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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  January 31, 2022 7:00am-8:01am PST

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spots. and san francisco, some spots along the bay as well as out into the delta to most of us are fog free. just looking at a little gray overhead with mostly cloudy skies to start and a partly cloudy afternoon ahead of us. current temperatures are anywhere from the 30's to 40's. it's a chilly morning. santa rosa. you're at 35 degrees. so definitely bundle up. as you venture out there, reyna somewhere up there he's on the 3rd hello, everyone. as hoping that you have a really safe commute on your way to work on this monday. we're starting off. >> great this morning. however, we do have a couple of things to tell you about. we have new accident that just popped up. this is down in los northbound 17 just south of santa cruz avenue. so we are seeing delays there as you're traveling now in the last hour, we have an accident on the bay bridge. good news is they were able to quickly clear that off of the bridge. so traffic only went up about a minute or 2. you're still at 10 minutes from the bay. so
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that fremont street exit also here, southbound one. 0, one, 92 west. you have a traffic hazard there. so we're seeing just a slight delay as you're traveling across towards the peninsula. look at that 17 minutes via the san mateo bridge will have more on your monday morning commute. but daryn, james, i'll send it back down to you guys. all right. thanks a lot, right, 7, 0, one. and today, teachers and parents in oakland are going to hear more about possible school closures big news for them this morning. we do have a list of the schools. >> that potentially could be impacted. kron 4 sarah stinson joining us with the details on that. sarah. >> yeah, i mean, this is a huge decision to make to shut down 8 schools and merge for schools. i mean, they these are schools that have been in the community for such a long time. i'm sure this is jarring for the community of oakland to hear about this, but that's why it's being debated at tonight's special meeting with the school board. take a look.
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we've got a list that they will be reviewing tonight. first, we'll show you the 8 schools on the chopping block on. fortunately can see them on your screen, including press god but parker grass valley. just to name a few. and then for schools would be merged. now the students from the close schools will be welcomed at other schools, a presentation, including a list that you just saw will be reviewed tonight claims there's also a slide in that presentation that claims a decline in enrollment and attendance is causing the school district to face a 12 million dollar deficit next school year into combat. this problem. the recommendation is to consolidate, but someone has been vocalizing against this very hard. that school board member mike hutchinson. he says the district is not in a financial crisis and that the district >> has already addressed this. he believes no schools should be cut or she explains this to us.
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>> we're sitting on an ending fund balance of over 100 million dollars. so we have enough resources. there is no need to make any other adjustments. and so this idea that we need to for school closures this year to address next year's budget is just false. the school board are ready to address that. this wins. >> and so this will continue to be discussed at tonight's meeting. this starts at 6 o'clock. it's a special meeting with the school board and it is on zoom. i guess about 1000 people could attend in hutchinson wants as many people as we rally to get. he wants everyone to rally together. join the zoom meeting in and tell it. tell the board if you want the schools to stay open. now again, that meeting starts at 6, but this is just a discussion that will be voting on the school closures until february 8. for now, i'm sarah stinson reporting back to you. deiah james. all right. thanks
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a lot, sarah. way over there, sir. >> everybody's see you soon. >> all right. let's talk more about covid shell, which is caused all this oakland's indoor mandate is going to change where, you know, you had to wear masks will now you have to have proof of vaccination to get to an indoor business that involves foods and any kind of restaurant bar entertainment venue. there's gyms, libraries. so these are all the places you have to have vaccine prove and then well, contra costa, brooklyn already had the san prancisco had something similar as well. and we've got more on san francisco throughout the show. >> because things are changing. so stay tuned. >> like big events, let's go to the big events in san francisco, specifically. >> if it's 500 people or more, for example, we're going to show you the chase center. you have to be vaccinated. and that includes a booster shot to co and and you have to be all vaccinated one week before the event. you're going to go to. there is an out if you take a negative covid test and
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that has to be taken 24 hours, it's antigen or 48 hours for pcr. so if you have plans to go to big events, that's important to know. also in san francisco, if you're vaccinated, you can take off your mask. in some indoor places, places that have the controlled entrance is so to speak. they calm, stable settings like offices and gyms. so you'll be able to take off the mask. kron 4 were still wear a mask. by the way, in the newsroom. and in fact, most indoor mask mandates do stand throughout the city, james. so it's not just here. kron 4, a lot of businesses are being extra cautious. >> to where starting tomorrow, sonoma county is going to require school employees to show proof that they are also boosted against covid-19. the county's allowing workers to test twice a week if they haven't gotten that booster shot just yet the department public health already requires employees to be fully vaccinated. and that now includes a booster shot. the county says this new mandate is just an expansion of the
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state's requirements that are already in place. well, looking ahead at the pandemic, doctors are urging people as best they can to stay vigilant against covid-19. we have a lot of large gatherings that are expected here in the near future. as we know, people are planning to get together for super bowl celebrations. that's coming up in a couple weeks. we're also looking at the start of the lunar new year. so celebrations in the streets of san francisco and elsewhere are going to be taking place and ucsf, infectious disease expert doctor peter chin-hong says that the festivities could very well impact our covid track record. he says there's still a lot of people dying because of the virus. and we need to be very careful. >> 2000 or more, and that's way too high to really think about an endemic phase. if those deaths go down. and we have a big pause and when covid very teary unsavory tense, predictably, that's really when we can think about, you know, having an endemic where about halfway down the mountain about peak but may not see level yet.
