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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  February 1, 2022 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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>> now at 3 developing news out of the east bay where 2 people were shot at a spa in oakland this morning. what we're learning about the incident. plus, kids under 5 could soon be eligible to receive a covid vaccine. we have the latest news from pfizer. and after a weekend of speculation, the goat saying goodbye to football, tom brady announcing his retirement from the nfl today. how the sports world is responding. >> from the area's local news station, this is kron. 4 news at 3. >> now at 3, a shooting at an oakland spa leaves one person
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dead and another in critical condition. and police believe this was not a random attack. thanks for joining us here on kron. 4 news at 3. i'm noelle bellow. police have not released details on the victims nor the suspect from this morning's shooting. the shooting happened inside the coombe a spa on grand avenue just before 10:00am. it's located at 6.14, grand avenue across the street from the east shore park and the lakeview oakland public library ac transit says the police activity is disrupting some bus lines for the time being kron four's haaziq brings us the very latest on the investigation. >> 2 people of the victims of a shooting tuesday morning at around 10:00am here inside the a spa grand avenue in oakland's lake merritt district. oakland police received a call about a shooting in progress inside the spa, arrived on the scene and found the 2 victims. but no sign of the shooter.
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>> it just makes me feel that an uncomfortable. i spoke by phone to a woman who was working in the area around the time the shooting occurred who says she is emotionally upset by the incident and then asked not to reveal her identity. i'm just saddened by what happened so close to home. and just a busy area that this would occur. raj, a light so early in the morning with so many people out and about. >> oakland police investigators say that they believe that the shooting was not random. it appears the 2 victims inside the cult based bob were targeted. the woman that i spoke with told me that she would never think that something so violent. what happened inside there? it looks nice from the outside of never i've never been inside, but it looks i just you know, i think shot right next door. very nice gentleman. there been business. so i just and there's the gym there. it's just a very busy active area. so this is like what is going on here when the investigation
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on the scene in did police said that there were no known threat remaining connected to the incident in the area. >> anyone with information is asked to contact oakland police has it kron 4 news. >> new at 3 following a request from the u.s. food and drug administration. pfizer has submitted an amended emergency use authorization request for its covid-19 vaccine this time seeking to expand eligibility to kids aged 6 months through 4 years old as kron four's phillipe djegal reports the company expects to complete its application in the coming days. >> ucsf professor of epidemiology doctor george rutherford says kids 6 months of age up to 4 years old could begin receiving their covid-19 shots within weeks as soon as pfizer receives an emergency use authorization by the u.s. food and drug administration for its vaccine in that age group is nothing short of a miracle. doctor rutherford
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says, although it seems as if the pandemic is dragging along at a slow pace, fast track covid-19 vaccines have proven effective in providing protection against the virus and making it available to everyone. 6 months old and above, we'll improve lives. a lot of these kids are in day care and pre k stuff. >> and when the class gets 6 place shuts down. and so you have, you know your pay. the parents have to take 10 days off of work, arrange for alternative childcare just because their kids been exposed. so this is going to help on that. initially, pfizer is seeking approval of the first 2 doses of a three-dose series. the company says data on a 3rd dose given at least 8 weeks after the second dose is expected in the coming months. >> and will be submitted to the fda to support expanding the authorization to a three-dose series. i think we need to be thinking about these vaccinations kind of going forward in general is a three-dose series said tpobviously the 2 dose did.
