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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  January 25, 2022 8:00am-9:01am PST

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>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at >> you see that it's the top and we call it the top of the 8 top of the morning to you here at kron in the morning show. and we're happy that you're joining us in progress. starting at 04:00am going to 10:00am each day doing the covid shuffle with james early me late and daria, thanks for joining us. until we come together after we get through covid covid in the headlines. the niners in the headlines. we've got all kinds of stuff for you and weather and traffic to which are cooperating. i think so far so good. and john is following weather and the roads for filling in. >> double duty. still still doing the double amputee and is still looking at some fog out there, which is kind of an impact on both the weather this morning. just a little misty cools, a start. and then you're driving through that fog. you can see the golden gate bridge barely pier in up out of that fog that settled into the bay. very dense for the south bay in portions of her bayside inland valleys out
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to the coastline to so be mindful of its patchy. but where you hit it, it's very dense. skies are otherwise nice and clear above that foggy blanket. that's what's waiting for us later on today. once the fog lifts in burns off santa rosa, still sitting below freezing right now. 31 degrees. little more mild for areas like san francisco, oakland and alameda. each right now at 48 degrees. a few of our bridges isn't much of a view at all. it's very foggy. you can see the backup at the toll plaza at the bay bridge, though, from the maze to freeman street. it's a pretty to be expected. 15 minutes getting to the maze is a tough one. winter heading down to 80, though. lots of backups there, san mateo bridge is in the midst of some definite traffic, but still moving 13 minutes and just so modest back up at the richmond center fell bridge. a nice 14 minutes for you and no backup. it's all at the golden gate bridge. just the fog. 31 minutes from 37 to the tolls area. >> thanks a lot. it's 8, 0
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one. and today in the south bay, san jose could become the first city in the nation to require gun owners to have gun liability insurance. but the plan isn't sitting well with everyone. let's go to kron 4. sarah stinson covering this live this morning. so tell us both sides of this. good morning. >> daria, that's right. gun owners against this they should not be taxed on their constitutional rights and then there's some supporters and that thing, some city council members who will vote on this today saying they would like to create some change after the vta mass shooting. that still is just top of mind for all of them. has it devastated several communities in san jose and santa clara county. and really our entire bay area. >> and so this new ordinance being proposed and then voted on today. it requires gun owners to have liability insurance coverage for each firearm and to pay a $25 annual fee. if passed, as you said, san jose being the first
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city to put aomething like this in place. >> mayor sam liccardo says he knows this is controversial, but he says that the $25 fee paid by gun owners would go directly to support community-based organizations working to reduce gun violence and suicide prevention gun safety classes. mayor liccardo says taxpayers subsidize gun ownership paying about 40 million dollars a year to deal with medical police and fire services due to gun violence and gun owners should help pay for that. police officers would enforce this every time they encounter a gun ordinance would allow them to seize guns from non abiding owners. let's hear now from mayor liccardo about how it would work if passed. >> the way that we all know someone, it has insurance or not, of course, pay their fear, not is a police officer who encounter somebody with a gun. or has reason to believe that they have a gun will ask the question, hey, you have insurance for that the same way that any drivers pulled
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over will be asked for insurance and they worry that be able to produce the document or not. and the requirement is that the document is kept with the gun. >> they're look says if this gets it faced with any trouble there, prepare for legal fight already. city council has received several letters in opposition to the ordinance are looking at one of them that says in part, your attempt at gun registration seems to be a way to begin a gun registry. >> that is not a good idea. since it in gain jurors, the legal gun owners, you may receive a limited amount of tax revenue, but at the expense of upsetting quite a few legal gun owners. so you heard from both sides. but what will san jose's city council decided? well, we'll have to see their virtual meeting starts at one 30 today. >> i'm sarah stinson reporting live back to daryn. all right. so that san jose city council, thank you, sarah. now, antioch city council. >> is expected today to formalize an orange to put
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more restrictions on guns in. >> holmes owners, gun owners would have to store their guns in a locked container or disable them with a safety device. california already has a law that makes it illegal to store a loaded gun in the home. but this new ordinance would specifically require that guns be locked up or disabled. the ordinance could be approved at the city council meeting tonight. now let's get on covid breaking news this morning. pfizer and biontech just announced that they are starting clinical trials. 4 in omicron specific covid vaccine for adults age 18 to 55. they've got 1400 participants that are undergoing these trials and they're going to have 3 phases for the test. pfizer's ceo has previously said that they did expect to have a vaccine targeting omicron ready by march. here we are in january. they're getting things going. how about covid cases in the bay area? as far as the
