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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  January 29, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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oh, wow, barbara corcoran! good morning. sorry, we don't need any business help now. we're gigillionaires. what? we're gigillionaires now. i don't get it we have at&t business fiber with hyper-gig speeds. but i just... so thanks, but, we're doing great. i'm so happy for you! but i'm just here for my order. oh. entre-pin-eurs? yeah, my bowling team. i like it there's money in puns. do business like a gigillionaire at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability >> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 8.
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>> no, not o'clock. the san francisco forty-niners less than 24 hours away from a possible trip to the super bowl. we're live in la with a preview of the big afc championship game. plus, the big story tonight, retirement rumors swirling around nfl legend in san mateo native tom brady. but he's dead now telling kron 4 tonight. that is where we start this saturday here on kron. 4 news at 9 o'clock. thanks so much for joining us. i'm jonathan mccall. justine enjoying the night off this afternoon. news quickly spread that the 7 time super bowl champ was getting ready to hang up his cleats. but that all changed after kron 4 broke the story that his retirement is now up in the air. kron four's kylen mills live for us in the newsroom tonight with the latest details on this back and forth saga. pilot. >> jonathan, it's been a crazy day. some crazy turn of events. several nfl insiders reported on social media that tom brady set to retire after 22 seasons. however, tom brady senior told us those reports are untrue. he said his son
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has not made a decision. our own sports producer kevin cider called brady senior who says this is all an unsubstantiated rumor that was circulated by an online publication. several to reporters have tweeted that fox gm jason light says that brady called him today and said he hasn't made up his mind yet. it's also being reported that head coach bruce aerion said brady told him the same thing. meanwhile, a number of players across the league been tweeting their congratulations to brady fans have been in a frenzy and the brady camp has been silent. we'll keep you updated on any new developments, jonathan, but they may not come for a little bit. brady is said to be overseas right now. i'll send it back to you. all right. tom taking his time. kylen, thank you. meanwhile, this time tomorrow. >> we will know if the san francisco forty-niners will indeed play for the super bowl. >> or if they'll be making some vacation plans of their own. that's because they are set to take on the la rams in the afc championship game in los angeles. kron four's. kate rooney live for us tonight at so fi stadium in southern california with a preview and
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a look at the 9 or invasion in southern california today, kate. >> hey, jonathan. yeah, we're getting pretty close to game time here. the actual forty-niners were off today. they're getting rested up and trying to focus on tomorrow's game. but for the fans today was almost as exciting as the game itself. that's because the team hosted an la invasion for visiting forty-niners fans at tom's watch bar in downtown la la live and believe me, the faithful lived up to their name and showed up to this one. there were hundreds of fans in lines spanning several blocks around la live. in fact, the people the back of the line probably didn't make it in the restaurant at any point of this. but once they did make it in the event, they were treated to a bunch of different stuff. photo ops of former forty-niners players a little bit of free swag in the most of all. a chance to hang out with hundreds of other forty-niners fans in town for the game. now i met people who came from just a couple blocks away from la live. but then others who had traveled from pretty far san jose sacramento, places close to
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the bay area that you'd expect. but even iowa, new jersey, virginia, brooklyn and what they all have in common is a love for their team and a ton of excitement for tomorrow's game. >> baby bang bang out again. we've got next stop super bowl. we've been coming in games candlestick. my dad has been taken to little kids faithful. >> all the way i really nice to be there. it's going to is going to be dogfight man from you know, it's going to go >> it's going to be a low scoring game. i'll tell you there's going to be down to strong is our strongest heat. >> we'll talk a little bit more about the x's and o's later in the sportscast, jonathan. but for right now, the fans are just getting really excited and they don't have to wait very long. less than 24 hours before kickoff here at this beautiful stadium right behind me live at sofi stadium. kate rooney kron 4
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news. all right, kate, a lot of folks eagerly anticipating tomorrow's game. thank you so much. we'll see you back in sports. >> meanwhile, niners fans spent the day hitting up store shelves for merchandise and some swag before tomorrow's big game against the rams kron four's phillipe djegal spent the day in the south bay talking to fans in sunnyvale. >> where the forty-niners faithful. the pre-game routine starts a day dick's sporting goods in sunnyvale laying out all of its minors gear during a pep rally. and the school matching shirts, hats and raleigh cards, all potentially their new lucky charms of the niners pull out a win sunday. you superstitious did to me some press for the game. i had to get some new apparel. i got new jersey, but i had a game. whenever bay area sports teams make deep playoff runs, dick's sporting goods, spokesperson, while greene says it's always good for business, especially when the miners are on the brink of reaching we have a