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>> yeah. doctor peter chin-hong goes on to say that the best of advice is to gather outside because people can obviously space out. and then after you get together for a large gathering, he says you may want to just test yourself to make sure your covid free. just the personalities, how we fight for each other. the style that we played with the whole year. i mean, that's something that i'm very proud of as a coach football's highest highs and lowest lows. and sometimes kicking about. obviously it that we. >> season has to now. >> you know, we will be back next year. >> i kind of like okay put certainly kick in the pants. yeah. i liked his for the highest highs and lowest lows. it was a roller coaster ride this year. a lot of lies. we didn't make it to the hospital james. that did not know. unfortunately, the ride stopped just short of that. the kron four's will tran is at levi stadium where he's been looking back at how the game went. the season went and all that. what's to come? >> going forward will good
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morning. boy, it was a roller coaster ride. we struggled really tough at the beginning of the season. then things got better and then it. came to a halt just before the big game. >> no, it was a roller coaster season. at one point kyle shanahan. he was on the hot seat thinking why is he still around when he has not delivered a super bowl and then they turn it around? they want. i think the last 9 out of 10 games. so they were the hottest team coming into the playoffs and they had a chance. all they have to do is win. lucky number 7 against the rams and they would be back here to date probably going over some game footage and getting ready for the cincinnati bengals. but instead some of them will drift into the facility to pack up their belongings, but things and a box and then begin their vacation plans because it came to an abrupt halt yesterday. let me get to the highlights so 90's low lowlife, as i would say. >> started off with all those fans in attendance. 65% of the
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people at so-fi stadium, they travel to the game. >> from the bay area, niners fans, it was so loud that matt stafford once again have to do the silent count. and that's what you do when you're on the road and you can talk to your fellow team because it's so loud. we got even louder when george kittle scores making it 17 to 7 going into the 4th quarter. and it looked like the 9 years old he had do was take care of business. make sure that at the very least matt stafford would only do field goals. instead he drives the team down the last several times and gets points. he could have ended the game for himself and then continue with his legacy of folding under pressure. windsor cost the heart. he had a chance to catch an interception. it was so easy he was pacing the ball like a punt return. instead, it drops off his hands. they would go down, kick a field goal. take the lead. at 20 to 17, jimmy g had a chance to
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join the niners legends by either bringing it to overtime, which what he did in week 18 or just winning the game altogether. instead, he throws an interception which possibly could be his very last throw. and there are 9 news is jimmy g talking about the future. >> i think guys, next couple really. start to settle in a little bit. you know, motions awry after game win or loss and it was things got to be, you know, glad it happened. just, you know, smile think about the good you know, we'll see what happens in these next couple of days, weeks, whatever. but i love this team just a bit. the fighting a battle on this team the entire year has been really impressive. i love those guys. >> and those guys love him. they had his back all season no matter what those fair weather fans had to say. you know what? deebo, samuel, this is the indelible image after the game. as far as obj coming over there and consoling him deebo is just to the east, perhaps the most valuable
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player might be in the nfl for everything that he does and he cried just after the game. he cried when he walked through the locker room. that was the image jimmy g and the rest of the game. well, we'll just have to wait and see what happens. let's face it. we love football as fans. but for john lynch kyle shanahan is still fundamentally a business and they have business decisions to make, including what happens to jimmy g. >> more than likely he makes too much and they either will shot them or there is the possibility of flat out cutting him only him x amount of dollars, but not the full amount as they probably will move forward with the trey lance air. >> back to guys. james, are you guys yellows tv ehlers like are you do you yell now know year gone positively never yell calls james? i what about you? ice i scream at the tv like, go out what happened. and i actually, you know what, i jump up and down more for