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numbers go, it seems we have plateaued. health experts say that that's a sign that omicron has reached its peak. and going down the hospitalizations. those are going to take a water drop off. that's a lagging kind of thing. but at least with the number of cases is has stopped the new cases you know, stalled there's a lot of stress amongst the hospital workers and medical staff because they've had staffing shortages because omicron is so contagious that, you know, a lot of people are getting it. they can't keep up. and, you know, some of them are getting into at queen of the valley hospital in napa. it's been 2 weeks since they face the worst surge of covid they saw and ucsf. their cases have also leveled off. so that's good. doctors say emergency rooms, however, are now overwhelmed, not with people sick with covid, but people looking to get tested for covid because you know how hard it is find a test. well, doctors say don't do that. they say please do not go to the er to get tested. and i
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know that those of you are doing in are just desperate to get tested. but what they're saying is first, you know, trying to pharmacies. and if you can't find a test there, try to make appointments. and then if you can't get the appointments soon enough, well, you should be isolating if you're worried if you think you are exposed or you have symptoms until you can get a test and tech, you might have to isolate for 5 days. and then the point would be after that after the test of anyway, do not go to the emergency room is all the doctors are begging. you. unless you're sick 8, 0, 7, right now, california lawmakers are set to consider a bill that require all school children in california to be vaccinated and there would not be a personal belief exemption under this particular bill that they're looking at right now. state senator richard pan is author of that bill and supporters say they point out that's the loophole i was talking about the it closes the loophole in the red vaccine requirement for students to be able to go into classrooms. the mandate was part of an executive order.
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the governor newsom signed last year that one heavy out, though. and so with the new bill, those who don't comply if this passes and they don't get vaccinated, they would have to be home schooled or get independent instruction. this new vaccine bill comes days after lawmakers filed a proposal allowing teams to get the vaccine without parental consent. now let's talk football, which i love talking the don't like watching kron four's will tran is covering this live for us as we lead up to the big nfc championship game. this is so exciting. will now i got a question about your outfit. okay, because i see you're not wearing any colors. and i understand that's because you're not specifically a niners fan. but richard and ernesto, both big fans. messing around with their clothes and look at where in red because they're like, oh, it didn't work. i took off the shirt halfway through. they won. i put on a different
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shirt. so their whole mojo is changing. is that ok? do you change? >> with the superstition as the game goes, is that a thing? >> no, not change. as i go, i woke up this morning wearing blue and then we decided in a conference call that i was covering san francisco forty-niners, ok, just wanted to be neutral wearing this for those people who want to jump on the bandwagon. that by all means the gift shop will be open in just a few hours from now, by all means go ahead and sell your stuff. you've been a lifelong fan for the last 2 weeks. the forty-niners they play the rams here earlier this year and they in 31 to 10 and then just a few weeks ago, they went down to los angeles for basically a playoff game because they needed to when they were down 17 points against the rams at halftime and then jimmy g deebo samuel
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kittle. all of them came roaring back and read into overtime where they beat the rams. 27 to 24. and the irony is if the rams lose on sunday, they have no one to blame but themselves because they could have sealed the deal. >> kept the most dangerous team in the nfl out of the playoffs altogether. instead, they folded like a cheap suit, allow the niners in. and here we are nfc championship game. the niners. they have momentum on their side because they beat the rams 6 straight times the last time they played each other in the nfc championship. 31 years ago, you might have heard of this guy being the quarterback with the niners, some regular joe joe montana. >> against jim everett, as far as this latest version, the 2 point, oh, version, they are very familiar with each other. >> there's not much things we can surprise them with and staying with them. what doesn't which i think is kind of the most fun way as 2
