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tv   KRON 4 News at 12 Noon  KRON  January 31, 2022 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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bones and play long! and get a chloe kim mini snowboard with snogurt. >>we begin right now with breaking news. >>thanks for joining us here on kron on news at noon. i'm noelle bellow. we are following breaking news out of antioch this afternoon. police are asking everyone living on f street between west 11th and west 17th streets to shelter in place until further notice. this directive comes after police say they found a man dead in that area. police say around 7.30, is when they made that discovery officers found a man in his 50's dead with signs of severe trauma walnut creek bomb squad was called in
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to investigate some wires that were also found in that area. classes at the nearby live oak high school have been canceled for today due to all of this antioch middle school is also nearby. officials there are getting in touch with parents as well as of right now, jea street between west 18th and west 17th streets are closed. west 16th street to the end of f street is also closed right now. kron on's haaziq madyun is gathering more information on this situation. he's going to have an update for us coming up on kron. 4 news at 3. meanwhile, over in oakley, police are looking for a missing 24 year-old woman. alexis gabe is her name. here's a picture of her officials say gave went missing under suspicious circumstances. on thursday she was last seen wearing a white tank top a hooded sweatshirt, black pants and green and white shoes. if you have any information on her whereabouts, you're asked to
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contact oakley police. now to some coronavirus news this afternoon. moderna's covid-19 vaccine has received full fda approval the vaccine was first granted emergency use authorization back in december of 2020. since then, more than 200 million doses have been given to americans. as of right now, moderna shots are only cleared for adults. but again, it has received full fda approval. you remember the pfizer vaccine received full approval last august as johnson and johnson has not yet applied for full approval of its covid vaccine. now that approval from the fda comes as santa clara county officials mark that 2 year anniversary of the first case of covid being detected in the bay area. earlier today, health officials held a news conference where they talked about the continuing fight against the virus, including a testing mandate for health care workers. kron on's
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charles clifford was there. he joins us now with more information. charles, i don't know if you remember, i remember 2 years ago when we were first hearing about this virus, i can't believe it's already been 2 years. yeah. >>yeah. 2 years ago we were all up mentally in a very different but it here in santa clara was today january 31st. 2022 years ago, the county held its first press conference to announce that they had found a patient with coronavirus who had recently traveled to wuhan china. let's going take a look at some video here now today, doctor sara cody, the health officer in santa clara county, sort of give an update on where we are 2 years later. you know, they're bent over 275,000 cases of coronavirus here in santa clara county. that's probably an undercount over 202,000. i'm sorry. over 2000 people have died from the virus. so that's not good news. but the good news is that that things are trending in the right direction. cases are starting to drop here in santa clara the positivity
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rate is down a little bit over the last couple of weeks. so that is good news. also there now, vaccines there are boosters. there are treatments coming online and people know how to deal with this virus. so today, doctor sara cody said she hopes that in the near future she could see a day when county health official start to start to step back when they stop being so proactive about getting people to wear masks and get vaccines and the sort of fall back into their more traditional role. >>many of the activities that we've been as government. they need to provide mass testing and mass vaccination to ensure that everyone is reached as fast as possible. anticipate that will transition back to the way that we traditionally work, where you would go to your health provider traditionally for vaccines and testing and that our role at the county and in the public health department will be more our traditional role, which is access and removing barriers
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for people who are the most vulnerable in our community. >>all right, back live now, doctor cody didn't give any timeline for when you know, they might start to see things step back. she she fully expects there could be additional waves of covid-19 cases peaks and valleys. she said over the months and years to come. also this week here in santa clara county, a lot of first responders are expected to get their booster shots and the county is encouraging everyone who might be a to please do that. but for now in the south bay, charles clifford kron, 4 news. >>karl, thank you for that report. big news out of the east bay now the west contra costa school district has reached a tentative agreement with the teachers union over covid protocols. the agreement means the union is delaying their strike. vote according to the union, they've agreed on several items including kn 95 masks being provided daily for students and staff weekly covid testing at all school sites for the remainder of the
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year twice-weekly testing. if a class has had a positive case, additional testing after the february and spring breaks and an increase in pay for substitute teachers as well as finally an increase in pay for elementary school. teachers taking on additional students. meanwhile, parents and teachers over in oakland, they're waiting to find out which of their schools, their district is planning to close kron on sarah stinson. taking a look ahead at a meeting scheduled for this evening. >>8 schools are on the chopping block and are being considered to merge. this is a huge decision for the oakland school board and they'll be discussing this in a special meeting tonight. this is the final list of schools that could be shut down. you can see the 8 different schools on your screen. students from the closed schools would be welcomed at other schools. they also have released the 4 schools that could be merged together. schools that are
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cited on this list for possible closure are some of our traditional neighborhood schools that have served generations of our community. >>and today's drop this bomb in the community on top of the trauma, many people are really going on 2 years in a pandemic. it's just really unconscionable. >>the district claims in the presentation being reviewed tonight that a decline in enrollment and attendance is causing the school district to face a 12 million dollar deficit next school year and to combat this problem. the recommendation is to consolidate school board member mike hutchinson says the district is not in a financial crisis and believes no school should be cut or merge because it's not needed. and it's not fair. >>there is no need to make any other adjustments. and so this idea that we need to for school closures this year to address next year's budget is just false. the school board are ready to address that.