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>> you know, is insufficient against the omicron variant. pfizer's clinical trials showed 2 shots did not give enough immune response in young children. the company also has not released any safety concerns with 3 doses in kids under 5 years old. phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. >> happening now, the city of san francisco has eased mask mandates for certain places, offices, gyms and religious gatherings or everyone inside is fully vaccinated and boosted no longer have to require mask-wearing. san francisco's the first city in the bay area to amend its mask mandates since the omicron surge. now cases have been dropping rapidly in the city and masking is still required at all mega events. there are some religious and medical exemptions to the vaccine requirements. we have all of those details, though, for you on our website. kron 4 dot com. now masks, of course they're not the only way to protect yourself from covid-19, regular testing is
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also recommended and there's a new mass covid testing site now open down in san mateo. that's where we find kron four's charles clifford with the details. charles, you don't even need an appointment to go to this site right? >> correct. is this is a drive-in or walk in a testing you do not need an appointment. now it's being held here at the san mateo county event. center of this has been the site of quite a few things during the pandemic. it was first a mass testing site and there was a mass vaccination site and they use this location vaccinate kids. and now it is once again a testing site. this new testing site offers drive-up testing or walk-up testing. you can make an appointment online, but you can also show up, walk up and receiving a covid-19 test. this is a pcr test. you have to do a nose swab self-administered and then it takes one to 2 days to get the results back. although someone from carbon health here on tuesday told me the lately they've been getting results back in less than a
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day. all ages are welcome to come. although they advise if you come with young children that the guardian or parent, we'll have to help administer the nose swab test 4 young children. now this particular site is going to be open tuesday through sunday from 8 in the morning until 04:00pm. all right. back live now. the best way to get in here as you come into the event center off of delaware street again, it's free to anyone who comes down here. but for now in san mateo county, charles clifford kron, 4 news. >> all right. thank you, charles, for that report. well, the goat is hanging up his jersey, tom brady officially announced his retirement on instagram today. brady says he's loved his nfl career, but now he's going to take time to focus on other things. brady says his teammates, his coaches, competitors and fans deserve 100% of him. he also acknowledged the emotional physical and mental challenges he encountered while playing all these years. he says it's
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best if he left the game, the next generation of athletes brady has played. 22 seasons in the nfl. he went on to win 7 super bowls. 6 of them with the patriots. one of them with the buccaneers. coming up on kron. 4 news at 5. we're going to be hearing from some former teammates of brady's and members of his old community down in the south bay. all right. now, while the football season is also officially over for the forty-niners, this offseason opens the door for a lot of questions about the future kron. 4 sports reporter kate rooney joining us now with what's next for the red and gold. take a it's going to be a very interesting well, we already knew what the biggest discussion point of this time would be. >> how the forty-niners will handle their quarterback situation is that jimmy garoppolo era officially over nothing set in stone, but we did get some clarity today. the final press conference of the season for general manager john lynch and head coach kyle shanahan. of course their
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plans for garoppolo and heir apparent. trey lance were front and center. now. neither would admit to having made a final decision but said they are in the evaluation stage in the discussions will start in earnest right away. both noted how much they appreciate and respect garoppolo and his contributions to the team. garoppolo, meanwhile, seemed to acknowledge the writing on the wall reflecting on his time in san francisco. >> really since i've gotten here, it's all been about. i want to leave the place better than when i got it's always something that i've tried to live through and whatever it is. i growing up school football. other sports. i was trying to do that with every place i won. you know, it's one of the things you look back on and just how far this team this organization is coming for years. it's pretty wild. but i you know, i would change. i think the world. i think everything happens for a reason. yeah. got to join them on. why have it? >> it does sound like a goodbye. garoppolo also made sure to thank forty-niners
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fans. today. he said, quote, it's been a of a ride. love you guys. so of course we'll keep you updated on whether anything official comes down regarding his future with the forty-niners with another teen. noel. >> all right, kate, thank you for that. it will be sad he goes. all right. not only is today the start of a new month. it's also the start of lunar new year. millions are welcoming in the year of the tiger, which in the chinese zodiac. >> as a symbol of strength, bravery and rebellion. celebrations everywhere will be a little smaller this year due to covid restrictions. the chinese new year's parade in san francisco is set for february 19th tickets are available. so go ahead and try and get them while they last. london breed, of released a statement about the lunar new year. it reads in part, quote, i know the strength, bravery and courage the tiger brings will lead us into a strong new year with hope and determination. let's bring in the year of the tiger by creating opportunities for success today as well as a path to a brighter future.
