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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  January 31, 2022 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> the oakland school board is debating whether to shut down or merged 12 schools. one school board member tells us this is absolutely not fair. we have more details coming up. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news. at know. >> good morning. i'm darya james is gone. now we can talk about jj's. i love james. he still the studio packing up because we're doing a covid saying he does for alone. i do. 09:00am alone. >> but we're all together in between. and in the meantime, we're all here to guide you through all the weather, traffic and news that you need today. there is no super bowl. so i want to get that straight. because your first because the niners lost. so whatever i james is upset as he's leaving them back. james, he's laughing and shaking his head but we are looking at a gorgeous day to get outside
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yesterday. i admit during the whole 1st half of the game, i was out hiking, john, and it was beautiful. i know. and now today feels like the bay area's morning cause this kind of cloudy out there. so. >> just a little bit of a mood for monday. but hey, we will see partly cloudy skies this afternoon in the fog that we do have this morning is going to burn off. there it is through the golden gate bridge. sure. it's a little gray, but it's still just as beautiful and that view you can see down the peninsula. we do have some visibility issues. one o one has been really affected by this fog this morning as as the hurricane is out of the delta. so take it slow are out there. you know, the drill on these foggy starts. otherwise skies do remain dry today. and temperatures just going to be a little bit cooler right now. we're mostly sitting in the 40's santa rosa. you had just left the 30's at 40 degrees. same for you in dublin in vallejo, each right at 40 degrees. look forward to a mild and cool afternoon. want to keep the jackets close to hand. reyna harvey standing by upstairs with a look at traffic. how's it going? you know what? we have a few issues to tell you about as you're hitting the roads in
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the south bay. >> specifically so as you're traveling along one, 0, one northbound exiting at moffitt boulevard in mountain view. you do have an accident there. so you can see the red on our map there lanes are blocked as you're traveling along one o one. also a little further down along 2.80, northbound north of south winchester boulevard, san jose, another accident, the air and then along 85 northbound south of camden avenue. so we do have some delays in the south bay. we'll keep a close eye as you're traveling heading into the city to that fremont street exit from the maze a little under 9 minutes. so no major delays across the bay bridge. we do have some pockets of fog along the golden gate bridge. but visibility is improving. we're at about 33 minutes now. we're back at around 23 and will leave you with a look at richmond. sandra fell bridge 7 minutes as you head out of richmond. daria, back to you. thank you, ray 9, 0, 2, and some breaking news that just came in to kron. 4 moderna. >> has just gotten full
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approval from u.s. health regulators. this makes it official and it is now the second vaccine that has been given to millions of americans under the emergency use to be now fully authorized full approval by the fda means the agency has completed the rigorous time consuming review of moderna's shot the fda granted full approval to pfizer's vaccine last august. johnson and johnson has not yet applied for full approval. happening tonight, teachers and parents and going to learn more about possible school closures. we do have the list of those that could be impacted. kron 4 sarah stinson taking a look this morning morning sarah. >> and this certainly going to be a huge impact to the communities that surround the schools that are now on the chopping block 12 schools that could either be shut down or emerged. that is if the oakland unified school board goes forward with approving
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this. take a look at your screen. we've got that list of schools that they will be talking about in a special meeting tonight at 6 o'clock, there's a list of 8 schools that would be shut down. and there's a list of 4 schools that would be merged together. students from the closed schools would be welcomed at other schools. they would, you know, pack the backpacks and head to a different school and this would be for next school school year. now a presentation that will be reviewed tonight in that one of the slides claims. a declining enrollment and attendance is causing the school district to face a 12 million dollar deficit next school year and to combat this problem. the recommendation is to consolidate school board member mike hutchinson says, though, that the district is not in a financial crisis in believes no schools should be cut or merge. he says not only is it not fair, but he also says it's just not needed.