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>>tonight's meeting is on zoom. there's about 1000 spots and hutchinson has on facebook invited as many people as he could to voice their opinion on not shutting down these oakland schools. and the meeting starts at 6 o'clock. and this will be a discussion. no vote will be done until february 8. i'm sarah stinson reporting back to you. well, it was a heartbreaking end to the season for the san francisco forty-niners red and gold came up just a little short against la rams yesterday in the nfc championship game. now everyone is wondering. >>what does the future hold for? jimmy g and the rest of the team kron on's will tran reports from levi stadium. >>we are seeing some players come in already. they have the next several days to come in and clean out their lockers. they went down to southern california and they were not alone as average eyes. so fy stadium basically turned into
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levi stadium south as 2 of 3 fans at the ballpark. and they got even louder once george kittle score making it 17 to 7 heading into the 4th quarter. all the niners had to do was play defense even if they had that rate points, they would be planning for the super bowl and then towards the end of the game, they had a chance to slam the door on the rams season. there was an interception opportunity, but check was key tart. he will never have an easier chance to come up with interception. but instead he drops the ball. the rams drive down the continue to put points on the board at one point, getting it to 20 to 17 and then jimmy g could have become a legend among the niners with ronnie lott, joe montana, steve young, dwight clark by driving down the field, which what he did in week 18 to bring them to overtime or just win the game altogether. but instead he throws an interception which could be his last throw in her
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90's uniform. here's jimmy g talking about that. >>we have been guys next couple really start to settle in a little bit. you know, motions awry after game win or loss and it was things got to glad it happened. just, you know, smile from that meeting. think about the good you know, we'll see what happens in these next couple days, weeks, whatever. but i love this team just a bit. the fighting a battle on this team entire year has been really impressive. i love those guys. as far as jimmy g, yes, he's under contract, but he makes a lot of money. and then last offseason. >>they actually moved up in the get trey lance, all indicators are that jimmy g will not be back as the niners. his teammates love him. but this is still fundamentally the fans love the niners, but the niners, let's face it. they are a business. so more than likely jimmy g will not be coming back. the niners, however, they hope to be back. and of course, go for >>their 6th super bowl ring.