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talking about bright. we've got some of the sun shining out there today, but not without the winds. this was the scene out in the east bay this morning. strong winds are expected to be with us for the next couple of days. power outages and downed trees are a possibility with this event. we've heard of the few cases of downed trees across the bay. joining now, kron 4 meteorologist dave dave, it's a little concerning because it we've had a really, really dry to have some strong winds like this. we know poses that fire danger. >> yeah, that's one of the issues we don't actually have because of the recent rains. this probably would be fire weather watch. kind of situation. red flag warning and maybe even a safety power shut-offs. this is what it looks like right now coming in from the north as you'll notice an offshore direction. we're actually to see the winds wane a little bit overnight compared to that and then pick back up again right before dawn. a walk to that in a bit. but right now we have is the wind advisory. there's the coverage area and built by
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a deliberate attempt. yes, the east bay shoreline, technically not in that, although it is up to the north, one of us santa clara valley and also a portion of the bay side peninsula. this is approximations. they have together. nothing magical happens. when you leave san francisco county and go into san mateo county in brisbane or something like that, it's it's in the same kind of ballpark. but this is the coverage area and we see the darker tan colors. that's a high wind warning. that means property damages a possibility above 2500 feet. so let's walk through the winds here. the wayne justice like that and they start popping as you can see right before dawn and into the morning hours. so your morning commute here. you're gonna have a north in your travels. that will be with us throughout the afternoon. coming up a little bit here will walk through the moisture levels with all of this and a little bit of your forecast for tonight and some of those low temperatures. noel. >> up here at 3, a california community on edge after a brazen daylight robbery. what the suspect got away with.
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plus, a woman missing in oakley. why her family believes her disappearance is suspicious. and after the break, a live report from the nation's capitol as lawmakers on both sides of the aisle weigh in on who should be the next supreme court. justice will be right ba
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at the barnes firm, our injury attorneys work hard to get you the best result possible. call us now and find out what your case could be worth. you might be surprised. ♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> well, speculation is swirling around the supreme court as president biden invites republicans to weigh
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in on the nomination process. while biden hasn't named anyone just yet many lawmakers have opinions on what he's previously said about his selections. our dc correspondent hannah brandt joins us now live to explain hannah. yeah, i know. well, that's right. the president met with republican senators chuck grassley and durbin today to talk about picking that new supreme court justice. and he's characterizing that move is an attempt to let republicans have a say. >> president biden is reaching across the aisle and i want to ice center well as consent. we can arrive who the nominee should be. democrats could confirm a nominee without the help of republicans. if they stay united, but support from moderates like senator joe mansion isn't guarantee. i look forward to the judiciary morning to their complete a vetting process. some republicans like senator ted cruz are already critical of
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president biden's promise to nominate a black woman. one of the most depressing things about democrats today. they're very comfortable discriminating based on race. but senate majority leader chuck schumer says putting a black woman on the court is long overdue to make sure that our courts and especially the supreme court. better reflect our country's diversity regardless of who the president picks. senator john kennedy says the new justice needs to stay out of politics. i'm not going vote for a justice. who's going to try to rewrite? >> the constitution every other thursday to advance a local agenda. others like senator chuck grassley say it's too early to say how they'll vote. the president makes a nomination. that's his privilege. well, i don't have any comment until i see would nominate your >> the president has said he plans to nominate someone by the end of this month and he reiterated that timeline when talking about the process just today live in washington, i'm hannah brandt. hannah. after
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the president makes his pick, how long is this process going to take? well, no, well, that's really up to the senate. but senate majority leader chuck schumer said just today he does plan to have the senate act quickly to confirm that nominee. and to give you some context with the last justice justice amy coney barrett, the process took about a month from nomination to confirmation. all right. good to know. hannah, thank you so much for that live report. going to switch gears here to talk about our weather here at home, taking a live look at the golden gate bridge. >> again, that sun is shining. the camera, though. there's some slight movement there that's due to those winds are dealing with kron. 4 meteorologist dave spahr has our forecast for you. hey, dave. >> hey, good well, and let's go and run again through those winds that we've been talking about. obviously, they've been working today already offshore there. the arrows pretty pretty much loyally out of the north. they're going to stay that way and offshore direction. we get to around the mid midnight hour. looks
