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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  February 1, 2022 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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>> our top story tonight at 6.30, a man accused of making a mass shooting threat against u c l a has been arrested in colorado. the scare led to the cancellation of in-person classes today. >> kron 4 contributor kareen wynter has the latest on what happened. this police standoff near colorado elementary
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school triggered a lockdown in that area. a shelter-in-place order issued for nearby homes. a swat teams try to communicate with that suspect barricaded >> 31 year-old matthew harris, a former ucl, a lecturer who allegedly threatened a mass shooting at ucl is campus where in-person classes were canceled today and held remotely due to the threats. authorities in boulder confirmed harris has made threats in the past against schools in colorado. upon reviewing parts of the manifesto, we identified thousands of references to violence. >> stating things such as killing death, murder shootings, bombs schoolyard massacre in boulder. and phrases like burning attack boulder outside of the university, according to the la times, harris posted an 800 page manifesto titled death sentences which she wrote was, quote, dedicated to domestic terrorism and violence. the document also calls for death to america and encourage people to, quote, go forth and
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murder them out of existence. the >> harris allegedly posted a video showing footage from the 2017 mass shooting in las vegas. also clips from a movie called 0 day about the mass killing at columbine high school. the boulder county district attorney said they're reviewing all possible federal charges against harris whose apartment was searched today for possibly more clues on a motive. in this case, the boulder police department. >> took these threats. what they read in that manifesto very seriously and acted immediately. as the chief indicated, he learned about that on january 31st. that yesterday. we have a safe and peaceful resolution. today, harris is a former philosophy department post doctoral researcher at u c l a. >> the daily bruin is also eeporting he was under investigation for allegedly sending pornographic material to a student, something like this. how much does it rattled entire campus community? i think it did come out and you can see today like there's not a lot of people outside. i think that's for a reason as well. >> along with that, it's we
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just kind of like our guards up a little bit more than usual ucl. a leaders in the statement said they were relieved about harris's arrest today and that campus will return to in-person instruction tomorrow. >> that was kareen wynter reporting. >> at least 13 historically black colleges and universities have received bomb threats on the first day of black history month causing cancellations and lockdowns. some of the campuses include howard jackson, state and elkhorn state. it is not clear yet whether any of the incidents are connected or who made those threats. the targeted campuses were given an all-clear by law enforcement after a search for any explosives. >> well, bay area news tonight, we're just about a month into the new year and already the city of san jose has recorded its 7th pedestrian death. and san jose police note they've seen 10 traffic fatalities, which they say is also well ahead of what is typically seen this time of year. police just releasing
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details saying in the early morning hours of january 23rd a van hit a pedestrian walking in the area of the alameda in newhall drive santa clara county medical examiner's office officials identified that man now as 37 year-old santa clara resident, travis rapp meant he died at the hospital 5 days later. police say redmond was hit in a marked crosswalk at the intersection. the one thing that most of pedestrian fatalities had in common this year is that they were all outside of marked crosswalks. this one wasn't a marked crosswalk. so that's a little bit different. >> one witness says the driver of the van stopped momentarily, but then fled the scene. police say they still do not know whether the driver or the pedestrian had a traffic signal to proceed safely through the intersection. in the east bay. the search continues for oakley woman. 24 year-old alexis gabe. she was reported missing last thursday. you see your picture there. her boyfriend telling police he last saw her last wednesday
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around 09:00pm police say there is surveillance video from around that same time at 9.30, it shows somebody getting out of a car and walking away. but they say it is unclear from that video who exactly that person is this evening. detectives from antioch police searched the home of games, ex-boyfriend. they are seen they're bringing out bags of evidence. one even appears to contain a vacuum cleaner kron four's. jonathan mccall is following up on this story tonight and he will have much more this evening during our primetime newscasts. >> happening tomorrow, barges reopening powell street station bathrooms after they were closed for more than 20 years restrooms at 10 of bart's underground stations have been closed since 9.11, because of safety concerns. bart says the bathrooms are the first 2 to reopen as part of an effort to make things easier for riders. the bathrooms will resemble airport restrooms. a ribbon cutting is set for tomorrow at
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11:00am. and on february. 25th part says it will reopen restrooms at the 19th street station in downtown oakland. >> it is february first, which means it is officially the lunar new year. this is video from the san francisco celebration back in 2020. a lot of people there, no masks millions this year welcoming in the year of the tiger, which in the chinese zodiac is a symbol of strength, bravery and rebellion in san francisco today, city leaders marked the start of the new year. they say after a tough few years for asian-americans, the year of the tiger is a sign of new beginnings. >> over the past 2 years, our community has struggle during this pandemic during this recession during anti-asian 8. but we are here because the sun is shining. the tires going to roar. chinatown is coming back and the chinese community is going to continue to thrive. >> celebrations everywhere will be a bit smaller this