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they felt this close to coming back with a victory. that's close it was. but instead their season is over. everybody is obviously proud of the niners. but summer vacation against them right now that team. >>the rams game at so fi has created some political controversies for san francisco mayor london breed and governor gavin newsome. despite a statewide indoor mask mandate, both were seen last night at so-fi stadium for california matchup, not wearing masks. they took pictures with la mayor eric magic johnson all without their masks. magic posted these pictures to his twitter account, which is how they have garnered so much attention. now, governor newsom did talk about the picture during a news conference earlier today. he said he did wear a mask for majority of the game and just took it off for the picture. >>very judicious yesterday,
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very judicious. and you'll see the photo that i did take. magic was kind enough, generous enough to ask me for a photograph and in my left and some ask and i took a photo rest the time i wore as we all should when i had a glass of water. well, i think and courage everybody else to do so and that's it. >>the governor went on to say the state is seeing a significant decline in the number of confirmed covid cases. all week. we had been tracking the prices for sunday's game with some going for more than that $10,000. some of those tickets, according to the nfl ticket exchange, the league's official marketplace, the most expensive seat for the upcoming super bowl is $75,000. that is for just one. the ip ticket to the super bowl. 2 tickets will cost
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$100,000 cheapest seat. 6600. that was about the most expensive seat for yesterday's game. if you want to compare prices through 3rd party ticket sites like stub hub are even higher. in the meantime, a report by economics consulting company, a micro not mix estimates the super bowl could bring in up to 477 million dollars in revenue to southern california. all right, 12, 13 time to switch. some gears here and talk about our weather forecast. taking a live look outside at our sfo camera. we've got a little bit of cloud cover there. it was very, very cold this morning. kron on meteorologist dave spahr. joining us now with details on just how warm it is out there. hey, day a good day, noel. good day, everybody. and with all that cloud cover still, we're going to see those temperatures be quite chilly to the week ahead. >>another factor working in this also working against a little too, but is the dry air which we're going to have all week. but those winds will sometimes support temperatures a little bit at night. you can see the east bay shoreline
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with the haze off towards the distance, the distance view of the golden gate. and still, you can see kind of the haze this in the background. lots of high cloudiness today. little bit of stratus worked in there, too. but what we're really watching here is from late tonight through thursday morning. here now there is a high wind watch. that's all that's tan color. the covers base of the whole bay solano counties under a wind advisory. now when we have a high wind watch, typically the next step is a wind high wind warning. the national weather service kind of hitting that. we may be having a wind advisory for this piece of real estate later on. but kind of stay tuned for all of this. it looks like this wind event that's going to kick up late tonight or into tomorrow is going to be with us too much of the balance of the week. quick check on the winds are not doing much of anything right now. kind of calm or single digits with all of that temperature check for you. 50's on the board here. 59 for concord. 59 also for an bring it on in for this afternoon. keeping a lot of cloud cover going into tonight with temperatures around 60, giving it over to future cast for we really don't start clearing
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out. we get to tonight again, the high cloudiness, a little bit of stratus thrown in there for good measure. we clear out by overnight into tuesday. but by that point, we get the backside of this system and we tend talk about at this time of year as an issue. here are the winds and notice the arrows directly offshore. now, this is a problem and it's being watched carefully right now. there's no a fire weather watch. kind of talk. but it's not impossible for that to pop later on going up to tuesday evening. there you see the winds pop in the north bay winds will be higher gusts, of course, happening in the higher elevations in the east bay as well as you can see it spilling in that our geography is covered by this is late as wednesday morning. she will notice today. we're looking at 60 for oakland, san francisco, 62 san jose with the cloud cover is a little thicker. coming up, we'll have that 7 day forecast for, you know, well. >>thanks, dave. coming up here on kronon changes could be coming to death row at san quentin. and we've got details on that. plus, police in san
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francisco still looking for a hit and run
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>>san francisco police are set to hold a virtual town hall meeting this afternoon to provide an update on that shooting at sfo. that happened earlier this month on january. 20th police responded to a report of an armed person at the airport. officers confronted. 37 year-old nelson zito just outside the bart station entrance. police say