3:19 pm
like we're relaxing ever so slightly. but then a pickup just before dawn takes us all the way till noon here we pop again in just about all over the bay. you can see those numbers really racing ahead. watch those higher elevations. you really feel those winds. then we start to back off a little bit through thursday. now, this point on, we're already banking off of a dry atmosphere, beautiful shot. we have the east bay shoreline blew off towards the distance break in the evening down for you. 56. 48 46 to 10. the winds keep temperatures up a bit because it's harder to cool with the winds circulate in the air mass want to drive home about how dry the air conditions will be at the condition of the air will be. we get to just around dawn or sore predawn. these numbers should be the most elevated they are doing the entire day. there should be green all over the bay. as you well know, we run through this in a typical pattern. not this one word out of the 30's in the 20's. true air temperature values are also lower too, but still underscores how dry we're going to be in the most moist
3:20 pm
part of the day drying up to the day. yes, that's somewhat typical. but we're banking off of this dry atmosphere for the next several days tonight with the winds working. 46, san francisco, oakland, 39, san jose. the winds not as active wider perspective here. 35 up to santa rosa. the issue to look out for going forward a little bit as windshield and areas and perhaps a little talk later on in the week with some freezing in some frost, perhaps no. >> all right. thanks, dave proposed changes to california's recall process could be coming today. secretary of state shirley weber gave lawmakers some suggestions on how it could improve. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. >> one in school, and we called california's top election official tuesday officially offering, which she says should change in california's recall process. secretary of state shirley weber suggested lawmakers consider asking voters to approve changes that include shortening the recall ballot. just a single yes or no
3:21 pm
question, eliminating question to which currently asks voters to pick a replacement candidate cannot evaluate is there's something we need to recall about one of the circumstances. it's all become just does this person better than the other? 43? she said she supports a proposal already filed this year. that would allow the state's lieutenant governor to replace a recalled. governor whitmer also suggested state lawmakers consider raising the standards to recall the governor extending the timeframe to have a recall election. >> placing limits on the number of recall petition attempts against a target in putting together a committee to keep tabs on the state's recall process goes up into center. >> extremely important to be sure process to her comments tuesday. the first time whether he's formally and publicly provided concrete suggestions to change the state's 110 year-old direct democracy system that allows citizens to remove elected officials from office. for comments came in the final state legislative hearing to analyze potential changes. >> the hearings were launched after governor newsome defeated his own recall last fall. critics of the process
3:22 pm
of cedric also been costly over used and weaponized recently against elected officials at every level of government. a recent public policy institute of california poll presented to lawmakers showed about 60% of likely voters want to see changes to the process. does anything. >> effects the time to i've been of mind. >> but some lawmakers have noted there has only been too successful attempts to recall the governor in california in the state's history. the same pps eople showed 86% of californians are glad the state constitution allows for recalls. the recall process is the only thing left. >> that the people have to hold you folks accountable. the committee did not take any action in the hearing, but state lawmakers still have more than 2 weeks to file new proposals. any major changes would be up to voters at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >> still ahead here at 3.45, scammers continue targeting americans and overcharging them for masks and covid
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tests. lawmakers are stepping in to help you avoid being the next victim. and after the break, a brazen burglary in broad daylight where a man was seen smashing the window of a seen smashing the window of a postal truck before taking off and now most admired alum. get up there. this is so embarrassing. there's no way it's me. (giggling) man: you know her. you love her. ruh roh. what are you doing here? it's anna gomez! who? our first gigillionaire! with at&t fiber, anna's got the fastest internet with hyper-gig speeds. i didn't know you went to this school. we have a lot in common. live like a gigillionaire with at&t fiber, now with speeds up to 5 gigs. limited availability.