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>> and so any idea now to close schools top of that is unnecessary. and one thing that message did not to dress is why has the school board after a vote on january 12 now released a list and is planning have a final vote on school closures, february there's nothing that says we need to make decisions that quickly. and there's definitely no crisis that's driving this. >> well, that is his opinion. and of course, all of the school's the schohl board members will be discussing their opinions. there's also about 1000 spots on this call to virtual meeting at 6. so hutchinson is encouraging everyone who has a passionate opinion about this to join the meeting. and he says, of course, on his side to say, please do not close the schools. now, they may be discussing this tonight, but they're not voting on it until february. 8th. i'm sarah stinson reporting live back to daryn. all right. thanks a
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lot, sarah, for that update. and also more oakland news. >> oakland's indoor vaccine mandate starts for some businesses. you're going to have to show proof of vaccination to get into businesses that serve food and drinks. if you're going side. same thing with entertainment venues like theaters and also gyms and libraries contra costa county, the county berkeley and san francisco have similar mandates already in effect where you've got to show proof of vaccination. also more on san francisco happening tomorrow. they have new rules about big gatherings, large outdoor events in san francisco. sorry, indoor events like the chase center. that's our show you the chase center holds a lot more. 500 people. and this applies to 500 or more people in this situation. you have to show proof of vaccination and that includes a booster shot and you have to be up to date on all the shots a week prior to the event you're going to there is a way out and that's a negative covid test. but you have to show that negative test was taken within 24 hours
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of its an antigen test or 48 hours for the pcr test. and tomorrow in san francisco, if you're vaccinated, you can take off the mask in gyms and other controlled settings. the city says this applies to stable places which are, you know, place that control the entrance is more familiar, like offices, gyms, the mask mandate at large, though, in san francisco for indoor places. still largely in effect. and don't forget, it does go business by business, too, in the north bay. starting tomorrow, sonoma county is going to require school employees to show proof that they have gotten their booster shot. the county is allowing workers to get tested twice a week if they haven't gotten the extra booster. the department of public health already requires employees to prove that they are vaccinated. the county says this new mandate is just expanding on the state's requirements. it's the personalities. how we fight for each other. the style that
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we played with the whole year. i mean, that's something that i'm very proud of as a coach football's highest highs and lowest lows and sometimes kicking all about. obviously, it that we season has to now. but >> you know, we will be back next year. >> and back next year, they will be. but will they be with jimmy g? that's the big question this morning. kron four's will tran. >> following this, the last the hope is gone out. still say we. >> we didn't make it. we're not going to the super bowl. will. >> you're allowed to say we one more day and a lot of fair-weather fans starting tomorrow. they will say they lost. but for now you have a grace period to say that we lost. we are seeing some players come in already. they have the next several days to come in and clean out their lockers. unlike the rest of us, they hate vacation, at least for the next 2 weeks. they were hoping to plan for the super bowl, but instead they are planning their summer
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vacation because their season came to an abrupt halt. they went down to southern california and they were not alone as average eyes. so fy stadium basically turned into levi stadium itself. >> as 2 of 3 fans at the ballpark. we're used by niners fans. it was so loud that the rams it felt like a road game for them. their quarterback actually had to use a silent just to communicate with his fellow players and they got even louder once george kittle score making it 17 to 7 heading into the 4th quarter. all the niners had to do was play defense. even if they had that rate points, they would be planning for the super bowl and then towards the end of the game, they had a chance to slam the door on the ramseys and there was an interception opportunity cost tart. he will never have an easier chance come up with interception. but instead he drops the ball. the rams drive down the continue to put points on the board at
