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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  January 24, 2022 4:30am-5:01am PST

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though. morgan hill fremont as well as livermore dublin and a lot of the north bay is down in the 30's yet again. delay 38 degrees petaluma and santa rosa hang out in the mid 30's to start. so after a cold start to the day, we do have mild weather just around the corner. back to the 60's. we go under all that sunshine as far as bridges go this morning. it still has been a very easy commute. obviously, not a lot of cars just yet at the bay bridge. as you can see, there is 0 back up there at the toll plaza. things moving along, just fine. just a little over 10 minutes to get you across the san mateo bridge in a very easy commute there. richmond center fell being greeted are early. risers are by some easy traffic conditions and also whether that's cooperating too golden gate bridge. 19 minutes from 37 in marine county down to the toll plaza in san francisco, james. all right, john, thank you very much. for 30 to time. there are concerns about the future. >> of the castro theater in san francisco. movie lovers held a demonstration sunday
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afternoon urging the owners of the theater to continue offering movies and this after the theater announced a new partnership to bring live shows to the neighborhood and plans to reinvent the theater as alive venue kron four's gayle ong has more on what they're concerned about. >> movie lovers left messages on the sidewalk outside san francisco's historic castor theater at its very best. this is, you know, >> the best place to see a movie in san francisco been coming to the castro theater for about 50 years. and i'm very concerned that they will be showing movies anymore or film festivals have been coming to the film festivals in particular long time to vote like bruce oats are concerned about changes to the venue. >> after the theater announced a new partnership to bring shows to the neighborhood and reinvent the theater has a live event venue. the theater's owners are working with planet entertainment to upgrade and modernize the building. we're not against change. >> what word against is the
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lack of communication. that's why michael patrol is speak out sunday afternoon. >> calling on the owners to keep showing movies. according to a statement that theater plans to host live music and comedy shows and community events. the theater will still screen select movies were nervous because they haven't held a town hall meeting to explain directly to us if they have a commitment to keep showing the silent films, the gate films we won, know if they will guarantee. >> continue drag queen shows here are the threat of losing the casters film programming. when reps has already taken such a sustained beating here in san francisco is >> especially here in, you know, sort of its the grandest place of its expression is wildly concerning to know those of us who i love the castro specifically but in general. >> there are plans to improve the sound system lighting and the iconic marquee along with tech upgrades. the grand
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reopening has been proposed for 2023 kron. 4 reached out to the castro theater for comment on sunday's demonstration but have not yet heard back in san francisco, gayle ong kron. 4 >> well, a funeral service is set for today for the alameda county sheriff's recruit that was killed in a freeway shooting. that service for david when is scheduled to begin at 10 this morning at cornerstone fellowship church in livermore. we'll also stream that service on our kron on app. the 28 year-old cherif cadet was driving home from work earlier this month when someone shot into his car near the bay bridge toll plaza. when was just a month away from starting his career as a deputy, investigators are still searching for that suspect. and what led up to that shooting? a $10,000 reward is being offered right now for any information leading to an arrest and prosecution of the killer. oakland police are looking for the person who shot someone yesterday afternoon. they say it happened on east 12th street and fruitful avenue right around 4 o'clock. this
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is video from the citizens app. police found a victim in the area of 30rd avenue and international boulevard. that victim was taken to the hospital. and police haven't said exactly how the shooting happened. what led up to it. but as more and more information becomes available, of course, let you now. san francisco police are also investigating a shooting that happened in the tenderloin saturday night. sfpd says that a man walked into a hospital with a gunshot wound at about 10 o'clock at night. police later set up a crime scene at hyde and turk. and this is video of that courtesy of the citizens app. police say they don't have a suspect in custody yet or a motive. they also haven't said how the shooting happened. the condition of the victim unknown right now. we're still working to confirm that. but anyone with information is urged to call san francisco police. maybe you can help them solve this case. from coast to coast. people are remembering bay area native michelle go more than a week now after she was pushed in front of a moving subway train in new york. and now her pictures displayed on billboards in times square. we've got gene kang with the story.
