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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  January 28, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at known. >> hey, this time sunday night, boy, we're going to know a whole lot more are now less than 48 hours away from the nfc championship game. tonight, the forty-niners are traveling to inglewood where they are going to take on the rams sunday. thanks for joining us on kron. 4 news at 9, everybody. i'm grant lotus. elsa in for vicki liviakis. the team will take on the rams in a game that's expected to be quite the battle. >> kron 4 sports reporter kate
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rooney has the latest from englewood cape. how's it going? >> kla. hey grant. yeah. the forty-niners are probably in the air right about now. their buses pulled away from levi stadium about an hour ago. so they've got to meet me here at so-fi stadium. but before they did, they squeezed in one final practice in santa clara. they've got 4 games, 5 counting the super bowl straight on the road. we are going to go ahead and count the super bowl because these things are good luck right? that is really hard to do if they pull off the win, they will be the first team to win 4 games on the road since the 1960's. that is a pretty impressive feat. so they're pretty much used to hopping on a plane at this point. but interestingly enough, this week, the team approach kyle shanahan and asked if they could leave a little bit earlier. typically they would leave on saturday for a road game like this. but now the team is flying to los angeles, like we said right now, though, right around 10, 30 or 11 tonight. and shannon explained the thought process behind that when he spoke to us earlier today.
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>> a number of players hit me up sunday right after the rams won. they had me up sunday and asked if they week ago on friday and i was pumped. they asked because i i like on friday as more now, just you get more time to focus your right to the game. and so that's what we're doing a group of us who we are all interested. and it's kind of been a routine and most away trips this season. so i think gives guys locked i got pretty good routine as far as staying things like that. >> we leave on friday just allows you to stay more locked into the game plan. and, you know, eliminate distractions. >> well, i would hope he's got his routine down pat at this point in the season. but yeah, they're done practicing for this game. the installation of the game plan is complete. so now it's just about reviewing those last little bit of things on film and getting mentally prepared for the game on sunday, which kicks off at 03:30pm, in this beautiful stadium right behind me. and of course, all the money on this game, right? it's either season ending or they're going to the super bowl. so pretty
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exciting stuff. look back to you. >> so exciting. so much pressure. but as you alluded to and the forty-niners have been dealing with pressure and overcoming it. so excited for that and excited to see that beautiful stadium with a lot of red in it. have you seen niners fans down there already? are you expect them to come saturday and sunday? >> i think it's a little bit of a mix. there are a couple on are on the plane down here with me. i saw some agents at the rental car agency is i was checking in wearing 40 niner gear. so there's a fan base of people who live here in southern california. and then there's going to be a big pep rally at a forty-niners bar here tomorrow. i think that's when the real influx will come is tomorrow. the day before the game. >> well, that's telling fans even town of los angeles. certainly it's going to be in favor of the forty-niners as we all know it. appreciate okay. >> and speaking of trying to get to inglewood to get inside so fai into the championship game on sunday. here's a
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little look from stubhub. we just refresh this ticket prices while still high are starting to go down a little bit ahead of the game right now. the cheapest seats hovering around $700 earlier today. they were up around 7.50, with fees. make sure to click the filter that says show prices with estimated fees. because that could be an eye opener. the most expensive tickets being listed right now are going for more than $5,000. a pop. >> wow. well, forty-niners fans are still making their way out to la to watch the niners rams nfc championship matchup this sunday kron four's gayle ong caught up with some of them over at the oakland international airport. >> now a caller from san francisco will be cheering the niners on from the stands at sofi stadium sunday and can't wait to get you know, we're diehard fan. >> born and raised. so this is just this is our moment. we want to take it and she's not the only niners fan catching a flight to los angeles from
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oakland international airport. >> on team. mostly won't be at the stamp our door to the game. but i got to go down there be in the vicinity to give that energy. >> just like they've been given on the field. i'm a person that likes to watch it from from the can see every day. cheryl in rome out canon have similar plans fill the energy around other 9 earth. and then really the law wrapping all this. 9 whether it's watching the game live or being around like minded fans, the forty-niners fateful are hoping for another victory with the when you know just you know. >> but the last 2 times so far been go. the 3rd time we're going to do it again. >> is intense and important to me. you know, our government vested in the forty-niners. they are ready. we're ready to take it in oakland, gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> and other news, the san