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one point, getting it to 20 to 17 and then jimmy g could have become a legend among the niners with ronnie lott, joe montana, steve young and white clark by driving down the field, which what he did in week 18 to bring them to overtime or just win the game altogether. but instead he throws an interception which could be his last throw in her 90's uniform. here's jimmy g talking about that. >> think guys, next couple really. start to settle in a little bit. you know, emotions are high after game win or loss and it was things got to be, you know, glad it happened. just, you know, smile from it. and think about the good you know, we'll see what happens in these next couple days, weeks, whatever. but i love this team just a the fighting. a battle on this team that entire year has been really impressive. i love those guys. >> and his teammates loved him. the indelible memory after the game was when obj
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came over to deebo samuel, he was inconsolable on the bench. she was crying. we did everything for the niners and then they had a tender moment. so people will remember that as far as jimmy g, yes, he's under contract, but he makes a lot of money. and then last offseason, they actually moved up in the draft get trey all indicators are that jimmy g will not be back as the niners. his teammates love him. but this is still fundamentally the fans love the niners, but the niners, let's face it. they are a business. so more than likely jimmy g will not be coming back. >> the niners, however, they hope to be back. and of course, go for their 6th super bowl ring. but they felt this close to coming back with a victory that close it was. but instead their season is over. everybody is obviously proud of the niners, but summer vacation against them right now. all right. so we'll and what do you think? do you believe these rumors that
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brady is going to tire that? >> that jimmy g would go replace him, which would be so strange like full circle. >> i think so, too. if i had to guess i think jimmy g goes down to tampa. but at this particular point, we broke this story over the weekend you know, we talked to tom brady senior and tom brady senior was like, no, my son didn't say anything about retiring so it can still be next season will just have to wait and see. but jimmy g as far as his time here, more than likely. i know a lot of people swoon over him more than likely his good looks will leave the bay area as they will be tray area. xl. he still got a pretty moneymaker. >> okay. wow. well, 7 us alright nine-twelve the time right now. >> still ahead, the president is we're waiting to see was going to pick for the supreme court. lawmakers are already criticizing we'll tell you criticizing we'll tell you what.
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>> welcome back. 9.15, on this monday morning. getting back to work with a little bit of fog in a little bit of cloud cover. we're ending january on a cooler in just a touch of a cloudier note, but still notably dry with no chance of rainfall ahead of us just yet weak trough crossing the region. cooling us down at least 80 and cooling us down today. you want to keep that
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light jacket on hand into the afternoon. now, tomorrow is going to be clear, but it's also going to be windy here will have offshore winds picking up later on today into the evening tonight with tomorrow and wednesday being the breezy us of this forecast, parts of the north bay, especially our mountain sides will be the windiest areas like atlas peak 30 to 40 miles per hour. wind gusts, half moon bay, sonoma, even danville, checking in with 20 to 30 miles per hour offshore wind gusts. now these dry winds will contribute to at least somewhat heightened fire danger. last time we saw winds like this was 2 weekends ago. that's when we had that big sur fire spreading rapidly. so even though the hillsides are green, that risk is still present. we will see wind watches and high wind advisories kicking off tonight through thursday morning. now today's daytime highs will be mostly in the low 60's, but a fair share of upper 50's to like i mentioned, i'd keep the jackets with even into the afternoon, make it the light jacket. you'll be fine tomorrow with the start of february on a clear. but windier note tuesday and wednesday are windiest of days calming into thursday. after
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that, the weekend will start to warm up just a little bit with calmer winds. we'll make for a gorgeous first weekend of the new month. although what we need at this point is not so much the sunshine, but the rain reyna. john, thank you for that. we've been tracking some accidents and some delays in the south bay. >> take a look at one. 0 one. so the accident that was along there just cleared. that's the good news. we still have an accident along to 80's. so that 2.80, northbound north of south winchester boulevard in san jose left lanes. there are blocked one. 0, one traffic along there should start to dissipate a bit since that accident, which is clear traveling into the city. 9 minutes from the maze. 2 that fremont street exit golden gate bridge down to 20 minutes were up to 30's. that fog rolled in, had a low visibility there. richmond center fell bridge a little under 8 minutes as you're traveling and the san mateo bridge about 13 minutes for your drive. daria, back to you. time to talk winners and losers with our financial expert rob black eye right?