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dedicated strong niner base. you know, they've been supporting the niners all year and they are confident in their team. but don't expect a long answer when asking for prediction says, go niners, go to the super bowl baby on the way. >> you're like me you and if the niners win sunday, sporting good stores in the bay area will offer extended hours, opening early at 7 o'clock on monday in sunnyvale to leave to go kron. 4 news. >> right now across 4 dot com, you can follow the niners road to the super bowl. we have a special section inside of our sports tab while you're there, don't forget to show off your niners pride. we want to see your pictures of you, your family, your friends, all decked out in your 9 years gear. you can do it right there on our website at kron 4 dot com. second break from the headlines right now to talk about our 4 zone forecast. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza on this saturday night. let's get you ready for
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the game day forecast in southern california and here at home in case you have some barbecue plans, a little cookout, a little get together is folks are going to be watching the game. here's kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez with a look at what's on the way. are you grilling anything? jonathan are going to horns? >> what's on the something i'm sure. >> all right. let's take a look at the game day forecast for tomorrow. yeah, it's feeling like perfect super bowl bound weather for our forty-niners. it's going to be great in socal. nothing like what they experienced last weekend when they were in green bay experiencing your blizzard-like conditions there. we're tracking mostly sunny skies. low 70's and a nice, gentle breeze. so i think our forty-niners can handle it. best of them. temperatures in the low 70's with kick up starting at 3.30 and we have the luck of the water. tiger also out there at city hall, not only is city hall lit up for the chinese new year, but also for the forty-niners and well, when
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we're tracking right now with took colors out there reading and goal. i mean, it must be are looking here. i don't know. jonathan, what do you think? it's looking pretty great out there. it is pretty good outside. yeah. the planes you could be in florida or on anywhere on the east coast right now. we're actually warmer than florida. they were in the 30's today and we're in the 40's and 50's. so let's enjoy our bay area forecast out there right now. 44 degrees for half moon bay, low 50's for san jose and oakland downtown san francisco as well. but starting to cool down very chilly temperatures making its way. >> into our innermost valleys in the north bay and east bay dublin. 44 degrees. but santa rosa and petaluma in the low 40's out there right now. so bundle up as you head out the door for your saturday night, moderate air particles not just throughout today, but that's going to continue for tomorrow and even into monday, we are going to see an increase in breezy winds starting monday. and then by tuesday, that's going to help improve our air quality,
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believe or not. but when track report right now, tracking breezy winds downtown san francisco and 14 miles per hour. future wind gusts, though, along the coast and for north bay valleys in that 20 to 30 mile per hour range. but the highest peaks for north bay hills and east bay mountains and hills there as well around 45 miles per hour or going to keep an eye on that. that's near that wind advisory level threshold. but so far national weather service holding back on issuing any wind advisories. your full upcoming workweek forecast and what you can expect for your sunday afternoon. game day. weather go. 49 is jonathan, back to you. but recent thank you. still to come tonight on kron, 4 news at night. >> one north bay county know expanding covid-19 vaccination sites will let you know where folks can get free vaccines for the coming weeks. also, another winter storm hitting the east coast. the nasty nor'easter now hitting dozens of states. the areas seeing the biggest impact. plus the lunar new year just days away
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will head to the south bay to show you how folks there now celebrating the upcoming year of the tiger.
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and unusual taste sensation. don't touch container tip to your eye or any surface. after using xiidra, wait fifteen minutes before reinserting contacts. talk to an eye doctor about xiidra. i prefer you didn't. xiidra. not today, dry eye. >> the lunar new year kicks off on tuesday, but already celebrations are under way to usher in the year of the tiger, including this scene taking place today in san jose
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kron four's gayle ong takes a look at the celebrations that are already underway across the bay area. >> i and dan's welcoming the year of the tiger. many gathered to celebrate the start of the lunar new year at jose with boots full of food decorations, read a goal collar. >> and deadly representing well represent health represent >> lunar new year is also known as tent for the vietnamese culture and is considered the most important festival in holiday in vietnam. sam organized the event. it's an opportunity for us reflect the past. >> at to look forward to the new year with here hope and a resolution to will be better and opportunity. is there.