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they tried to calm him down but had to open fire when he continued to be a threat. zito was killed. a bystander was also injured. today's virtual town hall scheduled to start at 3 o'clock this afternoon on the police department's facebook page san francisco police meanwhile, are looking for a man wanted in connection to a deadly hit and run crash. this happened saturday night in the outer sunset on 46th avenue and lincoln way. investigators say the driver of a stolen audi suv hit a honda suv and then fled the scene. a man riding in the backseat of the honda was killed in this crash. the driver of the honda recovering at the hospital. so far, police have only discovered the audi suv was reported stolen in san francisco back on january. 12th, if you have any information you're asked to contact sfpd. meanwhile, antioch, police are trying to learn more about why a man allegedly killed his own son and a woman saturday night to officers say they were called to a home near lem entryway
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and sycamore drive for a welfare check. when they arrived, they say they found 2 people inside the home. police say neighbors were concerned after the 2 had not been seen for days. investigators say the man was arrested. a suspect was arrested at a train station in redwood city. they say the victims were the man's 15 year-old son and a woman. he was in a relationship west. so far investigators have not released the names of the suspect or the victims. 2 men broke into a gym and pleasant hill and stole more than $5,000 worth of equipment. the crime was caught on camera. take a look at happened at the diablo crossfit late friday night. the thieves broke into the gym through a back window and then spent about a half hour going through the entire gym. while most of the equipment is to have the are large to move the suspect actually with suspects went after electronics. the owner
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of the gym says police told him these burglaries are becoming more common in the area. the car accident, pleasant hill that night at about the same time. and they said they monitor that they know the police will be our our jim, especially in disarray. you could tell immediately that >>someone had broken in to get the feeling of being violated. and we've had someone that came in and probably around the premises at will with ease and and obviously very comfortable. >>here's a closer look at one of the thieves. the owner says this is the second time they've had a break-in in 13 years. service now restored to thousands of comcast customers across the east bay went out yesterday after bullets severn a fiber optic line. here's picture of the damage. oakland police say shots were fired near eastmont mall around 3.30 yesterday morning. comcast said it started notifying customers about the outages around 05:00am. comcast
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officials say the outages impacted as many as 30,000 customers, but now service has been fully restored. an update on the wildfire burning near big sur and monterey county cal fire says it's expected to be fully contained by wednesday. >>after burning for more than a week, the wildfire now 98% contained updated mapping shows. the fire burned about 687 acres. all evacuations and road closures were lifted last week. no one was hurt and only one structure has been destroyed. investigators say the fire was triggered by a prescribed burn which was intended to clear up some dry brush. but that backfired when gusty winds started blowing that friday night. you're watching kron on. we'll have more news after the break.
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>>oakland's indoor vaccine mandates starts for some businesses. tomorrow people are going to have to show proof of vaccination in order to enter indoor businesses that serve food and drinks and also applies to entertainment venues, theaters, gyms and libraries contra costa county, berkeley and san francisco already have similar mandates and effect. also tomorrow, sonoma county is going to require school employees show proof they're boosted against covid-19. the county's allowing workers to get tested twice a week if they haven't
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gotten an extra dose. the department of public health already requires employees to prove they're vaccinated. the county says the soo mandate is just expanding on the state's current requirements. for your money. now mcdonald is going to start offering some unusual menu items at bay area companies dominate a list of best places to work. jane king is in new york with those stories and more. >>all right. so the job site glassdoor released its annual 100 best places to work in 2022. the bay area had the most companies on this list. in fact, a headquarters companies that are headquartered in the san francisco area. so both francisco and you said it was a dominating. this is where 30 companies locally on this some of those were india also box and google will be donald says, attacking its own menu. it's going to take some of the matchups the customers of the doing for years and actually
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offer them on the menu at some restaurants beginning today, you can order a hash brown, 8 mcmuffin, something called the surf and turf, which is a fish sandwich and a hamburger together and then the land air and sea barker, which is the same thing as the surf and turf. but as a chicken sandwich as well from a and something many people do already, they say mainly sticking run into an egg mcmuffin sandwich. well, now that super bowl is set some attention, turning to the business side to the big test is will those spenders come back to big companies and other parties? this is really the first major sporting event since the pandemic began with lots of in person gatherings and hollywood talent agencies are seeking out talent on tiktok hoping to harass. there are large and loyal followings. hard us i should say they're large and loyal followings. gen z has become a pivotal audience for hollywood of their coming of age as consumers, that then they also have a lot of influence on older generations and trends as well. you're watching kron on. we'll have more news after
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the break.