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really good teams was a really good football game you can't really trust each other. you've got to go out and got to go out and beat somebody. >> making sure that, you know, we've got to have some counters to that being able to mix it up, keep them off balance, but, you know, if you give them kind of the same excellent job being able to exploit it. great coaches. they've got great players you know, says a lot challenges in that. >> right now the rams favored to win a slight favorite at home. but let's face it. i think everybody's nervous, including both coaches. they are lying. it. when they say they are very familiar with each other, there's nothing to trick know they are spending all week coming up with all kinds of wrinkles because when you know that opponent imagine boxing, right? you know, each other so well. so now maybe you come up with an upper cut that the other opponent doesn't know. so that's what they're doing. and by the way, you might want to consider
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this because this is turning to title town as far as the golden state warriors. yeah. this almost feels like the nba finals because they play each other in this series so many so now this is basically the nfc championship turned i win or going to the super bowl and get this. if cincinnati winds and the niners when they play each other for the 3rd time in the super bowl 40 years ago and today they faced each other in pontiac, michigan. also joe montana, bringing super bowl for the first time. the san francisco 49 ers. >> that's a sign that's a sign. i like what you're saying. well, i'm going come on seriously shanny like, oh, we've got no tricks up our sleeves. we're just allow well, we're just going to get out there. just be the like we've been really, really is that right? i like you call them on that. that is also been or coach speak because they don't want to give each
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other in the bulletin board material, right? let's face it. they talk trash. and you know that because if they like themselves up on the sideline, yeah, talk a lot of trash. i don't even know why you just don't get the support material cares. says do it all the time. why? this is a gladiator sport talk trash. well, you know, they put their hand up and they're talking now. they got masks, but the other. but they end up with a put the board up over them on the sidelines of the talk. and it's a big secret. >> right. i love that. all right. we'll knows. will knows all your secrets take you will. well, we're going to catch up with you a little bit, too. >> i love i love talking sports with will because he's got all of these behind the scenes idea and look at you. you've got all of this spirit for the niners game and we're encouraging you to show your niners pride. share it with kron. 4. we've got a what do they call that dislike it? not a photo album. oh, my god. i'm so old on our website slack and show we have is it's a micro fee should show on our look at all. the kids dressed up in the pets you can get in on it. just use the kron 4 app. you can send a picture. you can e-mail a picture if
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that's easier for you. breaking news at kron 4 dot com. >> the kids, the pets are my favorite. but keep those pictures coming a 13 and we'll be back with more about well covid because now it's really stressing nurses and doctors out. we're going to have the fall out from the covid burnout in hospitals. when we come back and also coming up, we have an update on the wildfire that is just roaring a california. my comment view is been charred and one of the good to get this fire out.
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>> it's 16 right now and firefighters are still working on that fire. that's burning in big sur this morning. it is 45% contained. that's the newest number on what's called the colorado fire. i'm not going to call that because of confusion. his views me. so this is the fire in big sur that's burning at 700 acres right now. highway one is shut down around the famous bixby bridge. >> and they had strong winds over the weekend that made it difficult. you can see how it's spreading there. >> weather is going to be calmer this week. so that's some good news. look, there it is. so that was the big little lies view, right? i mean, that's and what everybody knows is a trust. and soon when it's all out, john will look the same to drive by a seal that black charred. >> land. yeah, it's going to look a little rough for maybe a year, too. so hopefully we get some winter rains that would steer that back in the green or directions soon but yeah, that's the iconic view
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right there. you're exactly right. san jose is is sitting under the great if you are in the hills of east san jose. we're down a little further south towards saratoga, los altos hills. those areas or especially foggy. but that sitting right above you in downtown san jose and at the airport for the most of the bay area. you are seeing that shroud of gray and this is something that's not going to stick around all day long, even though we're certainly starting off with a lot of fog and cloud cover later today. you got all the sunshine, you what in daytime highs climbing right back to the 60's. this ridge of high pressure been responsible for a whole lot of this lately in keeping the western 3rd of the u.s. try. well, the eastern 2 thirds of the country still deals with winter in many cases, bitter cold like we saw in green bay just this past weekend, future cast of wind gust shows you those very windy conditions across the north bay that will have this afternoon. rest of the bay area, though, sitting it out, not as windy, so breezy for the north bay later on today. not so much for the rest of us just holding on to