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>> many festivities were canceled or scaled back last year due to the pandemic. free covid test kits were passed out saturday as are celebrated the holiday. happy. in san mateo. the traditional red envelopes symbolizing luck and happiness were passed out at the hillsdale shopping center. visitors share their favorite holiday traditions. definitely clean. the is on suspicious dishes like fish for for having plentiful >> making dumplings. that means some was gold nuggets, things of that sort family togetherness. >> celebrating. this is the first year that he's actually able to >> understand chinese new to celebrate and to see all something like the line, and dragons. >> lunar new year is celebrated in other asian countries as well. but the
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goal remains the same to bring luck. >> and prosperity say happy. get along. kron 4 news. >> in the north bay, sonoma county is providing additional covid-19 vaccine clinics for its residents to get the vaccine. the clinic will be held for the next 4 weekends at the sonoma county event center fairgrounds in santa rosa. the clinic will run from 9 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon. and is open for eligible residents until february. 20th, we're told the clinic can provide up to 500 vaccines every day. the county says they are also encouraging more parents to get their kids vaccinated. california attorney general rob bonta now warning folks to watch out for fake covid testing sites now popping up across the state. bonta says that scammers are simply trying to take advantage of a shortage in tests to make sites available to folks who are looking to get tested. he says the crooks often pose with legitimate clinics even taking payments without sending back test
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results. he says others will try to collect personal data with the intention of committing fraud. bonta now urging folks to check to see if testing sites are real or fake before you head out to get your test. the information if you're curious can be found on your county's public health department website. 2 nurses in new york now charged with forging covid-19 vaccination cards. investigators say the duo raked in nearly 2 million dollars on the scam tech to say the pair charged adults $220 kids. 85 bucks for those fake vaccination cards. investigators say the nurses entered in the false information into the new york immunization database. officials say the 3 month scheme unraveled with an undercover detective received forged card, showing that a vaccine was given but was never administered. let's talk about our 4 zone forecast tonight. a live look at sfo. r way to southern california to take in tomorrow's big game in los angeles at so fi stadium.
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let's get you ready for the start of your sunday and a wrap-up of the weekend. his kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez. yeah. if we can't have any rain like we should be having is specially for the month of february, jonathan, at least we're tracking beautiful weather temperatures. >> low to mid 60's 3 to 6 degrees above average. 65 degrees for san jose and santa rosa. low 60's. a piece for downtown san francisco and oakland at 62 degrees in great shot out there of the transamerica. pyramid are gotham city shot as i like to call it out there this time of night looking absolutely beautiful. but future cast for going to try fairly clear conditions for the most part as far as high cloud cover goes not going to be an issue on sunday, but it's the dense low clouds and fog that we have to worry about. not just for north bay and east bay valleys, even around the bay area shoreline by mid morning on sunday, slow clearing and lifting. so we are going to notice a lot more sunshine with that low cloud cover
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lifting by roger new lunchtime hour on sunday. that's going to contribute to our cooling trend, though, for the 2nd half of the weekend. so radar fort, we are seeing another chilly night on tap for us. already cooling down into the low 40's for north bay valleys, santa rosa and napa. 42 degrees of peace. but a little bit milder for downtown san francisco and oakland, about 10 degrees warmer at 51 degrees. but overnight lows tonight, subfreezing temperatures for those of you in santa rosa. 33 degrees mid to upper 30's for north bay east bay and south bay valleys. but low to mid 40's for most of the bay area shoreline. a little bit milder, though, for downtown san francisco at 43 degrees and high temperatures tomorrow looking seasonable along the bay area coastline and east bay shoreline. 59 degrees for downtown san francisco, mid 50's for half moon bay, low 60's for hayward and livermore. but san jose and even those of you in santa rosa still going to nudge up into the mid 60's. but just barely we are going to see,
9:19 pm
though, a cooler pattern taking place. more cloud cover on monday. but unfortunately dry as we end january and start february. jonathan, back to you. >> meanwhile, millions of americans on the northeast now in the bull's eye of a powerful winter storm blanketing several states with snow, gusty winds and even causing widespread power outages. massachusetts alone seeing wind gusts of more than 70 miles an hour. thousands of flights have canceled and delayed on the east coast because of the white out conditions. meanwhile, take a look at this. police in new york city swing into action to retrieve a baby accidentally locked inside of a car during the storm. an officer pulling his lockout kid out quickly to open the door. just a few moments later, officer found that 5 month-old baby smiling and not hurt. back here at home. oakland police tonight investigating 4 shootings that happened overnight. the first
9:20 pm
happened around 8 o'clock friday night near 4th and foothill avenue. officers say they found one person shot. we're told the victim now recovering in stable condition an hour after that shooting officers were called to another one. this one at 57th and international officers say the victim drove themselves to the hospital and is listed in stable condition around 11. 30 police say another shooting happened. this one around and 98th and b street officers say they were notified after the victim showed up at the hospital with a gunshot wound at midnight. officers were then called to a home near 30th and san pablo avenue for another shooting. officers say that victim was shot several times but is in stable condition so far investigators have not released any details on the suspect, but anyone with information on any of the shootings now urged to call oakland police. ahead tonight, more folks across america now quitting their jobs will show you how the great resignation now impacting older americans and the entire labor market.