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>>welcome back to the kron on news at noon. our top story this half hour, california is moving to dismantle the nation's largest death row and move all inmates currently there to other prisons. a spokesperson for the state's
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corrections department says the goal is to turn the section at san quentin state prison into a positive healing environment. the moving of inmates would take about 2 years. officials say people on death row would not be re-sentenced but moved to prisons that typically house people serving life without parole sentences. governor gavin newsome, you may remember first placed a moratorium on executions 3 years ago. >>i don't support the death toll may never happen. i think there's other ways to hold people to account president without the possibility of parole in foundation. one of them, one of the few industrial nations in the world that's still sentences that population to death challenge it sank. one is there's not a lot of space for rehabilitation. this may provide additional space to increase programming. that's what we want to explore with that appropriation. >>the last execution in california took place back in 2000, 6. the san jose fire
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department is warning people against setting off illegal fireworks for lunar new year. all fireworks are illegal in the city of san jose. and in most of santa clara county. here's a look at the fines you could face for using fireworks in the city. they include $1000 for your first violation, $1000 is an added for both your second and 3rd violations. if you're caught selling fireworks, you could face up to $50,000 and potential jail time as well. lunar new year is tomorrow. it will begin the year of the tiger. hundreds of people are seeking justice for a tie. grandfather who was killed in an attack one year ago. 84 year-old visa died several days after he was beaten on ends of the system avenue in san francisco last year, there was a march in the city and 5 other cities over the weekend in his honor. participants also sought justice for asian
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americans who have been attacked since the start of the pandemic. >>i wanna asian american people. use my fight is starry to be. you wise? you know, i don't. ai wei asian american could be >>quiet anymore. march we have stopped a pure hate. website reporting center has received over 10,000 incidents racism. >>people and 5 other cities marched in solidarity. all asking for justice for asian americans who have been attacked since the start of the pandemic. turning now to our coronavirus coverage starting tomorrow. it's going to be easier to get a free covid pcr test in san mateo county. the county's partnered with carbon health to offer up to 2000 free tests. a day at the san mateo of that center. this is a walk-up testing site is going to be open tuesdays through sundays from 08:00am until 4 in the afternoon
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county health officials say if you are tested at the site, you should get your results within 48 hours. canadian prime minister justin trudeau says he's tested positive for covid-19. trudeau says he's feeling fine and he's going to continue working remotely. the announcement came in a tweet today and when she urged everyone to please get vaccinated and get boosted trudeau said on thursday he was going into isolation for 5 days after finding out the previous evening. he had been in contact with someone who tested positive. he later said that person was one of his 3 children. china is reporting 100, 19 covid-19 cases among athletes and personnel in the olympic village in beijing ahead of the winter olympic games. all olympians were supposed to be living in closed communities after arriving. the plan is to take them on events, take them to events on private buses to limit their public interaction. china has
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canceled nearly all international flights to try and curb the spread of the omicron variant. opening ceremonies are planned for this friday for the olympics. however, the united states, canada and most of the european union say they're not sending representatives other than the athletes to the games over reported human rights abuse cases there in china. back here in america, the northeast is digging out from its biggest storm of the year. so far. massive blizzard dumping snow from virginia to maine. massachusetts put nearly 3,000 plow crews out to help clear the streets. the city of boston extended its snow emergency through this morning following that nor'easter, power was knocked out to about 100,000 people during the height of the storm. >>i'm running out of room to put know this is so much now i have no place to put it ties the record set in 2000, 3 for the largest single-day snowfall.
