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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  January 26, 2022 4:30am-5:01am PST

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little bit slower this morning. your member yesterday, how very fogty it was at this point. we've got a little bit of practice with the fog. so it's nothing unfamiliar to us. 30's and 40's for our current temperatures with livermore morgan hill, dublin conquered all sitting in the 30's for the east bay and south bay north bay joining the and areas like novato napa and up to cloverdale one of our coldest spots at 35 degrees right now later on today, it's all about the sunshine in the 60's all over again. almost becoming a something to be expected at this point. we'll be talking about any changes in the rest of our forecast. still to come, let's get a look at the roads, though, which are definitely on the foggier side. but the empty side still this morning, not a lot of people taking the bay bridge just yet. still just a 7 minute drive there. no backup san mateo bridge, a 12 minute one for you. and also pretty empty this morning, richmond center fell is under a dense fog advisory and we will be looking at visibility issues on a lot of our bridges, not just for you. the
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golden gate bridge, an 18 minute drive from 37 down to the tolls and not a backup in sight. james. thank you very much, john. for 30 is the time san francisco district attorney chase bean is the subject of a federal lawsuit. >> the alliance for asian american justice says the da's office is not doing enough to prosecute those who commit crimes against the asian american community and pacific islanders in the city. the alliance says it's had a hard time finding victims willing to speak up, though, kron four's rob nesbitt reports on one man who did have the courage to go public. >> his name is on lay and he broke down into tears at one point during tuesday's press conference when talking about his attackers and the lack of justice in his 2019 case since the pandemic, more asian-americans have had to endure encounters like these. hate crimes that often turn violent. it's why brian son helped start the alliance for asian american justice last year. going from 5 lawyers to more than 90 law firms today.
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we don't want to be walking down the street and have somebody yell out. >> you brought the virus here and start chopping honest with the bat. >> on tuesday, the alliance gave on lay a platform to share the story of how he was attacked while out for a walk in san francisco's chinatown saying and beat him with a glass bottle while threatening to kill him. the attack was the most brutal. >> terrifying and humiliating experience of my life. and the stay with me ever since. according to lay them and adolescents and also beat him with a bat and made death threats in addition to sharing his attack late expressed his frustration with how the san francisco district attorney handled his case allowed the adult male attacker to plea to a misdemeanor. with one year of probation, the alliance for asian american justice has filed a civil lawsuit on la's behalf as well as a federal lawsuit against district attorney jason dean in response to recent hate crimes. >> is one of the lawyers
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representing lay these attacks have left our communities in mourning. terrified. let me repeat that terrified. a further severe harm toss as the federal lawsuit isn't seeking money but is asking for restorative justice and an apology from the da's office are seeking systemic change. and we're hoping that other asian-american victims will step up because we're willing to step up with them. i've reached out to the san francisco district attorney's office for comment but have not heard back in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> well, as the chinese american community in san francisco prepares to celebrat the lunar new year, the number of hate crimes against the aap i community member members is course top of mind for police chief bill scott who says that there's a six-fold increase now in those types of crimes over the last couple of years at a press conference in the city's chinatown, chief scott shared the numbers to show the troubling trend. 8 incidents in 2019 9 in 2020 and than last year, the san francisco
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police said 60 crimes against the 8 pei community were committed. according to preliminary data from sapd. that's the most significant growth in hate crime incidents over that period. san francisco mayor london breed says that now that the data is available, it's time to make some changes. >> it is time to change it with a number of investments we make in nonprofit agencies that help support our seniors in this community. and it is time to change it with the number of investments that we must make in the police department in our ambassadors programs and other things that will continue to make sure that in this year 2022 that those numbers decline just as significantly as they rose. >> well, chief scott says more than half of last year's incidents were committed by the same person who police arrested last august. a man caught on camera throwing a
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drink. now the smoothie shop employee and he's now facing criminal charges in connecticut. he's been identified as 49 year-old james. >> and i up on >> teenage workers recorded him making racist remarks and then trying to open an employee door. police say the man was angry because his son had an allergic reaction to this movie. the video went viral on tiktok. that man later turned himself in to police. he since apologized, but he's now facing several charges, including first-degree criminal trespassing. in the south bay. 16 year-old san jose boy has been arrested and charged with the murder of a 12 year-old san jose girl who fatally overdosed on fentanyl. according to the santa clara county district attorney's office, this back in november of 2020, that that 12 year-old girl died after purchasing and then consuming 30 pill, which is a counterfeit fentanyl-laced opioid pill from the suspect that boy who since been arrested and booked into juvenile detention center. the girl was the
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youngest person in the county to die from an overdose in 2020. in the east bay to the rest of them made. now in 2 separate arson cases in contra costa county. the first incident happened friday and clayton. there. police say 57 year-old kevin cooper lived at large pile of debris on fire in the back of a business. it ended up damaging the inside of the building. cooper was arrested after police matched him to says surveillance video. the second incident happened saturday in pittsburgh. in that case, police got calls of a person reportedly opening fire hydrants. officers say they found 42 year-old dennis will fun. i'm wolf and barker at the scene. they say he was admitted he did admit to starting a fire near business. thankfully left no damage, but he's facing charges of arson and tampering with the utility. some state lawmakers have introduced an effort to ban the sale of cigarettes and other single use tobacco products from first capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains the legislation and how big tobacco's responding to it this morning.