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better screen at the television and dari i did use might not show dish use. to last monday my not so football dish, right? but again, i that in a i can appreciate that. this showed so much great. congratulations to the niners notice. a lot of it just as it has will like to say just not showing a nacho year. not that show. yeah. thank you. well, not so some people are saying sf season finished. >> yeah. these and all right. thank thank you. will. i will take a break. it is 7.12, let's hope for better things next year tonight. let's get all the way. all right. we have talked about the thieves that broke into a gym getting away with thousands of dollars worth of equipment. we actually talked to the owner that jim and he'll explain exactly what happened. >> meanwhile, congress is getting ready for president biden. supreme court pick, but some lawmakers are already criticizing him for the way he's approaching the process will talk more about that. and this morning, it's a bit on
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>> 7.15, and a very foggy start. look at this san jose. can see anything except those wonderful cranes that are in their shot we are going to be looking at a fairly gray start
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to the morning. even for those of you that are in the santa clara valley and san francisco, which are fog your spots this morning. it's just a little bit on the greece side for a lot of us this week trough that is pushing on overhead is resulting in some of the cloud cover. we have 2 week, though, for any sort of rain or snow to reach us. so after today, we just clear right back out and are back to that dry trend of weather we've been on so today, mostly cloudy. now tomorrow we are going to be looking at sunshine, but it's going to be an increased wind so tomorrow and wednesday, still going to be pretty jacket where the because of a strong offshore wind that starts to kick up tonight last through thursday morning. you see that by midday tomorrow. areas like sonoma, calistoga peak half moon bay in danville, all looking at winds gusting well into a 20 to 30 miles per hour range. upper elevations in the north bay could see 40 to even people 50 miles per hour. wind gusts. last time we saw winds, the significant was not last weekend, but the one before. that's what we saw, that big sur fire spreading rapidly. so things may be relatively lush. still out there, but fire
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danger is modestly increase just because of these winds, wind watches and high wind advisories taking effect across the bay area tonight lasting through thursday morning. now as first temperatures go, we our us like cooler track this week 50's and 60's for daytime highs and that are very warm us just the low 60's. so i would advise keeping the jacket on hand into the afternoon today. of course, you're going to win it this morning. but those 30's and 40's. but later on today, yeah, still come in handy and especially into tuesday and wednesday, which are going to be a little cooler. a little windier, too. oakland at 60. our warmest spots are napa, fairfield and vacaville today at 63 degrees for your highs. here's a look ahead of next 7 days. a cooler weekend, general still staying dry, though the weekend looks to be really nice with calmer in slightly more mild temperatures climbing back into the mid 60's, right. john, thank you for that. and we have a hot spot out there. this is out in san mateo. so. >> 92 westbound that ramp to one o one north. so we are
7:18 am
seeing a slight delay as you're heading across towards the peninsula here you can see the traffic starting to back up drive times for you about 18 minutes. 92 westbound. so we'll keep a close eye on developments there heading into the city. the bay bridge may so that fremont street exit you're under 12 minutes. we had an earlier accident there that has been cleared out of los gatos northbound 17 just south of santa cruz avenue that accident and we are seeing delays along. 17 will leave you with the richmond. sandra fell bridge about 13 minutes heading out of richmond across towards sandra fell. daria, back to you. >> thank you, ray. 7.18, for your money this morning. mcdonald's is going to start offering some unusual items and bay area companies dominate list of the best places to work. jane king is live in new york. i'm gonna see what color she has on. >> all black. your in morning. grain games, though, just
7:19 am
across the board yesterday really some games. all right. so the job site glassdoor released its annual 100 best places to work in 2022. the bay area have the most companies on this list. in fact, a headquarters companies that are headquartered in the san francisco area. so both san francisco san jose dominate or 30 companies locally on this. and some of those were india also box and google will make donald says attacking its own menu. it's going to take some of the matchups the customers of the doing for years and actually offered them on the menu at some restaurants beginning today. you can order a hash brown, 8 mcmuffin, something called the surf and turf, which is a fish sandwich and a hamburger together and then the land air and sea burger, which is the same things, the surf and turf. but as a chicken spndwiches, well, perhaps up and something many people do already, they say mainly sticking hash brown into an egg mcmuffin sandwich.