9:21 pm
also the first lady and volunteers at the white house today offering up care packages and showing their appreciation for members of the military. >> the special message today also for the president.
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oh, wow, barbara corcoran! good morning. sorry, we don't need any business help now. we're gigillionaires. what? we're gigillionaires now. i don't get it we have at&t business fiber with hyper-gig speeds. but i just... so thanks, but, we're doing great. i'm so happy for you! but i'm just here for my order. oh. entre-pin-eurs? yeah, my bowling team. i like it there's money in puns. do business like a gigillionaire at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability >> welcome back, everyone. the covid-19 pandemic has sparked the so-called great resignation. americans are quitting their jobs in record numbers in search of jobs with
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better benefits for some even new careers for many older americans, they're actually leaving the job market for good kron. 4 washington correspondent alexandra limon shows us the impact. it's no have. >> good evening. since the start of the pandemic, americans are quitting their jobs in record numbers and that's impacting the economy and the labor market in various ways. well, labor force participation has edged up. it remains subdued in part, reflecting the aging of the population and retirements. susan weinstock says aarp conducted a survey of americans 50 and older of those who had retired. >> 21% of them said that they retired earlier they had planned because of the pandemic. weinstock says those newly retired say they left their jobs for a variety of reasons, including concerns about being exposed to covid-19. many of those older americans say they won't return to the workforce because their retirements are
9:25 pm
permanent. aarp says those that have returned are going back to the same jobs they had before. a 3rd of them have found better 25% said the number of job the job had the number of hours that they wanted to work. and about a quarter of them also said that that, you know, offered more flexibility like work from home while the great resignation poses challenges for employers, it's also providing greater benefits for workers with constraints on labor supply. employers are having difficulties filling job openings. >> and wages are rising at their fastest pace in many years. >> aarp survey also found that those who did return to work reported finding jobs. there are more passionate about in washington. alexandra limon. >> still to come tonight here on kron, 4 news at 9, 2, people found dead inside of a home in the new show. the investigation now underway tonight. pleasant hill. police searching for the man who they say are responsible for breaking into a business overnight. what investigators say the suspects did and how
9:26 pm
they were able to avoid police. >> and coming up, i'll have your full bay area weekend forecast and your sierra outlook and what you can expect there as a weak storm tries to bring snow showers to that region in the coming days. stay tuned.