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>> california lawmakers tuesday unveiled a bill that could be a big blow to the tobacco industry. but i want to be clear, this bill is not banning the sale of tobacco and marijuana in california. that's not the goal of this something member loose rebus is the author of ab 60 90. it would ban the sale of single use vapes and tobacco filters which are found in most cigarettes and cigars. local authorities will be responsible for enforcement and violators could face civil penalties of $500. lawmakers say the single use products pose environmental issues noting throughout california cigarette litter forces, public agencies to spend 41 million dollars a year on clean up the smokers. >> they smoke. >> and they talked and they risk $1000 fine ice looking a cigarette out of vehicle or throwing a cigarette out on beach or out into the environment anywhere. and that's not to turn that all the bill mirrors. a similar effort underway in new york, which california lawmakers
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hope helps their case. we will be working in tandem to ensure that we keep. >> our state's healthy and clean and send a message to the country. but this is the year to get the single use ban in place. officials say if passed the bill does not yet have a date for when it would go into effect. it's something they say they want to work out with stakeholders as the legislation involves representatives with altria group, one of the world's largest makers and marketers of tobacco in the world say they're in the process of reviewing the legislation at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >> well, a new study finds that smoking may not just impact the smoker, but also future generations. the study in the journal scientific reports found that the great granddaughters of men who smoke cigarettes when they were young are more likely to carry excess fat on their bodies. the researchers say a similar effect could be seen even when the child's parents didn't smoke regularly. so it stays around in the genes for a while. researchers say the finding has implications for our understanding people's health today and how it may have been shaped by unseen
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influences in the past. a new report says that home buyers are still leaving the bay area in search of more affordable places to live. redfin says that they're leaving expensive places like san francisco and looking for homes and more affordable metro areas or if an economist says it's been happening for a while now. but things up. when it comes to - the real estate market and it stayed hot ever since. families. >> maybe we're home school and are going remote learning didn't quite know exactly what their long-term plans were had to figure things out with with work. maybe people are still switching jobs over the last year and moving into a job that is more remote friendly or allows them to move to a cheap area and keep the higher pay. so we see a lot of that happening. >> he says he believes the trend will continue because working from home has become more widely accepted, something that may stick around permanently. well, if you're a homeowner and you
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have been able to keep up with your mortgage, help could be coming for you u.s. senator alex padilla talk about the program yesterday. he's calling the california mortgage relief program and it's part of the american rescue plan to qualify. you have to meet certain income requirements and have been at least to make payments behind on your mortgage by the end of last year. senator padilla says the program is aimed at those hit hardest by the pandemic. >> we know that the covid-19 pandemic hit especially hard in communities of color and immigrant communities and low income communities. both from a health perspective and an economic perspective. so i'm encouraged to see that to the agencies involved in implementing this program already working hard to identify and engage with the community, experiencing the most need when it comes to mortgage assistance. well, if you want to see if you qualify for mortgage assistance, we have that information on our website at kron 4 dot com. >> give it a look. if you use
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any popular finance apps, you might want to check your email for pay out the financial service known as plaid has settled a case action. a class action lawsuit for 58 million dollars for obtaining user's bank log-in information. those apps include venmo robin hood and acorns as well as apps for banks like capital one wells fargo, which use platts technology to connect. some users received a settlement notice by mail or email. if you didn't, you could still be a class member and can still submit a claim by april 28th. we'll take a break at 4.41. coming up next on the kron. 4 morning news fans around the bay area are making their way to la to watch the matchup between the forty-niners. >> and the rams will tell you what you can expect from this weekend's playoff game. we'll be right back.