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francisco board supervisor is upset by an nba superstars upcoming visit brooklyn nets player kyrie irving is set to take on the warriors over at our court here in a huge matchup at the chase center on saturday that he can't play home games in brooklyn because of the rules. there are things that vaccinate kron four's. dan thorn has the story. >> basketball fans are required to show proof of vaccination in order to cheer on the golden state warriors at chase center. but on saturday, those rules will not apply when brooklyn nets star kyrie irving takes the court in san francisco. the unvaccinated point guard is allowed to play as long as he tests negative for covid-19, just a basic level. we can't play in his own or is would why would he be able play here? san francisco supervisor matt haney says allowing irving to play sends the wrong message. san francisco's vaccination mandates have applied to practically everyone from public workers to small businesses and city residents. we've got a set of
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standards. >> we're we're asking everyone to follow them. you know where you are. >> and it creates huge challenges when you have these carve outs that feel like they're giving favoritism to folks because of their wealth or access or privilege. the san francisco department of public health has also required warriors players to be vaccinated while visiting players are only strongly urged to be vaccinated or things eligibility to play becomes even more complicated considering his unvaccinated status has kept him from playing home games in new york. under san francisco's local health order visiting players or performers who are unvaccinated must follow these rules. proof of a negative antigen test within one day or 2 days for a pcr test before entering the venue wearing a well-fitted mask at all times except while playing or performing and remaining 6 feet away from members of the public at all times. the chase center falls within haney's district 6. but the power over
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public health is out of his control. it's going to lead to people don't have their hands and going. this is unfair. and i think they're right reporting in san francisco, dan thorn. >> kron, 4 news. >> now to our coronavirus coverage as it relates to walgreens and cvs in a week after the biden administration announced it's going to deploy 400 million free. and i-95 masks to the public. you have these big pharmacy chains like cvs and walgreens that have announced they will be handing them out. you know, starting today that began, however, here in the bay area we checked places in alameda and not all. cvs and walgreens stores have masks in stock. yeah. the 2 we checked with an alameda. well, they all told us that the masks were not available yet. and one woman who tried to get a mask at a store there said she's frustrated over all the drama we've seen regarding which masks you should wear.
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>> we've been playing this game for 2 years. we're getting all kinds of different here. nobody knows what they're doing and that's what i'm >> both walgreens and cvs executives at those 2 stores say they will hand out the masks when they have them. then each person can get 3 free. and 95, they say target stores that have cvs or walgreens pharmacies inside might be your best bet. at least right now. >> san mateo county just announced that they are now going to be hosting a free mask covid testing site over at the county's event center. that's located on saratoga drive in the city of san mateo. it's going to start operating on tuesday. the testing site is run by carbon health patients can either walk up or make appointments on their website. >> teachers in the west contra costa unified school district could authorize a strike today. the unified or the
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united teachers of richmond union, rather is demanding the district to come to an agreement on their covid safety protocols. they're demanding weekly covid testing and high quality masks for all students and staff. earlier this week, the union said it would negotiate with the district and threatened to strike if an agreement was not reached by today. we're continuing to follow this story as they continue to negotiate. will let you know if there is an update. >> and starting on tuesday, people will need to show proof of vaccination to enter indoor facilities in oakland city officials agreed to the vaccine mandate earlier this year and the mandate applies to indoor businesses that serve food and drinks such as restaurants, bars and nightclubs. it also applies to entertainment venues, theaters, gyms, fitness centers and libraries. oakland joins contra costa county berkeley and san francisco with similar mandates. >> in the east bay, parents and teachers in oakland are concerned. they say about the possibility of school closures. rumors have been looming all week long that
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there will be closures or mergers within the oakland unified school district. a rep with the teachers union is speaking out tonight and kron four's rob nesbitt has that report. >> educators and oakland are worried about losing their jobs. if you that schools with predominantly black and brown students are being targeted. and oakland school board member released this list of 2 schools that could merge and 12 schools that have the potential to close, including west lake middle school where timothy killings works as a case manager. i was very disappointed when our schools on the list. he says that his biggest concern is that he'll be out of a job by the end of the school year. there are closures or mergers. somebody has to go can be 2 principles can be to teachers can be 2 sides. teachers, people start losing their jobs. so, yes, we're very concerned. a spokesperson for the oakland unified school district says they haven't released the names of potentially impacted schools yet and had no update as of friday. out surely it surprise vice president of the oakland education association