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>>temperatures in the single digits. teens not making clean up any easier. a warm-up is expected to happen at some point this week. my brother in new york is definitely waiting or that warm up because, you know, when i send him pictures like the one i'm about to show you, you get a little jealous is a live look out at the golden gate bridge this afternoon. absolutely beautiful out there. a little bit of cloud cover for sure. not a lot of wind. it was very cold earlier this morning. >>i know things warmed up since then. kron on meteorologist dave spahr is joining us now with more on what we can expect later today. a day. a good al. good afternoon, everybody. kind of those pasty white skies town or work in here a little bit. this just an interruption of just one day before we clear on out tonight into tomorrow, there's the east bay shoreline lit up nicely golden gate bridge from a distance here. as you can see. >>there's san francisco off to the foreground. the breakdown is about 64 o'clock about 50 by 7, somewhat. those
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scattered clouds still into the forecast. here it is. the cloud cover you will see starts to break up as we approach the evening hours and looks pretty good for the overnight. but then we have another weather situation starting to happen. it's going to be offshore winds developing now. we have right now a high wind watch. that's the tan color you see covering almost all of the bay santa clara valley because you are in a valley and coming in from this general direction. all the other hills chew it up. so you're blocked a little bit in terms of getting this also rain shadow. you can't. but i mean, on terms of the winds coming this direction, so you're shielded from the heavier winds. but most of the bays in this solano county, you about wind advisory. that's from late tonight through thursday morning. a high wind watch were waiting that may become a wind advisory later or high wind warning, but they've been kind of favoring a wind advisory with all of this winds expected to be about up to about 25 to 35. but some of the higher elevations. and you could see winds in the north bay hills. perhaps up to 70 miles per hour and off to the
12:38 pm
east bay as well. so you see the arrows have shipped offshore here by tuesday at 6.15, or so throughout the day on tuesday into tuesday night continuing this offshore wind event that's really going to dry on our air and a very noticeable fashion by tomorrow afternoon. look at this wednesday morning and all of the bay is covered by strong offshore winds because we've had the rain from and last fall when kind of ahead of the ball game. but this could tip potentially dry us out more so even making conditions worse than the that we had around january 20 to 60 degrees. san francisco looks to be upper 50's to 60 at the coast. 59 going on for burlingame to the south, 60 for foster city and also for palo alto in the south bay at 62, san jose, santa clara 62 around 60 east bay shoreline matching that for tri valley. 62 walnut creek and 61 for berkeley. don't see much of a change in our jogger feet with the temperatures. that will be the case throughout much of the week, though, with picking the win. 63 fairfield, 62 santa
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rosa. we're going to have dry air with this coming in. that's going to mean with clear skies. temperatures will fall at night. once we shake the winds off. here we go. we get past wednesday. look at that. down to about 36 or so. the winds interrupt the temperature drop. so that's why we're putting about 40 or so going on. it's not going to be as noticeable. it kind of interrupt schooling. a bite 40's remain along the coast will be watching those winds to see how the upgrade that. well. thanks, dave. >>a date has been set for a public memorial in honor of the late great john madden. according to the oakland coliseum website, they're calling it one more monday night in oakland. the celebration of life is scheduled for valentine's day, february 14th. it will start at 5, 30 in the evening at the coliseum. the same side, of course, we're mad and experience some of his greatest coaching accomplishments. tickets are going to be sold via ticketmaster. they're set to go on sale later this week. all proceeds from tickets for this memorial will go toward madden charities, which provide educational
12:40 pm
opportunities for the youth of oakland, mad and died at age. 85 back on december. 28th. coming up here on kron on an important deadline. if you get your health insurance through covered california. >>be sure to stick with us for details on that. for now you're
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i'm greg, i'm 68 years old. i do motivational speaking in addition to the substitute teaching. i honestly feel that that's my calling-- to give back to younger people. i think most adults will start realizing that they don't recall things as quickly as they used to or they don't remember things as vividly as they once did. i've been taking prevagen for about three years now. people say to me periodically, "man, you've got a memory like an elephant." it's really, really helped me tremendously. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. >>national headlines now, president biden will soon send over to the senate. his pick.