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do you have concerns about mild memory loss related to aging? prevagen is the number one no pharmacist-recommendedigs. memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. we're back at 4.45. john standing by with a check of that forecast for us this morning on a foggy start to this. >> wednesday is the fog widespread or we isolated john? yeah. fairly widespread, james. it's definitely settled into the bay and for a lot of the bay itself, you are going to be driving through that low gray like you did yesterday. the car can is parts of the coast. also in the midst of it all the way down in the santa
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clara valley view from the east bay hills right here. kind of giving you some perspective of that fog pooled or right into the bay itself. much like yesterday. it burns off late morning and we do have that dose of sunshine later on today. just got to get through the greatest art. it's a cool gray start to what will be a sunny and comfortable afternoon yet again. high pressure ridge still sits in place even though it is weakening its grip a little bit. it's not enough to do more than just allow for some cloud cover to sweep across the bay area come late thursday into friday. aside from that were calming down today and just getting a little bit warmer for some parts of the bay area. some of the south bay will inch fairly close to 70 degrees on this late january day, some solid 60's near the coastline. bruno right at 60 degrees, south bay, as i mentioned, see some of our warmest of temperatures with areas like santa clara campbell and san jose at 67 degrees for your daytime highs today. the east bay settles into a range of numbers. very similar to where you were
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yesterday. well, the north bay enjoys a calmer, get slightly cooler afternoon. and santa rosa down from yesterday's mid 60's to the low 60's today, not much of a difference. you'll notice the winds, though, that will be the nice part of today. a little bit on the calmer side. we stay the same all the way through the weekend. just a touch cooler into the start of next week as we transition out of january on monday into february. next tuesday, without any drop of rain just yet. now, as far as we go on the roads, just foggy out there, it's still very empty on all the roadways bay bridge picking up just a little bit from my last check with you. but still rolling at the limit. still not a lot of traffic just yet. san mateo bridge is also really calm. a 12 minute drive over the span. and we are seeing conditions out there at the richmond center fell bridge, very foggy. in fact, chp has issued a dense fog advisory that i do want to note for there. the want to note for there. the golden gat minute drive and still rolling. just fine down one o one into the city, james. all right, john, thank you very much. legendary giants slugger
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barry bonds was snubbed from the baseball hall of fame in his final year of eligibility. >> he got 66% of the votes, but needed 75% in order to make it into cooperstown. it was always going to be an uphill climb for the home run king as he became the face of a generation of players who either used or were suspected of using. >> performance enhancing drugs. bonds still has an outside chance of getting in via the hall of fame's. today's game committee. the halls committee is comprised of players and executives and media who are charged with evaluating overlooked candidates and that vote could come in december. we'll see. a large group of 40 niner fans are expected to head south for sunday's nfc championship game between the niners in the rams and actually had a chance to speak with a few were hoping to land some tickets. >> to that highly anticipated matchup kron four's felipe call has their story. >> to say adam fox and his son keaton would give an arm and a leg to watch the san francisco
4:48 am
forty-niners square off against the los angeles rams at so-fi stadium in the southland might be a stretch but not too far off. drive fly. >> train. >> many think the danville residents say travel wouldn't be the problem. it's just difficult. finding tickets at a decent price. and they've been looking since the niners ended the green bay packers season saturday. how much you're willing to tickets that i'm looking at right now. >> this is like the lowest ones are after grand right now. so not exactly sure how much i'm willing to pay, but up. looking for is a little bit take. it's cheaper than that's for sure. candy thinly is keeping a close eye on the ticket market, but he's not concerned about getting in. >> she is a season ticket holder based in southern california routinely traveling up to levi stadium for home games. she expects to pay her way into sunday's game. >> in the next few section i was looking at there are about 1000 because that lot.
4:49 am
>> season tickets for the chargers this year to sail. and so on that in my section to see what they were going for. so they are like 1015 finley traveled to new orleans and miami for the niners last 2 super bowl runs and hopes the team can push past the rams and stay in la for a shot at the franchise's 6th super bowl yeah, i will be there. it being in la is a huge advantage i think are not understand. one thing's for certain. we know they will definitely show up. >> phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. well, a campaign to fight human trafficking was launched at la x to bring more awareness to the problem before the super bowl. >> officials say the big game is susceptible to high levels of traffic trafficking and la x will feature signs in its nearly 500 restrooms providing resources to help people identify and report suspected human trafficking. california attorney general rob bonta talk about the campaign yesterday at the launch.