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is now arming deer as says, the schools that have the potential to close don't just provide an education to students are also lifelines for the community. prescott, it >> west oakland as a community garden. they have folks come and pick free food. so the school central role in supporting the community and says 8 of the schools on the list are considered historically black and have a high number of students of color. he says the school should have an impact report done to see how closures will affect students and their families. we just think it fortunate that the district continues to trying to balance the budget in the black, the backs of black and brown students. the oakland unified school district has a special board meeting planned for monday to discuss the potential for school closures in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> all right. weather time now as we get a check on the 4 zone forecast. an a friday night. time to say cheers to the weekend as we take in this beautiful view. >> beautiful certainly. and
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it's going to look that way for the rest of the weekend. so it's time to make some plans, especially outdoors. kron 4 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow taking a look at what we have in store. yeah, dry weather ahead again, as we do a really wind down last weekend of january. and here we go. we've got clear skies out there around most of the bay area, the exception some high clouds off, loading up above. but boy, we've had the nice weather, those offshore winds and the temperatures. >> well, above the average for this time of year, 64 degrees. that's 6 degrees above the average in san francisco today. 64 in oakland, 68 almost 70 in downtown san jose today. 61 a little cooler in the live. more 63 in concord and 64 degrees in santa rosa. but temperatures all around the bay area have been running above the average. now you get that offshore wind. you get that dry air mixing in and you see those temperatures dropping off a hurry after the sun sets. and that's what we're seeing now. 43 degrees in little more down to 37 getting cold in fairfield. 41 in petaluma and 44 degrees in the napa valley and santa rosa, too. so a little cold in
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for us. just some high clouds moving through. in fact, that low pressure center is going to actually head through a southern california. so if you're headed there tomorrow, likely to see some clouds, a chance they could pick up a couple of sprinkles, but not much. we're still looking at that offshore wind here as that low pressure continues to move the south. i think we're seeing those offshore winds again for us for tomorrow. so here we go. that low continues to make its way into southern california uc bringing us some clouds moves on by. but look at the track of the winds, yale, that offshore wind again is going to make for some nice weather is that are approaches the warms up and we're left with some very nice weather outside. the only downside, yes, been hazy, not much mixing in the atmosphere. nothing really weather wise. they get the pollutants out of our skies. so you can see some haze in the north bay, east bay and south bay still looking good up toward the coastline overnight. tonight you're seeing on the models here picking up that low. moving to the south. you see those clouds swing up across our skies. then as we get into sunday, that's all going to
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start to disappear. maybe some fog returning to the coastline, but i'm not looking good overnight. lows going to be the 30's and 40's by day, though, some beautiful weather out there. highs going to be running up in the 60's and the 70's. all right, lawrence, look forward to the rain, but we'll take it for now. another big story we're following tonight. the director of california's employment development department. >> they deal with unemployment. well, director stepping down a little more than a year after she was hired to clean up the embattled department. >> reader science announced her resignation to staff today. and governor gavin newsome has appointed nancy farias has a new director who will be sworn in on tuesday. various is a current chief deputy director of external affairs legislation and policy. the shakeup at the edd follows numerous complaints from californians about problems within the agency and rampant fraud. science admitted that the department is facing difficulties, but expressed her confidence and furious quote from her statement. i was privileged to
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work directly with nancy ferry us during this important time of transformation at a d d and i'm thrilled that the governor is taking action to continue that positive momentum with nancy's appointment as director science will resume her role as a commissioner on the california commission on aging. >> the group rescue, california says too many criminals are not being held accountable for crimes like smash and grabs. critics say prop 47 which turned some felonies into misdemeanors is responsible for allowing criminals to get back on to the streets more quickly. rescue california wants among other things. sentencing enhancements for criminals who commit smash and grabs and longer jail sentences for repeat offenders. >> now to a frightening scene out of pittsburgh, pennsylvania, when a 50 year-old bridge collapsed, the steel bridge fell some 150 feet into a ravine this morning. a city bus was on the bridge along with 5 other vehicles when it collapsed. unfortunately, 10 people only suffered minor injuries.