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>> well, the search is on in southern california for a thief who targeted a mail truck in the city of pomona. while the mail carrier was on foot. making deliveries. this
3:26 pm
surveillance video that you see on your screen shows the suspect walking around and then smashing the window of the mail truck. it happened around 9 o'clock saturday morning. you can then see the man reach in and grab that box full of mail, run back to his car and take off and that silver rest residents are in disbelief saying this type of thing does not happen in their quiet neighborhood. >> told me that somebody broke into his truck. just a few minutes. prayer. so when outlook and there's much glass on the ground mail truck was parked right here. it's very surprising, especially for a tap in the middle of the day like that are in the morning in broad daylight. >> the u.s. postal service is investigating the incident. mail theft is considered an offense under federal and state law. the search continues in oakley now for 24 year-old alexis, gabe. she was reported missing last thursday. her boyfriend tells police he last saw her on wednesday around 09:00pm
3:27 pm
police say there is surveillance video from that same night around 9.30, it shows someone getting out of her car and then walking off. but they say it's unclear from the video who that person is. police say the car was later found unlocked with the keys inside. if you have any information on her whereabouts, you're asked to contact oakley police, their numbers there listed your screen. it's also on our website, 9 to 5, 6, to 5, 8, 0, 6, 0, 3.27. we'll take a break here. coming up at 3.30, of closer look. >> at body camera video following that police shooting at sfo from last month's and police in the south bay looking for a man attacking people on a popular trail. what you can do to protect yourself if you have that way. >> we've got some strong offshore winds at work here. here's the coverage area for the wind advisory, the darker color that's for a high wind warving. higher elevations of the north. they'll have the forecast.
3:28 pm
>> and as we head to break, join kron four's. we commemorate black history month. pam moore is going to be hosting our 30 minute special honoring black history. mind body soul airs thursday, february 24th at 06:30pm. we hope you'll
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3:31 pm
trail in los gatos last month. there were at least 2 reports of attacks on the trails at saint joseph's open space. the first happened along jones trail on january. 13th. the other attack was this past sunday evening. police say the latest victim was grabbed from behind but was able to get away from the man and got some help from others on the trail. police suggest having a cell phone with you and not walking on the trails when it's getting dark. locals we spoke with are having second thoughts about using those trails. if kind scary. now. >> we are longer so comfortable to walk alone. probably not going to walk in the next few days. i almost never go walking by myself. be aware of your surroundings. >> signs have been posted on the trails alerting people about those assaults. police are asking anyone who saw anything suspicious to give them a call. we're just one month into the new year and already the city of san jose
3:32 pm
is recording its 7th pedestrian death. san jose police say the city is a way ahead of the pace in terms of traffic fatalities for the year. as this marks the 10th drop traffic death as well. police say in the early morning hours of january 23rd of and struck a pedestrian walking in the area of alameda and newhall street. santa clara county medical examiner's office identified the man as 37 year-old santa clara resident, travis rep men. he died in the hospital 5 days after being struck. police say rep man was hit in the marked crosswalk at the intersection. >> the one thing that most of pedestrian fatalities had in common this year is that they were all outside of marked crosswalks. this one wasn't a marked crosswalk. so that's a little bit different. >> one witness says the driver of the van did stopped momentarily, but then fled the scene. police say they still don't know whether the driver or the pedestrian have the traffic signal to proceed through the intersection. a
3:33 pm
big story now. san francisco police have released new body camera video following that fatal police shooting at sfo. take a look. nearly 2 weeks ago, a man showed up with what appeared to be a gun and a knife at sfo. that man has since been identified as nelson zito. police tried to de-escalate the situation by firing nonlethal rounds to try and subdue him. but zito dropped to the ground while still holding one of the weapons. and when he appeared to move his arm, that's when officers opened fire. the weapons that detail had were identified as to air guns and a knife. a bystander was also injured and taken to the hospital. there are multiple investigations under way into this fatal shooting right now, including one by the department of justice. happening tomorrow. barta will reopen the powell street station bathrooms after being closed for more than 20 years. restrooms at 10 of hearts
3:34 pm
underground stations have been closed since 9.11, due to safety concerns. >> bart says the bathrooms are the first to to reopen as part of their efforts to prioritize the needs of their writers. bart says the bathrooms will look similar to the ones you see in airports. they're holding a ribbon cutting at 11 o'clock to celebrate the moment part says they'll reopen bathrooms at the 19th street station in downtown oakland. later this month on february. 25th. well, a bill that would have guaranteed health care to everyone in california is dead on arrival. the democrat led bill did not receive enough votes in the state assembly yesterday. so wasn't brought to the floor for a vote. the legislation would have created a publicly funded health care system called cal care. analysts concluded it would have cost in the 300 billion dollar range. many groups were not happy with that price tag. concerned about the tax hikes that would come with it.