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>> well, i'm good as hero, but let's talk money. i know why netflix is making money because they just my rights. >> their socks up big today after being down 50% from its all-time high as the spotify and analysts came out today is that i like both these companies. wall street likes scripture models in the news for different reasons. the content that we consume if they can get to a billion users, that's like a magic number that made facebook and apple so powerful and netflix and spotify in my opinion will get 2 billion users in my lifetime. so i use them buying opportunities when they come and they've come. this tech correction. everyone should consult worker visor. but i think alice more right than wrong for the year to trust. you know, the nasdaq's down 12%. the s p 500 is down 7%. the dow is down 4%. bitcoin is down. 37%. there's been really no place to hide. to part started the year started with a correction question. mark is has become a bear market. would be more detained if you did. >> can you do with that? so
9:19 am
speaking of billions, home is like a gazillion dollars now and so is red. so everything is outrageous. >> yeah, this just read it on my radio show this morning that everything's more expensive weathered concert tickets for sporting tickets or gasoline or used cars. but rents are going to be the real problem for most of america. stake is expensive, we switch the chicken and chicken is expensive. we switched to pork when gas is expensive. we stay at home. that's kind of how we beat inflation personally. but rents in. some markets are up 30 to 40% year over year on howard's are up 14% in american last year. that $1877 for a one-bedroom apartment this year. it's expected to go up another 10%. look at some of these markets are these are markets where california is used to go to say i want to live somewhere cheaper. and so or not she were often up 40%, miami up. 35%, portland up. 29% rent freezes in the moratoriums of the pandemic or
9:20 am
are subsiding and this could be a long-term pain. this is why we talk about inflation on wall street might become prevalent this year and it's scaring people because rents 10 not to come down as fast as they go up. and right now there's just not enough supply of homes. so home prices are expected this year when prices expected this year. and people like me who bought a home last year with my stock appreciation. not because crowds pay me a lot more money because my stocks went up, right? i'm contributing to the problem. >> ok, it's your fault that and as i was joking, it's my fault. the forty-niners last. so there you go. okay. i pay for all the netflix and hulu and but i don't have that many subscriptions for music. i use that i use apple. i know you're doing thing on spotify and my biggest pet people in the apple is. my kids. they hate my music and they only fair. that keep my playlist. but so you spotify, lot of people use spotify. how's it doing?
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>> i spotify for podcast and i apple for something. apple invest right by pay for music cam cooper. you live kind of thing all right. if i sit down big this year, they've got a big problem first time ever. joe rogan's causing them headaches. he's talking misinformation on covid. i'm 20 years old. go. a lot of us got our news from jon stewart. not from crime but from john stuart. now we're getting our news from joe rogan. every generation is tends to happen in this one. it's falling on spotify. he's got 100. and so this podcast to spotify, 400 million dollars. he apologized over the weekend saying that it shows out of control. he needs be more balanced. he's been pushing the ivermectin some of the controversial treatments for covid-19. it's neil young joni mitchell came to the rescue and said, you this needs to stop. we need to break on him. and apparently rogan listening, spotify. listen, i think it's a nice grown-up moment. no course not much is
9:22 am
going to change as we all know. but you 2 had to go through this with heat videos and facebook has gone through congress. congressional hate speech and and black lives matter. hate speech and situations on their side. so every major platform teams to go through it and typically create a buying opportunity. the stock with very little being done long-term to correct what's wrong with platforms, ok, before you go, are you sad about the niners losing? i mean, i wanted to make it to super bowl. of course. did you watch? i wanted to 2 best teams to make it. so i kind of want to kansas city and the came in to all say. >> covid-19 is a thing of 2022 and move on with their lives. but yeah, i think the forty-niners they showed that they have some flaws. and so if i can fix it, you know, it's nice for the forty-niners. know that it's the year of the tiger. so the bengals are going to win. that's what i think. really i know. i nothing about sports. okay, >> rogan. now it is. well, that's the big. don't listen join at least watch the kron 4 morning news. don't get your
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news of joe rogan. i don't i can't believe you did that story. all right. thank you, rob. has good day to you. if you have a question rob, you can e-mail him or reach him on facebook or twitter. we'll be facebook or twitter. we'll be right back. when a truck hit my car, facebook or twitter. we'll be rthe insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible.