7:20 am
well, now that super bowl is set some attention, turning to the business side to the big test is will those big spenders come back to big companies and other parties? this is really the first major sporting event since the pandemic began with lots of in person gatherings and hollywood talent agencies are seeking out talent on tiktok hoping to harass. there are large and loyal followings harness. i should say they're large and loyal followings. gen z has become a pivotal audience for their coming of age as consumers, that then they also have a lot of influence on older generations and trends as well. live from new york, i'm jane king, daria, but we are you saying if i go on to be discovered is that it felt like hollywood will well of. >> if you get if you get enough there's some crazy stuff and they're my kids. look at tiktok. yeah. first i've got to get an account. okay. thank you, haha. >> 7.20 is the time. all right. in other national news this morning, we have president biden who is expected to soon announced to
7:21 am
the senate his pick for the supreme court. this is the person that's going to replace justice steven briar, who will be stepping down when the court's term ends this summer. we've got reshad hudson with the very latest from washington. good morning. this is almost certainly going to be a battle here in washington. and president biden says he plans to announce his pick for the supreme court by the end of february. >> even before announcing his pick for the supreme court, president biden is already taking heat. mississippi republican senator roger wicker. >> has criticized the president's promise to nominate a black woman comparing it to affirmative action, but not all republicans agree with that. put me in the making sure the court and other institutions like america, south carolina republican senator lindsey graham told cbs face the nation who he would like to see nominated. i can't think of a >> better for president biden considered for the supreme court. the michelle chiles. she has wide support in our
7:22 am
state. >> and democrats want to move fast to fill the seat. justice steven briar will vacate at the end of the term this summer. it's going to be fair. it's going to be deliberate and we're going to be timely to illinois senator and chair of the judiciary committee, durbin told nbc timing will depend on the nominee for the person has been before the seeking approval for circuit court. then the committee knows quite a bit about the person and the president says he will consult with the vice president and senators about the woman he plans to nominate reporting in washington reshad hudson. back to you. >> thanks for shots. 7.22. and coming up, the year of the tiger is upon us. i've been checking out with this new new year means for my sine chains. look at yours next. i'll look at your tax and you and you too, at home. we'll be right back.
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♪ ♪
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no, no, no. have some more ♪ ♪ i love you, too. ♪ ♪ >> we're back at 7.25. the lunar new year starts tomorrow. it's the year of the tiger. that's the year i was born. so on the year of the tiger, oh, my gosh. okay. all right. you look at up. seeing some celebrations across the bay weekend. what's what's your sign? you mean in the i don't want to update you and just ask you what your sign with the tiger in the chinese. zodiac. you're the tiger tiger. what are you? what is that areas? what do in that? what's your sign on the cancer
7:26 am
in that 2 totally different systems use crawford's gayle ong takes a look at how people stuff started celebrating. >> a dance welcoming the year of the tiger. many gathered to celebrate the start of the lunar new year at v a museum history park in san jose with boots full of food decorations, read a goal collar. >> and deadly representing well represent health represent >> lunar new year is also known as tent for the vietnamese culture and is considered the most important festival in holiday in vietnam. sam organized the event. it's an opportunity for us reflect the past. >> at to look forward to the new year with us here hope and a resolution to will be better
7:27 am
and opportunity. is there. >> many festivities were canceled or scaled back last year due to the pandemic. free covid test kits were passed out saturday as that stuff are celebrated the holiday. happy. in san mateo, the traditional red envelopes symbolizing luck and happiness were passed out at the hillsdale shopping center. visitors share their favorite holiday traditions. definitely clean. the is on suspicious dishes like fish for. for having plentiful >> making dumplings. that means some was gold nuggets, things of that sort family togetherness. >> celebrating. this is the first year that he's actually able to >> understand chinese new to celebrate and to see all something like the lion and dragons. >> lunar new year is
7:28 am
celebrated in other asian countries as well. but the goal remains the same to bring luck. >> and prosperity say happy gayle ong. >> kron 4 >> double 7.27. that i've still ahead on the kron. 4 morning news. a longtime business he's forcing now for snow to be relocated to somewhere else in town where they're going to go. they're scrambling. we're going to hear from the business owners about why now they've been given the boot. want your clothes to smell freshly washed all day without heavy perfumes? now they can! with downy light in-wash freshness boosters. just pour a capful of beads into your washing machine before each load. to give your laundry a light scent that lasts longer than detergent alone, with no heavy perfumes or dyes. finally, a light scent that lasts all day! new downy light, available in four naturally-inspired scents.
