that thumb issue. plus, a sprained shoulder. george kittle with a wave. is he headed toward the bus? now? more good news, jimmy g and fred warner are no longer on the injured list. they were full participants in practice so they should both be ready to go full throttle saturday night. now, nick bosa situation is a little more tenuous. he suffered a concussion when he collided with dj jones last sunday against the cowboys. now he's cleared all but the final step
7:50 am
of concussion protocols and head coach kyle shanahan says he's confident bosa will be cleared to play the latest forecast, meanwhile, has kickoff temperatures at lambeau field as warm as a ball need 20 degrees as chilly as one degree shanahan was asked about preparing his team for the cold. >> i'll talk to some of the guys about. i think each person is me personally. it's not about getting used to. it's about going out and doing it for 3 and a half hours and make to get your mindset that i can do this for 3 and a half hours and focus on the game and everything. i don't think you go out and freeze the day before and i think that your body is going to be more used to it the next day. i'm expecting to be layered up and i'm expecting the ball to to not fly as far and expecting to have a really fun atmosphere plan. there's nothing like playing at lambeau. and i'm the sort of should be a playoff. should be. >> cowboys versus forty-niners and packers versus forty-niners and it's awesome to be a part of it. >> to the hardwood now
7:51 am
warriors hosting the pacers. it was kayak clay bobblehead night chase center. picking up in the 2nd quarter. steph curry. pulled up from 34 feet for the 3 pointer warriors led by 8 at the half. dozen got type, though on to the fort steps to a cutting gary payton, the second he dunks and go to the tiny who then head butts. gp 2. take another look there at that one. but hot v. is the jet did warriors down to? and steph curry likes that result. jta here almost throws it away. but steph makes a great save attacks the basket and puts it in to tie it at one. 0, 6, steph, with 39 points. look at that face dubs up 3 with seconds left. they don't tell. and justin holiday nailed the three-pointer with 5 seconds left to tie it at one 10. so we're headed to overtime in that extra period. keifer sykes with a nice drive to the basket to put the pacers up 5.
7:52 am
they're celebrating that chase. 21 seconds. left warriors down 3 after the jordan poole. miss from the corner step gets a clean look on the reload 3, but it hits the back rim pacers, get the rebound and indiana without its top 4 scorers and playing the second game of a road back-to-back shocked the warriors won 21 to one 17 in overtime. the host, the rockets on friday. let's go to the ice. the sharks in seattle taken on the kraken, 3rd period is where we'll start seattle up by one cali yarn croak lights, the lamp that extends the crack in his lead to 2 as the sharks fall 3 to 2. they'll come back home to host the tampa bay lightning on saturday and that'll do it for sports. all right. so the forty-niners need to embrace the cold. that's the wim hof method. >> look it up. kids m wim hof. he says cold as your warm friend and one of the pillars
7:53 am
of the wim hof method. so let me tell you, it can work for you if you know what you're doing. >> i hope that when some 50, but we'll keep watching 7.52. but we'll be right back.
7:54 am
7:55 am
>> 7.55. take a look. i need james science. scientists have discovered a beautiful,
7:56 am
pristine coral reef often to he. my gosh. >> there we are under water stretches 2 miles and includes stink. give rose shaped corals. i this is one of the largest ever found the death more than 115 feet. even more astonishing. it appears to be unaffected by human activity or climate change that look at that. that's beautiful. and just watch what because are huge. okay. so i i and i don't know i'm not certified or anything, but i did this covid thing. you know, they let you do why they kind of get. >> i see how they're down there and you got i don't lie. don't like i don't like i know i can't breathe. and so i'm like very tense, know, underwater things for me. so this corey, as safe as far as i'm concerned, and you get to see like, yes, yeah. exactly. which is awesome. that's beautiful. beautiful. what was octopus friend? whatever. only out of the seat. you're okay.
7:57 am
so go watch that. you want to see underwater vicariously experience my octopus teacher guys amazing. checking on what our next lecturer something 7.56. more about the game. of course. forty-niners fans excited whether they're going to be heading to see the game in person with hats on because it's going to be cold. >> or just party in here in the bay area. back with that and more. plus new legislation to allow preteen kids to get vaccinated for covid without vaccinated for covid without their parents consent. hey, sandwich fan! new denny's melts belong in your hand. patty melt's a classic. big dipper's fantastic. and the nashville hot chicken... bombastic? our lineup of melts, grilled to please. see you at denny's.
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>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at >> good morning and thanks for joining us and letting me join you on a friday, which is always extra good in it. 8 o'clock. so we're making our way through the morning and starting to see some beautiful sunshine, whether shots and john's got more on that in the weather. and then we've got all kinds of well sunshine in use in some cases covid, of course. and then a lot of breaking and developing news to get to as well. so let's start off with the weather and traffic. hi, john. yeah, what weather traffic. the easy department to cover this morning. unlike yesterday when you couldn't see the quite hour because the fog was so dense. >> and that likely contributed to a few incidents on the roads, especially around san francisco and our bridges today. much the opposite crystal clear skies. we are holding on to one catch and that is the strong winds that will be seeing. in fact, we're in the midst of high wind advisories that just started


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