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some sunny and comfortable conditions. once this fog, it's out of the way a little cooler at the coastline with some 50's in daly city at 59 degrees. burlingame in south san francisco right at 60 and for the rest of the bay area. mostly a range of low to mid 60's for the south bay. you're great this morning. sunshine and comfortable weather later on much the same for the east bay with oakland at 60 danville, san ramon at 62, warmest spots. also coinciding with the windiest areas, sonoma and santa rosa. 66 for your highs. tomorrow's temperatures right around the same as today's really that's the way we're staying through the majority of this forecast. some minor changes the last day of january. next monday, cooling things off just a little bit. some partly cloudy skies. a sign of what hopefully is a pattern change into february. it's still a little bit far away. but it does look like february could bring back at least the likelihood of some wintry conditions. as far as our roads go this morning, we've definitely seen traffic picking up. it's been a key butte morning and that resulted in a backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. now
8:20 am
that the metering lights are off, things are moving through just fine. you still got the fog, though. so be mindful of that san mateo bridge, 13 minutes to get you across. it is very gray. the greatest sitting above you at the richmond center fell bridge with a 13 minute drive in a modest back up at the toll plaza golden gate bridge. a 31 minute drive. getting a look at some of our other routes. we've had stop and go along 80 specially southbound, but also northbound along the east bay shoreline. a 31 minute drive from san leandro to milpitar and after an earlier incident, we saw a residual delays stretching from pittsburgh a little bit further to the east. a lot of those have now dissipated and well, you are looking at traffic a little less of a thing than it was earlier. a 25 minute drive from antioch to concord, dari, thanks a lot, john. a t 20 and a developing story this morning. the u.s. has ordered 8500 troops to stay on high alert. >> for potential deployment to eastern europe. they would join nato forces as the threat
8:21 am
from russia rises. even the russia says that they are planning to invade ukraine. basil, john has the latest from washington, dc. good morning. the federal government says military actions from russia could come at any time. >> and the best thing to do is to stay at the ready even as we continue to prioritize diplomacy and dialogue, we must also increased readiness, the u.s. and its european allies remain on high alert as russia continues its military operations on the border of ukraine. united states has taken steps to heighten the readiness of its forces at home and abroad. so they're prepared to respond to a range of contingencies. pentagon secretary john kirby says 8500 u.s. troops are prepared for deployment if nato activates its response force, no decisions have been made to deploy any forces from the united states at this time, president joe biden met with european leaders on the russian military buildup and the response to a potential invasion.
8:22 am
>> i had a very, very, very good meeting. total unanimity with all the european leaders, the state department emphasized that the u.s. is working on multiple solutions to reach a favorable outcome just because we're ready. >> and engaged in the process and path of diplomacy and dialogue. >> doesn't mean we aren't preparing with defense and deterrence. federal officials are still encouraging u.s. citizens to leave ukraine at this time and some allied countries have advised the same reporting in washington. i'm basil job. >> thanks, basil. coming up on the kron 4 morning news. the irs is facing more challenges this tax season. why they say there could be delays and tips for you to get around them will be right back. 25 and the
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irs says things are going to be a little bit more complicated. this tax season because of covid. they say that there's an unprecedented backlog because of the numbers of workers who are not with the irs. they're out with covid. and so there are also there are new problems for taxpayers to to deal with, including the fact that some people are going to get a smaller child tax credit payment. hannah brandt has more on the changes. >> this year tax season comes with a warning. your refunds are going to be delayed. so just expect that. that's partly because the irs is still behind on last year's returns. the irs right now is unacceptable backlog. plus,
8:26 am
the agency is understaffed and underfunded agency is not going to quit with the resources it needs to adequately served taxpayers in normal times, let alone during the pandemic to avoid extra long delays. the irs suggests people file early and make sure the returns are accurate and include all of the necessary documents. the best way that you can over come, you know, having to wait too long is just to make sure you file as error free of a return as you can. and irs spokesman clay sanford says the agency is really encouraging people to file electronically this year. if file, plus direct the majority of folks can expect refunds and 21 days or less tax expert, nicki sued with jam you tax and financial points out this year. you may need to bring into extra tax documents. the irs is sending out a letter to families who got child tax credit payments and anyone who got the $1400 stimulus payment, all the typical documents that bring those extra 2 documents because if you don't do that, your refund will be held. the stimulus money just needs to be reported. it won't impact
8:27 am
your return, but families about the child tax credit will see a smaller return. you can have your cake and eat it, too. if you've got during the year. >> expect that amount less at the end of the year when you file your tax return in washington, i'm hannah brandt. >> okay. just freaks me out. just forget my best friend. tricia is a cpa. i'm a big fan. consult a cpa. >> and what other cops doing about crime in oakland. there are extra police specifically in east oakland. we'll tell you what they're doing. ♪ add downy to your wash for all the freshness and softness of home.