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>> well, now that we worked out all of the like year of the tiger i love that okay. 2010 minutes before the game i go. i have to call james to kuz. i d i know you'll be distracted because you want the game. so i call and i start asking about i think i wanted to know how radio waves owes work. and then i'm like okay. about 10 minutes till the start of the game, dari or is this now that i know there's a few. james never asked me why he knew he just i just said so tell me about the waves and the the how they're invisible and then quantum. and then we hung up and you're like, ok, thank's by and then you and yeah. >> i've learned just quicker to answer the question as opposed to ask why are asking the question in the first do that? takes about trying to go. i here is a machine that can morning keep calling james with the questions started calling me to give me your hard. and we've got a cold front right here. >> of it's looking great out there this morning. if you don't mind a little bit of gray, it's actually going to
7:32 am
be really pretty day in barely see a little bit of the golden gate bridge sticking out of the low cloud cover and fog that we do have rain county looks beautiful. just that a touch of fog there in the distance. so we do have fog stretching down through san jose up the peninsula along the bayshore to san francisco, some out into our inland valleys to its patchy. but it's dense where you are seeing it. so be mindful of it. mostly cloudy skies above that fog, too. so it's a fairly gray start and a cool one to 30's and 40's right now. palo alto at 39 degrees novato there as well. well, santa rosa in petaluma or 2 cooler spots at 34. and 35 degrees. i'll be talking about a really nice afternoon forecast. still to come first, though, on over to rain and you had your hands full so far this morning. are you getting a break yet? yeah, it certainly has been a busy morning, but we want to make sure you get to work in school and all your other activities on time. >> we had an accident on the san mateo bridge, but the good news is that accident has finally been cleared off of the bridge. so now you're looking at about a 30 minute
7:33 am
drive as you're heading across towards the peninsula, the bay bridge you're traveling into the city this morning to that fremont street exit about 13 minutes for you. there. he's also having a look at an accident. this is down in los gatos northbound 17, just south of santa cruz avenue. so we are seeing some delays there. and the richmond center fell bridge about 14 minutes traveling at a richmond darya. james, back to you. thank you, ray 7.33. and happening today, san francisco police are going to have a virtual town hall meeting. 3 o'clock today. they're going to give everybody an update on what happened with this officer involved shooting at sfo. you know, you may remember it happened back on january. 20th. >> was on that day that police were responding to reports of a person with it, a weapon at the airport, a gun. they confronted him. 37 year-old nelson zito just outside the bart station entrance and they say they tried to calm him down, but he continue to be a threat. and in the end, they did open fire shooting and killing him. a bystander was also hurt. and again, today at 3 will hopefully find out more information surrounding what happened there. exactly.