12:43 pm
>>for the supreme court, this person would replace steven brier who will step down when the court's current term ends this summer. reshad hudson has the latest from washington, dc. >>this is almost certainly going to be a battle here in washington. and president biden says he plans to announce his pick for the supreme court by the end of february. even before announcing his pick for the supreme court, president biden is already taking heat. mississippi republican senator roger wicker has criticized the president's promise to nominate a black woman comparing it to affirmative action, but not all republicans agree with that. put me in the making sure the court and other institutions. >>like america, south carolina, republican senator lindsey graham told cbs face the nation who he would like to see nominated. i can't think of a >>better for president biden to consider supreme court. the michelle chiles. she has wide support in our state. >>and democrats want to move
12:44 pm
fast to fill the seat. justice steven briar will vacate at the end of the term this summer. it's going to be fair. it's going to be deliberate and we're going to be timely to illinois senator and chair of the judiciary committee. dick durbin told nbc timing will depend on the nominee for that person has been before the seeking. >>approval for circuit court. then the committee knows quite a bit about the person. >>and the president says he will consult with the vice president and senators about the woman he plans to nominate reporting in washington reshad hudson. back to you. >>the covid-19 pandemic sparked the so-called great resignation. americans quitting their jobs in record numbers. now in search of jobs better benefits or careers altogether. for a lot of older workers, they're leaving the job market for good. alexandra limon has more on that from d c. >>since the start of the pandemic, americans are quitting their jobs in record
12:45 pm
numbers and that's impacting the economy and the labor market in various ways. well, labor force participation has edged up. remains subdued in part, reflecting the aging of the population and retirements. susan weinstock says aarp conducted a survey of americans 50 and older of those who had retired. 21 1% of them said that they were tired earlier. they had planned because of the pandemic. weinstock says those newly retired say they left their jobs for a variety of reasons, including concerns about being exposed to covid-19. many of those older americans say they won't return to the workforce because their retirements are permanent. aarp says those that have returned are going back to the same jobs they had before. a 3rd of them have found better 25% said the number of job. the job had the number of hours that they wanted to work and about a quarter of them also said that that, you know, offered more flexibility like work from
12:46 pm
home while the great resignation poses challenges for employers, it's also providing greater benefits for workers with constraints on labor supply. employers are having difficulties filling job openings. >>and wages are rising at their fastest pace in many years. >>aarp survey also found that those who did return to work reported finding jobs. there are more passionate about in washington. alexandra limon. >>well, today is the deadline for people to sign up for covered california. the health insurance covered california says 1.8 million people have signed up so far. they say it's a record breaking number of enrollments and it's being driven by the american rescue plan and allowed covered california to increase the amount of financial help they can provide. and it also allowed them lower premiums by hundreds of dollars for middle and come policyholders. you're watching kron on. we'll have more news after the break.
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>>time to talk winners and losers with our financial expert rob black eye right? well, i'm good as hero, but let's talk money. i know why netflix is making money because they just my rights. >>there's a big today after being down 50% from its all-time high. as the spotify analysts came out and said, i like both these companies, wall street likes scripture
12:50 pm
models and the news for different reasons. the content that we consume if they can get to a billion users. that's like the magic number that made facebook and apple so powerful and netflix and spotify in my opinion will get 2 billion users in my lifetime. so i use them buying opportunities when they come and they've come. this tech correction. everyone should consult worker visor. but i think alice more right than wrong for the year. it's interesting that the nasdaq's down 12%, the s p 500 is down 7%. the dow is down 4%. bitcoin is down. 37%. there's been really no place to hide so far to start of the year. started with a correction question. mark is has become a bear market. would be more detained if you did. >>can you do with that? so speaking of billions, home is like a gazillion dollars now and so is red. so everything is outrageous. >>yeah, it's just read it on my radio show this morning that everything's more expensive weathered concert tickets for sporting tickets or gasoline or used cars. but
12:51 pm
rents are going to be the real problem for most of america. when stake is expensive, we switch the chicken and chicken is expensive. we switched to pork when gas is expensive. we stay at home. that's kind of how we beat inflation personally. but rents in. some markets are up 30 to 40% year over year on ours are up 14% in american last year. that $1877 for a one-bedroom apartment this year. it's expected to go up another 10%. look at some of these markets started. these are markets where california is used to go to say, i want to live somewhere cheaper. and they're not. she were often up 40%. miami up. 35%, portland up. 29% rent freezes in the moratoriums of the pandemic or are subsiding and this could be a long-term pain. this is why we talk about inflation on wall street might become prevalent this year and it's scaring people because rents can not come down as fast as they go up. and right now there's just not enough supply of homes. so home prices are expected at the share. price are expected out this year and people like me who bought a