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>> 8.30, right now. know how we talk about the covid shuffle that we're doing for omicron. so james is not with me, which means he doesn't have to spell >> every day i have boiled you want to smell >> are enough away. okay. yeah. both covid and for this covid safe. an egg say if you're like 20 feet away from from the doesn't matter where you're at this morning and you're probably looking at a view down in the fog. now, if you are on summer hillside, you're sitting above it and you are getting a peek of the sunshine that the rest of us will be waiting for in short order. visibility is suffering near the coast in some spots in the south bay and for our inland valleys, too. so, you know, the drill a little slow go as you venture out. radar is otherwise looking nice and clear. so once this marine layer, once this fog burns off, we've got some sunshine in store for us. it's going to
8:31 am
be a beautiful afternoon. just got to wait for this time around livermore, dublin, conquered brentwood, all in the 30's, north bay. you're in the 30's to santa rosa. you're actually still below freezing at 31 degrees. so get out those heavier jackets this morning. bay bridge still in the fog. 11 minutes to get you across the maze to fremont street and the metering lights are off. so no slow down there at the toll plaza, san mateo bridge traffic has eased a little bit. it's not that it was ever bad, but a few less tail lights. 13 minutes to get you across. the richmond center fell also a little lighter now. know we're back up in a 12 minute drive golden gate bridge. just foggy aside from that, nothing to slow you down. daria, thanks. a lot of tape. 31 and friends and family of stamford nurse who committed suicide say that his death is bringing attention. >> to the importance of mental health for health care workers, friends and co-workers of 27 year-old michael and dell are heartbroken. the travel icu nurse from omaha had been working at stanford hospital
8:32 am
before committing suicide last weekend, a recent study published in the journal of general internal medicine says that over the past 2 years of caring for patients with covid nurses, doctors, other first responders report high levels of stress, depression and fatigue. >> people who are not in the health care field do not understand the weight of how covid has affected all of us and we're going to mass and burnouts at other hospitals and then for losing staff. it breaks my heart to think he didn't. if you didn't feel like he had the support. >> and that's the thing. he was a traveling nurse from oklahoma and his colleagues are hoping that employers will step up their efforts to address the well-being of their workers and really be proactive about reaching out to workers can sometimes. >> you know, if you're if
8:33 am
you're depressed or or something, it you don't reach out to other people and it takes them reaching out to you. and here are the numbers to call. we're putting these on the screen. so the you know what's out there and available. 24 7, if you know someone or if you'd like to. >> call these numbers and find out how you can help someone who you think might be having a hard time. those are the numbers to call. and we we encourage you to do so and and and hope that you and your family and friends are well. difficult time 8.33. and happening today, the warriors are hosting a free vaccine clinic so you can get your booster because you're going to need him to go to the games. it's going to be at the thrive. a city area, which is the intersection of we're years away. and terry francois boulevard, 3.30, today, you have to register for the shot, though, online. there's a link at the worriers website. but if you haven't done that yet, there's another chance. and again, you have to do this by next week. they're going to be requiring fans to have a proof of booster shots to be able to go to the games. so are events
8:34 am
there. so if you missed today's clinic and i'm telling you, you're like, no, it's too late, you on saturday. so go to that web site at the lake, you know, get all signed up and you can always get the booster on saturday if it's too late for today for you. santa clara county workers in high-risk settings are now required to have their booster shot. yesterday was the county's deadline for workers to be able to get that extra vaccine shot that they need. the county's health orders were revised last month to include the booster mandate that applies to county employees and health care medical first response, skilled nursing facilities, jails and most shelters, county workers in those jobs have to be up to date on all the vaccines, including the booster or they face reassignment. and also in santa clara county represented real is going to host a town hall tonight and he's going to get updates on covid and there will be a doctor there. this santa clara county doctor, sara cody joining him. she'll handle the medical and he'll handle the congressional efforts about what's being