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yeah, my bowling team. i like it there's money in puns. do business like a gigillionaire at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability >> 9.25 right now a vietnamese restaurant in san francisco's financial district is set to close next month. they were blindsided, they say, by their building's owner size vietnamese restaurant has been
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serving the community for 37 years and was recently told by their landlord they have to vacate the building in 30 days. the restaurant owner says they're least set to expire on february 28th, but still just a few days ago, they were under the impression that the building's owner was going to renew the lease after the eviction notice. now they're scrambling to try to save the restaurant, help out workers, many of whom have family members that are actually the associated with the owner. >> and i wish that they would give us month to month up, at least give us to a time that we can actually find place you know, instead of just knocking us out of that, it came so senate, you not it wasn't something that we didn't expect to be happening, but not just so, you know, it kept us. had lie, gavin, to hide >> kron 4 reached out to the building's owner, but we haven't heard back yet.
9:27 am
meantime, the family is raising money to try to leave relocate to another building in that same area where they like to stay. it's 9.26. >> and coming up next, eves target a nice page. him and they get away with thousands of dollars worth of quitman. we're going tell you why the gym owner believes they didn't want the ways. we're going to tell you what they made off with.
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>> 9.29 and we're talking about how a lot of niners fans are heartbroken this morning. and one of our viewers, vince chang. >> sent us this depiction. >> of that, it's appropriate. i think a lot of people can relate to i never thought that the bow and arrow would be used in this niners lost. there you go. it's brilliant. yeah, it's brilliant and sad. we're sorry, sad, but very clever. but things first share that one with has yeah. really out there. i think bay area's. >> morning a little bit. you can see we're a little gloomier today than we were yesterday. we got the fog. we've got the mostly cloudy skies overhead. skies will get a little bit brighter towards the afternoon, but with are generally cooler temperatures and the partly cloudy conditions. go ahead and keep your jackets on hand into the afternoon. we have seen some visibility issues from the south bay on up the peninsula as well as into the inland east bay. so take it a little slower as well on your commute. as i mentioned,
9:31 am
partly cloudy skies overhead as the way it's going to go in temperatures going to be a little bit cooler. mostly only peaking in the low 60's that are very warmest. at least. we've left the 30's. now we're back up into the 40's for most spots later on today. those low 60's to make their return. reyna. >> well, i wish i could say they were no issues out there on the roads as you're traveling. but there is one and this is in the south bay, along 2.80, soviet 80 or get a look at that accident right here. we'll show you on your screen of the delay that we're seeing there. this is going to be northbound just north of south winchester boulevard. so you can start to see that traffic building there. that's traveling to a san jose. want to want to cupertino. 85 about 17 minutes for you. there it into the city right now. a little under 9 minutes. traffic looking great. the heading from the maze into the city, 70 oh, bridge across towards the peninsula. 13 minutes and the richmond, sandra fell bridge little
9:32 am
under 8. daria, back to you. thanks a lot a it's 9, 31 2 men were caught on camera going into a gym in the east bay and stealing stuff about $5,000. >> worth of things. and it wasn't heavy lifting. so what did they make off with? they went to the diablo cross across fit in pleasant hill. here's the rest of the story. >> the tells me the all across is a small local business. he says the last few years have been tough with the covid-19 pandemic and the restrictions and shutdowns that have come with it. he says now this is another hurdle to overcome. you get the feeling of being violated. you know, we've had someone that came in and probably around the premises. >> at will with ease and and obviously very comfortable. a scary situation for an east bay, small business. 2 men broke into diablo crossfit. >> you can see them in this video late friday night. they spent about a half hour going through the entire gym. one of
9:33 am
the coaches noticed early saturday morning he had found the mom are our jim, especially in disarray. you could tell immediately that someone had broken in the coach contacted owner craig howard. he checked the security video and can see it all go down. 2 men looking around and then stuffing items into a back. they broke in through a back window in this video. you can see one of the men noticed a security camera and cover his face. well, most of the gym equipment is too heavy or large to move. the suspects went after electronics. we moved a lot of our business online and to be online. you have to have camera equipment. you have lighting. >> we have sound we have a mixture boards for podcast. they took about $5,000 worth of stuff. howard reached out to pleasant hill. police. >> they told him they were in the area last night about 15 minutes after they believe the suspects left. police say the
9:34 am