12:52 pm
home last year with my stock appreciation, not because crime family a lot more money because my stocks went up, right? i'm contributing to the problem. >>ok, it's your fault that and as i was joking, it's my fault. the forty-niners last. so there you go. okay. i pay for all the netflix and hulu and it i don't have that many subscriptions for music. i use that i use apple. i know you're doing thing on spotify and my biggest pet people in the apple is. my kids. they hate my music and they only fair. they ruining my play list. but so you spotify, lot of people use spotify. how's it doing? >>i spotify for podcast and i apple for something. apple invest right by pay for music >>cooper you live kind of thing all if i sit down big this year, they've got a big problem first time ever. joe rogan's causing them headaches. he's talking misinformation on covid. i'm
12:53 pm
20 years old. go. a lot of us got our news from jon stewart. not from crime but from john stuart. now we're getting our news from joe rogan, every generation. this tends to happen in this way. it's falling on spotify. he's got 100. and so this podcast to spotify, 400 million dollars. he apologized over the weekend saying that it shows out of control. he needs be more balanced. he's been pushing the ivermectin some of the controversial treatments for covid-19. it's neil young joni mitchell came to the rescue said, you know, this needs to stop. we need to break on him. and apparently rogan listening, spotify. listen, i think it's a nice grown-up moment. no course not much is going to change as we all know. but you 2 had to go through this with heat videos and facebook has gone through congress. congressional hate speech an and the black lives matter hate speech in situations on their side. so every major platform teams to go through it and typically create a buying opportunity. the stock with very little be and on long-term to correct
12:54 pm
what's wrong with platforms, ok, before you go, are you sad about the niners losing? i mean, i wanted to make it to super bowl. of course. did you watch one the 2 best teams to make it? so i kind of want to kansas city and the came in 2 weeks or tall, say. >>covid-19 is a thing of 2022 and move on with their lives. but yeah, i think the forty-niners they showed that they have some flaws and let's hope they can fix it. you know, nice for the forty-niners. know that it's the year of the tiger. so the bengals are going to win. that's what i think really i nothing about sports. okay. wrote it now. it is a that's a big toll. is it a joy? at least watch the kron 4 morning news. don't get your news of joe rogan. >>i don't i can't believe you did that story. all right. thank has good day to you. if you have a question rob, you can e-mail him or reach him on facebook or twitter. >>the lunar new year starts tomorrow. so its lunar new year's eve today, it's going
12:55 pm
to be the year of the tiger. and there are already plenty of celebrations that happened across the bay area over the weekend. kron on's gayle ong shows us how people were celebrating. >>i and dan's welcoming the year of the tiger. many gathered to celebrate the start of the lunar new year and v a museum history park in san jose with boots full of games. food decorations had a goal collar. >>certainly represent well represent health represent prosperity. >>lunar new year is also known as tent for the vietnamese culture and is considered the most important festival in holiday in vietnam. sam, how organized the event? it's an opportunity for us reflect the past. >>and to repair work to the new year with us here and a
12:56 pm
resolution to tomorrow will be better and opportunity. is there. >>many festivities were canceled or scaled back last year due to the pandemic. free covid test kits were passed down saturday as best it can go over. celebrated the holiday. happy. in san mateo, the traditional red envelopes symbolizing luck and happiness were passed out at the hillsdale shopping center. visitors share their favorite holiday traditions definitely cleaned on suspicious dishes like fish for for having plentiful >>making dumplings. that means some was his gold nuggets, things of that sort family togetherness. >>celebrating. to this is the first year that he's actually able to understand chinese new and to celebrate and to see all something like the line, and dragons.
12:57 pm
>>lunar new year is celebrated in other asian countries as well. but the goal remains the same to bring luck and prosperity say happy. gayle ong. >>kron 4 >>thanks for watching. kron on at noon. i'm noelle bellow. we'll see you back here at 3 o'clock. >the news continues on kron on grab your phone and scanned the qr code on your screen to download the kron on app. also available on roku. amazon fire stick and apple tv.
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>> judge tanya: she didn't pay you for hairstyling services. why? >> um... >> judge tanya: silence is telling. >> um... >> announcer: "hot bench." >> wow. >> announcer: judge tanya acker. judge patricia dimango. judge michael corriero. three judges. three opinions. three judges. three opinions. one verdict. captions paid for by cbs television distribution >> sonia: your honor, this is case number 123, chavez vs. flores. >> judge tanya: thank you, officer montejano. ms. chavez, you're suing the defendant for $695 because you allege that she didn't pay you for hairstyling services that you performed on her. and, ms. flores, your contention is that you don't owe the


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