8:35 am
done to provide kn 95 masks, tests, which, as you know, are hard to find. they will be taking questions. that town hall. is it 6 o'clock and it will be live streamed on facebook. staffing problems are leading to service disruptions of buses in san francisco. muni says nearly a dozen lines could have long wait times the lines. that effect that could be affected. we're kind of running there in the bottom of the screen. the problem boils down to again covid omicron. a lot of staffers have to stay home because they have it. and so, you know, there's a backlog and that's a ripple effect. they say that 100%, though workers are vaccinated. but as you know, you can still get it. it's just, you know, might be a small cold or something either way you can't go to work. and if they can't work, you can't ride on time. turning to the east bay. now. over the weekend, the oakland police department launched their highly publicized
8:36 am
additional patrol district in east oakland. those officers encountered a sideshow in the city coffers as a comedian has more. >> these are videos uploaded sunday to the citizen app showing illegal sideshows taking over intersection along macarthur boulevard and east, though, then spilling over into eastman neighborhood disrupting residential streets of the people who live there. sideshow. >> this east oakland sideshow took place over the same weekend that opd rolled out its additional policing district plan. >> adding 48 more officers to respond to the part of the city that receives the most calls for service. >> with this addition, we feel respond much faster to our calls for service. help reduce the violent crime and work with our community to make east open much safer.
8:37 am
>> tsai feel any >> investigators say the side show started at around 05:30pm. there were about 200 vehicles and several 100 spectators. officers made to arrest, told for vehicles and recovered 3 firearms. we have had our staff members. i'm stuck in the midst of sideshows, oakland councilmember tree. the read represents district 6, also known as deep east oakland. if she were to give opd is first weekend of additional resources in that area. a letter grade. >> i mean, i think i started off in store would like everybody starts with an so we start with in that we are responding to what the community has asked for. so we're hopeful that we will see, you know, a pattern in trends that show the reduction in violent crime. >> i fish is that opd say that bcfore they make any assessments on how it's going, they want to give the new
8:38 am
police district a few weeks to take into account the impact. the additional resources are having on the community. has it made you run for 2? >> 8.37 right now. and still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news. all eyes are on the matchup. the niners take on the rams and we're going to see what both coaches have to say about that. and of course, following our >> live coverage as kron four's will tran it 7 be sunnier there in la that it is in the bay this morning. but don't worry, we've got our own sunshine just. >> in short order around the corner, just a grey start to this one. we have 60's for highs later on another mild. a nice day. i've got your game
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>> it's 8.40, in the east bay, friends and family of 28 year-old david knew when held a funeral for him. he was the alameda county sheriff cadet who died this month. he was shot while he was driving home is near the bay bridge toll plaza. one is hit by a bullet. he was remembered as a hardworking man on the path to a new career in law enforcement. and he also served in the national guard and was deployed in recent years to help communities dealing with wildfires and civil unrest. the alameda county sheriff spoke at the funeral saying when was the kind of recruit that any law enforcement agency would be happy to have. >> it was an excellent recruiter. it was everything you could want the future law enforcement officer. he was strong. intelligent. now, the
8:42 am
tremendous love for his country, community and family. >> winds remains were taken too the cemetery in como where he was buried in a private ceremony. >> it's a 41 and we'll be right.