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and free to reunite with old friends...and new. it's time to break free. ♪i want to break free♪ ♪ohhh i want to break free♪ (vo) ready to break free? plan your getaway with norwegian cruise line. sail safe, feel free. >> you get the feeling of being violated. you know, we've had someone that came in
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and probably around the premises at will with ease and and obviously very comfortable. >> take a look at that scene caught on camera. 2 men break into an east bay. jim and lyft. nearly 5 grand in equipment. this all went down last night at the diablo crossfit in pleasant hill. the gym's owner sharing his story with kron four's amanda hari. >> the owner tells me with covid-19, it's been a very difficult nearly 2 years. he says the pandemic has impacted small businesses like he is because of the shutdowns and restrictions. he says now burglary, he's another hurdle for them to overcome and it makes you feel like you're you're on because they're so comfortable violating your space. a scary situation for an east bay small business. 2 men broke into diablo crossfit. >> you can see them in this video late friday night. they spent about a half hour going
9:30 pm
through the entire gym. >> one of the coaches noticed early saturday morning he had found the mom are our jim, especially in disarray. you could tell immediately that >> someone had broken in cash box was out. the coach contacted owner craig howard. he checked the security video and can see it all go down. 2 men looking around and then stuffing items into a back. they broke in through a back window in this video. you can see one of the men noticed a security camera and cover his face while most of the gym equipment is too heavy or large to move. the suspects went after electronics. we moved a lot of our business online and to be online. you have to have camera equipment. you have lighting. they took about $5,000 worth of stuff. howard reached out to pleasant hill. police. they told him they were in the area last night about 15 minutes after they believe the suspects left. >> police say the suspects may have triggered an alarm at a
9:31 pm
neighboring building. police told howard the suspects may have been strategic with their timing. big parks in pleasant hill that night the about the same time. and they said they monitor that. they know the police will be distracted. howard says in the last month. >> they've had reports of people seen around the building. after hours, police told in these situations are becoming more common. but they say the suspects usually don't come back. >> because many home or business owners fortify their space after a break in. and that's already what i was telling us spending time doing today. >> and making sure that it's safer and more more protected. howard tells me they've been located in that building for 13 years. >> in that time, this is the second break-in. amanda hari kron. 4 2 people are dead in what benicia police say is a possible murder suicide. >> it happened on east the street around noon today. detectives say when they got to that scene, they found 2
9:32 pm
people inside of a residence dead from gunshots. detectives say the case is still under investigation. so far police have not released any names. stay with kron. 4 for information as it becomes available. tonight, there's a new push to increase punishments for smash-and-grab retail thefts. a group calling themselves rescue. california says that too many criminals are not being held accountable for the crime. critics say that prop 47, which turned some felonies into misdemeanors, say it is now responsible for allowing criminals to get back on to the streets. the group says it's now calling for sentencing enhancements for criminals who commit smash and grabs and longer jail sentences for repeat offenders. san francisco unified schools in the union representing its teachers have reached a new deal on a contract under that deal. teachers and educators would receive $4,000 through 2 bonuses this year. the deal would also increase daily rates for substitute teachers.
9:33 pm
officials say the deal will help to retain and recruit educators as the district deals with staffing shortages at schools. the last till between both sides expired all the way back in 2020, this deal would run through june 2023. must still be approved and voted on by the teachers union and the san francisco school board. let's talk about our 4 zone forecast tonight. a live look at the golden gate bridge. be happy. you are in california tonight because those folks along the east and they really wish they were here. kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez here tonight with a look at what's on the way for sunday. yeah, that's what we love to brag, jonathan, that the west coast is certainly the best coast and our weather. no exception to that. let's take a look at san francisco international airport. >> those of you heading out to tahoe, you're going to notice cooler temperatures heading your way. but we are going to see cooler temperatures even for the 2nd half of the weekend for the bay area as well. but radar for tracking
9:34 pm
overall. >> clear skies out there this evening. and right now, this year's snowpack averaging exactly where we should be for this time of year, especially for northern sierra and southern sierra. so about 99% of normal overall for the bay area. and for this year, we are going to see, though, right now, futurecast for some high clouds mixing through for the 2nd half of the weekend, truckee and south lake tahoe in the mid 40's there. and we're going to notice, though, a big drop in temperatures by nearly 15 degrees on tuesday because the storm is going to try to sweep through the sierra, but going to be more of a wind maker, then rain or snow maker. but the good news is cool. temperatures in the low 30's for afternoon highs on tuesday. that should be your average. so hopefully it helps to at least temporarily prevent any additional snow melt there. temperatures out there right now in the bay area, widespread 40's and 50's already cooling down to 42 degrees about 10 degrees
9:35 pm
warmer for downtown san francisco at 51 degrees with alameda. still in the mid-fifties at 53 degrees. but petaluma starting to dip into the upper 30's at 39 degrees. those of you in timber on nearly 10 degrees warmer. 49 degrees for your saturday night. so make sure to bundle up temperatures along the coast are going to cool down near average. exactly where we should be for downtown san francisco at 59 degrees. mid 50's for happened. they at 57 degrees there with low 60's throughout the east bay shoreline. slightly warmer temperatures. milder for those of you in san jose and fremont both in the mid 60's and low 60's. a piece for livermore and abbado at 62 degrees for your afternoon. highs in your bay area outlook looking extremely dry, cloudy on monday, but we are going to see the return of offshore breezes 45 miles per hour less starting monday and lasting through the middle of this upcoming workweek. back to you. jonathan recent, thank you. tonight. >> medical experts say they're concerned that upcoming events like the super bowl will only