7:34 am
meanwhile, antioch police are trying to learn more about why a man allegedly killed his own son and a woman on saturday night. officers say they were called to a home near lemon tree way and sycamore drive basically out of a welfare check. and once they got there, they found 2 people dead inside. it was the neighbors that called police. they say they hadn't seen the 2 people inside for quite some time. so they called for police to go check on him. investigators say the man they arrested was detained at a train station in redwood city. and once they got his identity, realize the victims were the man's 15 year-old son and the woman with somebody he was in a relationship with so far, investigators haven't released the name of that suspect or the names of the victims. service is now fully restored to the thousands of comcast customers in the east bay who had it go out yesterday. that's the update. service went out after bullet severed a fiber optic line. makeshift pictures of the damage. you can see the bullet hole there. oakland police say shots were fired near the area of the eastmont mall right around 3.30, yesterday
7:35 am
morning. and then comcast started sending word out to customers at about 5 that there was an outage and that we're working on it. officials say the outage impacted about 30,000 customers and again now service fully restored. so glad to have that fixed. san francisco police meanwhile, are looking for a man wanted in connection with a deadly hit and run crash. this one happened saturday night on the outer sunset at 46th in lincoln, you can see on the map. it's just south of golden gate park. investigators say the driver of a stolen audi suv hit a honda suv then fled the scene. a man riding the back seat of that honda died. the driver of the hondo is recovering at the hospital so far. the only thing police been able to tell us about the people in that that caused it was that they were driving an audi suv that was reported stolen. a san francisco back in mid-january. >> 7.35 in the east bay. 2 men broke into a gym in pleasant hill and made off with about $5,000 in equipment. take a look at the video surveillance
7:36 am
and you can actually make out one of them at one point gets a little lighter. just a second. this is the diablo crossfit and late friday night, the thieves broke in through a back window and they spent about a half hour inside going around the gym. look at what they wanted them, the equipment you're going. what the too heavy? yeah, it's to head. apparently they were in there after electronics because that's what they made off with. and the owner of the gym says that this is just, you know, burglaries becoming more common in that area. >> carson in pleasant hill that night the about the same time and they said they monitor that. they know the police will be our our jim, especially in disarray. you could tell immediately that someone had broken in to get the feeling of being violated. you know, we've had someone that came in and probably around the premises at will with ease and and obviously very comfortable. >> and your hair is the look. i was telling you about heat. that guy looked right into the camera so you can make them out pretty well. call the police if you know something. this is the second time this business has seen a break-in in 13 years.
7:37 am
>> a vietnamese restaurant in san francisco's financial district is being forced to close down after being blindsided by the building's owner. sa's the emmys restaurant or size has been serving the community for 37 years. now. and they were recently told by their landlord that they're going to have to vacate and they're getting 30 days to do it, which is near enough time. the restaurant owner says that they're least was set to renew on february 28th. then they thought that's what was going to happen at been renewed year after year. you know, for decades. but that's not the case. and said they were told by the building's owner they're going to have to move out. and so that's what they're having to do. the eviction notice. he's left them now scrambling to save the restaurant, find a new location and keep their workers employed. many of whom family members. >> and i wish that they would give us this month to month up, at least give us to a time that we can actually find place. you know, instead of just knocking us out of that, it came so said that you not
7:38 am
it wasn't something that we didn't expect to be happening, but not just so, you know, it kept us. had lie, gavin, to hide. >> yeah. we reached out to the building's owners to get some sort of explanation as to why they're only given 30 days. but we haven't heard back yet. meanwhile, the families raising money right now. they're trying to relocate to another building, hopefully in the same area so they can keep serving their customers that they have seen for decades. >> it's 7.38. and still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news forty-niners fans are heartbroken. i just got an e-mail picture from one with arrow in san francisco going. >> right. it's just i'm so sad. we'll take a look back at the game.
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>> well, the covid-19 pandemic sparked the so-called great resignation where americans quit their jobs in record numbers in search of better benefits elsewhere or new careers altogether. for many older workers, they're leaving the job market for good. we've got alexandra limon with a closer look at the impact it's having. >> since the start of the pandemic, americans are quitting their jobs in record numbers and that's impacting the economy and the labor market in various ways. well, labor force participation has edged up. it remains subdued in part, reflecting the aging of the population and retirements. susan weinstock says aarp conducted a survey
7:42 am
of americans 50 and older of those who had retired. 21 1% of them said that they retired earlier they had planned because of the pandemic. weinstock says those newly retired say they left their jobs for a variety of reasons, including concerns about being exposed to covid-19. many of those older americans say they won't return to the workforce because their retirements are permanent. aarp says those that have returned are going back to the same jobs they had before. a 3rd of them have found better 25% said the number of job. the job had the number of hours that they wanted to work and about a quarter of them also said that the, you know, offered more flexibility like work from home while the great resignation poses challenges for employers, it's also providing greater benefits for workers with constraints on labor supply. employers are having difficulties filling job openings. >> and wages are rising at their fastest pace in many years. >> aarp survey also found that
7:43 am
those who did return to work reported finding jobs. there are more passionate about in washington. alexandra limon. >> thank you, alex. we'll take a break. be right back. i got. we've got our vision... ...and so much to choose from. but with free in-store design services our budget and our time are well spent. at floor and decor, with a wide selection of products all at everyday low prices, creating a space to match your taste has never been easier. discover floor and decor today!