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8:44 am
8:45 am
>> 8.44 is the time right now. and we are checking out the weather and it's foggy out there and see these people is look at the rich older. i think so. they're now it so it's tv. it's reversed. >> up there, enjoying it. the fog seat threw out there. you can like feel like it's a theory. exactly. let's show about sunburn either. let church then it's not. so here >> but you know what? it is definitely nice to look at when you're it. at least this is your view from san jose downtown san jose. but need the gray what you had to areas like los altos hills, saratoga. >> as well as into the hills of the east san jose to run into the dense or staff when she had right above the santa clara valley. so be mindful of the spots of low visibility that we are dealing with. as daria said, it's not as fun when you're driving through it. otherwise enjoy it. grey jogging weather this morning ahead of what will be more nice weather this afternoon. whether you just need to
8:46 am
prepare the day with some sunscreen for because we're right back to the sunshine. we're right back to some really nice stuff in short order here. in fact, we're going to be keeping that around for the foreseeable future as the rest of january continues to bring this high-pressure ridge that has kept the west coast. nice clear. and with a break from winter, well, the remainder of the country has been in the thick of it as far as cold air goes, we are seeing a breezy day for the north base today, but the rest of the bay area shouldn't be near as windy. so if you're heading north, be mindful of those wins the rest of you have to do is pay attention to the sunshine that will be tapping into because we're going to see a whole lot of it. daytime highs in the 60's today. our warmest spots santa rosa at 66 degrees nap at 65. also, our windiest spots. tomorrow's temperatures right around the same as today's really that's theoway we're going to be kicking. the rest finishing the rest of the month. monday, your last day of january, partly cloudy, little cooler. a sign of what could be a change of pace and early february. at least we're hoping for it as we do need
8:47 am
that rain and snow making its return. as for sunday down in la, expect some 70's around game time. that's at 05:30pm, 03:30pm. a nice sunny start followed by some clear skies that evening. definitely better than it was in green bay last weekend. let's get a look at the roads really quick before we go back to the niners, we are seeing the bay bridge definitely improved from when the metering lights were on. no more backup of the toll plaza. just foggy san mateo bridge, a 13 minute drive for you there. and we do have the richmond center fell bridge not not being affected by any sort of slowdowns. as for the golden gate bridge, also just fine. just really foggy. the east bay has been kind of a rough one this morning, especially right along highway 13. as you traverse from san leandro up to berkeley, we have a traffic collision on 13 northbound at broadway terrace in oakland. one lane is blocked and that's a shooting. a little back up there just to the east of downtown oakland. also some
8:48 am
residual delays on highway 4 that have been easing are still a thing between antioch in concord. >> daria, see those cars going over the golden gate bridge and disappearing into who knows where and the bay bridge to its cool right. and who knows what's going to happen with the niners as they get ready to play the rams on sunday on their way. they can see the super bowl. they can see it. they just got to get there. let's take a closer look at this matchup now with kron 4 sports director jason dumas, u.s.. >> the niners will look to punch their ticket to the super bowl for the second time in 3 years. standing in the way that pesky team from the city just 6 hours south of us. i call the city of angels pesky because they've been the source of a lot of the bay area's frustration in the sports world in the past calendar year, the lakers beat the warriors in the plane last season. it the dodgers beat the giants. as i hate to remind you in the nlds back in
8:49 am
october, hopefully the 3rd time is a charm here in the bay. the niners were back at their hq prepping for the nfc championship game. mondays are typically reserved for film review meetings and treatment. the biggest news of the day is trent williams and that ankle injuries. team has called an ankle sprain. kyle shanahan said >> there could be components to that injury, which would point some of ankle from ankle ligaments that he's pointing to pass out most always the best tackle in the league for players like that. >> i he the best regardless of position. one of the best that is so course it would be a huge loss if he can't play on sunday, especially against a rams team with aaron donald and von miller. as you can see that pass rush is something different. as for the match up the coaching staff, they've just started studying the tape. but really with the rams, there isn't much new to study at this point.