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>> we were fortunate bus went over. right now. we don't have no fatalities. we've got 3 heard. they've been looked at nothing, been saying and they are they're okay. there were >> turn. minor injuries. 3 were or life technicians repel down using ropes to go down over the they help the firefighters that were here initially on scene also did like a daisy chain with hands, just grabbing people and hold them up. >> very scary. and another concern from this was a ruptured natural gas line. the cars nearby residents to evacuate the most recent inspection of that bridge occurred last september. but the report was not immediately available. a 2019 inspection revealed that the deck and super structure was in to be in poor condition. >> the incident happened just hours before president biden was scheduled to visit pittsburgh to tout the new infrastructure law that was
9:19 pm
signed. washington, dc correspondent jessi tenure has details. good evening. the president saw the damage firsthand as he made the case for states to take advantage of these federal funds as soon as possible. >> on the other side of the concrete, their president biden survey disastrous proof of the nation's need for the 1 trillion dollar infrastructure law. it's incredible. >> this pittsburgh bridge rated in poor condition for the past decade collapse friday morning wrecking a city bus and several cars. but resulting only in minor injuries it comes to president. really is the president went ahead with his planned visit to pittsburgh, which calls itself the city of bridges and claims to have more bridges than any other city in the world. and no idea. and we're going we're going to fix them all. thousands of bridges across the country will soon get billions of dollars from the new infrastructure law. the white house said about 5.5 billion will go out by summer. we donate headline saying that someone was killed when the next bridge collapse. the
9:20 pm
president said the funds will allow states to bypass future bridge closures that impact everything from deliveries to school and work commutes to emergency response times. we've got to get on with that. we've got to move. administration officials say depending on how quickly states move projects funded by the law and should start later this year. a key issue that remains for the white house connecting some of these funds to smaller communities like tribal nations who often don't have the capacity to apply for some of these grants are the workforce to turn them into projects. >> in washington, i'm jessi tenure. >> and house speaker nancy pelosi visited sfo today to talk about money for local infrastructure projects. she was joined by local representatives jackie spear. and as you during their visit, the congresswoman talked about the 25 billion dollars allocated for airports as part of that bipartisan infrastructure bill sfo will be getting 500 million dollars a year for 5 years. thanks to that bill. and that money will go to improvement, said the
9:21 pm
harvey milk terminal as well as environmental upgrades. >> this big hole you see behind us. it's 200, 50 million dollars that will the rest of the final phase of the harvey terminal. one. >> representative speer said today she hopes some of the money we'll go to reducing noise for people who live near the airport. >> president biden said that he will move thousands of u.s. troops to eastern europe as soon as tensions continue to rise with russia. the bipartisan group of house foreign affairs committee members went to craig to meet with ukrainian leaders. they also met with nato, the european union and other member states, ukraine shares a border with other several nato allies and the military has more than 8,000 troops at a heightened readiness to support any nato allies. the pentagon said that it is pursuing diplomacy but acknowledge that russia has a lot of military options open.
9:22 pm
>> we continue to provide military material support to ukraine, along with many other countries for if russia chooses to invade ukraine, it will not be cost-free. in terms of casualties or other significant effects. >> president biden warned ukraine's president that there is a distinct possibility russia might invade ukraine next month and provided a map of russian military positions. russia's top diplomat said today moscow will not start a war in ukraine. still to come. look at this. >> could your california now that is new york city. a live look tonight as millions of americans are in the path of a dangerous winter storm. they're calling it a blizzard. look at the winds. the snow. the weather out east prompting several state leaders to declare emergencies. >> and upcoming events like the super bowl are a cause for concern on the covid front as la county appears to be making some progress after the latest
9:23 pm