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♪ ♪ whether someone is across the neighborhood, across the street, or across the room, you have the power to make them feel right at home. ♪ ♪ ritz. a taste of welcome. >> welcome back. 7.45. on this
7:46 am
monday morning. last day of january and we're finishing off the month with more dry weather. but things do look a little different out there. look at this view of san francisco. got a little bit of sunshine, beaming on the sales first hour. what we're seeing is some fog down below and a little bit of gray up above. you're berkeley hills camera is showing a little bit of a brighter perspective right here. more sunshine piercing through the clouds there. and you can see that foggy blanket that's sitting in san francisco down peninsula into parts of the south bay, some very dense fog in some areas, especially along one o one. so travel a little carefully there. we are seeing a cold front draped across the region. this is contributing to some of our cloudier skies as well as a modest cool down for the week ahead of us. no more upper 60's to mid 60's today at our warmest very low 60's. tonight we will see an increase in winds from the north northeast in that will accompany us through the next couple of days. so even though tomorrow is going to be sunnier, it's going to be a windier day. so you'll still want that jacket on into the
7:47 am
afternoon, really on through the course of this week, not as warm as the past few weeks have been. and today's a little cloudier tomorrow, wednesday, a little windy here. these offshore winds will be gusting as high as 40 miles per hour at some of our upper elevations. she can see sonoma, half moon bay in danville will be among areas with 20 to 30 miles per hour gust towards the middle of the day. tomorrow on into wednesday. this is enough for high wind advisories and wind watches to go into effect tonight lasting through thursday morning for the entirety of the viewing area. now, today's daytime highs, notably cooler than they have been upper 50's to low 60's. it's only a few degrees cooler, but you get a notice. the difference. it's a pairing of the slight cool down some of the clouds that will have today which will make today a crisp feeling one. just make sure you've got the jacket on into the afternoon and tomorrow and wednesday are actually going to be a bit cooler yet. and with the breezy conditions, i'm talking also want the jackets for those 2 days now we will see temperatures starting to recover towards the weekend. climbing back into the mid 60's by friday, saturday and
7:48 am
sunday. your first weekend of the new month and winds also coming really starting to come into thursday. the real big downside of this forecast is, of course, that we're starting february on a dry note, hoping that we will turn things around. but this is yet another dry week of weather ahead. reyna. john, thank you for that. ok, an update on that accident. we were tracking down in los gatos. >> northbound 17 just south of santa cruz avenue. all lanes are now open. so that roadway you're going to be able to drive on there and hopefully the traffic we're seeing there currently, he's going to start to even out there this morning traveling across towards the peninsula. we had an earlier accident here. that's now clear. so about 13 minutes for your drive heading across towards the peninsula, looking at the bay bridge traveling into the city to that fremont street exit a little under 14 minutes for your drive time there. and along 8 80's, you're traveling from to 38 to milpitas to 37 about 31
7:49 am
minutes. james, back to you. thanks right. >> all right. let's turn our attention to the forty-niners and the disappointing loss yesterday in the nfc championship game. it's the rams that are going on to the super bowl will have to lick our wounds and hope for better next year. what am i going to do with these gyms? i went out about these things. that was a big fan. >> save them for next year. don't spoil. yes, they were. next year. we got a bus with the highlights. we've had a bit to the jest. this 49 ers game a little bit of time now and there's a whole lot to unpack here. this is going to be one that will sting for a while for niners fans. 10 point lead in the final quarter. poof, gone. just like that. we've seen this movie before. let's go to so 5 stadium. they were calling it levi south all week. niners fans came in and they showed out, showed exactly why they did their part. >> this guy did to topping out an ankle injury. let's go to the first early on. matt stafford goes to cooper cup in the end zone. but he gets
7:50 am