8:50 am
>> we've been through this so over the last 2 years. so it's not much seeing the 3rd time as it was a second time. that also is the first time, you know, just what the coaches staff to be in the same i don't think there's many there's not much things we can surprise them with and staying with them. what doesn't which i think is kind of the most fun way as 2 really good teams was the really good football game you can't really each other. you've got to go out and get to go out and beat somebody. >> down in tinseltown, the rams were doing the same thing as the niners. a lot of prep where they are coming off of one of its best wins of the season and they very well could have been the squad to send tom brady off into the sunset for good that walk-off field goal. but they haven't had much luck with the niners liked at all. san francisco had beaten the rams 6 straight times. most recently in the
8:51 am
final week of the regular season. the niners came back from 17 to 3 to clinch a playoff berth. the rams, in fact, could have won the nfc west with a win. sean mcvay those kyle shanahan extremely well and vice versa. they worked together before and shanahan. he respects all that. the niners bring to the taped. >> they do a great job. they have excellent personnel there. they're really well you can see they can do an excellent job of applying pressure with a four-man rush. there's a real by and a commitment to a philosophy what they play with their the way that they play with their front 4. i chris considered does an outstanding job with those guys and then they've got great personnel. they've got great speed on the second level. i think war is one of the best players in this, you know, in this league, especially at this because at that position and there are x on the back in early sound to a great job. all 11 tack on this defense side and jimmie ward, a phenomenal player. obviously both sen armstead have been outstanding. i've been really impressed with what sampson, jones on the interior. so they've got great
8:52 am
players. they've got a great scheme. they're really sound and they play with a relentless fanatical ever. every single snap. and you can see there's a real commitment to a philosophy and you earn every yard. you get again, some those previous you know, they they found a way to get it done. and a lot of instances, you know, those second games, each of the last few seasons have come down to the wire. but >> they're going to get any excuses. i mean, they've great job. they found a way to win that window of time. every single game is its own separate entity. you know, there's going to be a lot of similarities in terms of the players, the personnel, some of the schemes, but they do a great job playing our best ball for full 4 quarters. >> and if we need another extra quarter to do that and so be it. >> i love it. know you're the best know you're the best. so your team is you're fed does and we're going to do no tricks up our sleeve. everybody is going to do with it now. so nothing to see folks really? yeah. we'll see what happens this sunday at we'll be right back. 8.55, and
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
take a look at this. >> i only 20 panda cubs made there and they can what the talking with panda cubs that made their public debut at a nature reserve in southwestern china. i mean, they look fake. i've never seen so many these panda toddlers. they're little panda toddlers range in age
8:56 am
from 12200, 90 days old. oh, my gosh. and they had the ceremony. that was the talking because the year that tiger and also the upcoming beijing winter olympics and this nature center now listen to baby. look at the newport. >> carrot >> 356 pandas. this preserve has look at the law. look at these are the newest rate is getting the group photo apparently was not easy because it's hard to wrangle pandas. you can't you know, you can't them, you know, units and you can't. it's like herding cats. i think because they they like to climb and go places. >> it's a 56. and coming up in the next hour, gun ordinance coming to the bay area. we're going to tell you what they're doing in san jose. and what's the latest with covid in the hospitals around here and why doctors and nurses say it's really taken a toll on them around.
8:57 am
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>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron 4 morning news. at know. >> i'm darya i thought of the day waking up was i like it here? i'd like to stay a little longer. and i mean that for here on tv and here in the world, i think it is just beautiful out there, even though it is foggy there's no controlling the weather. we're just going to wait for an see
9:00 am
of sunshine comes maybe later today. john, you kind of do have a little crystal ball. so i it's not like it's completely unexpected. will just yeah, it's a little fog ball morning. you know, you shake it up a little bit and there's the fog again. and then it settles back down and this is what you get. >> the increased sunshine later on in the day. what we do have this morning is kind gray out there, but hate matter perspective for sure. i know this is great, jogging weather. kind of a nice way to ease into the morning, followed by the sunshine that we're going to definitely tap into a little bit later on. suffered in parts of the santa clara valley as well as on the peninsula along the bay shore, especially just be mindful of a couple of spots out there where visibility is an issue and slow things down. as for current temperatures, most of us are in the 40's at this point, although we do have a fair share of 30's mixed in too dublin at 39 santa rosa. you're back above freezing now at 35. regardless of where you're definitely just need those jackets. as far as our bridges go, the maze to fremont street, all of that across the bay bridge still very gray


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