suspects may have triggered an alarm at a neighboring building. police told howard the suspects may have been strategic with their timing of a car accident. pleasant hill that night the about the same time. and they said they monitor that. they know the police will be distracted. howard says in the last month. >> they've had reports of people seen around the building. after hours, police told in these situations are becoming more common. but they say the suspects usually don't come back. >> because many home or business owners fortify their space after a break in for our members all say we're probably safer now than we were prior to this. howard tells me they've been located in that building for 13 years. >> in that time, this is the second break-in. amanda hari kron. 4 its 9.34 and today san francisco police are going to have a virtual town hall meeting at 3 o'clock this afternoon. >> to give more information about the officer involved shooting at sfo on january. 20th on that day, police
9:35 am
responded to a report that an armed man was at the airport. they got their confronted. 37 year-old nelson zito just outside the bart station entrance to sfo and they say they tried to calm him down, but they say they had to open fire because they considered him to still be a threat. he ended up dying in a bystander was injured. and police are trying to learn more about why a man would have killed his own son and a woman on saturday night. officers were called to a home near lemon tree way and sycamore drive for a welfare check. and when they got there, they found 2 people inside the home. neighbors were concerned after the 2 people had not been seen for days. investigators say the man that they arrested was at a train station in redwood city. the victims were his 15 year-old son. and a woman that he was in a relationship with investigators haven't given us
9:36 am
any other names. 9.35 and services now restored to thousands of comcast customers in the east bay. you know, weiser's went out yesterday because a bullet flew into a fiber optic line. >> and damaged it. look at this. this is a line high up and this i guess a stray bullet or something. it was fired hitting near the spot mall threes during afternoon. but look at where it ended up. so then comcast. you know, they had an outage was around 5 o'clock in the morning impacting about 30,000 customers. so it's restored. and now we know why that isn't reason you probably never heard before. i heard that 9. police in san francisco are looking for a man wanted for a deadly hit and run crash. that happened saturday night in the outer sunset on 46. 71 lincoln way. the driver of a stolen audi suv ran into a honda suv.
9:37 am
and then took off in the honda. that was a man in the back seat was killed in the driver of the honda that was hit is recovering in the hospital. so far police have recovered the stolen audi. but that's it. no driver. happening right now. oakley police are looking for this woman. 24 year-old alexis gabe. she went missing under suspicious circumstances last thursday. she was last wearing a white tank top a hooded sweatshirt, black pants and green and white shoes. if you see her or you have any information, you think you can help contact the oakley police. 9.37. and if you need health insurance today is the deadline for you to sign up for covered california. 1.8 million people already have, which is a record breaking number of enrollments and is being attributed to driven by the american rescue plan. and
9:38 am
that plan allowed covered. california increase the amount of financial help that they give to people as well as lower the premiums by hundreds of dollars for middle income. policyholders. it's 9.37. and still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news. >> we're going to talk more about the game. what went wrong and what happens next for the forty-niners.
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♪ ♪ whether someone is across the neighborhood, across the street, or across the room, you have the power to make them feel right at home. ♪ ♪ ritz. a taste of welcome.
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♪ ♪ right now. and in national news, president biden is soon going to send over to the senate. his pick for the supreme court. >> this person will replace steven brier who is stepping down with the court's current term is over this summer. rashad hudson has the latest from washington. >> good morning. this is almost certainly going to be a battle here in washington. and president biden says he plans to announce his pick for the supreme court by the end of february. even before announcing his pick for the supreme court, president biden is already taking heat. mississippi republican senator roger wicker has criticized the president's promise to nominate a black woman comparing it to affirmative action, but not all republicans agree with that. put me in the making sure the court and other institutions. >> like america, south carolina republican senator lindsey graham told cbs face the nation who he would like to see nominated. i can't think of a >> better for president biden
9:42 am
considered for the supreme court. the michelle chiles. she has wide support in our state. >> and democrats want to move fast to fill the seat. justice steven briar will vacate at the end of the term this summer. it's going to be fair. it's going to be deliberate and we're going to be timely to illinois senator and chair of the judiciary committee. durbin told nbc timing will depend on the nominee. the person has been before the seeking approval for circuit court. then the committee knows quite a bit about the person and the president says he will consult with the vice president and senators about the woman he plans to nominate reporting in washington reshad hudson. back to you. >> thank you for shot. we'll >> thank you for shot. we'll be right back. after my car accident, >> thank you for shot. we'll be righti wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. is your accident case worth more than insurance offered?