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year because of covid restrictions. the chinese new year parade in san francisco will be held on february 19th tickets are now available. so they say get them while they last. to our 4 zone forecast. as we take a live look outside it. coit tower would be great to have a nice dry night for the parade. but in the meantime, we welcome some rain and chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here. probably not talking about rain, lawrence, but when yeah, unfortunately the rain is gone away for now. looks like it's going to be gone. >> for some time, maybe not come back to the chinese new year parade. some not talking to the middle of the month. it is dry out there right now. beautiful skies. clear all the way to the coastline. those offshore winds have been kicking up throughout the day and those warm temperatures above the average 60 degrees in san francisco. 64 in oakland, 62 degrees in san jose. 62 in livermore in concord and 65 in santa rosa. that big dome of high pressure mid sitting overhead. now almost the second week in january and really just a
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blocking ridge. any of these storms rolling over the top of it headed up in the pacific northwest or canada, then finally dropping down just to the east of occasionally we get these burst of these offshore winds. we're going to see another round of those strong offshore winds overnight tonight and tomorrow, some very blustery winds outside, especially over the mountain tops. i think we'll call it breezy down many of the urban areas, but just see some occasionally gusty winds. and then you travel anywhere in the bay area over 1000 feet or some of those areas that typically get the win. and you're going to see some very strong gust, maybe as high as 60 and some 70 mile an hour gusts, especially in the north bay. yet the areas shaded in dark brown here. n% those are the areas in the wind warning that continued overnight tonight and tomorrow morning, parts parts of napa county also in the brain. you're going to see those strong gusty winds, but all around the bay area, winds are really going to be the issue overnight tonight, blustery gusting as high as 60 miles an hour. plus across the mountain tops down below. it will be blustery from time to time. and then it looks like things will begin to settle down. but that will take until about
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thursday before those winds really start to calm down. thank you, lawrence. still ahead, we really are seeing the impact from a dry start to the year. what we're learning from the latest snow service. >> and in sports, more on lester is career tom brady. we'll hear from one of his high school teammates. plus the niners looking ahead to next season. their quarterback be? i think we know and think he's younger than jimmy g certainly younger than tommy. be. sports director jason dumas says all that and more coming up. >> also while saying i'm on a miami highway, quiet driver fired a gun through the windows of his own car during rush hour traffic.
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>> shocking dashcam video from florida shows a case of road rage is really terrifying to see the clip era. 30 year-old police say eric popper can be seen getting increasingly agitated with they. a fellow driver just pulls out that that gun hopper says a bottle was thrown at his car that he. just start firing through his windows. this incident took place last year in miami. but the video has just been made public. just calm as could be there until things go haywire. popper fired 11 times. police say as the cart tried to speed past him and avoid getting shot. he is now facing 15 years in prison if convicted.
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his attorney says popper thought he was being shot at based on the noise of the bottle, hitting his car. and despite all the drama, fortunately no one was hurt. >> in ohio, that act now needs a lot of repair. you see the car smashing into the deka outside that home. nobody was hurt. the ohio highway patrol says the driver was distracted. they say it was a woman who apparently had tried to reach into the back seat to get a bottle of water. that's when she veered off the road into the deck and she was not wearing a seat belt. offpcers say it is another reminder that distracted driving means more than using your phone. >> next on kron, 4 news at 6. why there is a year long wait list for this picture book at the library. >> and as we head to break, join kron four's. we commemorate black history month. pam moore will host our 30 minute special honoring black history. mind the body.
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let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. >> there was so much snow at the end of december. but today in the sea area, the california department of water resources conducted the second snow survey of the season up at phillips station. the manual survey recorded 48 and a half inches of snow depth and a snow water equivalent of 19 inches. we have had a
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mostly dry january and the sierra snowpack, therefore, is down to about average for this time of year. it is agreed by everybody will need more winter storms in february and march to reach the levels needed. >> let's check in with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. you know, it's amazing remember in the beginning of december, we're talking about snow levels may be about 14% of normal. then all of a sudden we had all that snow in the sierra nevada. we're up to about 200% normal. now, guess what? we're back down again to slightly below the average now at 90% of normal in the northern sierra nevada, 90% in the central and 95% of normal in the southern sierra nevada. and unfortunately, it doesn't look that promising in the long you were right here. now in the thick of our rain season and we've been on this dry spell. >> not unusual to get a dry spell in the middle of a our rain season. but this one now looking more extended. here's that big dome of high pressure. here's the long-range computer model put into motion and you see these
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storms kind of roll over the top of that ridge kind of dumped over the top of that ridge head east. they get some snow on the salt area and also up in the colorado rockies. but other than that, we stay dry here. we see the winds kick up from time to time. another front comes by only to fall apart, leaving some high clouds behind. as we look into the weekend as well. and then behind that, we've got another system doing the same thing, running right into that strong ridge of high pressure. they get rain up in the pacific northwest. by the time that system gets here really just kind chewed up by that ridge of high pressure and then high pressure builds in behind that. so we're in this kind of this vicious cycle right now where we continue to see these storms come through, really to die, making their way in the california league behind some high clouds, but really some dry weather outside and that is about it. so overnight lows tonight with clear skies and gusty winds, 30's and 40's near freezing conditions. some spots inland by day tomorrow, we're enjoying some nice temperatures. generally a little bit above the average for this time of year. but it is going to be windy, especially over the mountain tops, breezy elsewhere,