3:35 pm
advocates however, believed it would pay for itself over time. and they're extremely unhappy. it did not get the chance for a floor vote. san jose assemblyman ash, cholera released a statement about all this. he said, quote, although the bill did not pass the assembly, this is only a pause for the single payer movement. our coalition, including the mighty california nurses association. we'll continue to fight for accessible, affordable and equitable health care. for all californians end quote. well, more than half a million fast food workers across the state could get increased power and protections under a first in the nation measure approved by the state assembly. this bill, what include workers alongside employers and state agencies on a new fast-food sector council. that council would set up statewide minimum standards on wages working hours, training and working conditions. it would be limited to fast food companies with at least 30
3:36 pm
establishments nationwide. the bill is now set to head to the state senate. well, up in the sierra today, the california department of water resources conducted the second snow survey of the season up at phillips station them annual survey recorded 48 and a half inches of snow depths and a snow water equivalent of 19 inches, which they say is 109% of the february. first average for this location, a dry january has our sierra snow pack down to average for this state? officials say we're going to need more winter storms in february and march to be at the above. average levels needed after consecutive dry years. dave always talks about our bank account up here at home. obviously we're not looking at any sort of clouds in sight. no chance of rain this week for sure. this is a live look at downtown san francisco. dave, those numbers and rattling off about the snow is
3:37 pm
that pretty? does that sound like a good bank account or i don't i don't actually know what the numbers turn out to be, >> unless we have another way, we can store the water that be great. i mean, you know, have a cheap energy, free energy we could be able to solve the problem as well. so >> those are the issues we have to contend with in the real world. and that's why if we can have at least that frozen up there for the winter months, that would help. one thing to look out, though, for the winter months. are these temperatures like here? are they going to pop for us? they look to be ok, at least 40 to come by friday, at least keep those numbers low low for those highs because, of course, melting and it goes in the system. one of the thing to you get 2 quick noting up there. another issue is hydroelectric power. it doesn't all balance out. so we don't want to quit the melting up there for a whole bunch of reasons. our winds, i'm showing you a good chunk of the east bay going on here. but numbers are popping in certain locations, diablo, for example, of 44 due north winds, we offshore and they're easily into the 20's and 30's. you will see tomorrow morning for your commute right at
3:38 pm
04:00am or so. these numbers will probably be a little higher and building throughout the late morning hours. so just keep that in mind as you're in. good to be in your travels. 20's up here to napa and also solano county, the east bay. again, we showed you of quite active as it will be a little bit of a relaxed tonight. then by dawn, boom, away. we go to the morning hours. the late morning hours, quite active in the east bay, north bay spinning around to san francisco. all coming in from the north. that's a dry location bringing in lots of dry air that will be hanging around for quite a little while. beauty shot that we have east bay shoreline lit up nicely temperatures how they going. 61 conquered. 59 antioch, 64 santa rosa. those humidity levels. now again. the morning hours, they should be the highest in. this is the best we get and it's again back downhill after that into the afternoon hours. and this continues really into wednesday. so putting this all together for you here. we have a wind advisory bay area wide high wind warning above 2 and a half 1000 feet in the north bay. by the way, this will be
3:39 pm
through midweek with the dry offshore winds gusting to close to 60 mile or 50 miles an hour, north bay at those higher elevations could be up to 65 miles an hour. and this weekend scattered saturday clouds cleared out sunday. little pop of temperatures only into next week. well, thanks, dave. >> coming up, tesla is recalling tens of thousands of its vehicles due to a self driving we've got the details next. and after the break, domino's pizza feeling the heat of its current worker shortage. the incentive of the companies now offering to customers to not get your pizza delivered.