4:50 am
>> we need your help. again. this is a team effort. we can only do this together. if you see signs of trafficking, please, please report it reported to local law enforcement reported to the national human trafficking hotline at one 888-373-7888. >> it's all part of the it's a penalty and a 21 campaigns, the aim of which is to bring an end to human trafficking worldwide. >> the warriors they're rolling again after a blowout win over the dallas mavericks at the chase center. >> klay thompson was back in the starting lineup after missing 2 games with knee soreness. and we're going to pick up the highlights in the 2nd quarter with clay getting the ball and stocks. last is if there another 3 pointer he would end up with 15 points on the night. steph curry. >> was setting up his teammates for some good looks. he also scored 18 points himself. jonathan coming led
4:51 am
the warriors with 22 points off the bench. warriors feeding the mavericks final score. one 30 to 92. and here's head coach steve kerr on everybody's contribution to that victory. >> the balance was great. you jordan as the 6 having a really good scoring night, claim just playing or co. klay thompson game, you know, just moving the ball. i'm taking the open shots, not forcing anything. making a couple great moves to the basket. but you know, moving the ball on. and i thought everybody really did a good job of just, you know, spacing the floor. >> the warriors host, the minnesota timberwolves tomorrow night, tipoff will be at 7 o'clock. >> we'll take a break or 4.51. we're right back.
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4:55 am
rising further than yesterday. san jose, for example, up to 67 degrees on this late january day. you're not the only ones getting well into the 60's. a lot of the bay area joining you there, half moon bay at 63 degrees along with oakland in vallejo right there as well. a little cooler, but also a little calmer for the north bay, santa rosa and napa, not as windy as yesterday was daytime highs in the low 60's james. >> thank you, john. for 55. the time disneyland has revealed new perks for members of the magic key program. the theme park shared this concept art for their latest exclusive lounge. disney's working right now to completely redesign the existing magic key terrorists in california adventure. the hangout spot will soon be transformed into a club, club. 33 style lounge only available to pass holders. so you need to be a member if you want to get in. the idea is to give magic key holders a place that they can relax after a long day in the park. the project is expected to be completed in
4:56 am
late spring if you have your christmas tree up. you're not alone. holiday decor site treat hopi a survey about 3500 people in found out just how long their christmas trees typically stay up after the holiday. well, turns out the country averages just under 3 weeks, arizona, illinois and maryland go for the longest in about 4 right up to february. according to the survey, californians leave their tree up for just over 3 weeks after christmas. and then it comes down. well, even the tigers can't let christmas coat. check it out. you're looking sumatran tiger. a couple of them actually bandar and raja. this is a at point. defiance zoo in tacoma, washington. the zoo posted this video on twitter showing the tigers haven't a little bit of fun with some leftover christmas trees that make for some pretty good back scratchers. i think. but like the rest of us, the 2 tigers have to wait until next december before enjoying their trees. again.
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we'll take a break. it is 4.56 coming up in the next hour. the city of san jose passing a controversial >> gun ordinance kron 4 sarah stinson. we'll have all the details for us coming up in a live report and san francisco board of supervisors passing new eviction protections for renters more on that minute. and now for our high school's most admired alum. get up there. oh shut up. this is so embarrassing. guys don't make a scene! oh please you love a scene.
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kron 4 morning news far. >> good morning. 05:00am on this wednesday morning. thank you so much for joining us. here. it is. the 26th of january is we're rounding out the final week of the month. feels like it just started. but here we are nearly at the end. we've got john start off this hour with a check of the forecast on this wednesday. what you see in john, a little bit like yesterday, james, starting off with the fog, ending the day with the sunshine eventually very similar view from the east bay hills, looking down at that pool of fog and low cloud cover. >> that is settled into the bay all the way down into the south bay and even into our inland areas. so we are seeing dense fog along route such as highway one o 1, 6, 80 and out along highway 4 into the car. keane is in the delta. all these areas subject to some lower visibility much like we did see for your tuesday skies. do clear out really nicely come the afternoon. and under those clear skies will be right back into the 60's. another cool start, though, with 30's 40's across the bay area this morning. dublin, you're at 34 degrees right now. cloverdale


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