9:36 pm
increase the spread of covid-19. they say they're concerned that large gatherings could push us further away from the goal line. kareen wynter has the details. >> whether it's the upcoming festival lunar new year celebrations and february 30 are. >> to win the game. >> or the highly anticipated rams. 49 ers matchup at stadium on sunday. health leaders are reminding the public to celebrate responsibly with the region slowly recovering from the devastating effects of the covid search during the holiday season with improvements in test availability. >> it's now good idea to test whenever possible. if you're gathering with others, particularly if indoor in indoor, crowded places where people are unmasked. la county director of public health doctor barbara for air said while los angeles and the state of california are seeing a decline in the number of daily new infections and the test positivity rate. >> which is also drop significantly from record highs. the anyone gathering hosting or attending football
9:37 pm
viewing parties should celebrate safely to avoid prolonging this pandemic. one concern is that while the numbers are improving, both the county and state are still reporting covid case rates double their respective peaks from the 2020 winter season. the message of testing vaccinations and wearing masks is one medical leaders say they'll continue sounding but some people still unvaccinated. well, the case and hospitalization declines. give us cause for much welcome tope. we should not take them as a sign to forgo the common sense protective measures. >> that helped to slow covid-19 transmission in our county with the upcoming super bowl festivities expected to draw large gatherings. county leaders are reminding the public that relaxing these critical guidelines to prevent the spread of covid could turn this season of celebration into another setback during this crisis. >> kareen wynter reporting for us tonight. this tuesday, san mateo county is set to launch a new mass covid-19 testing site. >> it will be located at the county's event center in san
9:38 pm
mateo. folks can walk up and worse and simply make appointments online. a big decision brewing in the white house tonight as president biden mulls over potential supreme court nominees after the announcement of retiring or retiring supreme court justice steven briar, one of those possible contenders is from california. the under krueger currently serves as a justice on the california supreme court. kruger attended high school in pasadena before going on to harvard for undergrad. the yale law school. she was nominated to the california supreme court in 2014. but former governor jerry brown who called her a distinguished lawyer and an uncommon student of the law. the white house has not formally named krueger as a contender, but if she is selected, she would become the first black woman nominated to the u.s. supreme court. first lady jill biden helping volunteers along with volunteers today, putting together care packages for 1000 members of the national
9:39 pm
guard across the country as part of a show of support for those working in support of missions related to covid-19 and natural disasters. this event put on by operation gratitude and was one of the largest non profits in the country for volunteering in support of military members, veterans and first responders as well. president biden also stopping by to discuss just how much his late son beau, who also served in the national guard, appreciated those care packages. tonight, the federal aviation administration says it is now allowing more 5 g towers to be active in a new airport runways. airlines were initially concerned that the 5 g signal could threaten flight safety by interfering with equipment used to land planes and low visibility. the faa says their concerns have now been east after wireless companies provided new more precise data about the location of those 5 g transmitters. the rising and atnt have yet to comment on the changes. more bad news for rapper travis scott. his
9:40 pm
family, his fans have reportedly faked more than 60,000 signatures on a change dot org petition campaigning for him to perform at this year's coachella. tmz reporting that more than 70,000 signatures have been registered in just 3 days. but after that time period, the number of signatures plummeted dropping, dropping for more than 70,000 to just 5,000, 60,000 of those signatures were removed after the from the petition after change dot org. engineers detected what they described as fraudulent activity. that petition has since been removed entirely from the website. ahead tonight, the un happiest place on earth. disneyland now responding to potentially damaging allegations made in a new documentary. >> produced by the disney heiress herself. the warriors hosting kyrie irving and the brooklyn nets without james harden, but was klay thompson who shined in the bright lights? callum mills has the highlights. plus, we'll check back in with kate rooney to get us ready for the afc
9:41 pm
championship game in southern california.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> rumors swirling that the nfl goat is calling it quits. several insiders reported that 7 time super bowl champion in san mateo native tom brady is retiring. the new set off a
9:44 pm
firestorm on social media. however, tom brady senior told us those reports are untrue. he said his son has not yet made a decision. our own sports producer kevin cider called brady senior who says this is all an unsubstantiated rumor that was swirling and forced by an online publication. several to reporters of tweeted that fox tmj sunlight says that brady called him today and said he hasn't made up his mind. it's also being reported that head coach bruce aerion said friday told him the same thing. meanwhile, a number of players across the league have been tweeting their congratulations to brady fans have been a frenzy. the brady camp, though, has been silent. we will keep you updated if we learn anything. new on the story. in bay area sports. the forty-niners are in la preparing to take on the rams in the nfc championship tomorrow. the faithful also in la ready to cheer the team on to victory kron. 4 sports reporter kate rooney joins us live at so fi stadium. so, kate, you're with the fans at some parties today. how much fun is it out there?