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>> michelle go's life remembered forever through this artwork displayed on massive billboards at new york's times square vigils on the east coast in san francisco for the 40 year-old who was killed after a homeless man pushed her onto the subway tracks madness 61 year-old simon marshall charged with second-degree murder in the random attack. we all deserve to be safe. illustrator jonathan chain drew the images of the bay area native, along with images of many victims of racially motivated violence. he spoke for the first time on the condition. we don't show his face because of ongoing asian hate and he wanted to focus on the victims of these violent crimes. >> i actually feel like in the way. i do try to. get through this by, you know, paying tributes to these victims in a way where, you know, i feel so powerless that could have helped them in their time of need. you know, some something about like when i'm drawing these portraits. i feel like, you know, i'm honoring them in
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the way and i'm hoping share their stories like, you know, some of victims like they'll never die as long as we we remember what happened to them. remember story. >> chang lives in los angeles. his main job creating illustrations for entertaining clients, but his passion project over the past year, although emotionally draining has given him new meaning, you know, my intention for drawing just to raise awareness. >> on the stories are happening and i just want people to know that. >> you know, asian hate israel, like, you know, this is something that's going to happen. our community right now. >> well, that was gene kang reporting. a california judge cleared the way for many of the state's repeat offenders to be released from prison early and it applies to inmates imprisoned under the state's 3 strikes law. all in an effort to reduce the prison population. a sacramento judge lifted a previously imposed restraining order which blocked corrections officials from considering early release for prisoners who have behave themselves and have good conduct credits that good conduct credit can now reduce
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their sentences by more than half all prisoners being considered for early release or serving time at minimum security prisons and have multiple felony convictions for non violent offenses. in the south bay. santa clara county has made free at-home covid tests available for residents there and the county's purchase about 60,000 tests to hand out. they'll be handing them out to those who sign up to them through the course of the weekend. kron four's phillipe djegal takes a closer look at how that's all going to work. >> on friday, within hours of making 15,000 appointments available for santa clara county residents to pick up for free. i know covid-19 antigen rapid test starting saturday. all appointments were booked up as this early. it it is. the county chose to purchase and hand out 60,000 test kits separate from the free tests being offered by the federal government. this as people struggle to find the kids in stores and online, i even try because all see is
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like they're also not anywhere. so. >> pretty getting this for free, really helpful. marshall couple park in san jose was one of opened up throughout the county, including foothill college in the los altos hills. >> the county will continue to pass the tests out through next saturday, a mental health therapist. so like have to get these in some seeing people every or the county says the accuracy of the test should be trusted. >> adding that if an antigen test result is positive, people shouldn't here to isolation guidance. but there is no need to report to any agency. just took an awful mom. >> a school, a high school placement test. and you need to be test before attending placement test. because we need to get testing all the time. although the county says this first round of tests have been accounted for and will be claimed. >> they're hoping to order more in the coming weeks in san jose filipe should all kron 4 news. >> a federal appeals court
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ruled that la and ventura counties violated the constitution when they shut down gun stores early on in the pandemic. the 9th circuit court says the county's classification of gun and ammo stores as non-essential was a violation of the second amendment. the decision is a reversal of 2 lower court rulings which said that gun stores were not exempt from local shutdown orders. official for la and ventura counties haven't said if they plan on bringing the case before the u.s. supreme court. but we will see it. meanwhile, the surge in omicron cases is forcing the fda now to put off domestic inspections until february 4th. the agency says it will still provide effective oversight of food, safety and drugs and medical prep products and tobacco in the interim. but they say it will use remote assessment tools and import operations surveillance instead of in-person inspections. and it will also proceed with previously planned for an inspections. but others will be rescheduled. returning to regular operations for foreign surveillance inspections in april.