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>> 9.45 right now and it is about the sport stuff because, you i was really watching. i mean, i watched as quarter of the game, but i took a walk and it was a beautiful job nobody was out there. they were all watching the games. it was funny. i actually was on a walk yesterday and i could like people's windows. everyone's tv. right on the forty-niners it was beautiful out there for sure. unfortunately the game didn't goes beautifully today. the bay area, little little bit of morning. it's kind of gloomy compared to where we have been. there's your speckled
9:46 am
clouds right above the brightness is making its way through it. you can see we will have a mild afternoon with some partly cloudy skies to look forward to. just in the meantime, a little bit on the cloudy side and even a little bit on the foggy side, we have had some fog settled into areas along the peninsula, including one 0, one from san francisco down through the santa clara valley. >> as well as out into the delta now, temperatures today will be a little bit cooler. we have a passing cold front which isn't resulting in the chance of rain but is contributing to a cooler feel as well as a little bit of this cloud cover in the midst of tonight will push those clouds out. but along with it in offshore wind in tomorrow's going to be even cooler paired with these breezy conditions, the next few afternoons, you will be keeping the jackets closer at hand for the north bay winds will be the most significant in our mountainous areas. these offshore winds are also going to be resulting in humidity falling into the single digits. so some really dry offshore winds. that pairing has resulted in wind advisories and high wind watches and likely a little
9:47 am
uptick in fire. danger are hillsides are still really green, which helps. but the last time we saw conditions, this windy was 2 weekends ago with that big sur fire. so we're not necessarily out of the woods, especially after a few dry weeks behind us. now 50's and 60's for your daytime highs today at or very warmest will only be rising into the low 60's. so temperatures are certainly on the cooler side. and with that cloud cover, it's going to feel even just a little cooler yet for the east bay. pretty solidly either 60 or 61 degrees. oakland, you'll be right at 60 degrees. our warmest spots today only by degree or 2 are napa fairfield and vacaville each at 63. here's a look ahead. so tomorrow winds will start to pick up tuesday and wednesday. your first 2 days of february will also be or windiest. and our coolest days thursday, we start to come down and start to warm back up, setting us up for really nice weekend. lots of sunshine, mild temperatures and calmer winds for your first weekend of february. and as you can see it, no chance of rainfall in sight. rainfall that we really do need. but
9:48 am
don't have just yet reyna. all right, john, all that sunshine sounds really nice for us. >> okay. so in oakland, we do have an accident. this one just popped up along 8.80. so if you're traveling there, northbound south of hamburger road, oakland, there is an accident. we are seeing some delays as you're traveling along 8.80, reaching as far back as san leandro. once you reach the maze a little under 9 minutes, smooth sailing into the city to that fremont street exit san mateo bridge chain across towards the peninsula. about 13 minutes traveling along 92 westbound there on a richmond 5.80, if you're traveling, look a little under 8 minutes for you. no major delays as you're traveling along one o one. we did have an earlier accident there that cleared out and another one that just opened up all lanes southbound south of east poplar avenue, us and the tale. look at that about 29 minutes from 85 to menlo park. daria, back to you. thanks a lot. 9.48. is the
9:49 am
time and the forty-niners fought hard. >> but they couldn't pull it off and ultimately lost to the rams. and that means we're not going to super bowl coffers. jason dumas says the highlights. >> we've had a bit to the this 49 ers game a little bit of time now and there's a whole lot to unpack here. this is going to be one that will sting for a while for niners fans. 10 point lead in the final quarter. poof, gone. just like that. we've seen this movie before. let's go to so 5 stadium. they were calling it levi south all week. niners fans came in and they showed out showed exactly why they did their part. this guy did to topping out an ankle injury. let's go to the first early on. matt stafford goes to cooper cup in the end zone. but he gets picked off by jimmie ward. he returns it out to the 20 yard line. the niners dodge a bullet. but check out this on the return. fred warner with a cheap shot off. matt stafford, no place