9:45 pm
>> hey, kyle and the fans are having a blast. and i have to admit, i did too right along with them. they really started to descend on la today after a smattering got in the couple days beforehand. but today was when it really started to feel like the 40 niner faithful are starting to take over here just a little bit. so like you said, there was a party in downtown la la live at tom's watch bar hundreds of 40 niner fans were on hand for that. i decided to chat with them a little bit and see where they stand heading in to tomorrow's game and what they're going to expect a few common recurring themes when it comes to the x's and o's. they said that the forty-niners are going to have to run the ball, play some fast physical defense and really stick. >> what has worked for them so far this season? >> no, these radical fans, the most really know what they're talking about because i also talked to former forty-niners quarterback eric davis and he said, yeah, that's pretty much the winning formula. >> just play the way that they've been playing. i didn't do anything special football's
9:46 pm
about matchups and and figuring out which winnable matchup. you have the forty-niners style is how they beat the rams. they play a physical style. style of football and the rams can't win that way. and if they try to blame the forty-niners that same way, they're going to lose a game. >> there is still one big x factor heading into tomorrow. and when i say big, i mean, big its a 300 pound offensive lineman pro bowl left tackle trent williams. he was questionable on yesterday's practice report. now they're wondering whether he will actually be able to play for tomorrow. he's dealing with a sprained ankle looking like it's going to come down to a game time decision. kylen. thanks for the update, kate. we'll check in with you in just a bit. hopefully the forty-niners offense rested up and ready to play better than last week against the packers when they didn't score a single offensive touchdown. i talked with sacramento beast forty-niners reporter chris peterman about how they might use the run game which we just heard about to beat the ramps. >> everything the forty-niners like to do offensively is sort
9:47 pm
of starts with the running game right there. they're a very good play action team. they like to hit the edges. and then, you know, if teams overload the edges and will cut back inside, i'm very curious to see how that impacts their use of deebo samuel. great because he's a guy that, you know, the forty-niners are undefeated when he gets carries. >> and in that week, 18 game, you remember the rams overloaded a little bit to stop the los angeles on the forty-niners pulled out deebo samuel past which led to a touchdown to juan jennings. and that was one of the biggest place in that so, you know, is 40 years obviously want to get people, samuel, the ball, particularly in the running game. but how much of his usage is going to be as a d coy to maybe set things up for for other >> they clearly want to run the ball. it's part of their identity. their physicality is is one of their defining traits on offense. so that's going to be part of it. >> the warriors looking to keep their recent success rolling will hosting one of the best teams in the east, the brooklyn nets in town without kevin durant remains out with an mcl sprain. james
9:48 pm
harden also out for this game. nets guard kyrie irving was allowed to play despite controversy over being unvaccinated fans, meanwhile, have to be vax to attend the games. 3rd quarter, andrew wiggins, the all-star starter, powers it in for 2 of his 24 points. war years of 19, they are rolling. don't count out. kyree irving, his natural immunity at work. irving led the way with 32 points that fade away. jumper gave brooklyn a 2 point lead in the 4th tied at 93 steph curry. another off shooting night. that shot right on target. the trade gives the warriors the lead back. curry finished only 3 of 10 from beyond the arc. 2 minutes left klay thompson makes the top step back to give the dubs 197 lead with 15 seconds left. thompson drains the 3 pointer warriors up for number 11, finished with 16 points. 7 of those were big buckets late in the game, too. irving giving his jersey to the rookie. jonathan ga after
9:49 pm
the game. warriors win at one 10, one. 0, 6, the final score there at the houston rockets on monday. that's all we've got for sports. jonathan, we'll send it back to you in the studio. alright, kylen, thank you. >> a new documentary tonight is pulling back the curtain on the happiest place on earth. it claims the disneyland paid its workers so poorly that many of them ended up on the street homeless. what makes the claims even more explosive is that the documentary was produced by disney heiress, abigail disney, herself. chip yost has the story. >> by show of hands, how many you have someone you know, that works at disney. that's on food stamps. >> this is footage from the american dream and other fairy tales. a new documentary that presents a critical view of how disney treats and compensates some of its employees. what makes this documentary a little unique is that abigail disney is one of the producers behind how many of you know, somebody who works at disney who slept in their car