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keeping dry through the next few days. a few more clouds coming our way on thursday and dry throughout the weekend. temperatures next week getting near 70 degrees. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> the hometown kid is officially sailing off into the sunset after a little drama and back and forth over the weekend, tom brady took to social media today and announced his retirement from the nfl after 22 seasons in an instagram post, brady said i have always believed the sport of football isn't all in proposition. if 100% competitive commitment, isn't there, you won't succeed. and success is what i love so much about our game. he went on to say this is difficult for me to write, but here it goes. i am not going to make that competitive commitment anymore. >> i have loved my nfl career and now it is time the focus my time and energy on other things that require my attention. brady retires as
6:50 pm
the most accomplished quarterback of all time. he won 7 super bowls and owns eveey major quarterback record. and the cool thing about all that. it all started right here in the bay. his friends and teammates back when he starred at serra high school in san mateo have all been locked in on his journey and his retirement. it's bittersweet. >> every year, you know, they're saying it's his last year. so then when tommy didn't come out and say that he's going to be retired right away. you know, i was holding on to hope just like everyone else. i would love to just see him play one more year, you know, selfishly but i think it's it's time he's given enough and it's time for him to spend time with his family and his kids are getting older. you know, he's accomplished everything. anything you hold so many records. he's given so much of the game. so i'm happy for him that, you know, now. it's time for him to go relax and just hang out and coaster rica and go do whatever he wants to do. >> yeah. hang out in coaster
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rica with giselle. i could think of worse things to do than that. now over in santa clara kyle shanahan and john lynch continue to put the finishing touches on what was a roller coaster season in the biggest question mark heading into the offseason is what happens with jimmy garoppolo. some say it's an easy decision to move on from jimmy g and hand over the reins to trey lance, which makes a lot of sense. you did give up 2 first-round picks to acquire him, but kyle shanahan and john lynch were both very noncommittal as it pertains to that quarterback position will next year. they don't appear to be ready to publicly, at least say what their specific plans are, even if it may seem obvious on the other hand, jimmy garoppolo was a little more forthcoming. it's hard to, you know, put all the scenarios in play right now. but i think those things will work themselves out. >> i've had a great time here the niners organization with the everything has been awesome, but some ups and downs, obviously. but i yeah, i mean, i could. we'll see what happens. i guess.
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>> the nfl may finally have to face the sins of his past and present really, we've always known the league has had its issues with diversity amongst the coaching and front office ranks just only one black head coach in the nfl has this speaks today and even colin kaepernick pointed to the blatant racism that he felt ran rapid in the nfl. now former dolphins head coach brian flores has sued the nfl and 3 teams. the dolphins broncos in giants. he alleges discrimination regarding his interview process is with denver in new york and his firing last month by miami. he also says that miami owner stephen ross offered to pay him $100,000 for each loss. sounds like he wanted to have a more legit reason to fire flores, but he did so anyway, even after a successful season in miami, all things considered the nfl, of course, has denied all accusations to
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the ice. the sharks took on the tampa bay lightning in their final game before the all-star slash olympic winter olympic break. 2 goal game game tied at 2. all i should say. victor hedman score the game winner in overtime. tampa bay wins 3 to 2. and down in san antonio, the warriors on lake to of that texas 2 step road trip right now. they're down by 7 in the 3rd quarter. nic, there is cooking up those highlights. we'll have vote will have full highlights. won. that game goes final. that's your look at sports. back to you guys. all right, jason, thanks very much. >> we'll be right back. new at
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6, 8, year-old boy from boise, idaho had no idea his little hand written book about christmas would be a big hit at his local library. people are actually joining a year-long wait list to read. it has become the thing to do. little dylan was the library in december with his grandma. >> when he snuck his 81 page picture book onto a shelf in the children's section of the library, told his mom about having left the book at the library. they went back to retrieve it a couple days later, but it wasn't there. turns out library staffers found that book and officially added it to their novel
6:57 pm
section. there's now a waiting list like we said of more than 50 people who want to read this thing. dylan says it is a dream come true. i would read that book. if everybody else wants to read it. i don't want to miss that. yeah, i'm joined the line. there you go. congrats to dylan. and he's got a smile on his face and happy kid. that wraps up kron 4 news at 6. but will see you tonight kron. 4 news today. have a good night.
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♪ ♪ >> announcer: what's next for tom brady? >> after his epic announcement. >> spent sums time with my family, spent some time with my kids. >> announcer: inside tom brady incorporated. then... speak of goldberg's apology tour. >> announcer: after she said this. >> the holocaust isn't about race. >> would you care to follow-up, clarify what you said? >> announcer: and real-life hardy boys. >> call 911! >> how they saved three dogs from house fire. plus... where are the three covid test kits? spike yo i have not


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