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now with speeds up to 5 gigs. here for your money. now domino's pizza has come up with a new plan. >> to offset their shortage of workers due to the pandemic. they're actually willing to tip customers that come to pick up their orders instead of choosing delivery. if you choose to make the trip to the actual domino's store front, you can get $3 that can be used on a future online. carryout order. domino's is also making other changes try and survive the pandemic and inflation. they're reducing their chicken wing deal from 10 pieces to just 8 pieces. so don't say we didn't warn you when you order those wings and there's less than what you expected. well, still ahead here, covid scans no more. the new measures lawmakers want to take to catch anyone. scamming
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my hygienist cleans with a round head. so does my oral-b my hygienist personalizes my cleaning. so does my oral-b oral-b delivers the wow of a professional clean feel every day. >> welcome back. 3.45. this afternoon. and if you do, the california roll at stop signs, you're not alone. tesla is recalling over 50,000 of its vehicles because of its autopilot feature that allows drivers to roll right through stop signs. according documents from u.s. safety regulators tesla's rolling stop mode. lets cars travel through stop signs at nearly 6 miles an hour. tesla says it's
3:46 pm
not aware of any crashes caused by the rolling stop feature so far and over the air from where fix is expected to be sent out early this month, meaning it will just kind of automatically going to your car's computer. the recall includes multiple car and suv models from 2016 to 2022. well, the senate commerce committee is taking a closer look at scams and price gouging related to covid-19. senators say, well, they need to stop scammers. they also want to inform consumers to know how to detect fraud. our dc correspondent anna wiernicki is in washington, dc with more. $60 protest is. >> ridiculous. connecticut democratic senator richard blumenthal says if you've paid $60 for a rapid test, you got scam. you are being taking advantage of your being exploited. blumenthal says it's happening every day. people targeting americans and
3:47 pm
overcharging them for masks or covid tests. the ftc has received nearly 700,000. reports of fraud since the start of the pandemic. approaching 700 million dollars loss. >> blumenthal blames the federal government for not doing more. he's introducing a measure that would put anyone who exploits the pandemic in jail. >> only prison time. will act as a deterrent. tennessee republican marsha blackburn says it's up to the ftc and doj to lead the fight against fraud. it's absolutely essential that the federal government work with our state partners to crack down on bad actors. we work tirelessly to review thousands of complaints submitted to a central database. cmu levine, director of the bureau of consumer protection at the ftc says the biggest problem is with social media companies. this battle remains uphill so long as digital platforms continue to wash their hands of responsibility for the fraud.
3:48 pm
they're facilitating. levine says a 2021 supreme court decision strip. the ftc of the power they need to crack down. blumenthal says his measure would give that power back in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. >> well, americans have long struggled with mental health issues and drug addiction. medical experts are saying the pandemic made both of those issues much worse. the american academy of pediatrics says the pandemic created a mental health emergency for kids and teens as a disrupted young people's routines and increase their social isolation. some lawmakers are saying their approach to mental help needs to meet the times. >> used to be when we're talking about suicide statistics. we would look at that. 25 45 age bracket and now. the alarm that we're seeing is in. 10, 11, 12 year-old. >> lawmakers have passed several recent laws to try and improve access to mental
3:49 pm
health services like the creation of a new suicide prevention hotline that is set to launch in july. however, experts say more resources are needed for this. well, drugmaker novavax is seeking emergency use authorization from the fda for its new protein based covid-19 vaccine. the company's clinical trials show their vaccine is about 90% effective. it's made using small laboratory built pieces of the coronavirus, which is a more traditional approach for vaccine development because its protein based people who are unable to receive the current mrna shots would be eligible to receive this one. the vaccine is administered as 2 doses given 3 weeks apart. if the fda gives novavax the green light. the company says the first 100 million doses would be ready to ship immediately. over in the east bay. oakland's indoor vaccine mandate is now in effect for
3:50 pm
some businesses. people will now have to show proof of vaccination in order to enter indoor businesses that serve food and drinks. it also applies to entertainment venues, theaters, gyms and libraries contra costa county, berkeley and san francisco all have similar mandates in effect. starting today. santa clara county workers in high-risk settings can no longer continue to work if they're not fully vaccinated with that booster shot back in december, the county issued the health order requiring the vaccine and boosters for workers in places like hospitals and jails. it also applies to firefighters. this order followed the surge in omicron cases. it was put in place to prevent a surge in hospitalizations. a spokesperson for the san jose fire department says they do not expect staffing shortages due to this mandate. all right. time to talk again about our forecast this afternoon. look at that. san francisco sky. transamerica pyramid on the right.