wave. and you have more and more younger people being diagnosed with colon cancer. when we come back. >> with health experts say is >> with health experts say is contributing to the increase. oh, wow, barbara corcoran! good morning. sorry, we don't need any business help now. we're gigillionaires. what? we're gigillionaires now. i don't get it we have at&t business fiber with hyper-gig speeds. but i just... so thanks, but, we're doing great. i'm so happy for you! but i'm just here for my order. oh. entre-pin-eurs? yeah, my bowling team. i like it there's money in puns. do business like a gigillionaire at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability
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i let the for your help. tonight. cheese may not be as bad for your cholesterol. >> as you think study out of the university of dublin found the cheese did not increase levels of that ldl cholesterol
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known as the bad cholesterol. people in the study who ate a lot of cheese were found to have higher saturated fat levels than those who didn't eat a lot of cheese but cholesterol levels. no difference. ironically, low fat dairy products were found to be linked to higher cholesterol levels. then high fat dairy products. researchers say it is still important too. consider one's overall diet. >> more health news, a new study says that more young adults are being diagnosed with colon cancer. university of colorado school of medicine looked at more than 100,000 people with colon cancer. and researchers say that 20 to 29 year-olds have the most new cases and were more likely to have an aggressive form of cancer. this is being attributed to obesity, diet and younger people just waiting too long to get a health check-up. doctors recommended dose of the family history of colon cancer report. any symptoms to their health care providers? >> next at 9, a new spinoff of the omicron variant has become
9:27 pm
the dominant cause of covid-19 infections in some parts of the world. why experts say there's no reason to panic, though. and if these mega events like the upcoming super bowl raising concerns among some or maybe another wave of infections just as >> health officials say t some h
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say they're worried that upcoming events like the super
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bowl could increase the spread of omicron. the fear is that large gatherings could push us back further from the goal line. >> reporter kareen wynter has the details. >> whether it's the upcoming festival lunar new year celebrations and february 3rd. >> to win the game. >> or the highly anticipated rams. 49 ers matchup at stadium on sunday. health leaders are reminding the public to celebrate responsibly with the region slowly recovering from the devastating effects of the covid search during the holiday season with improvements in test availability. >> it's now good idea to test whenever possible. if you're gathering with others, particularly if indoor in indoor, crowded places where people are unmasked. la county director of public health doctor barbara for air said while los angeles and the state of california are seeing a decline in the number of daily new infections and the test positivity rate. >> which is also drop significantly from record highs. the anyone gathering
9:31 pm
hosting or attending football viewing parties should celebrate safely to avoid prolonging this pandemic. one concern is that while the numbers are improving, both the county and state are till reporting covid case rates double their respective peaks from the 2020 winter season. the message of testing vaccinations and wearing masks is one medical leaders say they'll continue sounding but some people still unvaccinated while the case and hospitalization declines. give us cause for much welcome tope. we should not take them as a sign to forgo the common sense protective measures. >> that helped to slow covid-19 transmission in our county with the upcoming super bowl festivities expected to draw large gatherings. county leaders are reminding the public that relaxing these t the spread of covid could turn this season of celebration into another setback during this crisis. >> as kareen wynter reporting for us tonight. and for your help. the cdc reports during the period when the omicron variant was dominant severe outcomes for patients
9:32 pm
hospitalized with covid-19. were less common compared with the delta variant or the first winter surge back in 2020, although the daily average of new cases and hospital admissions reach record highs during the omicron period. there were fewer people who died or needed to go to the hospital. a new study finds having been hospitalized for covid-19 could have even greater consequences later on researchers in the united kingdom have discovered that people who required such care for coronavirus infection are twice as likely to die or return to the hospital. but then the next few months. >> the new spinoff of the omicron variant has become the dominant cause of covid infections. now in some parts of the world. but experts say there's no reason to panic over the ba to spin off. that has spread to nearly 50 countries, including here in the u.s. couple cases in santa clara county, a british report finds that the current vaccines protect like they have been protecting for existing strains of covid that we have had here.