picked off by jimmie ward. he returns it out to the 20 yard line and niners dodge a bullet. but check out this on the return. fred warner with a cheap shot off. matt stafford, no place for that uncharacteristic for one. but it didn't matter. anyway. the niners couldn't take advantage of it. the rams drive down the field. stafford cup. rams strike first 2nd quarter. same score. this thibault see screen pass. his season and that show really make people miss turned it up. a gear finishes through contact. that's one of the best players in football own looking bust a move to faithful going crazy. looks like a home game. we love to see it later in the quarter. it's 10 7 rams trying to convert on 4th and one. but the niners not get the huge stopped check out the chain game it short by an inch. it's
7:51 am
just that momentum carried over to the next drive. san francisco goes 10 plays 58 yards and it ends with a jimmy garoppolo to george kittle 16 yard pitch and catch. so it's 17 7 at this point. i'm starting to mentally plan out my super bowl plans not so fast. rams drive 75 yards in 7 plays and end with another cup touchdown. he was so good. now, here's one of those plays that will haunt niners fans for some time. staffers airs it out to we're going the other way. but he drops it. easiest pick his career cannot feel that way would go on to kick a game. tying field goal. forty-niners go 3 and out rams ball and it's that cup guy again. he absolutely shredded the forty-niners defense 11 catches 142 yards, 2 touchdowns. but later in the drive for the night as you get 3rd down stop and the rams have to settle for a field
7:52 am
goal. 30 yarder from one. 46 to play in suing drive after an incomplete pass and then a law for 3 3rd law forty-niners give me tries to escape the pocket. but it's the know throw that ends their season, which is quite fitting. the niners blow a 10 point 4th quarter lead eerily similar to that super bowl in 2019, kyle shanahan can't shake that rep. they have pretty are in the locker room. i think guys, next couple really. >> start to settle in a little bit. you know, motions awry after game win or loss and it was things got to be, you know, glad it happened. just, you know, smile think about the good you know, we'll see what happens in these next couple days, weeks, whatever. but i love this team just a bit. the fighting a battle on this team entire year has been really impressive. i love those guys. >> all right. here's the thing. love love the niners hate the rams rams play the bengals.
7:53 am
>> james? yeah, it's the year of the tiger. so the bangles or can we and clearly? >> i might i might be reform of this idea. probably run for his money. >> i can't believe you're wearing that tie. >> it's warriors. the warriors are playing today. that's what i'm doing. sure. looks like something else. all
7:54 am
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>> 7.55 is the time coming up in the next hour of the kron. 4 morning news. some schools in oakland could be closing. why the district is thinking about consolidating them. and new covid rules for large gatherings and masks going into effect tomorrow in san francisco will break down what those changes are and we could see president biden's pick for the supreme court soon. we're going to tell you who the president's potentially considering. we'll be right considering. we'll be right back. oh, wow, barbara corcoran! good morning. sorry, we don't need any business help now. we're gigillionaires. what? we're gigillionaires now. i don't get it we have at&t business fiber with hyper-gig speeds. but i just... so thanks, but, we're doing great. i'm so happy for you! but i'm just here for my order. oh. entre-pin-eurs? yeah, my bowling team.
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>> the san francisco forty-niners their season is over. coming into the facility and this could be jimmy g's last go-round with the san francisco forty-niners will hear from him and his teammates coming up in a live report. >> a dozen schools in oakland could either be shut down completely or why the school board there is debating this in a live report. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at >> good morning. all together here. kind of i'm daria. this is james. i like to say zika's
8:00 am
alos. did i just you give it a go fancy and one up for the 3rd floor? >> 3rd floor floor, right? we'll get john firstly, though, here in the studio. he's hanging out over there. gets the big wall with nice picture out there, john. i'm right in the middle of you and we are right in the middle of a little bit of fog and cloud cover sitting above smack dab in between. you can see a bit of the golden gate bridge. >> the deck of the bridge is shrouded in the fog. while the rest of us are just seeing those mostly cloudy skies overhead, we have seen some dense fog in pockets, including down the peninsula, especially along one o one into the south bay and out into the delta in the car. key is to very, very thick fog. so slow it down. if you're in countering those areas, obviously mostly cloudy morning, partly cloudy afternoon from a chilly start to a cool afternoon. temperatures will remain a little cooler today than what we got used to over the weekend. right w


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