3:51 pm
absolutely beautiful out there. beautiful and blue crown for meteorologists. dave spahr here with a look. i feel like that's going to be kind of copy paste over the next few days. yeah, pretty much so. yeah. just keeping the caches, you can keep popping in there. that's the future cast winds. >> yes, for overnight there they're going to pretty much be in the same location as they are now. maybe a slight little low happening during the dead of night. but just as you start your day, very early tomorrow, they pop back again will be with us all throughout the morning hours. as you can see, the color is ation. it will be the east bay, the north bay up around the bay here. as you can see, san francisco included in that about the only part relatively spared santa clara valley, which is good chunk of that is not in the wind advisory zone. we finally see a relax of the winds a little bit until thursday. but then another pop happens as we approach around the noon hour. so that's why they're keeping advisor around. there's half moon bay. another pretty shot for you. people try to at least enjoy that a bit. sometimes they get a temperature pop, though, with the winds offshore like this. 48 by 7 by 10. 46. why the slow descent with dry air?
3:52 pm
the winds are keeping the air circulated. when we lose that. it's another part of the forecast. well, let's run through yeah. humorous. okay. whatever. not much. happening to give us any relief from this in terms of the rain we really could use into early next week, by the way, looks like a little bit of a warm-up in store for a seven-day. yeah. the upper 60's early into next week. watch those lows. once we lose the winds that drier less, those temperatures tumble 40's cover the coast and well. dave, thank you so much. up next, people often accuse others of living in the past, but it turns out. >> everyone does by 15 seconds. why your brain delays reality. stick with us for that.
3:53 pm
3:54 pm
when a truck hit my son, i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪
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>> well, it's 3.54 with 3.55. and it turns out all humans are living in the past by exactly 15 seconds. maybe it's still 3.54. researchers from uc berkeley say the human brain actually shows you images from 15 seconds in the past instead of trying to update your vision in real time. it's part of a function of the mines. perception called continuity field a way in which the brain organizes all the visuals we take in to provide a sense of stability, apparently of our brains updated in real time. scientists say the world would actually appear like a constant blurry jumble. researchers say the brain is like a time machine and away. always sending us back. >> 15 seconds. very
3:56 pm
interesting. >> all right. it's time now to check in with newsnation to see what they're working on for tonight. tonight on dan abrams. live on news nation today is the lunar new year. some now pushing it for it to become a national holiday. do we really need another national holiday? now? here's ashley with a look at bands. >> thanks, dan. tonight on banfield, say hello to uncle sam. the irs wants to see your smiling mug but will everyone be cool sending it? and the newest place for a 5 finger discount. why are people helping themselves at air b and b's? that's tonight on banfield on newsnation. >> you can find newsnation on the channels listed here on your screen. more details are available on our website. kron 4 dot com now, of we're wrapping it up here. but the news does not end here on kron. 4 news at 3. our coverage continues at the top of the hour on the kron on app. coming up at 4, we are looking into the future of california's climate. new
3:57 pm
research says the sierra may soon be too warm to host another winter olympics like it did back in 1960. we're going to be joined by a scientist with uc berkeley's central sierra snow lab. >> just use your phone scanned, the qr code that you see on your screen. it will take you straight to your app store download kron on for free. >> that's all the time we've got here for kron. 4 news at 3. i'm noelle bellow. thanks so much for joining us. we'll see you back here at 5 o'clock.
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