9:33 pm
>> well, now let's take a live look at new york. as you can see, some intense snow is blanketing the city in a storm that's expected to last through the weekend. >> more than 10 million people in the northeast are under a blizzard warning tonight. reporter kailey be sun has the story. >> more than 75 million americans now under weather alerts as snow, ice and blizzard conditions take aim across the mid atlantic and northeast. chicago under a winter weather advisory as thick, fluffy snow, cold streets and sidewalks causing headaches for many on the road. we are on our way to i don't think it's ever take- us this long to get here. but it was a pretty drive and i'd say the roads are not great. but overall, people are being pretty cautious. and i feel like i'm. >> and starting to see more plows. so hopefully, you know, hopefully pick up. there's a little smoother. the nor'easter expected to be more
9:34 pm
intense. >> it's being called a bomb cyclone, which weather experts liken to a winter hurricane. this is a powerful nor'easter heading straight up the atlantic coastline causing a lot of problems for a lot of folks. many n the area bracing for impact. governors of new york, new jersey and boston already declaring states of emergency storms could be devastating. they can be deadly. they can be is calling us to prepare the big apple could see up to a foot of snow. >> while boston is expected to get walloped with up to 20 to 30 inches in what could be one of the biggest snowstorms in its history. going to be running 12 hour shifts throughout the storm. so tomorrow during the day. >> the push back mode and then through the operation going i-to sunday and next week for the removal, this could take 2, 3, 4, days. >> to get cleaned up. winds in the area predicted to be gusting close to or above 60 miles per hour. officials
9:35 pm
warning residents to stay off the roads. expecially tonight through saturday morning. kelly, be sit, news nation. >> yeah. models and kind of go back and forth with the storm system and now it's just beginning to put itself together the core low about to move away in the atlantic and that it's going to really form the foundation for the storm has a swings up along the eastern seaboard. you watch as this little swirl there. it goes right up along the coastline. you get that warm, moist air. you're running in the colder, just dumping tremendous amounts of snow as it goes through. blizzard warnings are up. you're likely going to see some coastal erosion and some flooding as these winds generated by the system. 60, maybe 70 plus, miles an hour. numerous power outages with this kind of storm and just tremendous amounts of snow are going to be coming down model starting paint that now as you see all that snow rolling in across much of the area, the hardest hit will be much of the northeast where some areas there could see some of those snow amounts running the 24,
9:36 pm
maybe 30 inches of snow. they are going to be digging out from that storm for some time to come. the good news is it's kind of a quick hitter. and so it's going to come through this weekend and then it's going to be done. the downside. it is moving in with a tremendous amount of cold air. we're talking a high in boston tomorrow. you get all that stormy weather. only a high of 16 degrees. 19 degrees in new york. 25 in dc cold temperatures almost freezing all the way down to atlanta for high temperatures tomorrow, guys. thanks so much, lawrence. and still ahead, the un happiest place on earth. >> how disneyland is responding to potentially damaging allegations made in the dew documentary produced by the disney heiress herself. and in sports, go back to southern california. more on the 9 are specifically. >> the status of the protective jimmy g's blindside number. 71, trent williams kylen mills and cape rudy are breaking it down. when we come breaking it down. when we come back.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> the forty-niners are just one win away from playing in the super bowl. the only thing standing in their way now the la rams. we're less than 48 hours away from the nfc championship game at sofi stadium. and that's where we find kron. 4 sports reporter kate rooney. she joins us live now. kate, i love your backdrop, but we've got to
9:40 pm
talk about the forty-niners. how are they looking on the injury front ahead of this big game? >> it's a beautiful place for football, kyle and at least from the outside. and i got to say right now the forty-niners are looking pretty good as well. when you've got 4 road games in a row, this will be the 4th 1, 1, of the key components is try to make sure everyone stays healthy. and right now we've got a good report running back. elijah mitchell cornerback ambry thomas and quarterback jimmy garoppolo were all full participants in today's practice. that's really good news. the big question mark, though, is will left tackle trent williams play on sunday. now, this is a really huge question, mark, because trent williams is a key piece of this offense. he was dealing with an ankle sprain that he sustained in the green bay game. kyle shanahan declined to state whether it was a high ankle. sprain or low ankle sprain. but later in his media session, garoppolo seem to let it slip. that is a high ankle and that is the bad kind. there's no way you want protecting your blind side more than trent williams. not only is he widely considered
9:41 pm
the best at his position, but several of his teammates and coaches have called him the best player in the league at any position period. he ended up missing week 18 against the rams. and the niners, of course, managed to pull that one off. but they don't want to try without him again. here's what kyle shanahan said today about the likelihood of williams playing. >> it's going to be like it was 3 weeks ago. i feel the same way that beginning the he came out for a walk through the day and turns and that he's he was last time too can do everything you can to play. and so i'll be surprised if he doesn't. but i was surprised last time. so it's has also surprises able to finish the gamers green bay so hopefully his mindset will be how his body reacts on sunday and we know to help us a lot. but if not, we'll deal with it. >> so right now, william status is officially questionable. there is one other player on the forty-niners roster who is questionable as well. that's running back. jeff wilson
9:42 pm
junior he's been hurt most of the season, but they do love to have available. they primarily use them in some of the short yardage goal line situations will be very helpful to have him healthy as well. so those are the 2 guys we're keeping an eye on for sunday kylen. >> all righty. kay, thank you so much. you are a rock star. we'll check in with you. coming up at 10 o'clock on to some college hoops. we've got to talk about what's going on there. the cal women had their game postponed, which is a big problem. they've had 5 of the % last 7 games postponed due to covid. however, tara vanderveer in the stanford cardinal were in action tonight against arizona state. 1st half. let's go to the action. haley jones always impressive on the ball here. nice spin. move. lays it in. she gets the bucket. she finished with 12 points and 10 boards and limited playing time. 2nd half anna wilson. nice pass to friend. believe for the layin levy and 12 points as 12 cardinal players scored in this game. final score. 78 50 stanford. they continue to dominate.