9:50 am
for that uncharacteristic for one. but it didn't matter. anyway. the 90's could take advantage of it. the rams drive down the field. stafford cup. rams strike first 2nd quarter. same score. this thibault see screen pass. his season in a nutshell, really make people miss turned it up. a gear finishes through contact. that's one of the best players in football own. look, he can bust a move to faithful going crazy. looks like a home game. we love to see it later in the quarter. it's 10 7 rams trying to convert on 4th and one. but the niners not get the huge stopped check out the it short by an inch. it's just that momentum carried over to the next drive. san francisco goes 10 plays 58 yards and it ends with a jimmy garoppolo to george kittle 16 yard pitch and catch. so it's 17 7 at
9:51 am
this point. i'm starting to mentally plan out my super bowl plans not so fast. rams drive 75 yards in 7 plays in another cup touchdown. he was so good. now, here's one of those plays that will haunt niners fans for some time. staffers airs it out to we're going the other way. but he drops it. easiest pick of his career cannot feel that way would go on to kick a game. tying field goal. forty-niners go 3 and out rams ball and it's that cut guy again. he absolutely shredded the forty-niners defense 11 catches 142 yards, 2 touchdowns. but later in the drive for the night as you get 3rd down stop and the rams have to settle for a field goal. 30 yarder from one. 46 to play in suing drive after an incomplete pass and then a law for 3 3rd law forty-niners give me tries to escape the pocket. but it's the know
9:52 am
throw that ends their season, which is quite fitting. the niners blow at 10 point 4th quarter lead eerily similar to that super bowl in 2019, kyle shanahan can't shake that rep. they have pretty are in the locker room. i think guys, next couple really. >> start to settle in a little bit. you know, motions awry after game win or loss and it was things got to be, you know, glad it happened. just, you know, smile from think about the good you know, we'll see what happens in these next couple days, weeks, whatever. but i love this team just a bit. the fighting a battle on this team entire year has been really impressive. i love those guys. >> so if jimmy is going to go, where's he going to go? can you imagine if you went to the bucs? would that be weird if tom brady retired and he went to the bucks and what brady came to the forty-niners just like his veteran one-year deal just to play in his hometown. ra is crazy scenario. and it's
9:53 am
possible. >> 9.52. we'll be right back. 9
9:54 am
9:55 am
done for the day here on the morning news. but they never stop on kron-on. so if >> reyna is wearing a wells dress, know what kuz treasure you and who are you wearing?
9:56 am
darya. good to see this morning. if you can believe that we've actually been dealing with this pandemic for 2 years now here in the bay area this morning, santa c ara county is set to discuss the second anniversary of the first case of covid being found here in the bay area. we're going to have full report on their remarks later this afternoon. that's going to be during our brand new noon newscast that airs right here on kron 4 as well as on kron on to catch their remarks live, though, and get real-time updates on local and national headlines all day long. grab your phone scan. this qr code that you see on your screen. it will take you straight to your app stores. you can download the kron-on for free darya. who are you wearing? well, i don't know, but you can pass and taylor down to me when that's it for the morning. should we take a peek at the weather job before we go? yeah, it's another dry week ahead of us. daria, a february first tomorrow and we're kicking off the new month on. >> a very similar know some low 60's skies will clear out tomorrow. now here's the catch
9:57 am
tuesday and wednesday, especially are going to be really windy days, especially for the north bay you write breezy and i pleasant, but it's more than that. yeah, tons i would say was stiff wind and the rest of us breezy at a thursday. things come down, though, into the weekend is going to be another gorgeous one. >> fantastic. all right. well, that's it for now. we'll see you back here tomorrow. starting at 04:00am james will be alone at 04:00am and we'll all be together from 5 to 9. and then i'll be finishing out like i am today with cnn.
9:58 am
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