9:50 pm
>> abigail is the grand daughter of roy disney, who along with his brother, walt was one of the founders of the company in criticizing the company that bears her family's name. >> is nothing new for abigail on her twitter account. she is known for promoting left wing causes and in 2019, she put out a lengthy twitter thread blasting disney for ceo bob iger's reported 2000, 18 compensation package of around 66 million dollars, which according to fast company at the time, was more than 1400 times with the media and disney employee made. while wage dispute at disneyland in anaheim are nothing new. disney says its largest union now has a starting wage of $17 an hour, which could move to $18 an hour next year. in a statement in response to the documentary, a disney spokesperson said in part we provide a leading and holistic employment package that
9:51 pm
includes fair pay and leaving entry wages, affordable medical coverage, access to tuition-free, higher education, subsidize childcare for eligible employees as well as pathways for personal and professional development. that was chip yost reporting for us tonight. streaming to satellites. still to come tonight, we'll show you how other services. >> now, capitalizing in supporting new young's spotify removal. for your money
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9:54 pm
tonight, americans continue to see more money in their paychecks at the end of 2021. but experts say with inflation, it actually turned out to be a pay cut that could only get worse. sky-high inflation is now eating into that new purchasing power in a big way. 80% of americans in a recent survey said that the rising cost of food and other everyday items is a major problem. 70% say they had the same concerns about rising gas prices. fans of rocker neil young can now listen to his music on sirius xm. the company said it is now revived. the rock legends, radio channel, which had a limited run in december. the channel will include his complete catalog along with special programs. the move comes after young cut ties with spotify after they refused to remove joe rogan's podcast as a demand from the singer, the singer says that rogan spreads false information about covid-19 and
9:55 pm
vaccines. many users say they've also canceled their spotify accounts after the streamers decision to remove young's music over rogan's podcast. meanwhile, apple music entitle are voicing their support for young promoting his music on their platforms. a calendar quirk as los vegas now getting ready for one of the busiest wedding months of the year. couples now planning their big day around helland wrong dates. those are dates that are read the same backwards and forwards. there are 2 in the month of february one, the second, which would look like 2 to 22 and february 22nd, which would add another 2 to the date. nearly 1600 couples. if you're curious tied the knot on other dates, you can figure out the numbers. october 10th 2020 in july, 7th, 2000, 7, another one is 9, 9, 9 and actually worked in vegas at the time and had to cover. weddings that that. and
9:56 pm
meanwhile in britain is in trouble after police get this say they found him driving without a license for 72 years. police say they pulled over the 84 year-old man as he was out on a drive. they say he admitted to never having a license and that, hey, he had been driving since he was 12 years old. you've been doing it illegally. he says, get this in all of those years. he had never been in an accident. police stopped right now because they have no idea what kind of punishment he faces. but they did take his keys away from good idea. meanwhile, the world's oldest tortoise turning 190 years young earning him a guinness world record. this is jonathan, the tortoise thought to have been born in 18, 32, which means he has lived through. 39 u.s. presidents. he's been most of his life on the island of saint helena, which is in the atlantic ocean. that picture you see right there is believed to have been taken when he arrived on the island back in 18. 82 when he was a young lad
9:57 pm
these days, he just spends his time munching on cucumbers and carrots and relaxing with his friends. david m and fred giant tortoise is typically live to be around 150 years old. but even though he's lost his vision and sense of smell, he is not lost his swag. he still gets around very social with his friends. just hanging out. chilling, getting lots of love. >> meanwhile, this tortoise well that can stop dancing, getting scratches at the santa barbara zoo suki per se. the tortoises have sensitive nerves on their shells and the massaging actually helps with their blood flow. and the extra touching feels pretty good to them. as you can see this one really loving it. i refuse. some you learn every day watching kron 4. that does it for us here on kron. 4 news at 9 o'clock. don't go
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