9:43 pm
9:44 pm
9:45 pm
>> the new documentary is stirring up some disneyland drama with allegations of corporate greed. employees paid so poorly that many end up homeless and what makes these claims even more explosive. is it. the documentary was produced by. >> disney heir abigail, disney reporter chip yost has that story.
9:46 pm
>> by show of hands, how many you have someone you know, that works at disney. that's on food stamps. >> this is footage from the american dream and other fairy tales. a new documentary that presents a critical view of how disney treats and compensates some of its employees. what makes this documentary a little unique is that abigail disney is one of the producers behind how many of you know, somebody who works at disney who slept in their car >> abigail is the grand daughter of roy disney, who along with his brother, walt was one of the founders of the company in criticizing the company that bears her family's name. >> is nothing new for abigail on her twitter account. she is known for promoting left wing causes and in 2019, she put out a lengthy twitter thread blasting disney for ceo bob iger's reported 2000, 18 compensation package of around 66 million dollars, which
9:47 pm
according to fast company at the time, was more than 1400 times with the media and disney employee made. wage dispute at disneyland in anaheim are nothing new. disney says its largest union now has a starting wage of $17 an hour, which could move to $18 an hour next year. in a statement in response to the documentary, a disney spokesperson said in part we provide a leading and holistic employment package that includes fair pay and leaving entry wages, affordable medical coverage, access to tuition-free, higher education, subsidize childcare for eligible employees as well as pathways for personal and professional development. >> those chip yost reporting for us tonight. the only criminal trial to rise from the botched police raid that killed breonna taylor started up today. former louisville kentucky officer brett hankinson isn't charged in
9:48 pm
taylor's death but is instead standing trial on lower-level felonies for firing his service weapon wildly into her neighbors, apartments. jury selection took place today. taylor was at home in bed when she was fatally shot in the march 2020 raid by 3 officers, including hankinson. joe exotic. >> from the early pandemic sensation tiger king. remember this guy? will he has had his prison sentenced reduced. a federal judge reduced exotics sentence to 21 years in prison for a murder for hire plot. today. his original sentence was 22 years. it's not a big change. the former zoo keepers attorneys argue that he wasn't getting the proper medical care he needed inside federal prison, exotic, whose real name is joseph maldonado. the size has stage one prostate cancer. the 58 year-old was sentenced in january of 2020 for trying to higher 2 men to kill rivals. zoo keeper carole baskin, who was also a star in
9:49 pm
that show exotic as maintained his innocence. >> we're now taking a live look outside at san francisco's coit tower. and it looks to be pretty clear the skies looking good and we are looking forward to the weekend. the weather is going to be great. >> chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here. you've got big plans, lawrence. yeah, a lot of plans going to hang in my seat and watch those games. it is going to be a great weekend of football. hopefully again, the weather is going to be nice. you want to get out and enjoy a walk to if you want to get not bad at all. we've got some high clouds up above. otherwise clear skies, no delays at sfo, oakland or san jose. the monterey bay looking good there as well. 59 degrees. little cool in the moderate tomorrow. 61 in carmel. 63 in carmel valley, head of the southern california. a lot of folks are well tomorrow you're going to find those temperatures in the 60's and the 70's. a few clouds drifting on through. there's a slight chance you could see a sprinkle there tomorrow, but not by much. and
9:50 pm
not for game time about the high country. you want to hang out up there. a lot of snow in the sierra nevada still even though they haven't seen any for quite some time. 45 degrees in south lake tahoe about 44 in truckee and 51 degrees in reno and carson city. if you plan on sticking around in the high country, those temperatures are going to stay or a rather mild for this time of year, mainly in the 40's. so getting a little slushy toward the afternoon, clouding up a little bit on monday. you may see some winds kicking up then as well. so if you're coming back from the high country on monday, be prepared, you're likely to see some gusty winds out in that area. in the meantime, though, we are going to see a cold night around the rest. the bay area tonight overnight lows going to be the 30's in the 40's, maybe down to freezing in some of the north bay valleys. tomorrow, though, by day, looking beautiful as the sunshine will warm. these temperatures up very nicely into the 60's. maybe the getting close to 70 degrees in places like concord and live. more about 66 degrees in san jose and 65 degrees in santa rosa. dry through the weekend. in fact, as around out january