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>> nfl playoff games stole the show over the weekend. we're going to show you the highlights. coming up after the break. a lot to talk about. we'll be right back. all
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right. we are back with a check of the forecast. let's hand it over to john. find out what it's like outside we can
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expect for this monday, john. hey there, james. a really nice start to the morning. as long as you don't mind those 30's and 40's where we have been starting your mornings lately, it will be back to the 60's in short once the sun eventually does come out. tower there in the distance, bright beacon under the dark skies that we still do have a couple of spots of fog further inland and along the bayshore the peninsula. but nothing super widespread this morning. just don't be surprised if you run into a little bit of that low glow from the fog. futurecast does show skies that will remain clear through the day today. tomorrow morning. likely a little bit of fog yet again, as will also see into the start on wednesday. but we're holding on to mostly sunny skies during afternoon hours and certainly dry skies as well. the big picture set up showing you why this very firm ridge of high pressure is not going to be nudged out anytime soon. that's going to keep us dry for the remainder of the month. we started this pack past weekend. really windy by saturday afternoon. we had come down yesterday remain
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fairly calm this morning into this afternoon. we could see a few breezy spots near the coastline, but a predominantly calm day ahead of us today. now today's daytime highs will be in the 50's to 60's. most of our 50's right along the coastline today. where is most of the rest of the bay area will rise well into the 60's. notably the south bay back into the mid 60's with areas like campbell, san jose and santa clara, all at 65 degrees. the state temperatures in the low 60's pleasanton livermore and dublin at 63 while oakland up to richmond on over towards are in debt at 60 degrees, north bay temperatures either low to mid 60's until you head to the coastline. that's where you'll find those 50's. now, tomorrow, wednesday, thursday and friday, very level this week is not bringing a lot of change nor the weekend saturday and sunday, the last weekend of the month bring some low 60's 30's and 40's for evening lows and remaining dry for the rest of january, hoping february turns things around for the weather. as far
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as bridges going. he's been super light out there so far this morning. nothing to note here at the bay bridge just yet. nice and calm as you make your way from the maze on over towards the toll plaza. eventually across the span as well. now what we're looking at out there on the san mateo bridge is also conditions that are pretty nice and calm. only a 12 minute drive over the span. richmond center fell to key 8 minutes this morning and the golden gate bridge and easy go across that one. james, thank you very much, john. for 45. the time the warriors hung on to win against the utah jazz and the forty-niners. >> they win as well. and we now know they're going to face the rams in the nfc championship game. kron four's. kate rooney has the latest in sports. >> some people are calling this the best weekend of playoff football we've ever had ever. we're going to get to that. but you think the nba is going to stop just because a few nfl kickers had their seasons on the line? no. so let's talk. >> warriors a big one at chase center. the utah jazz were in town in a possible postseason preview. steph curry without
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his splash brother. klay thompson was a late scratch due to some knee soreness. hope nothing serious. >> late in the second more years of one jordan poole drops jordan clarkson and hits the 3 20 points in the game for pole. he's been stepping it up when needed this season. 4th quarter now 2 point warriors lead pull shot doesn't go this time. but come on. loney puts it back in 10 points for the big man. curry fired up for that. so we go to the final seconds of the game. bojan bogdanovic is 3. it out and the put back will not fall as time expires. so the warriors hang on to win. 94 92 really close game. all right. now to the nfl divisional playoffs today. rams at bucs tom brady looking to get back to yet another super bowl. the bucs back from a 27 to 3 deficit. brady goes deep to mike evans. that in for a 55
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yard. touchdown in tampa would eventually tie it at 27 27. but that stafford rally his team help from his favorite target cooper kupp making the 44 yard catch down to the bucs 12. so that day can win it from 30 yards out and his kick is god. the rams advance to the nfc championship final score 30 to 27. they will now take on the forty-niners for the right to go to the super bowl in the nfc championship. that game is next sunday at sofi stadium in l a s. >> all right. we go to the afc now bills at chiefs, buffalo up 3 with just over a minute left. this is a crazy finish. patrick mahomes over the middle to tyreek hill. turns on the jets. and he is gone even gives the defense the peace sign as he goes in for the 64 yard. touchdown. 33, 29 teams. but back come the bill. 17 seconds left. josh allen. >> but gabriel davis from 19 yards out. it's 36. 33 bills
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with 13 seconds left, but believe it or not, that was too much time from the homes. a 25 yard completion and travis kelsey put kansas city in field goal range harris and butler from 49 yards out makes the kick a 36. 36 tie and we are headed to overtime. the chiefs won the toss and got the ball first and so mahomes didn't even give allen a chance hitting kelsey. >> for the game winning touchdown. buffalo's offense to even get the chance to touch the ball in ot and the chiefs win it. 42 to 36. so they're going to host the cincinnati bengals in the afc championship game. just a wild, wild day of sports. that is it for us. >> yeah. wild weekend. thank you very much, kate. the warriors, by the way, again, playing the mavericks. that will be tomorrow night at the chase center with tipoff at 7 o'clock. well, the chinese officials are asking beijing residents now to help mitigate covid-19 as that city is preparing to welcome olympic
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athletes. residents in what are called risk. areas of the city are being asked not to leave. many are urged to stay away from mass gatherings, cases of omicron in beijing are nowhere near where they are here in the u.s.. but beijing identified 9 new locally transmitted cases on saturday. but china taking no chances and athletes are required to remain in very strict bubbles during the games. the general public isn't allowed to attend the games at all. the winter olympics set to begin next friday. and adaptive athlete with only one leg is inspiring others to step out of their comfort zones. nashville resident amy bream was born with only one leg due to a birth defect. but in spite of her perceived physical limitations. amy, as you can see here quickly discovered her love for boxing in crossfit. she's quite the athlete. and after competing in her first adaptive crossfit games, she made it to the top 3. take a listen. >> i think it tells other people honestly like that as cheesy as the sound to anyone can do it because i didn't
4:50 am
grow up. ashley athletic. i didn't have like something. gene. that was like, yeah, you can do this. i just started to make conscious, really small effort every day to like push myself a little bit more uncomfortable. >> she just made the decision and did it just last week she competed in the. a lot of palooza. crossfit games in miami and re placed first in the adaptive division. so congratulations to her. we'll take a break at 4.50. we're right back. i was injured in a car crash. i had no idea how much my case was worth. i called the barnes firm. when a truck hit my son, i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. your case is often worth more than insurance offers.
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>> welcome back. 4.53 on this monday morning at the coastline. today, the golden gate bridge is free of any fog, but we do have something to about the coast and those are some beach hazard advisories through the morning as we will see some high swells out there right along the coastline, especially to start the day up the coast. it's one of our colder spots anyway. so they just want to stay away from it. highs only in the 50's the rest of the bay area will be climbing back into the 60's this afternoon such as will be seen along the bay shore as well as for inland areas under a whole lot of sunshine. temperatures today rise into the mid 60's for san jose at 65 degrees.
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half moon bay, you'll still rise into the low 60's at 61. well, oakland, san francisco mill valley right at 60 james. it's getting the house. i have to go out. stubborn husky. get inside. you're such sometimes insider? well, larry, first of all, let in a goal. but does not like to be told what to do. >> especially when you get to spend some time outside in the snow to play. his owner posted this video on social media. clearly frustrated with the stubbornness of the dog in the video. you can obviously hear him saying i it's about negative 30 degrees outside and see dog won't come in. larry. doesn't care. >> you're such sometimes >> sniffed out another i'm
4:55 am
trying to control my anger. this is haha. furious going viral for taking out his rage on amazon packages. >> it's posting videos. he's out of control dog on tiktok. it is not the dog ate the packages themselves to something against cardboard. what's going on? it's getting a lot of attention on tiktok. take a break or coming up in the next hour of fire. still burning along the coast of big sur. we're following this story. shocking to have a fight like this so early in the year when january should be seeing this. >> with more on the people have been evacuated. plus, the rams are supposedly putting limits on tickets for the nfc championship game. why they don't want as much red in the stands. more on that coming
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up. and families of u.s. diplomats leave in ukraine as quickly as possible. the move comes as russia is amassing forces along the border. well, the latest on that coming up.
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news far. >> good morning. it is monday, january 24th. i'm james fletcher. thank you for joining us this morning. i know it's early but we'll get you through the door and out the door and well, the great outdoors. quickly, john, with our forecast talking about how it's actually pretty nice outside a little cool, but actually not bad, john. yeah. as long as you have couple layers on you'll be a okay this morning, we're down into the 30's 40's, but that's where we've been starting a lot of our mornings lately anyways. so it's actually fairly familiar territory looking outside right now from what we're seeing at our east bay hills camera. skies are clear. we are only seeing a couple of spots of fog and you can see those faintly showing up along the bay shore.
5:00 am
>> as well as out into the central valley, nothing super widespread. now, as james mentioned, it's otherwise a really nice start to this day. we do have some chilly temperatures, though, happening bay morgan hill, fremont's livermore and dublin all down in the 30's. you can add most of the north bay to that list. petaluma you're down at 32 degrees right now. so definitely throw on the layers. just a cozy on what otherwise is a really nice start to what's about to be a really nice day as far as our roadways go, it is nice and clear. still at the bay bridge. not a lot of people getting on the roads this early on a monday morning. so that means you're still below 10 minutes to get you across the span. san mateo bridge also staying at the limit this morning as you are, as well as the richmond center fell, no backup there at the toll plaza just yet. and the golden gate bridge also moving at the limit. james. all right, john, thank you very much to our top story this morning, a funeral service is happening today for the alameda county sheriff's recruit killed in a freeway shooting. >> 28 year-old david nguyen


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