9:51 pm
ahead in the february, looks like keeping dry into next weekend. thanks, lawrence. southwest airlines is planning to bring back alcohol service on its flights starting in the spring. airlines stopped serving liquor at the start of the pandemic in march 2020. >> and kept the ban in place after a series of passenger disturbances. >> flight attendant union say that alcohol should not return to flight while the federal mask mandate is in effect. that mandate is scheduled to expire on march 19th. the faa says roughly 70% of all in-flight disturbances involved disputes over wearing masks. well, the latest viral dance move has its roots right here in the bay area. it's called the psni's dance and was created by a man in oakland. the dance moves started bending your knees that jumping side to side to the beat of the music. denzel chuckster davis came up with that move 8 years ago. but now it's taken off and davis is getting credit for creating that dance. it makes people even celebrities and athletes incredibly happy.
9:52 pm
>> i feel like it's very important. that is a black artists to just, you know, get my rate in michigan showed the world that as a black person. >> we can create get out and show that the way to you know, being looked at as something else definitely coming from the bay area. no signs that >> put my and and just, you know, showing kids >> pretty much follow a don't be afraid or ashamed to do something that you love. it. >> loving the positivity. and davis credits his time at youth up center in oakland for helping him stay out of trouble and giving him space to work on his art. >> up next here, the love these 2 members of that niner faithful who are we love and cheering on the niners this season and every season and now they're hitting the road. now they're hitting the road. it's a family affair. we'll
9:53 pm
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>> for tne bay area, father and daughter being a part of the 40 niner faithful as a family affair. sounds like fun. kron 4 says he quit doing caught up with the duo as they are traveling to los angeles to cheer on the red and gold this weekend. >> looks like about a pair of forty-niners fans of my >> yeah, we do. raman added diego's taking his 9 year-old daughter, brooke, to see her
9:56 pm
favorite football team take on the rams in los angeles this weekend in the nfl's nfc championship game. how excited are you to be going to the game this weekend? >> and in fact, this will be, brooke, second time seeing the forty-niners in person. >> the last time she went to a game mom was holding brooke in our owners. as you can see, this family photo taken back at candlestick. so you probably don't remember, but it the last year of candlestick park. brooke just about a year and a half. and we wanted to make sure we are a family photo our stadium before went away. who is your favorite forty-niners player? >> in grapple and what do you like most about problem? >> he's a really good quarterback. >> is just a really good >> number.
9:57 pm
>> and he's even in the great pace, intent content. >> so then talk about how special this for you to be making this trip to the big game with your we're dot. >> oh, my gosh. we're so excited. so special for us. yeah, we're very, very family time is so important to us getting time together and then be able to cheer on the niners. our favorite team. >> by the way, is what sports fans call and old ge niners been rooting for the football team. literally from day one and has the receipts to prove it. >> when you can get your fans behind you like that on a road game. once we start making plays may start get loud, just change the momentum of the game. i think. all right, brooke, out of you. but i have to scream rob lowe here. you are way up there. let me hear you say go tigers. >> think you hit that. >> has it made you cry or 2?
9:58 pm
>> let's go. all right, she got big right from so baby picture candlestick and and edge and your second game ever is the nfc championship game on the road. so all our best to to them. and thank you. 2 broken or dad for talking as if that was fun. >> i like how he called her the real oji. she's haha. it's that she was bored basically. well, that wraps up kron. news
9:59 pm
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